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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - July 17, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana /. K i 1 la fold line guard. Vol Jln a a a he constr to ution the Union and the of the states India Zapolis ii dial a tuesday july 17, 1860. old Linb Tward. Is published t h. I it to 33 e3 Al Xii Toat 1 woman Al Olls ii Diana a by of Der pc Biak Kress. T e Emo until Afler the presidential election in Advance in All cases. Advertisements inserted at the usual rates. Acceptance of Hon. John c. Breckinridge. Come Between this party and the National democracy sustained by All the other conservative elements in the Union. I think it will be impossible for a candid mind to discover l Osti in to the Union or a taint of sectional ism in the resolutions adopted by the convention. The Constitution and the Union repose on the of the states which lies like a Broad foundation underneath our whole political Structure. As i construe them tie resolutions simply assert this . They demand nothing for any state or Section that is not cheerfully conceded to All the rest. It is Well to remember that the chief disorders which have afflicted our country h ave grown out of the violation of state and that As Long As this great principle has been respected we have been bless i de with Harmony and peace. Nor will it be easy to persuade the country that resolutions Are Sec i tonal which command the support of a majority of the states and Are approved by the Bone and democratic National convention Baltimore md., june 23, 1860. Sir a i am directed by vote of the democratic National convention to inform you that you Jjon. Of democracy and by a vast mass have been this Day unanimously nominated by it of conservative opinion every where with out reus tie candidate of the democratic party for the ,.j party. Or it i a a a a a .1 been necessary More than once in our office of president of Ilie United states and a their belial to request you to accept tie Nomina nation. I beg leave at the same time to enclose you a copy of the resolutions adopted by the convention As the political platform on which the party stands. I have the Honor to be. Very respectfully c. Gushing president. Washington cite july 6, 1060. Dear Sik 1 have your letter of the 23tl ult., by which 1 in officially informed of my nomination for the office of president f the United states by tiie democratic National convention lately assembled at Baltimore. Tie circumstances of this nomination will justify me in referring to its pers onal aspect. 1 have not sought nor desired to be placed before the country for the office of when my name was presented to the convention at Charleston it was a withdrawn by a Friend in obedience with my expressed wishes. My views had not Chan de when the convention o re assembled at Baltimore and when i heard of the differences which occurred there my indisposition to be connected prominently with the canvass was confirmed and expressed to Many friends. Without discussing the occurrences which proceeded the nominations and which Are or soon will be Well understood by the country i have Only to say that i approved As just and necessary to the preservation of the National organization and the sacred right of representation the action of the convention Over which you continued to preside and thus approving it and having resolved to sustain it 1 feel it does not become me to select the position i shall occupy nor to shrink from the responsibilities of the Post to which i live been assigned. Accordingly i accept the nomination from the sense of Public duty and As i think uninfluenced in any degree by the allurements of ambition. I Avail myself of this occasion to say that the Confidence in my personal and Public character impelled by the action of the convention will always be gratefully remembered and it is but just also to my own feelings to express my gratification at the association of my name with that of my Friend general Lane a Patriot and a Soldier whose great services in the Field and in Council entitle him to the gratitude and Confidence of his countrymen. The resolutions adopted by the convention have my cordial approval. They Are just to All parts of the Union to All our citizens native and naturalized and they form a Noble policy for any administration. The questions touching the rights of persons and property which have of late been much discussed Rind in these resolutions a constitutional solution. Our Union is a confederacy of equal Sovereign states for the purposes enumerated in the Federal Constitution. Whatever the common government holds in Trust for All he states must be enjoyed equally by each. It controls the territories in Trust for All the states. Nothing less than sovereignty can destroy or impair the rights of persons or property. The territorial governments Are subordinate and temporary and not Sovereign hence they cannot destroy or impair the rights of persons or property. While they continue to be territories they Are under the control of confess but the Constitution nowhere confers on May Branch of the Federal government the Power to discriminate against the rights of the states or the property of their citizens in the territories. It follows Liat the citizens of All the Stales May enter the territories of the Union with their property of whatever kind and enjoy it during the territorial condition without let or hindrance either by Congress or by the subordinate territorial governments. These principles flow direct from the absence of sovereignty in the territorial governments and from the of the states. Indeed they Are essential to that , which is and Ever has been the vital principle of our constitutional Union. They have been settled legislatively settled judicially and Are sustained by right reason. They rest on the Rock of the constitutions they will preserve the Union. It is Idle to attempt to smother these great issues or to misrepresent them by the use of partisan phrases which Are misleading and delusive. The people will look beneath such expressions As Quot intervention Quot Quot congressional slave code Quot d the like and will penetrate to tiie real ques it is involved. The friends of constitutional do not and never did demand a Quot congressional slave code Quot nor any other code in regard to property in the territories. They hold in doctrine of non intervention by Congress or by a territorial legislature either to establish or prohibit slavery but they assert fortified by the highest judicial tribunal in the Union the Plain duty of the Federal government in All its de air tents to secure when necessary to the Cit it ens of All the stated the enjoyment of All their property in the common territories As every Here else within its jurisdiction. The Only log Al answer to this would seem to be to claim Sovereign Power for the territories or to deny that history to pause and solemnly assert the True character of this government a memorable instance occurred in the Struzr Quot in which ended in the of civil revolution of 1800. The republicans of Itiat Day like the democracy of this were stigmatized As Dis unionists but the nobly conducted the contest under the Constitution and saved our political system. By a like constitutional struggle it is intended to As Cert and establish the of the states As the Only basis of Union and peace. When this object so National so constitutional so just shall be accomplished the last Cloud will disappear from the american sky and with common lands and hearts the states and the people will unite to develop the resources of the Liole country to bind it together with the Bonds of Intercourse and brotherhood and to impel it Onward in its great career. The Constitution and the equal y of the states these Are symbols of everlasting Union. Let these be the rallying cries of the people. I Trust that this canvass will be conducted without rancor and that temperate arguments will take the place of hot words and passionate accusations. Above All i venture humbly to Hope that divine Providence to whom we owe our origin our growth and All our Prosperity will continue to protect our beloved country against All Dan Iier fore iii and Domestic. O of 1 am with great respect your Friend John c. Breckinridge. The Hon. C. Cushing. President of the democratic National convention. General Lane s letter of acceptance. Baltimore june 23. To Hon Joe Lane i am directed by a vote of the National democratic convention to inform you that you have been this Day nominated by it As the candidate of the democratic parly for the office of vice president of the United Stales and in their behalf to request you to accept the same. 1 beg leave at the same time to enclose to you a copy of the resolutions adopted by the convention As the political platform on which the party stands. 1 have the Lionor to be very respectfully signed c. Cushing pres t. Washington saturday june 30. Loii. Caleb Cushing president i have the Honor to acknowledge the receipt of the communication you make in behalf of the democratic National convention at which you inform me that on the 23d, i was unanimously nominated by that body for the office of vice president of the United states with the request that i should accept the Noni nation. Tie platform adopted of which you enclose me a copy meets my Hearty approval and it embraces what 1 have been contending for As the Only Means of stopping sectional agitation by securing to All and constitutional Rig its the denial of which has led to the present unhappy condition of Public affairs. Compromises of constitutional principles Are very dangerous and i am rejoiced that the True democracy have seen fit to Plant a firm foot on the Rock of truth and to give the people an Opportunity to vindicate their love of Justice and fru Ternai regard for each others rights. Non intervention on the subject of slavery i maj emphatically say is the Cardinal Maxim of the democracy. Non intervention by Congress and non intervention by territorial Legislatures is fully stated by the first Resolution of the adopted platform. In vain would we declare the former without inserting it upon the latter because to permit territorial Legislatures to prohibit such slavery or by informal legislation to invalidate property would be granting Powers to the creature or agent which it is admitted do not Appertain to the principle or Power that must necessarily extend to Congress and to the people of All the states. The right of every citizen to enter the common territory with whatever property he legally possesses necessarily devolves upon the Federal government the duly to protect the right of this citizen whenever and flier Ever assailed or infringed. The democratic party Leonestly meet this agitating question which i is threatening to sever and destroy this broiler Hood of states. It does not propose to legislate for the Exten Sion of slavery nor for the restriction but to give to each stale and every citizen All that our forefathers proposed viz., perfect of rights and then commit to the people the determinations As to what kind of institutions but fitted their requirements in their constitutional limits and declaring As a fundamental Maxim that the people of a territory can establish or prohibit slavery when they come to form a Constitution preparatory to their admission As a state into the Union. If happily our principles shall prevail an Era of peace and Harmony will be restored to our distracted country and no More shall we be troubled with the agitation of this dangerous question because it will be removed from the territories and the Constitution Recognises property in the ser Legislatures As Well As from the Halls of con Wes of negro slaves or to deny that such proper Giess. We shall be free to turn our attention to in can useful issues the motive of growth and inexorable logic which its steady Way a a Quot of Quot a greatness. Our Union must be preserve through Clouds and passion compels the country a maintaining the to meet the Issue. There is no evasive Middle Constitution violate in All its provisions and ground. Already the signs multiply of a fanatical and growing party which denies that under the Constitution or by any other Law slave property can exist and ultimately the struggle must the judicial authority As provided by the Constitution must be maintained and its decision implicitly obeyed As Well in regard to the rights of property in the territory As in All other matters. Hoping for Success and trusting in the truth and Justice of the principles of our party and in that divine Providence that has watched Over us and made us one of the greatest nations of the Earth and that we May continue to Merit divine Protection i cheerfully accept the nomination so unanimously conferred on me and cordially endorse the platform adopted by the convention. I have the Honor to be sir with much respect your Friend and obedient servant signed Joseph Lane. President Buchanan s speech. The Breckinridge and Lane ratification meeting held at Washington on monday evening the 9th inst., having adjourned to the executive mansion and paid their respects to the chief magistrate or. Buchanan appeared and spoke As follows friends and fellow citizens i thank you from my heart for this visit. I cordially congratulate you on the preference which you have expressed for maj. Breckinridge and Gen. Lane As candidates for the presidency and vice presidency of Quot the United states Over All competitors. Applause they Are men whose names Are known to the country they need no Eulogy from me. They have served their country in peace and in War. They Are statesmen As Well As soldiers and in the Day and hour of danger they will Ever be at their Post. They Are conservative men and in the course of to Weir administration they will be equally just to the North and to the South to the East and to the West. Applause above All and first of All they Are friends of the Constitution and of the Union cheers and they will stand by them to the death. Renewed cheers but we ought not to forget that they Are also friends to the of the Sovereign states of this Union in the common territories of the country. Cries of Quot they will maintain t i. Principle which should receive the cordial approbation of us All. Eiju Al Ity is equity. Every citizen of the United states is equal before the Constitution and the Laws and Why should not the of the Sovereign states composing this Union be held in like reverence this is Good democratic doctrine. Liberty and Are the Birthright of every american citizen and just As certainly As the Day succeeds the night so certain will this principle of democratic Justice eventually prevail Over All opposition cheers but before i speak further upon this subject and i shall not detain you ver long�?1 wish to remove one stumbling Block out of the Way. I have Ever been the Frie tid of regular nominations. I have never struck a political ticket in my life. Now was there anything done at Baltimore to bind the political conscience of any sound Democrat or to prevent him from supporting Breckinridge and Lane Quot no i was contemporary with the abandonment of the old congressional convention or caucus. This occurred a Long time ago very few if any of you remember it. Under the old congressional convention system no person was admitted to a Seal except the democratic members of the Senate and House of representatives. Titis Rule rendered it absolutely certain that he nominee whoever he might be would be sustained at the election by the democratic states of the Union. By this Means it was rendered impossible that those slates which could not give an electoral vote for the candidate when nominated should control the nomination and dictate to the democratic states who should be their nominee. This system was abandoned whether wisely or not i shall express no opinion. The National convention was substituted in its Stead. All the states whether democratic or not were equally to Send delegates to this convention according to the number of their senators or representatives in Congress. A difficulty at once arose which never could have Arisen under the congressional convention system. If a Bare majority of the National convention thus composed could nominate a candidate he might be nominated mainly by the anti democratic states against the will of a Lanfre a o o Jority of the democratic states. Thus the nominating Power would be separated from the elect ing Power which would not fail to be destructive to the strength and Harmony of the democratic party. To obviate this serious diff Cury in the organization of a National convention and at the same time to leave Al the states their full vote the two thirds Rule it adopted. It was believed that under this Rule no candidate would Ever be nominated without embracing within the two thirds the votes of a decided majority of the democratic states. This was the substitute adopted to retain at least in a great degree the Power to the democratic states which they would have lost by abandoning the congressional convention system. This Rule was a main pillar in the edifice of National conventions. Remove it and the whole must become a ruin. This sustaining pillar was broken to pieces at Baltimore by the convention which nominated or. Douglas. After this the body was no longer a National convention and no Democrat Lio Wever devoted to regular nominations was bound to give the nominee his support he was left free to act according to the dictates of his own judgment and conscience. And hence in passing i May observe the Wisdom of the two thirds Rule is justified by the events passing around us. Had it been faithfully observed no candidate could have been nominated the will and wishes of almost every certain democratic state in the Union against nearly All the democratic senators and More than three fourths of the democratic representatives in Congress. Cheers i purposely avoid entering upon any discussion respecting the exclusion from the convention of regularly elected delegates from diff Erent democratic states. If the convention which nominated or. Douglas was not a regular democratic convention it must be confessed that or. Breckinridge is in the same condition in that respect. The convention that nominated him although it was composed of nearly All the certain democratic states did not contain the two thirds and therefore every Democrat is at perfect Liberty to vote As he thinks proper without running counter to any regular nomination of the party. Applause and cries of Quot three cheers for Breckinridge and holding this position i shall present some of the reasons Why i prefer or. Breckinridge to or. Douglas. This i shall do without attempting to interfere with any individual Democrat or any state democratic organization holding different opinions from myself. The main object of All Good democrats whether belonging it the one or the other Wing of our unfortunate division is to defeat the election of the Republican candidate and i shall never oppose any honest and honorable course calculated to accomplish this object. To return to the Point from which i have digressed i am in favor of or. Breckinridge because he sanctions and sustains the perfect of All the states within their common territories and the opinion of the supreme court of the United states establishing this . The Sovereign states of this Union Are one vast partnership. The territories were acquired by common blood and common treasure of them j each slate and each citizen of each state has the same right in the territories As any other state and the citizens of any other state possess. Now what is sought for at present is that a portion of these states should turn around to their sister states and say Quot we Are holier than you Are and while we will take our property into the territories and have it protected there you shall not place your property in the same that is precisely what is contended for. What the democratic party maintain and what True principles of democracy is that All shall enjoy the same rights and that All shall be subject to the same duties. Property this government was framed for the Protection of life Liberty and property. They Are the objects for the Protection of which All enlightened governments were established. But it is Southl now to place the property of the citizen under what is called the squatter sovereignty in the Power of territorial legislature to confiscate it at their will and pleasure. That is the principle sought to be established at the and there seems to be an entire mistake and misunderstanding among a portion of the Public upon this subject. When was property Ever submitted to the will of the majority if you hold property As an individual you hold it Independent of Congress or of the state legislature or of the territorial legislature it is yours and your Constitution was made to protect your private property against the assaults of legislative Power. Cheers Well now any set of principles which will deprive you of your property is against the very essence of Republican government and to that extent makes you a slave for the Man who has Power Over your property to confiscate it has Power Over your Means of subsistence and yet it is contended that although the Constitution of the United states confers no such Power although no state legislature has any such Power yet a territorial Leir Slature in the Remote sex o to empties of the country can confiscate your properly 1 a voice Quot they can t do it they Ain t going to do there is but one Mode and one alone to abolish slavery in the territories. That Mode is pointed out in the Cincinnati platform which has been As much misrepresented As anything i have Ever known. That platform declares that a majority of the actual residents in a territory whenever their number is sufficient to entitle them to admission As a state possess the Power Quot to form a Constitution with or without Domestic slavery to be admitted into the Union on terms of Perl it with the other if there be squatter sovereignty in this Resolution i have never been Able to perceive it. If there be any reference in it to a territorial legislature it has entirely escaped my notice. It presents the Clear principle that at the Lime the people form their Constitution they shall then decide whether they will have slavery or not. And yet it has been stated Over and Over again that in accepting the nomination under that platform i endorsed the doctrine of squatter sovereignty. I suppose you have All heard this repeated a Tho Sand times. A voice Quot we All knew it was a lie Quot Well i am glad you did. How beautifully this Plain principle of constitutional Law corresponds with the Best interests of the people under it emigrants from the North and the South from the East and the West proceed to the territories. They carry with them that property which they suppose will Best promote their material interests they live together in peace and Harmony. The question of slavery will become a foregone conclusion before they have inhabitants enough to enter the Union As a state. There will then be no Quot bleeding Kansas Quot in the territories they will then All live together in peace and Harmony promoting the Prosperity of the territory and their own Prosperity until the time shall arrive when it becomes necessary to Frame a Constitution. Then the whole question will be decided to the general satisfaction. But upon the opposite principle what will you find in the territories Why. J there will be strife and Contention All the one territorial legislature May abolish it and so the strut Rifle will be continued Shrout shout the of o territorial existence. The people instead of devoting their energies and Industry to promote their own Prosperity will be in a constant state of excitement and turmoil just As we have witnessed in Kansas. Therefore there is no possible principle that can be so injurious to the Best interests of a territory As what has been called squatter sovereignty. J now let me place the subject before you in another Point of View. The people of the South Ern states never abandon this great principle of i state in the Union without self Segreda Tion. Quot never Quot never without an acknowledgement that they Are inferior in this respect to their sister states. While this is vital to them to preserve their the Northern states surender nothing by admitting this principle. In doing this they Only yield obedience to the Constitution of their country As expounded by the us preme court of the United states. While for the North it is comparatively a Mere abstraction with the South it is a question of co equal state sover eighty in the Union. J if the decrees of the High tribunal established i by the Constitution for the very purpose Are to be set at naught and disregarded it will tend to Render All property of every description insecure. What then have the North to do merely to i say that As Good citizens they will yield to the decision of the supreme court Andi admit the right of a Southern Man to take his property into the territories and hold it there just As Northern Man May do and it is to me the most extraordinary thing in the world that this Couo try should be distracted and divided like cause certain persons at the North will not agree that their Brethren at the South shall have the same rights in the territories which they enjoy. What would i As a pennsylvanian say or do supposing anybody was to contend that the legislature of any territory could outlaw Iron and Coal within the territory laughter and cheers the principle is the same. The supreme court of the United states have decided what was known to us ally that slaves Are property. Admit that fact and you admit everything. Then that property in the territories must be protected precisely in the same manner with any other property. If it be not so protected in the Terri Rit ories the holders of it Are degraded before the world. We have been told that non intervention on the part of Congress with slavery in the territories is the True policy. Very Well. I most cheerfully admit that Congress has no right to establish impair or abolish slavery in the territories. Let this principle of non intervention be extended to the territorial Legislatures and let it be declared that they in like manner have no Power to establish impair or destroy slavery and then the controversy is in effect ended. This is All that is required at present and i verily believe All that will Ever be required. Hands off by Congress and hands off by the territorial legislature. Loud applause with the supreme court of the United Stales i hold that neither Congress nor the territorial legislature has any Power to establish impair or abolish slavery in the territories. But if in the face of this positive prohibition the territorial legislature should exercise the Power of intervening then this would be a Mere Transfer of the Wilmot proviso and the Buffalo platform from Congress to be carried into execution in the territories to the destruction of All properly in slaves. Renewed applause an attempt of this kind if made in Congress would be resisted by Able men on the floor of both houses and probably Defeated. Not so in a Remote territory. To every new territory there will be a Rush of free spoilers from the Northern states. They would elect the first territorial legislature before the people of the South could arrive with their properly and this legislature would probably Settle forever the question of slavery according to their own will. And shall we for the Sake of squatter sovereignty which from its nature can Only continue during the Brief period of territorial existence incur the risk of dividing the great democratic party of the country into two sectional parties the one North and the other South should this great party which has governed the country in peace and War which has raised it from Humble beginnings to one of the most prosperous and powerful nations in the world shall this party be broken up for such a cause that is the question. The numerous powerful pious and respectable methodist Church has been thus Quot divided. The division was a severe Shock to the Union. A similar division of the great democratic party should it continue would rend asunder one of the most powerful links which binds the Union together. I entertain no such fearful apprehensions. The present Issue is transitory and will speedily pass away. In the nature of things ii cannot is but one possible contingency that can endanger the Union and against this All democrats whether squatter sovereigns or popular sovereigns will present a United resistance. Should the time Ever arrive when Northern agitation and fanaticism shall proceed so far As to Render the Domestic firesides of the South insecure then and not till then will the Union be in danger. A United Northern democracy will present a Wall of fire against such a catastrophe. There Are in our midst numerous persons who predict the dissolution of the great democratic party and others contend that it has already been dissolved. The wish is father to the thought. It has been heretofore in great peril but when divided for the moment it has always closed up its ranks and become More powerful even from defeat. It will never die while the Constitution and the Union survive. It will live to protect and defend both. It has its roots in the very vitals of the Constitution and like one of the ancient Cedars of Lebanon it will flourish to afford shelter and Protection to the sacred instrument and to shield it against every storm of faction. Renewed applause now friends and fellow citizens it is probable that this is the last political speech i shall Ever make. A voice Quot we Hope not Quot it is now nearly forty years since i came to Washington As a member of Congress and i wish to say this night that during that whole period i have received nothing but kindness and attention from your fathers and from yourselves. Washington was then comparatively a Small town now it has grown to be a great and Beautiful City and the first wish of my heart is that its citizens May enjoy uninterrupted health and Prosperity. 1 thank you for the kind attention you have paid to me and now bid you All a Good night. Prolonged cheering the news. The Ohio democratic state convention on wednesday nominated the following gentlemen for state officers for supreme judge f. J. S. Smith attorney general. General d. A Stambaugh superintendent of Public works Abner l. Backus. Resolutions endorsing the nomination of Douglas and Johnson were adopted when fifty Breckinridge and Lane men withdrew from the convention and appointed a state Central committee and a committee to prepare an address to the Ohio democracy. They also issued a Call for a state convention to meet in August to nominate state officers and an electoral ticket. The Prince of Wales is to be attended by the Earl of St. Germans the lord Steward of the Queen s household and a Large retinue when he leaves on the 11th for Canada. The Prince goes out in the St. George 20, steam screw ship Captain Hon. Francis Egerton. Harden the methodist minister who poisoned his wife was Hung at Belvidere new Jersey at half past one o clock on the 6th inst. He was quite Calm to the last. He died hard. He made a confession to his brother which will probably be published. At new York the at Cricket match played Between eleven English and eighteen american players on the 4lh and 5th of july resulted As follows English first innings 92 runs second innings 43. Americans first innings 85 second innings 50, with 8 wickets to spare. This is the first time the americans have won in five years. Or. Darley the electrician of the Atlantic Cable has come to America to resuscitate the Ca ble if possible

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