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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - October 9, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana The old constitutions the Umon and thee Walitt of the states vol. , ind., tuesday october 9, 1860. M to a he 11�� South intends to stand by. If in the Progress of j party division party dissensions and party elections 1� Ufuti to Ihorn i that Constitution shall be trampled underfoot if a government shall be instituted Here which shall be a to 1=1. X Quot xxx b by. A Quot a usurpation on the government of Washington and 4t Kidi Anatolis in Diana our father if this Temple of Liberty based upon that j Constitution shall be subverted and instead of a i constitutional government a Quot higher Law Quot govern i ment shall be established you will find gentlemen 1 that the Constitution will have fiends even in that hour and if driven from All other sections of tie country and there is no other spot where the Ark of the covenant of our safety can rest and be protected it will be on Southern soil where the friends of the 1 Constitution live. Loud applause. We do not desire at the South disunion i know of but few advocates at the South of this measure. 1 can Point to hundreds of distinguished Lio them men who Are far in Advance of any men at the South upon Dis. Union. I know in the Northern states men who want a Quot higher Law Quot who want a different Constitution who want another Bible Aye and who in i Eli Gion even Call for another Jesus Christ. Laughter and applause disunion per be exists in that old line by elder a i Harkness. 1�ei 3vt a �1.00, until alter tue presidential election in Advance in All cases. Advertisements inserted at the Osneal s p in e g h of the Hon. William l. Yancey. In Washington d. C. i am no party Man and i do i know of no disunion Erse at the South. The hum not address you As a party Man to night. Strange As ble individual who addresses you to night has Proba it May seem to you after what you have heard from Bly been More denounced As a disunion St than Arnost some quarters i come before you this evening As the Friend of the Constitution Good and the Union under the Constitution Good and better and As the enemy of any Osiier Union coming from Liat source it May. Vociferous cheering Quot that s during my Brief political career my countrymen any other Man in the Union. I Tell you gentlemen my disunion sni consists in this i stand by the Constitution. I intend that the provisions of that Constitution which i look upon As the shield of the Softli in this Union shall be carried out and enforced. If that Constitution is taken away from the South in this Jiust Here the speaker was interrupted by a Drunken Union and the Softli is then to remain in the Union individual i consider that we would then live no rights for we a voice put him out. Would then be Jil Aeed at the feet of a dominant Sec or. , no let him alone. No harm can tonal abolition majority. Applause be done to me by an Man of any party Olio listens a voice Well stand by you. To me. A voice that so i have no sentiments to or. Yancey is it by then that the South stands by conceal from any Man of any party. J Hope men Are tie Constitution As a so yield in this Union. When Here representing All parties with the exception of that so yield Liall be taken from their breasts by Adoni that party Wlinich is tiie enemy of the constitutions. Infant sectional majority who seeks to reduce Liis gov the Black Rei publican party. Loud and enthusiasm a raiment to the will of a Mere majority for its own tic applause sectional purposes Olio intend to make us Hewers of my friends there is one Issue before you and to All Wood and drawers of water ave intend to take that sensible men but one Issue and but two sides to that Constitution with us and gentlemen imitating the Issue. The slavery question is but one of the symbols mighty example of George Washington if there is no of that Issue the commie Cial question is but one of other place where we can erect and keep this constr the symbols of that Issue the Union is but one of tuition we will take the those symbols the Only Issue before this country in on Banner of Libery and Plant it the mountains of Augusia and there we will in this canvass is the integrity and safety of the constr Trench ourselves As a body of freemen. Applause tuition great applause and cries of Quot Good Quot he is a but As i said to you we Lope that a is far Dis a True Union Man who intends to stand by that con Tant from us and that none of us May live to see its Stit ution Avith All its checks and balances. He is a Dawn. I so help me god will consider that to be an disunion Man who wishes to destroy one single letter j evil hour when this government shall be so rent by of that sacred instrument. It has been said that the factions that the charter of our liberties shall be trod South asks you to trespass upon the constitutional j Den under foot and the compact of our fathers dire rights of the other states it is said that the South Garden by their degenerate sons. It would be indeed seeks to aggrandize itself at the expense of of lick Sec an evil hour but we Are compelled to look it in the tons that we want this government to carry slavery a face. A Large party numbering in itself now it is and Force it upon a people Wiio do not desire it. Quot a Atli j said a plurality if not a majority of the people of All proper respect for those who say this i As a Softli a this country banded to Geilier with a discipline such Ern Man say that in every Iota of its utterance it is As no other party has living Hopes Wlinich no other false. Good the South has a Gressed upon no party has led by men of eminent ability with Abra Section nor does she propose aggression upon any Sec-1 Ham Lincoln its candidate with Seward its chief states Tion. She asks no Section to yield anything that is j Man and chief advocate who from in Maine to the far hers for her safety or for her Protection. All that i these Frontier of civilization a proclaims a War an Quot in the South has Ever asked of the government is to repressible War Quot upon the institutions of one half of keep its hands off of us and let the Constitution work i this Union who proclaims gentlemen that the Man its own Way. Applause the South has been Agner in which he interprets the Constitution is that it i cased upon the South has been trenched upon i shall give Freedom to everything in human shape upon four fifths of its territory in which she has equal j the face of the Earth who proclaims gentlemen there rights has been torn from her and by the acts of fore that this Constitution which is based upon a be government she has been excluded from it. Eeve cognition of negroes As an inferior race that is based Nues have been raised at the rate of two or three Dol upon a recognition of property in slaves that is based Lars in the South to one from any other Section for the upon its recognition As a state institution based upon support of this great government but the South its recognition As property which requires that prop makes no complaint of Mere dollars and cents. Touch erty to be delivered up by the hostile states into not the Honor of my Section of the country and she j which it maj become fugitive that this Constitution will not complain of almost anything else you May do is to to utterly disregarded by him and Only his wild but touch her Honor and Equality and she will stand insane revolutionary and incendiary notions Are the up in their defense if necessary in arms. Applause i Iuteri Pretat ions to be placed upon the Constitution by All then the South asks in this contest is that you shall observe the constitutional checks and balances with reference to her. She is not willing that her Iii hts shall be submitted to the will of Mere numerical this new government if elevated to Power. Suppose that a party gets into Power suppose another John Bro Avn raid takes place in a Frontier state suppose Quot Sharpe s rifles Quot and pikes and Bowie knives. Majorities. For our fathers our ancestors and the i and All the other implements of warfare Are brought great patriots of the North agreed that it should be to Bear upon an inoffensive peaceful and unfortunate otherwise. It was the written compact of our lathers j people and that Lincoln or Seward is in the presi that the minority should receive Protection from the j dental chair where will then be a Force of United Constitution against the Mere selfish and avaricious states Mai Ines to Check that band ? suppose that is will of a preponderant majority. Parties divided i the cases that the frontiers of the country will be themselves originally in this country upon that great lighted up by fires of Midnight arson As it is in Texas principle. One desired that the majority should Rule in All tilings awhile the other the state rights party of the country desired it Shodd be different. This latter party carried tiie Day in the Foj mation of the Constitution and placed Cheeks upon the advancement of the majority. And this written Constitution was that towns Are Biu Ned that the peace of our families is disturb etl that i Oison is found secreted throughout the whole country in immense quantities that men arc found prowling about in our land distributing that Poison in order that it May be placed in our Springs and oui Wells with arms and ammunition Jil aced in the compact by which majorities should restrain them the hands of this Semi barbarous people what will be selves wit reference to the rights of minorities. Majorities need no Protection save their own Power. Hence it is easy for the North to cry out for the Union at All hazards and under All circumstances. It is easy for the North with its major Ity of millions to say they Are for this Union any How. No matter who May be elected no matter what May be done still they will stand to the Union As the great cause of their Prosperity. Why because with no Constitution our Fate ? adhere will be the United states marshals to interfere ? where will be the dread of this general government that exists under this present administration ? where will be the fear of Federal officers of a United states army to intimidate or prevent such movements Why gentlemen if Texas is now in flames and the peace of Virginia is invaded now under this administration and under the present aspect of affairs Tell me what it will be when a Quot High at All the North can protect themselves with their or Law Quot government reigns in the City of washing predominant vote in the country. But How is it with ton ? where then will be our peace where will be the South ? How is it with the minority of the coun our safety when these people Are instigated to insure try the minority states of the government ? if Section when men Are prowling about throughout they leave it to tie Mere will of preponderant major i this whole coutry knowing that they Are protected by cities in Congress the North As in All other cases Willi. Vi.,. Seek its advancement of Power will seek its own selfish and will distribute the Money of the government among themselves raise As Ucli As an administration which says that by the Constitution free it Lom is guaranteed to every Pinili Virduel on the face of the Earth can you expect any people of spirit or courage True to themselves True to their firesides can you expect such a they please and do All for their own advancement at i True to their own families the expense of minorities. Minorities gentlemen people i say to give up All regard for the cons Titu Are the True friends of our Constitution because that Tion permit it to be trampled under foot to a knowl Constitution is their shield and their Protection Edge this higher Law Quot government to give it their against the unchecked and unlicensed will of the Ma-1 assent can you expect 1 say any Brave and heroic Jority. I eople thus to be i True to their families and their hence it is that my Section of the South stands by firesides and to the great principles of eternal free that Constitution. You do not hear so much said a Dom and self preservation ? there with such flippant tongues about the Union As a voice never never you do at the North but you hear much said about we will preserve those rights and those who would the Constitution about its strict construction about fail to Rise in their defence Are deserving of the exe tiie rigid enforcement of its checks and balances in cration and contempt not of All Mankind Only but of favor of these minorities because to them it is a thing Evera Republican who would place this government of life and death. Within this government that con Over us. We would deserve to be pitched out of this Stit ution must prevail or the minority will be placed land into the sea and drowned in the surf that Breaks As a Quot Lamb that is led to but let that upon its shores. Be a Ould deserve that there should Constitution be observed and the rights of All Sec-1 be no further propagation of such a race of cowards tons under that Constitution be preserved and the i ave will remember that Washington the greatest South is Content to abide its Fate under the Workings rebel the world Ever produced led the Way in defence of that instrument. The Noi the May Well cry out j of the great principle of Freedom in defence of those Union Union Union at All hazards and to the j institutions upon which our government is based and last extremity. And the North even now i under j under which it has so Long prospered As a nation stand at Midnight is arming itself and training its i say to you then that though we deprecate Dis Midnight bands for the purpose of forcing a Union of a Union we will have the Union of our fathers. It has Mere majority upon the South. I understand these i been said that the South has a Gressed upon the Are Quot wide awakes Quot As they Call themselves that is North. When and where has my people Ever a Uliey think themselves very wide awake Quot but they Gressed upon the people of any other Section ? when will find some men in tie Southern states gentle and where has any Southern statesman proposed a men Sufka gently Quot wide awake Quot to meet them. That s so applause. A by ave people and a True people gentlemen will fear no Quot wide no Man is More wide awake than he who loves his wrong to be done to the West the Northwest the East or the Northeast ? a voice never. Ivor. Yancey never. History will proclaim it. This own fireside his own wife his own children and age proclaims it. Our enemies will proclaim it by their agg resses u on Nobo Fly but determines so far As god gives him Jwj War that nobody shall Augress upon him. A Lause and there arc no men who hear me tonight who would flinch like cowards if they found that others were Bent merely upon a Gressing Jjon their people when they could do so that s so As a distinguished Friend of mine said to me the other Day the Battle of the revolution was fought with shot guns. Our people were not furnished with the great armament of modern warfare then but being armed with the a Wirht they were enabled to meet the powerful array of the then greatest nation of the Earth and wipe out the British lion from out of the country. Applause.,now i desire simply to say to you to night that the South standing on nothing but the Constitution fears no Agni Resimont fears no Section and that Constitution silence when we defy them to answer the question. Ours then is a position of defence within the limits of the Constitution. M e uphold its Banner. We intend to defend its principles. We ask Only equal rights in our common government. We ask Protection for these rights in our common go Hemment. Nothing More and so help me god we will submit to nothing less. Applause now my fellow citizens 1 do not intend to address you at length to night. I am wearied having travelled All night and living been detained on the Way by an Accident on the Railroad. I have spoken four times this week and once i had the in modesty to address an audience four hours. A voice Quot give us four hours More i therefore have no physical ability to detain you any longer to night. I conceive that you have met Here to night not from any special while her shipping and her wharves and her warehouses will rot for the want of that Industry and support. The Union is everything to new York Boston and Philadelphia. The Union is much to the South we prefer to have it As it is and we will deprecate dissolution. But if it is dissolved it shall not be the South who do it. It shall be dissolved by those who Are waiting on the South and seeking to destroy the Constitution and destroy the Union that is made by the Constitution. Let Northern men see to it that they preserve that Union if they want to preserve their Commerce if they wish to preserve their manufactures or Power and if they wish to preserve the South As the Best Mart for the Sale of their products the fruits of ther Industry and their Commerce. If we of the South Are driven to support ourselves we Are Independent of the world we have the great peace maker King Cotton within our midst. Vociferous applause we can Supply the looms and manufactories of the world we can feed ourselves and clothe the world. Unless these people therefore want to go naked laughter and show their nakedness p renewed laughter they had Quot better come and solicit the support of our Cotton planters. Junoir then fellow citizens i beg you to excuse me from rating anything further and for the desultory character of the remarks i have at this time submitted. I close them by telling you that the South loves the Union respects the Union has All respect for the Constitution and will stand by and preserve that in effect a negative result. This concedes that our policy is not Worth preserving but that we can Lay Down our principles and take them up again As we do our hats j and Coats. The reason assigned is that if we do not j a few Southern states will secede. I cannot recon j Nize such a reason As controlling my actions for two reasons first i Don t believe that the people of those states wish to secede and second i do not recognize their right to do so if they did Avish it. J but it is said that Quot Bell and Everett Avill carry nearly the to Liole of the Southern i Hope so. I but suppose this calculation should fail and the in-1 creasing weakness of Douglas should consolidate the democratic vote of those states upon Breckinridge what then ? although in that event lieu Oln Bell and Breckinridge would go to the House yet event body Knovs that the House could not elect and i tie would be president for the Senate would not hesitate an hour in tween him and Hamlin. That result would be a Complete Triumph of the very i it is a Xerox element Avrich our Kentucky friends dread so much. How would they like that ? but if it is certain that Bell will carry nearly the whole of the Southern states Quot it is because they Are opposed to disunion for no disunion St can vote for him. And if Quot nearly the whole of the Southern states Quot Are opposed to disunion the threat to secede and break up the Union is Idle and absolutely childish for How can a few disappointed politicians break up the Union against the wishes of Quot nearly the whole of the Southern states ? Quot no. 36. Respect Toan individual but that you have recognized j str ment intact with All its checks and balances and me As one earnestly striving to Advance the cause of i the South is now sternly resolved that every other the Constitution and in that spirit and in Liat Only Section shall so preserve it. The South Means to de have shown your respect for the of the demo fend that Constitution against All attacks from the racy something that is deserving of that respect wide awakes the sleepy abolitionists or anybody a for that i most sincerely thank you. I Trust that 11 else. Great applause and laughter shall never deserve a want of respect at your hands a or at those of any one else by proposing aggression m at. I a try t a on any or by proposing any measure not in Accord to the conservative men of Indiana. Ance with a strict construction of the Constitution. A voice what will the South do in the event of the address of. The Quot Union state Central commit Lincoln s election ? i tee Quot of Kentucky and the Quot state executive com or. Yancey i Don t know what she will do but i Mittee Quot of Louisville which has just appeared will this i will say to Vout i put it to you my Friend i doubtless strike the minds of others As it does my own now if you live in a slave holding state j As being of a character not a Little . It the same voice i do sir. A its a sort of advisory proclamation to the conservative or. Yancey. Well then if John Brown commits men of Indiana Quot which our Kentucky friends Felt it a raid on that state while in the peace of god and their duty to Issue in order that they might persuade while in the peace of the countr under tie peace of us to vote for the Quot demo Mic Quot state ticket on tues the Constitution that is supposed to protect it if he Day next. It is direct intervention with our Domestic comes with Pike with Musket and Bayonet and Cannon affairs to manage which in our own Way they ought if he Slaughter an inoffensive people if his Myrmia to suppose us fully capable. I feel it my duty Quot As dons Are scattered All Over our country where it is one of the Pei sons addressed and As a citizen of the supposed rests this institution which is so unpalatable state to say to the people of the state a few words in inciting our slaves to Midnight arson to Midnight Mur response to it. Der and to Midnight insurrection against the sparsely Trio so of us who Are especially addressed arc con scattered White people if the brotherhood of this ser valves and the leading feature of our conservatism nation shall be broken up and the common citizen consists in the fact that we have firmly maintained the 6hij> shall be ignored if the Protection that is due from right and duty of each state to Uki nage its own do every citizen to every other citizen shall be no longer Mystic affairs in its own Way without interference by afforded if in the place of it a wild and blood this Sty tha citizens of outlier states. This we have supposed spirit not of revenge for we have done no wrong to to be essential to the Security of the slave property of be revenged it a blood thirsty spirit of Assassin the South and with that View it has been a cherished Tion of a murder and of Yron takes its place and we doctrine with us. But if Worth anything it is of re find scattered throughout All our Borders these Jie Ople cipro Al of Lipton and should require of others for and we find the in night skies lighted up by tie fires whose Benefit we have Adli ered to it that the policy of our dwelling and the Wells from which we hourly of our own state should be managed by ourselves drink poisoned by strychnine and our wives and our a alone. Children when w e Are away at our business Are found this address says that our approaching state Clec murdered by our Hearthstone my answer my Friend Tion has a Nati Oruil importance and theret Bre that is in these words. What would a of do a Quot loud a Toliese committees May with propriety take Togni Plause i Zance of it. But suppose our people in return should a voice. I would Stop him before he got that far. Say that the perpetuation of slavery in Kentucky is of or. Yancey. I believe that tie god of Liberty to nation cd concern and for that reason Uliey intend to whom it is our duty at All times to Pray lie who Liolis interfere in the Kentucky election and Send into that in his hands the very destinies of nations will so turn state inflammatory appeals against slavery and in futile hearts of our people that such an event shall not Vor of its abolition and All that sort of things what happen. Then what would these committees say to that a voice. Amen. 1 and yet the cases arc precisely parallel. Or. Yancey. For myself i do Hope that in the i these gentlemen Are f of the state whore the ashes Northern states which hold his question in their of or. Clay repose and i know they admired him hands in some Way a feeling of Justice will be aroused when living and venerate his memory no less than in the Minris of thie people and they will consider this we do. Yet they nov advise us who have been the matter and present this dire . As for the South life time defenders of his Fame to forget All that we we Are in a minority. We cannot prevent it to Vever i have said and done for thirty years or More and give much we desire to do so. The Ortli is now the Doni our votes to his Rife time enemies and defamer. They infant Section of this country. It has 18.3 electoral cannot fail to know with what crushing weight demo votes to our 120. It is for them to say what is to be Cracy has pressed upon the state for years and the our destiny within this government. It is not thank condition into which it has brought us and How Long god for tiie North to say what shall be the destiny of and manfully we have struggled to throw off the Load Southern freemen. Quot Good Quot and applause that and yet they ask us to cease our efforts and not Only we hold in our own hands. Our Prosperity our Safe submit to its present and perpetual continuance but to our institutions do not depend upon any vote actually to give direct Quot Aid and Comfort Quot to those who the North May give in this matter As Long As we Are have been the authors of All our calamities. The True to ourselves. They Are Safe though the constr motive which could Premjit such men As we know tuition May be rent asunder. We prefer our protect them to be to give such advice must be Strong in ton and our defence Al than the lines of the govern deed. Ment of Washington and Jefferson and of Hancock a they say Quot it May be in itself a matter of Small but if it is not Given to us we know that we have importance who is gov nor of this that or the other Freedom within our own breasts. But wet Iii this state not so As i think. One of the great Union this Union must be preserved by Northern evils of the times is that attention to National politics votes. I has destroyed the dignity and lessened the importance the Issue is now left with the North and it is ten of the state governments. The notion is far too com-1 Decd her to save the Union and the Constitution by Mon that if we can have this that or the other Man putting Down the Black Republican party. Good president it is no matter who or what the governors they can do it by a Union of All parties against the of the states Are. We should be greatly better off if common enemy. If they do it the Union will be Safe we to the Federal government and More and we will be rejoiced to tender our acknowledge to the states and it is especially necessary at this ments to our Northern Brethren that they preserved j time that it re should do so. Yet at the same time we the Union. Good but if they do Liot preserve j have most important duties to perform towards both the Union if they choose to Divide it into factions j and All will agree that it is our duty to see that we do looking after the state spoils and without reference to j not consent that our state shall be continued in its the safety of this great country and this party is a Doi Nicard career unless we can find compensation for elected and the South is driven to the Wall then let the calamity in contributing toward the greater Good not the North complain if Northern Commerce that i of the Union. If the Union were really in danger rests upon Southend Industry becomes destroyed and i and we could save it by voting for Uny Hudy. It would they become beg Gared by the open Atlon. Be Well to do so endure the evil for a time and then a read the other Day a very statesmanlike speech by make an Effort to throw it off. We May Well Bear mayor Wood of new York at the great Union meet present ills with philosophy if we feel a Confidence ing in which he spoke of Commerce and the value of that they will produce Good results Here Frei. I do Commerce to the whole country. But i would com not doubt that our Kentucky friends think it is in mend to the Northern people this idea which did not danger for certainly nothing Short of this solemn enter into the speech of mayor Wood Commerce is conviction could prompt them to advise us As they not merely the handmaid of agriculture but it is the have. I differ with them and have no fears whatever creature of agriculture. Commerce is tiie Mere of its Pei Man ency if the people will Only take the Means of interchanging the commodities which Are government into their own lands for a while made by Industry by the agricultural and mechanical it is said that the threats of disunion in a few South arts. It is True that if we make no surplus there will Ern states in the event of or. Lincoln s election is be no Commerce but still agriculture will , and sufficient cause for so great an alarm on our part As the Mechanic arts will exist for our own subsistence that we should give up the affairs of our state into if the South Ever undertakes to make other marts tie hands of the men who helped these Dis unionists than new York and if the North does not uphold to grow to their present Power and predicate our a tills Union but permits it to be destroyed the South Tion upon the idea that they actually can dissolve the intends to make her Baltimore her Norfolk her Union. If we submit so openly and directly to such Charleston her Savannah her Pensacola her Mobile threats now. We shall tiie Reby make them available and her new Orleans her marts. Rivals not rivals a capital for faction lists and demagogues always a Cream merely but substitutes for new York will Rise up All j ter. Ii a Are they to dissolve the Union ? that is along Quot the Southern Border. Three Hundred and the practical question. In the first place there Are teen millions of exports in the last year were All Given a Only two states a at tiie most three a Liili have avow to new York and new England Commerce the coast i de the purpose to do so. The ground of to Weir avowal ing and shipping and foreign Trade of the North and is that they have tiie right to Serene Froin tiie Union interchanges usually make that right. $250,000,000 j and that is the end of it. It is the Soutsi Carolina of this amount were the sole results of a outliers in doctrine of 1832-33. Do our Kentucky friends con Dusty. Tins $250,000,000 a year can make com cede that they have this right i apprehend mercy at other ports than new York. Let new York then if they have not How Are they to dissolve the a see to it my countrymen. If she loves her Commerce a Nioni with All the other states against them As they and loves ii or palatial houses and princely merchants will most certainly be. The thing is impossible and let them see to it that the South driven to the Wall in my judgment it is unwise to concede to the does not make new Yorks of her Baltimore Norfolk what they now ask and what these two committees Charleston Savannah and new Orleans and grass seem disposed to yield for if we do we have to that grow in the streets of new York. We can do with extent recognized their right to secede the existence out her commercial facilities but she cannot do with of which i most emphatically deny out our agricultural labor. We can bring the Shii it but what propriety is there in giving Way to these Ping of the world to our ports and make our own Dis unionists on the ground that they will break up the shipping to carry away 250 millions of the 316 Mil Lovci ziment if Lincoln is elected Vixen their Candi Lions. She cannot Supply the 250 millions of our. Dale was nominated by a convention As sectional As that Southern labor if Ever Slie does permit that division at a Picayo have they the exclusive right to be Sec to take place. I say therefore to new York in notional tiie Plain truth is that Ouk True position is spirit of arrogance and Pride that her Commerce Midway Between the extreme parties turning neither while in some respects it May be the handmaid is tic to the Rig it or left in obedience either to their threats creature of Southern Industry and Southern wealth or dictation but pursuing our own course in defence and unless she chooses to take in hand this question i of the Union. We should repudiate sectional m at a she Boston and and Settle it so As to both extremes and More than All Are we bound to preserve the benefits of this Union and the Constitu-1 frown upon every attempt at secession. _ we should Tion that secures it to her we will show to the North make no concessions to its treasonable spirit that we can do without her new York Boston and we Are asked to vote so As to defeat or. Lincoln Philadelphia and make other marts for our Industry that is to abandon our own principles and policy to no Man who votes for Bell Eon Sidere the election of Lincoln cause for disunion. Hence if nearly the whole of the Southern states Quot vote for him those who do so consider it Are largely in the minority and that ends the controversy for it leaves Quot nearly the whole Quot South for the Union in any event. Then if a few Southern states have no right to secede if Quot nearly the whole Quot South is against disunion if those who Are running one sectional candidate could find no decent apology for breaking up the Union in consequence of the Success of another sectional candidate if it is wrong to make Concession to treasonable threats of disunion if by making such concessions we should Foster and not crush the treason Why should we who have stood so Long Midway Between the extremes battling against both and for our own principles of conservatism Biak our lines All at once admit that then is no Merit in our own organization and go Over to an obnoxious and ancient adversary to be so completely absorbed As to have no distinct name or place hereafter such an act would be without palliation or apology. Our Kentucky friends should recollect that in their state the Douglas element is too weak to stand up by itself and make fight against anybody. Its conscious imbecility causes it to look around for some ally by whose Aid is can inflict a wound upon or. Breckinridge and his friends while its malice and desperation prompt it to strike wit ii any weapon that May be at land even though it May be tie bloody Wea Jion of know Quot As they have so often called and if our friends there can make Thistle Man Nsefik by absorbing it into themselves and inducing it to come to their support it is All Well enough. They May Tylius destroy it. And thereby make themselves stronger. But in our state we Are the weaker Clement. And if we show that we Are As ready from any cause to Lay Down our Jilin Caples. And Dos regal the professions of our Olio in lives As the Douglas men f f Kentucky have done and go Over to them ice Ore the party to of a sorted. That it stronger May a orb the weaker in Kentucky but can the weaker absorb tiie stronger Here ? hence to my mind it is Clear that this is a it question of life and Deanii wit i conservatism in inf Llana. We have stood firmly and manfully fora Long time yielding nothing to the Defiance of either of our adversaries because we thought our friends in the valve states needed our assistance in rebuking alike the slavery agitators of both North and South. But now All at once As suddenly As if we Avert surprised by a Flash of lightning from a Clear sky these same friends for Wii Ose Benefit we i ave so firmly maintained our stand counsel us to give Way disperse and demoralize our Little army and openly acknowledge before the world what we have been All along proclaiming to justify our separate existence As a party is Quot Mere leather and they have certainly yielded too readily to a sudden impulse a frequent fault of the most generous natures. Bufu Ion second thought they cannot fail to see that when Tivey have thus destroyed our conservatism we shall have left no Check to the unlicensed War of factions and the Eye of omniscience alone can Sec the result. Tills picture is not overwrought. We profess to believe and have constantly declared that the repeal of the Missouri Compromise was the cause of the renewal of slavery agitation after the Compromise of 18 0, and that it was the Means of giving increased strength to the Republican party. This was the ground upon which we justified our organization and the establishment of the constitutional Union part As set Forth by those who inaugurated the movement. In tie last address which was issued by our Central executive committee at Washington in August last it is repeated in Strong and Cephalic Tenns. And acting upon this idea my declared in our last state convention that we would fuse with neither of the other parties. Or. Douglas is the author of this repeal. It was ills hand that struck Down a Quot canonized Quot Compromise and opened again the flood Gates of passion and we Are now asked to Reward him by our Confidence and votes for the act. More than that or. Hendricks noted with him to repeal the Missouri Compromise Antl we Are asked to vote for him also to wipe out with a single Lia lot every word that we have said in condemn ton of the act Stu Latify ourselves and give both office and adulation to the author of All the mischief. I esteem sir. Douglas and or. Hendricks very highly and would read by defend either of them As i have done More Tolian once against unmerited assault. 1 would go As far As any Man living to oblige our friends of Kentucky but it impossible for be to consent Itiat the Honor of our Little party May be tarnished. As it has always prize its Honor More than Filce i am unwilling for one to barter it away now for the Mere Promise of Success which May turn out to be delusive. If our party Ever shall prevail. I desire to see it do so by virtue of its principles and not by becoming the ally of democracy and the authors of the repeal of the ils Souri Compromise. If its principles Are Worth anything they Are Worth maintaining Quot through Good and through evil if they Are not let us say so at once and openly renounce them at tiie bidding of our Kentucky friends and go right Over to one or the other of the sectional parties and help along the agitation of the slavery question and the work of dissolution. Liat would be the inevitable effect though i know they Are the last men in the m orld to advise such a course if they could foresee the result. Their Zeal has outstripped their judgment. Suji pose we vote for i. Hendricks and our votes Are necessary to elect him. Liat is gained by it ? it would not give Douglas the state unless we should vote directly yer hint As our Kentucky friends desire us to do. We shall then have Given to democracy a perpetual existence in tiie state and have bestowed our Iii Hest of acc upon a gentlemen who voted to re Jineal tiie Missouri Compromise and then if after All. Lincoln shall Caits the state we shall have the Consolation of knowing that we Are just in a condition to l e laughed at and to feel Liat we have acted like children Wiio have been tempted by a Mere Bauble to play the truant. must see that it will do Douglas no Good in this state Merel to vote for Hendricks. We will have to vote for him too to effect the object desired by our kind friends in Kentucky. Can we do that with Honor ? we have some men in our ranks who have been democrats and who have acted with that party who can do so without feeling any compunction. But if any of tii Ose who have been whigs from honest conviction can do so they and i have not Learned whig Gery alike. I will not do it if every other Man in tiie state does. I helped to nominate or. Bell and shall vote for him and nobody else. Now if Idi the Bell men in the state do so Douglas will have just As Many votes whether Hendricks or Lane is elected governor. To help our Kentucky friends therefore we must vote for Hendricks and Douglas both. Suppose we vote for Lane and he is thereby elected. What do we gain ? it does not necessarily contribute anything towards Lincoln s carrying the state unless we vote for him too. If we Are All for Bell and nobody else As i am we shall not vote for Lincoln and therefore the presidential vote will not be affected by our vote for Over nor that is if we All stick to Bell for president the vote of the state in november will not be changed by our vote for governor. Tiie Ilea of its being changed contemplates that we Are to abandon Bell which i am unwilling to do. But we do gain something by Lane s election in my judgment Antl therefore i Liall vote for him. He is an old Wing educated in the Faith As taught by Henry Clay. He and i have fought so Many Achig Battle s to Geilier Liat i think i know All the Imp discs and inclinations of his mind. His election therefore Avill upon All the issues of the old parties revive the spirit of whig Gery for which i have been All the Lime Labouring. That will be something gained. But it is said that i be advocates the Wilmot proviso. That s True but it is an abstraction and the democratic Senate can keep it from being passed during Lincoln s administration if he should be elected. The present status of slavery cannot be changed during the next four Yeai a. Hence there is no necessity for the proviso. Nobody supp a it possible for slave re to of to Pike s Peak. Besides. Or Hendricks and

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