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Indianapolis Patriot Phalanx Newspaper Archives Nov 4 1897, Page 5

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Indianapolis Patriot Phalanx (Newspaper) - November 04, 1897, Indianapolis, IndianaIs. Last week m a a Etc Bonsib s record for addition to successful canvassing for Phalanx. I there i come again with my bother if elision. As Long As you keep on Reading 1 i will keep on scribbling. I am not writing Init piffle in time or space but honestly to you How the ground lays in the missionary yield. On this trip 1 put All my time in mar. To Daviess counties mostly the latter. The highest vote Martin Ever had was i think 45 for bid Well but lost nearly All of that last Campaign. In Daviess the Bidwell vote reached 55, of. Which the most was lost in 96, because v of everything going wild on the Money question and no one to look after our cause. Unfortunately in neither of these. Counties have we aggressive Forward it puher8. They Are conscience voters the ticket be 1. Manse it is right and leave it at that. But friends that and that alone will a not do. Work and self sacrifice Are persistently bring these great principles of the prohibition party to the attention of others. Reader we need our helping hand. It is not party we want As much As principle. Although gome Temperance people May say they do not agree with our methods they must admit 1st, that there is great need and education on these in 2nd, that old party politicians 5 of hot encourage but rather discourage this work. 3d, that those who vote Ahti ruin sentiments Are the Only ones who Are persistently and consistently agitating them. Philanthropists where Are you will5 you not open your hearts your hands and your pocket books to Aid this much needed work in my Rotindo a St week i did not find a Sile Teiper be organization. If the principles of sobriety Are not incl Ca Ted in Timi is of the Young what wiil the Harvest be of ring to Eek came into the House of some of seventh by adventists. On acc Jat of sunday they practically los a week yet they i Church work. A wond Al missionary spirit they have. A whatever their peculiarities May be we y must give them credit for being indefatigable Cealus propagandists of their ready to talk dirt it or give you one or More of their tracts or papers. After Reading their a papers they do not destroy them but a pass them on to others. Our friends at least should a i them in patience _ Zelii ver give a Quot and everlastingly at it spirit. There Are less than 2,000 of these people in Indiana and yet they Are 3oing magnify Nutly on financial contribution a and literature distribution. How much further prohibition might be advanced if Quot our people would do like a. Wise _ another praiseworthy thing about them is they keep a tabulated account of their workers where they Are at and what they Are doing and also stand by thei in Church press. In their Indiana i conference resolutions they say Quot whereas the introduction of the signs of the times into the Homes of the people is productive of great Good both in interesting our own people in missionary work and Awakening in and leading Many to embrace the truth therefore Quot we recommend that All our churches make a vigorous Effort to place this paper into the Homes of their neighbors and friends by a Thoro House to House can ass the elder and other Church officers to Lead out in this work and further Quot we recommend that conference labourers when entering new Fields first make a House to House canvass for the signs of the times Quot i say Reader what say you Are you willing to do this same kind of work for our cause and press whatever Good qualities the seventh Day adventists May have they Are of no. Use to our cause As they will not vote. Our ticket for fear we might use our a Quot it influence against their Sabbath Satur Day whereas our platforms of the. Past plainly say Quot that All should be a i i. Protected in one Day of rest in Lite we do this As philanthropists and not i v As a Creed or religion. .1 had two Good meetings on sufi Day Ca. Quot oct. 24, at Shiloh Church of god. Also a Good one monday at Raglesville. Had in school Riouse could not get of Hurcil politics you know. But of How inconsistent 1 both Church Bells Lam i Jav but a Jollif cation at the news of Mckinley s election who would not Raj Quot have been elected had he not received a Large share of the support of the liquor element Quot great is Diana Quot had a audience tuesday / r night at Elnora first prohibition speech a a yer made there Fei a by re a. I spoke in the m. E had sent an appointment to sea pc in he mud a Church 3 Miles out Quot Einor arbut the party Quot i sent word aues to attend to it. On my Way i and trustee of the thu Rob and so is the school teacher it is. Just a few minutes to 4 o clock so we must hurry to the school House. The school teacher was pleased with the idea so word was sent out with the scholars. Then or. Moore said Quot you will spend the night with us. »1 will hitch up and we will Fly to such houses As there were no school children at dark we pulled Back to his House and ate a Good Mush and i k supper. Or. Moore is a Pennsylvania dutchman and was quite enthusiastic about my meeting. If i could find such a Man in every locality to help make things go what a grand Success would result. He is a Man of Large influence. At All former meetings i was my own advertising agent introduced of the speaker Etc. Altho word had been sent him the Sexton failed to show up. So a Large crowd gathered but closed were the doors. I told them if the Sexton did not come soon i would speak from the Steps of the Church. Still others came and finally a Man arrived who had a key that fit the lock and in the people eagerly rushed. Soon the lamps were lighted the organist at her place with a band of Good singers around her. After preliminaries the speaker stood before them and said he would give a Bible political talk. They wondered what he would say. It was an inspiration to the speaker to receive Fuch close attention and to note the signs of approval on the part of his hearers. Suffice it to say he did his Best to give them most needful practical up to Date Bible politics. I was urged to speak there again so i will give them another meeting in the near future. The Outlook there is Bright. The following morning or. Moore said Quot i have been a populist but have come to the conclusion to vote the prohibition ticket and cast my lost with you he gave me a Dollar for the Phalanx and another for the Mission Ary work. He said further Quot this is Corn shucking time very Busy but i la Bitch up and take you around. We never bad a Feller like you around Here so we took in the school District and got nearly every family in sight to take the Phalanx. There will be 35 come to Elnora had not a single subscriber there before my coming. 1 have recorded 8 men who get their mail at Elnora who say they will vote our ticket and i believe them to be honest in their expressed intention. With sadness 1 record that on my rounds at Blainville i ran across some men who in a joking Way hallowed at a rough looking fellow saying Quot Here John is Bon it ebbing for you a Man with a probition to hell with such a paper 1 have no it use for bit Sti Iai talk Fryni a did not pain me nearly so much to Niet the m. E. Minister at Blainville who refused to have the Phalanx on the ground that it was not fit for christians to read that he did not want his children to have a paper which Speaks disparagingly about the ministry. I told him that we had profound respect for a True minister but when he was wrong we did not think him any better than any other wrong Man. Quot Well Quot said he Quot the prohibition party is As corrupt As any party. It is a demo rapid Aid society. You Seldom get a Democrat to vote that ticket they Are All As a Rule republicans. I Celieve in religion Temperance and prohibition but not the prohibition it tribes me that if what this minister says of the Prohl bit Ion party is True he ought to favor it so As to get All the bad and corrupt men out and Over to us then the Good Republican Temperance and Church peo pie can annihilate the rum Devil. What say Yon Brethren at Plainville i did not expect to Flod any prohibitionists but found several. Our two subscribers Here gave me a Royal Welcome to their Homes namely Woodson Murphy and William Littell. Both say Quot we Are Well acquainted with you by Reading your they insisted that i must give them a meeting so we had it the next night. A fair audience. The counter attractions that night were band practice m. E Church singing and a 10 cent show. Lack of interest of course kept others away who might have been there. Still i believe some Good was done. At Plainville Ever since the Nicholson Law passed the faithful few Bave pushed remonstrance after remonstrance and have succeeded in keeping saloons out. Of the Village. It is Ian unfair and in most places an impractical Law wears out the patience of the Temperance people. For if one applicant fails to get a License another can try and that would require All the remonstrance work to be done Over again. If the people said once they did not want a Saloon that ought to Settle it at least for a term of years. Our Friend Woodson Murphy is a wonderful Many a genuine prohibition propagandist. He keeps passing on his Phalanx from hand to hand till the paper is worn out with being read and when he find especially fitting articles in the paper he sees that the right no an gets to read it. A Good example for others. He is a Liberal Man but has no Money for a License preacher. Geo. A Littell the Flower of the Littell family a True Friend to our cause passed yet to fill in Daviess Tonni after Thiefa i will go to the 1st District. I wish the Postof lice address of our friends in Perry patois Trawford l and Spencer counties sent me to Vincenne one of my errands in these Southern counties is to get things in shape f r a visit later on by state chairman Crist and the holding of a county rally in each of them. Spent last sunday at Home. Had a Good gospel Temperance meeting with the prisoners in our county jail. They seemed to appreciate my Talic and said that liquor had been the cause of their downfall. H. S. Bonsib. Mrs Mary Svabek 1235 South 14 in St Omaha neb writes Quot i have been sick three years with headache pain in stomach dizziness and no appetite. I tried three doctors and All kinds of medicines All of which failed. I have since used two 25cent boxes of or Kay s renovator and 1 have no More headache Good appetite and Somach in Good order As Well As my whole sold at 25 cts. And $1, by h. C. Pomeroy Indianapolis ind. Jonathan a Lindley Sylvania a Quot enclosed find the Dollar for Phalanx and one for the Bonsib fund. He certainly is the right Man in the right place. The Pittsburg split disorganized us badly and lost us some votes for the time but most Are returning to the fold. Don t tobacco spit Aud set e your life away if you want to quit tobacco using easily and forever Quot full of new the wonder Strong. Many gain ten pounds in ten Days. Over 400,000 cured. Buy no to Bac of Coiar druggist under guarantee to cure 50c or $1.00. Booklet and Sample mailed free. And. Sterling remedy co., Chicago or new York the prohibitory Law that made Kansas such a state that Many of its children Over fifteen years old never saw a drunkard or a Saloon is not a failure. It would be a Good Law for other states. A Midland. Poor Aid Woak Catarrh and bronchial trouble had no appetite now better in every Way a delicate child. Quot some time since i took a Sadden coi d and could not get rid of it. Being us to Catarrh and bronchial trouble i coughed terribly. I lost my appetite and grew poor and weak and .1 did not feel like work. I began taking Hood s Sarsaparilla. In a Short time the cough disappeared i slept Well Lead a Good App Etue and i was bet in every Way. It Spring i was not feeling Well i had Petite and no strength to i resort by to i Hood s Sarsaparilla and soon Felt Mon a like work. My Little Nephew was a delicate child and had a humor which troubled him so he could not rest at night. He has taken a few bottles of Hood s Sarsaparilla and now lie has a Good appetite and is Able to my so Abib Freeman South Duxbury mass. Sarsaparilla is the one True . All druggists. $1. Hood s her Kif c 1>f11c Are the Best after dinner i Lulu amp f Lua pills Aid digestion. 25c. S 2. It it d s cd t a it o he so Quot in it 00 Elf n get a m Quot i i d a i i Loma b. Ewbank. B. P. Wat Boh. Into eternity Aat june., Quot h�8 1 Firbank 1 a Tanh attorneys Boom 1�, 96 Washin con St. Indianapolis. Ind. Practice in All courts state and fed Ezal. Collections five prompt Attenni o n own an farm Hills or stones Rich soil mild healthy climate Only Short distance from sea it Shore. Plenty of fishing Hunting. $ 10 Down Small Monty dangerous Feii lne iii us near Ida Wiiilie after a hard fight. A big Wash out being fixed on the e. Amp t. U. K. eccentric bachelors a along Antou mystery Kotes. A White county Quot wild cat. For some time past the Farmers living in the Vicinity of Idaville White county have been missing pigs lambs and fowls and in a number of instances the carcasses had been found showing that the depredations were being committed by some Large animal. Several people had reported seeing an animal resembling u Panther or wild cat and Hunters had reported encounters Between their dogs iii some strange animal in which the logs always got the worst of it. Tuesday night Joseph Hall his two sons John and Aaron Ana a Young Man named Lucy went Coon Hunting and a Short distance from the Hall farm the dogs treed the animal. When the men came up to the dogs the animal sprang from the tree striking or. Hall on the shoulder knocking him Down and inflicting an ugly wound with its claws. The other members of the party came promptly to the Rescue and after a hard fight the animal was killed it proving to be an enormous cat weighing ninety four pounds. The body of the cat has been sent to English Lake where it will be mounted and will then be placed on exhibition. A big Wash out. Hazleton special the contractors who engaged to fill the Hole made by the washout on the Evansville amp Terre haute last March which covers about five acres and averages from Twenty five to forty feet deep have Given up their contract with about one tenth of the work done and All their time exhausted. The Railroad company has taken the work of filling this Hole into its management bought ground on each Side of the track at Miller s Hill placed a steam shovel at work tearing the Hill up and loading cars at the rate of 140 a Day. Sev Era i Long switches Are being built on each Side of the track and when the Hill is Cut off the intention is to lower the Grade ten feet and place an Over head Bridge at the Road crossing. This is one after he had gone a Short distance so me one walked up behind him and said Quot hello he turned to see who it was not recognizing the voice and waa hit on the head with some weapon he thinks a club. He was knocked Down and kicked and finally thrown into the Creek where he Lay All night. It had been raining and started to rain again shortly after he was thrown there and the water covered his body. He had worn no coat and soon Becaj re chilled. He shouted for cps Istance until exhausted Cut could make no one hear. He Lay there in the water from 8 o clock in the evening Wiltil 4 the next morning. He ifs conscious a part of the time but frequently fainted from pain. He had just recovered consciousness when he saw a nearby Farmer going to the barn from his Jib Tise with a lantern and he called to Ilijin 3$ut by the time the Farmer reached him he was delirious again and was raving about the a Ault. This was thought to be a hallucination on his part and Little attention was paid to it until he became conscious and repealed the Stor. It is not thought that he can live Tris Kip is fractured and a has a bad Cut on his head and two ribs Are broken. One of these penetrated his lung. There is no Clew As to who assaulted him. Ind and ga9ie Wardenski Lilied in two states. I report of general Otis on the Colorado Quot uprising Quot a a tragedy in Northern Minnesota. Ssi if ipsa too Sincu Money the stockholders of the first National Bank of new Albany have approved the recommendation of the directors to retire from business it being no longer profitable because of the glut of Money. The deposits of the Bank amounting to $400,000, will be paid on demand. The Bank has been in existence for Many years and the stockholders have received in dividends the full amount of their holdings besides which there remains a surplus to be divided. For Many years it did the largest business of any Bank in Southern Indiana but recently deposits have accumulated while there has been Little demand for Money. For this reason the stockholders approve the determination of stepping aside for younger concerns. A bad Friday in Vigo. Terre haute special four citizens Are lying at the Point of death As a result of accidents sustained last Friday with still another Daniel Reibold whose death was chronicled in saturday s news Nicholas Taylor seventy eight years old one of the pioneers of Youngstown was knocked Down and trampled upon horse Nathan Drake of Pimento was injured in a runaway Accident Thomas Joseph a. Wright governor of Indiana 1s49-1s57. portrait published in these columns last week was that of Paris c. Dunning acting governor 1s4s-1s49. Of the steepest grades on this line. Since the water has gone Down in this Hole a huge Heap of debris has come in sight. The Bottom of one of the cars and pieces of rods windows and the roof of a car together with papers with various dates have been found. Five people Are reported As lost in the wreck. One is All that has Ever been found. An eccentric Bac Zielor. John Hyman of Loogootee who has excited some attention because he has selected a Monument for his grave to be delivered when coded is a of thelor severity years old and somewhat eccentric. His estate is valued at $30,000. For Many years he was Porter and general Utility Man at the hotel Hyatt Washington a and it is said that his seedy appearance and woe begone manners won Many a tip from soft hearted travelling men. One night while gathered in the hotel it was suggested to present Hyman with a suit of clothes but while the hat was being passed the landlord appeared and blocked the game by telling the donors that Hyman could buy any of them were he so disposed. There is no doubt but that he would have accepted the had the same been tendered. At time Hyman was a stockholder in a National Bank an Ltd was shaving notes. He received As hotel Porter his Board and one Dollar per Day and he insisted on being paid every night. Some time ago he retired from work since which time he has been living at Loogootee. He and his brother own a Fine farm in Martin Quot county on which the brother lives while John continues to Board in town. La forge of Linton township was kicked in the Abdomen by a horse and John Boganz fell from the top of a new House into a Box of broken bottles. He was Cut and his spine was so badly injured that his lower limbs Are paralysed. Brown county nuggets again. Elwood special several Days ago while Quot Daniel Heck and Charles Bach Field of this City were visiting in Brown county this state one of the men accidentally unearthed a Gold Nugget. They said nothing to any one and at once bought the farm of 117 acres on which they found the Ore. The two men Are now tearing up the soil at a rapid rate using heavy charges of dynamite. They have found More Ore and Are encouraged. State notes. Morgantown mystery my Linsville special Williatt Hall a ton Quot of Quot Morgantown who was reported to hive received total injuries while a con Hrang o i last has Are Covrea Suff latently to tall it i he ays Morristown has a racing . In a baby show at Evansville there were ninety seven entries. Dennis Simmons of Delphi has been sentenced to prison for forgery on a plea of guilty. A burglar entered mrs. Joshua a tilings Home near Aaron and robbed her of $60j in Gold. George s. Murphy of so by Coutv who attempted to shoot Henry spank a has been re indicted. Quot William Abbott near Madison Cut Down a Poplar tree from which 10,000 feet of lumber was realized. Captain Walker of Loogootee serves notice that he will continue As private Secretary of congressman Miers. John Koestring of Evansville while working in a water Trench recently was crushed to death by a. Cave in. It Henry c. Conner formerly editor of the Herald at Huntington recently died in the Soldier s hip Zoe at Marion Lenry years ols. Son of Washington special general Otis con a manding the department of Colorado Haa telegraphed adjutant general Beck fron Denver the following touching the in Las outbreak in Colorado 1 Quot Telegram Friday night to the Gove Moe of Colorado reports an engagement be tween the Ute indians at Thompsons j near Lilly Park on Snake River sixty i Miles East from Duchesne in which five j indians were killed but no Whites. Tele Gram of Friday afternoon from lieutenant Kirkman commanding Camp Pilot Butte. Wyo., reports that a scout Haa just arrived and says there was an engagement at Thompson s last evening at 5 o clock Between utes Ana game wardens in which two Bucks one Squaw one Papoose and two wardens were killed. Duchesne was notified this morning and information asked. This after Moon i directed Wright s troop or cavalry to the scene of the reported disturbance. The cavalry Squadron at Logan is directed to be held in readiness to proceed to Duchesne. A heavy Snow storm is prevailing and the Telegraph lines Are work ing badly. Quot from information thus far received 1 am unable have the dispatches above mentioned confirmed but a number of utes Are Hunting in the Vicinity of tha reported trouble. Should Logan s Squadron be directed to move it will proceed by rail with expedition to Price Utah where Wagon transportation and forage Al will be in readiness. If affairs look serious will draw on fort another tragedy. Two indians a Squaw and a game Warden killed. St. Paul special a dispatch from Leech Lake reservation in Northern Minnesota says Quot information by special messenger has just reached the reservation that a fight occurred Friday Between two indians and a game Warden in which All three were killed also an Indian woman. A Deputy Warden whose name cannot be ascertained arrived at an Indian Camp on an Island Between Midi and the Cass Lake reservation and seized two guns and a trapping outfit which belonged to Kah Kah quash and two indians. A also made an attempt to seize some furs which they had but they resisted whereupon the Warden clubbed the older Indian with a gun until he became unconscious and then shot him. He next shot the other Indian and wife mortally wounding both. In the meantime the other Indian having recovered consciousness shot and killed the Warden. Or. E. S. Hart overseer in charge of this sub Agency sent Martin Branchaud and a detail of ind Sui police to the scene to inve.= Ligate the mat ter thoroughly. No detailed account of the fight can be had As the Only information received was brought by an India boy twelve or fourteen years of age wha witnessed the shooting. Considerable excitement exists Here among the indians and or. Hart is unwilling to express any opinion regarding the effect it May have upon them. The indians naturally consider the interference with their Hunting privileges by game wardens As a violation of their treaty a boy s Rich f1ni>. He dug up a Box containing 850,000 in Gold and paper. Clinton. La. Special Adolph Johnson a sixteen year old boy while digging fish bait on Beaver Island in the South part of the City struck a metallic substance with his Hovel which when unearthed proved to be an Iron Box. When opened the finder was nearly overpowered by the great amount of wealth he saw for there Lay Gold and paper Money amounting to $50,000. It is not known when or by whom the Money was buried or whether it was the proceeds of an express robbery or belonged to a swedish Nobleman who lived a number of years on Beaver Island and died there two or three years ago. The a Lake its. Indianapolis. Wheat. No. 2 red. Corn no. 2 yellow. Oats. Hay no. 1 Timothy. 7.00 @ cattle shippers 3.50 stockers 2.75 heifers 2.50 @ cows .1.25 @ bulls .2.00 @ hogs365 @ poultry a hens. Springs. Cocks. Young turkeys. Quot ions. Toms. Old Hen ducks geese a. To # butter Choice country. Eggs. Feathers geese per la. Duck. Wool unwashed Sec Diuris tub washed. Beeswax. I # Hignet. 9 hides to it Chicago. Wheat. Oats. A Orn. Pork per barrel. 7.75 @ lard per 100 lbs. $ .94 .24 .217� 7.25 a 4.60 3.50 4.15 3.85 3.40 3.s2 a .05 .0� .03�z4 .10 -06 of .01 it of .4t .10. .13 .30 .11 in a .0% .99% .18% 7.80 -4.27% Grover Cleveland or. Princeton n. J., special the wife of 1 Grover Cleveland has been delivered Oil % a son. The event occurred this morning and and the child a re ported As doing Well. This is the first Quot boy in the sex president s family. Tix Ayi a other three children being Woulard re elected Quot Quot miss Frances e. Willard president of world s w. C. Other term at the Toronto can Venoil. -. A a Tjw Cousin Ohi is

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