Indianapolis Patriot Phalanx in Indianapolis, Indiana
16 Nov 1899

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Indianapolis Patriot Phalanx in Indianapolis, Indiana
16 Nov 1899

Read an issue on 16 Nov 1899 in Indianapolis, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Indianapolis Patriot Phalanx.

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Indianapolis Patriot Phalanx (Newspaper) - November 16, 1899, Indianapolis, Indiana amp Patriot Phalanx. Th0b8dat. Noy amp a in Ber i6 divine Wisdom. Parfit history of the world and its lies soms. A Chanitz of uie inanimate Earth Only symbolise Blosl chaos est or. Tal Mage a Sermon. La the idea that this in this world Are at Loose ends and going at haphazard is in this discourse combat red by or. Talmage. The text is psalms a Xix 89, Quot forever. 0 lord thy word is settled in this world has been in process of change Ever since it was created pc mountains born mountains dying and Quot they have both Cradle and grave. Once <lii8 planet was All fluid and no being a till As you or i have Ever seen could Piave lived on it a minute. Our hemisphere Turas its face to the Sun and Quot then turns it Back. The Axis of the a Earth s revolution has shifted. The a Arth s Center of Gravity is changed. Once Flowers grew in the Arctic and there was Snow in tie Tropic. There has been a redistribution of land and sea the land crumbling into the sea. The sea swallowing the land. Ice and fire have fought for the Possession of this planet. The chemical composition of it is diff recent now from what it once was. Volcanoes once terribly alive Are dead not one throb of fiery pulse not a one breath of Vapori the Ocean changing its amount of Saline qualities. The internal fires of the Earth Are gradually a eating their Way to the surfaces upheaval and subsidence of vast realms of continent. The changes of the inanimate Earth Only symbolize the moral changes. Society Ever becomes different for better or worse. Boundary lines Between nations Are settled until the next War in a Ettles them. Uncertainty strikes through Laws and customs and Letisia Tion. The characteristics of this world is that nothing in it is settled. At a time when we hoped that the arbitration planned last summer at the Bague Holland would forever Sheath the sword and Spillie the gun and dismantle the fortress the world Lias on band two Vars Wlinich Are digging Graves for the Flower of English and american soldiery. From the presence of such geological and social and National and International unrest be turn a with thanksgiving and exultation to a any text and find that there Are things forever settled but in Lingher latitudes than we have Ever trod. Quot forever o a lord thy word is settled in do you doubt my first proposition Quot that nations which go wrong perish. We have in this american nation All a the elements of permanence and de Striction. We need not borrow from a a others any trowels for up building or Quot torches for demolition. Elements of Truing nihilism infidelity agnosticism. Sabbath desecration in Briety sensuality extravagance fraud they Are All Here. Elements of safety god Wor Zhiping men and women by the scores of millions Lio Nesty. Benevolence truthfulness self sacrifice Industry sobriety and More religion than has a characterized any nation that has Over existed they Are All hero. The Only question is As to which of the forces will gain dominance a the one class ascendant and this United states gov a Ern ment i think will continue As Long a As the world exists the other class ascendant and the United states Arnois into such Small pieces that oth a be moments would hardly think Worth picking up. Have you Ever noticed the size of the cemetery of dead nations the vast orc Enwood and Pere be chaise where a mighty kingdoms were buried open the Gate and walk to rough this cemetery and read the epitaphs. Here lies a Carthage born 100 years let Eforo Rome great commercial Metropolis on the Bay of Tunis. Walk on in the cemetery of nations and see the Long Linos of tombs Thebes and Tyre and a crypt and baby Lon and Medo persian macedonian and roman and Saxon Hotard. Great nations Small nations nations a that lived a year and nations that lived 500 years. Our Owtis nation will be judged by a the same moral Laws by which All other nations have been judged. The judgment Day for individuals will a probably come far on in the future. Judgment Day for nations is every a every Day weighed every Day approved or every Day condemned. Never before in the history of this country has the american nation been More a surely in the balances than it is this minute. Do right and we go up. Do a wrong and we go Down i am not so anxious to know what this statesman or that Warrior thinks we had letter do with Cuba and Porto Rico and the Philippines As i am anxious to know a what god thinks we had better do. The destiny of this nation will not be i decided on yonder Capitoline Hill or at Manila or at the presidential ballot Box for it will be settled in heaven. A a another thing decided in hat High place is that this world to a school a House or College for splendid or disgraceful graduation. We begin in the freshman class of Good or evil and then pass into the Sophomore and then into the Junior Ard then into Quot the senior and from that we graduate Angels or devils. In Many colleges there is an Quot elective course Quot where the student selects what he will study mathematics or the languages or chemistry or philosophy and it is in elective course we All take in the school Quot Louse or University of this world. Another thing decided in the High places of the universe is that this world with or with out us will be made Over into a scene of a bores Cence and purity. Do not think that Boch a consummation depends upon it or personal Fidelity. It will be done anyhow. God s cause does not go Al going. If All the soldiers of a sus Christ now living should become de Wertera and go Over to the enemy that 1ff0llld not the cause. A Large part of the Bible is taken a with telling us what the world will be. There is a Large army human and angelic now in the Field but god s Reserve forces Are More numerous and More mighty than those now in the front and if he could in Gideon s time rout the midia nites with a crash of crockery and if he could in Shamgar s time overcome a Host with an of goad and if in Samson s time he could defeat an army with a bleached Jawbone and if the Walls of Jerico went Down under a blast of perforated ram s Horn and if in Christ s Day Blind eyes were cured by ointment of spittle then god can do anything he says he will do. As yet he has taken Only one sword out of a whole army of weapons. Do not get nervous As if the lord were going to be Defeated. The redemption of these hemispheres was settled in heaven and Isaiah and Ezekiel and Habakkuk and Malachi and st. John Only reported what the lord god almighty had decided upon. My Only fear is that our regiment will not get into the fight to do something worthy of the Christ who redeemed us and we be left in Lazy Encampment at Tampa when we ought to have been at Santiago. I suppose the greatest tidal wave that Ever rolled the seas was that which in 1868 was started by the peruvian earthquake. At Africa Peru tiie wave was 50 feet High and swung warships a mile Forward on the land. At san Pedro cal., the agave was 60 feet High. It moved on to the Sandwich islands and submerged some of them and beat against the shores of new zealand and rolled up the Beach of Tapan and stopped not until it had encircled the entire Globe. Of what a wave but the earthquake that Shook the Mountain where our in re died started a higher and swifter and mightier tidal wave that will Roll round and round tie Earth until All its rebellions and abominations have gone under. That was an exciting scene after the Battle of Bosworth which i was fought Between Richard i and the Earl of Richmond the King falling and the Earl triumphing when lord Stanley brought the Crown and handed it to tie Earl seated on horseback while the dying and tie dead of tie Battle were lying All around. But it is a More thrilling spectacle As we look Forward through the centuries and see the last armed and Imperial in quit of the world slain and the Crown of Universal Victory put upon the conqueror on the White horse of the apocalypse and All nations Quot Hail the Power of tests that the Liole Earth will be redeemed is 6ne of the things Long ago settled in heaven. Another thing decided in that High place is that All who Are adjoined to the unparalleled one of Bethlehem and Nazareth and Golgotha Avill be the subjects of a supernal Felicity without any taking off. Thet old adage says Liat Quot beggars must not be and the human race in its depleted state had better not to critical to the Mode by which god would Emp Alace All of us. I could easily think of a plan More complimentary to our fallen humanity than that which is called the Quot plan of if god had allowed us to do part of the work of recovery and to do the rest if to could do three quarters of it and he do the last Quarter. If we could accomplish most of it and he just put on the touches Many could look with More complacency upon the projected reinstatement of the human family. No. No we must have our Pride subjugated. Our Stul l Orn will made Flovil it to and a supernatural Power demonstrated in us at every Stop. A pretty plan of salvation that would be. Of human drafting and manufacturing it would be a doxology Sung to ourselves. God must have ail the glory not one step of our heavenly throne made by earthly carpentry not one string could to of the Harp of our eternal rejoicing. Accept All As an unmerited Ltd donation from the skies by we will never have it at All. By the bloody throes of the Mountain on which tests died and by the sep Ulcher where his mutilated body was enclosed in darkened crypt and by the Olivet from which he arose while astonished disciples clutch Ltd for his Robes to detain him in their companionship and by the Radiant and omnipotent throne on which he sits waiting for the coming of All those whose redemption was settled in heaven. I implore you Bow your head in immediate and final submission. Once exercise sorrow for a hat you have done and exercise Trust in him for what he is willing to do. And All is Well for both worlds. Then you can swing out do Fiance to All opposition human and diabolic. In conquering his foes he yours. And have you notice l that passage in colossians that represents him Quot having despoiled in inc Pali ties and Powers he made a show of them openly so l ringing before us that overwhelming spectacle of a roman Triumph when Pompey landed at Brindisi Italy returned from his victories he disbanded the Brave men Olio had Foug it under him and sent them rejoicing to to Weir Homes and. Entering Rome his emblazoned Chariot was followed by princes in chains from kingdoms he had conquered and Flowers Sulci As Only grew under those italian skies strewed the Way and he came under Arches inscribed with the names of battlefields on which he had triumphed and Rode by columns which told of tie 1,500 cities he had destroyed and the 12,000,000 people he had conquered or slain. Then the banquet was spread and out of the chalices filled to the brim they drank to the health of the conqueror. In the year 274 aurelian made his Entrance to Rome in triumphal car. In which he stood while a winged figure of Vic toy held a Wreath above his head. Zenobia captive Queen of Palmyra walked behind his Chariot her person encircled Wotli Fetters of Gold under the weight of which she nearly fainted but still a captive. It was to such scenes that the new testament refers when its aks of Christ Quot having despoiled principalities and Powers he made a show of them openly but of the difference in those triumphs the roman Triumph represented arrogance Melty oppression and prof pkg in whilst s Triumph meant emancipation and Holly Ness and Joy. The former was a procession of groans accompanied by clans of chains the other a procession of Hosanna by millions set forever free. The Only Shack died ones of Christ s Triumph will be satan and his cohorts tied to our lord s Chariot wheel with All the abominations of All the Earth bound for an eternal Captivity then will come a feast in which the chalices will be filled Quot with the new wine of the under Arches commemorative of All the Battles in which the mannered armies of the Church militant through thousands of years of struggle have at last won the Day Lesus will ride conqueror of Earth and hell and heaven. Those armies disbanded will take palaces and thrones. Quot and they shall come from the East and the West and the North and the South and sit Down in the kingdom of and May you and i through the pardoning and sanctifying Grace of Christ be guests at the Royal banquet the so unday school lube senior Berean Linason for son Day november to 1809.out of the Ordinary. Firmin Moundrou a California sea Captain is making plans to attend the Paris exit it Slation and is going to sail in tie trunk of a Redwood tree. Quot i will build a Schooner from one of the largest Trees in Humboldt county Quot he says. Quot the Hull will be one solid piece simply the trunk of the tree hollowed out and Hen into shape. I will take a tree hmm Twenty two to Twenty four feet in diameter for my boat. She will be forty Eglit feet Long fifteen feet beam and ten feet deep and will be rigged As a Schooner. I will sail from Here go Aio my Cape Horn or through the Strait of Magellan Cross the Atlantic and up the Seine to Paris. I want to ready to Start in time to reach Cai get Horn about the last of december of this year so Liat 1 will arrive in Paris by May of 1900.&Quot Nathan tinker Draper of grand rapids mich., was 106 years old on september 6. He was born in new London conn., and has been married twice Siut both wives Are dead. The old Man dra Quot is a pension of .$12 a month because of the killing of one of his sons in tiie War of the rebellion but never saw any service himself. He has been a Gardener nearly All his life and is still Able to do a Little Quot fussing Quot Al out the Yard lint not for any length of time. He says he remembers Eliom by Jefferson very Well but never saw a Ashington. He has let sea a smoker All his life list never to excess. To also drank liquor in his younger Days but never to an intemperate degree. Al it Raham Stingly. An eccentric resident of Northwest . Wiio died at the age of 93 at his Lime near Ravenswood mo., a few years ago. Was a most ardent Democrat Anji had voted for every presidential Cannuni cite from Tackson to Bryan. Among Lus peculiarities it is recorded that to Quot never gave a note never paid a cent of interest never took a dose of Medicine from a play Simian. And never lost any of his Teeth Althou Gli Lioy worn Down to the Gums at the time of his in a churchyard in Flintshire. Great Britain an epitaph in memory of Hugh Hughes High sheriff in 1743. Says of that worthy functionary that in private life Quot his Era nor was constantly to attend Tho Pulitic worship As by Law established heartily to declare against the upstart sect of Tho brain sick calvinistic Metli filist that would have taken men off from it timely to com a Oso differences let Etc Ltd a neighbors Oro Uliey Giocamo exasperated. By which i behaviour he was valued when living and when dead much target practice. When a warship goes out for target practice it is tie custom to place ajl Glass chinaware and other fragile articles in the hold of the ship As close to the keel a Possi idol in order to prevent breakage by tie concussion that follows the firing of Tho guns. This led to an amusing incident Ait Manila alter the destruction of Tho so danish Fleet. Life on let Oard the Olympia was gradually setting Quot Down to its accustomed routine of dullness when one Day at Lun Chojn Commodore Dewey asked his coloured boy Tim where some dish that he missed from the table had gon. Quot i Ain t had no Chance to git it was Tim s answer. Quot it in quote i i it it in de hoi just Belo Dat target practice you had de odder Day daily news. Chec Teil their wheels. A Bangor woman she is not a bicyclist herself lately gave a bicycle party. Over a dozen guests came on their wheels and As the hostess knew the trouble that might arise if the the it i should get Mixi d in tie dark Slie thoughtful instruct two the servant to cover the Wii eels by the Check system. The same As used to keep track of . Coats Ami umbrellas at a Ball. This was done and the Cheeks were pinned to the rubber tires. Where the pins would not pen Trato the tires easily the servant drove them in with a Loammer. When a go Al night Quot was rear hed there follow Ltd a painful scene which it May be just As Well not to report in me journal. A ont people and things. In spite of the he Seyfus affair and the Strong Anil semitic agitation in France the French army has about 300 jewish officers among Vliem Bri a Dler generals and even generals of divisions. The Princess of Wales is said to be Tho most fastidious of All royalties As regards her dress. Whatever is made for her in the Way of dresses must never look As though the fabrics have been in human fingers or that Needles and Cotton have Licen employed in the building of them. Somebody has discovered ten rules for theater going formulated by Tho late Francisque Starcey. They include injunctions of such Universal value a to arrive always on time never to talk Lauh or cry in a Way to disturb others nor eat Candy and Rustle pro Grams beat time with the Hayds or feet or Block up the lobbies who. The to Over. Public Reading of the scriptures Nehemiah 8 1-12. 1. And All of the people gathered themselves together As one Man into the Street that was before the water Gate and they spake unto Ezra the scribe to bring the Book of the Law of Moses which the lord had commanded to Isreal. 2. And Ezra the priest brought the Law before the congregation Toth of men and women and All that could hear with understanding upon the first Day of the seventh month. 3. And he read therein before the Street that was before the water Gate from the morning until midday before the men and the women and those that could understand and the ears of All the people were attentive unto the Book of the Law. 4. And Ezra the scribe stood upon a pulpit of Wood which they had made for the purpose and beside him stood Mattithyah and shema and Danalah and Urijah and Hll Klah and maa Selah on his right hand and m his left hand Medaiah and Mishael and Maleh Lah and has hum and has Badana Zech Arlah and Meshulam. 5. And Ezra opened the Book in the sight of Ai tie people for he was Al Jove All the people and when he opened it Adl the people stood up �6. And Ezra blessed the lord the great god. And All the people answered amen amen with lifting up their hands and they bowed their Heads and worshipped the lord with their faces to the ground. 7. Also Jeshua and Bani and Sher Zebiah Jamin Akkub Sha Bethai Hodl Jah Maaseia Kelita Azariah Toz Abad Hanan Pellath and the Levites caused the people to understand the Law and the people stood in their place. So they read in the Book in the Law of god distr fitly and gave the sense and caused Quot them to understand the i Reading. 9. And Nehemiah which is the , and Ezra the i lest the scribe and the Levites that taught the people said unto All the people. This Day is holy unto the lord your god mourn not nor weep. For All the people wept when they heard the words of the Law. 10. Then he said unto them. Go your Way eat the fat and drink the Sweet and Send portions into them for whom nothing is prepared for this Daj is holy unto our lord neither by be sorry for the Joy of the lord is your strength i. 11. So the Levites stilled All the people saying. Hold your peace for the Day is holy neither be be grieved. 12. And ail the i Cople went their Way to eat and to drink and to Send portions and to make great mirth because they had understood the words that were declared unto them. Golden ears of All the people were attentive unto the Book of the . 8 3. Light on the text. 1. Street. Rather a court or wide open space. Water Gate. A Gate in the Southern Wall of the Temple area through i which water w is brought for use in the Temple services. Book of the Law. The Pentateuch or first five books of Moses. 2. Seventh month. Of the sacred year but tiie first of the civil year. Bizri. Septeml>er-0< Tolx r. Tie first Day was their new Yeai s Day called the feast of trumpets. 4. Beside him stood. These were leaders of tiie people to sustain and Honor Ezra in the sight of the i it eople. Perli aps also to Radieve Ezra in he it let my Reading from Daylight to noon v. 3. 5. All the people stood up. As a reverential form of worship. 6. And Ezra blessed the lord. Uttered a prayer of Praise. 8. Read. Distinctly. So that All could hear every word either by Reading in concert or by repeating Tho words in different parts of the great congregation. Gave the sense. By explaining or translating the obscure words. The liw avas read in hebrew while tie f Ommon language was Clial Deo. Caused. To understand. Explained Tho Aining and applied Trio truths. All this was probably now to Many of them and unfamiliar to All. We must remember that there ave Rol it it very few Bil it Les in existence then they were very costly and wore kept with Groat Eai a. Even As late As a. D. 1272 it would take the of a Labouring Man for thirteen years to buy one Bible. Guiding questions. Subject a sunday school of the Olden time. was Nehe blah s work in our last lesson what did he do next in preparation for what further work 10 28-36 11 1, 2 13 15-18. I. Time and place of meeting is. 1-4. 1. Where was this great meeting held 2. When was it held 3. What great feast was usually held on this Day lev. 23 24, 25. 4. Who came to it 5. How old must children be to go 6. What was to be done at this meeting 7. Why should children now go to Church ? 8. Ought they to go to Church As Well As to sunday school ii. The opening worship is. 5. 6. 9. Whole Ltd the service 10. What position did the i it eople take during the Reading 11. What posture during prayer 12. Why should we Bow cur Heads or Knectle with closed eyes during prayer 13. Short old All the school do this 14. What is meant by Quot blessed the lord Quot Iii. Studying the word is. 7, 8. 15. How Many men aided Ezra la this meeting 16. What three things did they do 17. Can you read and not understand the arose 18. What must 70a do to mid great Premium offers a Basier Jin Bible profusely embellished with full Page half Tonc ill Titrations from photographs of paintings of the world s greatest masters included in our list Are Dore Raphael Rubens Murillo Hoffmann Lockhorst Munkacsy i Wichael Angelo Schopin and Many others. Within reach of All. About half Price 0f\ former Art bibles / Price Fine divinity circuit Biddins. Extra Larch Scifo pronoun coins Type Fine paper references concordance. Size of so. 5 1-2x8 3-8 inches. Advantages of the Art Bible. Teachers of children s classes in Bui Itlay school can instantly Jain the attention of their scholars by snowing these Beautiful pictures and then relating the Story illustrated. Children at Home attracted by these illustrations will love better the Sweet Story of old Quot acid learn More of him who said Quot Suller the Little children to come unto a real work of Art Speaks to the heart and unders Din j of All. Thus tha leading events of the old and Newt us Cint Are made More real and life has and Youngjr and old alike learn to Iota Book of the world. Repose in Egypt. Hosea 11 i. Malt. 2 15. Plock Forir Tjimis shows one of the engraving is from the a faster Arr Lsible but reduced to about one Quarter size 1 a paper and printing in the a ble Are much Superior to most newspaper work. Spa circa of Type in Art bibles and style f Bagster teacher s Bike exhortation to All goodness. Philippians 4. Liberality of Pijie Phu pretend that for Quot which also i am apprehended of Christ be Gua. 13 Brethren i count not myself to Havo apprehended but this one think i �0, forgettini5 those things Irlich Aro behind and reaching Forth 1 Zee. 3. 2. A. 9. Í.�. 2 1 co. 9. 1-�. Lil. 3 cd 5. La 6 be careful Quot for nothing every thing by prayer and Tion with than giving let quests be made known Iota 7 and Tho peace Quot of Grod pass eth All in Ferstanding is our great after a $6.00 i por Only �3 00 5t34e of a sister Art Morocco divinity circuit bind inti lined Lon primer Type self pronouncing. Publishers list Price subscription one year to this publication Stich Bagster Art Bible Fine Morocco binding divinity circuit leather lined to Edge lir us Ibars list. 38.occan be for 75 cents additional. A a 9s is 85 style of Bagi iter teacher s Bible. Loner primer Type self . Divinity i it v it a Ircul Bamo Type As Art Dibi and Sab ascription one year to this publication f style a barter teacher s , re Crnjar Sie dear minion Type. Divinity i y. Circuit and subscription one year to this publication 7"pat�nt thu Tab Index with any Art or teacher s Dible so cents Radii Tilana. We pay Krostag old subscribers paying one year in Advance can take advantage of this great offer at same rate. Address Patriot Phalanx,25 Cyclorama place Indianapolis ind. 3 a o o via i is Quot o or p it a we a p i. O oos a Uoo is o n of s s 5&Quot a 2. A. A p .0 c a c sri i o 2.p o o o be c t Fth o of f. A in o a re is of p a 1 s o a a w o o a p. 5 a o a w Quot to o it 3 it o a i go 5< �?�0 is a o o a a it c �5 a a a 2. 5 get. O t to "bsi�2 a p it c m 2 a 2 3 it r p a ? 5 a a 00 c a Quot g o c Send no Money a a ism a a we a Flea of pop Carnet Burdick swims Macerine fat a ,c.o.d.rai4�ti. Flan. You can Ezamae it at your nearest freight depot ind if Foud a Yerom Tler mtlsfmtw7, As represented Cut jul to Maeolar Aitken Tuii a Hll a a a Motoo ail the Eskam Barcuis toc s special offer Purtee $15.50 and Frei Cut change. Machine weighs 120 pounds amp Odthe Fresu average 75 cents for each a Miles. Cd a it three months Tai your own Home we we will return your 615.50 Day Yoa i _ satisfied. We Bou of Avraam Makta and and roof Seidat Behlan at t8.s0k tl0.0u,11.00, �?�ia.tt0�a4ap,All fatty describe attn our it a a slim Zackia Catal a for this drop desk Albiar by Koitto the or Cattai Ever a of Fred by any Hosias. Bowar of imitation to sements offering Takaomi a a cum under various names Dace a Ata. ibcucacab4lmnwkaatcrallakl�aa4wbaaraa�t. The Burdick it Rel Isi it makers la Amries Eil a Tav a a a a a Merul mover sawed Oak dose Ana Aemmet Unet Al Nib finest Nickel drawer Ralla. Fest of Fow easier . A Lara aka Naka it Tatj Elouria ont thread Lnu Tibia teak Bobita Sta. A4 stable Tea Rinka Patent tension ube Rator ii protand ustacia waru Patent tension ube Rator Carter Patent need Toker. A 11 a a a a a Njika and oar my a Pink Aad Tow it Otott lated a Kay Tom Ito to Cal my if i Manubbai the to a ,�ear�, Howick go. Bice ctr of Moul Sirls pm Quot

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