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Indianapolis Patriot Phalanx Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1898, Page 5

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Indianapolis Patriot Phalanx (Newspaper) - January 13, 1898, Indianapolis, IndianaPatriot Phalanx thursday Jan Luary la us Lincoln s Early by Sib. Prohibition tso spel proclaim is in Spencer county. Spencer county s highest prohibition vote was for Bidwell in 93 most of these were lost last fall on the Money question. But i have already found 25 Man Loving Saloon hating. God fearing sovereigns who will vote with a. And i have As yet Only been at a few Points in the county i found b. W. Hamilton of Rockport ure Spencer county chairman a grand Iman consecrated to the cause. We. Barker is the Only prohibitionist it Buffaloville. Tsars. Wallace of Dale has a Campaign a badge of 1840�?william Henry Harrison for president. At Dale i shaved with a razor owned a by Rev. J. H. Myers that is Iso years a old and still Good. Geo. W. Norman takes 13 papers one is religious and seven prohibit Tom. Quot he likes Phalanx Hest of All. Huntingburg excels in germans Beer Churchi Anity. T. C. Morton tells me that a Large proportion of the members of the it. P. Church four Miles from Princeton Are prohibitionists mostly converts. Judge land who had been spend so several months in Tennessee is Home again. Albert Mills the old hero Trad Patriot will look after the interest of our paper at Princeton. Are you keeping those Good resolutions made at the beginning of year delinquents what about those subscriptions on Phala iric that Are past due thanks to George Kendal and mrs Margaret Turner of Princeton for s2 go each on the missionary fund. Both Are old stand Bys on Rny Way to sneer county i stopped at Princeton and got several dollars Oil renewals. 1 always receive help from Hayes Taylor. Thanks. The Princeton list is in Good a base now. Usnyk our German a prohibition Friend c Helier of Princeton a to. Bonsib. I think the pm Alastu is grand. I rejoice to see Yon expose those who have a Ameto live and yet Are dead. Keep whacking away you Are doing thanks to prohibition Coroner Geo. W. Norman for a lot of his literature which lie gave me for free distribution among them 100 copies of his late verdict a splendid can pain document. Or. Norman is a Fine writer a scholar and Christian gentleman. He stands High in Princeton As a Man of real moral Worth is a Good Baptist a spends much time and Money in the prohibition cause there is talk of running him for mayor of that City. He would make a Strong Man to head Timex state ticket and 1 nominate him for Secretary of state who will second the motion Reader i do not wish to complain but i would say to you that Nelmy work is not Sunshine and picnic. Often where i expect to find Aarons and hurs to hold up my hands i find instead Jesus and Shimes 2 Samuel to Flag it is natural for men to fish up excuses but they do not As a Rule give the real reason a Why they will not help our work. At Princeton i tried to do some missionary work among the preachers but cannot brag of Brilliant Success. My experience runs something like this no. 1, m. A Quot no Don to want Phalanx took it for awhile and stopped it got More than 1 can Quot but you take no prohibition Quot yes i do a the Cristian advocate is a prohibition Quot Well it has not succeeded in making prohibitionists of your Quot yes it i very methodist is a Quot but the vote does not show it Quot of we Are prohibition its but not third Quot i did not know we had three prohibition parties but Asior the two others they must be accounted As failures for there Are More saloons and More gambling going on in Princeton than he was not pleased with my remarks. No. 2, cd. A Quot no i took Phalanx a Short time from you when you were Here before and stopped it do not like it. I am a a you know no Friend to the saloons fight them but they Are Here yet yes still we kept them out for Quot As they Are Back snore than Ever with their body and soul destroying work 1 should think that kind of experience would be a a so you think 1 ought to vote the prohibition bucket Quot Yea i do i do not see Tow your Oon Deleuce will allow you to we with a License Quot see a Ere or. Bonsib. You must not impugn it ther Peoples motives. 1, like thou ands of other Church people am voting Quot according to your run Merit the jews who fell Down before Golden image set up in the Plain of Lara in order to escape the firey Furnace Ireat ened by the King might have said the Throe who refused to do so but erect for god we did Onsoien by or expediency what we believe i be Best demand As Maeb for god a8 . I a minister is pastor of the Laziest Church in Princeton. Bios. 3, 4 and 5. Cumb. Presbyterian 7>reachers, two being retired. One is a prohibitionist one not Home got no subscription at other place. No. 6, Baptist Quot no do not care about taking a prohibition paper Don t need it or want it i pick my men regardless of much room for argument Here said i Quot brother if we could Only get the preachers straight at the ballot Box the Victory would soon be Quot look Here Quot said he Quot i Don t like such flings at the preachers you never will make converts that Way. I hit the Devil hard every time i can get a Quot Well brother at the bal lot Box is the most effective place to fait the ram Devil we hit to kill will you help us Quot 1 forgot to Call on the presbyterian preacher. No. 7, Christian or disciples elder Ireland an englishman he subscribed flaying Quot your paper teaches the right theory the prohibition ticket is the proper one for every Christian to vote my intention is to vote that Way when i get my naturalization no. 8, Covenanter takes , but does not vote because Christ is not in the Constitution. I did not Call on the German nor the three coloured min it a re i or the 7th-Day adventist for want of time. Two thousand copies of one of Geo. W. Norman s verdicts in which he held the citizens of Mtcarmel 111., guilty of the death of a Drunken Man run Over by the cars because he had obtained his liquor at legalized saloons of that place were distributed among the voters there just before the City election. Result prohibition carried the town which is the county seat of Wabash went dry so sobriety reigns supreme there now. Oar German prohibitionists Are the soul of Honor. At Huntingburg Christ. Kesner took charge of me. Of the four prohibitionist there three Are germans ail subscribed. Over half of the people Are German. I distributed Many German prohibition tracts there. At Princeton depot while waiting for the train for Spencer county Alvah Walker from Quot Ramsey Harrison county Steps up to me saying Quot Are Vou that Bonsib who writes every week for the Phalanx Quot. I plead guilty. Quot Well i am glad to see you. Tell me is Bonsib your real name or is it an assumed name Quot Quot no sir that is my real name Quot Quot Well 1 want to subscribe for that paper. We will have several converts to the party in our precinct and want you to come to Harrison county and work up the cause Quot the life of or. And mrs. Christ. Kesner has been a Success in raising a useful daughter who is a deaconess in the Evansville beacons Home. She is a Good methodist. Her Mission is like that of her Savior going to the Homes of the distressed the poor the sick and needy an Ltd to minister unto them. This is True christianity. Of that we had More of such when 1 got to a ale. Spencer county i knew i was near the grounds where Abraham Lincoln s boyhood Days were spent. I end tired for the oldest citizen who could toll me most about him and was referred to Allen Brooner living one mile East Bis age is 84, being born oct. 22nd, ims. I soon made my Way out to the old gentleman s House found him real Bright and very communicative. He and his wife have been married 60 years and look As if Good for Many years yet they were married 4 Miles from Dale. His parents came from Kentucky to where Lincoln City now stands when he was one year old. The country was then a wilderness Only a few widely scattered White people the Woods full of game including wolves bears etc. He has vivid recollections of Lincoln was a playmate with him. He said Abe was a tall raw boned awkward looking boy. His appearance i d not Promise much he was a Good natured rollicking Peculiar Young Man who made Many friends and held them was full of jokes and anecdotes. One Young lady living near scorned him when he tried to make love to her saying he was so homely and awkward that she would not keep company with him. It she might have been the wife of a president if she Only knew it. As a Masher Lincoln was a failure he took Little interest in Hunting fishing or spor Tib. Hii greatest Delight was to argue and debate with the boys. There was not a Lazy Bone in his body and he had wonderful Power of endurance could split More rails than any Man of his age. To worked As a hand by the month for surrounding Farmers his parents being very poor he was their second child he did not go much to school because there was no school to go to he would use the fire shovel for a slate to figure on. Lincoln s parents were baptists but he never United with any Church he was moral honorable soft spoken did not use tobacco was never drunk but once and then was so mortified he resolved never to drink another drop of intoxicating liquor and this vow he kept All the rest of his life. Whatever Lincoln said he would do could be depended on. Allen Brooner s Mother and Lincoln s Mother died two weeks apart and were buried Side by Side. There were no wagons nor Wagon roads so the bodies were Pat of sledges and band to the Graves. idiot Luion if High Jwuc of tit info for Fps Fluor on their own motion enclosed Botti Graves with an Iron Fence a number of years ago. Some Friend erected a Plain Marble slab in memory of mrs. Nancy Hanks Lincoln who died 78 years ago at the age of 35. 1 visited the grave it is in the Woods in the midst of Many Trees. It is a wonder to me that Abra Ham Lincoln s Rich son does not pay some attention to his grandmother s grave. The government or state ought to erect a Monument for a woman who gave to the country such a Patriot statesman hero and Martyr. I also walked to the site where their House used to stand nothing left but a tall Cedar tree from which relic Hunters had Cut off limbs i had to Content myself with taking some of the bark. From the log Cabin and rails that he split have been made hundreds of walking canes and other articles for relics until All is of one. Or. Brooner told me that his father and Thomas Lincoln sawed out the lumber with a whip saw from which to make their wives coffins there being no saw Mills in those wilds then. When the Lincoln family moved to Illinois they made a Clumsy Wagon with the wheels made by sawing off blocks from gum or Oak logs and Boring holes through the Center for the axles with their few goods piled on this nondescript affair away they meandered for the West to try their Fortune anew. It was in 1817 to by had come from Hardin county ky., to Spencer county in then in eluded in Knox county Indiana territory and in 182 they pm rated to Illinois. As an instant Quot of Abraham Lincoln s honesty or. Brooner told me of a transaction when Lincoln was keeping store and Postof fica at new Salem 111. Or. B. Visited a brother there and frequently was at the store one Day a woman had transacted some business and after she left or. Lincoln discovered a mistake that he had failed to give her enough change by five cents he could not rest until be walked out 2i Miles to her House and handed her the five cents asking her Pardon and assuring her it was an unintentional Over sight at Dale Rev. J h Myers piloted me around and we got a number of sub Scriber had none there before. I Cam hardly strike a town but someone knows me. Or. Myers said he had known me by reputation for ten years. He is a ? watchman and the Only prohibitionist in the town. There never was any prohibition vote in Lincoln City i got several subscribers there. The people Here As in most Post offices on missionary Field never heard of Pha aka before. I got up a Fine meeting in Buffaloville on Short notice splendid attention most of my audience were voters believe this meeting will Tell of the ballot Box. Secured eleven or twelve subscribers had none before. When i heard that \ would have to Foo to German for permission to speak in the m. E. Church he being the head Man i expected to be denied but he or. Fred Hoffmyer readily consented and said he would help get out a crowd. He gave me so cents for six months visit of Phalanx and of a id he is a most Ore shaded to vote the prohibition ticket or. Hoff myer is ode of the most intelligent and influential citizens. Reader if you Are a married Man and Don t want your Quot life to Belonje a widow Don t mov. To . I never saw a Burgos so be that Baa of Many widows. A am told nearly one third of the women of age Are widow. The celebrated German metro dust Camp grounds Are four Miles fron Buffaloville where hosts of Gero Aana gather every summer for spiritual Enji meat. I had to give the two upper townships Huff and Harrison the go by. They have for a prohibitionist there than a jew pack peddle no matter if the paper was issued from heaven if it has the smell of even Temperance at out it that settles it. At Rockport i was rejoiced to find a Radical prohibition speaker in j. G Yiuman a genuine German. He Isa Genius in making All kinds of brio a Brac oat of horns the finest 1 Ever saw. H i has a Large chair made out of polished Hornea valued at $60, Fine enough for a King to be Coron ated in. For a Rasonable Price he Sells nicely ornamented horns with Hooks on which to hang various article makes hat Racks out of horns and Many other Beautiful things. He subscribes for the Phalanx giving me a Dollar so he can put More paste on his and other people s backs. County chairman b. W. Hamilton is nobly standing by me in the work at Rockport. I will be in Spencer county All this week then i go to Perry county god willing. H. S. Bonsib the figure of a month with a cigarette has become so familiar upon our streets that the sight fails to arouse any interest in the passer by. And yet there is nothing which so alarms those fully acquainted with the evil effects of the habit As its increasing prevalence. It is time the nation was aroused to the dangers that threaten its youth. The Public should be educated and a sentiment against the habit created that the existing Laws May be enforced. Quot the cigarette and the youth Quot by e. A. King president of the anti cigarette league presents the facts of the Case in such a manner As to arouse the most indifferent. It should be scattered broadcast that no one May be Able to claim ignorance As his excuse for failing to condemn the habit. No better work could be done by teachers than to place a copy in the hands of every Parent within reach. Those who Are interested in the nation s welfare should buy the leaflet in Large quantities for free distribution. The Price is such that ail can afford to do this. Send for it to the Wood Allen publishing co., Ann Arbor room for doubt. Proof yes overwhelming proof can be furnished of the excellent curative qualities of or Bull s cough syrup. A i caught a cold which led to a cough and pain in the Chest pneumonia i bought or. Bull s cough setup and after taking one bottle of it the cough began to Distaj Pear when i finished taking the second bottle i was cured. Guslav thu master 49 Hickory St., ,0.&Quot or. Bull s cough syrup costs but 25 cents. Take Only Bull s. Rold by h. C. Pomeroy Opp. . To , 201 Indiana ave. J. A Bryan Cor. Illinois and Jackson Goat Bonsib missionary fund. The subscriptions to the fund now stand As follows previously acknowledged.$92 78 , Wadesville. 1 k we. Anderson a. 100 g. W. Murphy Poseyville. I 00 mrs. Sarah Dailey Quot. 1 00 we. Boyle Cynthiana. 1 00 Thoa. Price Wakarusa. 1 00 c. L Williamson Metz. 1 00 a a. Morgan perrys Vule. 5 00 Milton Ken worthy new London 100 mrs. C. Naai Offham is Zelota. 1 00 Jesse a Horn clo Tordale. 1 �0mrs, my Rani it Tarner Price Tonga Oft Oeor a a Trdat Rabo Etoi. 2 00w. It Barker balt . A. 1 a Jet to t. Horse to Didato. 14� the president has nominated As con sul at Matanzas Cuba Henry d. Sayler of Pennsylvania a Man who stands accused of attempting to Rob the Treasury of that state by presenting to the legislature a fraudulent Bill of expenses while he was chairman of a committee engaged in the investigation of the mining troubles. The Pennsylvania legislature refused to pay the Bill and denounced it As fraudulent. The committee on appropriations Cut it Down the fourths and then made an allow Ance for its payment which the governor vetoed. Twenty four of the leading republicans of the town in we Iii a amp Yler live a waited upon president Mckinley and denounced Sayler As a disgrace to the Community. Nevertheless president Momley has complied with the demand of senators Quay and Penrose to pit this if interesting person he Quot taken care of Quot and the Senate will confirm the nomination on the ground of record. Tue old men and women of Biem him. Thousands of people come or Send pm of year to do. Bye for Hia Balmy 0�a to i ure them of cancer and other Malig Nant diseases. Oat of the Ltd number a go eat May very old people who Ages Range from seventy to one Haudier years on account of distance and the infirmities of age they Send for Home try to my it a free is Jens telling what Rhoy Fay of the treatment. Address d. M. Be Box �5, to Iao Apolis ind. If not aftic Teri. Cicet this out and Send in to some suffering one. J daring the Jas fiscal year the government receipts irom spirits and form need liquors amounted to nearly $115,000,000. The Cost of collection was nearly $4.000 000 the Cost of the try flip to the country in crime committed support of a tails. Oscrr houses made necessary by the traffic is Tiol Given but is several times Lar to than the Revenue received Liat everybody knows or ought the know is that health an i even life Udelf of it was upon the cuu d f Ion of the blood. I Eding is it , All the organs of the body it must he Rich Aid pure in under to give proper Loun Ament Hood s makes the blood pure Rich and nourishing. And in this Way strengthens the no a res. Creates an appetite tones the stomach and builds up the he Ith. Hood s Sarsaparilla Wand off coins pneumonia and fevers which Are Prev Alent at this time. Dates of chairman Crist. Dekalb county Warsaw Cincinnati Quot 12 to 17. Quot 17 and 18. Quot 2� and 3o. We acknowledge a pleasant Call from Charles Eckhart of Auburn ind. He is connected with the Eckhart Carriage company of that place and is chair Man of the county Central committee of the prohibition party. He brings us greetings from the state chairman of Indiana prof. L m. Crist. The pro his. Of Indiana Are wide voice. Mrs. C. A. Adams 65h and Martha it Omaha. Nebi its Quot i had la Grippe and then malaria indigestion a Sevi re headache and Blind and dizzy spells. Your or. Kay s renovator a s cured said by at 25 cts. And 81. It Evenue from vice. When a nation depends upon a reve one up to to Rati the expenses of gov it Gnu Taeu a i on of Erna protectorate now said to be und a Cox Side Marion for Cuba. Enmor that Spain Haa instructed in Stei de lome to make a promo it Jpn to the state department Secco tax a her Man s Appeal for Camus. New York special the world Satur Day says a influences have been brought to Bear on Premier Sagasta that have induced him to direct minister de Lomi to make propositions to the state department at Washington looking to an american protectorate Over Cuba and possible annexation Quot said a member cd the cuban Junta. Quot for some weeks that spaniards in Washington have been remarkably Active and at the same time remarkably secretive. There have been All kinds of mysterious visits to the Stati department and whispered conferences behind closed doors Between Rich Havana merchants and the agents of the Spanish minister. Quot we knew there was something in that wind but for some time we could Nof find out what it was. Finally by an intricate process of detective work by our Washington agents we have begun an unearthing of a plot that Means nothing less than the establishing by the United states of a protectorate Over Cuba and the Complete retirement of Spain from the Island. The spaniards in Cuba especially the Rich and influential ones realize that Spain has Losi her grip on the Island forever. Quot there is a possibility that this latest Spanish expedient May succeed. 1 Thinh i voice the sentiment of the greater Pari of my countrymen when i say that so far As we Are concerned we should not greatly object to being ruled by and Ever absorbed into the american Republic. The state department is now considering the v a v Al Fob cubans. The frock Matlon issued by of state Sherman. Secretary Washington d. A. January 8.�?the Fol. Lowing proclamation was issued to Day Quot department of state. Quot Washington january 8, 1898. Quot to the Public Quot the undersigned. Secretary of Statt of the United states had the Honor on the 24th of december to make known to All charitably disposed people in this country the Appeal of the president Foi Aid Iti the form of Money or supplies toward the speedy Relief of the distressing destitution and suffering which exists among the people of Cuba. Quot the Gratifying interest which his Donn Drymen have shown in All parts old our land in that humane Appeal has led the president to recognize the need of orderly and concerted Effort under Well directed control if timely assistance a a to be Given by the Public to the sic i and needy of Cuba. He has therefore pointed w. T. Cooper with tie cooperation of the american red Cross society. The new York chamber of Commerce and one of the leading representatives of religious Community a Central cuban Relief committee with Headquarters at new York City composed of the following members Stephen e. Barton chairman second vice president of the american National red Cross society Charles a. Schieren. Treasurer a member of the new York chamber of it it a Merce and Louis Klopsch proprietor of the Christian Herald. Quot it will be the office of the committee so organized not Only to receive and Forward to the United states Consul Genera at Havana such Money and necessary supplies As May be contributed by the people of the United stated but to invoke in its own name and through the great interests it represents the concerted efforts of the Relief boards throughout the United states and to invite the kindly Aid of the transportation agencies of the country for the prompt conveyance of contributed supplies to the Seaboard Ana their shipment thence to Cuba. Quot the Consul general at Havana is. In turn assured of the effective co opera Tom of every available Agency in the Island of Cuba in order that life May be saved and suite ring spared. The Spanish i government. Welcoming the Aid thu tendered will facilitate the work and to that end will admit into Cuba. Fri get of duties and charge Sall articles otherwise liable to tax when duly consigned co the Consul general. Quot by direction of the president the undersigned appeals to the people in evry City and town to the municipal authorities thereof to the local boards of Trade and transportation to corporations and others producing the necessities s of life and toll Ihoko whose hearts Are Oij ii to the cry of distress and affliction to second the generous Effort now being made and by Well directed Endeavor make its truly responsive to the sentiments of Charity that have Ever characterized the american people. Quot John Sherman. Quot Secretary of s smooth fair skin a grateful Mother writes this letter tells All about her troubles when baby broke out with scr Fula sores. Quot at the age of two months my baby began to have sores break oat on his right Cheek. We used All the external applications that we could think or hear of to no Avail. The sores spread All Over one bide of his face. Quot we consulted a physician and tried his Medicine and in a week the Boro was gone. Bat to my Surprise in two weeks More another Scro Clous looking Bor appeared on baby s Arm. It grew worse and worse and when he was three months old i began giving him Hood s Sarsaparilla. I also took Hood s Sarsaparilla and before the first bottle was finished the sores were Well and have never returned. He is now foray Earrold Bat he has never had any sign of those Scro Maloas sores since he was cared by Hood s Sarsaparilla for which i feel very grateful. My boy owes his Good health and smooth fair skin to this great mks. S. S. Who Tow farming ton Delaware. Get Only Hood s. A a a re if Are prompt Eloc Mentana Nood s pills easy in effect. 25 for great Premium offer made to Phalanx readers. The Slark fits. Indianapolis. Wheat. No. 2 red. Corn no. 2, White. Oats. Hay n�.-. 1 Timothy. 7.00 cattle shippers .3.50 stockers .3.75 heifers .2.50 cows .1.50 bulls .2.25 hogsj.3.45 a Btl try a hens. Springs. Cocks. Young turkeys .07 Toms. Old Hon turkeys. Ducks. Geese.30 game a rabbits go Short Bill snipe per Doz 1.25 Mallard ducks per Doz. 4.00 Prairie chickens per Doz 1.50 @ butter Choice country. Eggs. 7 feathers geese per la. Duck. Wool unwashed medium a tub Washer. J. Beeswa3honey. Hides. Chicago. Wheat. Oats j .91 .2714 .25 7 50 4.50 4.10 4.25 3.25 3.75 3.571,2 .05 .06 .03 of .06 .06 .054 .40 .65 1.50 4.50 2.00 v4� h.13 los it .30 .12 a u we have made a special Arr arcement with a prominent Bible Pabi Ishing House by which we can offer at a remarkably Lowra e a new edition of the Holman self Pitoau Unciul s. S. Teacher b Bible. Tills the Bible. French Morocco flexible divinity circuit wat end lining Rouneil Corners red and Gold edges. Primed on Good paper from Clear Type. The leathers u red on these bibles Are guaranteed not to crack or break. The text is marked to show the exact pronunciation of every proper name. They contain the following helps to the Stady of the Bible concordance with contents Oyer 40 0i0 references Index to persons places and subjects. 16,000 references scripture Atlas with Index glossary of Bible words Bible Calendar summary and analysis of the. Old Anil new testaments. A self pro Noan cing dictionary of proper names and foreign words contained in the Bible. Extra Active articles on biblical history geography Topography natural history ethnology botany chronology music and poetry Aco Piete of the gospels tables of parable i. Miracle. Prophet in prayers. Money weights and Mea res. Jewish acts and orders etc. Fourteen Beautiful ape in colors. Tills l9 our ofter. These bibles Are printed in two sizes of Type minion and Bourgeois. The usual size is Misiun. Bourgeois Type is Large enough for old people s eyes. To All who re pow their Soto trip Tom and pay in Advance we will Send. Ali Ajax one year and Bible Minio a. Plia Laux one year and Helble Bourgeois,.50. Charges Are �11 prepaid. The combined Price of Phalanx and Bible is much less than such a Bible can be bought for alone. The Bible with Pat int m org dual to Iamb Index can be had for 50 cents additional. To tiny one Sinf it Ingui a club of four 7ww subscribers and $4 00 we Wil Quot Send Bible with minion Type free address William f. Clark 25 Cyclorama place Iii Anatolia. Us Rie b. b. P. Wa9m�> vats i a a Ronnie is room 18, 98 b. Waali Jakob St. Indianapolis ind. Practice in All courts state and fed aral. Collections so years experience track Maliks designs copyrights a. Anyone sending s sketch and description mar quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an invention is probably patentable. Conic Nanom tons strictly Cona dental handbook on patents patentable. Conan axiom m sent free. Oldest Agency for securing patents. Patents taken far ouch Mann amp �,0. 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Oscat ets Candy cathartic the wonderful new liver Sti Malahat and in Tetsuma tonic Are of All druggists guaranteed to cml or Money Refu Udea. C. C. C. Ore a a

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