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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - October 6, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana Constitution the Union and the of Quality of the states vol. ind., saturday october 6, 1860. The old line guard. Is 1� Dot i tact e e a in Toat i i�1>i Anapolis Indiana by amp Hak Siess. Countr Aad its people As the Oak or the Pine is of its native place institutions which have contributed so far institutions can to Public and private welfare institutions which presuppose diversities of climate soil and race with consequent diversities of Industrial and social ionization institutions of which confederated states unequal in Power and with variant social systems is the prominent feature the fundamental fact the very essence and spirit institutions which _ _ served us Well when we were but thirteen poor and feeble states and which serve us As Well when we , until after tic presidential election. Thirty three wealthy powerful and proud states. In Advance in All cases. Consider also that of solemn catastrophes and a tragic terrors Vith Avrich god in his Providence some i times visits nations none have touched us neither plague pestilence nor famine neither civil War nor i invasion Quot malice Domestic or foreign Levy Quot neither i earthquake nor fire from heaven no confiscations of property or proscriptions of citizens no Barbaric in i Cursione neither revolutions nor massacres in a word i nothing of All those dire calamities which Glare upon i us horizontally in the moving pages of ancient and modern history and which Are daily passing before i our eyes far from our own felicitous land in the other advertisements inserted at the usual rates. Address of the Hon. Caleb gushing a Tremont Temple Boston sept. 12. Gc.�. I Advance no. A Suhou. Mud .eluct-1 1 Sci a a us United states. It is a task which nothing but the just claims of political and personal friends could have induced me at this particular juncture to undertake and which nothing but your kind reception and candid attention will reconcile me to perform. In the first place i have been unwell and need strength As yet states and yet we Are unhappy of supremely unhappy of superlatively unhappy Are not thousands of itinerant orators and millions of newspaper sheets assuring us that everything is wrong and must be changed arc not eloquent men telling us that things Are so wrong that revolution and civil War and massacre and conflagration Are to be deliberately sought for instead ? Are not pretended pious men presumptuously calling Down All these and worse calamities upon us and invoking vengeance on their own country in such terms of invective and fury As for extemporaneous discourse and rhetorical exertion. In the second place it irks me to add my voice to the dissonant Din of partian orators and the confused clamor of hostile factions wit i which the air and the Earth Are Nav vexed and tormented. It irks me still More to attempt to reason discuss Aimie convince i i r a it 11 t in r. Persuade when those of my countrymen on whose to apply to minds it would be desirable to act the sincere friends i cursed Moab or Edom / of the Constitution and the Union Are perversely. To begin we have a multitude of pubic men pro playing at Cross purposes roping about if the dark i used constitutional statesmen senators and repro a ii a i in a ii. I 1i Senta Tives in Congress Bov conors or states members without Intelli Zient aim nay a gliding together m f. A a y i n i. I .1 i 1. A a �?z1. I i a a 01 state Lein Slature capable Cui ors and other guides Blind rage too passionately eager to Stop to inti irea11 a a j a a i a x a j 1 l a r t t i. And exponents 01 pubic opinion Avo maintain that Avaio is Friend and who is foe. I am not presumptuous a ,1 r Ltd i i a ii to j a ,.,1 a -11,1 diversity in the Lorins of labor in the United stat est enough to assume that anything said by me at such a 111 a i a i a a a 1 via f i 1 1 i ii i Sumet coloured labor in the torn zone and tree White time will be heard with conviction if heard at All by ,. ,. 1 11 for i a a t in f labor in the temperate zone is an unspeakable mis those who Diller trom me in opinion. In the course of r a a it a i i i Fortune that out 01 it Springs a necessary Irr Pressi a few weeks Ashen the illusory expectations enter n a u. A i or .1 1 c Uez 1,. I Tir d ii j to n 1 ble Coli Elict Between the or Hern and Southern of Tats tamed by the partisans or or. Beri and Imp. Douglas 1itv 1.1,1 v ii 1 1 i a of i i 1-1 and that so the isor Thern states must be stirred up to shall have been dispelled by the state elections which 1 a % i u 1 1 ii i j a at i. Or a this connect and urged Forward in it until by Lorce have or shall a pc occurred in Vermont California Maine Georgia Mississippi Fionda South Carolina description of labor in All the United states. Of Pennsylvania Ohio Indiana Minnesota and Iowa a a a at a 1 t 1 r Tir a a j a a r 1 this opinion or. Abraham Lincoln of Illinois is the then and not till then Many 01 us who Are Pes sent a / n a 1, a ,. 1 a j 1 a i. C j Initiator and of this numerous class of unhappy per adversaries but ought to be associates May find oppor a or v 1 a a. A / ii .1 w i sons senator Seward of Lew York is the present Unity and time to reason together intelligently Ami to he is no traversing the country busily consult profitably As to the Means of Preven ing det. A j j raiment to the Republic. Until then the Best we can up 1 this respectively do is to keep our tempers to avoid recipe gospel of hatred can if they continue faithfully to local irritation and thus to be held ready for what it i a 1 u x Vrr a try do much to produce conflict Between the different May hereafter be Hoove us to do and which there will a a to a. I tal. A r a i 11 states of the Union by misrepresenting them one to be sufficient occasion for us to do As fellow citizens a a a a ,1 j ,. In 01 another and thus making each to imagine the other and As common devotees of the Constitution. Such j a Are the feelings and purposes which actuate Mem submitting to you this evening not so much an argue c a t ment for or against either of the candidates for the simply a pain Sia Remein 10 involve no eloquence Ana 1 a a i i 1 1 a As Little argument As possible of the a Ysidera ions Dency Are assuming that by and through him Uliey which Impei me and political friends in Coli operation government with me to support and advocate the nomination of or. Breckinridge and or. Lane. That and that Only is my present theme. Rhe United states Are in the full enjoyment at this time of immense material Prosperity some of tie states it is True Are temporarily embarrassed by the Over Earnest Zeal with Wlinich they have pus lied on the construction of railroads and other works of internal improvement. But those works have been constructed they Are monuments of Public spirit As Well As invaluable instruments of Public welfare. And the bounteous hand of nature in the Rich harvests she they consist of disjointed fragments of All past or present parties with discordant opinions on great leading questions of the Day As Well As with different poetical antecedents and Are Congo cited Only by the one common sentiment of hostility of feeling if not of act and purpose towards the local institutions of fifteen of the thirty three states of the Union. I repeat these Public men and their party followers have but one common ligament of hostility of feeling if not of act or purpose towards tie local institutions of fifteen states of the Union. The feeling is avowed and certain. How is the purpose or act chief part to our Peculiar political institutions. Contribute to the results and they do but contribute. I i is on into thex m a a r j 4. J .-11 i Southern states and it is contract to the Spint of nor a confederation and stil Constitution which contemplates and joins in Terri tonal greatness in relative a a enal pros-1 Between All the states. Pelity. It parallels the United states. The Antish a. A Arll. Colonies in Australia and America Are not Independent nations and yet they also Are scarcely less prosperous than the United states. Nay the Spanish colonies of to Day Cuba and the philippine islands As was the Case with the Spanish colonies of the con a a a a a a. I a a a a a i. 11 a a air in Huu i set Nesigu uni Uleu me Uio Visius i me truent before to Weir Independence might Well vie in a j. It a n j a a a of a. A til to Constitution and the acts of Congress specially de pros Penty with the present condition of the United a a .1_________x-.u-states. But the hostility of act and purpose which animates the republicans does not Stop at rancorous denunciation and vituperation of the South and violation of the spirit of the Union. In those states in which the republicans have Complete Power they have deliberately and of set design nullified the provisions of the signed for the Protection of the rights of the Southern states. They have taken away from citizens of the Lari june ii a a o Oia ies. Huey iia a away Ruiu Iii zeus us Lue what then is the Mam cause of All this Prosperity a a xxx a a a j 1 a x a of a % .1 a a a x i a Southern states their constitutional night of sojourn it is mainly Cine 111 my a augment to geographical Cir i xxi a x j a x pm fit 1 u to and transit with their servants and property. They cum stances. Inis tact and this Only cheapness and i 1 n /11 it a a x 1 \ tax j have Nuudi fact so far As they could the constitutional abundance of Rich land is common to the United a 1 x c i. J a or it Kyj Ruccia nation of fugitives from service. The As at present or Eaf Lii med and once soil of new worlds to cultivate and exploit in a word deliberately re enacted unconstitutional provisions of we have been skimming the Cream Lom off the Surwit a nullification Laws originally parsed in the dark n c x x i x a x x 1 a 1 Days of the saturnalia of know nothing ism. Can face of vast continents or great Senn Continental isl government be entrusted Tol he unholy hands of such men ? ands. Of course we prospered and from the super abundance of our our productions Mineral Marine agricultural we have not Only enriched ourselves but stimulated and Revivi fied the resources of our native Europe. But they profess to be constitutional statesmen and continually Ferm that although they Are Labouring to conquer the South by Force of number yet they the Prosperity of the United states is next main to the South when conquered and Willy due to Soll Lis. In those regions of America of f a of a nig they impliedly admit that Lia and of Australia adapted by climate and soil to pretences of poetical Chairge which they put for european labor such As Canada old the other North old Are hypo tical or it sincere that they Are pm British colonies and the extreme Northern and the i f necessary consequences of their opinions extreme Southern Spanish colonies we have Intro-1 Quot of a. I. X x x 1 i i. A i. Diced european labor either in the persons of our-1 by ostentatiously profess their Hor selves the colonists and founders of the new so i t f denounce the Laws and cities or of the europeans who have aggregated f 11 observers of the Laws by which slave a themselves to us and in the tropical or sem tropical fhe same time pretend that the Only regions not adapted by climate and soil to european they aim at is to prevent the Extension labor such As All the european colonies of the West territories. If so indies and the Spanish dutch French and Portu pm a Are infinitely too Large for their conclusions Guese colonies of Africa Asia and the warmer parts it is Foohs to agitate the country upon the Gen of Continental North and South America we Havi pm f in of Ion for the Sake o this very limited Apphia Tion of it. Besides which to leave the slave a slave a a Rosment in opposite tons of Australia on the one hand and of Cuba on the other hence the Prosperity of Brazil hence the Prosperity of the whole of Spanish America and of the French and British West indies before tiie governing race there became besotted with the chimerical idea of equalizing the political condition of tie White and coloured men and hence above All the unsurpassed Prosperity of the United states one half of them in temperate regions of America adapted to european labor and the other half in a Semi tropical Region where coloured labor and that alone and that Only with europeans to govern and direct can produce the great colonial Staples Avrich added to metals and cereals enable the United states alone to have that comprehensive completeness of resources which is wanting in the other great european Zed regions of America and Asia. And if the United states Are greater and More prosperous than Brazil or the British or Spanish colonics in Asia or America it is because of this comprehensive completeness of our resources this comple men Ary fitness of the different parts of the country this Beautiful Harmony of interests this coexistence under the same general government of the colder Region of the Northern states and the warmer ones of the Southern states with their respective natural productions. With All this we have political institutions of admirable theoretic organization and supreme practical institutions the natural growth of the again they announce in pompous phrase that according to their Creed Quot Freedom is National and slavery is sectional. But nearly every thing which exists in the United states exists sectionally and in virtue of its location in some state. So All the Banks in Boston and All the manufacturing companies in Lowell and Lawrence Are sectional because they exist in sole virtue of a Law or Laws of Massachusetts but Are they any the less National interests ? again they say much of Quot free labor for free do they mean by this that free men and they alone shall have labor in the United states ? if so their purposes and Aims Are manifestly unconstitutional and if not then the phrase is merely a senseless party catch word. They declaim against what they Call the Quot slave either that masks a purpose of unconstitutionally inter meddling with the Legal rights of the people of the South or else it is a Mere phrase of insult and malice which As Many a labor strike abroad and at Home shows is capable of being retorted with fearful Force against every proprietor and capitalist in the Northern states. In a Avord All these party cries and watch words of the Republican Patty Are either false pretences or else they arc the cover of intended assault on the constitutional rights of the Southern states. What is the truth in this matter ? do the statesmen of the Republican party the sworn Obs i vers of the Constitution such As senators and representatives in Congress governors and legislators of states when they declaim so angrily against slave labor do they really mean anything or do they not ? i think the answer to this question is to be found in the fact that the Republican party consists of two distinct ingredients not combined but Only temporarily coalesced namely those persons numerous 111 new England and parts of the Union colonized from new England who Are Mon maniac theorists on the subject of Liberty and Equality and other persons who care very Little for the subject negro but much for themselves and Avo seeing this Hobby horse trained to their hands by tie negro Philista zealots mount upon it to ride into Jower. Of the first class the Liberty men proper who attack slavery avowedly sincerely and Avith a single purpose and professedly mean to abolish it if they can there Are two divisions first those who like or. Spooner have reasoned themselves into the unreason ionization of the half demented traitor Mui Lerer and robber John Brown the abolitionist St. John. Being sound in the matter he can afford to be civil in the Maimer and so in debate he treats courteously and fairly All his opponents even reprobate me. Or. Dawes on the other hand halts Between two opinions. He is infected Avith the taint of anti slavery fanaticism and utters glibly enough All the Ordinary and common place phrases of that school at the same time his mind is not vigorous enough or his will not Resolute enough or his conscience not self deceptive enough to enable him to break wholly Wavay from the Cona action of constitutionalism which a Legal education usually imparts. And thus he staggers and flounders in the founder us path of equivocation self contradiction troubled conscience and consequent bad temper. He showed All this on the Only occasion when he of discovering abolition in the Constitution and has appeared conspicuously in Delate on general poli secondly those who like or. Garrison and or. Phil tics that ii Early in the last session of Congress. The lips with Clear perception of Legal truth perceive that nullification Laws of Massachusetts which or. An negro servitude is protected by the Constitution and Drav regards As the Honor and glory of the Republic who therefore thought i can party or. Draves Prevar Cates equivocate and attack and seek to overthrow the Constitution. I falsifies to excuse the Republican party for and to thus in sum ave Haa e three sets of thinkers and j Transfer the discredit thereof to the know nothings actors engaged in this sectional assault on the South-1 Massachusetts republicans according to him abhor Ern states namely those Avo like or. Scavarda pro i Jshii Broan and All their speech consists of tender fess to think that the Constitution forbids them to Ness and love to awards their fellow citizens of the South meddle a nth slave labor Avi thin the states but yet Are Ern states. Hatred of slaveholders v no such Emo constantly meddling Avith it those who like or. A Tion avas Ever Felt or expressed by either clerk Nian Spooner to link the Constitution authorizes us to re or Layman Man or woman in Massachusetts. Sound quires them to meddle and therefore do it and those i constitutionalism on the subject of slavery Why who like or. Phillips think the Constitution stands i that according to or. Draves exists Only in the breasts in their Way and therefore attack the Constitution. Of the republicans of Massachusetts having thus i declare that of these three sets of anti slavery Rea-1 done his feeble Best to give plausible seeming to what toners or do claimer it seems to me that or. Phillips j or. Spooner Calls the Quot twelve headed Inix Sture Quot of is most entitled to consideration for apparent sincerity j the Creed of the Quot Jesuit Cal demagogues Quot of re pub and logical thought or. Spooner next most but that 1 Lica ism and so run the risk of Avea Kening himself As to the first class the Republican statesmen of the i Avith the entire and positive anti slavery men or. Tavo houses of Congress Avo Are perpetually playing i Draves appears to have supposed that he could repair upon the single stringed fiddle of anti slavery agita All that by lashing himself into a factitious passion of Tion and Avaio yet pretend to adopt the received con i vulgar personal vituperation mean column nation and Striction of the Constitution it is impossible for me to elaborate misrepresentation of or. Cushing. Unlike believe in their sincerity without discredit of their in or. And Cav he could not afford u treat his oppo telling once or to believe in their intelligence Avit Hout i cents Avith out spoken Candor or even common de discredit of their sincerity. J ency. But All that a ailed Liim nothing. He is of a and thus it is that one of the a cutest anti slavery party in which half away is no Avay. And to doubt is to writers of the Day in a pamphlet before me in speak i die. Of course in. Andrew and not he prevailed ing of the four different factions Noav contending for i in the Contention for the gubernatorial candidature of the Possession of the Goa can mint says a Massachusetts. And that if the Republican party Quot of All these factions the Republican is the most continue in Coaver it is but the Jire Paratory step to the thoroughly senseless baseless inconsistent and Insin-1 future nomination of or. Wendell Phillips Cere. It has no constitutional principle to stand up-1 such then is the double faced character of the on and it lives up to no moral ones. The j Republican party of the United states. If its Candi republicans Are double faced double tongued hypo Date air. Lincoln be elected president he Avill rep critical and inconsistent to the last degree. I resent a party the motive impulses and Mechanic civil duplicity and deceit seem to be regarded As their Only forces of Avrich reside in a band of religions and to available capital. This results from the fact that the Leticai enthusiasts the Lineal inheritors of the religious faction consists of Tao wings one Faao Rable to Liberty and political Ultra ism of the puritans of Nav eng the other to slam Ery neither of them alone Strong land and the friends there and in other states. Be enough for Success and neither of them honest enough it for Praise or be it for blame certain it is that this to submit to present defeat for their principles. How agitation is in the blood and body of those two Politi to keep these Tavo wings together until they shall have co religious sects. Or. Lincoln inherits from both succeeded in clutching the spoils and Power of office and both reason away or openly renounce the constr is the great problem Avith the managers. The plan tuition. Or. Lincoln represents a party also which adopted is to make on the one hand the most Despe each As to such of its members As Are not the avowed a rate efforts to prove that their consciences and All or unconscious enemies of the Constitution is never their moral sentiments Are opposed to slavery and the less Mere Quot and exclusively sectional and geography that they Avill do everything they can ical in the worst sense of the Avord a party a Hose against it and on the other to make equally Despe-1 Domestic legislation adhere it has Power in the several rate a flirts to prove that they have the most sacred states is characterized by the most odious acts of in reverence for the constitute Toxi and that the cons Titu constitutionalism and nullification a party most of Tion gives them no to incr Avha Iea or to interfere Avith Ivrose political speech consists of unpatriotic and scan j slavery in the states. So they cry to one having of Dalous denunciation of the people and the institutions their i arty put us in Coaver and ave aa-�11 do a Ery of nearly half the states in the Union a party which i thin we constitutionally can for Liberty to the oth i if it Avert to attain the control of the Federal govern or Wing they say put us in Coaver you can do it Avith j ment Avold at once be placed in the dilemma either perfect safety for we can do nothing by belying All its professed moral and political i Inci against it where it is Quot that is a graphic delineation of the ambiguous and equivocal predicament of the Republican party either insincere or unconstitutional. Meanwhile it Lias deliberately made itself intensely sectional and therefore odious and dangerous. It has done tins by its general character of aggression on the South. It has pies or if engaging directly or indirectly openly or insidiously in the systematic violation of the Constitution. Further ignore or. Lincoln if elected would be elected against the votes of a majority of the people of the United states against the unanimous vote of fifteen of the thirty three United states and against done it by assembling in convention Section ally con-1 the vote of a majority of the Jie Ople even of the other statute do that is Avith representatives wholly for the eighteen states. He Avold go into office Avit Hout be Northern states or Avith but fictitious representatives a ing Able to rely on the support of the House of rep from two or three of the Border Southern states. It resent Tives and Avith a Resolute majority of the sen has done it by the singularly significant act of the i ate opposed to him capable of dictating to him Avo Chicago convention in striking out the Avord nation i the members of the Cabinet shall be and capable of Al Quot from the name of the party As proposed by its rejecting All nominations he May make All Bills he committees so As to make it Quot Republican party Quot in May present and All treaties he May negotiate. He Stead of Quot National Republican it has done it a Ouw stand on be by taking both its candidates from the Northern states Nota withstanding that considering the obscure and secondary Public character of or. Lincoln the Legal theories repudiated by All the judicial authorities supreme circuit and District of the whole United states. Such a president so elected so situated in office nominee for president persons quite As adequate to j and representing such a party Avold be utterly in the vice presidency such As or. Clay of Kentucky potent for Good and potent Only for the evil incident or. Winter Davis of Maryland or or. Blair of mis tally to ensue by reason of his necessary executive Souris might have been selected in at least the Border imbecility and Alx Veall by reason of the in constr Southern Stites. And if for the Sake of the odor of Tut ional opinions and purposes of the minority party nationality it avas Worth awhile to receive into the which alone he Avold represent even though constr Coua mention the delegations from those states it a Ould i to tonally elected president of the United states seem for the same reason to Haa e been a Orth awhile j in the Prospect of the possible Success of such a to have the same states represented by one of the party and such a candidate there is nothing but Dis candidates. But the irrepressible tendency of Sec a Aster to the country and to Ca cry portion of it. North to onanism and the silent but deeply conscious Aioli South East and Avest. Zionism and unconstitutional Auti slavery spirit Avrich do any practicable and lion Brablc Means exist by pervaded the Cona mention conic Ellod it not Only to Avrich the election of or. Lincoln May be prevented Overlook the Soetji in its nominations but to go As far 11 think such Means exist that is Means to elect a North and East As possible in quest of the candidate i constitutional and National candidate by the votes for a ice president. 1 either of the electoral College or of the House or the for it is Idle to pretend to deny or disguise it Senate. Let us see. I every Man in his heart Knovs it and events Incontro we know that in the fifteen Southern states cast-1 Vertily prove that the motive Power of the rep Sibli j ing one Hundred and Twenty electoral votes or. Can party its master Spring its a ital spirit is anti Lincoln cannot obtain a single vote. The a Hole slam Ely fanaticism. The party lives moves and has i number of electoral a otes is three Hundred and three its being in that one idea. The straight Forward and of Avrich one Hundred and fifty two Are a majority single minded anti slavery men like or. Garrison or it needs therefore out of the one Hundred and eighty Phillips and or. Spooner Avo Proa Ide the anti Tavo Northern votes to take Wavay from or. Lincoln slavery thoughts and kindle the anti slavery emotions 1 but thirty two which Avith the one Hundred and on which the Republican party exists Are accustomed j Paventy at the South Avrich he can by no possibility to speak Avith contempt of the self contradictory Opin-1 get would prevent his election and if the one Hun i ions equivocal pretences and double dealing Argu-1 dred and Paventy Southern a otes Avith the thirty Tavo ments with apolitical members of the party and not Northern could be cast for the same person that per Seldom to speak Avith contempt of these politicians j son would be president or if divided among two or themselves to All Avrich these politicians have to sub-1 More persons then the election would devolve in the i Mit Avith Arhat Grace they May for their position Ava a first instance on the House of representatives. J vering Betavee fealty to the Constitution and anti j i cannot Stop to calculate Here the series of Conse-1 slavery agitation is a false one and they cannot stand quenches if the result in the first instance should be i i\0. 35. Firm on it either for offence or defense they cannot carry an election any adhere Avit Hout the votes of the headlong and unreasoning anti slavery zealots if they equivocate they Are denounced if they hesitate or falter others More zealous push before them and thus the modest and rational As Avell As the timid and time serving Are gradually thrust aside or overpasses by the violent the fanatical or the a studiously coldblooded ambitious who pretend to be fanatical until these at last Are consumed in the fire of their own kindling and Over a whelmed by the reactionary Force of the material interests of society which Ashen aroused to action always Triumph Over the fanatics and ideologists. So in the Long parliament constitutional monarchy and Episcopalian ism were displayed by parliamentary government and presbyterianism and these by military despotism. So in France the constitutional Republic took the place of the constitutional monarchy and the reign of terror took the place of the Republic until men gladly fled for safety to the shelter of the Cannon of Napoleon. So again in France red republicanism took the place of constitutionalism and then came of course another Napoleon. That is the world s history of All fanatical parties a Hether the fanaticism be religious or political or mixed of both. We have pertinent illustration of All this before us Here in Massachusetts in the recent fact of the nomination of or. John a. Andrea for governor in preference to or. Henry l. Dawes or. Dawes it seems is More thoughtful or More timorous or less direct than or. Andrew. Or. Andrew goes into the legislature of Massachusetts and there Speaks unreservedly confidently fluently and eloquently in defense of the anti slavery nullification Laws of the Commonwealth. Nay he Steps for Wail without scruple or , and boldly assume the Lead in the can merely to defeat or. Lincoln. Suffice it Yoav for me to say that inconvenient As such a result might be and doubtful As it would be in its ultimate effect whether to produce the election of one of the presidential opponents of or. Lincoln by the House or in default of election by the House to raise one of the vice presidential candidates to the presidency by election of the Senate inconvenient and doubtful As All this is still it is one Chance of escape from evil and As such is a contingency fit to be considered. Therefore it is that Little As i find to approve in the candidature of or. Bell and much As i find to condemn in the candidature of or. Douglas i frankly confess that if it were in my Power to discover any adhere thirty Tavo electoral a otes possible for either of them or if such thirty two votes were in my hands to cast at All i would a willingly have them Given to or. Bell or or. Douglas unless being cast for or. Breckinridge they Avold elect or. Breckinridge. But i declare 1 do not see Hov. Or where in All the Northern states either or. Bell or or. Douglas is to obtain a single electoral vote or How it Ever avas possible at any time that either of them should have obtained a single Northern vote save and except by the Aid and the help of the friends of sit. Breckinridge. I am not now discussing the political character or pretensions of either or. Bell or or. Douglas. I merely state an opinion As to amiability. That opinion is strikingly confirmed by the late elections in Vermont and Maine which Shoal that or. Bell has no strength there and or. Douglas no special or personal strength Over and above the Mere strength of the democratic Parta. That is to say the democratic party would have done at least As Well in Vermont and Quot Maine and i think better Arith any other democratic favorite for the presidency. In Fine As to or. Douglas my opinion is that if he had been nominated at Baltimore Avith regularity of form and substance so As to make him the True party nominee which he avas not or even if he had been nominated Avit Hout opposition at Charleston he could not have carried a single Northend state nor More than one Southern. I to think his own Confidence of self assertion and the Zeal of partisans had gotten up for him a semblance of personal strength at the North which he never possessed in fact that his particular dogmas possess no strength Avha Tever at the North and have from the beginning constituted a sufficient insurmountable bar to his carrying a single Southern state except per haps Missouri. With or. Douglas regularly in the Field or. Lincoln would have Savett the a Hole North and some other person might have been nominated at the South competent to Savee the whole South. It any rate in the present state of things the election of or. Douglas either by the electoral colleges or by the House is a contingency manifestly and undeniably out of the limits of All moral possibility and his candidature serves no purpose save Only to distract the democratic party in some of the Southern states and in those Cav of the Northern states in Wlinich there is any possibility otherwise of defeating or. Lincoln. Then As to or. Bell in the first place what Northern state can he carry ? 1 do heartily and sincerely wish i could see one but i do not. Vermont and Maine have already spoken for then Iseh is decisively on that Point. In All the rest of Nav England or. Bell has no Shoal of strength out of can he carry Massachusetts will Massi it Luis cats act Ord even t a poor Boon of her vice presidential a ote to the highest and Foremost of her living statesmen. Edward Everett ? would that she might i Avill not say a single Avord to chill the ardor of a single citizen of Massachusetts Avo entertains the what next Pom Biliie. Of half a dozen votes More or less to to grudgingly conceded to or. Bell it May be ill a Conjoint Cle etoral ticket by the friends of a or. Breckinridge and or. Douglas in Nav York and possibilities of a couple More of votes of the same sort in Nav Jersey. And that is All for neither in Pennsylvania nor in any of the states of the Northwest or of the Pacific is there the faintest Shadow of a show of electoral votes for or. Bell. He therefore cannot get the thirty two needed Northern votes necessary to elect him if he had in his hands the a Hole South. Who then is to carry the South the Tran la. South ? if either of the candidates can do this he Avill approach so near to an election that he May reasonably Hope for additional thirty two not Chat the North Tobe Given to him. Or at All events to be cast against or. Lincoln. We have already seen All the world sees anal . That or. Douglas has no electoral Shoal at the South outside of Missouri. If As some of his partisans in the Southern professedly intend to do they desert the democratic party to note for or. Bell they will destroy or. Douglas without benefiting or. Bell. Strangely fallacious expectations Are founded on this by the friends of or. Bell in Massachusetts All these expectations assuming that the Southern states in a body Are to be frightened into voting for or. Bell by the imputed Dis unionism of or. Breckinridge. I confidently believe that these devices of faction will fail and that the democratic party of the South Avill be victorious Over All enemies and return its unanimous vote for or. Breckinridge. But Hoa Vever that May be i know that or. Bell cannot obtain the unanimous vote of the South Caen by the Aid of democratic deserters or by coalition Avith partisans of or. Douglas and therefore i know that or. Beu cannot possibly be elected president. What remains ? i say that dealing Noav Only with the question of election by the electoral colleges or. Breckinridge and he alone exhibits any chances or la is abilities of Success against or. Lincoln. You know Avell that 1 earnestly desire and shall do All in my Coaver to promote the election of or. Breckinridge either by the electoral colleges or by the House of representatives. I support him As the Only True expression of the constitutional party opinions either of the democratic party or of the country As the Only True nominee of the democratic states and As the Only True representative of the democratic Cle Toi a of the democratic states. But i is Impf it it him also and above All because in my opinion the Sui it port of him is the Only direct Means of defeating the Republican party counteracting its unconstitutional Aims and projects and inverting disaster Fiona the Union i say Avith absolute Confidence there is no other ath of safety but this. The candidature of or. Ouglas serves but to Divide the democratic Paity he cannot be elected. The candidature of or. Bell series but the purpose of dividing the South he cannot be elected. Or. Breckinridge and he alone can if properly supported carry the South and in theft Case there is Good cause to exert ourselves Avith fair prospects of Success to obtain for him the additional thirty Tato a otes in Pennsylvania new Jersic California and Oregon if not in new York and so to make him president. To commence then let the fifteen Southern state be United themselves in opposition to their sectional enemies let them cease to exhibit the humiliating spectacle of discord at Home let them not by their intestine of quarrels be the Means of delivering up themselves and All at the North Avo sympathize Avith them As common victims to the assailants of the Constitution and the Union. To avast their strength on three candidates As they arc now doing is but madness Mere madness. And if the people of the Southern states persevere in this course of passion and Folly let them not hereafter reproach any citizen of the Northern states with what May happen. They must begin by being True to themselves and then and not until them they May complain of others if Antnie to them. It they have no sense of danger or duty in their own behalf to allay their Avn dissensions How can they expect the sense of danger or duty in their behalf to prevail at the North ? or let the democratic party at the South unite in the common cause of their party their Section and their country. men perfectly Avell Noav that of the two candidates of the democratic party there is but one or. Breckins id get Avo can by any possibility obtain any electoral votes in the Southern states of the Northern. In such a Case does not every consideration of Public duty of patriotism of party Faith and of Honor Appeal to the partisans of or. Douglas to desist from supporting him ? nay do not these considerations Appeal to that candidate himself to Avith Raav from the Field ? would to god there Avert some voice of remonstrance in the United states potential enough to move the hearts and the consciences of those misguided men in the Southern states Small in number in each of them at bests who As profound friends of or. Douglas Are diligently engaged in promoting the Success of the Republican party at the North by distracting and dividing the democratic party at the South. If Quot not if the South cannot act unitedly or at least the democratic party act unitedly or Best of All the democratic party conquer of itself the unnatural coalition in the South Betavee the partisans of or. Douglas resentfully abandoning their party and their cause if no honorable concert of the opponents of or. Lincoln in the North can be effected if neither of these things can be done then All is lost but Honor. That May be Savell by manfully standing to our opinions and our candidate a and to our party friends North and Soutsi. It Avill not have been the fault of or. Dickinson or. Randall or. Brady or. O con or or. Ireen or or. Schell if ave lose Nav York. It Avill not be the fault of or. Wise or. Mason or. Hunter or. Russell or. Gamett or. Pryor or. Lyons or or. Harvey if we lose Virginia. We democratic citizens of Massachusetts have our duty to them and other political friends in every state of the Union to Discoli Argey our duty to ourselves our duty to our country and ave discharge this duty in All its relations by rendering our Good will our voice and our Sut trag is to electors in the Intel est of or. Breckinridge and or. Laue and to our state ticket nobly headed by general Butler who merits All of twist and Honor which it is possible for us to bestow. Gentlemen 1 grave already occupied your time

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