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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - October 4, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana Constitution. The Union and the Equality of the states vol. Indianapolis ind., thursday of Lober 4, 1860.the old line guard. Is published t n. I Quot a 3es is Ibl in Toat, Indiana by a Fidek do Harkness. A a 38 3vx a i a until after the prowl dental election. In Advance in All cases. Advertisements inserted at the usual rates. Speech of Hon. Benjamin f. Hallett before the National democratic state convention of Massachusetts and the mass meeting of the supporters of Breckinridge and Lane at Tremont Temple Boston wednesday evening september \2th, 1860. A phonographic report by j. M. Pomeroy or. President and gentlemen i thank Jou for the reception that you give me. It strengthens me somewhat m the opinion that i have been Able to form t it Day that the democratic party of Massachusetts is not yet quite ready to Lay me aside for a Quot substitute Quot great Laug liter Ami applause gentlemen that recalls me to the crisis in the Severance of the Demol Ratic convention at Baltimore which makes us hold two conventions to Day. An attempt was made to stifle debate in the convention by forcing the previous question so that the voice of the South in remonstrance to the disfranchisement of six states and two districts should not be heard there. The chairman of the Virginia delegation Rose in his seat and after a vain Appeal to the mover to withdraw the motion calmly and impressively said Quot if the silence of Virginia is constrained i desire so say to the convention that silence is for the moment reason prevailed and the previous question was voted Down by new York who held that convention in her hand. Debate followed until the crisis arose when it was in the Power of Newyork by a single vote to have saved the party and the country. It then fell to me As my last act in that convention to Rise and Appeal to it earnestly Appeal to it to Stop in that mad act which it was about to perform at that instant to sever the Northern and Southern democracy. The convention had passed the Resolution which excluded from their body the Only accredited delegates from the South and which proposed to admit delegates who had come Liere without democracy and without constituencies. The Resolution it had been moved to re consider with the View of changing it and changing the course of the convention to As to admit the original delegates As organized at Charleston. The state of new York by Means of this unit Rule absorbing thirty minority yield in its hands at that moment the democratic party. If they had voted for the re consideration of that Resolution and had admitted the original members who were then waiting to enter that convention a nomination would have taken place by a two thirds vote and whoever should have been so nominated would have been elected the president of the United states. It was then that i obtained the floor and i tried a Calm Appeal to the Quot intelligence the patriotism and the discriminating Justice Quot of that body. I recalled the great historic fact that never was there a democratic Triumph in this Union but by the Union of the Northern and Southern democracy and there Neyer could be. I said to them Quot if you do not re consider that Resolution if you exclude those original delegations which wait at your doors from the South you Dis sever this convention and if you Dis sever this convention you of the remnant larger or smaller May make a nomination but to whomsoever you tender that nomination it will be to put political ruin to the Man and ruin to the party that makes Liat prophecy is in the course of fulfilment the answer to it has come already from the state of Maine. The party who made that nomination and who made it upon the belief that although they lost the South they could carry More than the democratic vote in the North Kern states arc now found to be weaker in the North than they Avert when they stood with the democratic party alone United Ortli and South in its nationality. The accessions they hoped for from the return of democrats who had gone off on the Wilmot proviso Are not to be found to help their candidate for the presidency. They said to us in that convention Quot Only let us have this squatter sovereignty at the North this Little territorial Wilmot proviso for that was it that was the whole of it Only let us have this and go into our districts with it and ave can get Back Wilmot proviso democrats and carry some of those districts and even some new England states. We Don t want the big negro abolition doctrine that goes for prohibition by Congress we Only want this Little negro of the Wilmot proviso in the Territo Ial legislature we can nurse him and carry him about enough to secure our Success in some of the districts and get into that avas the prevalent idea of several gentlemen in Maine As it is now in other states that arc to do just like Maine and the result in Maine has been Only what we have seen an increased vote against the democratic party. Is it not time to re consider that vain expectation of Success before All is lost ? Union of the Northern and Southern de mock act. Now i desire if you will give me your patience to occupy some moments in considering the questions which Are really those at Issue. We have had the in usual spectacle of three conventions in this Commonwealth to Day making three nominations of candidates for govenor. That portion of the party which assembled at Springfield has nominated our former respected but unavailable candidate or. Beach the very Man whom they threw overboard a Little while ago for general Butler. The Bell and Everett party in their convention have simply gone backward into know nothing ism. They have nominated or. Lawrence a Republican and a know nothing and therefore have literally done i nothing. J we have come Here to Day making no boasts and no threats in numbers much larger than we expect j de and have done just what we did a year ago nominated our Gallant and chivalrous Champion general Butler. Cheers now achy arc there two conventions to Day in Massachusetts each professing to be a convention of the democratic party ? it is because a portion of the i democratic part3 have hoped for extraneous Success by evading the True National Issue. The democratic party must be straightforward if they intend to be a Jas Rioual party. They have one Paramount question before them the prominent one of the Day How will they Deal with this question of slavery a this Quot Equality of the states Quot in the territories a and in dealing with it they must be honest with the South or they Mustis be the South in its association with the democratic party. And gentlemen Quot let me Tell you that histor tells us Over and Over again that whenever the democratic party ceases to be made up of that National Union Between the Southern and North pm democrats which with few intervals has carried this country safely gloriously Onward in Progress and governed it wisely for sixty years which in ii teen presidential elections has triumphed in All but three a lemme Tell you that whenever that Union ceases to be kept up and sustained then there is an end to the National democratic party and i fear an end to the Union also. That Union of North and South has been the grand support of democracy and upon that has been based the wlm be Success of this country. Now when democrats undertake to act upon the ideas which is the real idea of or. Douglas and of the leaders of that portion of our parly which Luu separated from us and support a divided nomination when they undertake to act upon the mistaken idea that they can make a great Northern party that shall be partly anti slavery and denounce Southern democrats As Dis unionists a party that shall stand Between the abolition Republican party of the North and the equal state rights party of the South and can throw the South overboard rely upon it they attempt an impossibility. For All history shows that this North Aye this North and this Northwest never was democratic and it never will be democratic to govern the Union without Union with the South. Applause it began with old federalism and that has been succeeded by National republicanism by anti slavery whigs swallowing up the Union whigs by political abolitionism. By free soil ism by know nothing ism and now by Black republicanism intensely sectional and Only sectional. Renewed applause and out of these elements in the North you can never make a National democratic party to control the destinies of this country without the Aid of the democratic South. That democratic party to give us Victory in the Union we have got to find in Union with the South. And the South without that Aid from the North is equally Helix less. They can do no Jiing without the Aid of a National democratic party in the North. And therefore if any Man s conscience or ambition or fanaticism or sentimentality has brought him to that Point that he is really unable to associate with the South because they happen to own negroes As slaves if he has arrived at that Point the sooner he leaves the democratic party and goes into the ranks of the Republican party the better. Applause i have seen in the Couise of in life the whole process of this transition tie whole course of the coalescing off from us of tiie tender footed or Over ambitious democrats men that were terrified at the idea of losing popularity if they trod upon the toes of a negro. Why sir when the country was about to do j that grand act Annex Texas democrats in the log a Slature of Massachusetts every Man of Vliem i be Lieve voted against it. They Avent farther with the alien free soil whigs and nearly every Man of them voted to Amend the of the United states i so As to strike out tie clause giving slave rear Ceuta i Tion in Congress to the South. And when we Avent up to the Springfield convention i happened to to on the committee on resolutions and to put a Stop to this tendency to abolitionism i introduced a r�solu-1 Tion their declaring our dissent As the democratic party from Liis vote of the legislature opposing the annexation of Texas and from their adoption of the i Ilai Ford convention doctrine that the South ought j to be deprived of slave enumeration in their representation in Congress one of the very conditions upon Avrich the Union was formed. When i reported that Avo Rose up against me ? such men As or. Bou Tavell or. Banks the a Hole of that class of men now the leaders and the Ablest supporters of the Lincoln abolition party. They talked me do Avn and the convention voted my Resolution do Avn because it i wanted to eke out the democracy by getting abolition j votes. Why the annexation of Texas was such an a enormity in the estimation of the people of Massachu-1 setts at that time that i remember a few of us one fourth of july ran away and skulked Over to Bunker Hill and got into a Little shed that they had erected i for the Kavork on the Monument in order to get Anivay from the mob and we passed resolutions in favor of the annexation of Texas. Great merriment every Man in Boston that went Down into state Street and said that Texas ought to be annexed to this country was pointed at As a Rascal who ought to run away or be driven away and Quot go to Texas 1&Quot Noav the solar second thought has come and where can Yon find a Many not in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Only but in the United states Avo will undertake to say that was not a great measure for the Good of the country ? and adhere is there a Man living engaged in the commercial or manufacturing pursuits of Massachusetts that has not in his pocket some Money derived from the annexation of Texas so with California. When in the presidency of or. Polk the country avas in the mexican War and the democratic party insisted upon indemnity for the past and Security for the future and demanded an accession of territory Arhat a clamor avas made by these tender footed democrats that Avert afraid that vre i should stumble Over a negro some adhere laughter and applause every Effort was made to prevent that great movement and yet the democratic party Avent on straight Forward and Cali Lornia was honorable purchased and annexed. It is True our opponents afterwards elected Gen. Taylor but Gen. Taylor j himself Ashen the question arose of admitting Cali by j Nia As a state was driven by Force of that demo cratic sentiment into recommending the admission of California into the Union Avith or Avit Hout slavery As her people should choose. Noav Avo cries out against our Possession of California ? judge be from the re suits of that Bright land of Gold Liat Empire on the Pacific on the material Prosperity of our merchants and manufacturers and mechanics and Labouring men. Apparently the country just then Avold All have gone to the poor House but for the annexation of California. Laug liter it came in just at the time Ashen that miserable Over issued Pajer banking Money which the j democratic party had always opposed avas overrun Ning the country taking the bread from the Mouth of the labourer giving him for a Dollar a piece of paper Al Rich a As not Worth ten cents just then the Almig Ity a Avo has Ahvay in his goodness sustained the dem j socratic party in every great crisis of the Union put it into the minds of the people to discover the great Golden resources of California which for centuries had been hidden and they came pouring into our Curren by and giving Neav life to the diseased dying Commer Cial body politic. That was another great democratic j act. And so if you go Back to the Purchase of Louisiana. I nobody remembers that Noav. On the 28th of october 1803, Avo stood up in the Senate of the United states and moved for the con ii mation of that treaty Al Rich Jefferson had made with Napoleon for the Pur-1 Chase of Louisiana Andrea Jackson cheers and from him and the democrats of that Day came this great Boon to our country. Who cried out against it j the Federal party the Quot Northern party Quot of that Day and the Man whom the Republican party now place at their head As their great Patria Chi and an honorable Man he is of whom i Avill speak Only Avith rever enee i mean the venerable Josiah Quincy senior a that distinguished Man then the Man of new England opposed the Pui Chase of Louisiana and her admission into the Union As a slave state and on the floor of the House in 1811, declared that if the Bill passed admit tag Louisiana As a slave state Quot it avas virtually a dissolution of the Union Quot and he added Quot As it Avill be the right of All so it will be the duty of some to prepare for a separation peaceably if they can forcibly if they must Quot and at another time that same gentleman proposed upon be floor of the House to impeach Thomas Jefferson for violating the Constitution in making the Purchase of Louisiana such Are the venerable relics and such the principles that have come do Avn to our times and Noav mingle with this Neav party Avrich Calls itself the Republican party of to Day who intend to take Possession of the government and conquer the democratic South by severing her from the North. Noav gentlemen let me ask you and i desire you Young men to look up this history and look Over the map of your country let me ask How All this has been done How All tie Extension of this country has been accomplished until it has increased from thirteen to thirty three states ? never avas a state admitted into this Union without the opposition of the Federal party the whig party the abolition party or the Modem Republican party. The democratic party has always bad to drag every state into the Union from Tennessee in 1796, do Avn to Oregon in 1856, when the whole of this Republican party in Congress voted against the admission of that state As a free state because she was going to bring two democratic senators into Congress one of them honest Joe Lane cheers and i have no doubt though non is. Sovek they were ignorant of it at that time there was some eighty a Trange presentiment of the future a sort of second a a a. Quot sight mingling with their ideas that if Thev admit a cd now you will indulge me further in taking a Ted Oregon and Joe Lane took his seat in that body somewhat Graver View of those issues which i think we would make him president of the United states i needlessly Divide the democracy on these rather the by the Choice of the Senate in 1860. Laughter and j Ore tical propositions of non intervention and squatter cheers sovereignty. W e have a video on the construction of How i ask has the expansion of this country been a platform. The Cincinnati platform is Plain enough accomplished ? simply by letting alone that eve last i a a m every word of it on the ter Corial is ing negro. The democratic party have let him alone. Sues. The North was satisfied with it but the South they have neither gone for slavery nor against Sla i i a Quot a a a a explain anon of conflicting const actions. Verj in state or territory. That is the Way Thev a a at unreasonable ? some democrats had in have achieved a this expansion. Thev have Stab i Der take to explain that platform in another Way than listed some Twenty territories but they never said a Plain interpretation. The asked of word since the adoption of the Constitution in theiso the what ave meant by this organization of those territories about a negro no-1 Quot not fair to answer ? has a Man any Faith or thing was said about a negro in organizing a Territo opinion for which Ashen he is questioned he is not willing to give a reason ? Quot do you mean squatter sovereignty or not Quot they ask Quot by that platform ? Quot a portion of the convention refused to a Saver and then came a sea Francc. Another portion of that by until or. Douglas took it into his head at the suggestion of a whig from Kentucky to put him in the Kansas and Nebraska Bill. That is the first touch of the negro a c Caer had in a territory. And out of. A t a those territories that were thus created have come in-1 convention Avrich met m the Mary land Institute did to the Union Paventy new states addin Quot to the thir answer and they Ansa Vered that Quot the Cincinnati plat teen All of them coming in simple by ignoring Sla meant precisely what we have said it meant Verv simple gentlemen by the honest principle of Quot at it meant simply that every Man of the South treating slave states and free states alike simply Mong property should have tie same right to go by Cari Jing out the glorious motto of John c. J property into the common territories of the Breckinridge there pointing to the motto at the foot i county that a Man owning property at the North has of the Hall i to go there with his property and that both Avert Quot the Constitution and the Equality of i a i Lally entitled to Protection her the Constitution the states these Are the symbols of Quot it is the whole explanation of the Cincinnati plat even lasting cheers Foniri and avas it not Fai tomake it ? by carrying out that doctrine of Quot the Equality of Octavo candidates understand it. The states Quot Twenty new states have been added to country has a witnessed in this canvass what has this Union and out of those Twenty twelve Are free a let Eto a an it Ida tei Tor the presidency and Only eight slave states and yet Here Are we at a id t using the people irom the stump. Without Cen the North Avith the lion s share in our grasp or Oval let Ouglas for having taken the first step it ing and tearing at the South assailing her ins Titu a Quot a intent to say that the Call made upon or. Breck tons assailing Iier citizens As Quot barbarians Quot reviling Quot Quot Quot lug no a Home constituency. Avas such that he and Mali icing and teaching our people hatred to the refuse to make a Public explanation of his South As their Rel Irion and All this when we have i opinions. His opposing candidate has replied to that j be Industry of new England Aud the to a i inc i and its Best fruits reaped and the it it a action made to him by or. Breckinrid a is that he o our pockets that i Sav is a his i epic tentative of a Dogma which Dogma is the ii 1,= no try i a Nucile of non intervention by Congress Avith Shive we can Settle for a Century when every Market that a state of things should never have existed and should has been thus opened has been seized Dijon by the i not exist longer but there the fact stands and ave Commerce and the Industry of new eni Rland Aud the Deal with it As it is. Or. Dourlas says that the rest of the North proceeds put into. ,. Topical fact. All this has the democracy done. The country. Under this policy it has lived and flour a m the territories and Lor that reason the spot was shed for sixth years till it has become the most pros a Ade at nation that god Ever made the Sun to Shine 1 hat allow me to say is a great mistake. Tiie upon. And Noav Avith this Northern discontent about i National democracy which supports or. Breckinridge the very slave labor we have grown Rich upon we i and or Breck Indge himself aft inn adhere to and Are becoming like the israelite of old getting fat j maintain the doctrine of wit slave and kicking up our heels against the lord for the �7 v territories As the Corner Stone of their Lor Prosperity ave enjoy. I Stoml policy. And Here comes in this exclusively sectional North. The heresy of the squatter sovereignty Dogma con Ern party made up with some Cav eminent except in this that it is Only halt Avay non intervention. Ment and change its grand policy into miserable Sec of Jall not i Tenene Avith a its Power but a Petty leg tonal negro ism. The statesmen of this Par tvs the a lature the creature of Congress and paid per diem managers of this party Are they not for the most by Congress May intervene As a Sovereign. Citizens part ambitious flippant Young men inexperienced of May go Anth their slave property into rash and unreasoning that never read the cons Titu the Lorn tories in spite of All the Power of Congress Tion of the United states laughter or never largely prohibit but the Kern trial legislature May Dis comprehended a single arts be of it if they did read franchise the slaveholder and take away his pro Yerty it ? renewed merriment they undertake to Sav As own As he gets there. The we and the weakest of them All. That there is la it at is the Dogma Avrich or. Breck Madge con in irrepressible conflict Quot Het rec slave labor and free Fis doctrine of non intervention is entire labor that slave states and free states Ailer this neither Congress nor Tho Tern grand exp Rhent of seventy years of peace and by shall intervene to impair or destroy the equal Prosperity can no longer live together and that we i Quot Glits of the states m the common ter top i is is must now set to Worl to make them All slave or All precise Lan Iager hand off the whole subject free. These Are the Wise men who go about to the i a Avery by the Federal government except for people asking them for the Coaver of this mighty gov be or tvo protective Piir poses mentioned in the con Ern ment that they May make a War Between the slave i Stit ution the equal not of sections in the common labor of fifteen states Avrich produce the Cotton and the absolute Coaver of each new state other materials in a. 11____ cd to . Trip. Mip Stinn m its . 1 Hof a. He eighteen state about the of Supply. A a manufacture and production Aud they Are ready to Stit ution. Say to the millions of free labourers Avo live and sup now is this not open and Square Manly and above port their families by working up the great Staple of j All mis construction Congress shall not intervene the South Avrich can be produced Noav Here but at to prohibit or destroy the territory shall not inter the South with involuntary Negi of labor and is de even Etc prohibit or destroy. The Constitution of the creasing every Uherc else they Are ready by their Nav state shall alone Lay Down the fundamental Huv wretched sectional policy to say to those free White i of popular sovereignty. Millions in the Northern states As Well As the four that it is Avrich Gia is significance to the rallying million of spinners in England starve perish j cry Avrich our Gallant Leader has Given the county a caste away a whole generation of you in order that Quot the Constitution and the Equality of the ave Wise men May put a Stop to slave negroes raising Noav then a 1,- is slave labor property us if some Power could Only give to these men the gift of that particular self knowledge of ave Chan yes says the Constitution yes says the supreme ancient Sage once boasted what a Blessing it would be court. We stand upon that constitutional fact. Slave a to them and the country for Socrates said. Quot my labor in fifteen states of this Union is properly. It highest knowledge is to know my own ignorance Quot j was property in every state in the Union Ashen the laughter and applause instead even of his Avis a Constitution was formed Aud by that Constitution avas Dom in their councils or. Lincoln the Quot original a i allowed to be imported As property subject to duties Thor and inventor Quot of that atrocious Dogma of the for Twenty years by each state that chose to hold such irrepressible conflict is made their presidential can property. Yes sir the Trade in slaves As property dilate. Or. Hallett having inadvertently used the was made a lawful Commerce for Twenty years by the name of Levi Lincoln and being corrected by the votes of Massachi Selts Connecticut Aud sen Hamp audience remarked did i Sav a i i beg his , i Shire against the protest of Virginia. Those three for he is a True Patriot and for my own part i wish states voted with Guiyland North Aud South Caro Thero had been common sense a Noigh in these three j Una and Georgia in the affirmative Virginia Dola conventions that met to Day to have selected Levi Lin Ware Pennsylvania and new Jersey m the negative Coin for the governorship ave Avold have a hipped a to 4. These irrepressible men clean through the state but i and this property so acquired and legalized under there is no practical common sense Noav a Days in i the Constitution has Ceasil to be property in any one political parties laughter i say they have be of the states of this Union Only by some cons Titu elected a candidate for no other reason under heaven Tion or state lava abolishing it. Than that he a Oak that Dogma of an irrepressible con it is property in the labor of the slave not in the Flint Betavee the labor of the North and the South i Man himself there is no such thing As property in and they Are in the expectation of electing him on Man permitted by any Southern Law that exists it is that sectional platform. Property in the labor of the Man. This is the Dis yes sir the democratic party have been fools i Tinct on and that fact May do away Avith a Good Deal enough consummate fools enough Ashen they had the of the sentimentality about Quot property in you whole country in their hands when this sectional in have property in horses or oxen and May kill them Emy was standing behind them so fair a Mark that and nobody say you nay. Is there any such property they could have kicked him out of doors by simply in Man in any state of the Union ? no there is no striking him Avith Tavo heels instead of one great j property in Man it is property in his labor and any laughter As they Are now doing they were fools one Avo has an apprentice or a minor son has to a enough to open their columns right and left at Balti j certain extent property in that apprentice or child More to let or. Lincoln March through to the White now then we come to the Quot equal rights of the House. And Here we and the Union men All Over states Quot in the common territory the land to this hour stand gaping at each other and i somebody has asked me if this Quot equal right Quot is not Avonderine whether or. Lincoln will Afler All get a slave code for the territories. I will a Saver that there. I say it is consummate Folly and some Day j question. What we mean by equal rights of the states the country Avill find out Avo have been the authors j in the territories is the equal right of All citizens to and persistent adherents of this Folly and unless it is i Settle in that common territory and take Frith them healed by Union it will be visited upon them As like their property and that is whatever is lawfully their a property in the states from which they go. This Only deviations from great democratic principles have always been visited upon men and parties who forget the Paramount duty to their country. But though the columns of the democracy As Well As the Union men Are thus of Iiene to the right and left their opponents have As 1 have told you such Small specimens of men in the management of their affairs and such a bad cause that upon my word i believe they Avill make a Blunder and he won t get there Afler allo hoax easily Pennsylvania and Nav York could close up the column by Union Aud head him off great applause Why men of this Union a c Are called upon Noav to change the a Hole policy of this country As i have imperfectly traced it from the Purchase of Louisiana to the present time that policy by which ave have gone on expanding our territory and letting the negro alone simply saying to the Southern men Quot there is ten i tory if you insist upon your right to go and try your Negi o there if you can make Money with him there you Avill keep him there if not you will be glad enough to get rid of him if he does t run away from you you will have to run away from him Quot and if he Only gets into a place adhere negroes bring ten per cent profit Iron will find plenty of Yankees there forthwith by my them up and working them. Talk of this specious extra morality of the North As against the morality and religious sense of the Southern men. It is Shari Cal hypocrisy but i will not go into that subject it comes rather too near Home to us All. Can be equal right All Over the Union in regard to the territories. A Massachusetts Man can carry to Kansas everything he owns Here As movable property. Why Shau not a Georgia Man do the same you say he Shan t carry slaves there because Yon Don t own slaves in Massachusetts but he has no Ada Wantage Over you for you can buy slaves if you like in any slave state on your Avay to Kansas and thus have the same right he has. It Avon t do for you to say it Buirts your feelings. So it hurts the feelings of methodists or baptists if a roman Catholic or an Episcopalian should take Avith him and use the Missal or Book of common prayer but that is no argument against equal rights of conscience in religion. Noav then the logic follows inflexibly that if the states Are to have equal rights in the territories they must have equal rights to carry there every species of lawful property. Hence if labor in a coloured Man is lawful property in a state it follows he can be carried As property into a territory it Noav take the next step in the Ai Ament a and if the equal rights of the states require having an equal right in slam a states to go tenth slave proper tar which free states have to go with their property into the common Territ does it not follow that All must have the right not Only to emigrate with their property but also not to get robbed of it As soon As they get there ? Why shall the Northern Emigrant be protected from robbery of his property any More than the Southern Era Grant ? is that Equality ? no. 34. The Only Way to jump this logic clean Over the Constitution is to go with the extreme Black republicans who deny the existence of property in Man everywhere. I have studied this question earnestly and i can see no Middle ground Between the two propositions. Either the anti slavery doctrine of no property in slave labor is right or our doctrine is right that the Emigrant into territories shall be protected from robbery of his property of that description the same As All others Are protected against robbery of their property. And that is All that is meant by Protection m the territories and if we mean to be fair and constitutional and National we must All admit that it is no More Legal just or right to Rob the South pm Man in the territories of his slave property than to Rob a Northern Man of his horses and oxen Quot Equality of the states Quot Means no such thing As a slave code by Congress to protect slave property any More than it Means a cattle code to protect property in cattle but it does mean that there shall be no such slave code in the territories or in Congress As will drive the slaveholder out of the ten Itoro or Rob him of his pro Yerty Ashen he gets there. That is the slave code which our opponents go for and against such an unjust code comes a Ith sound logical Force the Resolution of the National democratic convention at Baltimore Avrich affirms a a that it is the duty of the Federal government in All its departments to protect when necessary the rights of person Aud property in the territory Antl wherever else its constitutional authority that is every word in the Baltimore Plait it Iuit explanatory of the Cincinnati Platt Brm a hich alludes to Protection of property in the territories. And Here let me add that it Only affirms the same proposition in the Cincinnati Pla Fonn for that plat Fonn declares in so Many avoids. Quot that every citizen and every Section of Quot the country has a right to demand and insist upon an Equality of rights and privileges and to Complete and ample Protection of Jiei son and that provision Coa ers the precise Equality of the states Quot which or. Breckinridge and the platform on Avrich lie is nominated Almis. And really i should be glad to be info med Bow any Man of common sense and constitutional honesty can deny the Manifest duly of the general Goa Ernie it to exercise All its constitutional authority a wherever it extends to protect. Ashen necessary the rights of Poi sons and property under the Constitution. The a Hole question is does the Constitution give this Protection ? if it does not there is an end of the question. If it does then it is the duty of government to enforce it. And hence i say because logic says so that there is no Middle ground by tavern the denial that the Constitution recognizes aii Ltd guarantees slave labor As property and the admission of the Coaver of Protection under the Constitution the same As is extended to All other property. And so has tin supreme court authoritatively interpreted the Constitution and that puts an end to All controversy on this j Point Avith men Avo regard lava and respect magistracy. Again the Issue is not that a Southern party or any party desires to use the general government to Force slavery upon a perv ple a Hodnot Avant it. But it is that the equal rights of the states in the territories under the Constitution demand that a territorial legislature shall not Rob citizens Avo go into territories to Settle a Ith their property. Now As i understand it there Are three propositions maintained touching the equal rights of tie states in the territories. 1. The cont cud that Cougil is shall prohibit the South going into any territory with slave labor and shall expel them or confiscate their property if they do go Tinero. Titis is to plump denial of All right. 2. The of matter sovereignty Dogma which is directly opposed to popular sovereignty affirms that the South May go into the territories Avith to Weir property but they shall have no Security irom robbery and confiscation by the legislature when they go there. 3. The National democrats North and South Avo mean to Lipold this Union together under the Constitution maintain that the right existing to go there Avith slave labor As property neither Congi Ess shall prohibit nor the territorial legislature destroy the rights of property. And this affirms just Arhat the Cincinnati Platt Brm declares air Quot the right of the people of the territories not the legislature a whenever the number of their inhabitants justifies it to form a Constitution Avith or Avit Hout Domestic slavery and be admitted into the Union upon Temis of perfect Equality with the other and Here i affirm i As i have done on other occasions that having the Honor to draft that platform and having some right to understand it there is no such idea As squatter sovereignty in it. Squeeze it and put it under the irrepressible conflict and you can t get a particle of squatter sovereignty out of it. Applause Noaa Here does it recognize any Power in a Mere territorial legislature to prohibit slavery or to abolish slavery. The popular sovereignty which it Aili rms is that great Paramount popular soar Elguts of a people Avrich exist Only when they begin to Frame a Constitution of government and that is the right of Selt Goa Erna Cut Avrich belongs to the people of a territory As it belonged to every state in the Union Ashen it first had the Pola or to Frame a Constitution Aud never before. Popular sovereignty can exist no adhere but in a Sovereign stale of this Union and the right of sovereignty begins Only Ashen the people haae a right to Frame a Constitution of self government and arc admitted into the Union will other attempts to exercise popular sovereignty is either Rebell on or revolution. And this leaves the people of a territory Quot perfectly free to form and regulate their Domestic institutions in their own Way subject Only to the Constitution of the United Noav then ave National democrats believing in the Constitution and its interpretation by the supreme court stand upon our political Faith in the Equality of the states. We say leave the common territory open to settlers Avith their property from All the states. They Viii Cany such property of awned at Home As they please and the people of the territory will be left free Avit Hout robbery Avit Hout theft without civil War and Avit Hout revolution to groan up to the in int where they Are fit to make a Constitution forming their Domestic institutions by the lavas of profit and loss Supply and demand adaptation or unfitness of climate and soil until they Are Large enough to Frame a Constitution and then popular sovereignty can put in it what the people please. The difference Between the congressional prohibition of the republicans and the territorial prohibition is against the South in the latter. Squatter sovereignty says Congress shall not prohibit but the moment a citizen gets there with his slaves the Terri ton May take them Wavay which is the most honest Avrich is the fairer Quot to the southerner let any of you put the to himself. Transport yourself to Georgia and income the owner of a Hundred slaves. You desire to go to Kansas or Nav Mexico Avith your slaves. You a ish to Noav Arhat your rights Avill be you come to the North and ask the Republican party what they Are going to do. We Are going to pass a lava prohibiting you from going there Avith your slaves at Quot Well i under tand Yogi go to the squat a sovereignty parly and ask them what equal rights they intend to Pennis you to have. Quot Congress shall let you go into the territory with Jour slave Jiro Perty Quot is the answer. Quot and what will you do a Ith to Ashen 1 get there Quot we Avill extinguish All the slaveholders and steal your negroes the moment iou get there Quot do you not say Quot i would rather ave a Law that does t put me to the trouble of going there Avith my slaves than to have the pretended right to take them there at my expense to be stolen Quot such a course As this would be dishonest to the Sou. Do you wonder that the South will not endure it ? not one of you would submit to it if placed in their a it Kiriou. Therefore we say that the Only fair and

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