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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - November 3, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana La i i la ithe . The a Jetos and Etta Littrol. I India Polis ind., 8at�iji>ay, Wpm in ibid the pit a line a tjards. Is t i a a a at India Tafoi is iwo Awa by pc iss a vet ti.00� a a min Fier a a of a a a i a a to la a elect la a. In Advance in All cases. Advertisement inserted at the anal rates. From the Boston Post the battled a Ballad. By Caxton. The time. Twas a Munung in november when leaves began to fall and the add North wind was blowing and a Frost shone on the Wall when the skies were draped in mourning and the tineral of the year swept by in yellow wardrobe. O or the landscape Brown and Sere that embattled hos s were forming in Many a Gallant band on Prairie Plain and Mountain throughout this mighty land. The Catherino. Overhead a thousand banners like my Teri s were unfurled. Underfoot ten thousand columns like an earthquake Shook the world. To cohorts from Penobscot rally Neath your Mountain Pine to squadrons from mount Holyoke form firm your bristling line be hero sons of Bunker buckle on your Armor Bright and you be Brave Green Mountain boys lock Phalanx for the fight. The foe. Afar like rumbling thundere. When the storm King mounts his throne i hear the tramp of millions and i to Emble at the tone. The firm ground reels beneath them. Before them lightnings Fly above them float Bright banners. As stars float in the sky they come they come new England prepare to meet the Shock Rise like your Stormy Waters stand like your Granite Rock the Challenge. Up streams the Yankee Pennon and upon its Cotton fold i read Huzzah for i Lincoln Huzzah for Hamlin bold up with Quot amalgamation Quot off with the Quot afric a Quot Chain Huzzah for Quot Hinton Helper Quot Down 1 with the Quot Southron s Quot reign revenge for Quot bleeding Kansas Quot revenge for Quot Tom Quot and Quot dred Quot revenge for John Brown s Quot murder Quot revenge for Sumner a head Quot the charge. A a a shout defiant Cleaves the Welkin to its dome and rings like Casar s watchword rang in the i Anks of Rome on came the armed millions and As on the austrian line Macdonald charged at Wagram and Napoleon at the Rhine a so charged the Southern legion so charged the Western band to shield our glorious Union and save our native land the Victory. Up with the grand old Banner up with the gift of Mars its stripes were born for Freedom and glory gave it stars shall your columns Ever falter shall your Standard Ever Trail on Patriot battalions. Be can die but cannot Quail Kentucky s Young Grey Eagle now grasps the glittering Flag and plants its folds in Triumph High on his Mountain crag the rout. Huzzah for John c. Breckinridge Huzzah for Joseph Lane disunion s hosts lie bleeding abolition s Crew is slain Black Douglass flies a fugitive upon a foreign Shore White Douglas hurls his edicts from his squatter throne no More a Quot Dame Greeley Quot leaves the tribune., Quot Abe Quot splits rails with a knife Fremont seeks Mariposa and Bill Seward private life finale. Huzzah for common heritage Huzzah for equal right Huzzah for this Broad Union and its starry Pennon Bright Down with the hands that falter in the Battle of the by ave for traitors Rig a Halter for cowards dig a grave up with the Pat not s Banner up with the Flag of Mars scarred by the stripes of Union and lit with Freedom s stars the value Power and influence of Cotton. The world is a Semi religious anti slavery paper published in this City whose conductors to Laim to be above the Ordinary prejudices and Partiali ties of mortals and hence perfectly impartial in their opinions and expressions. Now with All due respect we do not doubt that the editors of the world Are just like Ordinary men. They have opinions in religion in politics &c., which Ali their affectation of neutrality or impartiality cannot hide. Whatever they May know of some Dei artents of human inquiry they seem to be profoundly ignorant of the fun Clamenta principles of pub can government As Well As the details of political econ it my. We give the following As a san of tie Gravity with which Liis journal takes upon self the solemn duty of enlightening the Public. It save a Quot the South annually grows seventeen or eighteen Hundred million pounds of Cotton More or less and something like to thirds of this goes abroad and. Forms a very material portion of our Export Cotton is a great thing for us. Nobody doubts but Cotton is not King. It has no Power which is not also possessed by our other great agricultural Staples. What title has it to supremacy ? certainly not its Superior pecuniary value. The annual Cotton crop of the country is Worth but a Hundred minion of Dolu Wule the Indian com crop is Worth some Turee undid my Lions oklred an Fla ill the wheat crop a bad red Mill Ems. Com Tim instead occupying the first pm in recipe it to Intai disc Iliae really occupies the third a Wurth. Moreover the value of the annual increase of live Stock in the coun try is More to la none third greater than that the annual Cotton crop. But the great Prete Onon that Cotton is entitled to be supreme has been drawn from Lapi the fact that it goes out Tif the country and enables is to i your Debu tet this is no tide to supremacy so far from this it is in fact no Peculiar credit. A ton goes abroad Forsooth but who enables it to go an. Who in fact enables it to live at All Cotton is dependent upon the North for support. It could not live a month without the Aid of the very agricultural Staples Over which it so foolishly claims prec Dence. Our Southern friends too generally talk As if the cultivation of Cotton were a self sustaining system independently remunerative. There could be no greater mistake. The Cotton growing states Are Able to raise Cotton for Export Only because the states North of them feed list. It says Quot Cotton has no Power which is not also possessed by our other agricultural now Quot the Power Quot of an Rucle is its value and importance to the world. We will suppose for the Sake of illustration that our Grain crop was a failure. What would be the result Why we should Call upon Europe for our food As she sometimes Caus upon us. From the shores of the Caspian and the Black sea and the Baltic from France and other localities we could eke out an existence until Providence gave us the next season and vouchsafed us a fruitful Hai Vest. Such an event would affect no one. But ourselves except to make our foreign friends Richer and we poorer. Suppose the Cotton crop Cut oif. Would no one feel it but us ? would that to a gain to England to France to Russia ? does not even a child know that the loss of the Cotton crop for one a ear would Send Beggary and starvation to thousands interrupt the course of Trade bring Commerce to a stand still and produce general financial ruin has Cotton then no Quot Power Quot not possessed by any other agricultural Staple ? but further will this Learned political pundit Tell us what other agricultural Staple of importance possesses the Quot Power Quot of being rendered so much More valuable by manufacture As Cotton v How much can human ingenuity add to the value of Corn by manufacturing it ? How much to Hay ? the value of an article is not simply its first value but it exists in the nature of the article and its capacity for improvement. Raw Cotton at ten cents per Pound is manufactured and is Worth Twenty. But is that the end of it ? not at All. It is worn but not destroyed. Indeed it is Well nigh indestructible. After it has answered All the purposes of clothing it is still valuable. It is manufactured into paper and is again Worth its original Cost when it comes from the planter is there another such a Staple in existence ? Well what of Indian Corn and Hay ? in what consists their value ? Why they Are Bot ii principally useful for feeding horses and cattle during the six months of our nothem climate when they cannot get their own living on account of the i clemency of our Winters instead therefore of being properly Staples of value they Are so far As they Are applied to those purposes actually articles of taxation and expense does not this Learned political economist know the rudiments of the science of which he writes agricultural Staples Are of two kinds. First those which a people Are compelled to raise for their own support. Second those which they raise to sell. In some climates much More labor is required to produce articles for Home use than in others. The entire Hay crop of the North is a tax and expense to the North and to no extent a source of wealth. It is Only an ignoramus like Helper or the editor of the worlds who Don t know better. Ask a practical Farmer at the North How much he could spare did not the climate require him to gather Hay &c., to feed his Stock for six months and he can soon Tell you. But to bring the Case Down plainer. A cow that it takes $20 a Orth of Hay to Winter in Maine in Alabama would Cost about $2 is not that Plain enough what a Genius it must be who compares Cotton with Hay and who talks about Cotton having no Quot Power Quot not possessed by other agricultural Staples but there is another Quot Power Quot which Cotton has to which we will allude Quot by briefly and which even the astute world editor we Are sure will allow does not belong to Indian Corn or Hay before Cotton came into use the clothing of the world was Linen and Woollen. Tivey were dear and the poorer classes of e were rudely and imperfectly Clad. Besides Ith articles were not Avell adapted to the human system. Linen particularly which was generally used for underclothing was very objectionable and positively unhealthy. Its texture was too firm to admit of an unrestrained flow of perspiration from the skin so essential to health while it was cold to the Sld and a rapid conductor of heat. Woollen was the exact Revei be of this the opposite extreme. Cotton furnished the medium and has in a single article of dross More advanced the White race in the scale of civilization than any one other cause. It has likewise improved the health of the masses of the people and prolonged life As the tables of mortality will show. Will the world be kind enough to Tell what other agricultural Staple has exerted this Quot Power Quot but the world is no better off in its statements than its arguments. It says that Quot the annual Cotton crop of the country is Worth but a Hundred million of now if he had looked at the last reports of the Treasury department it would have been seen that the value of the Export of Cotton from this country for the ear ending june 30th, 1860, to say nothing of the amount manufactured at Home was s191,-800,555. We have not the figures before us of the value of the Cotton used Here but it cannot be less than $60,000,000, thus making a total crop Worth Ai least �250,000,000 in round numbers. We have not space to notice the further inaccuracies of the world at length. But we ask is it no title to Quot supremacy Quot when a Staple furnishes almost the entire foundation of a nation s Commerce if a nation could produce no article the world wanted How would they have a Commerce suppose All our states could produce no articles beyond those i raised in Nova Scotia or new Brunswick How would we Ever become a commercial nation who would care about us if we produced nothing that the world needed it is Cotton and Cotton almost exclusively that has Given us our Quot supremacy Quot As a nation and it is Only a perversion of terms to state the contrary. That the North enables the South to raise Cotton would be amusing if it were not ridiculous. The simple truth is that different climates produce different Staples and therein lies the secret of commence. The Softli finds Cotton its most profitable crop and hence devotes its labor principally to that but it could raise nearly All the articles the North does if need be and that too without seriously affecting its present productions. Indeed the Southern states now raise More Indian com than the nothem ones As will be seen by the census returns. But there is a reciprocity of course Between the productions of the temperate and tropical latitudes Quot nature so intended it and to show which is More dependent upon the other it is Only necessary to refer to Hayti and Jamaica. Does the North enable these two islands to raise Cotton and sugar f the North is Able to feed them we Piave plenty of Corn and wheat to spare but of what Avail is it Why they Are gradually sinking year Afler year out of sight commercially. We May stand ready to feed the South and the islands of the seat without a system of labor that can noels the negro to be a productive animal All Pur Fields of com and wheat and ire Are useless. If negro servitude end to Day in the West India islands Central America and Mexico it would be Safe to say that wheat and com and Bacon would be Worth at least one third More and this City already great and powerful in Commerce and wealth would be infinitely greater and would stretch upwards towards 3ariein, until the Central Park would be what its name imports in the a enter of the greatest Emporium Liat the world Ever new by even the wildest imagination a ver a natured of Imperial Power and luxury it in race Joama As the tort i and Raeh sentiments As they preach which retard the great and mighty Desti i n by of this Western March of hot which Des Pite the Ignot Bice or some4mdtii Many u destined to go on in its Tri Ufim career of too. In Eric to fori Fay a. From the Cincinnati pm drier to the adopted citizens of the United states. Fellow citize�s8 the time approaches and is now at hand when it Nam Yoa to exercise one of the Dearest rights Wahidi it is the Boon of freemen to enjoy a right which mail distinguishes the j Home of your adoption from All other countries a j right which Renden our hippy America the cherished Home of the free and the As inn of the oppressed of i every nation and Creed a it the proper exercise of which is our Only Safe and sure Giu Rantee for the maintenance and perpetuity of these institutions from j which flow our unparalleled Prosperity As a nation and you As the and ted sons of a great and glorious ancestry Are enticed to a Pai spation in Ali the by i a nos privileges and immunities of this great inherit-1 Ance and to your hands in common Wiki tie native-1 Bora citizens the moulding of its future destinies has been entrusted. It is not our purpose to dictate to you upon the exercise of your Sim rages but As by an inter Liangco of opinions we Jane often enabled to arrive at conclusions Whicha Forai Date basis of our action we owe it a a duty to you to ourselves and to the country to Call your att i Tion to it few facts. Of the distinguished individuals whose names Are before you As candidates for the presidency it is evident that in All the states South of the Ohio River the contest is Between John c. Breckinridge and John Bell. We live no doubt that Many of you would prefer supporting or. Douglas to either of those gentlemen but you cannot be ignorant of the fact that it is impossible for or. Douglas to carry a single state South of the Ohio River and to cast your votes for him would be equal to voting against the democratic party and in favor of Bell and Everett. Eye vote that is cast for or. Douglas in the Southern states is lost to the democratic party and to that extent tends to promote the election of or. Bell. Now fellow citizens before you commit yourselves to the sup Rort of John Bell either directly or indirectly we wish to Call your special attention to some of the principles and the policy of the party with whom he is now acting. You will remember that in 1854, there was a new party organization donned who called themselves native americans whose principles were avowed hostility to foreigners making a religious test the basis of their Opi position to those ardent souls whose thirst for Liberty and admiration four institutions have brought them to our shores and the More effectually to carry out their determination to deprive the adopted citizen of those rights and privileges which our common Constitution confers upon him and which of All others he should prize most dearly they organized themselves under an oath of secrecy and took upon themselves tie odious Cognomen of know nothings. You Avill remember that in 1855 and 1856, the same party of native americans or know nothings stood at the polls in the principal towns and cities of the country and attempted by brute Force to deprive you of your right of suffrage and to degrade you to a common level it Vith slaves. And you will remember also How the streets of those towns and cities were Crim soned with the blood and strewed with the dead bodies of your Brothers and friends who were butchered and mangled by the rabble of this know nothing party. And now fellow citizens it is right that you should know that this native american or know nothing party is party who Are calling themselves the Union party at whose head stands John Bell of Tennessee who in a speech at Knoxville in his own state in 1855, endorsed the murder of your friends and fellow citizens in the following language to wit Quot the fears of the timid have been appealed to by the assail its of the american party and their co operation invoked in putting it Down on the alleged ground that its policy in regard to foreigners tends to provoke riot and bloodshed. It is said that this new party has been stained with Bood in its very birth and that from this we May augur a bloody yes blood has been shed and it May foreshadow a bloody future. I will not Stop to incl Ira who provoked the shedding of blood in Louisville and other places but this i will say that whatever party May have Given the provocation it is better that a Little blood should Sprinkle the pavement and sidewalks of our cities now than that their streets should be drenched with blood hereafter or that the highways and open Fields of our country should drink up the blood of its citizens slain in deadly combat Between armed bands a it May be Between disciplined legions native americans on the one Side and Che signers supporting native faction lists on the other. Quot and this will be our future unless now and before it is too late we erect sufficient barriers to attest the torrent of aliens and pauper which threatens in a few years More to flood the whole or. Bell also said in his Knoxville speech and which he has never retracted Quot if the american party shall succeed in cutting off the perennial Supply of fresh recruits to tie democratic Standard derived from the annual influx of the half million of foreigners or More the democratic leaders May still find that they will have to fight their future Battles with diminished chances of Success. But whatever alliances the dem crafts May form with foreigners and roman catholics however the leaders May fret and rage with whatever obstinacy of up ipos they May seek to resist or crush the american party they will fail to defeat the great end and fundamental policy of that it is respectfully asked if this doctrine is the accepted doctrine of our free bom citizens native or adopted Catholic or protestant does it not show the time server the accommodating politician who living thought he had ascertained the ii rent aimed to swim with it ? such was John Bell in 1855, and such he is to Day Honing to succeed on the general and unmeaning declaration of sustaining Quot the Union the Constitution and the enforcement of the negro race. There Are certain great facts in reference to the negro race from which there is no rational or logical escape. A morbid philanthropy May attempt to Pervert them but they stand out so clearly and distinctly on the records of science and histor that a sensible and unprejudiced Man cannot deny them. He Wiio has studied the difference Between the natural races and famines of men knows that a Superior and inferior race cannot continue to occupy the same territory on terms of dec Quality. Either the inferior race will be enslaved and in that condition increase and multiply if treated with reasonable kindness or in the attempt to compete with the Superior race be ultimately wiped out of existence by their greater skill and strength. We use the words race of men in a strictly ethic graphical sense and mean that sort of a superiority of race which the circassian and Anglo saxons Manifest Over the Indian negro malay and mongolian races. We do not Reco ize in the Norman and the Saxon the Gaul and the Oriental the Celt and russian any Pontiac or absolute superiority of race As compared with each other for nature has marked no great or controlling differences in their physical and mental St Mcture. But we can define by Means of physio local and anatomical science the difference Between the White Man and the negro or the Indian and we know also that neither the Indian or the free negro can contend Success Ouy against the White Man when they occupy the same soil and compete with each other. All history proves that the inferior race in order to survive tie arg reasons and greater activity and Energy of the Superior Nee must be bront to a condition of servitude serfdom or slavery. A theft pm mlle or not in in Motil mme a ilk the belief of a i to trunk they Are guided the purest b Hrit d Philant Lirot and yet Uliey Are founded upon Fik to Winch Are Iasi ignitable. And there is another Naturel Law which i applies to to life Rae particularly to the negro and it Eli to some who fear to meet tie truth Fitce to Fitce. Next ties and Whites Cimeot be Tate a new race the bus Are driers against such unnatural experiments mid we have the direct testimony of acute and honest Tia Tellen in Central America and the West indies that the Mongrel or hybrid races Are inca Able of Pei tufting themselves Ami have greatly deteriorated m mind and Boily anything then like equal Wocial relations Between the two races is phys i ally impossible. We do not make these incontestable statements from any dislike to the negro or from any Partiali ties for the institution of slavery. But in these Davs when distinguished statesmen and Public Joumas repro sent ii a powerful and vigorous party Are constantly teaching the people theories which inculcate violent and hostile opposition to an institution recognized by the Constitution and by the framers and fathers of this Republic and Promise in substance that an Quot irrepressible conflict Quot is to result in the overwhelming humiliation and decadence of the South it is time to grapple the question boldly and not to Dodge the pending issues or to mince matters too much or to confess that there is but one Side to this irritating and dangerous slavery . There arc four million reasons in the South Clad in flesh and blood against the wild political Cim Sade now going Forward and which becomes More obstinate and reckless As it advances. If history and science Tell the Ynith tie immediate or unprepared or Hasty Freedom of these slaves will produce their extermination a Conn pained by a train of events most Hon Ible to contemplate. And we advise also the professed philanthropist whose sympathies have got the better of his judgment to reflect upon the great barriers which have been placed by nature Between the Whites and the Blacks and that whatever May be the ultimate destiny of the latter they Are infinitely better off than if they had been bom and bred in their native land. The records of travellers in Africa Tell a sad but True tale of the negro race As it appears at Home and especially in Eastern Africa. The native african is an habitual drunkard a thief a liar revengeful licentious grovelling in his habits almost destitute of natural affection a progressive in character and in religion a devotee of the obs�2ene mysteries of fetishism. More Over the great bulk of the population is made up of masters and slaves. Indeed slavery is almost Universal. The principal occupation of the africans and the real object of almost All their wars is the kidnapping of slaves while the treatment and condition of the negroes in our South is Benevolence itself compared with the cruel system which prevails in Africa. This is the picture drawn of the native african by disinterested and reliable travellers and a More disagreeable one is not to be found in the history of barbarians. In truth the negroes held in slavery in the United states Are much better off physically and morally than their ignorant and degraded Brothers of Africa. Every body knows this and believes in his heart that the condition prospects and character of the negro improve under the refining influences of civilized life. We May safely say also that scarcely a fraction of the people of the United states Are in favor of now freeing the slave. Why then in the face of the Well authenticated facts we have stated do the abolitionists fanatics and Many leaders of the Republican party persist in their wild and reckless theories whose development is dragging the Union to the verge of the precipice to raise up the i eat african race from serfdom to a condition of advancement and civilization or to place them in a position where every favor and Liberty and rih social and political shall be allowed them just As it is allowed to the Whites is a probability of which we May dream for coming Ages. But in the present posture of affairs and with our present knowledge of the insurmountable difficulties in the Way of such an event we know ii St of All that Only those who on slaves can abolish slavery and then that every imprudent or concealed or violent opposition on the part of North pm men does More injury than Good and impedes the advancement of genuine of com Lincoln an abolitionist the truth from his own lips. From the new York express we hear a great Deal about Lincoln s Quot conservatism Quot and Atout his determination not to interfere with slavery in the states if elected but All that kind of talk comes from such journals As the commercial advertiser and other Republican of Gans whose role it is to play the Quot conservative Quot tune in the great com Mereial cities where abolitionism is most at a discount. If anybody desires to know what or. Lincoln s views really Are the better Way is to hear what he has to say himself. Well then on a certain memorable occasion the Ohio negroes saw fit to compliment governor Chase Avith a Silver Pitcher As a testimony of their esteem for one who had so much affection for them. The ceremony took place at Cin Climati and or. Abraham Lincoln was present. Lii the course of an address to the negroes or. Lincoln expressed the conviction that All the individuals of that Clas that is the negro class Are members of the Community and in virtue of their manhood entitled to every original right enjoyed by any other member. He then went on to say Quot we feel therefore that All Legal distinction Between individuals of the same come Unity founded m any such circumstances As color origin and the like Are hostile to the Genius of our institutions and incompatible with the True theory of american Liberty. Slavery and oppression must cease or american Liberty must perish. A a i embrace with pleasure this Opportunity of declaring 7ny disapprobation of that clause of the Constitution which denies to a portion of the coloured people the right of suffrage. Quot True democracy makes no inquiry about the color of the skin or place of nativity or any other similar circumstance of condition. I regard therefore the exclusion of the coloured people As a body from the elective franchise As incompatible with Trae democratic but this is not All october 16, 1854, at Peoria we find or. Lincoln declaring a Quot that no Man is Good enough to govern another Man without the others consent. I say this is the leading principle the Sheet Anchor of american Repusic Anim. A a a the master not Only governs the slave without his consent but he governs him by a set of rules altogether different from those which he prescribes for himself. Allow All the vexed an equal voice in the government and that and that Only is Howell s life of Lincoln Page 279. Next we find or. Lincoln on the 17th of july 1858, at Springfield iii., setting Forth his Quot Irr pres ble conflict Quot As follows Quot we Are now far into the fifth Vear since a policy was initiated with the avowed object and confident Jyh Mise of putting an end to slavery agitation. Under the operation of that policy that agitation has not Only not ceased but has constantly augmented. In my opinion it will not cease until a crisis shall have been reached and passed. A House divided against itself cannot stand i believe this Hemment cannot endure permanently half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be solved i do not expect the House Toful but Ido expect it will cease to be divided. It will Beo Mue All one thing or All the other. Either the opponent Oft Aery win arrest the further spread of ii there the Public mind shall rest in to the belief thai it is in Ike course of us image extinction or its advocates will push i Forward until it shall become alike lawful in All the states Das Welt a new. North a Well As . 47. Stid later in a Mech at Chicago july 10th, 1858, we find or. Line Oln Bechring. Quot if i were ii Congress and a vote should come on a question whether slavery should be prohibited in a new territory in spite of Ahe dred Scott decision i would vote that it enough enough to Simkiw Fiat Abraham Lincoln is at present just As much an abolitionist and Quot irrepressible conflict Quot Man As any it his followers. With such a Man at the head of the government it requires no great Effort of the imagination to realize the disasters Liat must ensue. The whole Power and patronage of the government would be directed into such cd Aniels and would be most Likely to Lead to interference with slavery in the states springing a a Urr Effion civil tear and disunion upon the country before we Are aware of Bell and the mexican War. The peo de cannot Liate Foi gotten the vehemence with which the mexican War was denounced especially by the abolitionists of the nth. One of their Send to or. Corwin encourage to the mexicans to meet our Soldier Quot with bloody lands and Welcome them to i hospitable Amo tuck of new Hani satire. In abolition frenzy said Quot i the same vote Liat declared the War unnecessary and unconstitutional Stai pc it to la nth by withholding Abraham Lincoln now the Black Republican c us dilate for president rising in his place in the House of representatives denounced it As a War in which the mexicans were in the right and the americans in the wrong declaring that the president Quot feels the blood of this War like the blood of Abel crying to heaven against where stood John Bell Side by Side with Lincoln Corwin and tuck in opposing the prosecution of the Wai and resisting the recommendation of the president for an increase of the Militar Foree. He voted with the abolitionists against the ten regiment Bill. He went further and in his Ajie ech defended the course of these men and counselled the president to withdraw the army. Here is his own language Quot i hold sir for one that gentlemen who believe this War to be unjust and iniquitous or whether just or unjust that the further prosecution of it is like to inflict upon the country greater evils than can be compensated by All the territorial acquisitions which the Coli age and resources of the country May achieve have a perfect Light to arraign the authors and advocates of it at the bar of Public opinion and to to want them by All the Means of speech writing a voting which the Constitution warrants. I hold sir that to deny them the exercise of this privilege by Law would be an act of despotism under Legal forms and to seek to forestall the exercise of this privilege by intimidation and the influence of official denunciation by Chaing those who Avail themselves of this privilege As the allies of the Public enemy and their auxiliaries in the War is an attempt at moral despotism tidy Tobe excused As an emanation of excessive and Over heated Zeal in which neither the judgment nor a per regard for the institutions of Freedom have Nad much to do. Quot but sir should the tone of Reino Strance a West this War Lise so High m this chamber As to penetrate every Vale i3� Mexico reverb eating among the mountains and Rouse the whole country to a spirit of resistance to the attempt to subdue them to our Dominion there Are those who believe that a greater calamity May befall this country in the further prosecution of the War than even such a result As that. Sir if any should now desire to know my poor j government you can. It to Ries of new Mexico and California get a cession of them if you cannot do that come rack to the Rio Grande to the Boundary Yon claim title to and thus save your Honor. Quot my advice is Stop the War flee the country As you would a City donned to destruction by fire fran heaven Quot it will thus be seen that or. Bell was unwilling that an outraged Public sentiment should shame into silence the moral treason of the Abe lined is to a co wins Amos tucks and others but that they should be permitted to go on in their a flirts to Quot thwart Quot the government in its prosecution of the War Quot by Ever Means of speech writing and voting Quot even Quot should the tone of remonstrance Rise so Lughas to penetrate every Vale in Mexico reverberate among her mountains and Rouse the wide population to a spirit of what matter it to him that americans were there in deadly conflict with the enemy of their Counti ? no blood of his coursed the veins of an american correspondence. Scott county. Georgetown ky., oct. 26, 1860. Messes. Editors the fires of the National democracy Are burning brightly in this Section. Yon May look out for a i xxx account from Oki Scott in november. Or. W. F. Sherrod of Indiana addressed a Laie and enthusiastic meeting at this place on last evening. His speech was a bold and eloquent exposition of the principles which Divide the parties of the country showing clearly that the contest is Between Breckinridge anti Lincoln. He exhibited the Little squatter in Liis True colors. He raid that Douglas afer traversing the country As a political mount Bank was forming coalitions not Only with the know nothings but wit i the Black republicans. After All this treason to the constitutional democracy he came to Indiana with a lie upon his lips. He said that or. Douglas had stated in Bis speech at , that Quot the Breckinrid party had entered into a bargain wit i the Black republicans to vote directly for the Lincoln candidates for state officers and that he did not question the Power of his friends to beat them no sooner had the result of the election been an noticed than the Hue and cry was raised by his minions that the Breckinridge party led by their distinguished senator the Hon. J. D. Bright had voted the straight out Republican ticket. He or. Sherrod it Rofes fed to know something of the action of the Breckinridge men in Indiana he therefore unequivocally pronounced the statement of or. I Glas As Well As that of his satellites to be a Wil tul and malicious lie. Desperate As was or. Douglas cause Lio Peless As was us political prospects and a statesman Uke a has been his course he was not prepared to see him and those whom he commanded descend to wilful misrepresentations in order to cover up from the Public gaze his own treachery and sinking tical fortunes. It would be impossible to do Justice to this speech in a communication. The doctor has consented to be with governor Powell at his appointments next week from which we shall expect to hear a Ood account. Lore . The Louisville journal in an article intended to depreciate col. Yancey As an orator inadvertently paid him a Vei High conic Imant. The editor said he was too much fatigued to write having stood on ins feet in a crowded House for three Long hours. Now if or. George d. Prentice would stand for three hours to listen to a speech every word of Wick wis Gall and Wormwood to him and his Friend who ate fighting against the democratic Pai it must have in such a speech As none but an extra i iyo Tor Cotile deliver. We saw or. Dott we a a w evenings ago disperse Twenty thousand peo Frile in thirty minutes and we have no Dovaht the edit prof a Rinir no would a in go i of time hav inked Hiat of from to Fittig i stand Ira to a in tier exhort Tion on the Quot for ply Dale Quot of Switter St. Louig Bulf Ifni

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