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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - September 11, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana The old line guard. The Constitution the Union and the Equality of the states vol. , ind to mesday september 11, 1860. No. 24.thbold line guard. Is pui3i.ishkd t n. I a 33 e i Yat i i Ain a10i.1s, India Iva Uyel de b amp ii Akness. Or Jet 3vr , until to fir the presidential Al Cotlon. In Advance in All cases. Advertisements inserted at the usual rates. From the song. By p. Suth Ruland. To xes Quot o come come army. O come come away from Douglas and from Johnson from squat termites and Dongle site a o come come away they split the party right in two. And mean to split the Union too from these via o come Conn Dis unionists Quot o come come away from bogus Quot delegations Quot from Charleston o or to b Willimore o come come away. From Semi abolitionists. And Little squatter Sovereign lists and bogies delegation lists o come come away. O come come away from Quot trading Politi Eigners Quot and bar gainers and slanderers o come come away. They talk of nothing but the spoils and cheat the men of honest toils from these Quot gambling bar gainers Quot o come Coine away. O come come away from Quot double meaning Pla tonns Quot to Blind the South and catch the North come come away and stand where Hope and Faith unite a platform All of Quot Espial rights Quot from these doubtful candidates o come come away. Come come away and join our Noble Anny. Our Breckinridge our heritage Oconee come away. And Quot old to. Lane of Oregon Quot will Lead our Gallant soldiers on to Conquest and to Victory o come come away. O come come away. We re lighting Lor the Union for Quot equal rights Quot of All the states o come come away. Our Trust is in the Quot god of hosts Quot and in his name we make our boasts for Union and for Quot equal rights Quot o come come away. Extracts from the address of the National democrats of the state of Iowa. Assembly fill in state convention at Davenport August 15m, 18g0. Nation a i. Demo cats and fellow citizens of Iowa a tiie National democratic a party is confused and distracted but it is not dead. It still lives and though wounded in the House of its friends it will yet recover its Birmer vigor and Pristine glory. Though we May sincerely deplore the a present unhappy condition of affairs we j it believe that the principles of True democracy must occasionally be tested and purified in the ordeal of trial and if need be temporary defeat. To be worthy of the High Honor and proud distinction of enrolment in the National democratic Quot Quot fierce preset patiently on. A a. Tonal duty trusting Ever to the rebounding Energy of ready at a moments Call Agam to Perd their lives in our tried principles and relying upon Quot the sober j the defence of their country yet Petty politicians and second thou it the Quot of the patriotic masses. To Al spoils men cowards and slaves to the will of one when we have studied carefully the history of our Man have the supreme meanness and audacity to Call country and have considered the great measures a Quot cd patriots Dis unionists and Quot worse than Benedict which have led to its present wonderful development we have Clearis recognized As the agent and instr a but let us look beneath such Billingsgate and the ment of this amazing Progress the great party around i catch words of &Quot.slave-codists, interventionists Etc.,&Quot which All our Boyish love and Manly Hopes have dus and learn from authoritative teachers what the catered. We have seen dark Clouds Quot Roll up upon our tonal democratic party does teach political sky tie after tic snapped asunder Church in his letter of acceptance wlm sch is but the logic after Church dissolved by geographical and sectional and spirit of the platform on which he stands John issues but we have always consoled ourselves with the j c. Breckinridge says we Quot hold to the doctrine of non reflection that while the National democratic party intervention by Congress or by a territorial Legisla remains intact the Union was Safe. But now alas Ture either to establish or prohibit slavery but assert this last great bulwark of the Constitution is threat fortified by the highest judicial tribunal in the Union ened and we Are passing through a crisis pregnant the Plain duty of the Federal government in All its with great events. Departments 1� secure when necessary to the citizens it is useless for us now to investigate the causes i of All the states the enjoyment of their property in the which have led to tie division of the democratic Par common territories As everywhere else within its to Crim nation and recrimination can do no Good. it is the part of Wisdom to recognize and Deal with to language can be plainer or More beautifully facts and to inquire for a remedy if indeed one can or. Breckinridge is not Only opposed to be found. ,1 i congressional action to establish or prohibit slavery. It is apparent to the most casual observer that the in Jug Jig opposed to territorial action for the same most profound anxiety pervades the Public mind. A pm pose. He does not wish to create or extend any violent and bitter political Campaign is before us. J a a a a rights not recognized by the Constitution. But men equally sincere m their respective political con i he wishes to protect and secure existing rights and like Vici ions formerly political Brothers but now almost True Patriot he is willing to look to tie Constitution sworn foes will wage War against each other. Excite a interpreted by the supreme court for the Defini ment will increase and men drunk with passion and Jujj and assertion of existing constitutional rights but is said to be Quot the Price of let us therefore each for ourselves carefully investigate every political question in order that we May intelligently exercise tie sacred right of suffrage. With these preliminary cautions and with an Earnest desire to seek truth rather than Victory we proceed to discuss the principles of the three great political organizations which Are now struggling for the control of the government with the question which in some of its phases is the All absorbing Issue. These parties we will name the Republican the Douglas and the National democratic. The Republican party regard slavery As a social moral and political evil and Are banded together in a crusade for its abolition. In their opposition to Quot the Extension Quot of slavery into territories now free Quot we quote their expressions they invoke the hostile legislation of Congress in opposition to the Plain provisions of the Constitution As authoritatively decided by the supreme court. They intend to Check and circumscribe slavery and the body of the party mean to attack it not Only in the territories but in the states and wherever it , regardless of consequences. The vital principle of this organization is ceaseless War upon slavery. Conservatism on this subject is political death to any Republican Leader and Sumner now is regarded As a More authoritative exponent of Republican principles than even Seward himself and the real aut Lior of the Quot irrepressible conflict Quot is the Standard bearer of this party. When you remind them of constitutional rights and of Blair it ions they resort to glittering generalities Ulicy speak of the so Irit of the age the Equality of the human race the declaration of Independence the Light of the nineteenth Century the dark Ages and denounce slavery As a crime against nature a sin against High heaven one of the relics of a barbarous age and their to such a seeming monster of Iii Ifju Ity is but the logical effect of such premises. Tie framers of the Constitution and the fathers of the re Quot Public they regard As Clever old fogies but As entire a behind the spirit of the present age. The republicans show their hands boldly and there is no equivocation ill their position. They Are open and unc oui Promise big free spoilers and they mean that slavery shall ice driven from the Republic. In the a com Plis lenient of this purpose they Are professedly for the use of Legal and constitutional Means Only but we have seen few Republican papers denounce John Brown s piratical raid into Virginia and we fear that Quot the rank and file Quot would not have mourned Over his Success. If this party succeeds they will be forced to strike at the i Pality of the states and the constitutional rights of the citizens and leave to the South but the alternative of ignoble submission and Union or Manly resistance and dissolution. The republicans hold that the Federal Constitution conferred absolute and unlimited Power of government Over the territories upon Congress and that it is not Only the right but the Ulutu of Congress in the exercise of such Power to prohibit the introduction of slavery in any Federal territory i next we have the Douglas party we mean no of i Fence by the term but use it by Way of distinction and to designate the followers of the squatter chieftain and whose demise whether natural or political will be the signal for its dissolution these men Are much Given Quot to lip service Quot they talk Eloi Pientl of the rights of the dear people when they want their votes they Jiro pose to Confer upon them Powers not recognize in in the Constitution they sing a ans to the Union and speak softly to their Southern Brethren in polished periods while at heart we mean the leaders they hate the South and Are ready for local spoil or personal advancement to join in a crusade against Southern rights. Semi abolitionists and slaves to popular clamor they denounce As Dis unionists and boaters the Gallant men who Are heroically fighting the Battles of the Union by firmly and boldly upholding the Constitution. Their Leader once a Gallant Democrat but who never Drew his sword or per led his life in defence of his country has the Folly to imagine himself a second Jackson and is now marshalling his forces for the contest of 1864, and Hopes for personal Victory Over the ruins of the great party to which he owes All his consequence. The Douglas party deny the Power of Congress either to establish or prohibit slavery in the territories. They hold to absolute non intervention on the Jimart of Congress with the subject but claim for the territorial Legislatures the right and authority to establish or prohibit slavery in the territories. They deny that slavery exists in the territories by virtue of the Constitution of the United states and say that it can Only have Legal existence there by virtue of a positive enactment in its favor made by a territorial legislature. They submit the whole question to the tender mercies of the varying Dumois of a territorial , and Quot Don t care whether it is voted up or they have male the novel discovery that the right of property can be decided at the ballot Box and that the offspring of congressional and Federal Power has More Quot inherent Quot authority than its Uvea Tor we next come to the National democratic party. When ascertained like an honest Man whenever and wherever such rights Are attacked and imperilled As the next president of the United states he will discharge his Quot Plain duty Quot by using the whole Federal government to defend and Quot secure Quot them. We hold that our Union Quot is a confederacy of equal Sovereign states for the pm roses enumerated in the Federal that whatever Quot the common prejudices and inflamed by insidious a peals from ignorant and designing men will be. Ready to crucify their very Brothers in the flesh. But the soothing influences of time and sober reflection will bring men Back to reason and they will then certainly Loath and discard the novel and delusive positions which they now cherish with so much fondness. The old land Marks will again be sought for and the old paths Wui again be trod with patient j a Ove Mnew the lds Quot in Trust for All the states Mist be Quot footsteps. Equally enjoyed by that Quot it controls the ter As old line democrats of the Pelterson school we Rit ories in Trust for All the that Quot nothing less have the profoundest Confidence in the popular judg than sovereignty can destroy or impair the rights of Niento and feel that the Only Safe Reliance for the safety j persons or that the Teri Lorial govern and perpetuity of this government rests in the Intel ments Are subordinate and temporary and not Sov licence and patriotism of the people. Avha Tever of Ereign and hence they cannot destroy or impair the imperfection there May be in our National govern rights of persons or that Quot while they ment How incomparably Sujie rior it is to any other continue to be territories they Are under the control government in the world ? founded upon the virtue and intelligence of the people it must increase in perpetual vigor and Beauty unless ignorance and vice shall be a permitted to sap the foundations of the Republic. We ought then carefully to scrutinize the teachings of our political leaders in order that we the True sovereigns May sit in impartial judgment upon their acts and recommendations. It is dangerous for us to yield our judgments and consciences implicitly of the keeping of any Man. The Bible warns us to put Quot no to Steven in princes Quot and Quot eternal vigilance Quot of Congress but that the Constitution nowhere confers on any Branch of the Federal government the Power to discriminate against the rights of the states or the property of their citizens in the that it therefore follows Quot that the citizens of All the states May enter the territories of the Union with their Pix Perty of whatever kind and enjoy it during their territorial condition without loss or hindrance either by Congress or by the Tsuboi Diate territorial governments Quot we aver on the one hand Quot the absence of sovereignty in the territorial governments Quot and on the glorious Constitution this is the Protection which we other ave deny the Power in Congress to invoke for our Southern Brethren As for and property or Quot to discriminate against the rights of the this is the Protection of the maintenance and securing states or the property of their of which for a very Section of our common country we wage War against territorial sovereignty As hero this Day solemnly k de ourselves shall be Well As congressional prohibition. We esteem them impartially extended to every american citizen or equally unconstitutional and equally destructive of tie else we will not Only sustain those whose constitutional Cardinal doctrines of state rights state sovereignty rights Are invaded by so Eedeh and vote but in the and state Equality and equally calculated to Elan hour of Battle and Blotny if need be we will sustain Ger the fraternal relations which should exist Between them with our swords. Sister states. Avith an honest and sincere desire for we Are All Union men. We would that this Glori the truth we seek to be guided in our a political dark Ous Union with its teeming associations its amazing Ness by tie Light of the Constitution determined to Progress and its future Promise should be forever pre follow whence it leads. We seek not to create new Sei Ved As the heritage which we can leave to rights but to protect existing ones. If slavery is not posterity but we Tell you fellow citizens that this can in the common territories by virtue of constitutional Only be accomplished by a firm maintenance and a right ave seek not to establish it there either by con faithful discharge of our constitutional obligations Gressional or territorial lava. But if slavery be there those who cannot come up to this Standard had by a virtue Gressional 1 our rights _ Only desire to know to Arhat our fathers Jil edged us in desert at the ii St smell of Jowder or the Distant blast the Federal compact and Liaa ing entire Confidence in of the War Tami diet. We Avant no unwilling allies their patriotism intelligence and morality ave Are no faint hearted soldiers no Camp Follo avers but we villing to carry out with alacrity and Good Faith every do Avant True and tried men thoroughly educated in obligation they have assumed for us. We with for no sound constitutional doctrine and who. If need be Alliance Avith covenant Breakers ave have no Quot higher Avill peril their lives and their fortunes in the great Khiav Quot than the Constitution and ave regard the Union constitutional Battle Avrich the peo Jile of this county Gressional or Tern trial Lara. List if slavery be there those Olio cannot come up to plus Stai Faiu Iliad y a virtue of the Constitution ave protest against con better join the republicans or their squatter allies Gressional or territorial prohibition. We ask Only for they can have no affiliation Avith the National de or rights and Equality under the Constitution. Ave Moc racy. Ail if enrolled into our ranks they Avold must yet fight for tie preservation of their liberties and their rights. Now then let us come to the late decision of the supreme court As to Congi Eis ional j Over Over the territories. Ave refer to the died Scoti decision and ave undertake to Sav that and Hovver Avaio Viii Riad under the Constitution As the most perfect Bini of government and Are determined to Nia Utain it. Tie National Dewo critic party has always Gilt Rieu in being a lava abiding party. Founded upon Quot the Rock of the Constitution Quot As interpreted by the supreme court we have a ready and a Ife solution for All constitutional difficulties. The Man Avaio a that opinion carefully and Avith an honest desire to peals from this tribunal to a Quot Lingher or Avo will ascertain Arhat really Isic Cidad. Cannot fail to be con not consent to take the Constitution As Intel rated by Vinced that the Aviole question of co ingress onal Over lie supreme court for his Rule of action is without Avioli its limitations is there decided the of the democratic party. To Ucli we make the opinion substantially decides the full having no Appeal but we avar them that Ashen this Beautiful Points Temple of our liberties shall be destroyed by the hand St. That the Power of Gioveni Iise the of the poetical incendiary and chaos and confusion the United Stales during Quot their territorial condition murder and rapine shall stalk abroad in this fair land a vested solely in Conrin is. That an incensed people aroused at last to a sense of 2d. That Cong res Quot has not the Power to confiscate their loss Viii hold them to a fearful accountability for their direct Agency in the fearful tragedy. Quot the Constitution and the Equality of tin states these Are the symbols of triese Are the rocks Union Avrich the National democracy have i Lante l their feet. Pro Yerty or exc Luile slavery from else Teni Torie. 3d. That not having the i Ower of prohibition it cannot of course Delegate it to the territorial legislature. 4th. That the territorial legislature in the absence of delegated Jio aver has no inherent right to exclude a let us then examine the party issues of the Day in slavery Quot the Light of the Constitution let us ii Julie what is and yet convinced As we Are of the Absurdity and the Bond which our fathers made to what have they entire Miinte nobleness of squatter sovereignty. Because pledged us and Are ave villing to redeem a a ledges so e refuse to leave the old paths and desert Well Stab sole Ithily entered into v principles to follow 3ir. Douglas into All tie a we know of no More Safe and satisfactory Avay to Garies of Liis a political speculations ave Are termed Bolt arrive at the True meaning of the Constitution Thau ers Dis unionists Etc. Well fellow citizens ave Avill by considering the circumstances under which it was Endeavor to survive the terrible anathema of the made the debates in the constitutional convention Quot Little giant Quot and his faithful full savers. And Alil Iouli contemporaneous construction the opinion of lawyers he docs Quot groan us on our hands and Nav come Down Learned in the Law and the decisions of the highest upon us like a ton s a eight Quot As aul ustis Cresar prejudicial tribunal in the land. Diets we will vet Endeavor of ourselves with we must confess that to our minds such sources of the company and sympathy of All the Denio cratic Usu info urination Are much More conclusive and reliable Ted states senators save the Quot Man Friday Quot nine than the fervid and Iino assigned assertions of Stunis tenths of he democratic members of the orators and politicians devoid of Legal learning and i l Eside it of the United states Ami the More for political Victory than constitutional democrats who compose his Cabinet All the sure to jul democratic states to Zether with Franklin Riveire Quot it has been necessary More than once in our Histo Daniel s. . o Connor Henry a. By to pause and solemnly assert the True character of Wise and All the other trip la great democratic lights this ave believe the time has fully ave say that Sno Iier Tolian Bolt at Arnst All these tie come Ashen every american citizen should deliberate dictates of common sense the a lain interpretation of by review his poetical Creed and take his position constitutional Law and the ancient and tried doctrines firmly the stand Point of sound constitutional and usages of the great Parta ave prefer. Prin Civile. Of you lease Quot to Bolt Quot i or. Douglas and his Nav ave aver in the first place then that slaves Are re fancied doctrines cognized As property by the Federal Constitution but let us not be deceived by the confusion of terms that the citizen of a slave state has the right to take which ii Oak prevails in political lexicography. Let us his slaves into the common territories a that there is not confound congressional non Intel cellion Avith i no Coaver in Congress or in the territorial govern squatter or More property speaking. Territorial Sov ment to impair or destroy such property that such Ere Lanty. A e Are for non intervention by Congress i citizen is entitled to the full enjoyment and Protection or by a territorial legislature either to establish or of his slave property in the territories awhile the same a Roli bit slavery in the Union or any adhere else Avi thin remain in a territorial condition and that it is the Federal jurisdiction but wherever it has a Ron Stilli Quot Plain duty of the Federal government in All its de tonal existence whether on the Hiah seas tie common apartments Ashen necessary Quot to of lord adequate pro Hig Havay of nations or in the common territories we Section. Ave Lesire no equivocation or evasion on this demand that in such ease the constitutional rights subject. A e understand that the Constitution regards of the citizen Avha Tever they May be May be a slave As equally the subject of pro arty As a horse protected by the a Hole Jower of the Federal Iove Rii or any other personal chattel and that the same guar Niento a whenever assailed from any Quarter a tees Avrich Are furnished for the Protection of the it is much the fashion Noav a daa s to denounce fed one no More no less Are dec Philly applicable to the eral Coaver and to compare it Quot Avith that grinding other. Tyranny Avrich drove our forefathers into evolution. Before the adoption of the Constitution the states forgetting that the Federal govern Merit and the con Avert Sovereign and Independent and Avert in a Constitution Are the offspring of the popular Viii and the edition to Settle the Tennis upon Avrich they choose to creatures of a Opu a Sufferance. But Arhat Lias this i to form a More perfect Union. They made a constr harsh step Mother done to the Good people of the i tuition and a treaty in the same instrument. It is United states or to our fellow citizens Avo seek their i Avell know n that Ashen the constitutional Cona mention Homes in the unexplored solitudes of our country Quot that 1 assembled composed of the representatives from thir she should deserae such severe and Avaio resale Denun j teen states that twelve of those states Avert slave a elation ? Ashen the people of a territory Are poor i states that slaves Avert considered and recognized by and unprotected unable to a taxes or defend them the Laws of those twelve states As pro Yerty and that selves against the robber and the Savage Indian the slavery avas considered highly essential to their inter Federal government intervenes Avith its organic act ests and Prosperity and As a very important subject of it pays All the territorial of Cei a its governor its i treaty and consideration. It avas therefore manifestly Secretary its judges thu members of its legislature the intent and purpose of a Large majority of the Fra of its Oahu selection it erects its Public buildings fur a Iners of the Constitution to enlarge extend and be wishes its Public Library provides Fedt i Al troops for cure As far As , the rights and Poa vers of the the Protection of the citizens bes Toavs upon tin m Mil of avers of slaves Avi thin their own limits respectively hons of acres of the choicest Public lands for Educa As Avell As Avi thin the jurisdiction of the confederacy tonal and Railroad Tjui poses and in i very Avay minis i about to be formed. Assembling under such Circum tors to their Avants and Ava Tehes Over their helpless stances and Imp Avith such convictions is it not infancy like a kind father and All the Federal Iov reasonable to suppose that the intelligent of gainers of Erin sent asks of them for All this care and expense is the Constitution Avold of lord ample Security to the i that Uliey Aviu be Good boys study hard and prepare of avers of slaves throughout the entire territorial themselves for the great duties of self government limits of the proposed confederacy a hat ave May Ashen they shall attain their majority and lie admitted reasonably expect to find in the Constitution ave do into the family of stares. Now is this any More than find there in fact. Ave say that the Constitution re the Federal government has a right to expect ? Cognize the lawful existence of slaves As property for but suppose they Are guilty of grossly immoral con it apportions the representation Inong the states on duct and they refuse to Quot heed the teachings of their the basis of distinction Betavee free persons and oth fathers gup Ose they undertake to exercise Poa vers or persons meaning slaves it provides in Art. 2, not conferred upon them and to the prejudice of the Sec. 2, for their surrender Ashen escaping from one i family interests or attempt to legalize murder treason. State to another and Proa ides for the continuance of adultery or polygamy Avill it be said that the paternal the slave Trade until a certain specified period. Government should not reach them in their mad but ave Are not left to doubt and speculation upon career ? this important subject. Tiie highest judicial tribunal we Are not therefore surprised that our Southern in the Union has authoritatively declared the ques Brethren preferring the solemn guarantees which Chetion. In the much abused and much misunderstood to Constitution has Throan around their property should j dred Scott Case 19, Howard p. 394. Avrich decides be unwilling of risk it before any other tribunal Arhat j Little new but recognizes Avell established principles Ever. A e Are not that they do not share in in delivering the opinion of the court the chief jus the indifference of or. Douglas whether their prop Tice in speaking of the territories acquired by the erty be Quot voted up or voted Down Quot we Are not sur Federal government says Quot the territory thus a prised that they should insist that this government quire is acquired by the people of the United states was formed for Quot the Protection of life Liberty and for their common and equal Benefit and every citizen property Quot ave Are not surprised that they insist upon has a right to take Avith him into the territory any the Equality of the states and the right of each Citi article of properly Ino luding his slaves which h zen to a full and equal participation in All the benefits the Constitution recognizes As property and pledges the i own from the common territories ave Are not Federal government for its i surprised that they prefer placing their rights upon now fellow citizens is there any escape from such a a a a a a is i Lyional grounds rather than Ilion the in Langua a ? can it be explained away by warily dem a a i a ? native theories of cunning and unstable ago Luel who have not the courage to nu4e a Manly it c ans but ,11 be Surpin cd if the entire South Appeal to the people to sustain the Constitution in not now firmly unite m the and niacin ten Del which they live and under which ave have pros Ance of constitutional nights we will be sur Perez so amazingly As a nation ? Ilove ave not then Quot Quot Quot Quot Quot established our fio position and Are ave not fully an-1 i a a theorized to say that the common territory. Acquired Cal sagacity is entirely at fault if the entire South do not now with heart and hand unite upon our Glon Ous Standard bearer the chivalrous Young son of Ken and that every citizen Quot has a right to Talce with him try and Ashen the ides of november come we shall into the comm territory any article of property m a us rinsed of one Hundred and Paventy Southern by the expenditure of the common blood and common treasure is acquired for the whole people of the United states Quot for their common and equal Benefit Quot territory any article of property eluding his slaves Avrich slaves the Constitution recognizes As property and pledges Quot not the inherent Power of the people of a territory but something much More tangible and efficient to Avit the a Hole Coaver of Quot the Federal government Quot with its annies and its navies its courts and its officers its legislative and executive Coaver All All is Quot pledged for the prot Section and support Quot of the humblest american citizen in the peaceable and quiet enjoyment of his sacred rights of property whenever and by whomsoever assailed. This is the position of the National democratic party this is the Protection guaranteed to us by our electoral votes do not unite Avith Oregon California and Pennsylvania to make Breckinridge and Lane the next president and vice president of these United states. Douglas in the special telegraphic correspondent of the Cincinnati Gazette says Douglas is expected Here this afternoon. He Avill rest a Day and then go to Baltimore and Frederick Maryland. He has Wen mainly received by Bell men South who have finished All the enthusiasm and All the receptions. All their demonstrations Wei a of course insincere As they intend to give him no a ote. Our correspondent the Coqui Ercyal of yester his embraced the Opportunity in copying a miserable lie from a Yancey-di5-Union print concerning our a Ashington Corr Esix and ent. To so Peak of him As a Quot Canander it is not necessary of vindicate him from that charge. His letters have been proverbial for their accuracy in political a speculation. And have been More widely copied than any other Leitis written from the Federal their author is Liot judge Douglas Secretary As the Yancey Organ charged. The motive of the co7�mer- a it introducing our correspondent is obviously one of malignant Delsi appointment and spleen. It inaugurated the system of special dispatcher but for a Onie cause it has fallen behind and allo aved its Cote Jamji Aries the a Hole Field. Having been in gloriously beaten it takes Refuge in snarls of rage Ajr inst its More fortunate Cincinnati ent hirer. Ave charge that this Cori respondent of the enquirer signing himself Quot Cleveland Quot is a Fel Loav named or at least by the name of Sherillan for he May haae As Many aliases As a horse to Lief for aught we know to the contrary. This Sheridan was the Pula ate Secretary of or. Douglas avas brought Avith him into Ohio last fall to report his j a Ches. And did report his a Ooster so Leech. In which or. Douglas denounced the attorney general calling him in bitter terms. If not the str late Secretary of judge Douglas now. Lie i still under his orders. Eng better enabled to serve his master in writing fill met us for the Cincinnati pm Pinr. And in Telegram thing falsehoods to other a apers Tolian in writing letters Tor and Rei Orting speeches of the candidate Tor president av1o pays him his salary. This Sheridan is the same Muir cured whelp that started the canard that Imp. Breckinridge had it in Conteni Platou to Avit Lidral from the canvass and ave have Good Auto Jority for saying that it was done to prevent Jurige Douglas from carrying out an intention foreshadowed in his letters to his friends in a Ashing ton. Of retiring from the contest in order of attend to his private affairs in the hoj e of retrieving his feb Rennes and becoming the demo i Atic candidate for president four Yeai a hence. The reason achy we know that Sheridan is the Man that started the canard ave can give having an account direct from one Avo avas present alien the idea avas conceived but name ave Are not at Liberty to use. As he is not now in politics. Does the Kint intr ask for it and Avill it Gla e it an insertion if ave furnish the item Imp. Faran one of the proprietors of thu la Utti incr. Has been for years the a personal Friend of our intern Paiit and Avold if necessary endorse him As a Man of the sternest strictest . The Best test of the relative strength of the Aai ious parties in the state of i Missouri is to be found in the composition of the Neav legislature. The footings Are As follows it i Nai i. Lori skin Ridge deihocnits.17 Douglas i lion. 7 i publicans. Total it so. Breckinridge democrats. Douglas democrats .28 democrats position unknown. G Union.33 republicans.12 total.132 the six democrats a Hose Jiosi Tion is reported in kno Avn Are believed to be nearly All Breckinridge men. From this it Avill be seen that the Quot Little squatter Quot Avon t be Able to give Frank Blair Quot James s. Green s lace in the Senate Quot As lie county Gross Douglas fraud i he Duuglas ites in Nav Jersey have i sued an address in Pam Inlet Bim. The a Stales that the rules of the Baltimore convention of 1.s.52 Avert adopted at Cint innate and Charleston and that those Avei e binding and determined How Many votes Avert ref tired to make a nomination. It then quotes from the of 1s52 one Avrich declares that Quot Tavo thirds of All the a Hole number of votes Given shall be necessary to a the of this address a Nav they Avert perpetrating a fraud upon the people when they copied this Resolution instead of the one adopted at Charleston and Avrich avas binding upon the convention. The Charleston Resolution is As Follo avs a resolved that the president of the convention be and he is hereby directed not to declare any tier son nominated for i resident and vice president unless he Quot Hall Haa e received a number of votes equal to Tavo a Hinds of the votes of All the electoral the of this Resolution and the tub Stilu Tion of another is one of the frauds of the times. The authors of the address a Nav that Imp. Douglas did not receive the number of votes required by the Lule adj item at Charleston find hence they suppress that Resolution and Jiu Allih another which avas repudiated by the Coupe Nylon twi. friends in the South the receptions of Imp. Douglas in a Irginia arc managed by the supporters of Bell. His Auto fences arc made up from the ame sources and the applause Avrich greets him is Isom Opi position Mouths they applaud him because he is doing his Best to destroy the democratic party i such applause is to the shame and disgrace and not to the lie nor of him Avo receives it and Jar. Douglas should Blush instead of feeling complimented Ashen Virginia Noav no thing ism tosses up its Cap for him the know nothing organs in Virginia Avion ass the Progress of Imp. Douglas Avith Delight Avrich they do not attempt to conceal. They Noav that he is in effect stumping the state for them and they believe that he can do them More Sei vice than All their own . They uphold him they Praise him they magnify All the Flavois he receives in order to exaggerate his strength. They Are right for he is truly Labouring in their cause. But awhile Noav nothings thus rejoice the True democracy can Only feel Nef and indignation at the treason which thus flourishes in their . Con. Ex-pjesi1>ext our Issue of last week ave copied an article from the Manchester american in relation to the course of sex preset Lent Pierce to Avrich ave added some comments of our own. The article from the american intimated that Gen. Pierce avas not sincere in his declaration in favor of Breckinridge and the National democracy. A e have sufficient reason to believe that ave were too Hasty in our conclusions and. Therefore did injustice to the sex president. Ave have Noav no doubt of the sincerity of his preference for Breckinridge and the integrity of his purpose Avith regard to the pending contest. We have no doubt that Gen. Pierce will do All for the National cause As represent Eil by Breckinridge and Lane Avrich could be expected of him in View of his position and character. We regret that we have been misled into any doubt of the sincerity and integrity of his Standard. The Mobile Ala Tribune says Quot we have reliable nears from several counties in the Interior. It amounts to the fact that Douglas is losing every Day a that Bell will beat him largely in the vote of the state. Aae have no doubt of this but in order not to give encouragement to our Bell friends it is certain that in the counties alluded to Breckinridge will beat both of the of position

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