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Indianapolis Patriot Phalanx Newspaper Archives Oct 21 1897, Page 1

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Indianapolis Patriot Phalanx (Newspaper) - October 21, 1897, Indianapolis, Indiana Sufi is in Ai air Quot a a a Xiii Indianapolis. The Al Day october 21, Igot. îi5l> 31�zur sister state. How the prohibition party is growing in Illinois. An Active Canna sign All the a a ivi. Year chairman Stewart. I la Mong the delegates in the City this seek attending the Christian Church a a convention is a prohibitionist of nation-<�1 renown in the person of Oliver w. Stewart of Mackinaw iii. Or. Stew Art was the permanent chaiman of the Pittsburgh convention and is the pros. V5ent chairman of the Illinois state exec if Iri Tive committee in this capacity he is Quot a conducting this year a Campaign of a up activity As to attract the attention Quot Refour people everywhere and which a v promises great results for the prohibition cause at the next election. Since last january or. Stewart has travelled in All parts of that state has Goue into a very county has spoken usually twice a Day organizing our forces raising a dances and planning the work. In addition to this be has preached regularly for the Church of which he is Pas Tor at Mackinaw. For the past two Yeara he has also been president of the state Christian Endeavor Union. An example of Bis self sacrificing spirit May be seen in the Faa that he declined a 11 this year to one of the largest new York City churches at a salary of $2,400,preferring to devote himself without pay to the prohibition work. Or. Stewart is a Young Man for the work he is accomplishing being 30 years of age. He is a Well developed specimen of physical manhood has an energetic expression and is a Man of very genial address. It afforded us great pleasure to have a Chat with him in reference to the plan of work in Illinois and his opinion of the Outlook. Quot yes we Are very much alive in 111 i apis Ani mating splendid Progress Quot he said. Quot we Are pushing the fight just As actively m if it was a Campaign year. I am kept continually in the Field speaking and organizing. One Man acting As Field manager at head quarters attends to the correspondence sends out literature and arranges for my meetings. We Are paying special attention to work a the poorer Coti ties. If we cannot get the name of a single prohibitionist in the county we fire a broadside of letters to the preach ers w. C. T. U. Of ulcers and others whose names we can get asking if they will help in getting up a prohibition meeting. We rarely fail to got a favourable reply from some one. Then Intro that county i go making several speeches and scattering literature and taking pledges for our state work. Som9 of our Best results will come from these counties. We know of counties where we had 5 or 6 votes which will give 40 or 50 prohibition votes next year. We now Bave a list of reliable men in every county who we can reach with our literature and announcements. Then we have what i Eft be called the Ltd Olden comprising 2500 men and women who Are regular contributors. When a Man gives Money to h ithe cause we know he is True Blue. Each of these receives once a month our official bulletin giving the financial statement reports of the work and a announcements. Quot the financial question Bas not f troubled us much this year. At every meeting i distribute Blank pledges to be paid at the rate of so much per month. Any amount is accepted no matter How Small. Some prefer to pay ii heir pledge in Advance or merely make a Cash offering. All these pledges expire Tian 1st, after which will begin the a work of getting new pledges for the Quot next year. This year the amount paid in and pledged will reach $10,000 of this amount some is used for travelling expenses of state officers postage and a printing. But our heaviest expense is for literature. This we regard As our strongest weapon in the fight. We pro pose to have free literature for Distri 1 Button by any prohibitionist at any / occasion. We have ordered a million copies of Woolley s speeches and have a tired most of the first 350,000. Then we have various tracts other speeches and most of All we try to get every per son we can to subscribe for our state is Pape the lever. We Are planning i for a Small weekly paper for next year a of t9 be sent free to the names of All the \,fv�ihopeful8&Quot we can secure. We do not Quot Fli emphasize literature to the exclusion speakers. I have had Woolley in my of a pwn. Little town. Bat we believe Eachl qty a ats a speaker ought to Jtb genre the me Elva a it and Noi ,. Organization is a matter that is receiving much attention with us. In addition to the regular county and township chairmen we Are organizing prohibition clubs at every Point possible. Some of these clubs have More voting members than there were prohibition voters in the whole county last year. Our forces Are working in Harmony. A Man coming into our party does not have to apologize for his former action and a do not discuss the recent past unpleasantness. The question is where Are you now i believe nine tenths of our people who voted for Bryan and Mckinley will be Back in the prohibition fold next year Rev. Herrick Johnson the eminent Chicago divine who left our party to vote for Mckinley sent us his Check the other Day for $10 to help Boom the work. Quot i believe we can make More converts to prohibition by showing the people the enormous financial question involved in the destruction of the liquor traffic rather than by appealing to the consciences of Christian voters. I vary my talk according to the audience and occasion. 1 usually however begin an evening address by telling them that i might urge them to stand for prohibition As a Christian duty but since they Cire less for saving their boys and girls than for their pocket books i will speak of the financial phase of the quest Ioji Etc i have often had men Tell me this thrust was the strongest Point in my address. While it emphasizes the financial Side of prohibition it often sets people to thinking if they really do think More of Money than the salvation of human souls. Quot we will hold an Early state convention next year and adopt a Broad platform declaring for prohibition woman suffrage reduced taxes and denouncing the corruption of the two old parties in Illinois. If we make any declaration on the questions of Tariff and Money it will be to declare that the right settlement of the liquor problem would mean More financially to the country than Tariff or the Best monetary scheme that could be devised and that if we were a sober nation we could Cope with those questions intelligently and successfully. We will make Thia platform Clear and concise and use it As a Campaign document. Quot All signs Point to an Advance of our Illinois vote next year from the 10.000 we got in 1896 to 25,000 in 1888 this figure was the High water Mark we reached in 1894 and we May go even above it. The encouraging signs Are the restlessness of the people under the corrupt domination of the two old parties and the revived interest of our own people As shown by their Liberal contributions to the work. Never in the Palmiert Day of our party s history in Illinois were we Able to raise so much Money As we have done this year. Sentiment is growing fast. Let us never be discouraged we Are bound to continuous Campaign. The Illinois prohibition executive committee Issue a monthly bulletin w Ash is sent to Al who contribute to the state fund and to workers generally. It reviews the work of the previous Mouth and tells of plans for the future giving suggestions and direct ions. From the october bulletin we copy a few extracts that Are of value Here As Well As across the state line Quot the liquor Power will be Over thrown. The rum traffic will cease to exist As a legalized institution in our country. The exact time we cannot state but Are positive that it will be so. Our cause is right and it must succeed. The unparalleled Campaign against the Saloon continues among the righteously indignant citizens of the Prairie state. The month s Effort has been full of encouragement and Many Good signs of advancement. Old friends have United in the Bonds of Fellowship and new friends have been won to assist in this mighty Battle for the Home. The meetings have been remarkable in interest and attendance and some of our prohibition heroes have become so intensely animated that they Are contributing to the state fund for the third time this year. A Man generally has Confidence in a movement when to puts his Money into it. Quot wherever the chairman of the slate executive committee goes he finds the same hopeful spirit and determination among the prohibitionists to press on Ward. During september he travelled much Laboured As Best he knew How. And upheld the principles of the prohibition party at All times. He addressed conferences or meetings in these counties Fulton Tazewell Logan Morgan Shelby Fayette. Vermillion Champaign Douglas Maco Upin Montgomery Clark Kane Cook and la in detail the result of local Effort. The Good work is moving on magnificently. Quot we were completely cleaned out of All kinds of literature so great was the demand. We still have unfilled orders for Woolley s speeches. A new Supply will not come in for at least a month yet. Any that May wish a Good leaflet will be supplied upon application. Quot we Are astonished at the ignorance of the average citizen of the state on the prohibition question. He knows very Little about it much less about the prohibition party. Where there Are saloons the people see that it is an evil but the great masses have not looked into the merits of prohibition and the necessity of the prohibition party. We want to emphasize this upon you As some of our prohibitionists have an idea the people Are Well informed. This is not the Case. We must use More printed matter. It is Folly for us to Stop Short of the Rem needs in the Case. The average citizen will not be brought into the prohibition party by Reading one tract. Give him one a week for six months and you will have him in the prohibition ranks. We urge you to use thousands of these leaflets this fall and Winter in your town and county. Send to us and we will Supply you. Since january 1 we have sent out through the state Over 1,200,000 pages of documents and Hope before the next state convention that our friends will use 2,000,000 More. Quot it is our profound conviction that prohibition papers Are of immense value in converting men to prohibition and the party. Then follows an urgent plea that efforts be made to put their excellent state paper. The lever into As Many Homes As possible. Quot the 3,Coo enrolment Blanks sent out last month Are being put to Good use by hundreds of our friends. It is surprising the number of men who Are willing to come with us. In one township in Champaign county with very Little Effort twice As Many names were procured As there were votes last fall. At Chenoa forty names were on and at Girard they have nearly As Many signatures. Each of these Points height votes last fall. At Geneseo Twenty three persons signed the club has a big list but had Only nine votes in november. Quot wherever there Dre five prohibitionists there ought to be a prohibition club. With the devoted women and Young folks a dozen or More members can probably be secured. Such an organization is needed to Hammer away along prohibition lines. A. Meeting should be held at least once a month but not necessarily in the same locality. Use local Talent for Short talks and have music whenever possible. Prepare interesting programs do missionary work and you will be rewarded for your labor. Let us organize a prohibition club in every town and Hamlet in the great state of Illinois. Monthly gatherings will command Public attention and increase your own interest keep adding to the club list. Circulate the membership Roll and get men pledged to vote our ticket a Quot god is Blessing the efforts and he will not Quot fail us on hearts Ory out against this Groat iniquity. We Are burdened because of the evil that is abroad in on land Happy Homes Are being wrecked fathers and husband is debauched boys ruined Dan her forced into the blackness of night and our financial resources than Mav the end of this come quickly. It if not Only saddening but a sickening and if we love humanity let us preps on with a greater determination that the Saloon must die. May god help you to i aloud and spare not and to labor without biggest Trust of All. Among the Virions Kings and Bosses who Are dividing the Power in this country among themselves the name of j. Pierpoint Morgan will soon outrank All the rest. If the Story told by the Chicago Tribune shall materialize in fact the Groat Wall Street Man will deserve the t file of emperor. The Tribune says that a great Syndicate headed by j. Pierpoint Morgan of new York has partially consummated a plan to unite All the great trunk lines of the United states under one management. He now controls everything Between new York and Chicago except the Pennsylvania and the Baltimore and Ohio. The Pennsylvania company will work in unison with his plans As it is already doing. Any Man who can control All the great railway lines of the country can afford to be indifferent Alice to those who make the Laws and those who write the songs of the . M. Gris defends his article in the Patriot Phalanx criticizing Terre haute. From tire haute Gazette. Thorntown ind., oct 12. Editor Gazette a in a late Issue of your paper under the flaming heading Quot vents his spleen Quot you take the Liberty to attribute some feelings in me toward your City that Are misleading. Will you do me the Justice to permit me a word that. I May disabuse the minds of your readers. 1 surely have no spleen against your City or any one in it what you mistake for spleen is simply love. I like Terre haute and Trust 1 have Many warm friends there. Your charge talks about the distilleries Quot a or rather about the Laws that make them Ris True. On my return Home from your City i penned the article in Patriot Phalanx which you kindly publish. If there is an untruth in that article or an undue colouring of the picture i will gladly make due apologies. If there is a minister of the gospel in you City that will say there is a falsehood or a up genetic spirit in that article or even say that it manifests any symptoms of splenic cachexia i will gladly meet him before his congregation or any audience in your City and discuss the Issue. The facts Are i am making no direct War against saloons breweries a or Dis till rims. Not even kicking Aga inst the ministers As you intimate. My War is against the Law that Fosters and sustains liquor business. To preve my sincerity 1 will meet any minister of your Cit in Public discussion and will defend the Saloon keepers. I believe that the product of breweries and distilleries is a curse to any people and not a Blessing. Which Side of the question will you and the ministers of your Day take will the columns of your paper or Wili a pair ministers open their pulpits for ? if so i wish to affirm. As to your headlines Quot seems to think people who make whisky drink it attacks the town in Patriot Phalanx personal pique Quot i am willing that your Good people May judge me by the article published in the Phalanx and am ready too cant whenever they say it is untrue or prove every declaration. As to who drinks your whisky i can not Tell but whoever it is of this one thing i am sure that it brings to them drunkenness and misery and to their Homes a curse instead of a Blessing. Do you As a City make a stuff that you will not drink As you intimate and then sell it to others to curse them you would not Call that creditable to your citizens would you have you no saloons in Terre haute when you state that the Quot state chairman for the prohibition society Quot was Well advertised to speak in your court House and Quot Only five put in appearance Quot does that prove that the interest of brewing and distilling dominates your town or is it evidence that the Public or even the Christian sentiment is hostile to the Industry Are you proud of the Honor and do you boast of it. That Only five in your great City would attend a meeting opposed to this curse of our ago when it was Well advertised ? is it a compliment or a reflection upon the ministry of your City when you publish to the world that none of them attended such a meeting say. Dear editor whose spleen is atrophied l. M. Cubist a 8nre thing for Yoa. A transaction in which you cannot los Eisa surething. Bilious Nesa sick headache fur Jed Tongue fever piles and a thousand other ills Are caused by constipation and sluggish liver. Casca jets Candy Cutha Jdc the Wood Derf ulv new. Liver i stimulant. Imd into atonal. Tonic Byj Iai toe to amp a Alanm edit Dan zit it. Would j Ttye too Mach space t wet a that so few attended or. Crist s meeting May have Beon due to four causes 1. Terre Haut eans Are critical in the matter of oratory. They have heard the most noted platform speakers in the country. Their lecture courses embrace very eminent men. During Campaign years the Moat distinguished statesmen come Here. Terre haute has been remarkable in the number of her own Silver tongued orators. Only the biggest guns can Hope to draw them to a meeting. 2. Terre Haut eans Are a studious Reading people. Papers magazines and books attract them. They know How to enjoy themselves in the quiet of their own Homes. An evening is the Best part of the Day for them and it is not to be taken away from their Reading except for the strongest reasons. 3. Terre Hante is a City with Many amusements theatres Church meetings and socials Reading clubs card clubs Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc. Having a sufficiency of occupation an amusement they Haven t time to attend Many meetings. 4. Terre Haut eans Are not to any considerable. Extent Proll by zionists. They do not believe people can be made Good by Law. Thoy do not be Eye that >4a.wr Flira Pfilf in Fotois Nir rur . 1t in in erty of the citizen. This Public believes in Temperance but it does not believe in prohibition and Between the two they recognize a distinction with a difference. They recognize saloons As lawful institutions under present Laws and they believe in these Laws. They feel that it would be possible to enforce the liquor Law better if the prohibitionists did not take the extreme View they should be abolished altogether. A very Large majority of the people of Terre haute believe in a License Law and do not believe in prohibition. They know that Indiana and Terre haute derive great Revenue from the traffic. Under prohibition they belive drinking would be Little if any diminished and they know the Public Revenue would be greatly reduced. The arguments of the a Ohi by zionists Are familiar to this people. They have had the widest possible Dis Quot sem nation. The Gazette has published thousands of columns on the subject for it recognizes its province to give All shades of opinion free and full Opportunity for expression in its columns whether they Are in agreement with the opinions of the management or not. Our preference is for views differing from our own feeling that our own get sufficient publicity in the Ordinary course. To sum up people did not turn out to hear or. Crist because they did not agree with his opinions because they did not believe they would hear anything new or hear oratory More pleasing than they have heard Over and Over again and because they had something else to do that evening that they thought would be More pleasant and profitable to them. In the above article from the Gazette there is no denial of my reflection or conclusion about the breweries and distilleries of that City. The editor gives four reasons for non attendance of the citizens at prohibition meetings. When you sum them All up it just amounts to this Viz they Don t want to attend they do not believe in prohibition they prefer the present License system. \ Quot of the Gazette not ouly Speaks for itself but it also Speaks for the republicans and for the ministers of the City if they All keep silent they confirm this statement and Crist is right when be says the liquor interest rules. The Gazette expresses Good sound democratic doctrine on the liquor ques tion in a bold Frank manner. Is it also the Republican doctrine and has the Church of that City also bowed the knee to Bacchus and Gambrinus if they fail to speak up and hold no meetings protesting against these utterances we will he forced to conclude that silence gives consent and that the Gazette has spoken out for the entire City. New Start at South Bend. After a period of silence and masterly inactivity covering several months a goodly number of the prohibitionists of South Bend met Friday evening oct. 15th, at the residence of a. Bugbee. This meeting included representatives from both wings of the great prohibition army not great because of numbers but great in the moral principles involved and advocated. The meeting was called to order by w. D. A la. And c. N. Holler was made Secretary. Remarks were made by messes. Bugbee. Bulla Barker holler o. Wheelock. . Wert and e. Warren. While somewhat diverse views were expressed upon some of the issues before the people All were a unit of the importance of pushing to the front the question of the suppression of that Quot sum of All Villa inies Quot a that dark and foul stain upon the fair name of state and nation that relic of barbarism that superlative diabolic my the legalized liquor traffic. This meeting was characterized by Harmony and Good feeling towards each other As co workers in a grand cause. It was the belief of All present that at no Distant Day the Reform elements would present a reunited front and that right would Triumph Over might. Evlie session adjourned to meet Friday evening the 39th, at residence of o. Wheelock on which occasion the Quot primary caucus Quot will be the subject for discussion with opening by a. Bugbee. W. D. social. There will be a Neal Dow memorial service in connection with the prohibition social at the Home of l. M. Crist Thorntown 7 30 p. Saturday october 23d, 1897.strong resolutions passed by presbyterian bodies. It is better to take Hood s Sarsaparilla than to Experiment with unknown and untried preparations. To know Hood Star Saparia actually and . .hoods.piiis,act easily and. Proi aptly on the liver and bowels. Cure sick Hiya Date. A the Princeton University the leading institution of learning in this country of the presbyterian Church is attracting much attention of late and is being severely censured by that Church because of the attitude of those in authority on the Temperance question. Shortly after the scandal of it wines and intoxicate ing liquors being served at an alumni banquet it was discovered that some of the men in High position in the University including several professors have become sponsors for the legalized Sale of liquor in the bar room of a building known As Princeton inn. This gilded den of iniquity is located near the University and is patronized almost wholly by students. Here Young men students in a Christian University spend their time in drinking and revelry sometimes until the Early morning. The situation is arousing great indignation and storms of protest in the presbyterian Church. At the meeting of the Indiana Synod held last week in Terre haute the Temperance committee included in its report an emphatic denunciation of the action of said officials and professors. Several Princeton graduates present taked in defense of their Alma mater. They thought there must be some mistake about it All 9, urged the Synod to investigate More fully before making such definite charges. The resolutions were referred to a special committee and the topic referring to Princeton was changed to read As follows whereas it is cd intently reported and generally believed and not authoritatively denied that certain professors in our venerated and beloved institution. Princeton University have Lent their if Lance and their signatures to a Peti to Digior the licensing of a Saloon for the Sale of intoxicating be located in close proximity to the grounds and a ii Didgs of the University therefore Quot it amp solved. That the Synod of Indiana has heard these reports with sadness and does hereby protest earnestly and vigorously against the conduct of the said professors and against the establishment and continuance of the said the report was overwhelmingly adopted by a rising vote. John l. Marquis or Evansville desired his Vole in the negative recorded. The Kansas City presbytery recently held its fall session at Raymore mo., and unanimously adopted the following Quot a resolved that until the Sale of such liquors at the Princeton inn Snail have been abolished we urge and that emphatically that none of the Young people belonging to this presbytery a permitted to go to Princeton for their education lest that education be to damnation rather than to righteousness that exal Teth a miss Willard writes that there is new. Vigor of enforcement of the prohibitory Law in Vermont and that the people would on no account vote it off the statute books. The most recent and effective addition to the machinery of enforcement is that each county attorney is obliged to make it Plain that he prosecutes illicit dealers and if complaints against him for unfaithfulness in the enforcement of the prohibitory Laws or any other Are sustained by proof his salary is withheld. All Hail Vermont a Union signal. State of Ohio City of Toledo Lucas county i Quot Frank j. Cheney makes oath that he is the senior partner of the firm of f. J. Cheney amp coding business in the City of Toledo and that said firm will pay the sum of one Hundred dollars for each amp every Case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use of Hall s cat ankh care. Frank j. Chen i. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence this 6th Day of december a. D. 1886. A wat it i Eason Seal notary Public. Hall s Catarrh cure is taken internally and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials free. F. J. Cheney amp co., Toledo o. Sold by druggists 7oe. Hall s family pills Are the Best. Whenever we tax a person or a business we not Only dignify the individual and dignify the business but we commit ourselves to protect the individual and the business because he pays a Revenue into our exohequer.�?<5. C. At a special election held in Connecticut recently a constitutional Amend. Ment requiring All candid atias hereafter. For the right to vote to read the coi tation Fand Stote it statutes in Angl Ira carried by a Small majority. Ipi

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