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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - July 26, 1860, Indianapolis, IndianaAthe old Gua Costi Tutrow the Union a cd the Equality of the states vol. Indianapolis Indiana thursday july 26,� old line guard. Is pijbi.ishe13 t n i Quot a k e Xii Toat i n dial Jafolis ii d i a n Aby r amp Harkness. T in ii tit amp anti Lazier the presidential election. In Advance in All cases. Advertisements inserted at the anal of Hon. J. P. Benjamin of . Velve Ltd in the exited states Senate May 22, 1860. Concluded now sir let it not be said that i am Reading Republican doctrines Here because these very a passages from the speeches of in. Lincoln were introduced As discoveries by the senator from Illinois these and the other passages in relation to the confusion Between a state and a territory. Alien the attorney general had replied to tiie Magazine article of the senator from Illinois a it yonder was issued called Quot the rejoinder of judge Douglas to judge Black Quot in which be says speaking of the Magazine article Quot in that article without assailing any one Quot a he never assails any one Quot in that article without assailing any one or impugning any Man s motives i demonstrated beyond the possibility of Cavil or dispute by any fair minded Man that if the proposition were True As contended by or. Buchanan that slavery exists in the territories by virtue of tie Constitution the conclusion is inevitable and irresistible that it is the imperative duty of Congress to pass All Laws necessary for its Protection that there is and can be no exception to the Rule that a right guarantied by the Constitution must be protected by Law in All cases Liere legislation is essential to its enjoyment that All who conscientiously believe that slavery exists in the territories Quot a senators listen to me now. The senator from Eli nois stood Here last week hour after hour and asked what was this new Issue which we were trying to Force on the party and whence its necessity. Why not stand said he on the platform of 1856 Why not take that Cincinnati platform which we agreed to in 1856 ? who is it he says that is forcing these new issues on the party i have tracked him through Illinois. What did he say in his defence of the Harper s Magazine article about the necessity of putting this very very Resolution in the platform he says he has demonstrated Quot that All who conscientiously believe that slavery exists in the territories by virtue of the Constitution Are bound by their consciences and their oaths of Fidelity to the Constitution to support a congressional slave code for the i deny that but i want to show his View of what our duty is Quot and that no consideration of political expediency can relieve an honest Man who so believes from the faithful and prompt performance of this imperative that is judge Douglas View of our position and yet hour after hour he stands up Here and attacks us for doing Liat which he says our oaths and our consciences impose upon us As a duty so imperative that it is impossible for us As honest men to avoid doing it. says further in tie same Quot rejoinder Quot Quot i also demonstrated in the same paper that the Constitution being uniform throughout the United states is the same in the states As in the territories is the same in Pennsylvania As in Kansas and consequently if slavery exists in Kansas by virtue of the Constitution of the United states it must of necessity exist in Pennsylvania by virtue of the same instrument and if it be t e duty of the Federal government to Force the people of the territory to sustain the institution of slavery whether they want it or not merely because it exists there by virtue of the Constitution it becomes the duty of the Federal government to do the same thing in All the states for the same reason. Quot this exposition of the question produced consternation and dismay in the Camp of my he just copied the arguments from or. Lincoln s dispute with him put them into the Harper s Magazine article and tells us that this exposition of his of the constitutional rights and duties of the states of this Union produced consternation and dismay amongst his assailants Why or. President what is there in this argument which the honorable senator from Illinois has copied from those republicans who again and again have attacked the decisions of the supreme court of the United states that under the doctrine of the dred Scott decision slavery exists As Well in the states As in the territories a sophist so Bald a proposition so destitute of a Shadow of foundation Liat it never was used by any Man who believed it but was put Forth to deceive those who could not understand the question. What is the decision of the supreme court of the United St Tes it is this plainly and simply Congress has jurisdiction Over and Power to govern the territories the Powers of Congress under the Constitution Are limited amongst the limitations is a prohibition to destroy and impair or confiscate the property of citizens Avit Hout due process of Law. Slaves Are property and therefore Congress has no Power to confiscate them to destroy them or to impair the right of property in them without due process of Law. That is what the supreme court says. What has that to do with a state ? does Congress legislate for a state does coi Ress govern a state is there anything in the Constitution of the United states prohibiting a state from doing As it pleases in its own legislation except a certain Quot clause in which the prohibitions Are plainly stated and which does not include the slavery question at All. There Are certain prohibitions on the states in the Constitution and amongst them Are emitting Bills of credit raising armies and navies levying taxes or duties on imports on expo its All these Aie prohibited to the states. Tie states Are not prohibited from legislating on slavery in their own limits but the supreme court of the United states bold that Congress is prohibited by the Constitution from doing so in the territories and yet the senator from Illinois repeats this absurd position that because Congress cannot destroy property in slaves in a territory therefore state constitutions cannot destroy it in the states it was or. President Well known to the senator from Illinois when he penned this article that there was nothing in it whatever. was driven to it. Every time he discusses the question if he holds to the principles he has promulgated in tie Senate and now adheres to before the nation be will be driven step by step Back and Back to the Black Republican Camp. Let him beware. Let him beware of the first step outside of the entrenchments of the Constitution. Let him beware lest he gets so far that return becomes Impo Nible. has already got to using their arguments to adopting their principles and after haunting Here that he is the embodiment of the democratic dirty and Oft Riog indulgence and Quarter to a4i democratic senators and All democratic states that disa be with him he joins in the cry that democratic sentiments truly expound Lead to disunion. Sir i have trespassed on the attention of the sen at rather Ngor than i intended. I so i be As Brief As possible for the remainder of the time i shall occupy. The senator from Illinois the other Day went further. has not Only evaded avoided and circumvented the South by the Nebraska Bill if indeed it be susceptible of the construction he gives it and confers on the people of the territories the right he now alleges but with All his promises the Cloven foot again Sticks out. warns us yes senators he warns us that if the Tennessee Resolution is adopted at Baltimore he will explain away that too. Nothing can bind him according to his present statements. Let me read this Tennessee Resolution and i will ask every Man within the sound of my voice whether it does not seem to be As Plain and Clear As the English language can make it ? pass it and he tells you it will not bind him. says it has a double construction and a double meaning. has prepared every body for a double meaning to it. asked the senator from Ohio to read it and Here it is Quot or. Pugh read As follows resolved that All citizens of the United states have an equal right to Settle with their property in the territories and that under the decision of the supreme court which we recognize As an exposition of the Constitution neither their rights of person or property can be destroyed or impaired by congressional or territorial i confess that i read it Over and Over and could not see a Loop to hang a doubt on. All the citizens of the United states have an equal right to Settle with their property in the territories and no territorial legislation can impair it. That is the Tennessee Resolution. What is the warning Given to us by the senator from Illinois. Here it is Quot we have had predictions that the party was to be re United by the adoption of that Resolution. The Only objection i have to it is that it is liable to two the Cincinnati platform that he warns us to stick to that of course is not ? of no but this will be liable to two constructions and i have puzzled my brain for an hour to get at that other construction. I will read what the senator said and Pui haps other senators May be More fortunate than i have been. I think i have got a glimpse. says it is liable to two constructions Quot and certainly and inevitably will receive two Dir Coly the opposite to each other and each will be maintained with equal we know what the South will maintain under that Resolution and who will main toxin any other construct Tion ? surely the senator from Illinois Means that he will because he knows he will not. We can see but one meaning and no Man imbued with Coustitu-1 tonal principles can discover but one and that is that a All citizens those who own slaves As Well As those who own horses have a right t go with their prop j erty into the Teri i tories have an equal right to go j there and that their property shall not be impaired. A but the senator from Illinois says there is another a construction that will be maintained and persistently maintained. And what is it ? he says 1 Quot the Resolution contains in my opinion two tru j isms and fairly considered no Man can question what is the fair consideration that he gives it ? Quot they Are ii St that every citizen Quot a not Quot All the the Resolution says All the citizens. says every citizen. But i will show you Why he says so Quot every citizen of the United states has an equal right in the territories that whatever right the citizen of one state has May be enjoyed by the citizens of All the see How he is changing it now Quot that whatever property the citizens of one state May carry there the citizens of All the states May and then they will go on with the old Republican objection that we Are All at perfect Liberty to go into the territories without our property that we Are All on an equal footing. The old Rej publican argument that was brought up Here in the discussions on the Kansas Nebraska Bill in 1854, the senator from Illinois tenders to us now for the canvass of 1860. will Tell us Quot you Are not excluded from the territory a Northern Man goes with his horses you May go with horses a Northern Man goes with a cow you May go with a cow a Northern Man does not go with a slave and you shall not go with a slave Quot and that is the Equality which he says it Means. The senator from Illinois is kind in warning us in Advance this time How this proposition May he got rid of. The South will be fools if they do not take advantage of the warning and see if something cannot be devised j which the astute and practice ingenuity of the senator from Illinois cannot get around if tie English language can hold him. Now he says Quot and on whatever terms the citizens of one state can hold it and have it protected the citizens of All the states can hold it and have it protected without deciding what the right is which stir remains for so that the Tennessee platform will leave us just where we Are now. Arhat is his objection to it Quot i want no double dealing or double that is his objection. wants things Clear Plain and straight and then when we ask that they shall a be put Down Clear Plain and straight he abuses us for making new tests in the party talks about assaults on him kept the Senate occupied for eight mortal hours whilst he was attacking every Man and every a state in the entire Union that would not support his pretensions for the presidency. Now Imp. President the people have at last come to this Point the democratic delegates from the South have come to this Point. I speak not of the delegates in either House of Congress. It is the fashion to speak of congressional dictation in a certain class of Public journals under the control of certain Public men and yet one would suppose that a seat in Congress Alfords at least some Prima Facie probability of the Possession of the Confidence of the constituency and that the unan Mous concurrence of opinion of the chosen representatives of the democracy both of states and constituencies is some Prima Facie proof of what democratic principles Are. But All that is nothing. In modern Slang this is a Yancey and caucus platform and we Are congressional d Eta tors. I therefore leaving out of View the opinions of members of Congress in both branches of t be general Assembly of the United states now say that it has been demonstrated by the delegates of the South sent by the state conventions from primary meetings that the time has come when All constitutional rights guarantied to us under the decision of the supreme court which was taken by the senator from Illinois and his co adj tors As the common arbiter of our dispute shall be acknowledged that All that we demand shall be put Down in the Bond that there shall be no longer a doubt in relation to it or. President when Mere private rights of property Are concerned when the question is who owns a farm or who owns a horse or who is entitled to Sloo it is an old aphorism of the Law Misera est Servtius Dubij saut vague aul Incer Lum est wretched and deplorable is the slavery Liere the Law which governs a Man s right is vague or Uncertain. And shall we we who represent democratic states and democratic constituencies be asked Why it is that we will not leave these rights on which they rest for their property which arc even vital to their existence open to doubt and denial ? shall we be asked Why it is that we demand that the Cli Arter of these rights be written nearly plainly beyond the possibility of doubt or mis construction ? of no says the senator from Illinois Quot in .1856 we were unanimous upon the Cincinnati platform i have Given it a construction and the Charleston convention has backed my construction and i am the democratic party Quot and it is his Toni Toction and the construction adopted by a minority at Charleston that he presents to us Here and asks us by what right we Call for something plainer or clearer As the charter of our constitutions privileges ? miserable and deplorable is the slavery where the Law governing the property of the individual is doubtful or Uncertain. This is or. Butler s language degrading and Disho Noring to a state is it when its Quot a found him opposed by a Verv Large majority of sovereignty cannot ask for an expression or a knowl tie democratic members of the House of re pre a Dement of its Sovereign rights in an Assembly of a a people of the South do not mean to be a put of this time with and Yague or doubtful const Nic a action. The senator from Illinois is opposed to double i a doubtless All wrong that this should be so yet meanings and double constructions he dislikes the j a it i have heard that the sweetest wine makes Tennessee platform on that ground. We share his a be surest Omegar but i never heard of Omegar sour dislike As Esi Afi aos a i of Ceria we will be taught by i enough to make Sweet wine. Cold apathy and him. We will ask that everything in our platform opposition Are not the hic Parent of votes. I be put Down plainly and clearly. I than All for a democratic candidate for or. President the honorable senator from Illinois the presidency that the clerk of the Republican in the plenitude of his p6wer, tells us that the demo House of representatives was openly quoted As saying cratic platform has been adopted and backs him. i the influential paper cont round by him would next tells us that it is glory enough for him to have either support Douglas or see Ard thus making him been supported by a majority of the delegates of the self apparently an unpleasant connecting link be democratic party at a convention and then with an j tween them. Allusion somewhat transparent to a course of pro Quot with these facts before me and impressing upon feeding by others which would be agreeable to him me the conviction that the non nation of judge Dou a he save that when others got a majority he sent word g As could not be made with any Hope of safety to the i to his friends to vote for them. does not say that democratic party what was i to do ? i will Tell you he thinks everybody ought to Send word to vote for that i did do and i am Afi Aid it was not what i ought i him but he leaves it to us if we Are generous or lib to have done. Yielding to your preference i voted i eral to draw our own conclusions. Now or. Presi seven times for judge Douglas although my judgment Dent i know what happened at that convention Only i told me that my votes were worse than useless As the from the Public records of the country and the report go a he a a appearance of strength in the convention i of its delegates. It is reported that As his highest which i Felt he had not in fact m the democratic i vote upon one or two ballots the honorable senator party democratic conventions Quot the committee further recommend Quot a the subject was not committed to them at ally Quot the committee further recommend that the rules and regulations adopted by the democratic conventions of 1852 and 1856 be adopted by this convention could be to injure the democratic candidate and his Success and then in speaking of that Bright Galaxy of democratic Talent democratic integrity and democratic statesmanship that i now see gathered and clustered around me the Central figure was the honoured portrait of the senator from Illinois. Sir it has been with reluctance and sorrow that i j for its government with this additional Rule that Jeave been obliged to Pluck Down my idol from his any state which has not provided or directed by its place on High and refuse to him any More support or state convention How its votes May be Given the con Confidence As a member of the party. I have done mention will recognize the right of each Delegate to to i Trust upon no Light or unworthy ground. I have cast his individual i not done so alone. The causes that have operated on As a certain gentleman was a candidate for the presidency heaven preserve the country from candidates for the presidency wherever the gentleman s friends were in the majority they had taken special Ine have operated on the democratic party of the United states and have operated an effect which the whole future life of the senator will be utterly unable to obliterate. It is impossible that Confidence thus feigned traverse that he makes in relation to matters that Are not now in contest Between him and the democratic party. The question is not what we All said or believed in 1840 or in 1856. How Idle was it to search ancient precedents and accumulate old quotations from what senators May have at Dit Lerent times pains by reorganization to get a Resolution passed j lost can be restored. On what ground has that con at the state conventions instructing the delegates to j Tidence been forfeited and Why is it that we now re vote As a unit and thus they fastened Down every fuse him our support and Fellowship ? i have stated Man in a minority in the United states and in spite our reason to Day. I have appealed to the of himself got his vote cast for the senator from Lulli j i have not followed him Back in the false Issue or the nois although he was opposed to him. But the con Dentious in other states leaving the democratic delegates to the instincts of their own judgment leaving in operation the time honoured traditions of the party not tying up their delegations by instructions left them to act As they might think proper and when they got to Charleston % forcing the votes of All the said in relation to their principles and views. The minorities that were against or. Douglas and freeing precise Point the direct arraignment the Plain and the hands of All the minorities that were in his favor explicit allegation made against the senator from Illi his friends had cast for him All the minorities both i nois is not touched by Hini in All of his speech those for him and those against him in All the United we accuse him for this to wit that having bar states. That is the Way he got one vote More than gained with us upon a Point upon which we were at half the convention. Now what i was looking for Issue that it should be considered a judicial Point was this the distinct statement of a Delegate from that he would abide the decision that he Woi ild act Massachusetts or. Butler that there were fifteen under the decision and consider it a doctrine of the steady persistent votes against the senator from Illinois from the state of Nev y Ork alone. I am telling you what or. Butler said. Or. Pugh i read his speech last night. I think he said twelve. Or. Benjamin i read it this morning it said fifteen. It May have changed since last night. Or. Pugh very Well fifteen delegates. Or. Benjamin he says there were fifteen delegates from new York alone who were steady persistent opponents of or. Douglas yet those votes were cast for him. There wis a minority in Indiana but those votes were cast for him. There were minorities in other states which i added up and instead of having a majority of the delegates of the democratic party throughout the United states in his favor or Douglas was in a lean minority of but one third of the delegates and that one third exclusively from Republican Stales. The whole democratic party of the United states As its democratic electoral votes will testify was opposed to him unanimously. Or. Butler says so. My Friend from Minnesota or. Have separated from him not because he held Princi Rice has just handed me the extract in the cons Titu i pies in 1856 different from ours. We have separated Tion of this morning and i will read not the whole of from him not because we Are intolerant of opposition it but portions of it and if i am wrong in my memory from anybody for the senator from Ohio or. Pugh As to fifteen i will give up. Is an honorable member of our organization. We or. Pugh i read it in the Herald last night. Separated from him because he has denied the bargain or. Benjamin in. Butler in giving an account to that he made when he went Home because after Tel-1 his constituents at a meeting called to censure him but which approved and endorsed him after he was through said Quot in new York there were fifteen votes opposed to judge Douglas from first to last yet her thirty five votes were cast for him on every ballot in Ohio six or. Pugh not one. Or. Benjamin Quot in Indiana five votes in Minnesota two votes party that having said that to us Here in the Senate be went Home and under the stress of a local election his Knees gave Way his whole Pei son trembled. His adversary stood upon principle and was beaten and to he is the candidate of a mighty party for the presidency of the United states. The senator from Illinois faltered. got the prize for which he faltered but to the grand prize of his ambition to Day slips from his grasp because of his faltering in his former contest and his Success in the canvass for the Senate purchased for an ignoble Price has Cost him the loss of the presidency of the uni Tecl states. Here were two men struggling before the people of a state on t a to great sides of a political controversy that was dividing the Union each Lor Empire at Home. One stood on principles was Defeated. To Day where stands he ? the other faltered received the prize but to Ilay where stands he ? not at the head of the democratic party of these United states. is i a fallen Star. We have separated from him. is right in saying we have separated from him. We Ling us Here in the Senate that he was willing that this whole matter should be decided by the supreme court in the face of his people he told them that he j had got us by the Bill and that whether the decision i was Lor us or against us the Jira tical effect was to be against us and because he shows us now again that i he is ready to make use of Black Republican argue j ments used against himself at Home and to put them Forth against the democratic party in speeches Here in the Senate. I now or. President this will be represented As an opposed to him yet by that Rule cast for him so that attack on the honorable senator from Illinois but i the majority was More apparent than real. I leave out the six votes from Ohio. The senator from Ohio who was a Delegate himself must certainly know better than the Delegate from Massachusetts finish my speech As he did his by saying Quot the senator will Bear me witness that i have not spoken on this subject until attacked All i have said is in self defence. I attack no Man and the world shall know if Ever i speak again it shall be in self defence and i abandon the Point to his Superior knowledge Lau Rater or. I resident the Best defence is to but Here without counting any More Fien m new carry the War into the enemy s country. I belong to York five in Indiana two in Minnesota make Twenty two. Take Twenty two from one Hundred and fifty two and there remain one Hundred and thirty without counting a solitary vote against him from the state of Ohio. But sir i will not enter into these minutiae which ought not to be entered into in the Senate and which i certainly never would have thought of speaking of but for one constant vaunt of the senator from Illinois that the majority was his and he was entitled to a nomination that the party had backed his principles and that we were All rebels against his High majesty. I should not have inquired into this matter but for Liat. And now what does this Delegate say As the sum total of what occurred ? he says Quot now with the South opposed to judge Douglas even to a Dis option of the party with every democratic free state voting against him with two thirds of the delegation of the great state of Pennsylvania firmly against him one half nearly of new York hostile new Jersey divided and the Only state in new England where the democracy can have much Hope Connecticut nearly equally balanced what was it the part of Wisdom for your Delegate to do Quot that is the question or. Butler presents to his constituency. What does he say ? Quot i found also that judge Douglass was in opposition to almost the entire democratic majority Iti the Senate of the United states. No matter who is right or who is wrong it is not a pleasant portion for a candidate of the socratic no school of politicians that stand on the defensive. If attacked i strike Back and Ever Liall. If the senator from Illinois wants the world to know that he spoke Only in sell defence let the same measure of Justice be meted out to me and in answer to any one who can by possibility consider what i have said As an attack i reply Quot self defence Quot laughter i wish my speech qualified just like that of the honorable senator from Illinois. If his is an attack mine is if his is Quot self defence Quot against some unknown person mine also is Quot self defence Quot against somebody that has attacked me and my state whose name i do not know. Laughter that is just my position i state it plainly i am sorry the senator is not Here to Wiear it stated. Breckinridge and Lane. Quot we believe that the people Are sharper than the politicians that the former understand the True position of thing and Are willing to act upon the question without regard to the leaders of either faction. The rapid spread of the Breckinridge movement in this state and the present attitude of Pennsylvania show very plainly that a Union conservative conciliatory spirit prevails in the great Center and that with per efforts a great Deal of strength outside of the democratic party May be Ned for the Breckinrid ticket. If the Union pea moving voters will drop Douglas Beu and Houston neither of whom can by any possibility be elected and turn their votes in to b. And l., no. 4. They will sweep the country and demolish the Black republicans As Samson did the philistines. Or. Breckinridge is the Only candidate except or. Lincoln who is sure of an electoral vote and the latter if beaten at All can Only be overthrown by the former. It is All very Well to write Ami speak against Lincoln and his supporters but it All avails nothing unless there is a United opposition to him. Or. Breckinridge gains strength at the North every Day. It is possible he May conquer Lincoln. It is not possible so far As we can see for any other candidate to do so. Therefore we advise the conservative masses of the North to unite and outvoted Lincoln at the polls combining to support the Only nominations Wlinich have touched the popular heart those of Breckinridge and a y. Herald. The nation Al democratic nominations. That is the gentleman who stands up Here and As the embodiment of the democratic party challenges i the entire body of his democratic fellow senators. J now or. President All that i have said has been from Illinois received one Hundred and fifty two and a half votes and i think that was the highest. Or. Pugh for several ballots seven or eight. In. Benjamin How did he get them ? was there one Hundred and fifty two delegates in the convention i said somewhat in indignation. It was not in human j of whom he was the Choice ? nature not to feel indignation at the charges so pro i or. Pugh certainly they expressed it by their Fuseley scattered against me and my friends and my vote. I state but still sir after All More in sorrow than in i or. Benjamin of that was part of the arrange anger up to the years 1857 and 1858, no Man Ini Munt by Wlinich those who were not candidates for tie this nation had a higher or More exalted opinion of presidency were caught but the truth of history will the character the services and the political integrity leak out in despite of those Little arrangements of the senator from Illinois than i had. I can Appeal laughter i had Here amongst my papers i think i to those who May have heard me in the last presiden the speech of a Delegate who explains this majority tial canvass in my state where for months together or. Pugh state the substance of it. If it was said Day and night i was travelling in support of the dem at Charleston i shall recollect it. Socratic party and helping As tar As my Humble Abili i or. Benjamin Well sir i will state the substance ties would Almit to break Down the now nothing of it. I cannot find the extract i had and i shall part Avrich had then a decided majority of the voters have to affix it to my speech. Gentlemen have of our state inscribed in its Lodge s. We succeeded doubtless seen it. Scarcely had the Charleston con i in the contest. The canvass was a successful one and a mention met and a committee been appointed on or it did so happen that in the course of that canvass i a animation when it reported an organization of presi had again and again to Appeal to my democratic Fel j dents vice presidents and secretaries and sprung this Low citizens of the state of Louisiana to stand by the Resolution on the convention instant term the Conven-1 Gallant democracy of the North who stood by us to Tion had i deviously adopted the rules of the previous frown Down this new organization whose Only effect j Hurrah por the Massachusetts democracy at a very full meeting of the Roxbury democratic City committee held on tuesday evening 3d instant at the democratic headquarter a a proposition to hold a Douglas ratification meeting was rejected by a vote of 11 against 5 in favor. It was then voted on motion of Charles Davis esq., by 10 yeas to 6 nays to endorse the nomination of Breckinridge and Lane they being the regular nominees of the National democratic Ohio. Our Flag is the past week the Stark county Democrat the old Organ of the Stern democracy of the Back Bone counties the Cadiz Sentinel so ably edited by Charles n. Allen late candidate of the democracy for superintendent of common schools the Steubenville Union and the Carroll Democrat four of the Ablest democratic sheets in the state have Raisel the Flag of Breckinridge and Lane and Are doing Battle with earnestness in favor of the Union and the Constitution by a vigorous support of the democratic nominees. The Democrat states that a mass meeting of democrats will be hell at Columbus Ohio at an Early Day to put a Breckinridge and Lane electoral ticket in the Field. The Breckinridge and Lane Denio it rats have a pointed a state Central it Vernul thin Socrat. The Cincinnati commercial says even in this county there Are As Many prominent old democratic leaders against Douglas As for him. The Dougl Sites held a ratification meeting at Mansfield a few Days since of which an Eye witness says the grand Douglas ratification meeting was a failure. There was a pitifully Small audience and a wonderful Lack of enthusiasm. The leaders of the party were not there. Where were judge Bartley Gen. Mclaughlin the old War horse or. Bushnell m. L. Jeffries esq., and Manuel May esq., &c., who have led the party in its contests for the last Twenty years ? Echo answers Quot going for Breckinridge and Pennsylvania. Oid democratic Berks and county in Pennsylvania has Long been the Gibraltar of the democracy in that state always giving from five to six thousand majority for the Quot regular democratic candidate Quot until the election of the late mayor Swartz the anti Lecompton and anti Buchanan candidate for Congress in that District. The Reading Gazette has been the English Organ of the democracy of that county As the Adler the Quot democratic Bible Quot has of the German democracy. But the Gazette has recently come out for Breckinridge and the Adler has declared its Detera ignation to pursue a Simi a course. The Gazette after reviewing the history of the Baltimore convention says that under these circumstances and in the exercise of the Liberty which they allow Quot we hoist the Flag of Breckinridge and Lane in preference to that of Douglas and Johnson in the firm belief that it is the most conservative and National of the two and that it is tie Choice of a Large majority of the democracy of Berks Breckinridge Jie eting in Hagers town my. There will be a mass meeting of the True friends of the Constitution and the integrity of the Union the friends of Breckinridge and Lane and democracy in Hagerstown to Morrow saturday evening july 7th, at 8 o clock in front of the court House. Rally friends of equal rights and equal Laws rally friends of the Union and the Constitution a Hager stoic Union. Large in Buffalo. Buffalo n. Y., monday july 9.�?there was a Large meeting Here to night of the friends of Breckinridge and Lane who Are making an extended organization for the Campaign in All the wants of the City resolving against All squatter sovereignty and All coalitions and Only in favor of a Union upon Princi Breckinridge in Illinois. The Illinois stale Democrat has the following item Quot the National democrats of Christian county have called a meeting for the purpose of inaugurating a Breckinridge and Lane club. Our friends in Griggs Ville have reared n pole 125 feet High and on the Flag at the m is head the names of Breckinridge and Lane proudly meet the Breckinridge in Neav Hampshire. Dover n. H., july 2, i860.�?on the reception of the nomination of or. Breckinridge the True and faithful exponents of democracy fired a Salute of thirty three guns in Honor of the Gallant son of Kentucky and they were rouses. The friends of or. Breckinridge May not be As numerous in our City and truly they Are not half As noisy and blustering As those of other candidates but they Are of pure Stock and True True to the Constitution and the Union and True to democratic principles and the i eat interests of the of the Boston Post. Hauled Down the squatter Flag. The Troy budget has lowered the Douglas Flag in Exchange for that of Breckinridge and Lane. The son of Henry Clay for Breckinridge. The Mountain Democrat of Richmond ky., brings to us an account of a Breckinridge and Lane meeting held there which that paper says was Quot was one of the Lai est and most enthusiastic Ever assembled in the assemblage was addressed by Hon Jas. B. Clay who announced his warm support of the platform and the candidates. The squatters lose another Man. Really we must put a Stop to this. The squatters not Content with appropriating the names of or. Fitz Patrick and other friends of Breckinridge Are borrowing from us on All sides. Such conduct is unpardonable. They must let our men alone so they Dougl Sites recently Appunn Ted at Washington a National executive Douglas committee. In the list of appointees we find the name of Henr c. Harris esq., of Covington by. In naming Liim the Short cutters counted without their Host As we Sec or. Harris made a powerful speech at a Breck in Ridget and Lane ratification meeting at Covington on Satui Day night last he is a True and sound Democrat Loyal to his Section and state and of course refuses to Consort with the Senu abolition Crew that support courier Judy 4th. New York papers for Breckinridge. The following list of new York papers supporting Breclin Rise and Lane we believe entirely acc rite Day Book n. Journal of Commerce n. To Buffalo Post Binghampton Democrat Putnam county courier Delaware be Pul an Hudson Gazette Dunkirk free press and Argus Genesee Democrat Batavia Schenectady news Albany evens Standard Brooklyn Eagle Troy budget and we belial a some others

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