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Indianapolis People (Newspaper) - February 22, 1879, Indianapolis, Indiana J a a. I. 4 a a Moe per year n. Quot Vox a pop i Vox Abii Quot Wolt. In. Int do Jana Sqq 1879. Hsy is ----== single Cut a it Leb 6 jeans pants at 850, $1, $1.50, $2, at when clothing stores that can not be bought for less Money in fifty d zen lots. To Sato j on from 50c to on Eracli 13eversdorfer. 67 Hort i Bunols Street wine and Beeb Hall Lessem wonder of wonders hot fearfully and wonderfully children half horse veritable birth kept secret Fob five interest big study to Ftp Centanno according to the Odyssey inhabited tie Plains of these allots and the verdant spurs of iffy a Pelion. Their origin was a matter of dispute a Bomer affirming that they were the Tai during of a a Load which conceived through the baseness of in Obi whom it seems was a Lothario of a pronounced Type be having attempted the seduction of Juno the wife of Jupiter whose guest he was. By a con a Pliney of the gods a Cloud was formed into Juno s re Kab since endowed with life and substituted for her the intrigue arriving at a consummation the re. Nit of which was the centaurs Pindar contending that they were the in sue of an association with the ago Efrian Maies by a human Beni g named Cen Tanios of All he laces mythology treats of the Iob temptation of the centaurs has Ever possessed a Gica tei interest for the readers d classical lore than any other. Old Perch has Bent its gnarled sides to Zwaay a storm and covered in its sure embrace nation alter nation since Pindar penned narrative hut never has it in that time brought to Light anything bearing even the faintest resemblance to one of there mythical worthies until within the last five a Tab. When the question of such a combination be log among the possibilities in nature has been affirmatively answered in our midst with such truth Folu Esb of Onra iture As to make the objects the most wonderful of All the mysterious freaks of a Tnie. The objects alluded to Are twin born children of foreign Pai eats with the indies of horses perfect Urf Lei amp metrical to a degree in every limb and the hi�8�8, necks and Heads of pretty laughing fun Loving child rent veritable centaurs. How such an fact As the existence of this Lussi nature a old. Lor Auer length of ume remain undiscovered a Reauso Mevlut improbable. Such however was the eke and the discovery even now. Is due More to an Eod Dent than to any reportorial acumen. A be preventative of this paper Wilile attending to pm Pem Unal matters two weeks ago in the North Wittem purlie us of the Day had occasion to make As int airy at a Houte not Many Hundred Yards from the malleable Iron works tenanted by an italian family who were surrounded by All the squalor and Lef nement of filth dear to their classic hearts. As he self narrates Quot my knocking from repetition be a am somewhat peremptory and was threatening to Tan into a downright Fasi Lade when it was answered by a woman i judged to be about thirty years of age. Of a very Swarthy complexion a pair of eyes Bauer than velvet lamp Black unusually High theek ten of a head of hair of a Peculiar Blue Black luge which if properly ginned out Quot would create a furore any where and a Coath so capacious so thoroughly capable of any kind or Imant of Treaber work that i regret not having asked her if from the Honses of people of their nationality was not pain ashment enough the hostess simply became i a a opened to see her unfortunate of Spring we going to dismember me with probably a Little rident Lilc ii Yang by Way of variation a sort of suttee with the Tyre and the consent of the subject omitted. Hobe time than it takes to Rarra Tepas a i while these events were transpiring. A Sharp cry of Nal Heap from the youngest of the wot in Fol in Redby renewal of the struggle. Feeling that and of a very decisive nature would be Neces on my part soon i edged towards and Laid my re Folter within easy grasp on the 1 de never dream nigh of using it. Except in the last extremity and then Only to disable the fury to Case my life or Thia of any of the others was in danger. Tearing herself Loose by a mighty Effort mrs Arata ran to the door the Only Means of exit visible the windows All being boarded shoulder High Loed it and with a mocking laugh put the key in her bosom. Del Nathis action on the part of mra Arata. Her sister approached me and trembling 1l every Fibre with excitement begged me to do As her sister wished said be Quot swear to my sister that you will never Tell of what you have seen Here to Day swear it or my sister will kill us both. She will kill me to get to Yon i can t keep her off much longer. For heaven s Sake do it Quot Quot i will Quot said i unhesitatingly i will take oath in any form that pleases her never to Tell mortal Man of what i be seen to Day in this Quot will you swear on the Crucifix Quot of Conise. I answered Quot seeing that this was the Only method of getting matters quieted so thar. I could explore the secret of this astounding Freak of nature. The oath was taken and the Crucifix embraced after which both women overwhelmed me with thanks one in her utterly incomprehensible Lingo which sounded musically notwithstanding the size of her Gates ajar the Oer with a pathos and eloquence that were really touching. A move into the front room was proposed whet after indulging in a Glass around of vermouth Theja Ster whose name by the Way i subsequently Learned to Bacarro narrated As follows concerning her sister be lib poor Quot said she Quot and has been All her life but in tyls country has never known absolute want. She Dilt a i Ait Home Quot this Sotto Voce. Quot Italy is fair to look upon it wretched to live in. She had been married l it fiv��on&8 when she arrived in this country. One Sun Daj a Hlf walking with her husband and brother in the by mrk in new York through their ignorance of eng los they got if the Road for pedestrians and were just Paffie under an archway when two spirited horses Wii Waers swept at a fierce Gallop around a curve and new a my sister and companions before they knew it Ooi tithe riders succeeded in reining in horse just As Jii is about to trample on her but the other Horge a i a tiered restive Ano beyond control by the shouting of Ith horsemen and the cry of my sister and backed Doit in hoi when the rider drove Spur into the Brut at the Quot same time cutting savagely under the a Ith a knotted Riding whip. The goaded beast Quicias a Flash knocking Down her husband As St an seizing my sister Fay the Collar Bone with a a by Toke it inflicting a compound fracture from to ers to this Day. It was All Over in a min a it Lay on the Grasa in a swoon with her Hus it a. Bleeding rom a frightful Scalp wound the Park police prepared a Carriage to take her. A it Ito Pital a there she and her husband staid for weeks tile horsemen paying All expenses and vivid her $100 besides. With that Money they came Here to Indianapolis. My brother in Law got work Goon after Fand in about three months wife gave birth to the awful creatures you saw in the other Quot a it possible that your sister s a Coucher never reread their existence of Quot she replied Quot my Mother who in Italy was a famous midwife and who came Here a year before sister acted in that capacity. She never told for she lost her reason three Days after their birth and died a dangerous maniac inside of a month. Nobody outside of our family in we of their existence not even my husband and my is Ter intends that nobody shall. If Yon had not done ii she desired she certainly would have attempted Quot Fey this secrecy Quot said i Quot Why not let the world kno Jbf the existence of these twins Why not let Sci i Fly men examine them or if your sister is poor,.Why not exhibit them there never was a natural curiosity exhibit a that would compare in interest with them your sister s Fortune would be assured in six a Phish. The tattooed greek would be More than tame Jilong Side of your nephews if i May Call them produced by mrs. , and she speedily joined while her sister added a charming Mezzo Soprano voice and for five minutes i listened almost entranced. They were rendering a love song with an allot Eracine refrain the finale of which demanded a stamp of the foot Anci ascending laugh which bad an electrical effect. A change was made in the distribution of the instr meats Peter getting the pipes and Tony the Harmoni Cam a change More in consonance with the feelings of the performer by reason of Tony s Mouth being much larger than brother s. It was Mother s month in an exaggerated form not amounting to a deformity in Case however on account of a Cascade of Chestnut coloured ringlets that fell from Bis head covering shoulders and extending Midway Down Back the human part lapping Chubby face getting into eyes and Mouth at every undulation Only to be shaken out by an Iupati to mrs. Vac Caro took the castanets mrs. Arata the Baton while Little Tito furnished himself with a primitive looking dulcimer and Drew from its unprepossessing a anything Bat primitive music in fact i never Beard so much delicacy of Conception such a thorough and refined grasp of what constitutes real Melody As everyone displayed. A slight hitch in the piece was occasioned by Tony breaking ranks to drink some water which he did by dipping into a Large earthen dish on the door curls and All shaking himself like a wet Spaniel As he finished. I was becoming impatient notwithstanding the absorbing interest of everything presented. I wanted to question the twins through their aunt to examine More in detail their parts and above All to learn something about their habits and appetites in what manner they slept feeling certain the certainty amounting to Are sentiment that the permission would be Given meander conditions to describe to the world this marvellous birth. An intimation to this effect during an interlude met with an affirmative response. Mrs. Vaccaro spoke something in italian which caused a scampering and hallo oing Peter in the excitement pulling of jeans jacket and bursting a tiny sir Cingle which con fluid to the upper part of Equine Structure a padded Hammer cloth to which were suspended Small Bells. The three Chi Dren Drew near her As she seated herself on a chair to listen to the promised Story after which i Learned the following concerning her nephews Quot Peter Quot she commenced Quot is the worst of the pair. He is very vicious and has to be closely watched or he would kick the daylights out of the Slang took me Aback notwithstanding it sounded singularly apropos. Quot Only last week for a fancied insult he became enraged at Tito and getting in a Corner turned Tail on and skinned the unfortunate child in a dozen places before we could get to Bis Rescue. It was he who caused the Accident to the stove. I expect to break some of Bones some Day but what can i do Tito can not speak Good English. Even if he did i could not Trust out to play with other children. Peter has Bis father s nature and if allowed to attain full growth would be in time beyond the control of a dozen men. My sister knowing this has guarded against it by stunting their growth with drugs so that they will never be much larger. Even now the scamp smokes cigarettes whenever father is at Home and on the last Day of Lent got Tipsy on some Meribau Droluk. Tony is Good very Good indeed but mischievous As a Monkey and the most inveterate thief i Ever knew of he steals ail of 1 to s toys the cult old has Only a few at Best and last Obral Somas when they Hung up their jackets of course they have no stockings and did not get altogether As much can Lyas their Cousin luny stole nearly All of it and Peter blacked Eye. Whipping has no a Tinct on Peter owing no doubt to Bis Mother s reluctance to touch any but animal portion. He if so Sweet when he tries that we can t find it a our bears to either scold or whip not often any How. Tony came near dying a month ago of diphtheria. He was very Low and would have died if father who was Here then could have had Way. The wretch actually re used to buy Medicine for to bebop. The Mother drove bit rom the House with the weapon she intended to use on you lacked the d for and got the by Sec herself some powerful acid the Appie cation of which caused her the loss of a dress ism liitle fellow Tore it Vatu strips kicking. You want to know How they sleep on a mattress Laid Down tor the m every night. Tito is never i of Happy As when he is allowed to share it with them Alt cough he Mee s with rough usage irom that miserable i Eter. In their eating they Are very Choice they eat largely however oat meal porridge Fried into cakes is their favorite disc they Are also Foud of sugar. They have never touched meat but eat All Kucs of vegetables. When they Bave fial bed shedding to they will took b Dutiful. Calling Peter of me i made friends with Bim speedily by promising Nim a rubber Ball and some marbles things of which he bad never heard before. His shirt was secured to the sir single which had been replaced by buttoning around under the stomach through rents in it i discovered that the skin of body from the transition was White and free from hair. His arms were to my mind rather tort while Chubby hand was Driy As a matter of course. The animal portion was at that time of a mauve color covered with hair of almost imperceptible texture the Tail is Jet Black and sweeping when Down but is generally kept plaited to save tread no on it an arrangement that does not altogether suit Tito. In repose the fetlock Are almost zonal the Forward line of the leg forming a line far in rear of the hoofs. These latter members Are Small and Are kept neatly trimmed. The most noticeable feature of the Equine part is the great shown in the a Back which from the coupling to Sho Tilder is strangely Fla ened not enough however to make it unsightly As is also Quot of yes Quot she returned smilingly Quot they Are my nephews part of them at least. As to showing them my sister will never consent to that she would die of a., a a i starvation rather. Repulsive As they Are in some re r?&Quot.� belong to be other aspects she loves them dearly yet How sadly they Lack shelf Molly. To my it quiries. Wimch related cwt Fly by what the heart of a fond another would a desultory conversation ensued for a Short time Between Asiu which mrs. Vaccaro mentioned several instances of distortion in children. Not to be behind hand ply her broken English being so completely Stuver iced rendered by her idiom to in capable As to be undeserving of a Morison this kind of lore and with a View of Makinia myself win i hard class Pigeon Kungli Fly. On Tato entertaining As possible so As to obtain Quot another pocket document where a to refer View of the twins i gave an account of a neighbor of Ory she caught sight of a Seal attached and appear a to. Edve y much disturbed thereat j he asset rations that my business in no Way related to her had no effect owing doubtless to her ignorance of our language she finally called somebody from inside and presently there emerged into View a comely woman whom i took to be a Olstei a guest afterwards confirmed four years younger who spoke English fluently. With a very engaging manner coupled with excuses for her sister s apparent Lack of politeness. The invited me into the House a piece of Courtesy i appreciated highly As the weather was bitter i7 cold Matij to nor Creed makes any difference Wii l the sex they Are always voluble invariably charming my entertainer particularly so her magnetic Gean plug heightening the effect. From her i Learned while industriously rubbing r cold Katie qty nor Creed makes any difference with Urey Are always voluble invariably charming my entertainer particularly so her magnetic it. From her i Learned the Periphery of a con Geijer ear that her sister mrs. Arata by name is a native of Italy near the Oen Cese coast that Hei bus band is from Vest Cavoto in Corsica and is at present following Trade in Bucago making Geia Tive Moulds the pair it futher transpired came to this Eon try about five years ago at the time of the Man emigrants from her native land to new York City lored by the Promise of steady employment at Laige wages by the City officials. The work proving too laborious for the husband he came to Indiana Ous where he had at that time relatives engaged in in eastering one of whom engaged o peddle Lemons. The brother in Law did very Well she con Laed Bat her sister had bad Quot Jesu Mariai Quot a by a red excitedly As she reverently crossed herself after the manner of devout catholics Quot i want die Bem i have such a following the outburst she became More reticent enough so at least to admit of at Ikang a few questions touching on my matter which she answered satisfactorily whereupon i anew to leave and was to banking her for the civility extended when we were startled by a noise As of a oath Long heavy having fallen in an adjoining zoom by cries so strange Aud As to almost unnerve me both women turned Pate while the eldest mrs. Riata ass shed a look of mingled fear and rage a sort of question Long look that was Poeltl vely painful to behold. For a moment a be stood want fixed As though bereft of every Power Eseppi facial expression when uttering a vindictive Pemn-8uitlj8imo,&Quot she sprang with the equity of a Vosger toward the door Lead log to the room from Bleb the noise emanated. Her sister had aired it gained the room Aud was Volfe Rousky crying Quot the Stottl the shovel Quot thinking that there might be danger of fire Chicoi a Man s a Istance could Avert i followed closely and behold on in Torling the room a sight the like of which had never before since gotten big stuck first Type been vouch Isayed to mortal Tetour term or be tre for that matter. On the floor of the room which was of but usual dimensions about 16x42 feet the Boose having formerly been used As a feed store Lay an overturned a Tove the hissing red coals from which strewed the floor in All directions. A it feet for m it was a baby Carriage Tome Battle worse for Wear con Taisung a bo.? about six years of age afflicted with very sore eyes while hitched 10 the Venice in the act primitive style imaginable in a Semi nude Itati a regarded the animal part were the twins Loo Kuig in Pable and repentant mrs Arata eyed the scene for a moment when happening to see me looking in a stupor of wonderment at the startling Phenomena so unexpectedly bios get to Light a be darted towards a closet with a a ejae Olatson in italian and Drew from beneath proved twelve a Cam socket its original on As can cry that boded 111 for some altering what i took to Lokaj Mappe Aniie remind one Geronie is Piendle Vesro. She bad not Brit Needle but preserving at the socket its of Moroni making As ugly log Kloga weapon 1 Becon melted. Wite a cry that boded uhor a my to Palm for a Nio ment in attempts to become Nee. Dor Fig a bib the other entreated her both by look Andja Groage to forego her design whatever item for my thinking of Ieth Suh �?1 Bent on in aug Tengea Deonly on the idea Trio who bad caused the mishap vengeance of a a tort too i determined to interfere the the Aid of a Beavy ironing Board within a with which i intended to resort to a Rev or a snied occasionally. Judge of my alarm when the a rather told me that mrs. Arata resolved tos a me to save the of mine in Missouri who bad a supplemental thumb for which be was charged extra fare on Street cars recon. Filing any sex age ration by the reflection that i would be conferring an incalculable Benefit to science provided i Coul Gaja my ends and obtain permission to make Public in part at least some of the facts which had come under my notice that Day. A request for a further examination of the singular pair met with ready acquiescence and the next minute i stood before them now in full Romp making the room Echo with the Clatter of their hoofs and a sort of indescribable machination. The movements of their bodies As they swept around in tandem were Graceful in the extreme guided skilfully by their Driver who handled team with an ease that would do credit to a member of a coaching club. Around they sped striking diff Quot Erent gaits the favorite of which seemed to be a climbing trot doubtless irom the fact that it was More provocative of mirth than any other. The quador Tony by name appeared to be the wag often indulging in prank that caused a smart tap of the lash a punishment that invariably failed of its end As he appeared More boisterous after its administration than Lief re a several times kicking Over the traces and once venturing a kick at Broiher s head which earned a smart slap on the Rump from that worthy. My presence i suppose had a great Deal to do with abandon. From the fact that it was Only while i was noticing . Particularly that he indulged in any of the tricks Binenti it Inird. Waile passing me one time he Quot reared almost perpendicular after the manner of circus a Hes but was soon brought to a level by Brothel sticking a pin in flank whereupon ensued As Lively a Little bout of fisticuffs As i had seen for Many a Day. Mother and aunt rushed Forward and separated them the latter using a strap of gum belting kept it App ared for ready reference the result was a howling in which the Driver joined with a vim that gave As Tarance he was sound at least As to Lunjas. The product id of some Coffee cake restored Harmony in a Delight Folly Short time whereupon i begged mrs. Vaccaro allow me to examine their forms More closely. Quot after awhile Quot said she Quot they Are afraid of you now bit when they Are a harnessed and rest awhile i will Tell them a Story and so bring them Quot Huey understand you do they Quot Quot Obj yes and Are passionately fond of stories but they most be about similarly constructed children. The strangest feature about them is that they think their Little Cousin Tito is imperfect and ask us every Day changed to their shape. Poor Thinius i Don t know what a ill be their end for my part i wish they Virold die Ai d Pray both Day and night for such a 43<>nbummation their father is More than anxious Foi their death and would kill them if he got a Chanc hut their Mother watches them to 3 closely for he will succeed some Day. He is dangerous. The night i whore he left Vest Cavoto he ended a vendetta that had lasted Over a Hundred years by killing a Bride As she was leaving the Church the Ball that killed her took her husband s life also making Over forty Marders on poor doomed soul. He is the last of Bis face. Daring the latter part of our Shauri mrs. Arata had stripped the twins of their gearing and and the Carriage to the outer room. As soon As they found themselves free they coursed around in a times kicking and plunging concentrating by Ion go of genuine fun in the Man Euver to last a reasonable Pond a week while their Cousin stood list Lemly by wishing no doubt that he was any Hine else than a sore eyed indeed the look of Blank despair he assumed forces me to believe that he would have accepted transformation to a legged dog As an i Keiiti Mable Boon. Tiring of their hippodrome performance the twins rushed for a table at a signal from Tony who uttered something in italian the first intimation t bad that they possessed the Power of speech. In Amase ment i turned to ask mrs. Vacarro a question but was site need by placing her Finger on her lips and pointing towards the twins who with the Aid of Little Tito bad posited the table to the closet which their Mother ased ass armory. Making a Pirouette so As to get a Good in9eta8,.Tony placed two fingers to Bis Mouth give Kab Roll whistle and with an astonishing leap need the Toble receiving the plaudits of brother and Cottin in which ant joined. Beaching to a shelf he rented by Means of Bis month a bag which by a Centra offal motion he tossed Clear across the room caught by Tito who handed it to to thaw pending the opening the children crowded Anoai ids a indulging rather boisterously in the a Monsei Dettt known As scrounging. Mrs. Vacarro Drew from the bag a Small set of pan pipes which be fastened around the neck of Tony a Small bar Monlong who Bolti Pic Din f be Mouth of Peter the name of the and handed Tito a violin that Bung on a Peg a word or two from the Maestro of such was the a a wet ,. Moret of or mss Sis amp i a 1 a a Rulif ten a the ski Kikoki Quot a a a amp oho he Don to Bead tie people citizen to first King Quot did you Ever build a jail Quot first King Quot Neveil Quot citizens Quot what never Quot first Kin sri Quot hardly Ever i Quot conspiracy a pair of disgruntled architects Quot inspire to defeat other architects. these scandalous publican jobs fell like a Thunder clap on the Soto Nisbet victims who supposing from the character of their confreres that a dignified Competition All personal Les was of Sale to Day Little Viet but awful. Chafi. Field mob Bis Fenneb. Amp co held a Sperai and peremptory Sale of Linen goods of All descriptions of the importation of a fesses. James 9. White amp co. Slightly it Maged by water at the recent fire in Worth Street. The attendance was one of the largest of any rate that has been made in a number of Seft , y. big of too Del from the Worth Street fibs. Table uni sub napkins towels cba8h, loom Dice,1 Linen 8heetinq, diapers damask kt0., from the above Sale. Also a Large Purchase a a Cottons and domestics damaged Only by water at unheard of prices. A. S. Ayres amp co. Indianapolis ind. By were engaging in that Merit a on would be the arbiter never for a Mon end dream now Eppinghausen and Meyers were slaughtered by one Small pair who had their hearts set on the award of the new state House. The charges j against the Board of com mls stoners and sow they have dwindled Down to the and of Sto Hing. Quot of but tis a most Knavish piece of work i Quot in imitation of provident youngsters who generally keep the most succulent part of a dish for the coup de Grace probably under the Diu it icon that its delights will linger indefinitely the people Ever alive to the desires of the Public and supposing that a memory of this practice Stul lingered with some of them has kept Back until now the most startling piece of information concerning the state House award which it has yet publish eds not however from a fear that its effect will not remain for it is intended to state facts of Sach a nature that the people will never forget them but merely through a sort of pity a reluctance to show what pitiful actions and cowardly subterfuges men of apparent respectability will sometimes from professional jealousies lend themselves to. Had the conduct a the Hind leg is straight and muscular. A Auu ded to and about to be exposed resulted As it shows in a Elf abasement and remorse it in of Tut the largest of the two but not near so Strong never would have been spoken of but when As Peter. The difference Between them is slight sex through it As in this Case the interests of a Power cent As to the color of Tony being a Beautiful Cream a Onardi Zofi and it iome of her Mon color. Peter i might remark. Is such by Quot cat Ham jeopardize a Ana some other most med Quot As it appears less Power in flanks than honoured citizens falsely accused of practices Unbe Tony and is far inferior to in Bottom Quot or i coming a Bunko dealer it becomes incumbent a jumping. The folks Toi k pains to inform me that i Quot Quot Quot a Quot is ipg Fri Ackad or or Cim it Atter of Stern uncompromising duty to consign pen sated for by Devil ment a statement the infamy men so lost to every sense of business Fel owl it Elied with every feature of pretty face having overstayed my time greatly i so informed miss Arata and asked her to let me hear the twins sing together. This be did and i is treated to a ethics. The people feels even now that it has. To some extent been dlr elect in not ventilating the matter what the that the men whom they Shook hands with and with whom they bandied opinions As the contest Lebirth ened out were sapping their footing while they smiled on them. R the result on the build Init committee or those empowered to pass on the Bward was exactly what was desired. The do Lee were no w to them the position an onerous one at Best which could not Tuinder the most favourable a auditions. Bring them much credit but which by the least false step would inevitably overwhelm Tny a with Cut Lumny. The articles too bore such an air of author Ltd. That notwithstanding in their Anonymous nature they had great Welgot the finale of the first Competition is a matter of Lory now. The second a do a failure ally owing no doubt to the Devilish machinations of the clique. As the people Are already aware the same men with the arts used heretofore Are now working heaven and Earth to Render null True award which is admitted on All sides to be fair Aind just. The loss thac would ensue to the state should such a consummate ii be arrived at is not Contd Dertl the t Uhlie convenience is also ignored the goal of their ambition is to thwart state Board of commissioners every one in fact interested in the matter until either Hodg Ltd nor Bunting is co in. There is nobody Abs enough to think that the matter would end even with this result the fight would then commence in ear est the Hall Fellows who had pooled through three contests would now look for Ward to a fray at which the building would turn Pale their energies which before bad been Bent towards showing their fellow Are Ltd ots boil Well fitted for umbrella mending and car driving they the of a s. Were would be concentrated towards so exposition of each other s attributes alongside of any of Harnung duet. Before going old mrs. Arata let before that perhaps had it been known the Perse me show you them in harness. I assented and she cution now in Ionie against the state Board of Corn produced a pole which Peter rammed loto place in i missioners and their architect was the Issue of a foul the Little Carriage put the harness on Tony while conspiracy hatched in this City Lour years ago by the he performed a like duty for Peter. In jumped Tito prominent movers in it and nursed with their Ven cracked whip and around the room Thot sped of and Wrath until the culmination is seen in the with Belr arms around Erch other s neck and their above impeachment in which the sympathies of the curly hair streaming behind them. A kick or two Bole Community Are aroused for the persecute Over the do aboard by Peter brought a warning from de parties the investigation might never have been their aunt whereupon the Cui prot stopped so Sud inns treated. Deity As to throw Down Bis brother Aud upset Thel but to the facts about a week before the time Carriage. For this pet would no doubt have re spec filed for making the first award in 1874, it was Cei Ved a Good drying with the strap but i Iuterpos-1 rumoured on All sides that or. Eppinghausen a de. And saved for the time. Having obtained Clever and impulsive gentleman a Good architect 3it them again a yith professional Pride enough to raise above. _ in admonition the suspicion of chicanery would be the successful from the children As i left not to forget the Joys i contestant the Rumor having no foundation what i have visited the place twice since then and am 1 Gyer except in the fervid imagination of the gentle Quot tar own a knot Ort to All Marfna a i v t a we a of now on the Best of terms with All. The twins Are Al ready initiated into the mysteries of marbles seeming to enjoy them beyond everything. After a Long a i finally extorted irom the Mother pennies Ion to make Public the existence of this startling Phenomena. With solemn promises not to mention the location of he House i have therefore purposely placed it in an imaginary neighbourhood. I cherish the Hope of some Day prevailing on her to Grant a sight of them to men of the sent Flo world her great fear is that they May be stolen or injured this fear once overcome a set of them by the world Grill be a question of time. Biz by Dwinnell. Here la the latest oat among the b Hoyc Quot Frank Bixby did t run away after a a How 80?� that when John lord saw and the Dwinnell walking on one of the streets of Kansas City he led to Frank Quot hello Frankl Quot but Frank with the Dwinnell on Arm paid no attention to but both the fugitives apparently hurried on As fast As they could to get out of sight and terrible murder. A most Appal murder occurred in Brown county on last wednesday week. A Yonne lady teacher was found dead in her school Bouse on thursday morning and it was soon ascertained that she had been beaten to death and probably ravished. On the Black Board she had scrawled with dying hand the names of her murderers who were three of her own pupils Oung men living in the neighbourhood. The Day before the Young lady had been paid a considerable sum by the trus Teea and probably shortly after leaving the school House she was Way Laid by the Youna demons who ravished robbed and then u they supposed killed her but she recovered sufficiently to crawl to the school House and write their names on the Black Board before she died. Two of the Young men have been arrested and there is Strong talk of Inoh ing them. An affectionate son. We heard of a remarkable Case of filial affection the other do which goes for to Oon it Velnoe us that the it Vangelits Are Donsa Sood in the land Quot of a family met with an Accident Ipi rated from providing a us to it Pant the and Wadi Cal a a ing for the family for the Minim being Thev got out of Wood and the wife and Mother remembering that a son had any Quantity of Woodland and Wood for Sale out on farm a few Miles from the City sent Hijii word to bring in a Loed As soon As he could that they were in sore need of it. The Dull be pocapi0d now having Prowd cd Sergeif Tifai Sud affectionate Sou Bent word in w inese Crochet Needle As Baton a a Quot. Lux. V. Y r i 3a i u / s do Libe _ _ _ _ _ of Avalo Orr a go also the pc Lea shake of the head Al Peter whoa in Bito with bus .tall,-.a a Lack Trebo Hant. Dorm lag. Man s friends. Impressed with the Rumor and taking for granted that it would prove True messes. Hodgson and Bunting architects also competing to lauded with Jet in it Usy. Entered into a conspiracy 10 defame or. Upping Hatleu s plan and thereby have it thrown out. So As to enhance their changes or with a View of creating a fresh Competition. These men determined that either one of Mem should get tie award or they would by every Means in their Power keep the Competition open indefinitely it was a materialization of the fable of the dog in the Maurera no did Barren ideality about it As or. Eppinghausen found to Cost although he has to this Day remained in ignorance of the names of the a a Competition thy of a better cause. An exhaustive compilation was made of or. Epping Tusen s estimates together with a copy of Bis spec cations from which a table of Sta a stick was gleaned showing omissions in estimates at Gre gang nearly a million of dollars and incorporated in an article a coi Uma and a half in length in bashed in the Joromat bearing disastrously on or. A s plans. If Hietberg or not these omissions of purred or were ingenious Dis tortious mattered not. They had base ends to Sab serve and were not going to Stickle at a Little perversion. The sequel shows How Well they succeeded. The morning 01 the appearance of the article copies of the Roumal heavily marked were placed on the desk of the members of both bodies of the Letisia Tore Pat where they would do the most Good or to be Perspicuous where they would to the most evil. The conspirators had an enthusiastic coadjutor one who brought to the work a Large amount of technical Rowledge and a still larger amount of spleen m the person of or. Vrydagh who. By Echelon movement imm Bardong poor Eppinghausen in front and rear Philip plus on devoted Hgt and from Terre haute made an enlargement of the Manger necessary to give symmetry to the rhetoric descriptive of the simile so As to admit of a plurality of occupants. During the penning of the article which by Rea on of is statistical nature occupied some time opinion changed somewhat regarding the chances by the contestants. Myers of Detroit coming to the front an act which took the members Back somewhat. It was therefore thought advisable to Fol innate something about Myers of the same purport As the Spain Glausen document which determination was carried into effect without delay but to severe and beyond All Bounds in the matter of Tulifu Carloa was it that the edit m of the Sentinel and Jomal refused peremptorily to publish it except Over a signature. He article was in reference to oot mtg court Boose in Illinois of which or Myers in architect and the erect Lon of which he sap Erin tended. It accused Bim of measuring the cubical contents of the building and allowed such measure sent to be presented a dts the Sanction of name As toe Bona fide Contenti of the Walls a Boob was. In effect tantamount to the measurement of the Walls of half a dozen Bill Dongs of the same . The article showed that the Bai iding which was to Cost Orfi finally about $800,000, when fall bed Amonn ced to tl.700,0<l0. A sort of Marion county go ont be Balf sell. In these figares memory v some extent relied on a the letter of the article in this respect May vary somewhat the spirit of it is Correo made so Plain that those who rever mama read. Sit or. Edwin my was Dobosen Ai the next Iotla. In fact there win a Seoul spite enter iced against Bim from the inception that there was a moment s delay Iii flaying Bim As the Casna Belu Ino Laded r9r with a More meritorious plan thai Tbone the plotters was one of Thota Abst roae prob Leni a did wat. By a Plim. Mia Enod an Juii Cla was Paulli we in the ski tfx a ii e Lohli it drier wlm lab Iho a a Tell crushing Delea t they Are meeting with in the pending investigation from the a a months of their own witnesses will end their pretensions so Lar As this decade is concerned. What have thy proved thus far in the investigation nothing actually nothing a lest it be proving More conclusively to the people that Sheet envy and revenge is their or it i amp a motor. What did they prove by or. E. Hodgson they prove that in the Short study of ten years As an architect with papa the architect of the Ltd Moth fall Nrec our new two million Dolhy court House he Learned Little or nothing Abolitz ventilation but in that time had achieve a mathematical Success which Bonny Asue in Palmiert Days never aspired to. Namely a Rule whereby he could a rive at the diameter of a parallelogram. Arcol medes stole the Young Man s Thunder he should have left it for this witness to thrill the world with Quot Eureka Quot twas on the whole rather Ashaby trick of the old Heathen. By or. Meredith won they brought As an expert in heating and ventilation they proved that in the substantial and meals of these branches education had been of a very conservative character to put it mildly. He marched up a Bill complacently turned about and marched Down by or. Mccormack senior member of the largest baud org firm in the state a Spe Al pet of Bunting a and a warm personal Friend of the Hod sons by whose Tes Mony it a expected to Engolph All opposed they Chat the accepted plans Are the same As the award was made for. That the building As per plans would lie substantial would meet All requirements and moreover could be built sl50,0uu inside of the appropriation. Tusay the conspirators were somewhat chagrined would but mildly expire is the Troi Blous Waves that surged through their breasts. They could not conceive by what subtlety of ratiocination their petard Flung into the midst of the re rodents with a View of hoisting them sky High uld fall Point Blank into their own Center disintegrating them so effectually reducing them to particles so Fine that to Call them Quot de munition Quot atoms would be Savage mockery. Or. Baker knew absolutely nothing concerning plans architects or commissioners. Haynes that Good Man whose appearance of Sanctity and spartan veneration of High moral principles. As connected with single entry bookkeeping in whose Mouth super heated butter would congeal so Bard that dynamite could not splinter it whose Meek and lowly appearance on the stand resembled so closely the descriptions of those historic characters. Uriah Heep and Chadband who lest he Shoa id involve the state in irretrievable ruin would not certify or present rather for the Biu of a needy drayman because it exceeded the limit a Nickel he. It seems a As to prove malfeasance on the part 01 the Board of such a startling character so very bar Roff Ngy in Fine conduct so hyper critic Ziy Yenal showing withal such a depth 01 depravity that the conspirators hesitated lest evidence might rinse the a Ojile to Lynch the Board. Much Titae i by Money merely More h d made an exceedingly Advani tract. The report was Rife that a Mentor of the Tuque had tried to lure this Good Man Nuder me sending elevator but the people will not Boob for its troth. To sum up the conspirators have _ plans of Hes Tefor four years have kept it pie on Tenter Hooks most of Chat time axe by Trytel to entail heavy losses and a still heavier suit on to e Commonwealth Are Quot Ranning a mud Quot to Wei a every Man. Woman or child who crosses to tax a path is sure of sacrifice at least they were Bat a apply their tether is slowly sgt Tortell Ngy caught i Mayhap in the Axle of the storied Mius. M which event if the eternal fitness of things obtain As rigidly Section As they Ouert to. They will be Greaud so exceedingly Fine that any Friend finding a piece Large enough to Compass the circumference of a Needle i Point will be tempted to sing Hozanna it Load and Long. The 33i anniversary of the institution of Penn Lodge no. 30, i. O. O. F., was celebrated at Greenfield ind., on last a i Aji the Bev. B. Foster delivering the address. It was a very pleasant occasion. Among the first persons initiated in this Lodge were the lamented John d. Howland and Wilaon ask Charley Ferg and Barne claw to t Plain the joke about Doo Zestic animal. One package pumpkin flour will i from 12 to 15 pies. Try it. Price 20 cents. For school books paper envelopes or Waii toilet Artl Clea go to Ward Bros drug Stoi 190 it. Wayne Avenue. Or. Ellis will no doubt hereafter give the Young ladies of the Southside a i de i but Irb As he thinks it dangerous to be Safe. Karreci the Champion Marker of the City can be found in the person of Harry sol Day oui Enterprise Dot wholesale grocer. He Marks thusly or. James m. Ball dentist on last nday evening was seriously ii Jared in Fedling having dislocated a Bone. He win hardly be around for a week or two. W. M. Right that awfully awful powder Man was in the City again on la tuesday. He has made this City appear As though it was leased for a term of years to the Royal baking powder company. The councils on last monday night elected mrs. Sarah a. Boss widow of Jacob robs the late Sexton of Greenlawn to the position occupied by her late husband. Another recognition of the coloured voter. Miss Lida Freeman the Young lady who died of consumption at the City Hospital on sunday was buried at Crown Hill on tuesday the funeral service taking place at the residence of Frank Hall on North missis Sippi Street. Henry Kiel Hom s pharmacy Comer of Ash Street and Christian Avenue is deserving special mention for its neat appearance dispatch of business and accuracy in filling prescriptions. It is the most popular drug House of the Northeast. A Mother in Israel mrs. John w. Dawson Mother in Law of Greg j. Langsdale of the Greencastle Banner by a former marriage and Mother of i Jor Dawson of the u. S. Army died at her residence four Miles from the City on last monday morning. Judge Heller has decided that the state Law under which the Railroad ticket scalpers were indicted is constitutional and overruled their motion to quash. A test Case is to be taken before the supreme court upon an agreed state offsets. Edwin Powell has returned from new York having purchased the largest and finest assortment of French English and g or Man decorations Wall paper etc., Ever brought to the West All of which Are entirely new and novel in design. Call and see them during the next week at 83 e. Market at. Recorder John Baughman and Sherifi Richard Williams of Noble county were a the City last week in attendance on the grand Union of county officers held Here and whose principal object is to promulgate truth lift the veil and ease the pressure. They were under the fatherly care of ool Cook at Burford s. Major a. W. Heinley the very popular hotel Man of Terre haute was in the Day on last monday. While returning from the theater on monday night he recognized a Chicago Friend whom he had not seen for fifteen years and whom be supposed dead. The meeting was very affecting and old times were discussed until the wee sea hours. John p. Dearth the wide awake recorder of Clinton county was Over to see Borford a co. Last week. He did t exactly have epileptic fits but was almost tickled to death Over the arrival at House thursday morning of a very diminutive specimen of a Man weighing just 10 pounds with hair two inches Long. He named Harry before leaving. Col j. J. Funkhouser formerly a Mere cant of this City now a a a limited Quot grower of Effingham hi., was in the City on tuesday Igi Slature and talking Over old times with de Easten. The col. Says the Quot limited Quot credit system gives a customer who is known to a Good ample time to put hand Down in pocket and produce the necessary up Ondulic. Prof. Heitkam wants Many patrons and the general Public to understand that neither himself nor business has been removed from no. 9 Vance Block As hag been advertised by or. Uirich late partner in the Art to sorial. The partnership was dissolved and or. Uirich not the Barber shop removed. Or. Heitkam has imported two skilled workmen from Boston and will As in the past spare no pains to please All old customers and As Many new ones Asma y favor with a Call. New spr�oi�o0 overcoats. First go the season it Enzie a a a i Quot

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