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Indianapolis Patriot Phalanx Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1901, Page 4

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Indianapolis Patriot Phalanx (Newspaper) - September 19, 1901, Indianapolis, Indiana Rate ii pkg Law a a Quot i big All. 19 Patriot Phalanx published every thursday. 119 West Maryland Street Indianapolis Indiana. Titter cd at the Indianapolis Postof Bce As second class matter. Terms one year.$1.00 six months. 50 three months. 25 Monet for renewals should by 82bt directly to this office by Posto Tice Money order express Money order Bank Check or draft or currency in registered letters. It is Dot Safe to Send Silver in letters. on each copy of the Aba iian to subscribers is a Small Label indicating the Date to which subscription is paid Bias or. We. E. Barter 25 july 04 that Means that or. Barter s subscription has been paid up to july 25, 1904. When a subscriber remits the Reot it for his remittance will be Pirren by advancing the Date of his Label the length of time paid for. a subscriber of Ders paper disco minued of time paid for it is marked with Quot a Quot on the address Label and promptly attended to. Otherwise the paper will be continued until the publishers Are notified that the subscriber wishes his paper stopped. All a leakages be paid before this is done. William f. Clark Edward w. Clark publishers. Thursday sept. 19, 1901 the prohibition state conference was in session tuesday and wednesday with a fair attendance. The program published last week has been quite closely followed nearly All being ready to fill their parts. The resignation of chairman Hall made necessary for reasons mentioned elsewhere has been reluctantly accepted by the committee and a successor was to be chosen last evening. Our forms close too Early to announce result. A comprehensive report of the meeting will be Given in next week s paper. Thorb Are probably enough i men in Indianapolis who Are saying Quot if i thought my vote would elect bung an mayor he should have it Quot to give him a Safe plurality. Among the recent removals of Well known prohibition ministers Are eve. L. A. Wells from Monrovia ind., to Vermillion Grove 111. Rev. J. C. My Casi in former chairman of Johnson county from Ponemah 111., to Leech Grant county. Ind. Eve. W. L. Max tin Paris iii., to Indianapolis. President Mckinley silent . After oct 8th we will know what Brand of Beer the voters of Indian Apolis favor. If or Bookwalter wins it will signify their preference for the Indianapolis Brand. If Maguire elected it will show that thy prefer that Terre haute Beer shall have police Protection during the next two years. _ a big revival meeting has been con ducted by an evangelist named Bacon in a tent on Prospect Street in which several neighbouring churches have joined. We Are informed that at least 100 new prohibition votes have been one result of the meeting. They must certainly have had the right kind of gospel proclaimed there with no strings to the preacher s Tongue. Dungan is the real Independent candidate in this Campaign. The Best service a decent Republican or Democrat who loves his party could Render that party at this Campaign is to rebuke it by a vote for the prohibition ticket. Every one will admit the importance of a Union of Temperance forces but the question remains Quot where will they unite Quot we insist that the Only logical place for such a Union under the existing political conditions is in the prohibition party. Quot you prohibitionists have the Best platform and the finest candidates and i d vote your ticket if i thought you had a Chance to win of yes we have heard All that silly talk before. In other words you realize that we represent your principles and you a Ould like to vote your principles if you thought you could be on the winning Side at the same time. So you would rather vote against your convictions for the Sake of being with the crowd. Such talk is nonsense and unworthy of american citizens. Be a Man vote for what you believe in if you Are the Only one in Indianapolis. _ in speaking of Czolgosz the anarchist Assassin we said he Quot boarded at a the truth is that the whelp has not Only been a Saloon Hanger on and Patron but formerly kept a Saloon himself at the Corner of 3d Avenue and Tod Street Cleveland. If you Are in favor of Indianapolis Beer Mark the Eagle. If you prefer that Terre haute Beer should have police Protection Mark the rooster. But if you Are opposed to both brands of Beer and in favor of Law enforcement put your Mark on the rising Sun. There Are two liquor papers published in Indianapolis. The knights of Fidelity news favors the election for mayor of Maguire the Democrat. The editor of our Standard declares that he wants the gang investing the City Hall turned out and therefore favors Bookwalter the Republican. Crawford Fairbanks the Terre haute Brewer is backing Maguire with All his might and main while Bookwalter has the open and Active support of Albert Lieber president of the Indianapolis brewing company. Now decent voters which Beer crowd Are you going to line up with at the polls Why not Wash your hands of them both and cast a clean ballot for James m. Dungan president Mckinley Lea at 2 1l cock a Ouray morning sept. 1eight Days att i being shot by the As Sassin s Bullet. The Public had been led to expect his Early recovery from the assuring bulletins sent out by the physicians so the sudden change for the worse came As a great Shock and grief to the nation. After a postmortem examination the physicians unite in saying there was no Chance for his recovery from the first. With the people at Large we sincerely mourn his untimely end and especially lament the Damnable method of his taking off. The shot was aimed at the government and had no concern whether the chief executive was a Good or bad Oil Ciali whether his administration was a Beneficent one or otherwise. The memorial services that have been held All Over the country demonstrate that or. Mckinley had a wonderfully Strong hold upon the affections of the people. This has been strengthened by the Christian courage and Faith with which he faced death and the Beautiful forgiving spirit which he showed even towards the Assassin. His last audible words will Ever live As among the finest deathbed utterances Good by All Good by. It is god s Way. His will be the Phalanx during the years of or. Mckinley s candidacy for and occupancy of the presidential chair has freely criticised some phases of his political course. Death cannot alter facts and so far As we know those statements and criticisms Are sustained by facts. No apology therefore is now made for them but on the contrary we would prefer to Call attention to a condition of affairs which would Force so eminently Good a Man for political reasons to assent to a policy favourable to the liquor interests and which must have been repugnant to All his better feelings. Theodore Roosevelt is now president. He promises to Quot continue absolutely and without variance the policy of president we can Only Pray that the god of nations who has thus far brought our Republic safely through great perils and crises May continue his favor and overrule All to his own glory and the Good of All the people. Anarchy Law to Law enforcement. Albert Lieber president of the Indianapolis brewing company is working for the Success of Bookwalter. Crawford Fairbanks the Terre a a the Brewer is working for Maguire to win. No Brewer or Saloon keeper will vote for James m. Dungan. In which company do you want to be found at the polls there Are going to be a whole lot of votes thrown away at the coming City election and they won t be cast by prohibitionists either but by the men who favor Law enforcement and yet vote the Republican or democratic tickets and therefore for a wide open town. The Safe Way is for a Man to vote for what he wants whether he wins or loses. The first edition of Quot political truth Quot the prohibition Campaign paper was printed this week for free distribution in the Homes of the City. It contains the cartoon from the news recently printed in the Phalanx showing Gambrinus As the real director of the municipal Campaign the party s ticket and platform and pointed comments on the municipal situation. 15,000 copies have been printed and More will be issued if needed. After the Rush of this week is Over the City committee will plan for a series of noon meetings at the factories and speaking on the Street Corners nearly every night until elec Don Day. Indications Are most hopeful for a big increase in the party s vote. Some predict that the vote for my. Mcwhirter two years ago which was 845, will be doubled this time Wale others Are sanguine that it will reach a much higher figure. And now the Saloon keepers Are declaring against a free Beer Campaign in the municipal contest. At a meeting the other night they passed a Resolution to request the City chairmen of the Republican and democratic parties they did not ask the prohibitionists to use their Ini Lencs against the use of free Beer at the political meetings. Of course these men Are prompted by purely selfish and mercenary motives As they think the thirsty crowds will pay for their Beer if the free Supply furnished by the breweries is shut off. All of which will greatly assist the Republican and Democrat committees in making a show of Temperance by declaring this will be no free Beer Campaign and this suits the Saloon keepers exactly. If it did not they would not dare do it. Rev. R. V. Hunter pastor of 7th presbyterian Church in the course of a Sermon on sept. 8th, said Quot in the coming election every honest and patriotic Christian citizen should cast his vote for the party which will suppress the enormous amount of evil in this City. I will not say which party that is but you All know which party is the Saloon party and which party has pledged itself to do All in its Power to eradicate the present evil system of liquor Selling. Do your duty As a Christian and As patriotic Citi Zens in second sentence of the above read Quot which parties Are the Saloon parties Quot and the statement is Correct. Neither the democratic or Republican party at any place or any time by convention or by authorized representatives Quot has pledged itself to do All in its Power to eradicate the present evil system of liquor not even in prohibition states nor in local campaigns have they taken such a stand. To make such a claim for either of them in the present Campaign in this City would be so preposterous As to excite Only ridicule. The prohibition party alone stands for such a policy. Or. Hunter must therefore have meant to advise his hearers and the Christian and patriotic men of Indianapolis to do their duty by voting for James m. Dungan for mayor. In the Light of facts what he said will admit of no other construction. And that class of voters could elect or. Dungans they have the numerical strength if they would follow or. Hunter s advice. An editorial in the voice of sept. 5, shows in a Clear and Able manner How insignificant would be the results for Temperance were the present restrictive Laws for governing the Sale of liquor strictly enforced. Some correspondent had asked them Why they did not show More interest in the enforcement of such Laws. The conclusion seems to be that prohibitionists should not use Money nor make Effort in enforcing the prohibitive features of these License Laws. While fully concurring in the showing made of How Little would be the direct gain for Temperance if these Laws were Well enforced yet we must recognize some other facts. One is that there is a very general belief that such enforcement would be a serious crippling of the Saloon business that a Large proportion of them would have to go out of business. The unsoundness of such views can Best be demonstrated by efforts at enforcement and those who honestly make the attempt generally graduate into the prohibition party. How often too is heard the taunt of when you enforce the Laws you have it will be time enough to ask for something while most of such talk is not in Good Faith yet it has its effect in keeping up prejudices against the party and its demands and should be removed As far As possible by frequent demonstration of the insufficiency of present Laws. Persistent open Law violation All agree has a dangerous educational influence which May be far reaching for evil. As Good citizens prohibitionists should everywhere show themselves actively to be on the Side of Law and order As willing to do More than their share towards making the Best of present conditions while Labouring for their Ideal. An Effort by some Young men connected with the Young people s Christian Temperance Union to enforce the sunday closing feature of the Law in this City is in Point. A few Days ago we had the pleasure of seeing five of these Earnest Christian workers who at least have not been known As prohibition party voters come into the Phalanx office and each Perchase and pin a Dungan Button on to his coat. Encourage and help Law enforcement efforts is our advice to prohibitionists. Let us show a willingness to make the Best of what we have to be Quot practical Quot ready to co operate with others yet pointing out on every proper occasion the Only right and therefore effective remedy for the great evil. The death of the president by an Assassin s Bullet has caused a great outcry against anarchy. Plain definitions of the word have been Given by press and pulpit and these generally include a statement to the i text that thase who make a practice of openly defying Law Are thereby teaching and practising anarchy. The Evansville courier Speaks of the extent to which this is done without particular zing and says Quot such a condition of affairs will Lead to trouble. The Only difference Between the genuine anarchist and the class to which we refer is that the one is an open enemy to Mankind and avows it while the other is Only less in degree and has not the courage to stand upon his convictions. Quot this is exactly what prohibition papers have been saying for years yet their warnings have been almost unheeded. Who Are these that Quot openly defy and set aside the Laws Quot not those who Are known As the Quot criminal classes Quot the faces of whose most notorious characters adorn the rogues gallery at police Headquarters. No while they break the Law it is not done openly but in the dark. The open defies of Law Are the Saloon keepers. They plan they organize to do this very thing. Liquor papers do not apologize for this but boldly argue in favor of such a Law Defiance claiming that Public sentiment is against the Law. In territory where the Saloon has been barred out by local option vote or remonstrance and in prohibition states the brewery and distillery syndicates with unlimited Means Send in their agents and Back them up in determined and persistent efforts to break Down the Law and bring it into such disrepute As to cause the people to conclude that a License Law is probably Best after All. So the wretched example of setting Law at Defiance goes on with its demoralizing influence upon the people. Officers sworn to enforce Law perjure themselves by neglect and often refusal to arrest these open defies. Still worse men posing As Good citizens vote to continue these dangerous conditions vote for parties and candidates which dare not antagonize these Saloon anarchists by even so much As insisting they shall obey Law like other people. The quickest and most effective Way to Stop this Saloon anarchy is by right voting. Put a party in Power pledged to Law enforcement. Elect James m. Dungan mayor of Indianapolis and see How Long this open Defiance of Law would continue in this City. One Man Yotes m no Friend should support a political organization that legalizes evil. So says Western yearly meeting great speech by Quot Wilson s. Boan. Resignation of state chairman Hall. Vote for Dungan and Reform. Or. Homer j. Hall of Franklin this week tendered his resignation As chairman of Central committee of the prohibition party of Indiana. The members of the committee were notified in Advance of the conference in order that they might be thinking of some one for a suitable successor. In his letter the doctor stated As his reason the serious illness of his wife who is afflicted with cancer. Or. Hall was re chosen As state chairman after the election of 1900. He has most efficient and faithful officer possessed of rare tact and executive ability. He has displayed the invaluable accomplishment of getting others to work besides himself. The Quot Indiana plan Quot of District evangelist work has Baen originated and developed largely under his capable supervision. The resignation of its chairman at this time gives the state committee a matter of serious importance for immediate decision. The most Wise counsel and deliberation will be necessary for the election of a suitable successor. All friends of the cause will in sympathy for or. Hall and his afflicted Hel meet with sincere prayer that sustain ing Grace May be Given them for this time of severe trial. The meeting of the league monday night was a very hopeful one. Reports from different parts of the City telling of gains being made were most encouraging speeches were made by candidates Dungan and Barnett. Also by a. Cole evangelist first District or. Teeple and Eli Miller of Mishawaka. There were several stirring songs by the choir and enthusiasm Rose to such a pitch that it was Only by the most determined Effort on the part of the chairman that it was closed on time. Next monday night the league will meet again in the Hall at new York and Alabama streets. Rev. A. L. Orcutt one of our strongest Spe ers is billed for the occasion. Bring hopeful friends and let us crowd the Hall. The prohibitionists of the 13th War f have selected As their nominee for. A amp a City Council Ray d. Barnes of 605 Stevens Street an energetic and capable Young Man who is an Active member of the sixth Christian Church. Or. Barnes is the City solicitor for the Brewer Broa. Printing firm. Plainfield sept. 17.�?one of the largest audiences of the entire week met in the great yearly meeting House last night to hear the annual report of the Temperance committee and to listen to an address by Wilson of Indianapolis on Quot the Legal status of the Saloon in it was in Many ways the most remarkable address Ever delivered in this historic House. Time and again he brought the audience to rounds of applause with his wondrous eloquence Beautiful figures tremendous thrusts and unanswerable Legal reasoning against the iniquity of the legalized liquor traffic. He showed in a masterly and judicial Way that the Only defence of the Saloon was the License behind which it hid and that in this state this License was granted contrary to All principles of common Law As recognized the world Over. With a standing vote of the great audience the following resolutions were adopted with but one dissenting vote Clarence m. Case of Noblesville refusing to adult that License of the liquor traffic is sin Quot believing with the supreme court that the statistics of every state show a greater amount of crime and misery attributable to the use of ardent spirits obtained in these retail liquor saloons than to any other source and that an orderly Saloon in an orderly neighbourhood is per be a nuisance and that no citizen has an inherent right to sell intoxicating liquor and that As the Only purpose of a penal act is to suppress so the Only purpose a License act can have is to promote and that no legislature can bargain away the Public morals or the Public health or the Public peace and recognizing the undisputed fact that the legalized liquor traffic is the greatest enemy and hindrance to the advancement of the work of the Church we believe one of the first and greatest concerns of the Church should be the suppression of this traffic. Quot we believe the legalizing of the liquor traffic or anything else which the people and the courts recognize As an evil immoral and against the Best interests of the Public is not consistent with a Republican form of government and is unrighteous and sinful. Quot while in no sense wishing to dictate to our membership As to what position they shall take in government affairs and policies in regard to which there maybe honest difference of opinion and which Quot admit of Experiment and Compromise we believe that the Christian people Are unanimously agreed As to the unrighteousness of the legalized liquor traffic and that it is sinful to Lender Experiment or Compromise with it and that our membership should refrain from affiliating with any political organization that refuses to place itself in open opposition to legalizing this or any other recognized evil for in a Republican form of government the people Are the rulers and become directly responsible for the acts to which they have consented or which they have delegated to their servants the officials. This being True Western yearly meeting of friends can not afford to fail to make it known to All men that her membership refuses to longer stand responsible even by silence or consent for the legalizing of any recognized evil and that any organization that does not stand for this sentiment must not expect or receive the support of our s work commended Rev. Albert j. Brown pastor of the friends Church Indianapolis was appointed superintendent of the department of Quot suppression of the liquor before he allowed the yearly meeting to confirm his appointment he asked for instructions As to what they expected him to do during the year. He said if they expected him to be a figurehead he would not accept it. If they expected him to carry out the resolutions passed the evening before he a amp need them to say so. Without a dissenting voice the yearly meeting voted to instruct him to vigorously carry out the resolutions. Lincoln Republic Patriot the move ment now on foot to crush anarchy to death will find its chief work in smashing the incubator we re anarchy is hatched and reared and a Iven right of Way. Not a Saloon in Nebraska but is a hot bed of anarchy. Its deeds Are of darkness it murders without conscience and glories in its loathsome deeds. We presume what is True of Nebraska is True also of the nation. The Boston Dally advertiser of recent Date had an editorial on the work of sheriff Pearson which was so fair As to deserve to be republished everywhere. It was As follows sheriff Peak sox s fight. Good citizens can rationally have but one sentiment regarding the fight which Rev. Or. Pearson she of of Cumberland county Maine is waging against liquor dealers in Portland and parts adjacent. That sentiment is one of cordial approval of All his efforts so far As they Are lawful impartial and honest. There is no reason thus far for l believing that he has overstepped these limits. His bitterest enemies do not claim to have any proof that he can be either bullied or bribed. The bitterness of their enmity is the Best possible tribute to his Fidelity. It can hardly be repeated too often that the question whether or not prohibition is the Best policy has nothing to do with the Case. It is the Law of Maine. It is engrafted into the Constitution of Maine. All Law abiding men in Maine obey the prolix Bictory Law the same As they do other Laws the Sale of liquor As a beverage in Portland or elsewhere in Maine is lawbreaking. They who do it Are criminals. The sheriff of Cumberland county As of any other county in Maine is under oath and under Bonds to enforce the prohibitory Law together with All other Laws of the state. If he cannot do it to such an extent that open and notorious liquor Selling shall be impossible he is incompetent for his place. If he can but will not he is a perjured and a pol Troon. The circumstantial evidence in the Case of such a sheriff is that he is a receiver of bribes. Sheriff Pearson is not such a sheriff. He has already reduced the open Sale of liquor in Portland to the smallest dimensions known in Twenty years. He has made life such a Burden to the keepers of Kitchen barroom As they have never experienced in the same length of time. He is furnishing plenty of proof that prohibition prohibits when a prohibitionist is sheriff. Sheriff Pearson s latest move to haul into court the owners of real estate that is rented for illegal purposes is in the line of Justice and common sense. Needless to say the Law fully bears him out. However the Law in that respect is As it should be. So Long As prohibition is the Law of the state its penalties ought to fall on the owner of the build infer which is used As a Saloon just As severely As upon the keeper of that Saloon. It May possibly be that in some extremely rare instances real estate owners do not know when their property is being illegally used. Unless there is proof that they do know they cannot be sent to jail. Their Only punishment is pecuniary loss. Such loss is liable to fall upon any property owner who either through negligence or misfortune is ignorant of what he needs to know in order for the proper management of his business. There is no More hardship in the loss of Money that Falls upon a real estate owner in such a Case than there is where an owner Sells property too cheap because he does not know its Market value. But it is Mere nonsense to pretend that As a Rule the owners of buildings where liquor is sold contrary to Law do not know what is going on under their roofs. They know Well enough 99 times in 100. If sheriff Pearson will carry out unflinchingly his latest plan and if courts and juries will do what they Are sworn to do the Parson sheriff will Lay his axe at the Root of the tree a according to scripture. Phalanx visitors. The following out of town people were callers at the Phalanx of Bce during the week past c. E. Boston Pendleton j. W. Henry and Claud Henry Crawfordsville Hugh Bowman Rochester l s. Wade Lafayette w. H. Fellows Phlox Chas. Muchmore Laurel or. W. N. Nan. Ney Evansville Aaron Skinner elber Field or. H. J. Hall Franklin Demp sey Johnson Westfield Eli Miller Mishawaka w. R. Miller mechanics Burg Rev. Aaron Worth Bryant prof. L. A. Wray Shade land Jav. N. Coffman Perrysville w. H. Eve san Burlington w. H. Friend Forest g. W. Myers Elnora Ransom Pope Elnora g. W. Kilgore Ward Kilgore and Ben Rybolt Point Isabel Edwin Hiatt Newcastle e k. Rockafeller e ver ton c. W. Rockafeller new Trenton Perry Wycoff. Sims Budy Burkett Greencastle Frank j. Martin. Terre haute a a. C. My amp Inzie Frankfort e. B. Osborn Veedersburg we. Edgerton . Cobb Hayden or. And mrs. R. M. Chapman Friendswood Jna Bailiff Marion j. A. Horn Rockville. What the use of the be publicans and democrats conducting a Beer Campaign this time when everyone knows exactly where they stand on the Saloon Side of tie is enforcement questions a a

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