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Indianapolis Patriot Phalanx Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1899, Page 7

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Indianapolis Patriot Phalanx (Newspaper) - November 16, 1899, Indianapolis, Indiana Paini tit it Tjw la i 15 Lobelia Dill for reasons of his own the Fishman made his rounds and tooted his Horn at Lobelia wll s Brown House thurs cd amp a instead of Friday Momin one week. It was unprecedented. Such a tiling could not be remembered in the Memzy of the oldest inhabitant. Fridays and the Fishman were one and in separate. Lobelia was making Strawberry Jam Rad the Rich Seething Maiss was at its most critical Point when the faint mind of the Ashman s Horn intruded non her ear. It startled her unaccountably. Gabriel s Horn itself could scarcely have surprised her More. Quot for the land she cried Quot that blah Blesson s Horn blow nor else i m Losin myi ear for music Bial blew sops fish Home and Thart makes it Friday today i be lost a whole Day clean out of this week. I guess i m Loson my faculties As sure As i am a Dill Quot a tie sudden remembrance of a Remote. Unfortunate Lull who had Quot lost a his faculties Quot came to poor Little in it Belia with crushing Force. Now and then it had loomed Over Hor before. She stirred the Strawberry Jam nervously striving to change the subject in Ber mind. Quot i be heard o folks Losin a Day out that Way but i declare i never heard of a Dill s. No i never Quot the Horn s Towt merged from faint sweetness into harsh contiguity. The Fishman Drew up at the foot of the Little Dill lame. Lobelia hurried to the door. Her thin flustered voice Quot carried Quot out to Bial Blesson s cart distinctly. Quot Well i declare Bial Blesson if you Ain t a Surprise no i Ain t comin out a my Jam la bum. You Cut me off a chowder piece o Hake about two pounds. I la put a plate with the Money on. Right out there by the Haycocks. What Peter Piper for the land you need t think Peter Piper touch it. I guess he knows manners besides he ukes his fish she went Back to her Jam Kettle in a flurry of anxiety. Her thin straight Little nose quivered with the fear of a Burnt odor but relaxed to its wonted lines at the Kitchen threshold. Only the heavy Sweet smell greeted her. Quot i would t have made it to Day if i d Lead my right senses Quot Lobelia Mun cured. Quot the idea of Strawberry Jam and fish chowder the same Day but Peter Piper d be dreadful disappointed without his chowder. I can have dinner a Little mite it did not occur to her to postpone a in fish Dittner a Day. There must be a Savory steaming chowder of course. She and Peter liked their fish cooked the same Way exactly. As Long As Lobelia Dill could re Mem Bercy and she could remember nearly half a Century there had been a fish dinner fridays in the Little Dill Homestead. It would not be Friday without one. The Fishman was Resi it Onsi Ible for a very great Deal that week. The next Day Early. Lobelia got out her kneading Board and the ingredients for her weekly loaf of Brown bread. She set her Beans to Par boiling and Parea the pie apples. It was Well to get the weekly cooking out of the Way in Good season. There were always liable to be callers saturday afternoons. Mercy Drinkwater might come panting up Quinn s Hill poor mercy was so Stout a to get that new pattern for quilts. Quot Peter Piper Yoa need t set there washing you fae.? any More it s clean enough. You go out and make yourself useful Quot Lobelia said briskly and Peter Piper went out Strai Litway and Cau Glit a Mol. He was always to be depended upon As amenable to reason Peter Piper was. The Busy morning hurried by and lapped Over a Little into the afternoon. No callers came and Lobelia took a Long restful Nap on the sofa in the Cool dark parlor. It avas nearly Naglit when she woke up. There was just time to go up stairs and Lay out her Sabbath Day clothes on the spare room bed. Lobelia never liked to take a lamp in there on account of the Crisp Muslin curtains folios set fire to Muslin curtains so often in books. Then she wound up the eight Dav clock. That always followed the laying out of the Best gown and Bonnet and neat Black gloves As surely a night comes after Day. The Dills had Ever been a ery methodical Way Back to the great greats. It Quot ran Quot in the family. Downstairs the pleasant steamy odor from oven and Steamer i be two her and in the Little pantry the Row of Golden Brown pies did Lier eyes Good. She remembered the old rhyme Quot How pleasant is saturday Naglit Quot and repeated it to Peter Piper As Slie bustled about getting Tea she had a comfortable consciousness of having Quot tried All the week to be and it gave an appetizing zest to the supper of Beans and Brown bread. The next morning Lobelia Dill woke up with the sunday Calm on her Sweet. Plain face. Ashe a allowed herself the usual a a sati hour of rest and dozing and then she and great yellow coated Peter Piper had their breakfast of Beans and Brown bread peacefully. The old Homestead where the Dills v had lived and died for a Hundred years was on the top of a High Hill and com-7 Maii ded a View of the Quot lord s whole a Beautiful creation Quot Lobelia said gratefully. It was too far from the Village to a Difili of the Church Bells being heard unless the wind Quot set due to Day it was due East and there was a flavor of rain in the air. Lobelia it prudent to take an umbrella and the search for one delayed her co Sld Bly. Who i at last she set out / on her i it Hig walk she was in a Little Quot Hirl of anxiety for fear she should be r4ate. A Diu late to meeting As Well Hil Glit the Young Chicks that scurried out of hot a be late a to their pan of a Jneal for generations it bad been the modest Liast of the Dills thai no one a a them had coct been known to late to can Racli of the Sabbath Day. Potase jokers fund that if tie Par us mild look up Fin his Taymon Quot acid see a Dill coming Down Oil a five a a body a Rel so Little Sim Day Gormier lob Dis walked fast and quivered with apprehension. She was the very last Dill and so much depended upon her a but there was no need to hurry. After All she was very Early indeed. She walked in through the open door into the dim solemn empty room and sat Down in her Pew in front of the pulpit it was nothing now to Lobelia Dill to be the very first one at Church the new thing would have been to be the last one. She was used to waiting alone in her Pew with soberly folded hands and quietly expectant face. She usually read some of her favorite hymns while she waited but to Day her head nodded drowsily Over them. It was a warm Day and she had hurried so. She was very tired indeed. Outside the window the bees buzzed with week Day Energy and the shr ii voices of Little children drifted in and out on the Breeze. Next door to the Church mercy drink water was hanging out some clothes. When in Belia opened her eyes a Good while afterwards she experienced a distinct Slio Cli. A i eat Hori or crept gradually Over her and widened and expanded into an awful certainty. She gave one glance above her at the empty Quot Wing Quot pews above her at the empty pulpit behind her at the rows upon rows of vacant pews. Alien she knew. There was Little need of taking out Hei watch and noting the time with horrified eyes. Like the ancient handwriting on the Wall the Kunii listing truth was written in livid letters before her a Quot Lio Lielia Dill has slept All Meetin she read it Over and Over. Tie shame of it sent the blood in two Little red spots to Lier thin a heels. She had slept All through the ser Mon and All everybody had gone away ind left her sitting there in the Dill Pew asleep. In the Dill Pew the re Pima haul shades of Many Dills filed before her in a slow procession and their grieved eyes groomed at her out of the dusk of tie Church. Grandfather Dill whose White head had never nodded came first and gazed most reproachfully Quot i declare i can t even go Home past folks houses Quot groaned poor Little Lobelia. Quot Niell All be Lookin and Point in the Finger of scorn. Tivey d say a there goes the Only Dill that Ever slept to rough Meetin. It Ain t any Good that she s always been Early and never broke t record once never she s slept Ali through Meetin time now and disgraced the name o Dill. Look at her look at her there she goes and they d Call All their Little children to see How folks look etl that could t keep awake in Meetin. They d make a moral out of me out of a Dill of no i can t Ever go past their houses in Broad Daylight Quot site rocked in anguish of spirit. Her fingers clinched till they printed deep Reil Marks on her hands. What was being late to Meetin to this better she had t got Tevere till the Middle o the Sermon for then she cow have slept Only half so Long All the Long afternoon Lobelia Dill sat upright in her Pew. She was waiting for the Friendly dusk to go Home in. It was her just punishment she Iliad not complained. She even experienced a Sli Glit modicum of Comfort from her self imposed penance. It was warm and the air was drowsy a with the emptiness and stillness but she was not sleepy. She wondered grimly Ali other she should Ever be sleepy again. Her Long walk and the Long fast guide Lier faint and dizzy but Slie would not yield. Straight and ashamed and full of remorse she sat there and waited for night. Liere was no evening service to conflict with her Vigil that was some tiling to be grateful for. She had Only to wait i in the Rusli she crept meekly Home. The next morning a varied beat pitiful and Clear. The wind was due West and puff feed through the open window into Ijo Belia Dill s solemn face reassuringly but As a last resort it brought Lier the sound of Church Bells. What of he listen etl again and again. Slowly regularly the air to Enol it bed with the faint Sweet sound. There avas no mistaking it. Hutt Iod out to the doorsteps with tie dawning of Hope in her breast then with Swift tie truth flashed Over her. It was to Day to Day and the Church bolls were ringing explanations crowded themselves upon Ler in a whirl As she hurried into her Sabbath Day dress and Bonnet. There was still looming danger she must hurry How she must hurry. The Good Dill name was still in her keeping. Quinn s Hill sloped steeply and a a ored running. Lobelia Dill ran do Avn its Steep Side. At the Church the Bell was drawling its last stroke or two she panted in at tie door. Slie was not late. She walked up the aisle erect and unashamed to her Pew in front of tie pulpit. Her face was Radiant with Endeavor woi old. Fees and salaries. Biern Niaj report of fee and salary commission. Neighbourhood quarrel a a in gang Hin Latry a three men overcome by Gacy prominent ecu in trouble state a a orcs. Feel and 8sl�rle�. The state fee and salary commission met monday for the third time since the commission has been in existence under the new Law. The commission is composed of jul dare Timothy e. Howard sex auditor of state daily and William k. Walk los. They express themselves As feeling Well satisfied Over the suggestions they have received from the various county officials. They have received from fifty two counties a Complete report for the period of two years commet icing March 1, 1897. The report in detail is As follows salaries fees fees paid. Taxed collected. $28,278.90 22,200.00 18,500.00 23,048.87 counties. Benton Boone. Carroll Clay. Clinton. 22,400.00 Daviess. 21,884.99 Dearborn Decatur Dubois. Elkhart Fayette Floyd Fountain Franklin. Gibson. Grant Hamilton Hancock. Howard. Hunt ton Johnson Jasper Jefferson. Jennings. Johnson Lagrange Laporte. Martin. Miami. Monroe m neg m y Newton. Ohio. Orange. Parke. Perry. Porter. Randolph. Ripley Spencer. Starke. Steuben. St. Joseph tip Canoe. Tipton. Vermillion Quot Warren. Warrick Wells. White. Whitley. 19,253.00 18,558.85 17,330.20 33,400.00 13,549.17 23,711.30 19,800.00 16,143.57 20,578.67 36,200.00 24,372.00 17,204.00 22,389.42 24,400.00 21,000.00 13,800.00 19,391.81 13,731.87 17,197.00 14,117.95 25,392.00 13,935.46 19,099.28 17,982.00 24,600.00 11,555.32 6,580.55 13.182.59 18.505.74 14,913.15 21,800.00 23,390.84 18.397.76 17.391.77 9,400.00 15,936.50 35.473.75 31,963.90 18,810.65 14,600,00 11,444.14 17,777.00 18,874.00 17,250.00 16,129.04 $31,055.57 23,202.40 13.223.49 17,056.71 18,917.00 20.374.76 15.321.05 15,107.20 10.448.40 22,382.76 9,727.03 16,850.55 14,241.00 10,145.81 27.064.41 49,113.30 21,188.90 16,404.25 18,136.00 28.110.78 18.144.05 13.989.79 11,922.34 9,673.60 14,803.96 10,359.45 16,067.89 10,374.07 19,203.73 15.936.25 28.886.50 10.232.87 3,513.10 11,561.55 14,413.84 9,184.80 15,302.13 21.667.26 15,532.00 13.630.27 11.378.88 11.207.89 38,274.07 31,203.13 18.538.06 14,069.55 10.033.51 13,736.11 27,931.45 19,344.15 15,050.00 $26,117.20 17,161.40 12,401.43 14,588.92 17,964.38 18,877.45 12,645.40 13,047.67 7,987.15 24,619.70 8,888.57 13,374.55 11.238.40 9,803.57 16,929.64 38.524.41 19,257.95 11,974.66 16,128.24 21,751.02 15,421.78 11.902.73 11,519.22 8,508.67 9,867.26 8,532.90 14.573.57 9,943.63 17,553.28 11,357.16 22,679.50 8,910.65 1,753.25 7,599.09 11,821.86 8,603.02 11,986.99 18,835.75 10,923.31 10.545.42 10.517.74 10,306.85 25,868.0� 30,c ��.53 14,964.27 11.493.58 7,914.49 12,115.11 17,050.90 15,327.88 11,782.01 totals .$1,001,319.60 $1,028,247.22 $702,713.73 a the salaries of the clerk recorder and ranged with the plaintiff. Or. Boyd to have a Sham fight in the presence of the Albright. While the detective was at that Home of the latter Boyd drove by and called the detective out and demanded his Money claiming that the goods he had sold were no Good. The fight ensued at once and Boyd was knocked Down and pretended to be much Hurt. He at once came to this City and with the prosecutor arranged for a mock trial and tie Detec Tulve was arrested and tried. The Al Brights according to testimony were pleased with the fact that he had whip per their neighbor and volunteered to testify in his behalf in the Case. Strip Ling was fined $1 and costs. The detective then soon after happened into the neigh boyhood and stayed All night with the Al Brights. He claimed a desire to get even with Boyd for the Fine and. In consultation with the Albright they proposed to Burn Boyd s House and barn. At this Point or. Albright furnished the Detec Tulve with a pair of old Felt boots a saw piece of fat meat and a package of Paris Green and according to the Detec Tive s testimony said to him that it would be too cruel to Burn the House or barn and added Quot Why not Cut Down some More of his fruit Trees Quot Quot can that be done Quot exclaimed the detective. Quot yes said Albright Quot my boy Cut Down thirty two of them one this was just the that the detective was after but to prove further that he had the same tools he proceeded alone to the Boyd farm and awoke or. Boyd and. In his a company Cut Down five of the Trees which had previously been ruined. He re turned to the Albright Home then after Midnight and informed the elder Albright who was up waiting for him of what a had done and added that he would Hava Cut More of them had not the geese scared him away. The party then repaired to their Beds. After breakfast the Detec Tive left the family apparently Happy a the thought that More of or. Boyd s tree had been destroyed. The arrest of Al Bright and his son was at once made. The trial has attracted the attention of not Only the neighbourhood but from All Over the county Farmers come in to hear the testimony. A i Ong ministry Wabash special or Charles Little pastor of the presbyterian Church Thi City sunday observe the Twenty eighth year of his ministry in Wabash prob ably no Clergyman of the presbyterian Church in Indiana is better known than or Little his talents have commended him to a half dozen presbyterian Church organizations in the last fifteen years in eluding Large and wealthy congregations at Lafayette ind., Adrian Mich Mlynne Apolis minn., and others in the East but he did not hesitate to reject the flattering Calls. It is assumed now by the members of the Wabash congregation that having spent almost a generation with them he will continue to minister to them As Long As he is in the Church harness. During his Twenty eight years with the Church he has officiated at 730 funerals and married 1,224 persons. The presbyterian minister who among All others has out stayed or. Little in one pastorate is or Harvey Van Guys of Goshen who has been there forty seven years. Other pastors who have served Long but not continue broods As germ breeders. Quot bacteriologist devote themselves to the detection isolation and destruction of bacteria Quot say the scientific american Quot and strange to May. They do not appear to have Given Rauci attention to the danger that lurks in tie Ordinary articles of household use. I or example the common House Broom is Irth the habitation Anil Breeding place for whole colonies of and cases of disease have been traced to this apparently inoffensive article. Atka Eigsberg a course on in Ceriol orgy is Given by a physician in which i he maintains that the strictest sanitary and hygienic conditions in things pertaining to the House should be inculcated and in tills country in the Boston cooking school and doubtless elsewhere. There Are Many lectures Given on bacteriology. Tiie refrigerator is Onu of the danger spots for bacteriologist a Tell us that the minutest organism in May thrive a ten in melted ice and Putre Active bacteria once gaining a. Cess to the household refrigerator will Breed and contaminate butter milk meat and other food kept therein. Cupboards and cloftes also Fliri it re an excellent Breeding place for the Ever present microbe and7fehi8ekeq�en %111 do Well to look to 81 artlies m nor co sons Dnn ent dec Hon. Will Cumback of Greensburg. From his latest photograph sheriff Are contingent upon the Money they collect. In other words they have to collect a certain amount before they Are entitled to a certain salary. The above totals show a deficiency of $289,605.87. When the straight salaries and the delinquent fees that go to the treasurers and auditors Are deducted from the above Ousby Are or. Charles Hutchinson of new Albany forty seven years or. Hughes of Richmond thirty five years or. D. W. Moffatt it. Wayne Twenty seven years. Three Afen ote Roome by pm. Three men were asphyxiated by burned amount it will leave the clerks recorders Greentown Gas station wednes and sheriffs Short about $100,000. Day morning and for a time it was thought All were dead. Quot Chuck Quot bran Nen Boss of a gang of pipe layers went into one of the rooms of the tools and was overcome by the fumed. A neighbourhood quarrel. Auburn special a lawsuit growing Ovit of a bitter neighbourhood quarrel is occupying the attention of the de Kalb Cir after waiting some time for Brannen one Cuit court. The evidence in the Case fur of the men went to look for him and he wished by a private detective. Is of a sen too was overcome a third messenger National character. Although it involves shared the same misfortune and after a Only the destruction of an Orchard it has time the whole gang went to see what attracted wide attention on account of the had become of the absent ones. On open manner in which the evidence was of ing the door the three men were founds the a command. The Best preparation for the Campaign of 1900 is to put a prohibition paper in every Temperance Home in Indiana Are you read to help Good books Given away. The publishers of the Patriot Phalanx Are interested in the wide distribution of Good books. We Are also anxious to secure a Large circulation of the Phalanx for the Good it will do our great cause. For the accomplishment of this worthy two fold purpose we have decided to make an offer of such liberality that it cannot fail to enlist the prompt co operation of our workers. Every new annual subscriber is to receive free a copy of Quot in his Steps Quot and the person who secures the subscription also gets a Book free for his. Trouble. These Premium books Are the famous Quot Sheldon series Quot written by Rev. Charles m. Sheldon. They Are the most widely read books of this generation. Several million copies of Quot in his Steps Quot have been sold. The other books which Are All along Reform lines have also had an astonishing Sale. These Are the books. A in his Steps. A remarkable social Story the thought of which is the application to All life of the test question Quot what would Jesus do Quot appeals to the Public conscience in regard to the relations of employer and employee Rich and poor the Christian and the world the Saloon and the voter Etc. A fascinating tale with a moral in every Comei Filion of Philip Strong. A thrilling recital of the Endeavor of a minister to preach the whole gospel even As his master would have done. Philip Strong denounced the rum traffic oppression of the poor gambling Etc but his preaching was too Strong for his people and he had to . Hardy s seven Days the earnestness the Zeal the solemnity the kindliness the christianity of that week s living Are pictured with kill and dramatic Power that cannot fail to make readers feel As never before How solemn a thing it is to live Christian brother s keeper. A Story based on the miners strike in i895. Deals a heavy blow against merely selfish solutions of the problems involved in the labor Bee the author pictures the effect of a great spiritual revival upon the social life of Chicago. This Book has been termed a christianize Quot looking backward. Quot twentieth poor. Written for younger readers. A Story of a youth struggling toward manhood in a hand to hand fight with robust redemption of Freetown a Story of social settlement life in the slums of a great City. A hot bed of iniquity turned into an orderly Community by the application of the Kirk. The entrancing history of the regeneration of a Lawless Western town. The servant girl question is Here treated from a new standpoint and the liquor traffic receives some hard Miracle at mar Cham or Quot How twelve churches became one Quot deals entertainingly with the problem of Church King s question class. Woven into this Story wre Rev. Sheldon s own answers to the multitude of questions which have Arisen in the discussion Over his former books Huch As Quot Are these plans feasible Quot Quot what ought to be done in my special Case Quot Etc. Talked. Frank Albright Ana his son Milan Are charged with cutting Down thirty two of the two year old fruit Trees of a neighbor. Or. Boyd. The evidence in the Case shows that on the evening of july 29 the Trees were Bent Over and sawed off and some had the bark peeled off. Or. Boyd and the Albright having not been on Good terms he at once suspected the Albright. The local of facials were not Able to catch the guilty parties and or. Boyd employed or. Strifling. A detective now Deputy sheriff fallen county. Or. about to ferret out the guilty parties and in order to do so he went into the Nelc Horh pod pretending to be a peddle of Lea Iliad Coffee. He old his goods of both Putin lit to Ciao us had or prostrate and unconscious on the floor. The Spring door was propped open the windows raised and the men dragged to the open air where two of them soon recovered consciousness but Brannen still is in a serious condition and May die. He had just recovered from Gas explosion injuries received two months ago. State notes. An Artif Iclal ice company is being organized at Wabash with $16,000 capital held by local men. The Cicero gae company Baa sunk its fourth Well Southwest of Cicero and be Ehredt tta6 extraordinary pre rare of s7i Panda. Our great be High offer. For one Dollar we will Send the Phalanx one year and a paper bound edition of Quot in his Steps Quot to every new subscriber. The person who secures the subscription can have As a Premium a Choice of any Sheldon Book bound in Quot paper. Send into new subscribers and you can have a cloth Botma edition of any of these books. For three subscribers we will give the one who gets up the club an extra Good cloth bound edition of any Sheldon Book. Special offers get up a club of four new annual subscribers and we will give you a Beautiful Christmas edition of Quot in his Steps Quot with Large Type Gilt top 12-full-Page illustrations cloth cover design in Blue White and Gold. In a Box and would make an elegant gift. Remember every new subscriber receives a free copy of "1� his Steps Quot and the club getter secures any Sheldon Book As a Premium postpaid. Sample copies of the Phalanx will be sent free to a list of names if the one who requests it will agree to solicit them for subscribers. Renewals every subscriber to the Phalanx who Renews and pays a year in Advance will be Given a paper bound edition of Quot in his Steps Quot upon request. These Liberal offers Are for a limited time Only and will be withdrawn in a few weeks. J he time to work is now. Send for Sample it ties and begin at once. Yours for Success publishers Patriot Phalanx 25 Cyd Orama place Indiana oks ind

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