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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - September 13, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana The old line Constitution the Union and the Equality of the states vol. I.ldia\apolis, ii\d., thursday september 13, 18 >0. To. 25.the old line guard. Is t r x Quot tar 33 e u in Quot Orat i i it a . Indiana by Kladek a hah Sivess. T is �1l Ivr issi.09, i Intel of 1er Ilic presidential elect Iii. Advance in All cases. Advertisements inserted at the usual rates from the Baton Kongo Loti Isi Iii i of the Bell and Douglas coalition an Imi Octant letter. We desire to direct particular attention to the letter which copy below. It tells its own Story More effectively Tolian we can Tell it and deals a blow to Douglas ism in the South that will stagger it considerably. Or. Sloan the writer of the letter he self a Douglas Man finding that the Douglas men Are Labouring Tor Bell and Everett feels himself obliged to come out and denounce the intended treason to the Denio uralic cause As every honest Southern Democrat must do who seeks the Success of democratic Princi Jules Nashville tkxx., aug. 3, i860.dear sir a will Yon in the democracy of Tennessee tie favor o prepare Lor publication a synopsis of your interesting of Secli delivered before the democratic Central club on tuesday evening the 31st Ultimo very truly yours Joii a. Fishko president of the dem. Central conduit tee. To r. B. Sloan. Reply of sir. Sloan. Nashville August 3, Isgo. I Ivolu. Joii a. I Sizick Praksi Dext Damoc Katuc club dear sir a yours of Liis Date was received a Sivinia me Tor a Synod Sis of the speech i delivered be lore the item Cra tic Central club for publication. J have no notes of the argument there used and can Only give the reasons Why i am not Abr Douglas at this i time. I before the meeting of the Charleston convention i was for or. A Ouglas was even for him after he had received the Nom mation of his particular friends at Baltimore and to Ilay would be for him were i Satis fied Itiat he was the Choice of one half of the demo i racy of Tennessee. I was Lor him because i believed Hini to be More entitled to tie nomination than any other contestant and that the objections to him in the South were open abstract questions. I signed a Call for a Douglas meeting to be held in Nashville on the 21st july for the purpose of hearing Quot col. Carroll and other distinguished the meeting i came Olf but to Aud behold Quot what a change was Here my the a principal retarders and friends i the men that did Quot the holler Iru Quot of or. Douglas in that meeting were gentlemen who supported Fillmore in 1856, Button in 1857, and Netherland in 1858�? men who had denounced or. Douglas As a Black Republican King squatter and traitor to the what could it mean ? were they All deserting Bell and going for Douglas were they sincere or was there son thing Quot behind the curtain Quot not to be seen j i determined to wait and watch. J a Douglas club of some forty or gift members was formed of which i was a member the club made me a Delegate to a convention that was to meet in Nashville on the 28th of july for the purpose of consult in let As i understood it As to the Best Means of securing the Success of the party in the coming it was to be a state convention and ii deemed expedient a state electoral ticket was to be tie convention met at the state Capitol on the morning appointed but owing to the slim attendance the i convention adjourned until three o clock. But again this state convention of the National democracy of j Tennessee could not drum together Twenty four Dele Gates from Allt e counties in the slate outside of da-1 Vinson. Where Are the delegates to this great National part s convention achy Are the friends of or. Bull Liere in such numbers Why Are they so anxious for or. Doi Iglins to have a ticket in this state who do Thev have such Long and animated Consulta a Lions with the delegates of this democratic Conven Tion ? we do they suggest the names of men in their i particular localities that will make Good Douglas elec tors and wily do tie delegates to Liis National dam Oer Atie convention lend a listening ear to suggestions of to Weir old political enemies i could find but one answer or one suggestion. I was satisfied that Quot some thing was Rotten in i Felt that it was a Bill movement in disguise and for the purpose of test ing the truth of my suspicions i Drew up the following Resolution Llesh de that the National democracy of Tennes-1 see believing it wrong to throw their influence in favor of any sectional candidate for the presidency or i a ice presidency Are first in favor of the election of Stephen a. Douglas and h. V. Johnson and if they cannot effect their object in their election they Are next in favor of the National Union candidates Bell and Everett. Not wishing to present the Resolution in person i j went among the members and told them my suspicions and that i Quot wanted to test the fact whether or not tie delegates to the democratic convention did not j re Fer giving the state of Tennessee to or. Bell Over or. Breckinridge. Their answer was yes we Don t want Ivor. Breckinridge to carry a single stale but a South Carolina. They would not introduce tie Resolution because they said it would split the party that to litre were Bell men enough in Thor convention to carry the Resolution and its adoption would ruin everything. This was the first intimation that i had that there Quot were Bell men in the convention and i so exr dressed myself at the time to tie gentlemen with whom i was conversing and they All said it would be impossible to keep them from voting on the Resolution. Was i in a joint Stock concern in which Boll men and Douglas men were equally interested and were we working for one and tie same end ? had the love for one Man so Iii carried us from the True landmarks of democracy that we were prepared to sell out body and baggage to the opposition i went into the Convent Voirin Good Laith i was working for the election of i in. Douglas not Init. Bell and when i found that the leaders of the movement were working fori the sole purpose of Quot destroying the democratic party in aiding or. Bill and his friends i could no longer i remain alien it was evident that the Carroll Watter a son and company party were working not for the love of or. Douglas but of revenge that their efforts were to destroy not to build up the democratic i arty. I could not see How any Democrat could longer remain with such a faction for it is a faction working against the Danio erotic party with no purpose in View but its lest auction. And 1 do not hesitate to say and that too v. It Lieut the fear of Succes Fitl contradiction that the leaders of this Douglas movement Are working for like sole and Only purpose of giving the state of Tennessee to or. Bel and Tia they have no other earthly object in View save and except their own political advancement in 1801, by and with the Aid of the Bell men to whom they Are now trying to Transfer a portion of the democracy of Tennessee. There is one other consideration Why in my opinion Douglas democrats should not support him in this suite. It is evident that the race now being made by the friends of or. Bell and or. Douglas is to split up the electoral vote so As to get their particular friends in the House of representatives. Now take it for granted that if the election goes into the House who will be the prominent candidates ? All admit that Lincoln will b6 one and it is equally certain that or. Breckinridge will be another leaving the race for the third place Between or. Bell and Isle. Douglas. Now if the fiends of or. Douglas persist in dividing the state and giving it to Bell Don t they see that they Aid or. Bell twelve electoral votes taking the corresponding number from or. Douglas chances a whereas if Given to or. Breckinridge it would not affect Imp. Douglas in the least ? the same argument is Good for the balance of the Southern states give them to or. Breckinridge and you weaken sir. Bell s chances at the same time you strengthen or. Douglas. But for the Sake of argument let us suppose that or. Bell beats 3ir. Breck Indge in the South and thereby keeps him from the House of representatives what Benefit will it be to or. Douglas ? the Republican members of the House Are All pledged to vote for or. Bell in preference to any Democrat. 3ir. Douglas single state will be powerless of Good so liar As he is concerned the Southern democratic states May unite upon him but they cannot elect because the lied state is Between Breckinridge and Bell and in. Bell s men would not submit to see it cast for or. Douglas. But if the Douglas men will withdraw or. Douglas from the South and let it go As a unit for or. Breckinridge a democratic president is bound to be elected by a combination of the conservative portion of the House of representatives against the fanatical portion and the soil Ito our party will be healed peace and Harmony will be restored to the county and the Bonds of Union will be tied ten fold stronger than before. These Are the reasons Why i a Douglas Democrat am found battling under the Banner of Breckinridge and Lane Ami will be found battling there until the ides of november. Very truly r. B. territorial question. There is a great Deal of misconception current in regard to the political questions before the country As Weil As in respect to the vastly greater Cju estion of we Rich it is an offshoot and under the Circuns stances a necessary incident. For twelve years past instead of an open and Manly Graj j Hng with the false and absurd Assur options or anti slavery ism the democratic politicians of the Ortii have sought to escape tie real Issue before the country by raising the fictitious or pretended Issue of popular sovereignty until at last driven to the Wall by the Force of events and the necessities of the Case they have broken Down the democratic organization and Are now desperately striving to misrepresent their former associates As this unionists and extremists whose doctrines Are untenable and wholly incompatible with the safety or indeed the existence of the Union. Or. Douglas is Perambo plating the country and denouncing or. Breckinridge As the candidate of the St Cess Lonisio and fire eaters and declares that his position is eco rally sectional Fasci and dangerous As Tjit of Lincoln Wiiilie he Douglas standing Between these extremes on the Middle ground of conservatism and truth is the of nationality and his election tie Selbre by the people All important to the peace of the country if not indeed to the so Fety of the Union. All this we must confess looks plausible and is Likely to temporarily Lead astray great numbers i of the people but it is entirely and absolutely false and this falsehood can be demonstrated with ease and certainty by applying to it the following test Viz a Suji pose we admit i in. Douglas argument As sound and that it is acted on by the people and the govern ment will that Settle the question or stay the Onward March of anti slavery ism one hour lie says take j the question of Congress and leave it to thu people of i the territories. Was not this tie democratic cry in 1856? did not Northern men Rush into Kansas to keep out Quot slavery Quot and Southern men to keep it into Kansas did this not generate civil War and blood shed the first in our history and was not Congress forced to intervene and take Back the question to j itself to save the neighbouring states from being dragged into the Whirlpool of civil strife would not the election of in. Douglas on this Quot Middle i ground Quot and this charlatan Ifim tried Over again end j in a similar or worse result ? indeed so Long As South Ern men feel they have the right and that it is a be Cassity to give expansion to their system and a Orth can men Are deluded with the notion that Quot slavery Quot is an evil is it not certain that any attempt of Congress to leave it to the people of the territories must necessarily result in a local conflict that can Only be stopped by the interference of Congress ? is it not. I in fact the old prescription of the immortal san Brafio Over again a bleeding Anil warm water if the Jia i Tient got Well it was because he took it if he died it was because he did not take enough of it the Quot slavery agitation Quot is continued because Congress will not allow the Jie Ople of the territories to fight it out among themselves if Congress consents and tiie na-1 Tion is plunged into civil War Why it is because the i peo Jile of the territories Ditl not take popular sovereignty enough or in other words dial not Slaughter i and murder each other enough to Stop the agitation or to cure the patient. But enough of Ouglas it a. It is a delusion a de-1 Lusion of which we believe or. Douglas himself is As sincerely a victim As Seward or Chase of tie British or Quot anti slavery Quot delusion. The question is Back or beyond All this froth declamation and nonsense about Quot popular sovereignty Quot Quot non intervention Quot amp a. When this government was formed Quot slavery Quot a the social subordination of the negro the relation now common to the Superior Ami Interior races at the South was except in Massachusetts Unive Siil in the american states. Indeed it was a social condition common to the new world. Tiie negro was brought Here thus there was no local Law establishing this relation of Whites and Blacks All the Quot local Law Quot now on the statute books of America blotted out and there would i not be such a social monstrosity As a Quot free negro Quot in the new world. It is therefore a natural relation pre existing in the nature of things and Springs spontaneously from the necessities of human society wherever they Are in juxtaposition in sufficient proportion to Force society for its own safety to obey the ordinances of nature. It was with these views and under these circumstances that the government was founded of course a government of White men and with which negroes had no More political connection than the cows or horses had. Liis government was based on the great Central truth equal rights that underlies All our in j Sti Tutins. And of course is bound to fulfil its i Giti mate functions within the sphere of its jurisdiction hat is to a Motet the persons and properties of All its citizens. The territories Are within this Federal jurisdiction anal while Many things May be Best managed by the local authorities of course the supreme government must see to it that these Are duly performed or As or. Breckinridge declared in his Frank-1 fort s each that government is an obvious failure. The people of the territories have the right of self government that is to legislate on their own affairs just As the family or household or the people of a i town have this right but the pretension setup by or. Douglas that they May legislate away the rights or to the injury of citizens of Sovereign states is such i a contradiction in Law and common sense that one is i even More amazed at its audacity than disgusted at its i Folly. I the Constitution it is True was made for states and therefore its spirit and principles Are our Only guide in tins Mattei but when it is accepted As applying alone to White men then it necessarily follows that Quot slave properly Quot is entitled to the same common Protection As other property everywhere within the Federal jurisdiction. If the Public sentiment had remained unaltered a if at this time All the states every one were Quot slave holding Quot As in 1789, can any one suppose there would be any question in regard to Quot slave property Quot in the territories surely not and therefore As the original government the original compact remains the same no Democrat without stultifying himself can raise that question now. The republicans or anti slavery ites who deny that this is a White government and who hold that negroes have the same natural rights As while nun Are certainly logical however false and atrocious their principles but no Man who accepts the fact that this is a government of White men. Can escape the conclusion that Quot slave property Quot is entitle Ltd to the same Protection As any other property everywhere within he Federal jurisdiction.�?3. Y. Day both. slavery agitation. It has been Well observed that the people of the free states have no ear Lily business to meddle with the institutions of the South in other words it becomes them to let slavery alone. When those of the old states which entered the confederacy with slavery among their Domestic institutions began to take Steps to relieve themselves of what they considered a Burden and the poetical preponderance was on the Side of the South no Barrier was interposed to prevent them from exercising their own pleasure. The rights of the states were properly Reg jutted and respected. No Quot irrepressible cont dict Quot was then thought of. No one broached the policy that we could not live in peace and Harmony while our institutions were differ ent. No one asserted then that we must be All slave or else All free states. It was not att Emited to Force slavery upon unwilling states. No crusades were gotten us a no raids projected no inflammatory Aji peals spread through the Public Viress to Persaile the. People of the free states that slavery was ordained of heaven and that it was the Normal condition of the Blacks. State Aiter state from tie Broad West territory came into the Union without objection on the part of the South although their institutions were different from those of the majority of the states until what was foreseen and apprehended the could no longer be maintained in the Senate and the House. It was geared too what is now transpiring that car ties might be arrayed and the prejudices and passions of the Poi be stimulated by ambitious demagogues to set at nought tie Wisi counsels of the revolute it Mary fathers and of himself and pull Down the pillars of the Constitution Wlinich they had taken so much pains to construct. It was Aji pretended that some would take advantage of the tendency of the Northern people to inter meddle with the rights of their Southern Brethren and promulgate the very Dol Trines now advanced that there is an Quot irrepressible conflict Quot Between Freedom and slavery and the fanaticism which when first introduced at Boston was regarded As simply Ridick Ulous become the leading principle of a party claiming to be a majority in the Northern states. Why should this be ? Why should the teach rings of that great bulwark of Freedom the Constitution of the United states be disregarded can we no live in Amity As we have lived and while we our own rights inspect the rights of others it is against the letter and spirit of the Constitution to form combinations in the free states to with slavery at All. The Equality of the stares is distinctly inculcated in that great instrument and Liat it Pality ceases to exist when having attained a political preponderance it is assumed by Northern politicians that slavery shall be restricted to the states in which it exists and shall not go into the territories. Sii Ould tin s doctrine prevail and become the ruling sentiment of the nation the Constitution would cease to fulfil its functions the Equality of the states would be no More and All the calamity that has been apprehend etl Wouri be con animated. Have the democracy of the South shown no magnanimity in the past have they not stood up like men and sustained three Northern presidents since this Quot irrepressible conflict Quot began in 1848 they Suji ported Cien. Cass who was a Northern Man. True he tailed of securing his election but the democracy of the South were True and steadfast to him. In 1852 they Susji Ortch and aided in electing or. Pierce a Northern Man who was succeeded by or. Buchanan a Northern Man to whom the Doni Cracy of the South gave an undivided vote. Thus a Hole flaring tie approaching storm whose thunders had sounded in and out of Congress from Pron Iii it Northern Biol Luicians the South confided in three presidents in succession drawn from the North. The time has conic when she has a right to expect a chief executive Pilicer of the nation shall be drawn from among her eminent sons. The agitation of slavery is relied on As a political Hobby by Noi Thern politicians and the South protests against it As unnatural suicidal and looks to the election of one of her own distinguished sons As a source of Protection in t be darkest hour. We were promised in 1850, that this slavery agitation should cease and for a time the rays of Hap ii Ness and Content beamed on every countenance but it was too Strong a Hobby to be turned to grass by certain men who had an Eye upon the presidency. Here it is a Mere abstraction for there Are no slaves but in the South it becomes a practical it question. The slaves Are informed that they have friends at the North who Are striving to gain their Freedom that a Northern president will redeem them from bondage and give them Liberty. They become dissatisfied discontented unruly stubborn restless anxious rebellious. Fire and rapine stalk to rough the land. No master feels Safe from the Torch of the Midnight incendiary or steel of the As it As it Iii women and children Are filled with fears and the land is the of a recension a that fruitful clinic Quot where the Orange and the Lemon Trees Bloom Quot which adds to the wealth of the unit i and receives its Commerce by tie advantages arising from its a productions tie result of slave labor to which the world of lords no parallel and this is the result of slavery agitation and Why the South is so violent in resisting it. Their lives As Well Astl air fortunes Are dependent upon its cessation. W Hen we of the North Cid Nily contemplate the subject we must come to the same conclusion that it is a business with which we have nothing to do and should permit Tho a whom it does concern to workout the of their own Cin. and Lane. From the Day that two presidential candidates a sprung from tiie ashes of the democratic National convention a very Large portion of our democratic friends have urged and advised that be should run up the Flag of Breckinridge Ami Lane As the most Satis fac Ory nomination before tie country. In that opinion we have Ever coincided but at tie same time advised that if such a Union of the democratic and conservative elements of the state could be made As would Rescue it from Black it were better to do so even if it were insisted it a Tould be done under the Douglas Flag. To that end have he friends of Breckins Tilge and Lane toiled incessantly from the Miljour Ament at Baltimore to the meeting of our own state convention. The friends of Bell and Everett were equally willing to throw their votes in the same directions but the plan has failed and it becomes a conscientious duty to fall Back upon our first preference and give to the Breeze the Flag of the Only candidates who can by possibility be elected in november. T he following reasons which Are Given by the editor of the Hartford 7 Imes suit equally Well our Meridian 1. The democratic party is divided. The regularity of the National convention was broken Down by the admission of bogus or know nothing delegates and the practical repeal of the two thirds Rule a Resolution Bein substitute i for that essential ballot Rule. 2. In this division we believe every Democrat is at Liberty to support either of the candidates named by the democracy. 3. Our preferences Are for Breckinridge and Lane. 4. We desire that the Unity of the democratic party in Connecticut should be preserved. But the proceedings of the convention of wednesday to insulting to the friends of Breckinridge and Lane so at variance with the Ordinary course of the old democracy leave us no alternative in deciding upon the course which it is our duty to pursue. 5. The special friends of Douglas have taken their course. The friends of Breckinridge ill now take Haven . In a Climond a. The Kich Nind a nil Izirer gives an Amu it ing account of the sayings and doings of or. Douglas in Richmond. As likewise the i recession gotten up in his Honor. The following is the Kun Quirt s inventory of the items the procession item a ii St and Foremost a very docile . Ambling gracefully before a Diminu Tive chaise occupied by two persons one very Youthful. It will interest those of our Reader who happen to be Rusty in Quot roman antiquities Quot to know that in classic times nothing was More usual than to head a triumphal procession with the hero s favorite Steed Capar ironed and led cynics May pretend that the cur Ness of the Little giant s legs suggested to the Dougl Sites of Richmond the necessity of substituting the Steeil with the jackass. We know better. We know that the hero of the Day prefers the gentle Donkey to the fierce and fiery War horse simply because the former is eminently a Quot Domestic Quot animal Jire eminently Quot St fatty Quot in construction. Moreover in. Douglas is entirely Tovje conservative to tolerate anything military in a civic procession. Vii such an anomaly might even awaken a shout of preference for that Gallant old War Hoise Joe Lane of Oregon a thing evidently not to be desired. We insist then that under All the circumstances a Donkey in front was the safest and most arrangement which could have been devised. Item second. Trie armory band hired Abr the occasion Rumor says by a joint contribution in Lii he a i., tiie Douglas men of Riehn Ond. And an Equalia Large number of generously disc posed Bell and Everett men participated proportionally playing with All their might Quot see tiie c Heio conies Quot or s it i the Ling Elt udly approx it Riate. Item third. The Little Cliant with Oliree Attesi Ilont gentlemen seated in an open Carriage drawn by four horses. N. B. Leaders White win Al horses of a Pirn Lark color. Ltd a pro Rixie. N. B. B. Lea ii ers and wheel horses ornamented with plumes suggesting. Unavoidably the idea of a top somewhat painful but exl Petnel i approx Iriate. Item Tui the. A in Fly guard of Douglas men three on horseback a somewhat larger number on foot. Altogether. Annj St a calf item fifth. A somewhat larger corps of Bell and Everett men say fifty Tivo. More or less All told. Significant of i us Lon. Item sixth. Fifty four boys. The emblems of Yov i am Kura. Item seventh. Nearly Tiro Hui Urril in Ltd i it . Kept at a respectful i Tancey in consideration i of the senator s avowed preference for Quot clams Quot Asto tic Speed i in. Douglas must live been ii arse for he was nearly inaudible. Thi a ii invt gives the annexed sketch Tiff spi k ii. At about 2 o clock. P. Il., we approached the Monument from the Western Gate of the Capitol grounds. Making our Way toward tie outskirts of the crowd assembled around the Monument and hearing no sound of Public debate we ventured to inc pile As to Wien the speaking Koukl probably commence. Quot at it already 1 believe. This Good Luigi bored reply induced us to Shou Liler our Vay Towa d the other Side. So soon As we obtained a View of the platform there indeed was the Little giant gelt earnestly but still we heard no sound. Edging to the front and closing uj1, we at la let became one of the a Riv loge it i few Nho heard or. Douglas speech. The Cli get was Jain Ful. His voice was too weak for out of Loor so Earl big a was strained to a proper mixture of the s Peak and groan Quot every word Renini Rizig a separate Effort each Effort req Ulrici x a . And a flirt and pause inducing an Cuippa is Ali Jiei her at variance with general . All in dance will us Lieten give some Coli seption of the effect Quot fellow citizens the time Honoreda doctrine a of non intervention is denounced a alike by a the of to lies a Orth and by the the matter of the speech was a feeble rehash of the Noi Folk and Petersburg speech very Jet together and extremely Kirosy. Benoie tie speech was half finished the crowd thinned rapidly 3lany of the remaining spectators amused themselves by making free and easy coi ments on the matter and manner of the address a Large number of these i reached our ears. The most sympathetic Roc Eede Ltd Fiona a bae footed juvenile of some ten years of age Quot he s a do Lii like As if he Wiz a Gold to cry. Pop or Iel Ler Quot some of the Quot boys Quot who had come to Quot see the evidently considered the programme and tried to enliven it by Athl Ressing a Perl Livent Piest Lons to the orator. A Short specs Ivien of Eloy Keiit Ami Elined repartee on the part of the senator Nius Suthee or. Douglas i say let the a Leople of each territory Settle the slavery Lues on or tiie selves. Bystander How about the Ltd it am to i ? laughter in. Douglas�?1 understand that trick of old. The enemy Are sending outsiders hire to dist i i a democratic meeting. Faint applause As 1 a it As saying the meaning of the whole thing is Anoil Ier bystander that is to Quot in mean ingot a Juat ter sovereignty laughter in. Douglas if that individual h in t the brains to define the term Abr himself Quot i am oblige in to Tell him that i left my dictionary at Homie. Faint . Indeed the attempts at applause were All Vei y faint. The Little Squall of Douglas men present did their Best in thai line but they j of very Little assistance even from the followers of Bell and is our duty ? All parties of course profess Devotion to the Constitution and the Union All of a sudden this cry is getting Las clonal be in up inters where Only a few months ago the Welkin rang with Hearse and discordant invocations of the evil spirit of dissension and Jirolama tons of the existence of an irrepressible conflict Between the North Anil the South. But though there May be Nomin lists in philosophy the thinking masses Are not liable in the sphere of politics to mistake words for things shadows for realities. They will consider calmly and Well during the pending canvass which of the warring parties it is whose Success would secure the Harmony and peace of the country. Is it that which has All along consistently and without boldly attacked the constitutional rights of the South and the Triumph of whose Aioli cd would at once Render her but a subject province of the Empire nothing is More certain than that the election of Lincoln would be the signal for the disruption of our Federal relations. It has so been proclaimed by those who have never been noted for vain Lio Asting. And the utterance of sound and fury signifying nothing who were the staunchest Union men in the troublous Era of 1832, and whose or turnings Are rather the sorrowful convictions of an irresistible logic the i Merrins in Tinct of those Long and intimately con Versan tilth Public affairs than the voice of partisan Zeal. Is it the faction of which or. Douglas is the originator and in whose behalf he is now stumping the South and scattering ambiguous words an to that has paid the slightest attention to political Noba abilities and the indications of the popular will can doubt that Douglas will fail to carry a single state and that Douglas knows the fat ? the inevitable inference. Therefore is that the purpose of his present tramp is to divert votes from the democratic cause thus in effect throwing his into Deuce for Lincoln and dissolution. The Bell and Everett party with their purely negative platform which ignores All living issues. Can hardly expect what poor Consolation Gen. Scott received in 1852. Every vote Given to Douglas will be in Consic Suenee in reality Given to Linch. That this object is desired by the Arch agitator is at least not questioned by the most astute and Fai see ing politicians of the South. It remains theret Bre. That after All tie a Sun charges of disc zionism made against the democracy it. And it alone is the Only really l Nion party in the a eld. Its Triumph would satisfy the South reconcile All divisions. Disclose of All disturbing problems and Conduce More than any event in our history to the glory and Power of the nation. Let it fail and we have no apprehension of the occur rence of such a calamity and the worst evils patriotic men have Long dreaded As a future contingency will overflow us As a a deluge. Neither Douglas nor Bell can be elected and the South will most assuredly not tolerate Lincoln and submit to be passed under the Yoke. It would in such event pref Are itself to secure its imperilled Rig bit and its co Equality in the confederacy. These considerations and facts should have their Jiro per weight with All really Union Loving men of whatever party. If they be sincere in their Devotion to the Constitution and prefer the Triumph of l Nion principles above All factional Success there is no other Means to com Niass their object but to Lally around the Standard of Breckinridge and Lane.�?. Let. and his partisans yes possible for the disruption and probable defeat of the democratic party. No Anil ii Iii in can Lien that Stephen a. Oui Las and Hisada Ferents Are alone ivs on sible Abr i i in Tion of the democratic party and for All the disasters that will follow from that event. If defeat it Hall be one of those disasters. Stephen a. A Tiglas and his adherent Are alone rest ii Ible for in. Doi igla is the Leader and the Pioneer in this nefarious work of the a moralizing and de trying the democratic party. He began his mischief Iii misrepresenting and ii is Terp eting the Cincinnati Jila Tib m. That plan term declares Itiat r Lin a territory has a Sutz in inf number of to justify its Adi Nossum into the Union As a Sovereign state they Liall have the Power a a to form a Constitution with or without Domestic slavery Quot and be at knitted into the l Nion on tei is of i Ernecl Equality with the other states the Tnie Loii a True Tion of this re solution is Plain Ami obvious. It Neaily implies Liat the Jie Ople of a tar Story were to take no action a Lii regard to the institution of slavery until there was a population sufficient in the territory to justify its admission into the l Ulon. And. In that event and when Olvry Frame a Constitution with the vow of admission they court Nii abolish ii. Or i Tab Lish or continue slavery As they saw lit. This is the True Reading of the Iii Einnatz Plati Bim. And the True idea of Pom. Ai such As every territory has enjoyed and will continue to enjoy. But Douglas was not site fied with this constr petion of tie Cincinnati Platter in. It did not favor his ambitious de Igns. He wanted the sectional support of tiie North and he thought he could obtain it tidy by making one tremendous stride Over the abolition sentiment of the North. Hence he put a new Coli sonic thou Union the Cincinnati a Ilat Tonii. He construed it to no an that the residents of a territory at Auy Timi. Tit l Hou Tryr Fric ill Nui tit r.-. Might legislate on slavery and abolish it if they ii leased. And this doctrine in its consequences and . I More the do Trine of the Williot proviso held by tin Black rep ulleans. Douglas substantially Holis. That after a territory is once organized a score of abolitionists under the a a Ron age of the new England Emigrant Aid Soi i ties May go into it and vote slavery out. And. Pas severe men duties against its introduction. Luis effectually excluding the a it eople of the South who have an equal right with the North in tie enjoy Keiit of the Public Domain. This doctrine was Millie Emily Lothe a Oli ionized Orl on of the Xor Lii i n a it Enoicia a and it was the first step it taken by do Ugias. Wit i a View to the Oer Elon of tie Denio Zratie Jyi to into the support of a is a Piring and ambition Stu Ines or its Tion and defeat. It was soon to it Lvov it t d by his Attai k Union the Lei Iii Pun j Olney of the president and the industrious and propagation of his squatter Ien a. From his first a t of Apo Tacy Lottie Kiaie. This Walt billowed up by his schemes to of to ii the Noil Natilou Tor tie Isom the National convention at Charleston and to accomplish that design the plan of unit delegations Mas de ised and Iii tally carried out tiie trick of voting in irregular delegates and Sci Ping out those who were a ulary elected and the virtual Repi Al of the to it than is Rule All resulting in the nomination of Douglas. By a glaring Traud upon the democratic party. Thus is step Lien a. Douglas and his adherents the authors of the disruption and Lefeat of the democratic arty. If it shall be Defeated. Even at this late Day if he and his partisans were not intent upon the det ear of the democrats party he would retire from the Field Aid in the election of Breckinridge tie True and legitimate candidate of the party. For it apparent that Douglas has no effective strength in any state in the Union. He will not in ail probability get the electoral vote of a single state. His party is a Mere Northern sectional faction without any substantial Power except Fiir mischief and not the clinic c of a �.pect for Succi is. Further than to defeat the Breeks Noldge ticket in one or two Northern states. Every state that an give a democratic electoral vote will give it to la Ivi Kin Ridge. And Breek incl die i. The Only Denio Ratie candidate really or Nonini daily who a eneu the re Notest Prospect of Suc-ces.-. Yet with Toliese most Obion facts staring them in the tace. Douglas and his followers still keep in the in old. Still keep up their Fai Titus. Sectional Orpa Ibiza ton. To to a the pal Sciples of the National democracy and its candidates Ami Are still determined upon their defeat. Thus Douai Las and i. Adherents Are Respo to by for the disruption and defeat of the democratic party in the pending Presith tial contest. If such shall be the Coli Cyril a Quot. Ii Iii and. I a the friends of Douglas seem to be peculiarly unfortunate in their efforts to get up electoral tickets for the Quot Little Iti the South. As fast As they pick their electors they Are sure to declare themselves for Breckinridge and Lane. In Virginia and Tennessee they worked and Tor several weeks and finally thought they had their tickets fixed up but. In the last few Days the majority of the gentlemen selected have declined the dubious Honor and announced their intention to support the tried and True National democratic nominees. It is supposed the rest will Quot follow suit Quot soon. The fact is. The Jie Ople of the South look upon Douglas As being fully As hostile to their institutions As Lincoln. The Only difference Between them is the one is bold and open in his avowal of abolitionism while the other cloaks the same sentiments under insidious . Both have the same object in View to wit the ultimate abolition of slavery but they take different methods to accomplish it. Both Are in Rev sectional candidates i running in the North alone and depending entirely upon Northern sectional pre dices for election. Each received about the same number of Southern votes and most of those a Avert in the nominating conventions each will have Abigt it the same number of electors in the South and the Southern Suji port of each will be about the same at the polls in november next. Prob Abl no two men were Ever before the american peo Jle occupying so nearly the same a position in every Pioneer. Who is to bi.\.mk? Douglas papers and orators surely have a poor opinion of the intelligence of the a Cople. Or they would not so persistently assert that the friends of Breckinridge and Lane Are at fault for the division of the democratic party. If there is any fact As clearly proven As any other it is that seventeen states of this Union were opposed to the nomination of or. go trite Democrat

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