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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - September 25, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana The old Constitution the Union and the Equality of the states vol. , i.d., tuesday september 25, 1860.the old line guard. Is published or n. In b s Xii Yat Indianapolis Indiana by a Harkness. T 33 n. 3vc , amt Llanier Tuc preside Nual elect of. La Advance in All cases. Advertisements inserted at the usual rotes. Speech of theron. Henry w. Hilliard of Al Bavia at the monster Union meeting at the Cooper Institute in new York. Or. Hilliard said the contest now going on is not an Ordinary canvass it wears an Asci act of far higher significance and More momentous results lift themselves to View in the background. Applause bodies of men disciplined a lied marching to the sound of martial music bearing not arms As yet but torches a tread the streets of this great National Emporium and Range their columns under the very Shadow of the statue of Washington. For what purpose Are they trained against Liat enemy Are they to March one sentiment inflames the whole Bly. They Are banded together for one purpose. They hate the South and they will seek to overthrow the institutions of the Soulli. At this moment an extraordinary number of citizens from the Southend states arc in new York they fill the hotels they throng the streets they Are seen in your great trading establishments they come Avith the Confidence of a Kindred people to visit and Trade with a Kindred people great cheering and yet torches borne by men who denounce their institutions and seek to turn All the Power of a common government against them Glare upon Vliem at mid Naglit and the tread of disciplined battalions shakes the very paving stones As they March in their training to rep arc for a Resistless assault upon tie rights and the Honor of our Section. What other object can they have in View ? it is said that they desire to exclude slavery from the territories when there is not a territory open to it to Day. Their object lies far beyond that they intend to crush out slavery in the states Wycie it exists. They proclaim through tie lips of their great Leader Quot the irrepressible they intend to trample the Constitution under their feet and to spread devastation through the slave holding states. Their War cry is As furious As Liat which was thundered by the legions who marched under banners upon which was inscribed Delenda est Carthage Quot this distinguishes the present presidential canvass from any that has preceded it. The speaker proceeded to examine the assertion that our Republican system is a failure and refuted it on All grounds. He also defined the distinction Between state rights and the rights of the general gov i Ament and showed that the state rights theory was the Only one upon which the government could be administered. With reference to the Republican party the speaker said that the South sees this mighty organization spreading its battalions All through the Northern and North Western states she Heads the tramp of men mustering to the overthrow of her institutions. But she stands a dismayed confident yet in the patriotic instincts of the american people confident in the fraternal regard of her Northern friends but More confident still in her own self respect and courage for she never will submit to be wronged and degraded nor live to see her institutions brought under the ban of the government. Applause she borrows the spirit of tie National song of England her Mother and exclaims o lord our god. Arise scatter our enemies and make them fall confound then politics frustrate their Knavish tricks on thee our hearts we fix god save the state enthusiastic cheering we must defeat this fierce sectional league and save the government from their grasp. Why should the North be Arraj de against the South ? there is ample room on this continent for the expansion and working of our systems of civilization systems which Are not conflicting but which Are admirably adapted to each other for we consume your products and we Supply you with tie material for your Industry. Applause let the two systems work Side by Side the North is Ali Cady Powei Ful and your population is rapidly increasing by a steady Stream of emigration which spreads All Over your vast territory. Slavery will not go where it is not wanted it is governed by natural Laws of soil and climate and we Are Content to leave it to its natural expansion. Above a Well defined parallel of latitude it cannot be profitably pm Floyed. It is madness then to seek to limit it by legislation by usurpation and inflaming the Nort i against the South and by proclaiming humanitarian doctrines Assi allow As they Are dangerous. To god s Providence this great interest must be committed he sees the Sublime March of nations he alone can guide our Steps and it is stupendous Folly As Well As audacity for our Brethren of the North to pass away from j the lines of their own social system in tiie vain Hope of reforming ours. I have said that it would be a Gross violation of the Constitution to engraft upon the government a policy hostile to slavery. It would be More than this it would be a Flag ant breach of Good Faith. Does any Man believe that the Federal government could have been constructed if it had been under stood that its Powers were to be directed against slavery in the states ? Why it was expressly stipulated in the Constitution that the foreign slave Trade should not be prohibited by tie government for Twenty years after its adoption. Why stipulate for the continued importation of slaves for Twenty years if it was to be the policy of the government in future to eradicate that institution in the states ? Why not forthwith Cut off All further Supply of slaves from abroad ? so Resolute were the of raiders of the Constitution upon this Point that the Power to regulate Commerce by a Bare Nia Jority vote of the two houses of Congress was not granted until that clause in reference to the Importa-1 tons of persons from abroad was first secured. If then tie government could not have been constructed with a distinct understanding at the time that its policy was to be directed against slavery is it not both unconstitutional and a flagrant breach of Good Faith to seize the departments of that government a government common to All the states and turn them against that system of labor in the Southern states ? the Constitution provides for the representation of slaves As an elementary part of the machinery of the government and it Proli bits the cutting Oft Quot a still larger Supply of slaves from Africa for Twenty years. How then can it be asserted that this is an anti Flavery government in its nature and that it was put upon the wrong track forty Yeai s since b admitting a slave ii Olding state into the Union ought not the people of tie state to enjoy the privilege of framing their own Domestic institutions ? can hostility to slavery upon the ground of its being a moral wrong As or. Simmonds asserts it to be authorize a statesman to direct the energies of a common government against it when the Constitution not Only confers no such Power but when its provisions actually Are made to Pei Etuate it ? is not this a direct Appeal to the higher Law ? All that the South asks is that the Constitution be upheld she demands nothing but that the government be administered in the spirit of that instrument. Cheers her enemies Are the enemies of the Constitution and they can reach her ins Titu j tons Only by trampling that under foot she does not envy the Prosperity of the North. She rejoices in the increasing wealth and Power of a Kindred people she witnesses your rapid advancement your wonderful grow tii with just Pride and she bids you go on in your course of expansion and civilization she sees your splendid cities with Hearty satisfaction and glories in your Commerce which bears the Flag of the Republic to the remotest seas of the Globe she is Content with her own lot she asks no special legislation for her Benefit All that she demands is a full participation in the benefits of a common government a full recognition of her rights and a Clear vindication of Honor. Great applause wronged degraded excluded from the full Benefit of her own government she will never consent to be nor will she suffer her institutions to be brought under the ban of that government. Cheers when we Survey the wide picture of National Power and glory and happiness that spreads out before us we can hardly repress our indignation against those wild and wicked agitators who seek to destroy it and we exclaim in the language of Milton s nervous and anxious prayer against the enemies of the people of England Quot leave us not a prey to these importunate wolves that wait and think Long till they devour thy tender flocks these wild boars that have broke into thy Vineyard and left the print of their polluting hoofs on the souls of thy servants. O let them not bring about their wicked designs that stand now at the bottomless pit expecting the watchword to open and let out those dreadful locusts and scorpions to re involve us in that pitchy Cloud of infernal darkness where we shall never More see the Light of tiny truth again never Homie for the cheerful Dawn never More hear the Bird of morning this is a grand St niggle Between nationalism and sectional ism. Tie very existence of the Union is involved in it men of extreme opinions seek to grasp the reins of government and if they succeed they will plunge the country into irretrievable ruin. They must be put Down. Tremendous cheers National men statesmen who stand by the Constitution and love the Union and desire to see the Law enforced they must be sustained and to their hands we must commit the government. Renewed applause rash men of sectional views cannot govern this great country. A perfect illustration of what would follow is found in the classics. Phaeton desired but for one Day to drive the Chariot of the Sun he seized the reins in his feeble hands the wild steeds flew from their accustomed track. The universe was threatened with destruction and not until a Bolt flew from the uplifted hand of Jupiter hurling the impetuous Driver irom his seat could order be restored to nature. Better far to keep rash sectional incompetent men out of the seat of Power than risk the task to the aroused majesty of the american people of restoring order and Jurling them from their places. It is not the first time it is True that the candidates for the highest offices in the Republic have been taken from one Section of the Union but it must be remembered that this election is made to turn alone on a sectional Issue every question of legitimate National policy is ignored and slavery is the Only question discussed. To take candidates now from one Section to proclaim War against another Section to denounce the institutions of co ordinate states this is the Issue before the country this is the policy exhibited to our View and it has never till now threatened to take control of the government. If they come into Power it will be the beginning of the end this government cannot be administered upon that plan. The Day that witnesses the election of or. Lincoln if that calamity is to be visited upon us will witness a convulsion that will shake the institutions of this country to their deepest foundations. Public Confidence will expires stocks will go Down property of every description fall suddenly in value Commerce will feel the Shock As if a storm had swept the sea and rent the sails of mighty ships and this grand Republican system this glorious confederacy of free and powerful states seated in Friendly Alliance upon a continent Over which the gorgeous Ensign of the Republic streams to Day the Symbol of peace of Union and of strength will Rock As under the throes of an earthquake. The Mariner can discover with his practice Eye the signs of the rising tempest and even far in upon the land a Bird is sometimes seen flying before the fury of the coming storm which threatens to sweep its Billowy Home and not doubt that men of experience sweeping the horizon with their glasses begin even now to read the signs of danger in some of those aspects which the times disclose to their View while they escape the observation of a casual observer. I have always been for the Union i am for the Union to Day but the Best friends of tie Union May be overwhelmed As a faithful helmsman is sometimes driven from his Post by the fury of a Resistless tempest. Let us put Down now and forever sectional men they exult in the Hope of Victory they spread their fierce legions All about us As Leslie s army shut in Cromwell let us like that grand old Christian Soldier Rise in our impetuous strength and Cut their lines to pieces. The Union must be preserved glorious objects lie before us our destiny As a nation is not yet fulfilled. Mexico Cuba those great problems can Only be solved by us. Europe is just now rising under the inspiring teaching of our example. Let us accomplish the grand and i Beneficent objects of our destiny As a nation. Loud applause upon you gentlemen of the state of new York depends everything at this crisis do not be dismayed by the magnitude of tie task which lies before you think of your vast strength think of the glory which will Crown you if meeting the surging Billows which have just broken Over the state of Maine you say to them Quot hitherto Shalt thou come and no farther and Here shall thy proud Waves be it is glorious to see great strength displayed in the Beneficent work of saving and not of destroying. You can save a nation you can Rescue the Republic you can cover yourselves All Over with glory. The lacedaemonian a stood at the pass of thermopylae and dying earned Immi laity they perished because they were feeble they counted but hundreds against a Host. But you Are mighty you Are invincible Rise to the full grandeur of your position. Friends of the Constitution friends of Liberty friends of the Republic Rise in the full majesty of your strength and crush the enemies of your country. Loud and Long continued cheering the result of the election. Maine. Our state election is Over and the result in part is before the people in figures. Douglas and his indefensible doctrine of squatter sovereignty an abolition candidate for govenor squatter sovereignty candidates for Congress Wilmot proviso and abolition platforms have done their work for the democratic party of Maine. We Are Defeated miserably overwhelmingly Defeated and the majorities against us will prob ably be counted by tens of thousands. We have lost every member of Congress we have not elected a single member of the Senata and if we have chosen any representatives to the legislature it must be in the Quot Rural with this disastrous result before their eyes will the democracy of Maine longer follow the Lead of Douglas ? will they longer listen to his deceitful leaders who have cheated and defrauded them into the support of a Man and of doctrines that have Only served to Render them an easy prey to Black republicanism ? no let the democracy of Maine no longer follow this downward path. Let them rally around the National Banner of Breckinridge and Lane. Let them Plant themselves upon a platform As Broad As the Union itself the platform of the Equality of the Maine Union. From thu St. bulletin. The Hannibal to Democrat has dropped the Douglas Flag and now supports Breck Thridge and Campaign in Missouri. Judge Bowlin of t ii k stump. The democracy of Daviess county Missouri had a grand mass meeting at Gallatin the county seat on saturday the 15 the inst. It was an Impromptu meeting and a Large crowd was not expected yet when the hour arrived the court House was crowded to its utmost capacity. Old men who had not attended a Public meeting for Many months were there and Young men just budding into Dena Cracy. On the Entrance of judge Bowlin into the court House he was greeted with enthusiastic applause. Being introduced to the audience he spoke for More than three hours in substance As follows though he appeared before them apparently a stranger this being the first time he had Ever had the pleasure of visiting their county yet he did not feel himself so much of a stranger when he reflected that the confiding relation of constituents and representative had formerly existed Between them. He retained cherished recollections of that period when the democratic county of Daviess rolled up her triumphant majorities for him endorsing again and again a political career which has been without change save in the natural Progress of the democracy from that Jeriod to this. He Felt then that no Man Ever had Nolle r or More confiding constituents or they a Rej re tentative More ambitious to serve them with Fidelity. Added to his own consciousness of having faithfully discharged his duty he was buoyed up with the proud Consolation Liat his conduct had met their entire a probation As evinced in their support. This he Trast de gave him some claims still to the Confidence of tilt democracy Here who had to usted him and had not been deceived and who knew that in his whole political history amidst every division and through every conflict of opinion he had maintained his loyalty to the True democracy. And before he proceeded More particularly to his subject he said he had a word to say to that portion of the democracy who called themselves Douglas democrats. He reminded them of the times when they had fought the Battles of the democracy together Arm to Arm and shoulder to shoulder against the common enemy of our principles. Lie reminded them in the same detail of the struggles they had gone through together and the victories they had gallantly conquered and then appealed to them to know whether they were going to yield to the seductive Flat teries of that same common foe and suffer them to Divide and conquer. Will you he asked yield to intrigue All the triumphs they had so gallantly won by their patriotism and courage a he again and again assured the Douglas democrats a his old compatriots in the conflicts of a Quarter of a Century that he had no design or wish to offend them and that if any expression escaped him in the heat of debate that they might think intemperate or harsh he made the apology in Advance by assuring them that no offence was intended that he did not come before them to arouse and inflame their anger and confirm them in their error so but to Appeal to them by their common brotherhood in a common cause to Lough Long gone years by All their Brilliant victories which Riley had won together by the Bright history of the democracy of the past and its cherished Hopes of the future by the glorious spirit of patriotism which swelled in the breast of every True democrats to come Back to their old Veteran comrades in the cause. He knew he said that they did not desire to abandon the democratic party and lose their share in the glorious work of building it up and the Bright rewards that awaited the faithful in the future yet he most solemnly assured them that their present course led directly to that result. There could not be two democratic parties in the country and both be right one or the other must be wrong. Then to ascertain which was right and which was wrong look to the platforms look to the men who Lead the respective wings and compare both with the principles they had through life been battling for and then go where your Calm patriotic judgment leads you. He had no fear of the result. For himself he had taken that review As soon As he Sjuve tie storm rising in the distance and without regard to men he had determined for himself the principle and followed it to its legitimate conclusion in the ranks of the True democracy. Measures not men was the democratic motto. Stand by that and you cannot err abandon it and you arc at sea without Compass or rudder. Tried by this test he put the question to them in the spirit of kindness had they not strayed from the fold ? had they not forgotten the True Faith and followed false idols and false gods ? again he asked them to try their position by another test. Ask you selves who Are your leaders ? ask it frankly and boldly like democratic veterans who could face the music on any question who Are your leaders ? Are they not with very few exceptions old broken Down Wiigs without character enough to find quarters in a party of similar sentiments to their own and have to seek quarters through i a Wing of the severed democracy Ile entreated them not to feel angry at these questions from an old Friend but look around you and ask yourselves who Are the editors who the orators that Lead your Wing of the part ? he appealed to their Candor to say if they were not men who for More than a Quarter of a Century had like vanquished vampires squatted Over their victims sucking the blood of High toned patriotic honorable democrats without acquiring aught to enrich their own frigid systems ? again ask you selves Douglas democrats what is their present Staple in the political Market ? was it not constant and untiring abuse of a democratic administration which was created by democrats was supported by democrats and persecuted alike by Black republicans and their allies was it not constant and untiring abuse of every prominent Democrat in the land ? the whole Staple of their speeches and editorials is abuse of democratic men and democratic measures. Was not that so ? they had Laboured so Long in a miserable opposition defaming democrats that they could make no other they have been tearing character to tatters so Long that they have lost the Art of vindicating reputation a they have no Toifl for their Champion but the false cry of availability regularity of nomination and persecution yet there Are those who think his cause might find some advantage in a defence. A vote for Douglas in november would be a vote for squatter sovereignty and free soil ism in their worst form a vote against the institutions of their cherished state and would exile them forever from their party. The followers of every apostate from the democratic party have Only strewed the pathway of their Champion with their Bones and if you follow them until after november All the teachings of our history is but prophetic of your Fate. In connection with this he asked permission to spread briefly the history of the glorious party they had helped to rear up to its present mighty proportions and which they were now about to abandon. He then went into a history of the democratic party its Peculiar adaptation to the Progress of the country the Progress of the country under its administration of affairs and the opposition it had had to encounter in its March. He demonstrated that it was the Only Union the Only National the Only conservative party and the Only progressive one in existence. He re viewed some of the measures of the opposing party to demonstrate they were not founded upon principle but upon utilitarian ideas and could never survive the administration which gave them birth whilst the democratic doctrines were All founded upon principles that Lay at the foundation of All free governments and could never perish. He averred that the Laws and living institutions of the government under which it was administered idl had a democratic origin. No measure survived which did not have a democratic origin that in the nature of things the government could Only Progress under democratic auspices. He then took notice of the first Rise of a purely sectional part of birded on geographical lines the fell spirit of fanaticism that gave it birth and the Cui be it was Likely to inflict upon the country. He cited the Farewell warning to the father of his country against the formation of such a party and said that Washington in the spirit of a pure and holy patriotism looked through the dim Vista of time to some Remote period when the population would be doubtless crowded and men would be pressing upon each other for bread when political corruptions might be More Rife and fearing such consequences uttered his warning against such a party. If the dead were permitted to visit this world and participate in human passions and human affairs what would be his feelings at beholding such a party rising in this land within the period of the life of a Man from the Date of his patriotic warning. Yet it was so. Fanaticism and the fell spirit of an unholy ambition he done its work and we had this sectional party upon us and they j could not shut their eyes to the startling fact that its j growth had been As rapid As its designs were wicked. He reviewed its measures and showed that it had no binding tie in doctrines and was Only held together by the spirit of persecution and persecution of their Brethren. That the Only tie in their doctrine that i bound them together had been ruled unconstitutional j by the highest judicial tribunal in the land in a Case of unquestioned jurisdiction which placed them in the attitude of a party battling for the overthrow of the Constitution. This party gathering itself together from the debris of All the inner decayed parties in turn took its stand to resist the Onward and upward March of the progressive democracy and was like the rest overthrown. But the fight was too fierce and the contest was too close to make them yield to a Superior Victor. They prepared for another fight and began rallying their forces for 18g0. He then Drew a picture of the strength and the 1 efforts making by the Black republicans to renew the fight and the democratic party being the Only National organization to again meet and overthrow them. The struggles of both for the renewal of the conflict that might possibly involve the Fate of the Republic with judge Douglas As our chosen Leader to Bear aloft our Banner in the fight when at this most inauspicious moment he raised the Banner of revolt by an open War upon the administration in a vindictive attack upon one of its measure. This he followed up until he Cut the last tie that bound him to the democratic party. He Here reviewed at some length judge Douglas position in the party How it had idolized him and How its Hopes were built up in he also reviewed the new doctrine sought to be engrafted on the democratic platform exposing St Platter sovereignty and repudiating the new false title of popular sovereignty assumed for the heresy. Popular sovereignty was the basis of All free government and underlined it As a foundation from Avrich Ever Power sprung and was As old As free government itself. Our ancestors had stamped the i eat principles of popular sovereignty upon our institutions and breathed into them that spirit of Enterprise which made tie nation outstrip the world in the March of Empire. He meant popular sovereignty not in the absurd a enc in which it was now used by demagogues to mislead and deceive the people but in that Sublime sense in which our Patriot fathers used it when they made it the basis of free government. The sovereignty of the people the will of the great masses who guide and direct their government under wholesome constitutional restraints silently and quietly enunciated through i the ballot Box yet with a Potency of voice that makes nations stand entranced is a Conception Only surpassed in grandeur and magnificence by the Fiat of omnipotence . Yet this Sublime principle of free government is sought to be prostituted As a covering to that rickety concern that heretical Blind to frees Oilsin called squatter sovereignty. What a contrast Between a great nation of people governing themselves through the silent Power of the ballot Box under whole some self imposed constitutional restrictions for the Protection of Pei sons and property held sacred from violation and a squad of unrestrained settlers on the Public Domain making their will the Law to overthrow courts and constitutions alike by Bare majorities which May be As changeable As proteus and As variable As the winds. He then reviewed the efforts to Force judge Douglas and his sectional platform upon the democratic party from the first cry of availability Down to the last howl of regularity of nomination criticising the action of the conventions and exposing at length the frauds and false assumptions. He exposed very successfully not Only the efforts of the Dougl Sites to impose a sectional Pla Fonn and a sectional candidate but absolutely to put a Plank in our Pla Fonn for a congressional slave code against our will and protest and concluded this Branch of his subject by asking Quot what do the Southern states demand Quot a simply Equality of rights Equality of privileges whilst they Bear an equal share of the burdens of government. That is All no More. The principle of Equality of rights lies at the very foundation of our whole superstructure. The government was founded upon the idea of popular sovereignty and the equal rights and the equal delegations of the whole people. It recognized no privileged class born booted and spun de to override outlier classes of citizens. Under our glorious institutions the ragged Urchin was the peer of the proudest of the land and beneath their fostering care and Protection if he had Talent Energy and virtue might aspire to the highest positions in the Republic. The path of Honor and glory was As open to him and was As Likely to be to of by him As by the pampered child of opulence. Wealth and poverty might create a conventional disparity in society but under the Broad Banner of our country were a equal. The path to glory and renown was eco rally open to All who had the Genius and courage to Battle for tie prize. What a Beautiful commentary did not this present of the working of our glorious system of government where the equal rights of every citizen had taken deep Root under the fostering Wing of democratic Liberty. If then Equality of rights lie at the foundation of our whole political system and is equally applicable to j individuals and to states what is there in the National i territories acquired by the common blood and com-1 Mon treasure of the nation to exempt them from a from the operation of the great principle of Equality ? j he then passed to the charge of disunion against i them by a pensioned , conducted by just such patriots Quot As Money can incite i to write a Patriot Black a traitor White Quot j and exposed and repelled the vile imputation at some length exposing the antecedents of Thos i who made the charge and vindicating the democracy from it he then took up Bell and Everett and their platform. ? he exposed and ridiculed the idea of Tring to Humbug the people by declaring a set of political axioms that Codd find no opponent to them in the United states. They were for the Constitution the Union and the enforcement of the Laws. Who were against either ? could a Man be found in the United states that was opposed to either ? but he insisted that whilst the platform As such was simply ridiculous yet it betrayed a design on tie part of those who engineered it into existence to seize Power without those restraints which a free people always impose. The idea was not Anglo Saxon but austrian and the people would so Tell them on the ides of november lie then went into the history of charter a Bills of right constitutions and platforms and showed that they All j come from a common origin and were the implements in the hands of a free people to restrain the abuse of Power in their magistrates and that it was an insult to the people to offer them such a mockery. He then made an Appeal to the Youn men who had not yet cast their ii Quot St vote to be cautious How they cast it. He urged them to judge for themselves to study the Constitution of the country and see How essentially it was based on democratic principles and How necessary democratic organization win to a successful administration under it. No other parties in no. 30. This country had Ever fitted it or it them hence their at ministrations were so few and so unsuccessful. He told them to deliberate Well before they cast an anti democratic vote As it might blight ail their future Hopes and prospects in life. But above All in the present conflict of opinions to be cautious How they cast a vote which might identify them in future with a free soil element in the state. It would be like the Mark of Cain upon them never to be erased. There never was a time when there was so much danger of error in a first apostasy is Rife in the land and there is Only one thing certain in the Fate of an apostate and that is he never returns to the fold he has abandoned and his pathway into other organizations is generally marked with the wreck of his adherents. There is but one Safe course and that is to vote the True democratic ticket. After judge Bowlin had concluded his remarks the meeting was permanently organized and resolutions passed expressing the sentiment and purpose of the people of Daviess county. A set of Good sound delegates was chosen to attend the convention at Jefferson City. The democracy of Daviess county is aroused and will make such a report of itself in november next As to cause squatter ism to go howling to its Den. The effect of the War upon the South in a commercial Point of View. , a. Sept. 11. Let 0. To the it Lori it of the to Strnal of Commerce a 1 should like to know if Quot in their calculations As to tie results of the election of their candidate for president the republicans have Ever Cou dered the probability of a cessation of comin Ereial relations Between the North and the South. One tiling is certain to follow the election of Lincoln a practical of the Union in the total dissolution of All commercial ties and it would be Well for All classes at the North whether , merchants mechanics ship of Iii a brokers and those dependent upon them to reflect As to How far their various interests Are Likely to be affected in the event supposed. I cannot believe that those men Are aware As to what extent Thev Are dependent on Southern patronage and How Hurge a portion of the proceeds of our Cotton crop finds its was into Northern pockets. I have been a planter for a Good Many years and i was considerably startled at the result of an investigation of the subject it is far As connected with myself and my own family. On examination of my expenditures one year with another i find that nearly of my income has either directly or indirectly foun Ltd its Way into the hands of Northern men and i believe this to be True with a majority of the producing classes Here. I am aroused in the morning by the Bell of a clock hailing from Connecticut. Leaving a bed which with All its paraphernalia is of Northern origin i thrust my feet into a pair of Massachusetts shoes and 1 join my family at the table everything that meets my Eye except the faces to dear to me is All. All Northern. My Coffee which has paid toll to a Northern importer been parched Over an Albany stove ground in a Mill from Meriden conn., poured from a Yankee urn into a Yankee cup sweetened with sugar refined in new York stirred with a spoon of like origin used to be drank without one emotion other than pleasing. Will it to Ever thus v is it so now i to Church or to school a Northern Bell invites us. In our devotions or our dances a Northern Organ or a Northern fiddle lends its Inspirit ing strains. Whether we ride or walk sit or sleep we do All my Northern friends through your kind assistance. I take a look at my sour visage in a Northern Mirror stamp my foot on a Northern carpet and Rush out of a House which was constructed with Northern tools fitted with Northern doors Sash blinds Glass &c., painted with Northern paint furnished and Adornel throughout from cellar to attic with the works of Northern hands. I mount a Northern Saddle and ride Over a farm which i cultivated with Northern implements by negroes Clad in cloth made in Massachusetts from materials furnished anywhere from Vermont to Ohio. My Cotton pre arc for Market by Northern Gin and press enveloped in bagging which has paid tribute to a Boston indiaman is hauled by a Northern engine to the seaport whence it is shipped in a Noi Tiern to its ultimate Point of destination paying in its transport commission brokerage. Insurance Exchange and a Host of other charges. Now will the republicans pause to consider who reaps the largest benefits from the Cotton crop the above considerations would seem to place the people of the South in a very dependent position. If so it is one with which they have hitherto been contented. They have till now in the Innocency of their hearts been willing thus to share with Northern men the profits of slave labor. They have been thus apparently dependent from Choice not from necessity. From the Seaboard to the mountains can be found every variety of climate and its attendant productions. Abundant water Power mines of Coal Iron Gold and Lead Are embraced within the Southern states. And if we have not yet acquired the skill to engage successfully in manufactures you May be sure we shall not be Long without it when once impelled to the necessity of Independence. Our forests produce every species of ship Timber and in the event of the Triumph of the sectional. Republican party you have my Assurance whatever it is Worth that Northern Shinis will soon be without Southern car soes. One word As to the design of Quot wiping out Quot the institution of slavery in the United states. It is simply absurd. Cotton can Only be raised successfully by slave labor. That luvs b in demonstrated. And it is an article too essential to the Comfort and peace of Mankind for its cultivation to be abandoned. As to the Quot barbarism of slavery Quot let any honest Northern Man take All the productions of Stowe Sumner amp co., in his hand and make a tour of the South pm states and my word for it he will go Home and vote for some one other than old Abe. Yours Texas. The Houston Telegraph publishes the following letter from Gen. Houston executive department Austin August 20, 1860. My. W. S. Taylor a dear sir a your letter of the 12th has this moment reached me. Replying i would say Juliat. Congress has no Jower Over the subject of slavery. The territories Are but the creatures of Congress and Congress having no Power to legislate upon the subject of slavery it cannot invest the territories with that which it does not possess. A territory can exercise no Power whatever in relation to slavery. A state Only has the Power to establish or abolish it. This is the True democratic Creed As i understand it on the subject. A territory in convention preparatory to becoming a state can by their cons Titu tuition say whether they will or will not have slavery. This is the whole sum of the matter. Very truly yours Sam Houston. Quot the Constitution and the Equality of the states these Are the symbols of everlasting Union. Let these be the rallying cries of the . C. Bunecki Krikoe. Quot instead of breaking up the Union we intend to strengthen and lengthen . C. . Quot we know no Section As distinct from the other we know the Constitution and the states Ander it and their right As guaranteed under that Joseph Lake

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