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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - October 30, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana Old Constitution the Union and t Kab a u a l it y of the states vol Indianapolis ind., ii essay october 30, 1860. No. 45.the old line guard. Is published �1� n. I Quot Tutt Quot is exies. A a y a at i n , Indiana by Eldek amp Haukness. 1� e Jex. Jul amp91.00� until after tic or Csc Etc Ntim election in Advance in All cases. Advertisements inserted at the a Tiai rates. Extracts from the speech of theron. E. H. Gillet before the inc lion association at washing Lon d. C. October 1,1860. Or. Lincoln s theory. Or. Lincoln is an enemy of the democratic party and their principles. He is in All matters of Public policy a whig of the bitterest kind who never gave a democratic vote or favored a democratic he now claims his election on sectional grounds and hostility to the interests and feelings of fifteen of our sister states whom he seeks to degrade. He says Congress can and ought so to legislate to drive Southern men out of our common territories or to submit to the loss of one kind of their property and that there is an irrepressible conflict Between the free and slave states which will make All free or All slave and he and his party Are the instruments which must accomplish this result. Knowing that no Power on Earth can compel the free states to adopt slavery it follows that it is to be crushed out in the states and that he is the chosen Leader of this illegal Enterprise. He claims that there is a Law higher than the Constitution and those enacted by the states which forbids slavery being property and tier before slavery can be extirpated under such Iii her Law. He is entitled to the Merit of boldness but neither he nor his friends have yet ventured to suggest the practical measures by which i they propose to accomplish their objects. How they will carry on the irrepressible conflict on their Side they dare not inform us. He satisfies his followers by naming results sought but is too wily to specify the Means of accomplishment fearing that their impracticability and unconstitutionality will be too apparent to be approved by Vliem. He feeds them upon excitement and prejudice and and avoids the test of reason and the Constitution. A candidate with such purposes can never receive the support of the majority of the american people. If elected he could never carry his theories into effect. Even if enacted into Laws they would be condemned by the sober second thou Glit of nearly every Good citizen be treated As a nullity under the Constitution and be As much loathed As the ii Lien and sedition Laws of the last Century. Tic judicial would declare them null and void. The authors of such measures would be promptly deprived of All Power by an indignant people and would sink too Low for the hand of political resurrection to save them. That party whose acts Are an aggression upon constitutional rights can never survive an Appeal to the people after their real purpose become apparent by indisputable overt unconstitutional acts. The i Are attempt to carry out his theories would raise a storm which he would not venture to encounter and which would annihilate his party. Or. Douglas. Or. Douglas claims to have received a nomination binding upon the democratic conscience. The Rule enacted by the Charleston convention required two thirds of the electoral votes 203 to make a nomination which number he never obtained even if we count the bogus delegates from Alabama and Mississippi and the forced minorities from new York Indiana and Ohio Given in Iii favor by the Juggler of two different rules of voting which were so contrived As largely to increase his apparent vote. Failing to get Over 181 votes his friends proposed to vote by acclamation to avoid a count and thereupon declared Liim nominated when they knew lie was not the Choice of the requisite number. Such a nomination binds no one. It was made against tie wishes of a majority of the states and against the real wishes of a majority of the Legal and rightful delegates and almost exclusively by votes from states not expected to give him an electoral vote. It is under these irregular and wrongful proceedings claimed to be a regular nomination we Iii brings him the great bulk of his sup Poi to. Or. Douglas present political Prin Isles Are As objectionable As tie Mode of his nomination. When the Kansas bul was up there was an irreconcilable diversity of views concerning the Power of Congress and of the territorial legislature Over slavery which resulted in so shaping the Bill As to confine the latter within the authority of the Constitution and providing prompt Means of submitting questions to the supreme court All signifying a willingness to abide its decision and in the meantime each was to entertain and act upon his own views without the imputation of political heresy. Or. Douglas says that the court has not decided a Case under this particular Law although tie principles determined in the dred Scott Case cover the same ground. But he now claims that the Cincinnati plat Ibrom determined the principle the other Way and he and his friends sought at Charleston to re adopt that platform with his interpretation to which the whole South and the Pacific states objected As Well As delegates from other states and hence they sought to add an explanation which would leave the question of constitutional rights where that instrument left it. This Effort of Jar. Douglas and his friends to prejudge what he has often avowed to be a judicial question and to make him the candidate of the demo i Atic party to carry out his construction in violation of the intention of those who voted for the Kansas act occasioned a split in the convention and in the democratic party which he is daily widening and confirming by his Hamn gues to Public crowds. In violation of the understanding and before the court has decided As he says or. Douglas condemns and denounces those who continue to hold their former opinions on this question find refuse to adopt the one now dictated by him As the Standard of democracy. Until the duly appointed tribunal shall have decided in favor of his theory his former political Bre Liren have the same right to enter Tain their opinions As they had when the agreement was made. His attempt to read them out of tiie democratic Church is an aggravated insult by one assuming a right of dictation to which the democracy will not submit. But we All know that the court has decided against or. Douglas theory and that he declines acquiescence on the shallow pretence Liat the just Lon though adjudicated did not arise under the right Law and lie now prosecutes those who adhere to their old opinions and recognize those of the court and he refuses to treat them As democrats. The friends of equal constitutional rights not being Able to discover in or. Douglas a representative of their principles nor in his platform As construed by him any safely for their rights selected or. Breckin i idec As their Standard bearer. His nomination like or. Douglas was made by political friends and entitles him to the votes of those who concur with him in his views. Whatever the vote May be under the present Circum statics i Hazard nothing in saying that nearly the entire democracy concur with him in his Iii Sciples while they condom those of or. Douglas. In mixing with the masses i have talked with no Democrat whether he supports the one or the other who does not concede that i. Breckinridge is clearly right on the constitutional questions and that or. Douglas Quot popular squatter sovereignty Quot doctrine is Ayrong and Mere Moonshine first resorted to for the purpose of defeating Lincoln in the race for the Senate and now to secure Northern and Western votes for the presidency. It is his Mode of there avoiding the effect of his acts in the repeal of the Jilis Souri Compromise instead of the Manh ground taken by the court of declaring it unconstitutional. Or. Douglas theories and their consequences. Or. Douglas says that slaves Aie property and that Congress cannot prevent their being held in the territories but that the territorial Legislatures can establish or exclude slavery within their limits and can Elf actually prevent it by unfriendly legislation what he does not Teu us and he affirms that this can be done whatever the supreme court May decide concerning their Power to pass such Laws. At first he claimed that the Kansas act authorized such legislation but it was not in the act. He next assumed that it is an inherent territorial right and lastly that it was derived from Quot god he has furnish-1 de no sufficient evidence that it avas derived from the i sources named. Under the Constitution Congress cannot exercise these Power nor Delegate them to the territorial Legislatures but if the Power exists j it must be derived from a source higher than that in i str ment. Or. Douglas has often insisted that it was a derived from Quot god almighty Quot but has failed to fur-1 Nish any evidence to sustain his assertion. If the question is determinable by human Laws the courts can declare those Laws which Are unconstitutional to be null and void but if we recognize a higher Law supposed to be derived from Quot god Alin Iglitz Quot however it May conflict wit i the Constitution it must pre-1 Vail. He and Lincoln agree in the existence and extent of this higher Law and concerning its controlling character. Althou ii he assented during the Kansas discussions that the courts might decide on the constitutionality of the questions involved and so provi did in that act he now introduces a new source of Jower which May make an unconstitutional Law valid and binding although he can neither prove the exist enc of the Law or it paternity or the authority of the courts to execute it As a part of Lunian Laws. If i in. Douglas is right Altai Sugii Congress is limit de to the exercise of certain specified Powers a territorial legislature May enact whatever Laws they choose whether authorized or forbidden by the Constitution i or not provided it be within the assumed higher Law which is As unlimited now As alien Massachusetts Hung wit Clies under it. If the s Hillier Law prevails every Llumi tuition of Power specified in the Constitution must be disregarded and set at Defiance. The owners of a so Necles of property four times recognized in the Constitution and once recognized in every Colony and in All tie states save one after the revolution and by fifteen states at the present time can be stripped of it without compensation at the Avill of a territorial legislature and no human tribunal can prevent it or reverse or question their determination because according to or. Douglas they act under Power derived from Quot god almighty Quot which Man is not authorized i to resist or gainsay. Or. Lincoln and or. Douglas agree in tracing pow her to this source for Kindred if not for the exact same purposes. If they Are right our Constitution is a dead Etter when they invoke their unseen and unwritten higher Law. It is universally admitted and by both or. Lincoln i and or. Douglas that the Constitution extends Over territories when we acquire them and of course with the same effect As in the states. It follows that if there is a higher Law derived from Quot god almighty Quot in the territories it must from necessity extend Over the states which is the Lincoln theory. This would leave Congress unrestrained in the states authorizing Vliem to exterminate slavery in them by unfriendly legislation such As making discrimination against the Commerce and ports of the slave states and supporting the i Deral government by levying taxes sex i club Lovely upon slaves and such articles As they alone j produce or consume. Taxing property so As to drive i it out of a state or territory is not worse in principle than destroying it by direct legislation. Carry out these doctrines to their legitimate results and we should no longer have an american Union or Congress or candidates stumping the states soliciting votes for the presidency. If the Constitution extends Over the territories then the following restraints upon legislative Power Are in Force As to Congress and Liose like territorial Legislatures acting under them forbidding Laws establishing religion abridging the Freedom of speech or prohibiting the dissembling and petitioning government for redress admitting the right to Bear arms forbidding the quartering of soldiers in a House in time of peace without the owner s consent and during War except according to Law forbidding general search warrants or any other except when supported by oath specifying the place to be searched or the thing to be seized or requiring answer for crime without indictment by a grand jury subjecting a party to a second trial for the same of ence requiring a Man to be a witness against himself Quot or permitting a person to be deprived of life Liberty or property without due process of Law Quot or taking private property for Public use without just compensation rec hiring the accused to be confronted with witnesses and Given process to secure the attendance of witnesses and the Aid of counsel forbidding excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishments. If there is a Law higher than the Constitution All the provisions referred to Are a dead letter in the territories and the people Are without the Security they afford. General search warrants May be allowed by Law authorizing search everywhere of everybody and everything. Men May be tried without indictment or witness to confront them and ten times Over for the same offence and they May be drawn in quarters or suspended by the heels until they die or May be deprived of life Liberty and property with out due process of Law. Their title May be legislated awa3 and this mrs. Douglas Sayi May be done by direct or unfriendly legislation As to slaves notwithstanding the judiciary May decide such Law to be unconstitutional and void. Are you prepared to blot out these portions of the Constitution and admit the existence of a higher Law from which such consequences May flow ? will any sane Man say that our Constitution goes with our ships Over the whole Globe but not with our people into our territories ? shall they be beyond its Protection when it extends to our citizens and is their shield and pro i Section in the it Tenjost parts of the Earth ? these arc Only a portion of the sad consequences of sir. Douglas new doctrines substituted in place of the Constitution and the Wisdom and practice of our forefathers. They tend to the destruction of our glorious confederacy without producing one beneficial result any a Here to anybody. This is the worst kind of intervention. It has not and cannot keep the slavery question out of Congress but has brought and continues it there. It has Given the House to the republicans and is fast transferring the Senate. For All this or. Douglas is responsible to the democratic party and to the country. By destroying the democratic party he paves tie Way for the destruction of the Union. Carry out the theories of or. Douglas and Lincoln and the Union must perish it cannot survive their fatal news the Maysville exp so a leading paper in North Kentucky says from All parts of Kentucky we continue to receive the most cheering news of the return of democrats to their party who had been cajoled for a time into the support of Douglas. Finding out that the sole purpose of Douglas is to give to Bell and Everett Kentucky and the entire South they Are abandoning him in disgust As one unworthy of their Confidence or support As to democrats. Let every True Democrat go to his democratic neighbor who has been misled by Douglas and Point out the deception that is being practice Lupon him and urge Liim to standby the Standard party. It is a shame that any honest Democrat a Ould be cajoled into the support of his Politi Al Quot popular sovereignty Quot and non up be population wins gave the people of the tar Tvett trip a attn a Quot in the tax hair Quot tory All the nights of the people of a state. They intervention in the Kansas be governor their own judges Blaskiv Bill against his Quot popular and other officers and to provide by Law for their re sovereignty Quot and Quot non inter yen Moval for neglect of duty or malfeasance in office. Tion Quot on the stump. When the population of the ten Itoro was sufficiently i Laige to entitle it to a representation in Congress from the Cleveland Democrat then the territorial legislature was to Call a new or. Douglas bases his Quot popular sovereignty Quot and his j convention form a new Constitution or to modify Quot non intervention Quot Creed upon the principles Laid i the old one and when the Constitution so formed was Down in the Kansas Nebraska Bill of which he is the sent to the president the territory threw Oft its author. Let us see How much sovereignty it gives to Chr Salis form and came into the Union As a sover the people of the territories and non icing state upon the same footing and with the same intervention by Congress he guarded against. I privileges As the other states of the confederacy. Congress intervened by ceding to the people the these resolutions embrace the real popular sover right under certain restrictions to have a govern eighty a not such As is in the Kansas Nebraska Bill of ment of their own. I or. Douglas and yet the Arch agitator who thus de Congress provided that the governor of the Terri i ounces the Verj doctrine he advocates before the tory the Secretary of the territory the judges of j people is now on the stump As the popular sover-1 the territory who constitute the entire judiciary and eighty candidate for the very Prii Ciple he so solemnly i the marshal who was to the process issued repudiated in his Kansas Nebraska Bill. By the court should All be appointed by the presi a Dent Quot by and with the advice and co Kievit of the a voice Froni California. Senate Quot and that their salaries should be paid by the extract from the speech of senator Gwin. Of i United rates and that All these officers were remove California delivered at Stockton. Able by the president at his Sovereign will and pleas ure and new officers to be appointed in their place a subject Only to the restriction that the Senate of the i i took my position so soon As 1 read or. Douglas United states agree thereto. Freeport speech. I denounced tiie principles that he the peo Jile were allowed to elect a territorial be there for the first time to my knowledge avowed. I gis lature but the governor appointed by the presi Al a a continued to denounce them Ever since on All Dent and confirmed by the Senate had the Power to proper occasions. I brought them to the notice of my veto any Bill passed by the legislature and to return associates in the Senate at the meeting of the session peal and Lawes acted by the Terri ton Al legislature and thus to declare it null position of chairman of the committee on Lern tories and void. Because of the enunciation of those doctrines. 8ub tie Piid Kcf appointed by the president had the sequently an exciting discussion took place in the Power to pass judicial la upon the Laws thus enacted a Senate Between judge Douglas Anil other senators. And if in their opinion they conflicted with the con i participated in that discussion. I denounced the the people of the state enjoy the Power of elect own to me in Liis state during the last canvass. 11 ing their own governor their own judges and their took it up. I met the Issue everywhere discussed j own she Liis. They enjoy the right to make their question at Large and was one of the Humble in a own Constitution. This is popular Soverel Litvin the Strung ends in securing the condemnation by the dem-1 states. Quot socratic party of California of the doctrines of judge in the territories according to the Kansas Nebras Douglas As enunciated in his Freeport speech. One i a Bill popular sovereignty consists in ving tie of the speeches delivered by me during to la at Campaign j president who never was in the territory the Roiyer i made the occasion of judge Douglas addressing to appoint the governor and the judges tie one in elaborate letter to the editor of one of the demo a with Power to veto the Laws the others with Power to i Quot tic papers in this state commenting upon my views declare them null and void. To that i replied throw ii tie in the states popular sovereignty makes the exec Public press and to my reply he responded and i utile and the judiciary amenable to the people in doubt that when we again met in the Senate the territories these officers Are amenable Only to the Liis controversy would be continued on a much More president. Protracted scale. It was then taken up there in his in the states popular sovereignty and Quot non inter absence by his great champions senator Pugh of j mention Quot do not allow Congress to interfere in and a Ohio and after an exciting discussion Between that j shape form or manner with the Laws passed by the senator and myself i fore Eil him to acknowledge that legislature in the territories or. Douglas allows differed with judge Douglas in the views he sex Congress to repeal All the Laws that body sees pro in his Freeport speech that he Pugh did j according to this Plain statement there is no such Quot of believe in his Douglas doctrine of non action thing Asj it popular sovereignty in the territories or. I hostile legislation by a territorial legislature to Douglas in his Kansas Nebraska Bill gave no such slavery. He attempted to excuse judge Power on its face the claim of territorial popular Louglas therein by saying that that was a private sovereignly is a lie and a cheat and yet or. Douglas opinion of his to which i replied that it was a Quot Pri Prates about it As if it were founded in fad Andare i Quot the opinion Quot expressed in 120 speeches delivered in ally was a great principle to the preservation of Lois which resulted in his re election to the Senate which the Constitution and the Union were of but j thus fellow citizens the remarkable fact was minor importance. Brought to Lilit by this discussion in the Senate and Tjie doctrine of non intervention by. Congress a posed to the country that not one member of that which or. Douglas claims As equal in importance with body agreed with judge Douglas in the doctrine nun that of popular sovereignty can easily be justified by i tinted in his Freeport speech. Of the 65 members his own Kansas Nebraska Bill. There it is put Forth j of the Senate but one solitary individual entertained in a Strong shape. It dictated the entire code of Laws those views and that was judge Douglas for the government of the territory at the outset it of i do not consider myself called upon to enter at retained an absolute veto Power Over Laws passed it ii to this question. It will be ably and Triumph prevented the people from electing a single officer in a try presented to the people of California. Tipiere lower Over them. In Short it made Congress and the been thrown broadcast from one end of the state president absolute the people of the territory it to the other the views of the most distinguished among gave but the rights of persons under age it used up american statesmen which in my opinion entirely popular sovereignty As effectually As the Humbug pop annihilates the position taken by judge Douglas his ular sovereignty of or. Douglas has used up its a i and the convention that nominated him. Thor. I As to the nominees presented to you for your Suft tiie people of Kansas and Nebraska had no Politi i live no concealment. There is no regular Cal rights according to Jar. Douglas until these rights nominee of the democratic party. This cry about were conferred upon them by the organic act which gave them a territorial government. Alien this Power was conferred upon them by the Kansas Nebraska Bill so far from giving the rights which belong to the peo Jile of the states to fashion and to form their own government in the manner that Best suited them they were divested of the right of choosing their own rulers divested of the right of electing their own judges and although they were graciously granted by or. Douglas the right to elect their own territorial legislature yet this was but holding the word of Promise to the ear while breaking it to the Hope for the same organic act gave the governor appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate the Power to veto any Laws he did not wish to have passed and if afterwards passed by a two thirds vote Over the governor s veto. Congress had the right to intervene and to blot them from the statute Book. The theory of or. Douglas is that the peo Jile of a territory Are Sovereign As Are the people of the the regularity of judge Douglas nomination is intended to deceive the people. There was no nomination made at Baltimore. The convention was disrupted and destroyed. Two disjointed fragments met. Each presented a different Plati Brm of principles and each recommended a ticket to be supported by the people of the United states. I support Breckinridge and Lane because they represent my principles. I oppose Douglas and Johnson because i am opposed to the principles upon which they Are presented to the country. I oppose Bell and Everett and Lincoln and Hamlin for the same reason. I have no second Choice in the contest. I am for Breckinridge and Lane first last and All the time. I am willing to sink or swim survive or perish with them and the party they represent. I know them both intimately. Uliey Are worthy of the great Honor that has been conferred on them by the democracy of the Union. Our Standard bearer John c. Breckinridge is one of the great men of the Earth. He has every Quality states. The practice of or. Douglas is to divest to constitute the great statesman and the Ifa not. Let them of All the attributes of sovereignty and to place i the result of this contest be what it May lace him in them As the Law places the child under a under the j the presidential chair or leave Hini in the position in Pupillage of the Parent under the control of Congress and the president the one to appoint the officers the other to exercise a supervision Over the Laws passed by the popular sovereignty ? legislature. Nay More. When the people of the territory a the Senate to which he has been elevated by the state of Kentucky he is the great Leader of the democracy of this nation. If he is elected president he will serve his Tenn with Honor and distinction. He will Advance the greatness and glory of the country acting under a Law passed by the territorial Legisla the is Defeated he will be our Standard bearer in i Stit ution in which alone there is a difference of opinion is submitted to the people at an election and a Large majority of those voting vote for its adoption vation to the presidency even if he is not elected now if god should preserve his life to his country. His associate on the ticket. General Lane is Well i or. Douglas holds that Congress has not Only the right known to you All. As a Soldier and a Patriot he has a a a a a it. 1. P a. Act Orrt. 4s my worthy colleague in legislating coast for Many years i Honor him. 1 know him to be Able equal to the position for which he has been nominated and that he will Honor it if elected to fill it. He is the Friend of California and of but it is the absolute duty of Congress to a a Cert be Quot of Spenor. As my worthy colleague in legislating and to deny the inhabitants thereof the right of and for this Pacific Mission to the privileges of a popular Sovereign in the states if the Constitution thus formed does not meet the views of the majority in the Congress of the United states. The same right of Congress to intervene and to refuse the admission of Kansas or Nebraska because the people choose to form a Constitution which allowed slavery Avold give them the right to refuse the admittance of the people elected to make it a free state. As an excuse for or. Douglas it May be claimed that in the Kansas Nebraska Bill which brought into form and effect his great principle of popular sovereignty he but followed the precedent set by other Laws forming territorial governments and that All the Power he denied to the people was denied them in the Laws framed by Congress for the government of other territories. Upon its face there is a show of reason for this yet it forms no excuse for his conduct for or. Douglas is now travelling the country preaching up a great principle which he,.under the solemnity of his oath As a senator of the United states refused to give to the people of the territories he professes to so much love and for their rights he professes a a Ogard to which his love for the con dilution is but As the weight of a Feather in the balance. The Only real Quot popular sovereignty Quot in the territories Ever adopted by Congress was in the celebrated resolutions of or. Jefferson in 178, before the Constitution of the United states was formed which were superseded by the ordinance of 1787. The resolutions we quote from memory provided that whenever the people in the territory amounted to a Given number of souls Congress was pledged to pass a Law allowing them to form a territorial government. That was All Congress had to do in the matter. The people were to meet and hold an election for delegates. These delegates were to meet at some Central Point and there adopt the Constitution of the state they deemed Best suited to their interest and to so modify it As to make it conform to their California s interests and measures. I May say he has been As much the representative of California As he has been of Oregon. We have acted together shoulder to shoulder in pressing measures for our Mutual constituencies through Good and through evil report. So far As the contest in this state is concerned fellow citizens i have no doubt of the result. We have lost some of the leaders who were with us last year but the masses will stand finn. We can Well dispense with the leaders. We have always had too Many of them in our party. In this state leaders do not control the masses. The people understand these questions and they decide for themselves. They decided in 1852, in 1856, and in 1859, in favor of the democratic principles that arc embodied in the nomination of Breckinridge and Lane. They will decide the same Way in 1860, in my judgment and by so decisive a majority that hereafter we May look upon the j political feeling of this state As so firmly fixed in favor of those principles that while we May be in the future j annoyed by opposition we May always antics Pate Success if we Are True to to lion of princ Jiles oui selves. We Are fellow citizens making a great Experiment i in our government. It is the second great Experiment we have made since the Constitution was formed to see whether it can exist and be perpetual. The first was made in 1800, Between the then Federal and democratic Republican parties the one in favor of a Strong Central Golem mint the other in favor of state rights and a restricted Central government. The state rights party succeeded and under its Rule we have within the last sixty years progressed As no nation Ever progressed before in All the elements of greatness and Prospo Rity. We Are now making another Experiment As to whether the Constitution can be preserved and peril equated. It was made to restrict majorities and protect minorities. The question is now o be decided whether the co equal rights of All the states of this confederacy in the common property of All of the states shall be protected or whether a numerical majority shall break Down and destroy the rights of a minority although those rights Are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United states. If the Constitution cannot protect the life Liberty and property of All the citizens of the United states then it has ceased to realize the great object which it was made to accomplish. If this question is decided that the rights of property shall be protect according to the Constitution As interpreted by the tribunal created for its interpretation then this government would last forever. If it is decided otherwise then there is a dark gloom in front of us and the future no Man can foretell. I have an abiding Confidence in the Wisdom and patriotism and intelligence of the american people. I believe they will elect to the presidency and vice presidency men who will strictly enforce the obligations of the Constitution and to the extent of the Powers placed in their hands to protect the rights of the people of All the Stampede from the Bell Douglas Camp. Our exchanges Are fall of notices of important changes from Lith Bell and Douglas to Breckinridge. Tie Stampede con Vinced some time ago but has been More Active in the last to weeks and our friends Are now sanguine of carrying Kentucky. It is noticeable that not a single individual of any prominence Ondetti nobody so far As we have Hei ird. Has Lett Breckinridge for Quot the support of either of t in of a Kisi Tion tickets while numbers who have heretofore opposed us Are now blocking to the Dezii Horatic Standard. Weli ave already mentioned the Hon. Joshua a. Jewett. Last of the fifth congressional District colonel Oscar Turner. Anderson Iray est. Evan d. Southgate and other gentle Inen of prominence and ability. It have now to Welcome major Ila Llam of new porn. Into the democratic Church As a late but valuable acquisition to the democratic cause. Lie finds there is nothing but an Quot in qty sound Quot in the Bell movement and publicly renounces any Furt Lier connection with the Bell ringers for what will be found to be the in St of reasons. On monday evening he addressed a democratic meeting in his town and we find his remarks reported by both the enquirer and courier of Cincinnati. Major Hallam said he had attended the meeting Tor the purpose of listening to his Friend. Or. Carlsie whom he expected there and by whom he was confident the meeting Touhl be highly entertained and edified. The partiality of those present had ind Cetl them to callus join him major a to o Tipy the time until or a s arrival and he would Endeavor to gratify them. Since he had had the pleasure of addressing the people of Newport before a great change had taken place in the appearance of the political sky. Then they were cheered with appearances which indicated the defeat of the sectional organization of the North now a Black Cloud threatening a destructive storm so read Over the whole Broad expanse of the Northern horizon. He was for the Union he loved it and had stood by it and would continue to stand by it As the Hope of the world but that Union can Only be maintained in usefulness by a strict adherence to the principles of the Constitution loud applause the course of the Black Republican party that party purely sectional in All its characteristics and organization whenever it had the Power in the Northern states was a practical invasion of the rights of the Southern states in Defiance of the Federal compact and the people had a right to expect from its antecedents that such would be the ease if it should obtain National Power in the election of a president of the United states. The great statesman and constitutional lawyer Daniel ave Ster said in 1851, that if the North refused to execute the fugitive slave Law the South would no longer be bound by the compact. Quot a bargain broken on one Side is a bargain broken on All major h. Was for maintaining the rights of the South in the Union if possible. Should or. Lincoln be elected he As an individual was willing to try him and his party until the commission of some overt act and then he was for trying the remedy of impeachment and would Only look to secession As a remedy when All constitutional and Legal Means had great a Lause the speaker then went into an argument of some length As to the right of a state to secede and against the Power of Federal coercion upon the states. Quot the Case of South Carolina in 1832, was referred to. And major h. Said the history of that Case was but Imper fact la under stood in this Dav. South Carolina did not attempt secession but to nullify a Law of Cong res con just As the Black Republican slates of the North have done in the Case of the fugitive slave Law and the coercive Power threatened by general Jackson a As against those who refused to execute the Law in Good Faith. But no coercion Wae used the matter was compromised. It is not in the Power of the general government to Force a Sovereign state when she see fit in her Sovereign capacity to secede to remain in the Union and if it were it would be injudicious and a productive of a bloody civil War to attempt to use that jux Jer. A voice Quot treason Quot Well said major ii., it is fashionable in these Days to apply Sudi epithets to those who stand by the Constitution and Laws of the country. But thank god there is no treason in Wortis Here. In the despotic governments of Europe there is such a thing As constructive treason but in this country treason is defined to consist in levying War against the United states or in adhering to their enemies Giring them Aid and Comfort. A Ere he not inclined to regard treason in its american sense he might say that those who gave Aid and Comfort to the Black republicans in their crusade against the rights of the states and the Federal compact were guilty of treason. Immense applause major h. Sail that his first Choice in tin s canvass always had been Breckinridge but some weeks ago having reason to believe that the conservative old Wiigs of the Ortli were willing for the Sake of their ancient nationality to support Bell and Everett he Felt it his duty As a National and Union Loving Man to ally himself with them. But finding that it was not so and that they from their habit of opposing democracy would vote for Lincoln upon the false hypothesis proclaimed by Thomas Ewing that by voting for Bell they Touhl throw away their votes he saw no safety but in combining the Southern states upon Breckinridge. Loud applause in so doing they Avold Jire seut a moral Stren tii which would in the end presello the Constitution and the Union of these states. He for one believing that this United front can Best be presented by the names of Breckinridge and Lane would return to his first love and give his voice his influence and his entire energies to the accomplishment of this great end. Trio speaker left the stand amid rapturous fusion in Oregon. Evcic Southern Man whether Friend or foe of or. Douglas must have been pained by the intelligence contained in our dispatches yesterday morning that a coins Lilc fusion a l taken place in the Legi nature of Oregon Between the Black republicans and Douglas democrats. When the partisans of or. Dougl in the North cavity their animosity to the friends of Breckinridge and Lane so far As to unite with the Black republicans and Aid them in sending to the u. S. Senate one of the most Ultra Black republicans it bodes no Gootel to the South. Or. Douglas Northern friends having taken such a step it should not astonish us if the amp Otheni leaders of his party should prefer the election of Bell to Breckinridge. Although the Conjoint forces of Lincoln and Douglas May have Defeated the re election of Gen. La it a to the Nate we have a Uvelyn Hope that the voice of the people of the United states will Call him to preside Over the deliberations of that body after the 4th of March next. A a Nashville 7w a Union. A a

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