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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - September 27, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana The Olid Constitution the Union and the Equality of the states vol. , ii thursday september 27, 1860.the old line guard. Is Hijii Lishky t jes. I Quot a 33 e Jacj Yat i 1� let a Alval Olis Indiana by Loek so Ham Ivess. »2? 33 3vx Sto oof unti Latler tic presidential election. In Advance in. All cases. Advertisements inserted at the usual p k e c h of theron. Isaac 1. Stephens at Frederick Maryland september 8. Or. President and fellow citizens of Frederick and of the state of Maryland this is a new epoch in the history four country. For the first time to have a stump candidate for the presidency. Applause a gentleman of indomitable Energy of glowing eloquence and of Iron Avill has already addressed his fellow citizens in twelve of the Sovereign states of this Union prefer ring his own claims to the highest office on Eaith. Not Content with giving the reasons Ibi his Faith that he was pre eminently fitted for that position he has gone aside from his path and with no sparing hand has dealt out malediction and an ithe Jis and against whom ? first against our democratic administration the work of our hands yes against the patriotic and venerable James Buchanan who has Given to his country nearly half a Century of faithful Public service against the members of his cabinets first and Foremost of Avoni is Lewis Cass Olio fleshed Liis Maiden sword before our stump candidate was born. Applause Lewis Cass Avaio crossed on foot your aug litanies sixty years ago your Pioneer in tie Northwest who led the very Advance of civilization through that vast Domain making our country known to the aboriginal tribes known to our neighbors North of our Boundary and causing it to be respected by both. I will not go Over the Roll of names they Are men honoured not simply i in the councils of the nation but honoured in the councils of their respective states. These men Are Pra claimed secessionists Dis unionists Aye and traitors and More than this. Cast your eyes Over our political firmament and you find certain democratic states with organized democratic governments each and All of these save the state of Pennsylvania is proclaimed to belong to the secession and disunion party. Go to your Senate chamber and there on the Roll of names Many of them historical acting together As democrats you find our stump candidate proclaiming j All his Fellows save one the friends of secession and disunion and if you m to the House of representatives the Case is Meany the same and in about the same proportion. It is indeed a most extraordinary exigency of affairs that a gentleman proclaiming himself the i regular nominee of the democratic party should in twelve of the Sovereign states of this Union thus denounce his Fellows in these harsh Tenns i shall hereafter return briefly to a particular expression used in connection with these remarks in the Progress of my speech but i desire to bring to the Touchstone of truth these allegations against the statesmen of the land. I shall speak not in terms of bitterness of any person or of any party but i ask of each and every person present As he loves his country As he would Advance its Honor and renown As he would impress a pure and Noble Public service through every department of government i ask each Man present to consider so far As the passions and interests of the hour will permit him to do so to impartially consider this record and if these harsh terms Are to be bandied and to be cast to determine upon whose shoulders they must stick like the shirt of Nessus. Let those who live in Glass houses find no fault if stones Are thrown let those Olio Deal in harsh and abusive and Denuncio Atoy epithets find no fault if those epithets Are cast Back and made to enter the crevices of their false Armor even to the flesh the great distracting question fellow citizens which has agitated our National councils which came near imbuing Large Poi tons and did imbue Small por a tons of our country in blood is one of the questions now before the american people i mean the slavery question. It has not been withdrawn from the Halls of Congress although it was believed in 1854 that a Bill had been charled which would cause it to be with i Awn forever. The Kansas Nebraska Bill was Gen j really supported or acquiesced in by the democratic i party As a final settlement of this vexed and trouble-1 some question. There were at that time differences of judgment in the democratic party As to the rights of the people of a territory in reference to the question of slavery. Many gentlemen Southern gentlemen generally and a considerable proportion of North Era democrats took the ground that a territory could not decide the question of slavery until it came to Frame its state Constitution preparatory to admin j Sion into the Union As a Sovereign state. This differ j once of judgment met our party at the threshold j and was discussed on the occasion of the introduction and the passage of the Kansas Nebraska Bill. There j was a Neutral ground found upon which All men could i stand. It was Quot Agi eed to be a judicial question. It j was solemnly declared by All persons of the demo-1 cratic party whatever were their differences of judg j ment As to the Jowers of a territorial legislature that it should be determined by the courts and hence in the declaration As to the rights of the people of a i ten Story the expression Quot subject to the Constitution j of the United states Quot was introduced As a basis of settlement. We have evidence that such was the Case. We have the evidence first of the Veteran i Cass. I will read it. Said general Cassa and Fel Low citizens let me pause for a moment this is i i work i know but i Jive come Here to make no a peal to passion or to prejudice i have come Here. With the record in my hand and 1 ask you All As i ask myself to examine that record fairly and to stand on that record firmly. Gen. Cass said in 1856 i Quot i have heard this subject mentioned repeatedly j but i never took any notice of it before. It is said i there is a difference of construction Between the North and the South on the Kansas Nebraska act. Necessarily it must be so and if the honorable gentleman from Illinois sir. Trumbull could not see that he was not Able to see very far into this Millstone. Those who believe that slavery goes to the Territo ies under the Constitution prop Rio Vigore of course believe that no Power is Given to the legislature to prohibit i Mig quote our candidate for the presidency to the same effect for or. Breckinridge declared Quot the effect therefore of the repeal Quot referring to the repeal of the Missouri come Promise and the Kansas Nebraska act Quot is neither o establish nor exclude but to leave the future condition of the territories dependent wholly upon the action of the inhabitants subject Only to Sulci limitations As the Federal Constitution May impose. But to guard fully against honest mis construction and even against malicious perversions the language of the Bill is perfectly explicit on this Point. A a it will be observed that the right of the people to regulate in their own Way All their Domestic institutions is left wholly untouched except that whatever is done must be done in accordance Avith the constitutions the supreme Law for us All. And the rights of property under the Constitution As Well As legislative action Are properly left for the decision of the Federal judiciary. Liis avoids a contested Issue which it is hardly in the competency of Congress to decide and refers it to the proper and said our stump candidate the same year 1856 my answer then was and now is that if the Constitution carries slavery there Quot a that is to the territories a let it go and no Power on Earth can take it at the Cincinnati convention the principles of the kans is Nebraska act were incorporated into our platform of principles and our party went before the country and successfully carried the election. We find that during that contest All through the South the ground was uniformly taken that under the Cincinnati platform the people of a territory could not Settle the question of slavery until they came to Frame a state Constitution preparatory to admission into the Federal Union. That was the ground taken by every member of the democratic party in the Southern states. Why fellow citizens Here is the democratic electoral ticket of Virginia in the year 1856 you can recognize even in the Remote portions of this room the portraits of Quot Buck and Breck Quot and let me read the motto Quot Owr principles the Constitution the sovereignty and Equality of the states the lie peal of the Missouri restriction the people of the territories in forming state governments to adopt their own cheers that fellow citizens was in 1856. This was the state ticket of Virginia a Border slave state a fort Iori establishing the fact that at least this was insisted upon further South. From the denunciations and anathema of the candidate who has stumped twelve states and has Twenty one states yet to stump we Appeal to the record of 1856, standing out in unmistakable lines which All men can read of vindicate our motto the Constitution and the Equality of the states these Are symbols of everlasting Union. Let these be the rallying cries of the great applause How in 1856, was the Cincinnati platform under stood at the North v fellow citizens Benjamin f. Hallett of Massachusetts was the author of that Cincinnati platform. But Forsooth he is now a traitor a secessionist a disunion St because in the honesty of his heart lie has Given to it to Daj the interpretation he put upon it in 1856, taking the ground that the Cincinnati platform and the platform of 18g0 of our own party Are perfectly compatible the latter simply being the True interpretation on a Point disputed of tie Birmer. We Well know that All through the North in 1856, were Large numbers of our party whose construction of the Cincinnati platform Agi eed Thoi roughly and entirely with the construction of the citizens of Maryland and of Virginia and the citizens of other a outliers states. Wily Fellon citizens i was myself on the stump in the territories the next year. In 1857 i was a candidate for Delegate to Congress in the territory of Washington a Terri a tory your most Distant territory your most North i Ern ten Story. We had just got the dred Scott Deci i Sion out there we had not got the official report but in that canvass we stood upon that decision firmly \ inflexibly defiantly and the people of that Distant and Northern territory sent me to the House of rep Presentati is by a majority of two to one. Cheers that was my judgment As an Humble Follower in the democratic party and the people of your most Dis i Tant Possession a most proud and Independent con i Stit ency As tenacious of their rights As you Are of yours not Only sustained me then but sent me Back last year by an increased majority. Renewed applause j referring to this matter i had my own kind friends at Cliar Leston who came to my and asked me Quot do i you think your people will sustain you ? Quot i replied that i did not know i had not asked them but i should probably find out in three or four months and there the subject dropped. But i say to you fellow citizens that that Distant and patriotic people in their county conventions have endorsed and ratified this platform of secession and disunion As it is called i this Plato i of traitor Arhat have we in Washington or Oregon to influence us ? we Are far remo i Ved from your troubles and your strife Here. We Are attached to this Union. A never did a son when j wandering in Distant lands More mourn for the Mother of his life than our people do for the states and the friends they have left at Home. Applause they i Are looking to those friends to join them they Are looking to Ilion and to Harmany but now they Are separated from you by Mountain ranges and vast unsettled wildernesses removed from your strikes hav a ing nothing to govern them but love patriotism and j Devotion to the Union. Yet we Are called disunion-1 its and traitors and secessionists i Well the election of 1856 avas accomplished. Or. I Buchanan in his inaugural intimated that there might be a decision of this vexed question by the supreme court. It was decided As i Haa o Lefoi e stated. That decision was acquiesced in by All democrats that 11 could hear of on the Western coast. We supposed i and doubted not it would be acquiesced in by All Dein j Oer ats Here. It has been acquiesced in by the recess i zionists and thedis unionists laughter they obey the Laws they Revere the judgments of the courts they declare that the decisions of these courts shall be enforced. Why fellow citizens by whom was the dred i Scott decision made it was by the supreme court of the United states. Does any Man dare to impeach the integrity of those judges their Independence their patriotism their Devotion to the Union what did that August and patriotic statesman of your own chief Justice Taney applause a what did he have to swerve him from the path of rectitude ? he has filled the highest honors of the slate to which he had aspired. He bad been baptized in that great political j period in our history by the valiant chief Andrew Jackson renewed applause and he has come Down i to us with the venerable Buchanan for our pies Dent and the venerable Lewis Cassa the three chosen counsellors of our hero president and the last of their race. Tivey have come Down to one to expound and the other two to administer the Laws. A fellow citizens if you have reverence for that epoch of our political history if you Revere age and service it you have respect for Giay hairs Brand As a traitor to his country the Man who dares thus to Endeavor of bring those Gray hairs into the dust time rolled on and our Friend the squatter giant a laughter a went to Illinois and entered into his contest with Lincoln for a seat in the Senate of the United states. He was received with an ovation at Chicago Chicago heretofore the scene of his mighty triumphs in the democratic cause. Once he was Hung in effigy fighting for the right and that was the crowning glory of his life. Why of heavens did he not allow himself to be Hung in effigy on every lamp Post of every City and town in Illinois in contending for the right Why did he not with his giant Powers his matchless eloquence his extraordinary i endurance Why did he not stand upon the courts and Constitution of his country and defy All assailants i and All assaults. A had he done so we would not have had this controversy now. The american people would have taken him to their hearts and in their Strong arms would have up borne him and placed him in the presidential chair but he wandered after false gods. He wandered towards the abolition Camp and at Freeport he first in lain language enunciated this Damnable heresy the doctrine of unfriendly Legisla Tion. Let me read from his Freeport speech. In that speech or. Douglas said Quot it matters not Arhat Way the supreme court May hereafter decide As of the abstract question whether slavery May or May not go into a ten Story under the Constitution the people have the lawful Means to introduce or exclude it As they please for the reason that slavery cannot exist a Day or an hour anywhere unless it is supported by local police regulations. I those policy regulations can Only be established by the local legislature and if the people Are opposed to slavery they will elect representatives to that body who will by unfriendly legislation effectually prevent the j introduction of it into their midst. Hence no matter what the decision of the supreme court May be on that Asti aet question still the right of the people to make a slave territory or a free territory is perfect and Complete under the Nebraska that is fellow citizens. Congress has no Power to exclude slavery from the territories but its agent its creature May by unfriendly legislation no matter what the decision of the supreme court May be or in other words Quot Down with the decision of the supreme court a away with the decision of the supreme court the people that decision have the lawful right to exclude slavery from the territories Quot that i say was a Damnable heresy unworthy of a statesman Olio held allegiance to the democratic Par to and How has our Friend presented the Case during the present canvass he has made a number of allusions to this matter. At Bunker Hill he declared Quot that principle was i repeat the right the Pinhei ent inalienable i ight of the people the people of colonies of territories of provinces As Well As of states to make their own Laws establish their own government and manage their own there he stands upon what he is pleased to Call the inalienable right of the people of a territory to Frame their own Laws despite of other obligations even their obligations to the Constitution of the United states. And again he declared at Springfield referring to the citizens of the territories Quot we hold therefore that the citizen does not derive Power from Congress for he has already derived it from god thus we find or. Douglas resting his Dogma of squatter sovereignty during the present canvass first upon the inalienable right of the people of a territory to do just what they please despite of the rights of the citizens of the several states Olio through their government own the entire Domain and second we find that lie derives his Grant of Power not from the Constitution not from the Laws but from almighty god Well Liat is or. Seward s higher Law that is the doctrine of the Quot conflict now in order to prove that this is a Damnable heresy that it is false doctrine i live to sumsion a August and conclusive witness and that is none other than or. Douglas himself. Laughter in the discussion on the admission of Iowa and Florida into the Union or. Douglas in the House of representatives used this language Quot the father May bind the son during his minority but the moment that lie the son attains his majority his Fetters arc severed and he is free to leg late his own conduct. So sir with the territories they Are subject to the jurisdiction and control of Congress during in Fairey their minority but alien they attain their majority and obtain admission into the Union they Are free from All restraints and restrictions except Ruch As the Constitution of the United states imposes upon each and All the again in 1850, or. Douglas said Quot the sovereignty of the territory remains in abeyance suspended in he United states in Trust Tor the people until they shall be admitted into the Union As a recollect fellow citizens this was two years after the Kansas Nebraska act passed Quot in the meantime they Are admitted to enjoy and exercise All the rights and privileges of self govern ment in subordination to the Constitution of the United states and in obedience to the organic Law passed by Congress in pursuance of that Why fellow citizens even since this memorable declaration was made by Stephen a. Douglas he has suggested in the Case of Utah not a repeal of the acts of the territorial legislature but the doing Wavay with the legislature itself for you will All remember that he suggested the idea in Public speeches in Illinois that tie Difili cuties in Utah could not be reached except by a repeal of the organic act and by annexing Utah As a judicial District to some neighbouring territory or state. This testimony is conclusive As against himself. It is Good testimony to present to his followers. I do it in no spirit of censorious Ness or bitterness but Vith a View of presenting the record. Well fellow citizens this declaration of or. Douglas in 1856, is exceedingly sound doctrine. He was then one of the great lights of the democratic party he was its chosen chief. His body was scarred in fighting the Battles of the democracy and his words had sunk deep into the democratic heart a especially these significant words and when he wandered his followers did not wander with him. They adhered to the Faith they stood by the decision of the courts they had Confidence in the democratic administration they had Faith in the democratic Senate they also had Faith in brother democrats in democratic states and they still have Faith in the indestructible principles of democracy. Enthusiast c cheering and you find them to Day standing up before the people of these United states confident in the Justice of their cause and determined to wage glorious and valiant Battle in the advancement of the Victory of those principles. Renewed applause i am not Here fellow citizens to attempt the vain and fruitless task of vindicating the principles of our platform or of vindicating the patriotism and Devotion to the Union of citizens whose every act and whose every thought has proved that Devotion and that patriotism. Achy Fel ice citizens our platform the platform of the National democracy is almost in tie exact words of the decision of that tribunal to which All democrats in 1856 and 1854, referred the questions in dispute. One of the provisions is almost in the identical Wor Ilse at least in the identical spirit of the words of or. Douglas himself in 1856, which i have already quoted. Our principles Are that the government of a territory is provisional and temporary that it is the creature of Congress that the people of the South equally with the a a eople of the North have the right to go to the common territories with their property and that when the territory comes to Frame its state Constitution then and not till then has the time arrived when it May Settle the question of slavery. An additional Resolution declares that it is the duty of the Federal government to protect the rights of j croons and property in the Territo ies and wherever else its constitutional authority extends. I cannot see with or. Douglas As our August witness at the time with the Veteran leaders of the democracy Buchanan Cass Breckinridge Stephens and other distinguished gentlemen of the North and the South All determined to agree to and abide by the decision of the court i cannot see How an3 Democrat can reconcile himself to oppose our platform. I cannot see How democrats standing upon our platform can still support a candidate who declares such a platform a disunion and secession platform. Yet it is even so. We find that in Missouri All democrats tii Ose who support or. Douglas As Well As those who support or. Breckinridge stand upon the Missouri platform which is simply a different expression of the platform of our party for it was the plate inn of the first majority report but not couched in As Good language. I myself was upon the committee on resolutions and know that the difference Between the two was not in principle but the one adopted was dressed in better language than the Misson platform. Now fellow citizens is not the government of a territory simply provisional and temporary ? have not the people of the several states l rights there which it is the duty of Congi Ess to protect ? does not the government have devolved upon it the duty of managing its property in those territories Viz the Public lands ? it has to Survey them it has to offer them for Sale it has to provide through its donation and Preemption Laws Homes for our people on equitable terms. The general government is the guardian of the Indian tribes and it must see to it that those tribes Are properly protected As Well against the indiscriminate and thoughtless action of its own people As against each other. We have in the territories frequently con Imei Cial interests As in Oregon and Washington where you have your duties to collect your Timber to presence and where even in their territorial existence you have your Navy Yards to establish and your fortifications to build and there is the Quot Home of the homeless Quot As has been said by Many in every state of this Union in other words there Are lands where the adventurous and enterprising people of every state of the Union have the right to go and carve out a Home for themselves. It is the duty of the general government during the existence of the territory to see to it that by no thoughtless act a of the first settlers Are the rights of the citizens of every state in this Union touched or impaired. Again under our platform the people of the South have the j i it to go to the territories with their slave prop i erty. They have the right there to hold their slaves j As i property. No unfriendly act of the Tempo rial be f Slature can touch or impair such right they have the supreme court and the other courts of the land to interpose and see that the rights of All our citizens Are respected. Our platform declares in language that these rights shall be protected by the several branches of the Federal government each in its appropriate sphere. Applause you Are told fellow citizens that the people of the North ask no Protection for their property you Are told this by in. Douglas. And he likens the relation of master and slave to that of husband and Nife. Let us look at that a moment. Can a territorial legislature intervene Between a husband and his wife separate them against their consent expel one or both from their common Home or change the condition of one or both in the married state v on the other hand is not the legislature bound to respect that relation if an act of crime is committed incompatible with the relation of husband and wife then the legislature May intervene and provide the proper remedy or. If the Luis band maltreats i wife then through her nearest Friend she May Appeal to the courts and hold him to the penalty of the Law. So much for the relation of husband and wite. How is it with the master and his slave ? can the legislature interfere wit i that relation except first of protect the master in his proper in. Slack being property and second to Jiro text the person of the slave against injustice the 4ave also being a person ? such is the legislation of i very i Southern state. It regards the slave As Nopery. And Homs him to his master it regards the. Ave As a person. And it protects him against injury. Alien is a fair and proper statement of what a territorial legislature could do. It could protect the person of the slave As every Southern state protects it against injury. It is Jound to protect the Oriu sri Lipof the master in his property As every Southern state does and therefore the argument of the relation of husband and wife simply strengthens the position of our platform in regard to the relation of master and slave. I May ask in this connection. That is govern Niento instituted for v what is the object of All government v we behold governments of various Tonus despotism monarchies republics Dinio Racies hut All for what object ? you see that All have navies Ami armies and revenues and officers and capitals and a a Niblic buildings and courts of Justice. Is that the object of government do people come Togel i r in vast nationalities simply to get up navies and armies. And great works of Art and raise immense sums of Money merely to disseminate it again through the whole country ? a no fellow citizens you All know that such Are simply the instruments of government. Government is instituted for the sole purpose of protecting persons and property nothing else and in our territories those of us who have pissed the Ouirt Indian wars who have lived in a territory when All the people were living in Block houses and when it was a question whether we could save our a Ives and our children from massacre know what it is to have the protecting hand of on Tovern Niento. I have lived in a territory in this condition i was the executive of a territory in this condition when i complained and our people con Ilaine that we did not have the Strong Arm of the general government As we were entitled to have it to protect our Pei sons and our Tell it not to the people of the territories that they do not expect some Protection from the general gov i ii meet in their persons and their property it will do very Well in your quiet and luxurious cities it will do Vei a Well Here in your thickly settled states where you do not know anything of the difficulties of the wilderness and the Savage As we know in those Distant territories but my word for it when you get Kan Sas Shri ekers and Starrison and Wendell Phillips operators and thousands of new England clergymen out of the Way the people of every territory will hold fast by your platform As they would by the altar of the Tabe Macle applause now fellow citizens whatever May be said of us. We Are the Union party we Are the democratic party we Are the anti secession party doing glorious Battle for the Constitution and the Equality of the states. Enthusiastic applause i have shown you that our jilt Fri m is a logical consequence not simply of the Kansas Nebraska act and the decision of the supreme court but of the dogmas and statements of Douglas in 1856 and it is a most extraordinary spectacle but we have often seen it in the history of the world that when Sti juggling manfully and with on whole heart for the Union we should be denounced by wanderers from the Faith As Dis unionists. Look at the glorious record of our candidates. Can you pick a flaw in the words or deeds of either Breckinridge or Lane ? Why fellow citizens the name of Breckinrid Geis fraught with revolutionary memories and Vith Sig j Nal services to the state and he seems to have been the glorious product of the times Muning Back through Many generations. We find him self a negating for he declined peremptorily to allow his name to go before the american Jie Ople As a candidate for the first office in their gift. We find t hat his whole life has been characterized by fineness by steadiness by Industry by great self Possession by heroism. He was raised in Kentucky that land and Home of the Brave that Quot dark and bloody ground Quot which in the War of 1812 showed How instinct the people were with the spirit of self sacrifice and valor. His whole lilt has been a Sermon every word almost has been a song j so harmonious so Onward so sati Statory have been its measures. If you look to his Public speeches if you look to his reputation among his neighbors if you look to the acts of his Public life you find a pure an upright a careful a sons native and at the same time a steady and bold statesman. In Congi Ess he was the Champion of a just Economy he was the Champion of equal rights fighting in Congress As he fought in his own Home in Kentucky against the doctrines of bigotry and intolerance advocated by the know nothing party. Cheers there has been no departure of his part from the Faith of the fathers there has been no inconsistency but he is to Day the growth of Imee ican statesmanship which should inspire All lovers of their country with Hope and which will give admonition to the nations of the Earth that our course As a nation is Onward and upward. Fellow citizens or. Breckinridge and Gen. Lane have gone into this contest with but one pledge a pledge Quot of fealty to the a Nion and to the Constitution As interpreted by your Plati Brm. They have no pledges to individuals. No Man has dared to approach our candidates Cha fiening for terms with perhaps it May be a single exception laughter they consider that these offices Are held Intuit and if elevated to the High office of president or. Breckinridge is free to carry out the wishes of the american people and his own judgment of right and is bound to no individual. Shall i speak of Gen. Lane Quot old Joe Quot Quot honest Joe Quot As his friends who Are tiie american people Delight to Call him ? fellow citizens Gen. Lane has been reproached with being an illiterate Man they say he Don t Cross his a Rig it he Don t Don his is right he sometimes puts in two i s when i should have put in but one and so on. That is All the blemish our Pix Jents can find in the spotless Rej Iuta Tion of Joe Lane. Now i never thought much about crossing t s or dotting i s myself and when i have found men of sense who who were so excessively j articular about that sort of thing. I have assumed that they were the Best judges of their own capacities and i always bid them god Speed laughter and cheers Gen. Lane As every Man knows who knows him personally is a Man who commands respect and j Confidence. He is honest and let me Tell you integ a Rity of character is what the people of the country i want and is what we ought to demand of our Public men. General Lane possesses that lofty Chi Vrons self sacrificing integrity of character and he has a Clear and almost intuitive perception of the character i of others. If shaky men undertake to get round him Thev will deceive Nofz be but themselves but the Gen i no. 31. Eral is a courteous gentleman and does not aay unpleasant things unless he is compelled to. But he can say and do hard things however. I might Call As a witness to that fact Santa Anna whose Home he beat up on a number of occasions. I might refer to his Battles in Mexico his Brilliant victories his decisive marches and when he held in the hollow of his band nearly one Hal of Central Mexico. Cheers there was a lion hearted hero doing his duty but i dare say he never got into a fluster. He was always self possessed but the act and the blow followed the word. And fellow citizens i am a citizen of that North West coast. I know general Lane not simply As a Public Man but As a cherished Friend a disinterested adviser. I know too How his memory is cherished on that Distant coast. He crossed the mountains in Winter he reached Oregon in March he organized a government and he As the Leader of that people protected them from the hostile assaults of the Indian twice he led their columns in War and on his Pei son has the Marks of service received there As Well a those received at Buena . Applause and this is the kind quiet gentle old Man very Good for a Friend but not fit for Public position now i Tell you i like to have just such men Quot not fit for Public visit Ion Quot in a Niblic position. They do not talk much they do not brag much they do not have confidential friends Here and there and everywhere in order to fill up the newspapers with telegraphic dispatches and glowing descriptions of that ave Inbody say. A a hat a great Man he is Quot no this Tenet , this thoughtful Way is what does the things the it i to d blow to allowing the word. Gen. Lane Guiua a slam thai and if in the Providence of in of. He so build Ever be our president we insure in the vice presidential candidate a Man the ton peer of our Brt to Kin Ridge and we thus Jne sent to our country two no n who will living Back to us the hero air age of it neral Jaek Toi. Great applause and now. Tellow i Iii is. I desire to Lou a briefly upon another topic. I have referred to on pres Itlene and my words do not come from an Oruc Holder. I did hold Ottliee under the last administration. That i had the Confidence of president Pierce api ears from the fact that from the army he Pron of cd gave me the Jiosi Tion of governor of the territory of Quot Washington. I had the Confidence of president. Pierce and 1 nil let say that nothing is More grateful to my heart than the Confidence and Good will of Good and True men. A Ause and it is a great gratification it is like pouring Oil Owr Verv wound. When you feel this calumny and contumely Are in Noeson. Well. Or. Buchanan did not see fit to re appoint me and i thought he a a most sensible Man. Laughter that was my honest judgment. I had that sense of it that 1 refused to permit my friends to present my name to the for re appointment. It referring to come to Washington As their Delegate. In my canvass in 1857. When i met republicans and they brought up Kansas against the president saying that All her governors had turned republicans i Sain to them Quot thank Jodi you know one governor who has not turned Republican but who comes bet re you a Friend of the administration Anil a Standard bearer of the democracy of tie so much Tor personal Ciattei a. 1 came Here in 1857. And. In the course of Public service for the first time 1 formed the acquaintance of our after As careful a Survey of his acts As i was Able to make 1 not Only conceived great Confidence in him but a Strong Juci Sonal attachment. I Felt that he was one of the revered statesmen of a former generation endeavouring with undiminished faculties to administer the at Xiii of tiie state and i have Felt grieved when calumny has raised its hideous head and has thrown its poisoned darts against his Good name. Applause where stands our stump candidate on this record v this fact ought to be held up to the american people As i shall do to night. I refer to the Concord speech of or. Douglas in which he says Quot the president told me if i did not obey him and vote to Force the Lecompton Constitution upon the eople against their will he would take off the head of every Friend i had in of be this is a conversation which after a silence of three years in the heat of a presidential canvass or. Douglas affirms was held Between him and the president of the United states. I desire to Call the attention of gentlemen to a letter from the pies Dent Foex governor Smith of Virginia wherein the president says surely there must have been some mistake in the report of the speech because i never held any such conversation with judge Douglas nor any conversation affording the least color or pretext for such u statement. It was not in my nature to address such threatening and insuring language to any gentleman. Besides i have not removed one in ten of his friends and not one of his relatives. Even among those of his friends who have Ren it lured themselves prominently hostile to the measures of the a administration a majority still remain in office. I might add that i have never held a political Eon Vei station with judge Douglas on this or on any other subject since the Day my first annual message of the 8th of december 1857. Was read in the Senate and i did not transmit the Kansas Constitution to Congress until the 2d of Fei Rumary. The be to on of slavery not having been decided by a vote of the people until the 21st of december 1 .s�7.&Quot i shall not go into any discussion of the question. I sin ily hold up this picture and 1 hold up that with this question is it Likely that if the president had such a conversation with judge Douglas As the latter alleges he Avold have a Clit it hugged to bosom for three years and never have Given it to the Public until he got to Concord n. In would not a Man o Kei u sensibilities have re Seniel it As an insult upon the spot and would not judge Douglas have used it in the Senate when he charged the administration with ravaging bitter and ii revocable Wai against him ? i do say that or. Buchanan has committed one grave error in his administration. It is an error that men of lofty integrity Antl High qualities Are Apt of commit the error of exceed it Ling disinterestedness and self negation. It is a fact that at the North a majority of the office holders Are and have been howling woh is after this Ai ministration abusing it in Teim it of obloquy and taking advantage of tie equanimity of a High spirited Patriot but this is an error Wlinich his friends May Maitlon the president for it is an error which history if it notes will note with great leniency. And perhaps with much commendation. But the administration of or. Buchanan in so Quot the attacks made upon it by this Perambo peripatetic candidate laughter will stand out in history a Noble Monument of the Onward Progress of our country. He has reduced expenses not increased them is has been falsely stated within the past two Days. He has endeavoured to impress All kinds of Reform on the administration. It was not the wolves Lite of All Atin Ltd and with tongues Licking buttered chops that howled Agi inst him but it was the wolves whose bellies stuck to their backs and who were fam Ishing for food. That was the True history and we Challenge contradiction we defy enquiry. Come on and we will show by irrefutable testimony that such is the ease Why should we be i armed ? general Jackson was not alarmed that Stern old hero when they talked about dragging him from the White House with their ten thous did men from new York and other great cities. He refilled to All their abuse Quot hard words break no laughter it is so in this contest. But we have heard some talk about a Gallows and Haman. Let us pause a Little. I am not touching upon dangerous ground and 1 have a thought to say. Fellow citizens there is ninth in the remark that org to attack the Nisi unon of slavery pause a moment while i recite a few Well known facts in its history. Time was when we had Rothii Bat National parties except a Small handful of men in the Northern states led on by certain fanatical leaders honest men Earnest men disinterested men de tei mined men who against it contumely and reproach and discouragement of every kind held to their Prin

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