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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - October 13, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana The old Lurlne Constitution the Union and the it Quality of the states vol. , ind., saturday october 13, 1860.the old line t de. I Tiv in e a a a Quot stat i a Niana Folis India in a by elder a pc jes Al 3vttl.oo, until after Llie presidential election. In Advance in All cases. Advertisements inserted at the usual arguments fairly met and refuted. Tray they Are for it their legislation will favor its Extension. Hence no matter what the decision of tie supreme court May be on that abstract question still the right of the people to make a slave territory or a free territory is perfect and Complete under the Nebraska Bill. I Hope or. Lincoln deems my answer satisfactory on that it is obvious that the statement that the people May exclude slavery from their limits is wholly argumentative. It is not asserted that they May do so directly by declaring that slavery shall not exist but that Tivey May do so in effect by refusing to protect the rights of the slaveholder. They May exclude slavery Quot Abr the reason Quot Liat police regulations Are necessary to the enjoyment of that property As of All others and they May refuse to create the police regulations. The Quot abstract question Quot As to the existence of the Rig lit is distinctly referred to the supreme court but the \ Power to deny Protection even if the right exists is claimed for the territorial legislature. It is not pre tended that the right can be annihilated by the Tern-1 trial legislature for if it exists at All it exists Quot under j the Constitution Quot which cannot be controverted but the right is to be rendered valueless inoperative nugatory by withholding governmental Sanction. The the support of doctrines which they cannot really en-1 1st. That the government of a territory Organ Dorse. It is not fitting however that an intelligent sized by an act of Congress is provisional and temp it it and enlightened people should a Var seem to Counte Rary and during its existence All citizens of the uni Nance principles which their minds and consciences Ted states have a equal right to Settle with their prop must repudiate. It therefore becomes those citizens erty in the territory without their rights either of who have heretofore inclined to regard judge Doug i Erson or property being destroyed or injured by Las with favor to consider carefully and calmly Wyeth i congressional or territorial legislation or they ought or whether they can approve a theory Quot 2d. That it is the duty of the Federal govern from the Paducah by Herald the True Cigar acted of douglasi8m. The factious and temporary importance which the extraordinary aspect of the present canvass attaches right May continue to exist but it cannot be enforced j to the opinions of judge Douglas will justify us in Jug fair statement of the theory. That it is so j calling Public attention to a particular article of Faith abundantly appears from judge Douglas own com in his multifarious Creed which has not As yet been Centary upon his doctrine. Some months Subse-1 sufficiently dissected. In the controversy Between j Quentlyn to the Illinois canvass judge Douglas visited the friends and opponents of that gentleman the pub Orleans and there made a speech from which i lie discussions have generally been directed to the a reported in the Delia we make the following sex question concerning Tiu orthodoxy of the doctrine of tract servant Quot instituted Quot As our glorious state cons Titu the principle so asserted adopted and approved by truthfully declares Quot for their peace safety Hap the jacksonian democracy in 1834 is utterly at a piness Security and the Protection of property Quot let Fiance wit i that other doctrine that the people of a them for their own Sake for the Sake of those great territory during its territorial existence have the truths in which we Are All agreed for the Sake of those right and May lawfully exclude or effectually prevent eternal principles which we All must venerate and the introduction of slave property into the territory love for the Sake of those Noble institutions which arc by unfriendly legislation enacted by the territorial our common inheritance and the perpetuation of legislature and alien such legislation has been i Assed which must be the object of All parties pause Long that Congress hns no Power to intervene for the Pur and Ponder Well before they Range themselves under pose of not Section because of a qualified or absolute a Banner which bears inscribed upon it an arrogant Sovereign v in the people Iii the territory. And insolent disavowal and renunciation of All the authority and All the rights of the people. Let them at last if they Are determined to cast their Suffrages for senator Douglas repudiate the indefensible and monstrous doctrines of is the inventor and the the Issue and the parties. Quot squatter sovereignty Quot and in the eagerness of exposing this heresy another and far More pernicious the democratic party says that Congress has no right to establish or to prohibit slavery. We say that Apost by irom tiie democratic Aith and the True Prin territories should be open to the citizens of the Caples of government with which judge Douglas is with their property and justly chargeable Lias been Herel Olore Sutler cd to pass Aziere. Unnoticed. A but an objection is raised by some of our Southern the advocacy of Sci Atter Sovereign y is not the a greatest Otence of the be Viator from Illinois nor is doctrine of sovereignty in the it the unpardonable sin first lost forever whether we abide by the died Scott the Covili device of the South. To argue As that Gen i i Ion. In a discussion with my opponent or. Attempted to do in his speech in the Senate a a a a Lii at Freeport Illinois the was put to ought to forgive m him what we had Over whether. �1. The event that the people or Liisia at no time in the history of the slavery question has advocate. Let it not be told that there is any party i it presented an Issue so Plain to the Giulei standing As however Small within the limits of the Goninion Wealtie. In the present Campaign. In 184.s, the free it ii of whom it May be said that they receive and profess nov lenient at the North staggered some of the sound the fatal principle that the sacred tru to of govern i est political minds from the fact of its being a new ment May be lawfully abandoned or h to nixed. Squatter sovereignty condemned by general Jackson and a Deino Ralic Leinan that we looked in Cass and Itiat his Oli end Iii Faith i Quot squat i ii a 1 a a a at. Ivr a Baa Vav Var Ltd lilo a Lviv it a a Jlia Rit orial legislature May lawfully refuse to us the pro a to ens of the Lite in states no matter whether Thev Section which from its nature. Government is bound to furnish to every right of property which it Recagni Gay it the can enter a territory with their i Zes. It is not the act Vocaty of a narrow and compar property on an ecu Al footing. Actively harmless error As to the extent of our just de i apprehend when you arrive there with your i Mauds of the supreme Power but the promulgation of property you Are subject to the local Law of the ter a theory which completely abolishes tie obligation of property be protected the sign eme Power to comply with our demands How i without local Law v the Constitution gives you a Ever just. A right to go into a territory and carry your slave this doctrine is altogether distinct from squatter a Perty with Vou but it does not punish any Mair sovereignty. According to that theory heretical a Jar stealing your slave when Vou get there. It does surely but almost innocent when compared yith the punish a Man Lor stealing any other property when i broader position of Douglas the night to determine a suit there. Congress never vet passed a Law 10 i the relative status and the respective rights of every pm Jug me or protect property in any organized person in the territory is vested in the territorial 1 territory i .e�a�?zaeuio,.cct�?zes.i.�?zo. Denied. The Eno lists simply in assuming that Congress can Confer the. A a a a. 1-u-i. Us. 1 a _ tire Yeinji vested with Ieiri Stative Power Over All a Trot Nower to Tirol bit the existence of slavery in the Ler. A i a i 1 a i 1 i. .1 a., 11 j 1 i. A 1. A a 1, i in subjects 01 subject Only to the constr Mitory and thus dissolve and destroy the relation be. It ? 1 to i. Tween the master and his slave. If the theory which was avowed by Douglas in his of legislature possesses Over other property Freeport spech and it was that theory Winch offend t of i my. In Fth. he that 1.� , 1. Idled avoid i Southern men can you hold slaves any infinitely More pernicious then Lent in in danger _ assertion that a government May lawfully refuse to a 1 n a or 1 i a i comply with i. .i,.,, du.,. A a a Sui is a Ira g f ets us lates the obligations which rest upon the legislative a a i iut a i Jagt wer. It makes the rights and All the rights of t u i whatever character which derive their Sanction from the local legislature imposes a tax on Lorees the social compact of every citizen to depend in or an3 other kind of property you May think it a tirely upon the arbitrary and irresponsible will of the hardship but How Are you going to help it v just so a i it is with regard to traffic in liquors. It j of Are Deal the reciprocity of obligation Between the govern Quot a in liquors you have the same right to take your ment and the citizens is altogether denied. A breach quor into the territory that anybody else has to take of Trust at once the most undeniable in his character Quot tier species of property. You May pass through and the most destructive in its consequences is de the your by ours m Ramiu and you will be pro cleared to be lawful a dereliction of that duty which tested in your right of Pii Sperty under the cons Titu is the Sanction of All other duties is asserted to be per of the United states but if you open the pack factly justifiable and proper and the sacred and awful a a they become subject to the local Law and should Iwler of projecting life Uberty and property Cou Iid tie Maine Law happen to prevail in the territory you de not alienated to the government it is alleged May better travel with your liquors. Hence if the be exercised or withheld or perverted As happens to a Cal legislature has the same Iii it Over slave prop just Ion Abr the first time thrown into a presidential canvass. In 1652, the Deino Iacy and the country acied More understandingly and so much so that in fact both political parties planted themselves upon the Compromise measures of Sou. These coi pro _ Vav a ,. A Luise measures it will be recollected Lett the slavery 1/ Power of cc/c.v.,-.s to protect a i t a a 1 1 1 a a �?�>�?�11 question in tie Lerr tones just Liere the 1 properly in the Jern tories and few a of sup Ivine court left it with a ii Las doctrine of territorial som the states to be formed out of said territories but Tinty and unfriendly Ciji Slation no girly repudiated. The Iii publican party arose out of hostility to that doctrine and it was not sup posed by any Democrat Quot we ask attention to the following facts taken from to at this party would Ever act Pinesco in any settlement the records of Congress during the session of 1834. Of the a question except the out Dogma of l on ression prior to the meeting of Congress at the december Quot Terven but it was rational to expect that All session 183, the legislature of Florilla w Linch was Iden pitied with the principles and policy then under a territorial government had a passed Laws that party would if Hora St and it they had the Iii using an unjust and discriminating tax i on slaves necessary intelligence to coins Reheil the question owned in that territory by non residents. Several accept As a fun Quaty the interpretation Given to the citizens of Virginia injuriously affected by these ter Constitution by the supreme court Elliis interpret Rit orial Laws presented a petition to the Congress of nation in a Laboured opinion written by chief Justice the United states for Relief. That memorial was re Ney has left the question so Plain that Quot he who feared to the committee on territories and on the Quot a read in is a decision directly upon the nth of february 1s34, that committee made the for the very purpose of settling the controversy following Rej Oit which we commend to the Calm and Brever at least with the government and All who dispassionate consideration of every advocate of the p ant themselves upon the Side of its maintenance doctrine of popular sovereignty in the territories and to link it worthy of perpetuation. Thus the Issue the Memoria lists allege that they Are the owners present contest is not Only a Plain one but it is of a number of slaves removed several years o from Quot queston settled by the highest Niibu Virginia to the territory of Florida that tie be i constitutions a prestion of Law set. Lature of said territory has imposed a tax of ten Dol Quot i of the government Abr the set Lars a head on All the slaves of non residents which i Quot Quot i Quot questions and shall be hired out without reference to the amount Abr i Quot h there is no appear. Llie which said slaves May have been hired that an a Post i Quot a Faao operation was Given to this enactment by apply i a Quot agencies ing it to slaves hired out several weeks before Quot the Pas he Case and As we believe Sage of the Law and that the same or Perhai its an Brut Tully we now proceed to a consid other Law subjects any non resident s slaves that May i a f0/ Quot necessary parties to such an Issue be sold in the territory to a further taxation of fifteen once be conceded that the Republican dollars each. They therefore ask con it press for Relief a la Tini ate and Neces Sriry one inthe committed Are satisfied that the Memoria lists i combating this Issue lie tween it and the govern Are entitled to Reli fit is certainly against the poli a a it there is a deadly Coli hit upon this prestion it is Lyof the United states As Well As the dictates of com i and proper party though a Mon Justice to allow any territorial ocl Slature to tax i National the property of non residents higher than the same i or Breckinridge organization Winch property of residents i stands upon the decision of the courts 011 the us the provision Arv authority appointed under the it and makes that the Biu Wark of its platform. The actor the 22d of february 1819 havin parsed a a tween the isor Thern Jdouglas party ordinance providing for the naturalization of inhabit i i f to Thern idea and has no foothold 111 the ants of Florida and the City Council of St. A us a Tjun great Republican revolutionary or Tine having imposed by ordinance certain taxes upon i Quot Quot to the inhabitants an act Quot of Congress was passed on the 1 the same thing 1 a. The revolutionary oppo 7th of May 1822, repealing both ordinances and a i Lic Jimon of the Federal judiciary the King their execution penal. Free 7th vol. Laws u. A. I pity claim that the a prestion of Proi erty in Page ii Chap 85 j slaves la the Lerr tones is a proper subject of Territo the committee think that Congress should always Ril i Gil , and the be publicans that it is a subject protect the property of the citizens of the unit 1 pm ethical la no states when subjected to the operations of unjust legis i a Quot concerned Iiley lation by territorial governments. In the Case above therefore both being Northern parties Lor the Pur referred to that principle of i Protection is asserted and Opp Quot a the Lional democracy have no maintained in practice. The same principle i Quot a is organizations la Weir organizations the same practice now. And Lor that the i blended for the purpose of the present committee herewith report a . They constituted one party the Bill so reported was enacted into a Law by Congress and was apr proved by general Jackson on the Joth of june 1834. The Law is As follows be it enacted by the Senate and House of representatives of the United slates in co Hyress assembled that All such acts or parts of acts passed by the legislative Council of the territory of Florilla As May i Jjose a higher or greater Tivix on the slaves or other in Sperty of non resident citizens than is Impo Seil on the slaves or property of resident citizens be and the same Are Here repealed and declared null and void. Is c. 2. And be it further enacted that if any person shall attempt to enforce any of the act passed by the legislative Council of the territory of i Lorida As to Foresaid by demanding or receiving any tax Ini Posi coils St in the House of Kerese natives and now in All sincerity we ask should they a Eaken themselves by a separation in the presidential contest v we think parties thus identified will not thus Divide their strength that All the mane vering for Union in is new York Ancl other states is to gain actipis irions to be cast in common for Lincoln. A Ivery Day confirms this impression. Have shown that the necessity for a separate organization on principle does not exist. These two organizations then kept in the Field Are for some hidden purpose and must culminate in one and the same object. If either Douglas or Lincoln Stoulil be ,.it is but a Small Surre Niler Abr either party to adopt the policy of the other Quot Tor it matters Little to them whether Congress the creator or the Territo rial legislature the creature shall be the motive pow or assessment authorized or prescribed to hereby or in excluding the South with their properly from such person shall on conviction thereof be punished the territories. By Fine not exceeding two Hundred Dolthus or by in the Bell and Everett party stand in nearly the prison ment not exceeding six months or either or both j same category. Its organi Zatio ii it the party is honest and isto be believed is useless Itcan effect nothing but be prescribed by the supreme Power but once pre abandon your strongest Gio Siml of defence against the scribed the obligation to secure and enforce them in of the Black republicans and abolitionists Stai itly arises. The duty is at once undeniable Eter the people of a territory Are in favor of slavery Nal and indestructible. For any government to de they will make Laws to protect it if opposed to slave Prive a citizen of life while it allows him the Uii for by they will not make those Laws and you cannot com felted right to live is murder to take from him his a t them to do it. Liberty while it concedes to him the a forfeited right the idea is Here amplified and elaborated but it is of said punishments. When this Law was under discussion in the House of representatives not a single voice was raised in Ivor of the territorial Laws or denying the a wer the right and the of Congress to repeal them Abr the purpose of protecting the property of in the ter weakness to the principles it professes to maintain. It it really stands upon the Enior lenient of the Laws and the maintenance of the Constitution organization stands in the Way of carrying out these principles for every vote it a its it takes from an organization older. _ go into tie territory done with its concurrence or consent differs from with his slave is conceded. The absence of Power murder tyranny or robbery Only As the omission of in Congress to destroy the right of the master in his a duty differs from the commission of a crime. Here slave in the territory is also admitted Abr that is no in lies the fallacy and the Lieres of judge Douglas to piously the doctrine of the died Scott Case which doctrine. He asserts if we do not misunderstand him he accepts and he does not pretend which would in Only that government May lawfully refrain from deed be a transparent Absurdity that the territorial Traci sinits Powers for the purpose of protecting legislature possesses a greater Power than Couitress. Rit ories. The doctrine that the people of the Terri than itself More legitimate and More emphatically tory acting through their territorial legislature had endow sing these great principles and piste As capable the Power to pass such Laws by virtue of inherent and honest. The i National democracy is a party Bap sovereignty avas not then thought of. On the con-1 sized in these principles. It stands where Bell tray every member of the House who participated does not stand squad Ely upon the Dretel Scott decision in the debate or. Williams or. White and or. This is now the land Mark of nation atty in parties Fillmore All concurred in denouncing those Terri and we respect Biilly ask for one word or sentiment of trial Laws As unjust objectionable and As passed i in. Bell giving the american people the Assurance of without i jilt. They say in so Many words Quot the Lefis his sympathy with this decision. To say that he stands by the Laws and the Constitution is entirely too vague a Lincoln would say the same and even Douglas would not hesitate to venture this far. Call Power to destroy. That we do not misunderstand the Constitution cannot be controlled but the right him is evident from his own words. The following is May be rendered worthless because the Constitution his own enunciation of the doctrine As contained in does not punish the Man who infringes it. If the gov the Freeport speech j Ern ment will not protect your rights he says Quot How Quot the next question propounded to me by or. Lin Are you going to help if Quot Quot you cannot compel Coin is can the people of a territory in any lawful them to make the Laws to this is the whole Way against the wishes of any citizen of the United theory of the Illinois senator As expounded by him states exclude slavery from their limits prior to the i self. In its Bald and naked enormity it amounts Sim i formation of a state Constitution ? i answer Emp hat ply to this government May lawfully refuse to do 1 n has heard me answer a Hundred i i la a statement of the proposition is its rein Mically As or. Lincoln times from every stump in Illinois that in my opinion i tation. Propos Tjie monstrous falsity cannot be exaggerated question ail Over again. He heard me argue the Nebraska Bill on that principle All Over the state in 1854, 1855 and 185g. And he has no excuse for pretending to be in doubt As to my position on that question. It matters not what Way the supreme Couit May hereafter decide As to the abstract question whether slavery May or May not go into a territory under the Constitution the people have the lawful Means to introduce or exclude it As they please for the reason that slavery cannot exist t Day or an hour anywhere unless it is supported by local police regulations. Right Rig lit Quot those police regulations can Only be established by tiie local legislature and if the people Are opposed to slavery they will elect representatives to that Boily who will by unfriendly legislation effectually prevent the inti eduction of it into their midst. If on the con editable results would be sickening anarchy would be legalized partial legislation would be Justice All the political ligaments which bind the citizen to his government and to his Fellows would be dissolved and on right would be less secure valid valuable than if we lived under a despotism for the rights that despotism acknowledges it protects. How is it then if this is judge Douglas doctrine that he finds supporters in Kentucky v the answer ave think is Plain. For our Avn part we do not believe that his supporters in this state at least really believe this doctrine. Many Are not Tavare and the remainder Avill probably not admit that the doctrine is his. Led Wavay by his specious arguments in favor of squatter sovereignty and deceived by his dexterous attempt to make it appear that squatter sovereignty is the real Issue they have been deluded into native Council had no right to a Lara Quot Congress did not hesitate to repeal the obnoxious enactments and in repealing imposed a penalty of Fine and imprisonment upon any person who should attempt i therefore Abr the proof that the Bell party or Ain to carry out the repealed lavas. They treated the i other party except the National democracy stand acts of the territorial legislature Avioli no More con-1 upon the great democratic doctrines of the Day. We Side ration and regarded them As entitled to no higher submit the question and Aie ask its careful and can respect than the ordinances of municipal corporations. Did attention. For Arhat Pur Jiose avas this done clearly to a protect the South Cafino sup Jort or. Bell they have no the property of the citizens in the territories against 1 guarantee that he is Faith them they have that guar the unjust and unfriendly legislation of the Jie Ople of Antee from or. Breckins Tilge. The Northern oppose the territory. The principle asserted by those Avaio to the democracy that is those Avo a is to Nave advocated enacted and approved this lava is the end their opposition count a ill support Lincoln. Many tire subordination of territorial lavas to the Pola or half and half men Avill Avit hold their support from and authority of Congress acting Avi thin its territorial i Bell and Everett Avo Avold naturally in Chen to the limits. A state legislature in the absence of con latter gentle uni on account of the ave Akness of the Stith tonal prohibition in the state Constitution May party at the North. Or. Everett avas placed upon discriminate Betavee different kinds of property and the ticket to catch this class of halt and half men fix the tax by each it May exempt certain kinds of like himself of Little courage their timidity Avail not property from All taxation and oblige the other kinds permit them to support the party in its ave Akness. The Quot t. ,. A Mot be do. Quot a 1-1 1 people of i a a a a territory Jaa i a we a a a a a state of Pupillage is subject to the general govern. The whole state. The leaders Are All if ment and is especially under the supervision of con for anything for dullness Avant of nerve and Abr in Gross. Activity. They arc not men Avo Ever have or Ever but this Law establishes As a fact that a democratic could stand alone in any contest. Such men some Congress intervened for the purpose of protecting i of Akhom Are honest have Little to do but to look uni Quot a a territory against the unfriendly Legisla Coly on and let such sharper and unscrupulous tink property in of the territory and that intervention was a it proved by and Cav Jackson. The report of the committee above cited which in 1834 met the unania ers As Richmond Cagger amp co. Run their new party into the ground Avrich they Avill do in less than six ave eks from the Date of their so called Union. They Mous approval of the democratic president and the j desire to play the same trick with the friends of democratic party in Congress asserts the san ii Prin Breckinridge and Lane a Hether they will succeed re Caples Avrich Are recognized by the supreme court of Mains to be seen. Some of our friends Are restless the United state by the resolutions of the Senate we advise them to be cautious. And by the platform reported by a majority of the we repeat that the Issue is Plain and he who mishap states at Charleston and adopt etl by the convention j pretends it in the present contest does so intentional at Baltimore which nominated or Breckinridge for by and with his eyes open. The decision of the court president Viz is lava or it is not lava it is to be obeyed obeyed no. 38. There is no Halfway work about it. Douglas treachery is therefore a Plain open rebellion stripped of its Flimsy disguise and held up to the understanding it Marks him As one of the most treacherous denial goes in the annals of politics. There is no possible Side of this very question he has not at some Periot Lof his political career advocated. He ii St advocated the Missouri Compromise then stood As the godfather of it repeal. He went farther Union the admission of California he introduced a Resolution to the effect that out of such territory North of 30 so slam Ery or involuntary servitude except for crime should never in the shiite. A Man Avo has went so far As to advocate congressional intervention in a Sovereign state sul Ely need not hesitate to blend his organization with a pal Raj which Only claims it in territories. Douglas sni w Ori history. It is a sad feature of the times to see politicians who have More than he Al reputation and to fan the flame of local passion deliberately falsify history. Such is the last miserable partizan Kavork Avrich William l. Dayton of Yeav Jersey his been doing in new York. He tries to make it out that for forty Yeai a the right of Congress to prohibit slavery in the territories avas never disputed he says in fact the act of 18m4, signed by or. Jefferson excluded from the territory of Louisiana All slaves imported since the 1st of May of that it Ai. And the same act excluded from the territory All Sla is whatever. Unless Oak net by an actual settler who was himself a citizen of the uni Teil now or. Dayton knows that this Limo to exclusion provision related expressly to the foreign Klare Trade and is in with other acts Ile signed to suppress the importation of Saacs into the territories and the attempt to twist this species of legislation into a justification of the modern Reni lican anarchical doctrines is a piece of disgraceful Avo Fhy Only the Small anti slavery politicians run Iii about Here in Massachusetts. Thus this unscrupulous Republican trickster. Dayton. Insults the common intelligence by the statement that for forty years the right of Congress to prohibit slavery in the territories avas never disputed then he says new views Avert advanced. But hear him As the country advanced and As population increased Ashe North gathered strength and the South Felt its weakness new vicars Avert what impudence let the truth be stated and ave get it from no less a person than James Madison. He said in a most Able letter dated Lith november. 1820 Congress fluid not regard the interdict of slavery among the useful regulations contemplated by the Constitution since in none of the territorial governments created by them is such an interdict this interdict is not found in the territorial government created by Congress for Tennessee in 1790 for Lassissi Pofi in 1 7f 8 for Louisiana in 1804 for Missouri in 1812 for Alabama in 1817 for Kansas in isl 9. Nor did Congress Tom 1 7 0 to 1820 assume to negative the territorial a Lotsof the Indiana and Illinois territories Jiro Viding for it Protection of Slavoy in those territories directly contrary to the ordinance of 1 787 passed by the old Congress and to Cap the Climax the fugitive slave Lara of 1703 protects the right of the slave Avner in the property in the labor of his Slanac in either of the j territories on the North Avest or South of the River Ohio. There is an array of facts covering the forty a Eais Dayton so Ava Tonly falsifies what political Rasca Lity to so Pervert history for the abominable purpose of banding the North into a suicidal avar on the South. Such a miserable falsified of history is just the partizan Avaio might be sex i acted to a Aluminate sex president Pierce and Buchanan and John c. i is responsible for it the Concord n. Ii Standard a democratic Palmer. Reviera s the causes of the disruption of the Dezii Horatic party and the responsibilities connect etl Avith its defeat and Over Throat and discourses thus no candid Man can deny that Stephen a. Douglas and his adherents Are alone responsible for the disruption of the democratic party and for All the disasters Avrich Avill full Oak that event. If defeat shall be one of those disasters Douglas and his Radii events Are alone responsible for it. Douglas is the Leader and the Pioneer in this nefarious Kavork of Quot demoralizing and destroying the democratic party. He began his mischief in misrepresenting and misinterpreting the Cincinnati platform. That i lat form declares that when a territory has a sufficient number of people to justify its admission into the Union As a Sovereign state they shall have the to ave re to form a Constitution Avith or Avit Hout Domestic slam Ery Quot and be admitted into the Union on terms of perfect Equality Avioli the other states. The True construction of this Resolution is j lain and obvious. It clearly implies that the people of a territory Avert to take no action Avith regard to the institution of slam Ery until there avas a population sufficient in the territory to justify its admission into the Union and in that event and Ashen they Frame a Constitution Avith the View of admission they could then abolish or establish 01 continue slavery As they saw fit. This is the True Reading of the ii Cicinnati platform and the True idea of Norulak Soa such As every territory has enjoyed and Avil continue to enjoy. But Douglas a As not satisfied Avith this construction of the Cin Quot Innabi platform. It did not favor his ambitious designs. He a anted the sectional support of the North and he thought he could obtain it Only by making one tremendous strife Over the abolition sentiment of the North. Hence he put a Nav construction upon the Cincinnati platform. He construed it to mean that the residents of a territory at any time and however few in number might legislate on slavery and abolish it if they please no. And this doctrine in its consequences and results is More mischievous than the doctrine of the Wilmot proviso held by the Black republicans. Douglas substantially holds that after a territory is once organized a score of abolitionists under tie patronage of the Nav England Aid societies May go into it. And vote slavery out and pass severe penalties against its Intro fiction thus effectually excluding the people of the South Avo have an equal Iii it Avith tiie North in the enjoyment of the Public has the Best chances keep it before the peo Jile that if the election goes into the House of representatives fourteen states Are committed to Breckinridge while Bell and Douglas combined have two Only three other states be ins divided and the remainder for Lincoln keep it before the people that if the election of president goes to the Senate old Joe Lane has 37 votes. 1 Lamlin 25. Johnson 2. And Everett 2�?Lane having a i Lear majority Over All the others combined. Keep it Deforti the people that the Only Safe plan of beating the Black republicans is for All desiring such a result to unite Union Breckinridge and Lane tie True Union candidates keep it before the Jie Ople that no sane Man in America believes that Douglas has the ghost of a Chance to carry a single Southern state while i prospects Aie not quite As gloomy in the North keep it before the people that nobody but a Luna tic would believe that John Bell can Cari Ai. Northern state in the electoral colleges or the House unless he Sells out to the abolitionists and that he has no reliable Chance of Success anywhere i keep it before the people that Brick and Lank arc the Only hoses that can win the Ion mile race i the Union course against the Republican team keep keeping it pm fort the people

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