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Indianapolis Patriot Phalanx Newspaper Archives Jun 21 1894, Page 5

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Indianapolis Patriot Phalanx (Newspaper) - June 21, 1894, Indianapolis, Indiana June 21 Indiana Phalanx big 4 route a Tonini Fiat for Al Cor vet it up be . July 11 16, 18p4 the big four is the official route i from Indiana and Illinois. Special Tram will leave Indianapolis. Wednesday jul 11th, at 11 a. M., hid ran through to Cleveland Leach Niar there at 7 p. M., making entire trip by Dayli Erht. Rate from Indianapolis 88.25 for the round trip. Tickets will be sold Tor above special and All regular trains of july. 10th and Letb Good to return Nuril july 3l9t. A further Extension stay be secured to september 15th, by de Outing Ticic to with joint a end at Cleveland. For further particulars Call on l. J. Kirkpatrick Kokomo Harriet j. Wishard and . Buchanan Indianapolis. Also big four ticket otties. cot vent Iod b y p u Toronto Canada july 19-82. Big four official route from Central and Southern Indiana. One fare for the Rondo trip has been authorized for this occasion tickets to be sold july 17, 18 and 19 Good returning until july 31, a synth further Extension until september i5th if deposited with proper agent at Toronto. The big four will have special sleepers leaving Indianapolis on southwestern limited 3 15 p. The Day july 17, and run thro to Niagara Falls without charge. Passengers can Stop at Niagara Falls during the Day and reach Toronto in the evening or they of amp a get breakfast at the Falls and reach Toronto about noon by Steamer from Lewiston. For further particulars Call on big four agents. Nat l educational ass n meeting Aeb by Park n. J. July 6 to 13, tickets Good going via Lake Shore and new York Central ., and returning via Chesapeake amp Ohio ry., giving Stop Over at Niagara Falls and Daylight ride Down the Hudson River on going trip and Stop Over at Washington i it. C., on return trip. �o2100 for the round trip from Indianapolis and corresponding rates from other Points on the big four. For tickets and Tuli information Call at big four offices. H. Brossow a. G. P. A. Ten Emfs la a bae room or evils of str he Nikk. Mothers save your boys by having them read this Book. Fully illustrated. By mail 10 of it uts. W. H. New by 37 Spann Avenue Indianapolis ind. The Berl Iii a tas Oblatt is advising German Farmers to Plant american a of. It Speaks of the cheapness of this article tells its readers what chemical constituents of live Stock food Maize is deficient in and mentions other articles of food to be used in connection with the con that will Supply what it lacks. The Price of seed Corn is Given and directions Are printed for its planting and culture. While Indian Corn will not fully mature in Germany it will grow enough there to produce an excellent Quality of fodder and this is what the German paper desires Farmers to cultivate it for. In its directions for planting the tage Blatt says of our Yankee Corn Quot one drills him the first to the Middle of May beginning in from 45 to 50 centimetres apart rows not too thin. Are the Young plants Finger Long so is the first hoeing preferably horse hoeing it is to be hoped that after this the German Farmers will know unmistakably How to raise fodder com. The Tine italian diplomacy of Pope Leo was never better exemplified than in his dictum on the cremation question. Appreciating fully the sanitary reasons in favor of this Mode of disposal of the dead and bearing in mind at the same tame the Durch s traditional attitude pm the question he says that cremation ii heretical in principle. Under a Ertain conditions however which would involve a Public scandal if cremation were not resorted to the Pope permits priests to officiate at the funeral of a Corpse that is to be incinerated. Priests May not go to a crematory but they May perform rites Over bodies that Are to be taken thither. Probably his holiness had cholera typhus and smallpox in his mind when he gave this qualified permission. _ the old slave Macket where negroes spare upon the Block and auctioned off is still shown As a curiosity in some of the Southern cities but the death of an old Black woman Lois Tritton in new Haven recalls the fact that new England too had her slave marts and a old negroes at auction a Century ago. Lois Tritton was bom a slave and had hmm sold on the new Haven Green. She we 95 years old and was said to be the last slave in new Haven to be sold on the the new York Herald in one of its editorial sunday sermons quotes among others the following text Quot for be shall his Angels charge Over thee to keep Itee in a thy then follows the Quot a Opi Mant Quot the ministry of Angels is one of the important doctrines at the Chri Ettan Church it is also one of the Moat Conan Doyle who makes More Money ont of his novels than any other British Ziter is coming to America to lecture in october. He is one of the Ai Kirtles and champions of a great Friendly federation of All in Gziah speaking Peoples. This will done Tom the theme of his Jlou Epcie the strike. The sir a e began april 21. At the ii i Lue mine owners or operators act be representatives of the United mine workers of America it had lasted St Vii weeks. A month was the time set by both miners and operators for it to continue when the men went out Aiu in 21. The operators in truth were some f them rather glad of the strike it was claimed because it gave them a Chance to work off the surplus Coal Wirich had been gradually accumulating on account of warm weather and hard times. It Wotila also bring up the Price of Coal. The miners intention was to inaugurate a general strike throughout the country. If the operators did not accede to their demands they believed this strike would in time tie up the manufacturing interests of tiie whole country so far As those depending on Coal for fuel was concerned. Among the charges that have been made apparently without a Shadow of foundation is that the leaders among striking miners and the Coal operators had an understanding together that the strike should last till the old Stock of Coal should be used up when the Price would Advance and the operators could afford to raise the miners wages. However matters panned out to the satisfaction of nobody. By their seven weeks idleness the miners lost not less than $10,000,000 in wages. During All that time they either used up their savings to live on or else subsisted by Means of outside help. The strike was at no time Universal for although 150,-000 men went out the mine in Maryland and Virginia kept at work. Maryland hoped to draw Pennsylvania s Coal Trade away from her. One of the greatest difficulties in arranging a scale of miners pay is the different conditions under which Coal is mined. Part is shipped from Pennsylvania by River part is shipped from other places by rail. The difference in Cost of freight is a Nice Point to decide. Again some Coal is much More difficult to dig than that elsewhere. At the same rate of wages a Miner would make twice As much in a Day in one state As he would in another and that too must be considered. Rates Range All the Way from 50 to 85 cents a ton. The sympathy of the Public was generally As always with the strikers till they began violent deeds. Then it began to change. The Prospect that the various counties where property was destroyed would have Large damage Bills to pay was not a cheerful one. Served him right. News comes from across our Northern Border that is almost enough to make one wish he lived in Canada. It is that the Quot news Quot correspondent who sent out the lying Telegram about a train Load of excursion lists being caught in a cloudburst and All drowned has been arrested and imprisoned. The Telegram caused great anxiety throughout the Union. Extras were issued on the strength of it and persons who had friends on the excursion train were wild with anxiety till the news was contradicted by evening papers. The cloudburst was said to have occurred in British Columbia and the train reported to have been drowned out was one of the Canadian Pacific s. That Road seemed to be Dull at seeing either a Good joke or a stroke of journalistic Enterprise in the big lie and so had the liar arrested. Perhaps he thought he was in the United staes. At any rate though the Canadian Pacific Railroad taught him better. It speedily convinced the author of the fake that it meant business and that he was under the Iron Heel of a despotic government. If a kind Fate could Send All the newspaper fairs to Canada what a Blessing it would be the Man who abuses the Public s Confidence in its daily newspaper is a worse criminal than the Man who robs a Bank. The Southern women s historical society at St. Louis has passed resolutions reciting How the North has slandered abused and jeered at the South and still keeps it up. The Southern Quot women s historical society of St. Louis is mistaken. Nobody at the North wants to jeer at and slander the South. Nobody at the South wants to jeer at and slander the North. The thing for both North and South to do is to forget there Ever was a War Between them and go in with All their might to developing fraternally the splendid resources of this great Oon try. In the South Northern capital is wanted. There never were More magnificent opportunities in any Cora itry for gaining Comfort building up Beautiful Orchards gardens and populous Modem cities. The migration that has for years been flowing to the Northwest ought now to begin to trend southward. There is a Noble Field for it. But this splendid development will not Progress while anybody Man or woman keeps harping on old Gudges and endeavouring to rekindle fierce and cruel old hatreds. Sink it ladies. It is a pity for themselves the United states Senate and the new York police department cannot use the authority lately exercised by president Peixoto in Bra. When the supreme court of that country began to take up appeals from the imprisoned revolutionists and other cases not pleasant Peixoto adjourned the court. It used to be Standard Oil now it is a Ngar. It is the difference Between Sweet less and Light. Anniversary of a sea fight. Thirty years ago june 1864, occurred one of the greatest sea fights of the nineteenth Century. It was the Battle Between the american wooden ship of War Kearsarge and the Confederate Cruiser Alabama. The Alabama started on her career july 29, 1862. Every Effort was made to catch her yet for two years she defied the whole american Navy. She did much toward destroying that supremacy of the american merchant Marine which it has never regained. The Kearsarge Captain John s. Winslow had been on the Alabama s tracks for months. He overhauled her in the French Harbor of Cherbourg where Captain sex Jmes of the Alabama had in for repairs. When these were completed senies was quite willing to try issues with the Kearsarge. He believed his Luck and Pluck would win the fight for him. He therefore out to sea beyond French jurisdiction. But his Luck deserted him although his Pluck did not. The Waters All about the two vessels were dotted with steamers and other Craft both French and English out to see the fight at a Safe distance from stray balls from either vessel. The Alabama fired the first shot. But when the Kearsarge opened in turn and poured Volley after Volley into the Alabama the fight was quickly Over. The Kearsarge had the Best marksmen and the Best guns. In a few minutes the Alabama began to Settle to the Bottom and Captain Semmes struck his colors. There was barely time to take her Cre off before she Sank into deep water and the terror of american merchantmen for two years was seen no More forever. The French and English vessels that were spectators of the fight helped to take the Alabama s men off. Without this some must have inevitably drowned so quickly did the crippled Confederate Cruiser sink. The Kearsarge was badly injured too but was repaired and continued nearly 30 years afterwards to be a useful vessel in the United states Navy. And after All this record of glory feb. 2, 1894, she struck Roncadori reef on the Caribbean c ast and her Brave old Bones were soon washed away by the sea. One of the survivors of the event of 30 years ago is the Alabama s first officer who occupies a prominent place in the new statehouse at Atlanta where he still tells the Story of the great sea fight. A ruins to foreigners. There is one fact that the strikes in this country of recent years have brought uppermost. The Homestead troubles showed it on the surface. The Coal strike has thrown it still More in the foreground. It is that ignorant foreign miners and labourers Are the ones chiefly implicated in the deeds of violence attendant upon workingmen s strikes in America. A big hungarian led the Way in the rioting that destroyed the Coal tipples Cut the barges Loose and sent them floating Down the Monongahela and mobbed and severely injured the nonunion men along the River. Alleghany county May have to pay the National tube works $250.000 damages. It was polish women who seized some of the nonunion workmen and Tore out their beards by the handful. It was foreigners who captured four american men and held them prisoners Mal treating them in various ways and leaving their friends Uncertain whether they a were dead or alive. It is Safe to say that if the men had been murdered there would have Arisen through this country a spirit that would have made Short work of Many for Ign labourers. As it is a tide against wholesale foreign immigration is setting in and it is increasing in Force and volume. It May in time turn against not Only the ignorant and brutal foreign miners but also against those who import them in such numbers. This country welcomes foreigners who will make Good citizens but not members of Bloodthirsty mobs. World s Brevi ties. Out of 85 United states senators 44 Are democrats and Only 3 populists. These a Peffer of Kansas Allen of Nebraska and Kyle of South Dakota. If the democrats All stood together they could carry a vote against the republicans and populists both providing they were All present to vote. But the shave is such a close one that the democrats must depend on the three populist senators to help them out on measures determined on. In order to keep the three populists in Good humor and get their votes it is necessary to make concessions to populist ideas. One of these ideas is that the income tax clause must be retained in the Tariff Bill. Another is that the interests of the agricultural population it be regarded in making up the Tariff lists. Quot it is the Best Armor plate Ever tested anywhere Quot was the verdict pronounced on the last 17 Inch harve3rized plate tried at Indian head. Just so. But when the company furnishes the rest of the Armor for the big ironclads Indiana and Massachusetts will it be equal to that tested at Indian head or will it be As worthless As that discovered some time ago at the Mills after supposed specimens of it had triumphantly stood the government trials it is to be hoped that Bill Dalton the Western outlaw is dead sure dead this time. It would be Money in the pockets of the world if Bill had never been born. How do you take yours with sugar pass the sugar Friday Jane 15. Lord chief Justice Coleridge of England is dead. Alabama striking miners apply Oil and Burn Bridges. Sixty Coxey ites were arrested near Springfield ills., for seizing a train for Louisville. K. W. Taylor was nominated for Congress by the republicans of the eighteenth Ohio District. George Appo a new York Green goods i Man says there is a Man in the Posto Fluce who looks after Green goods mail. August Henke accountant of the Schenectady n. A savings Bank was found dead near there. The Bank is Short 110,000. Charles Fry a Guya Dotte w. A Tough interfered when the town marshal j had trouble with Coxey ites and was killed by the officer. Saturday june 16. William Walter Phelps is improving. Richard Croker has arrived at Queens town. American Institute of homeopathy is in session at Denver. Dastardly attempt to wreck a train was made near Monongahela City a. A fall of seven inches of lain in three hours was recorded at Madrid neb. A number of working miners were attacked by women at Frost Bury my. Nobody Hurt. Two Hundred and forty Coxey ites Cor rated in boxcars near Omaha by United states marshals. William Henshaw of grand rapids mich., fatally shot his father in Law in attempting to kill his wife and then suicide. Monday june is. National travellers protective association meets tomorrow in St. Paul John Ward a member of the Dalton gang was killed near Duncan o. T., by an officer. Champion Indianapolis Light artillery is entered for the interstate Drill in Little Rock in july. Sex congressman Thomas m. Bayne who suicide in Washington on account of poor health was removed to Pittsburg for burial. Great preparations Are being made for the National Lincoln league meeting in Denver june lit. An Indiana train leaves Friday. Mrs. Williaim Engels and Alphonso de cower Are under arrest in Green Bay wis., for plotting to Poison the former s husband so that they nil it marry. William Hart a Coteil landscape Painter to whom attention was first attracted by Bis bits of work on the panels of carriages died in it. Vernon. N. Y., leaving a Large estate. Tiie Silivy june 19. Yellow fever has about vanished from Brazil. Brussels had a dynamite explosion. Anarchists suspected. hoods did great damage and drowned several persons. Goodwin its Swift electric Railroad constructors failed in new York. President it Leveland and party stopped a few minutes at Annapolis naval Academy. John to. Kent of Lyons x. A Union school broke the 5 Yard running record. Time 5 2-5 seconds. Coxey ites sentenced to prison in Leavenworth kan., made a dash for Liberty. Forty of the gang escaped. Wednesday june 20. Piile s athletes sailed today to compete with Oxford cracks. California republicans will today nominate m. Estee for governor. Fifth District Kentucky republicans nominated Hon. Walter Evans for Congress. Jim Cook Leader of an Indian territory gang of desperadoes was shot to pieces by officers. Elks grand Lodge seems irrevocably split on the question of local lodges holding sunday meetings. Nine thoroughbred horses were killed and four jockeys injured in a wreck on the Chicago and great Western Raih Oad. Mrs. Ida Martin formerly of Indiana and a graduate of Purdue is under arrest in Chicago on a charge of securing goods for her personal adornment by representing herself is the daughter of a Chicago millionaire. Thursday june 21. Miss Frances Willard has arrived in new York rom London. Republicans of Vermont nominated g. A. Woodbury for governor. Amalgamated association wage conference at Pittsburg failed to agree. Benjamin s. Ewell sex president of William and Mary College died at Williams big va., aged 84. The Yale team which is to compete with Oxford University for the College championship of the world left new York for England. Pattern maker s league in session at Cincinnati passed a Resolution requesting workingmen to keep out of Miu tary organizations Market quotations. Prevailing prices for Grain and cattle on june 20. Indianapolis. Wheat a 58<go5c. Corn a 42k@44c. Oats-46@47c. Cattle receipts 300 head shipments Light. No demand except for Choice Butcher stuff and this sold fairly steady. Good to Choice shipping steers $4.00@ 4.50 medium to Good shipping steers 3.o0@4.00 common to fair steers i2.o0@ 3.40 Choice feeding steers 2.2o@2.50 Good to Choice heifers. $2.90@3.50 fair to medium heifers s2.40@3.80 common to Light heifers 81.75@2.25 Good to Choice cows 2.75@3.00 fair to medium cows i2.00@2.50. Hogs receipts 4,000 head shipments 1,500 head. Market steady. Good to Choice medium and heavy $4.75 @4.8o mixed and heavy packing $4.65@ 4.80 Gootel to Choice lightweights $4.70 5 4.75 common lightweights $4.60@4.70 pigs $4.00�4.65 roughs .?3.75 %4.30. Sheep receipts 100 head shipments Light. No notable change. Choice to extra lambs ?3.00@3.50 common to Good lambs i-j.oo�. Good to Choice sheep $2.50 3.00 fair to medium sheep .ifi.0 ii2.40 common sheep 1.75 Bucks a he too. Chicago Grain and provisions. Wheat july opened 5i a closed we. Sept. Opened 01 a closed t�2c. Corny july opened 41 closed 42%c. Sept. Opened 42%c, closed 423 pc. Oats july opened 3>kc, closed 43c, sept. Open Ltd 30xc, Cio Seil 31.jc. Pork july opened $12. 30, closed $12.22. Sept. Opened �12.40, closed 12.30. A tardy july opened 0.02, closed $6.60. Sept. Opened �6.77, closed $6.75. Ribs july opened .37, closed 16.35. Sept. Opened 16.37, closed $6.37, closing Cash markets wheat 58kc Eom 41%c Oats pork $12.20, lard Ribi. �6.85. A prohibition boys give m your attention there is a movement started to give 10,000 yearly subscribers wit Iii the next 90 Days and we want your help wide awake persevering boys can easily barn a watch of their own. Read our offer for Only Twenty yearly subscribers to the seed sower at Tenty five cents each sent in by any boy and one subscriber to Phalanx at is will count As four to the seed sower we will deliver of Terri after prepaid by us i like the one shown in this engraving. It is fully guaranteed to keep accurate time will not get out of order unless h bused and will in every Way give entire satisfaction. 01 course you will not expect to get a s50 or a s20 watch but you will get a watch that to be offered on such terms is the wonder of the age. This watch is just what thousands of boys All Over the country have been aching to possess. The Case is strongly made and carefully fitted to exclude dust. It is open face with heavy polished Bevel Crystal. Case is heavily plated and handsomely finished in Gilt closely resembling Gold. Weight of watch Complete of. The movement combines Many patented devices including american lever lantern Pinion Patent escapement Patent winding attachment. Four or five turns of winding attachment winds for 24 to 3g hours. It is made for service and with Ordinary usage ought to Wear for Tea years and even longer. If it is not found As presented. Or is not perfect it May be returned to us when we will replace it by another. From among Many testimonials of this watch sent to the manufacturers we select the following from Rev. Stephen a. Northrop pastor of first Baptist Church fort Wayne ind it is a standing Rule of mine when i see an admirable trait in any character or a marked excellence in anything to express some appreciation either in Public or private hence i a t to say to you that i am delighted with your watch received some time ago. It is a Little Gem. I keep it upon my typewriter desk during week Days right before my eyes and it keeps splendid time. I then use it of my pulpit on lord s of now boys write for free samples of papers and get Down to business. Mrs. Cougar s Liberal prize can Only a won by one girl but Here is something you All want and May have and at the same time in the most effectual Way Aid the prohibition cause. Address William f. Clark publisher 25 Cyclorama place Indianapolis do not suffer. It can be cured by taking Brown s Swift an sure cure. I do not claim that one dose will cure although from one to six bottles have never yet failed. This Medicine is taken internally and drives the disease out of the system. It has made some wonderful cures where other medicines have failed. Why suffer when you can be cured at so Little expense sent to any address for i a bottle or six for $5, y. F. Brown 126 West 5th St. Richmond ind. L.4ke Lawasee. Cedar Beach the favorite Sommer resort of Indiana where do tit Stop when i Indianapolis All the comforts of Home Quot for one Dollar per Day at 135 and 137 North Illinois Street just both of St. Paul s Church. Very Central. Electric cars to and from u Nion depot every few moments. Patronage of prohibition friends t particularly invited either for a single meal or any length of time. If rooms a bold Chance to be 11, Good lodging will be provided near by so do not fear to come. Lbs. William f. Cla Kwall Street join oar co operative h. R. Simk synd a nth. 100 to 500 per cent per annul easily made and a boat risk. Send for Roap cat and Sally m Arket ,> mailed free. Uig Best reference. Weinman amp co., no. 4i Broadway new Soili Kcf the largest wildest and most Beautiful Lake in Indiana is Lawasee in Kosciusko county. It has every feature of an Ideal summer resort with excellent fishing boating and bathing and has for years been the favorite haunts of the Indiana sportsman and pleasure seeker. Located on the Michigan division of the big four it is easy of Access from Indianapolis Anderson Rushville Marion and intermediate Points through trains leave these cities at most appropriate hours of the Day and the business Man can spend sunday with his family there returning monday morning. If you contemplate a vacation you can spend it to Best advantage at Lake Lawasee. Call on any agent big four route for full inform Ron and time of trains. E. O. Mccormick d. B. Martin . G. . Royal headache powders Loc. Prompt Relief for had aches he ural a nervous diseases sleeplessness sour of Mach alcoholic and other excesses Over world. Depression ear a , female Wesl Moss suppression of periods mental worry. Rheumatism malaria that tired feeling. A blood builder and Llerve tonic. Quot Royal headache powders Quot Uke Royal baking powder Quot sri Quot the beat wanted a position As office stenographer. Prohibition employer preferred. Best of reference famished non application to miss Fannie weight Livonia ind

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