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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - September 8, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana Go a r d. The Constitution the tit Rivoir and the Equality or the states of _ vol. L India Jafolis ii Daiva saturday september 8,1860. \0. 23. As you deem proper a reply at your earliest convenience is very desirable. Respectfully w. H. Talbott chairman amp a. 1st District Jno. B. Gardiner the old line is t n i tact Quot Jet e a a a Yat , Indiana by it 4c 1ia1ikn�ss. Teh. 3vr a tt00� anti Lafter Ibe presidential election in Advance in All cases. Advertisements inserted at the nasal rates. From the Xiv York Day Book the late Hon. James k. Paulding on senator Donglas. A t1tj i Jet. We believe his senatorial term is drawing to i wards a close and it is Well known there is a Strong infusion of free Soilis in Northern Illinois. We should not have ventured on an insinuation of this kind but when a gentleman so distinguished for clearness of intellect and facility of expression gives such indifferent reasons for his conduct we think it but doing him Justice to presume he is influenced by others which he does not think proper to make Public. One of the most striking peculiarities however in the present position of the senator who it will be recollected has heretofore been the i eat Champion of non intervention in the Dot a Nestic affairs of states and territories is his standing in direct opposition to the i great principle which he sustained with such Zeal and i ability. He insists that the Lecompton Constitution i shall be rejected by Congress and Kansas excluded from the Union because that Constitution has not 1 been submitted to the people of Kansas. It is strictly a Domestic affair with which according to the senator s own doctrine Congress has nothing to do exp i cent to see Liat it is Republican and we Are greatly it is already known to our readers that the late i Quot Staken if the course recommended by him is not in Hon. James k. Paulding was in the habit of contrib i Terv cation with a vengeance Utincy editorially to the columns of the Bay Book for j. Another Peculiar feature m the senator s conduct several years previous to his Deith when his health pm Quot citation with which he pounced on the permitted or he Felt inclined. With a mind vigorous i resident s message not Only before it was fairly in and Strong up to his last moments and keeping a close watch on Public events his Long and varied experience in Public affairs rendered his opinions of great weight and importance. Then too they were totally uninfluenced by any of the prejudices and passions which the Best of men in Active life will and must be influenced by. He however was removed from Public Exciton ints and in the Calm Retreat of his own Beautiful Home on the Hudson invited the dispassion seated to the Senate for discussion but As he subsequently confessed before he had Given himself time to comprehend either its reasoning or conclusions. He discovered a Quot fundamental error Quot in it before lie i understood its Means Iii. In his headlong or haste to do liver a speech which might be sent to Kansas in time to operate on the election which took place on the 21st inst., and give Aid and Comfort to the Topeka patriots he forgot to make a distinction Between what May one Case there is no an exercise of the dieted the do Vanward career How fully his words have come True. Take this occasion to of Ain reference to the charge. ,., that is sometimes made against the Day Book that it Lfonsi stencils As contrasted with the past Lor some has pursued senator Douglas with a Zeal amounting i time past he has appeared As the great peacemaker to personal persecution that the fact that we did not bearing the Olive Branch in Token that the publish Liis article at the time it was sent is is a Suffi i dissension had subsided. And yet it is not client reply to All these allegations. It was written Quot be remarkable that every one of his great Meas 1. A t ________________1 ___.1 i _ Ai ___1 Liros of Vaoifi Caton Lifavi it Thiis far t<>rulpi1 to Dir Ranto sent us that we did not publish we submit that it is a continued to rage and spread like fire on the Prai positive proof that we were slow As it is tie fact to is and now when there was a pros sect of its being believe that senator Douglas really intended to be of peed y extinguished he throws another fare Brand false to the democratic party and to abandon its just i la up of Coniku Stilp. At this rate the and National principles. The Day Book was among senator will certainly bring about the millennium in the last of the democratic journals that took ground i,.against or. Douglas and then Only when it avas Al e greatly fear however the late Couse pursued Parent beyond All doubt that he intended to Rule the a he senator will eventually Lead to a serious schism party or defeat it if he Codd. Since then we have the democratic party or at least produce new com had but one course to pursue. But to the article and Neil comp cations. Schisms either re-1 pursue which is As follows the Rosillon of senator Douglas. The position of the distinguished senator from Illinois commonly known As Quot the Little giant of the West Quot is certainly somewhat equivocal. He has placed Lii self in direct opposition to the president on a question which there is too much reason to fear will eventually Lead to a disruption of the democratic party and if via admit the president to be the retire tentative and head of that party it can we think hardly be denied that the senator has separated himself from the democratic party. That the president was elected by the Suffrages of the democracy is sufficiently notorious that previous to his nomination by the democratic convention he pledged himself to conduct his administration on certain great fundamental Pine Isles set Forth in the platform of that convention is eco rally notorious and unless he has forfeited every one of these pledges it cannot we think be denied that to snap at and oppose a most important recommendation of his message before he understood it As he confesses is to place himself in an antagonistic position towards the democratic party. This however the senator stoutly denies in All his late speeches on the subject of Kansas and expresses his determination not to be read out of the party but to remain in it and labor with it with All his accustomed Zeal and ability. Now we Are not among those m to believe that because the democratic party have elected a president they Are bound to support All the measures of his administration. They always Reserve to themselves the right to exercise their judgment and their will in be Gard to these measures an Ltd to dissent from and oppose them if the think they Are inconsistent with his pledges or with those great fundamental principles they have always made the basis of their political Creed. At the same time we hold that there is something like a Mutual obligation Between a president and the party by which he is chosen. No one ave believe double s that some great Clinge takes place in the views and sentiments of his old supporters he is bound in Honor not to forfeit his pledges to them and Tion support Liim we Ile he Tylius remains True to their inn Caples. They should not desert him him without Good reason lest they compel him to seek Refuge in the arms of their adversaries. The Only Point at Issue Between the president and the senator disguise it As we will is inseparably intertwined with the question of slavery which sir Henry Bulwer declared was the Only question at Issue in the presidential contest at that time. It has been so Ever since and so we fear will Long continue to the neglect or exclusion of All other great National interests. The territory of Kansas has become the Quot debatable land Quot on which the Battle is to be fought and the question kept alive by continual agitation and it must be evident to All close observers that the great object of All the opponents of the democracy is to prolong an agitation on which All their Hopes of the overthrow of that party rest. Take from them this and there will be nothing left but a resort to the old issues of High tariffs and internal improvements b the general government which without the Aid of slavery agitation can do nothing. Senator Douglas has placed himself at the head of this agitation part and thrown a firebrand in the Heap of combustibles. Gigious or political Are like Poison or i Estilene Ashen once begun they never end until they have done their work. The senator has indeed announced that he will not permit himself to be Quot read out Quot of the democratic party but is determined to remain and give it the Benefit of All his exertions. But this business of Reading out depends on the voice of the party not on the determination of the senator. The democracy May perhaps decide that the senator has read himself out and dispense tooth his future services. At any rate the question May shortly present itself whether the senator can do More harm As a Friend or an enemy. On this Point we ourselves Are not yet decided though his Success in settling the great question of slavery and establishing state and territorial rights might induce us to exclaim Quot heaven save us from our friends Quot on the whole however perhaps it will be Best to let the senator read himself out of the democratic party As he probably will Ere Long. I we there Ibre oppose his expulsion if Lor no other reason than that a fire Brand smokes most when out of the Chimney. We have italicised a few of the More prophetic and significant passages in or. Paulding s Day Book squatter sovereignty. In every organized political society there is a supreme Power Paramount in authority whose mandate is Laid. This we style sovereignty. Its authority is exclusive it tolerates no rival it admits of neither contradiction nor disobedience. Douglas claims that this authority is lot ged in the legislature of a territory the National democracy assert that it is lodged in the government of the Union to which the territory belongs. This is the Issue Between Douglas and the democracy. No one will deny that under the Constitution the Federal government is Sovereign Over the Norgan sized territories of the Union invested with the j 0w- or and charged with the duty of governing divest itself of that sovereignty ? we need not Radii that without such aut Jority it cannot be done. That authority cannot be found in the Constitution. If any one thinks he has found it we will be obliged to him if he Vdell Point it out. It follows there Ibre that Congress in organizing a territory cannot divest itself of its own sovereignty i Over it cannot clothe the territorial legislature Avith authority Independent of and supreme Over its own original co institutional sovereignty. It cannot Vest in the legislature of a territory the Power to pass Laws which Congress shall not have the Power to repel and which it shall not be the duty of Congress to repeal if such lavas shall violate the Constitution or the rights of the citizen. This As we have shown would be an unauthorized abandonment of the Power and the duty devolved upon Congress of governing and protecting the common territories of the Union until they shall become states co equal and Sovereign with the rest of the states of the Union in regard to their Domestic affairs. Congress May in the organic act Vest in a territorial legislature the Power to enact police regulations for a territory but always subject to its Avn and squatter sovereignty would Quot be blown to the winds by his indignant breath. This Dogma of Douglas was Only invented to please the abolitionists and is Only intended to be Allied to slave property. Where that is assailed in a i Erri tory he exclaims hands off a he Cincinnati platform forbids interference but let the goods and chattels of a Connecticut clock peddle be attacked and you will instantly hear the stentorian voice of the Illinois senator ringing through the Halls of Congress for the suppression of so great an outrage. He would make fish of one and flesh of another he would abandon the poor slaveholder to his Fate but around the pet of an addition Aid society a Jim Lane or John a Brown he would throw the mighty arms of congressional Alf express. A Kauinui ii Luu Uii i Iii ii Tiitu i ii i i. T a a a ate counsels of a Patriot to his countrymen. He was i p poor and what is absolutely necessary a dist my moreover one of the purest types of the genuine a Quot Quot a Quot Quot Quot a i american Democrat that our country has Ever pro the submission of the Lecompton Constitution to the j diced. His instincts and sentiments were All truly was absolutely necessary to give it Validity american he breathed not a that was not i to omission would be a sufficient ground for its full of genuine loyalty to our free institutions. I Raj on by Congress if it was Only proper it might it will be seen Arith what political Saira City he pre i dispensed with at pleasure. In Rof a Cantor Quot Dou it Las and a the other there is Quot Ipp a a Tan the will. But the resent position of the senator is full of in the late elections in the Southwest. General elections have been held in Tavo of the southwestern states during the past summer Arkansas and Texas and local county elections have occurred in Alabama. As it is in the great Southwest that the Domestic system of the South is developing its most fruitful results and As it is there that Southern Progress is most apparent its recent elections Avill serve As the tiniest indexes of the prevailing popular sentiment of the Cotton Region. As the voice of the Cotton growing Section is most potent not Only in the councils of this re pubic but in the affairs of nations its verdict on the present political crisis deserves serious consideration. Texas has pronounced emphatically for Breckinridge and against his of it a orients. The Issue avas clearly made up in the recent election Betavee the friends of Breckinridge and those of Houston. The result Shoals that the Breckinridge candidates for state Oili cers have been elected by majorities ranging from 20,-000 to 25,000. It avas Only last year that Houston was chosen governor by 8,000 majority. The fruit of the late election can be Obs Era cd from the sudden with dra aval of Gen. Houston from the presidential contest. Texas May be safely it do Avn for Breckinridge by a larger majority than that by Avrich his friends have just carried the state. The pro Gorlion of votes Avill be somewhat As a oho avs a Breckinridge 50,000 Bell 15,000. There is no Douglas organization in the state and probably Avill be none. We have been Aava iting for some time the full returns from the Arkansas election but though the canvass ended some seven ave eks ago the tables of returns either in the aggregate or in detail have not yet a eared in our Arkansas exchanges. We learn however that the majorities of the successful candidates in round numbers Are Rector 5,000 Iliad Man g,000 Gantt 3,000. All of these gentlemen arc Avo aved friends of Breckinridge and Lane. A local question entered largely into the late election. It appears that a portion of the democracy took offence at the nomination of Richard ii. Johnson for governor by the regular democratic state convention. It was alleged by the malcontents that the Quot Johnson family Quot controlled the convention machinery and avas Bent on its Oahu aggrandizement at the expense of the people. This Johnson and anti Johnson feud has Dia idea the state for a number of years. The Johnson family is one of the most talented in Arkansas and has been Repi resented largely in Washington and Little Rock. One of the most vehement opponents of the Johnsons has been col. Hindman the member of Congress from the ii St District. When r. H. Johnson received the late gubernatorial nomination judge Rector took the stump against him As an Independent democratic candidate. Quot the Tavo gentlemen addressed the people of the different counties in company and the result was As ave have before stated the Success of judge Rector. Col. Hindman fought his Avn Battle in the first District and though col. Cypert a Bell Man ran in opposition receiving the support of the bellies and Dougl Sites and to a certain extent the moral support of the friends of col. Johnson he alas re elected by a heavy majority. In the second District the friends of Johnson had in nomination or. Mitchell and the opposition democracy col. Gantt. In this District As in the other the anti Johnsons try ump had. It is proper to state that col. R. H. Johnson As Well As senator r. , gave an Earnest Suji port to or. Breckinridge. Since the election an attempt has been made to get up a Douglas organization in the state. Albert rust and or. Flournoy Are the principal movers but ave do not observe that they have enough followers to constitute a Power in the state Avo thy of serious notice. Rust avas the Douglas candidate for u. S. Senator in Robert w. Johnson s place. As far As we can learn not one Douglasine has been elected to the new legislature. The a of in Arkansas inl856, avast Buchanan 21,910 Fillmore 10,787. We presume it Avill Range among the several candidates in november a follows ,40,000 Bell 12,000 Douglas 500. In Alabama Only county elections have taken place. The statements in the Douglas papers that the elections have gone against the friends of Breckinridge and Lane Are base fabrications. Thoy Are a part and parcel Avith the system of a wholesale lying adopted by the squatters in Liis Campaign and As false As the Kindred assertion that the Dougl Sites carried Arkansas in August. The Montgomery mail alluding to these canards says Quot there acre More Breckinridge men elected at the August elections in Alabama by default of Bell and Douglas opposition than Avill outnumber All the Bell and Douglas men elected throughout the state. Then add to them the Breckinridge men elected in spite of opposition and the majority of Breckinridge men elected is very great indeed. It is True that in some instances Bell men Avert elected by do a Ding the Breckinridge vote and As in this county by a candidate s keeping dark till the Daj but that is All. One Douglas Man elected by a plurality and a fear Bell men slipped in Are Only exceptions to the general Rule in Alabama Avrich avas the election of Breckin general Joseph Lane in new Yore Iii address to the National volunteers. Democratic general Joseph Lane the democratic candidate for vice president of the United states addressed the National democratic volunteers of new York City on the 29th ult., at their rooms in Broadway. General Lane was witted upon by a committee of the volunteers at the Everett Hogue and fim there proceeded As above mentioned. After the organization of the meeting he said National democratic volunteers i thank you for your kind invitation to meet Yon and for the cordial greeting with which you have received me. Had you convened a Public meeting and called upon me for a speech i should haae hesitated about accepting the invitation for i am averse considering the position i Noav occupy As a candidate for vice president to enter actin Ely into the can sign. I May be permitted however on this occasion to make a Cav Brief remarks and a few Only Avill be Nice scary after the eloquent addresses you have heard from your chairman. Or. Miller and from or. Daniels or. Genet and or. Lawrence. Gentlemen we have been charged John c. Breckinridge and x have been charged the ticket which you feel proud to support has been charged a Ith secession disunion and even treason. The great j arty to Avrich ave All belong has been called a disunion party a secession party. Now who Avith any common sense can believe that John c. Breckinridge the High toned Gallant and Clu Aali Ous Breckinridge the Patriot and statesman who Isacs the Union and Avo has throughout his life fought so bravely for the Union and the constitutions Avo i say can believe that he is a this unionist or a secessionist my friends As a Ell might it be said that a fond father desires the dismemberment and bitter conflicts in his Oahu family. One statement Avold be As reasonable As the other. No Breckinridge is the Best of Union men and it is a Gross libel Yochai be him Avith disunion sentiments or designs. No Man Avold sooner Lay do Avn his life for the Union than the Noble Breckinridge. I know him Well and i say what i Noav of him. And As to myself achy gentlemen my a Hole life gives the lie to such a charge. No Man loves this Union More than i do and none Avold go farther or do More a within the Coaver of Man to perpetuate it. But my friends if you Avold preserve the Union you must maintain the Constitution for they Are one and inseparable. If you Avold preserve the one you must maintain the other. Tie Equality of the states is the principle upon Avrich the confederation was formed upon a Vicli the Union a As made and Avit Hout Avrich there Avold have been no confederation or Union. The Equality of the states that is the principle Noav at Issue before the country the Equality of the states not partiality not Avith any reservation but in full recognition of the original compact. In this you Avill see that Breckinridge and your Humble Sera ant Are better Union men than those a to make the foul charge of disunion sni against , because ave Are for maintaining the Union u on the principles of the Constitution strictly and fairly interpreted and not interpreted in a latitudinal Ian manner for the purpose of political expediency. Are we not then the Best Union men for the reason that ave Avold maintain it upon the Princis Les of the Constitution awhile our enemies Avo make unfounded and base charges against us a Ouw destroy the Union by sapping its very foundations. And Noraas to the party Avrich is identified Avith and supports the Breckinridge and Lane ticket. That Larty is not a secession or disunion party. I am in t Lere to defend the past history of men Avo May Yoav support this ticket nor to offer excuses for or explain Wavay charges against individuals but i maintain that our party is Par excellence a Union party. If it were not neither Breckinridge nor i a Ouid be identified Avith it the Dis unionists Are i eally those who would sap the foundations of the Constitution by Den ing the Equality of the states. Preserve in Good Faith the original compact of the Equality of the states and the equal rights of the citizens of each of the states in the common territories and every adhere else adhere the Flag of these United states floats and the Union Avill be preserved to All time and this great and glorious country Avill fill the most important Page in the history of nations. Let us be just Deal fairly by every portion of this country and by every state of this confederacy and this family of states Avill live together in Harmony for All time to come. Now my friends having made these few remarks in response to your flattering reception i thank you again one and All and bid you Good Oom Promise rejected. We publish below in this number the correspondence of the Breckinridge and the Douglas state Central committees in relation to a Compromise eject it ticket. As our paper is about to go to press ave have neither time nor space for extended remarks. Indeed comment is Annec Essaiy. Our proposition is rejected. The Douglas men by their action in this respect proclaim to the Avold their preference for Abraham Lincoln As the next president of the United states they put their refusal to accept our proposition upon the ground of Avant of authority. This is Only a shallow excuse. Douglas executive or Central committees Haa e no hesitation about their authority to form coalitions but can find none to adopt measures for binding up the broken fragments of the democratic party. Their committee in Indiana assumed authority to instinct delegates to the National convention. Their National committee or a portion of it met at the National hotel in Washington and assumed authority to nominate a candidate for the vice presidency but when it comes to Ridge men. A a a a a a. Adopting a line of policy by Avrich alone the demo it is Folly for the Bell Douglas opposition to Suji of this state can nun mph Tiev skid behind the pose it can make any impression in the extreme i of it of Quot Southa Vestern states. Basing our calculations on _ personal correspondence Avith Avill informed and re he has anticipated messes. Paramount Coaver to repeal them. A denial of the Seaward Hale and Wilson in denouncing the be i sovereignty of the Federal government Over the ter Compton convention. These gentlemen have become Rit ories and the assertion of sovereignty in the Terri silent spectators of the contest either Overaa cd by Toi Ial Legislatures involve the most absurd Conse the triumphant solubility of the senator or Appre-1 quenches. It Avold Foi Loav that the mormons of Utah pensive that it might a Eaken his claim to a High standing in the democratic party a i c he to be seen con Eudina Side by Side Avith its inveterate foes. For the Avold have a perfect i ight to Sanction by an act of their territorial legislature the robbery of emigrants passing through their territory and that Congress present they wisely leave it to him to head the Nav j Avold have no Coaver to repeal such an iniquitous lava coalition but the it probability is that the restless or Turbed spirit of abolition a ill not be Laid Long and that its leaders in the Senate Avill go near to ruin the Little giant by openly taking sides Avith him. It Avold be a curious sight to see the great Champion of non intervention sustained by the votes of the most violent opponents of his doctrine but in All probability we s Hall Avi Ness such a phenomenon before the end of the present session. The Sii Lamander and the Bull frogs will a found Sav Imming in the same Pool. But it Avill be asked has the senator from Illinois really turned his Back on the old democratic party or has he Only turned half Way round ? this will appear in the sequel and ave merely venture to predict that wha Ever May be his motives the detection of the senator whether total or partial Avill Lead to a serious Schum in the democratic parly. Whether this variation of the senator s Compass has a squinting Towai is Quot the succession Quot or to his re election to the Senate we will not pretend to guess As ave Don t feel authorized to develop the secret motives of any Man most especially Ai great politician and therefore we shall merely suggest the possibility that this Quot Demi vault Quot of the. Senator May have reference to some personal of a Lor the mormon Legislatures Avold be Sovereign according to Douglas. But such a monstrous Assumption is repelled by the obvious principles of the Constitution by the practice of the government from its formation and by the course of Douglas himself. The legislature of Kansas passed an act requiring its inhabitants to fake an oath to support the Senaie Douglas \ Otin Iii the affirmative repealed that act squatter sovereignty on that occasion vanished into thin air Rit Avold not Kavork and its author abandoned his favorite Dogma to its Fate. The mormon legislature behaved badly and Congress with the Aid of Douglas abolished the legislature a Ith a its odious and absurd lavas. Congressional Intel anti ii was then All right and squatter sovereignty Del Ayrong the fact is that Douglas Only stands up for squatter sovereignty and non intervention when it is proposed to Rob a citizen of a territory of his slave by the unconstitutional action of a territorial legislature. If you should attempt to Rob one of his dearly beloved Yankees of his horse or his cow by the same Means the Illinois squat Tir would be up in arms in a moment. Liable politicians in that Section ave arc confident that Breckinridge Avill beat Bell and Douglas combined in Alabama by 20,000 Majorita in Mississippi by 25,00q majority in Arkansas by 25,000 majority in Louisiana by 5,000 majority and in Texas by 35,000 majority. These five states Avill give Breckinridge and Lane thirty electoral votes to Start lost an affecting Case. The Fol leaving advertisement appears in the Minn Sot Ian. We Trust it May Lead to the recovery of the lost boy and to the restoration of peace to a bereaved family Quot boy Quot lost. Left Washington d. C., some time in july to go Home to his Mother in Nav York. To has not yet reached his Mother who is very anxious about him. He has been seen in Philadelphia Nav York City Hartford conn., and at a Clam bake in Rhode Island. He has been heard from at Boston Portland Augustin and Bangor me. From some expressions he dropped it is feared he has become insane upon a subject he Calls Quot popular he is about five feet nothing in height and about the same diameter the other Way. Has a red face Short legs and Large belly. Answers to the name of Quot Little talks a great Deal and very loud always about himself. Has an idea that he candidate for the presidency. Had on when he left drab pants a White Vest and Blue coat with brass buttons the Tail very near the ground. Any information concerning him will be gratefully received to his afflicted Mother. For further particulars Auguste Belmont new York. Villis a. Gorman Minu Rota. Correspondence. Int Anapolis july 31, 1860. Hon. N. B. Palmer chairman a mass state convention of the friends of Breckinridge and Lane held in this City this Day among other resolutions the following Avert adopted resolved that whilst we disapprove of the platform of principles on which or. Douglas is now a candidate aae still regard it As less objectionable than that on which or. Lincoln is placed therefore. Resolved that the democratic Central committee this Day appointed be authorized and requested to Confer with the Central committee appointed on the 11th Day of january last with the View to the organizing and running of one and a joint electoral ticket on the Fol leaving basis to Avit if the persons that May be jointly agreed upon for electors shall be elected they shall cast the vote of this state for that one of the two candidates for president and vice president Breckinridge and Lane or Douglas and Johnson who it shall be found after the election is certain to receive the highest number of electoral votes from other states. That said committee be authorized in their discretion to agree upon the adoption of an entirely new electoral ticket or the winning of either of the present electoral tickets or of a ticket composed of parts of the present electoral tickets As May be thought most Exi Bedient. The electors who May be then agreed upon pledging themselves in Avri Ting to cast the vote of the state if elected in accordance with this Resolution. In Dischia of the duty devolved upon us we lose no time in submitting this Resolution to you in order that such action May be taken by you and those associated with you on the committee appointed at the convention held in this City on the 11th of january As you deem proper a reply at your earliest convenience is very desirable. Respectfully w. H. Talbott chairman amp a. 1st District Jno. B. Gardiner 2d so 4th 5th to the 7th 8u1 9 the 10th nth l. Sparks Geo. H. Kyle b. F. Mullen Alex. White John r. Elder Julien Nicolai m. Tomlinson James Johnson James m. Oliver Thomas Wood Thomas d. Lemon g. F. R. Wadleigh e. B. Thomas. Indianapolis aug. 2,1860. To w. H. Talbott esq., chairman and others gents a your communication of the 31st vdt., a con pained by resolutions of the late Breckinridge meeting in this City and asking the action of the democratic Central committee upon the propositions therein contained came to hand in pro it or time. I shall take the earliest Opportunity to Lay your communication before the committee of a High 1 have the Honor of being Chaitin an. Very obedient servant. N. B. Palm Kab. Chairman ind. Dem. Ceu. Camii. , 17, 1860. Viox. N. B. Palmer chairman a sir some fit Leen Days have elapsed since you acknowledged the receipt of my letter enclosing a Resolution passed by the mass state convention of the friends of Keck in Ridge and Lane held in this City july 31st, having for its object the running of one and a joint electoral ticket thereby enabling us to secure Harmony and Success in our party in Liis state. No response having been made i feel constrained to respectfully Call your attention again to this subject and request an a Saver without Furt Lier delay. Very respectfully yours &c., a. Ii. Talbot. Chairman ind. National democratic Cen. Com. Indianapolis August 2o. I860. We. H. Talcott Esq sir your letter of the 17th instant calling my attention to your letter of the 31st july covering certain resolutions of a Breckinridge meeting held in this City on the 3lst ult., is before me. A meeting of the Indiana democratic Central committee a As called for the 17th inst., but for some cause a full attendance was not accorded and no Fennal action taken on the subject resented in said resolutions. 1 May remark however that from and interchange of vicars it is ascertained that the members of the Central committee appointed at the Indiana democratic stale Coua mention held on the nth january last Aie unanimously of the opinion that they have no authority y to act in the Jire Mises contemplated in your proposals. Very n. B. Palmer chairman ind. Dem. Central Over to the enemy. There can no longer be any doubt says the Baltimore Republican As to the designs of the Douglas leaders. Their intention to break up the democratic party stands out boldly Ca eloped in All their actions. The Miles Taylor circular issued directly after Douglas pretended nomination Shad Aveil Forth the intentions of the Quot squatter Sovereign Quot Avrich Are being carried out throughout the country no Union with Breckinridge democrats but rather a Union with Noav things or abolitionists a whichever May be Mast conducive to the destruction of the democratic party. This is the platform of Douglas friends Avo if they cannot Rule Are determined to ruin. Nothing but the Strong and self condemning facts presented by the parties themselves could Haac made us believe in this traitorous scheme of judge Douglas and his friends. But the show them every adhere coalescing Avith the enemies of democracy either by an open fusion or by a professedly Independent course when that Avill Best serve their Pui pose of enmity and injury to democracy Quot. Lost reluctantly Are we forced to the conclusion that Distaj pointed ambition has so operated upon the mind of judge Douglas that he is deliberately planning and pursuing a purpose intended to Dis sever and defeat the democratic party. This he does not go much of his own vocation but at the bidding of his friends for he himself is anxious to withdraw. Liere can be no doubt of the fusion Avith the old Koav nothing party in Kentucky that is openly acknowledged by the Douglas papers and thank i returned for it by the Noav nothing candidate elect. In new York there is an open Union Between the Douglas and know nothing parties and a joint ticket of Douglas men and know nothings presented. In Virginia they refuse to unite Avith democrats but run a Douglas ticket As the better Avay to Aid their allies the Noav nothings. In Maryland the same insidious Gan c is playing and in Ohio his most cherished Organ the Plain dealer of this City makes open boast that it prefers Bell or even Lincoln to Breckinridge and Lane. There can no longer be any doubt that or. Douglas and his Active leaders have ceased to be democrats and Are deliberately engaged in a ii Sade for the overthrow of the democratic Cocce land National the Little conspirator. Tiie National democratic general committee of Neav York City have passed the full having resolutions resolved that from the speech of Hon. We. Kel log of Illinois delivered in Congress last a inter Anil a Hrdi has not been refuted or denied from the factious and arbitrary course of or. Douglas and partisans in the Charleston and Baltimore conventions and from his open hostility to the United Suffrages of the democracy Union any electoral ticket to defeat Lincoln it is self evident that a conspiracy exists by Tarcen Stephen a. Douglas Dean Richmond and his Albany Regency and thu Loav Weed for the Over Tilrow of the democratic party and for the Success of the republicans. Resolved that this corroborates what or. Douglas said at Washington during the anti Lecompton struggle see Kellogg s speech Page 12, that Quot he would be found fighting in the ranks of the great Northern party in 1860 that it was policy for him to remain in the party in order to hold certain of the rank and file so Itiat Ashen he went Over from the democracy he could take the crowd along with him and when he got All Over he would Cut do Avn the Bridge and sink the boat Quot resolved that As the Only Avay the territorial a prestion can Ever be settled harmoniously is upon the Bro doctrine of equal rights advocated by Breckin Ridge and Lane ave Call upon All Gootel citizens and especially Appeal to the manufacturing mercantile and commercial classes of this City for their support in the coming contest for the election of or. Lincoln or. Bell or or. Douglas would Only prolong this exciting and embittered contest for four years longer to the imminent danger of the Union or to a succession of angry politics strikes Avrich unsettle business destroy Confidence seriously affecting Commerce in All its ramifications and extending its influence from the mansions of the ave Althy to the Homes of the humblest labourer in this Metropolis. Judge Douglas has abandoned the Slang name of the Quot Little giant Quot for another which he doubtless considers More appropriate. At Petersburg va., he designated himself As the Quot Little the term Quot Little sucker Quot probably accounts for his Long and anxious search for his maternal Day Book

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