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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - August 30, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana The old a e t a Constitution the Union arb fhe Equality of the states vol. , Indiana win Ruday August 30, 1860. The old line is t h. I a s3 13 m a a Toat 1 d i a a a r o n a i re d i a n a by Kluzek pc i Lankki ssh. A a a b 1=1. Ivr amptl>00f until after tie Prosia Entill Elco Loii in Advance in All cases. Advertisements inserted at the usual rates. Letter from James s. Green. a a Quot of Only his apology is but under take to prove the propriety of his opinions. It seems to me that such persons permit their ardent Zeal to drive them inti positions i Vilich they had not intended. A few words will explain the grave errors of judge Doug Las a j in the first place he holds that slavery and the right to hold slaves depend entirely upon the local Laws of the states and cannot go an Inch All the republicans in the United states Lipold the same doctrine. But the supreme court has expressly decided the contrary. In the next Jalace Douglas says the territorial Goy err sent established by Congress has the right while a territory to exclude slavery by Legal Means notwithstanding the decision of the court As to the constitutional right of any citizen to take slavery therein. To Render plausible his last named position he resorts to his doctrine of Quot popular sovereignty Quot and under that he claims that the territory has As much right to exclude slavery As has the state of Pennsylvania. It c.antoxjmo., August 13, 1860 to t. Northcutt Enoch Hooten and others 3/ex/co, Viu be recollected by a to a this important subject that the Wilmot proviso was since my return Home i have re urged by the abolitionists and was intended to sex Cei Ved your letter inviting me to address the people elude slavery from the territories by act of Congress on the kit Lotical issues of the Daj and am Sony to say and it was claimed by them that Congress Lead full i in reply that the state of my health and numerous i Power to make the exclusion and that the measure j engagements will prevent my naming a time at which would have the effect of Hemming in slavery pre a i can visit you but if it be in my Power i a Kjall cer a vent All expansion and finally Force the slave Liol Ding mainly do so before the november election. States to emancipate their slaves or abandon those j in the meantime in order to prevent All i sapper states to the Blacks or become involved in wars of pensions with regard to my real position i will take the insurrection and extern ignation. The attempt Titus to i Liberty of making a Brief statement on the general endanger the property and lives of the people justly subject. _ excited and alarmed the South. They at once re-1 like All True friends of our country i exceedingly Sis cd the Assac of any Sacii Law and receiving As regret the division of the democratic party but it is distance Trouv a patriotic portion of the North the perfectly useless to Avarie time and strength in in measure was ultimately Defeated practicable regrets and it would be equally a profit j during the discussions it was contended by the a the country and shape my action just As patriotism Law i own ii the right. On the other hand our i requires to produce beneficial results instead of stir friends North and South rec Ner the Power of con ring up excitement and ill feeling by attributing the Giess and also insisted that the Federal Constitution j Seji ration of the convention to the one Side or the j recognized slaves As property and any citizen of tie i other to the cause or to the results necessarily pro. I United states could go into any of our territories diced thereby. Open for settlement and there hold his slave property from my Intercourse and acquaintance with theby virtue of the Constitution. Here then were pre j friends of Douglas and Breckinridge in this state i seated two important Points of differ once which in i am satisfied there Are True patriots and sound demo fact involve tie Liole Cju estion. At this Point in the crafts supporting each of these candidates for the pros a controversy the doctrine of non intervention was id ency. It would therefore be the height of Folly proposed we Iii was that Congress should neither and the grossest injustice to speak of such citizens a hint nov establish slavery and the other Point the i terms of reproach and abuse. Whilst i shall support j constitutional question was Leil for tie courts to de Breckinridge it shall be my purpose to respect the Termine. On this basis the question was settled. In i predilections of others and present for candid con i Stead of a Law of Congress to prohibit slavery forever i Side ration the motives and reasons by which i am in As proposed by abolitionists it was submitted to the i fluence. I of pm territory to form and establish their the democratic National convention divided into i own institutions in their own Way subject Only to the two parts each of which has presented a candidate Constitution of the United states and this was called but neither of them can claim to have been Nomina j Quot popular As thus explained Many Dis Ted in the regular Way according to the rules usages j to anguished statesmen advocated Quot non intervention Quot and customs of the party. Neither received two thirds i and Quot popular sovereignty Quot and All the speeches re i of the electoral College which was requisite to constr j gently noted touching this subject Are to be under tute a nomination. Douglas never received More than j stood precise in the manner tie questions Are Here i 181j votes while 303 was the whole number and two i explained. But shortly afterwards another Misander a thirds of that is of course 202. And of the 181j standing arose. One Side contended that the Terri passing a Law a it prove l by 43eorce Washington of a make polygamy one of to Weir Domestic relations or any fording remedies to Enron a the right. Other absurd ridiculous scandalous or disgraceful now it is Deci tied that else so Nie Constitution gives practice they please. And further they Are not the right to the people to take and hold their slaves in bound to apply Lor admission into the Union hence the Public territories. If therefore any one attempts they May set up for themselves a distinct and inde of destroy that admitted right it will be the duty of pendent government. A doctrine tenfold Woi be than Congress to provide the Nec Esaakiy remedy to secure i the right of secession is charged to be. This right As in the Case of fugitive slaves which the but if derived from the act of Congress organizing father of his country approved. Here again i May the territory then it necessarily follows that Congress add Breckinridge agrees with us and Douglas of j in organizing the tem Toty can prescribe the terms poses. Upon which the Tetory is so organized and hence but it is contend we by Good friends of Douglas the Sovereign Power which is the supreme legislative against whom i have not one word of censure that Power is not in the territory but in Congress. This the platform adopted at Charleston and amended by position. That the Sovereign Power in the territories the Wickliffe Resolution at Baltimore for Douglas limited in its character is in Congress was decided places him on the same ground with ourselves on the by the supreme court a Grid at Many Yeai a ago in the subject of protecting constitutional rights. That this Case of Quot the american Ocean insurance company Assumption is an evident mistake will appear from a is. Canter Quot 1st Peters ii. 511�?and again reach red few facts about which there can be no controversy. In the Case of died Scott. But it May be said this ii St if it were True that Douglas on his Plati Brm doctrine would give Congi Ess the Power to legislate occupies the same Gionni with ourselves Why did they against slavery in the territories ind so it would if not acc Jet our platform rather than Force a division on Congress was not restricted by the Federal cons Titu that subject i \ lion. The Sovereign Power exec Rise by Congress second Douglas and some of his friends Dew Hether in relation to the states or territories is a ounce our i lat form for Protection As before explain limited one limited by the Constitution of the United Edas a disunion platform and hence it cannot in states. By the Constitution of the United states their estimation be the me As their own but it a faves Are recognized As property and by the constr should be remembered As disproving forever this tuition no Power being Given to Congress directly or charge of disunion Liat gov. Fitzpatrick Avo holds by implication to bestow or impair the rights to prop to All of our doctrine was Good enough to be selected erty therefore. Congress has no Power under the for vice president on tiie ticket with or. Douglas but Constitution to legislate against slavery in the Terri declined to accept. This fact completely disproves tories in the very language of the supreme court the charge of disunion. In the Case of dred Scott Quot the Only Power conferred third it is known As a fact that Douglas declared is. Tie Power coupled with the duty of guarding and that if he was selected As a candidate it would amount protecting the owner in his to an endorsement of his opinion on this territorial the True constitutional doctrine is that neither question and after the Cliar Leston Convent Iii and Congress or a territorial legislature has any Power journey to asserted in the Senate that his doctrine on to legislate on the subject of slavery except the Power the territorial question and popular sovereignty had coupled with the duty of guarding and protecting the been fully sustained by the platform adopted at owner in his property. The doctrine of or. Douglas Charleston and Afler the Wickliffe amen Hii ent at of popular or matter sovereignty is precisely the Baltimore Douglas in his letter of acceptance de Hillier Law of or. Seward applied to the territories dared that it was All in Harmony with the preceding and is the very Quint essence of the red Republic platform. So that in the opinion of Douglas his own can sin of Europe of which or. Soule the Douglas principles Are fully endorsed and sustained by his plat Leader of Louisiana is the representative in the United states and is destructive of All constitutional g Ove r n me n pm is .1 vol an cd e. Votes which were cast for Douglas Many of them were spurious illegal votes brought into the convention trial government could at any time exclude slavery j the other Iteld that no exclusion or prohibition of merely for the purpose of increasing his apparent i slavery could be made until the time when a constr vote. Tuition was rightfully made for admission into the i shall not Stop to enumerate the spurious votes to Union and for this position two satisfactory and Coli Gether with the evidence of their irregularity for the elusive reasons were assigned to wit simple reason that the highest vote he Ever received including All the bogus ones lacked Twenty and one half votes of making a nomination by the Rule of the convention. Hence it cannot be contended that he received the nomination at Baltimore. The Mere fact that Douglas received the majority of the votes does not amount to anything. Other aspirants have obtained Large majorities in National conventions heretofore and yet were not for that reason declared the nominees. I need Only name Van Buren and Cass in 1844. The existed to take and hold slaves in the territory of fact is there can be no safety or conservatism in such j which the people could not be deprived neither by conventions without the two thirds Rule and when it i Congress nor by the territory during its existence As a is destroyed National conventions cease. If a a a territory. J Jority could nominate then twelve states wholly in jul the debate which followed this dispute it was i the i Ower of the Black republicans and without a distinctly and unequivocally stated by Gen. Cass and i single democratic electoral vote could Force Ionthe judge Douglas that if the Constitution gives the right party the most objectionable candidate they chose to to hold slaves in the territory there was no Power on i present. Earth to take it away neither Congress nor the ter i but the propriety of the i ule and its non observe Rit orial authorities. See appendix con. Globe 34th Ance this year in the Case of or. Douglas arc Incon testable truths which cannot be for a moment doubt Congress first session Page 791.a j i a 1 a r a i a 1 i the question was permitted to remain awaiting the 1 de. And what is the claim of a nominee Worth when decision of the supreme court to determine this con i and so general controverted As m tins averted it and it was agreed and under Stool by it is not to be deemed that a Large majority m judgment t of the court should he adhered to As final and conclusive. Not merely that so seriously Case ? nearly every democratic state in the Union utterly repudiate the idea that Douglas has been nominated. Fri a 1, i Quot t. J u v i it should end the particular Case before the court for i they Are As Intel gent and we arc bound to behave a a a Cessa Rily so but that the questions deter As honest As any other democrats and have the same id tithe court should be deemed settled right to judge and determine for themselves. They will not support him and hence the whole moral Force of a nomination is completely lost whether they Are right or wrong m their judgment. They must and will cast five sixths of All the democratic electoral votes for president and surely every True Man and the in 17. The judgment of the court was a pronounced and the opinion of that High tribunal expressly determines the Federal Constitution does of itself give Ait secure the right to every citizen to take and hold Ai species of property known to the cons Titu Patriot will treat them with the consideration due to a on in my slaves into the common territories Brethren. Thev deny the nomination and All Obliga also to ingress has no Power to impair that night Tion to support Douglas and the whole moral Force also iat much less could the rear tonal govern and Efficacy of this so called nomination Are gone for ment by that constitutional night Lor it could Gygi. J Only hat Uch Power As Congress granted to it and it surely will not be claimed or even thought of by Cogi-e�6uld not Grant a Power which is not pos the most enthusiastic that the pretended nomination messed by Seii. Of Douglas Avill Ever induce the democrats to who this we supposed to end the whole matter and the i refer to extend their support under such Circum country rejoiced at the Prospect of peace on the slave stances. No its Charm is Desti Oyedi its Potency j question Hile at the same time a solution was had gone. The facts of the Case have dispelled All doubt i which a Fyk mixed to secure the rights of All. But in what then remains to be done shall we quietly fortunately for the peace of the country and the har submit to the election of a Black Republican without i Mony of the democratic party the subject was not an Effort to prevent it or shall we indulge in criminal permitted to remain at rest. The South had been Tion and recrimination and destroy the democratic fully vindicated Gen. Cass and such patriots were. Party or shall we shape our course so As to take re-1 Content but for some cause judge Douglas has re Venge on any Democrat with whom we Diftler ? for Vived the Quot whole controversy with increased bitterness myself i say neither. And animosity. It now threatens a serious disruption if we have no regular nominee we have time to of the party and As a Conseta Uench the Triumph of concentrate Public sentiment in Missouri and i be-1 Black republicanism with All its attendant evils. The Lieve in the nation on an available True and worthy candidate under whose Banner we can rally and Rescue the party and the Union from the dangers and calamities that now threaten us. In my opinion Jno. C. Breckinridge is the proper Man. A Eady the democratic sentiment in nearly All the democratic people and the people Only can Avert the danger. He now holds in violation of the agreement and in utter disregard of the opinion of the supreme court that the territorial government can by Legal Means a chide slavery As directly As Pennsylvania and then demands to know How the South is going to states has been concentrated on him and surely mis-1 lip Hei see of unless by having a congressional Quot slave Souri will not separate i oin her democratic Sisters thus you will perceive that his course has and throw her vote away and thereby increase the Piven risk to the whole clamor about a Quot slave i chances and Hopes of the Republican party. Such a j but the Conj Sei Active men of the nation do not intend course would be suicidal. If we can succeed in elect to be dry ii from their sense of propriety by any ing any Democrat it can Only be Breckinridge under j such Clanor. All that we ask is that adequate pro the existing state of things. It is a fact Well known i Section Woven Lor the purpose of securing existing i that he is the Choice of the democracy of every South j constitute a rights. Nobody wants More than this Era state and also in several Northern states while i nobody in Congress to Quot intervene Quot on the subject the fact is equally Well known that Douglas has so pm a of slaver of so As to give rights of property and of Loca wrong is not the question. We must take things As we find them and know them to exist and then Slape our course to the Best advantage. This prejudice to Douglas is so Strong in different parts of the Union that even if Missouri should be induced to vote for him her vote would be thrown away and lost. But i sufficient Power under the Laws of the land then nothing More will be required but if the territories acting undo a a the advice and encouragement of judge Douglas so would interpose obstacles and destroy our i present rights then it will be the duty of Congress to interpose if thin the limits of its authority. Is this __________1 o us at a a am Well satisfied that the democracy of our state will asking too much ? would any citizen be Content stand by her True principles and vote for Breckinridge who not Only represents her principles but who has the Only Chance of Success against Lincoln. When availability and coincidence of political opinions both unite in the same person we cannot k>s6�-Bly hesitate in our course. We will stand by our principles and accept the Best Opportunity to give them Success. The political sentiments of the democracy of Missouri have been repeatedly declared and no one pretends that Douglas entertains the same opinions on the subject of slavery. The contrary is True. His opinions on that subject Are directly in conflict with of org. And yet strange to say some of his admirers with toss. Government is designed for the protect. Tion of All citizens in the enjoyment of their rights of person a property and whenever and wherever necessary to that end its Power ought to be exerted. This is doctrine of Breckin rage but Douglas denies it timid a Law designed for that purpose in let Onse Nuesi shall support Breckinridge and of Pojl ugly however much i respect him personally. Jill Here present a familiar Case by Way of in Ustim under the Constitution we have a right fugitive slaves. For Many years this Recagni Elf it was sufficient until evil disposed per sons atom angled to defeat and destroy that right. Allben it became Etc scary for Cong Rem to Quot in Erveno by from the har Loffl Kevii Iii poit. Aii Pisalt a Stephen and his anxious Mother. 1st. That the right to Settle the question of slavery was conceded to the people of the territory and not to the territorial government established by Congress a which government could Only have such Power As Congress could rightfully Grant and that the people never could act in their Sovereign capacity until they came to form their Constitution. 2d. That the Power in the territory by whomsoever exercised was Quot subject to the Constitution of the United states Quot and that by virtue of it the right Morin. Is has already been shown that the views and Oji Inions of Douglas Are at War with our Best interests and destructive of our clearest rights and therefore it i is Pei feet la j lain that this Latoi m is not what we re quire for our Protection and it is also Clear that whoever votes for Douglas under Toliese Circum Istance is will vote for his notions of popular sovereignty and aii inst ,. The rights of the people. His construction of the step Lien was anxious to see his Mother. His ninth platform will of oven himself. Anxious to see Stephen. The Dutiful boy and but what Are the effects and consequences to Fol i tired it in the Public prints that he was on his Way Low the endorsements of Dou Ltd Las position ? i an to see his Mother. He started irom the City of new ser every result that could have been apprehended his Mother who resides in the Western from the Quot a Ihnot it will place tiie Izower naturally came to Over the territory in the hands of the mob and the than Guiford and Hartford on his Way. And agents of the Emigrant Aid societies of the North and place he Jas a speech with Sharpe s rifles Bowie knives and John Brown s maternal pilgrimage he goes towards bos pikes All territories will be abolished and overrun by a Quot at Ted by a relative of Lus wife. It Ras a Case the Lawless miscreants sent out by those societies. Relative attraction. On his Way at Worcester this is the legitimate result of the popular sovereignty a Onie Judas a betrayed Quot him into a speech. At bos doctrine of Douglas. It is the Law of the Strong i owe yer he started to against the weak. It is the Law of the mob against a a other. At a Ibana seeking to pass through constitutional right. And it will eventuate in strife., l Quot Quot a a ton shed at the Contention and civil War demonstration the unexpected reception like the one on the other hand the doctrine of Breckinridge. Hartford he was Quot betrayed Quot into a speech in will be one of peace and quietude protect Nir the Quot Rich he declared he a i on his Way to see his Moth rights of All until Thev shall have sufficiently tested i t re the Pilgrim son reached Saratoga the fitness and adaptation of the territory of slave Astle politics thinks of his Long unseen labor and afer that leave it when the St the is form Mother whom he is about to visit and sinks into the such a contest when thave with others the right of Holly unexpected arrival in that place Choice i cannot and will not hesitate. I i allowed Quot betrayed Quot into a i am satisfied that Breckinridge has not sought his it up affect two he can no longer present position. It has been forced upon him As the i Stram himself but goes to Bellows Falls. Amid most suitable Democrat for the emergency and being i Bellows big of the populace and the sobs of Ste so unexceptionable in All respects he wis compelled pm Quot he is deceived deluded imposed upon in act to accept it. He has no personal hostility towards Quot betrayed into a speech. He flies to the Jav Orth he Douclas or any friends of Douglas but he has film u Lute River Junction. What Ness ability experience Fidelity and kindness to fit conjunction in Point of fact was t in in for Pri a Lonny win is Quot betrayed Quot into a speech. Cutti a Junction there Ste cutting his filial him for the presidency. I need democratic his opposition a. A a a a joined the Black republicans and has been warring Quot a to to see Lus Mother is disguised. 1 he statement on the party and the administration Ever since. Was made in the course of some extended remarks. His friends in several states United with the Black p Jav Quot betrayed pious i Neas in a republicans to beat the leg Luau democratic Nomi Fps nees and after Congo Quot Quot Quot Quot Republican party alone publicans would have been a a a a a a o it e i a. A men. Who caused the election of Pennington Tor \ Stephen Stephen who seems unable to Cut his speaker and for Nev his in articular Friend for Al Quot a a next seen at a Kocky i Point far tar from Mother relatives or Graves Why then should the party feel under and Obi of of a f a up Quot gation to one who has been so Dis organizing Quot in his the maternal for a season and Al conduct he is the cause of All the trouble in the Hundred and fifty bushels of baked clams and party and is responsible for All the danger of the e to Quot betray him m a speech election of Lincoln. A net one of an hour and a half. He has forced this Issue upon the country and hasp pm to do you made it a test question and it becomes a Public duty i to Luik Stephen is not / Why Way do in on the Rocky to oppose it or submit in disgrace to the min of the right ode Island at Newport kicking us his tru country a heels by the great Ocean As much As to say that t have briefly stated the foregoing facts which can to Quot Wengland on the strength roved by the history and records of the country a t Quot Quot a or his mate maj and Al t. By and by. Alien he gets Recupe Atco and wants to Start on an outlier four we Liall hear Liis Low. Sweet voice Minglin it i wit i the i oar of the sure Down be proved As a justification for my own course and for the con Side rat on of my friends who May choose to reflect upon them. It is not my right to dictate to any one. Nor would i do so if i could but As our interests Are i All the same i Hope the truth will have the set Une effect sounding softly Smonig upon an. Call a . Moli. R. But my friends there is still another enemy threat ening us and we must concert Means to beat the worst of All enemies. Douglas is bad enough and will ultimately without future resistance plunge us in ruin from every Section of the Union our telegraphic and degradation should his doctrine be earned out dispatches announce the increasing strength of the but Breck Indge is sound and reliable on every ques National democratic ticket. The South will in Tion afire acting our interests. Lincoln is worse than All undoubtedly be a unit in her vote for Breckinridge and Lane California and Oregon Are secure. Let Pennsylvania do her Dut As a great conservative state and the election of our nominees is placed be the Keystone state. And we should unite together on our True principles to prevent the election of Lincoln. Our True principles Are such As Breckinridge sustains and no other Candi Date sustains and we should support him to prevent Pond a doubt Quot. Since the Days of Simon Snyder to the domination of republicanism. I will not enter the present hour the Keystone state has Stool Shoul Tain a doubt of the people of Missouri. They Are Der to shoulder with her sister state of Virginia in True to the Constitution of the state and the Union i their democratic Battles and triumphs. As National and should and will stand by those who stand by us. Democrats we look with Confidence to her for sup All we desire is the maintain Ance of our rights and port at the present hour holding in her hands in a constitutional Protection. These things we am get great measure the balance of Power in her com and defeat the Black republicans by supporting i Mercial interests essentially interwoven with the in Breck broken Harmony of the states and the perpetuity of we must adhere to friends rather than enemies the Union she is called upon by even a tie local and whether open or Covert and in this Case with full i National to cast her Jjo Wertulo vote for Breckinridge right to choose our candidate i repeat that on the i Jed Lane. Score of principle and availability there is but one from the Heights of the alleghenies to the Banks course and that is vote for John c. Breckinridge. Of the Delaware let her calm7industrious, peaceful i do not complain of others who think differently citizens her German population remember the Days but i beg of them to pause reflect and examine be when faction oppression and disunion drove them fore they take the fatal step. Quot. I am very truly your Friend and of t serv t. James s. sovereignty untenable. The political Quot reasons Why Quot the doctrine of popular or squatter sovereignty As understood by or. Douglas Quot whereby the people of an organized Community Are Given the entire control of their Domestic relations Quot is not Only not True but is destructive of the government itself Are these if the people of an organized territory possess this Sovereign Power it must be in one of two ways the Pelt be who go to and Settle in the territory must possess an inherent original Sovereign Power which they take with them into a territory or it must be derived from Congress by the act organizing the territorial government. If Pijie peo a settling in a territory Cany with them into the territory this unlimited Sovereign Power then that Power carries with it the right Tori Nize a government for the purpose of exercising this Power and they May organize just such got emment w they Choih and hence it will Nec >4<siirir Fediow they May from their Fader land to a Home dependent for its Secu Rity on its indissoluble Union. Let them reflect they Are the citizens of a mighty confederacy not of a Mere Section that the interests of the Northern Southern and Western states Are links in the great National chains one of which cannot be broken without involving the Security of the whole. In the Black Republican cause hostility to the South and her institutions a the Keystone state cannot enlist with safety. The principles of or. Douglas if carried out would destroy the basis upon Avrich the Constitution was formed the equal sovereignty of the states they would empower Suwon linage political organizations territories to dispute the rights of the states upon which they Are dependent for their government and Laws. Unit Ler the newly created Quot Domestic rights Quot so named by the Illinois senator they might stand on the boundaries of their respective limits and say to the citizen of a Sovereign state desirous of removing his property within their Borders Quot thus far Mayest thou come but no As one of the original states memorable for the sachets and sages of the revolution As the Cradle of the Constitution Pennsylvania is especially called upon to guard the Constitution from danger to cherish it As the child of her adoption to Conse i\0.19. Crate it to future millions of freemen to watch that no daring innovator enters the sacred Ark in which it is Dejk sited to erase or add one solitary line to its original inscription whether a Black Republican chief or the Jig Tator or advocate of a political feature unknown heretofore to our citizens a Policer in the Tempo rial Legislatures to violate the rights of Sovereign Fitzpatrick is. Judge Douglas inconsistency of the Douglas faction. Editors Ava Hinchc a although it May be regarded As entirely super rotator to show up any one of the Many inconsistencies of the Dougl Sites yet i cannot refrain from referring to a letter of senator Fitzpatrick addressed to Hon. Y. M. Hudgins and written in october last. This letter was in reply to certain Quot intent oratories Quot of or. Hudgins the lit of which is As follows Quot what is your opinion of the doctrine of congressional Protection to slavery in the Teni tories ? Quot Here senator Fitzpatrick Mas allowed the fullest latitude in giving his Quot opinion Quot upon the duty of Congress to at bal Quot Protection Quot and most admirably did lie c ome to tie Rescue. He said Quot in relation to cute mention Abr the Protection of slave a Hope try in the territories. I entertain no doubt either As to the Power or duty of Congress. The Constitution is obligatory on every depart no it of the government. Amien rights Are conferred or recognized. Either expressly or by implication it was intended that these rights should be enjoyed and protected. If legislation is a Edessar to their full enjoyment and Protection by the enactment of Laws which will accomplish that end. In other avoids we have Lerty in tie territories. Be i it of the govern the right to Hohl a Ives As Pio of the United states. It is t ment to sustain this right to its full extent and if congressional intervention is Nooe Sarv Tor this Pur-po5e, it is the duty of Congress to act. Its failure to act whenever its action is essential of secure the citizen of tie territory the full enjoyment of his property slave or otherwise would be i dually a dereliction of duty As the failure of a state legislature to Juass Laws Tor the a note Tion of the citizen within the in the above extract. Senator Fitz Patriek most emphatically endorses the doctrine of congressional Protection As essential and necessary to tie full enjoyment of slave properly in the territories. Yet in the face of this letter which was published to the world he is nominated by the Douglas Rump convention at bal ii More As their candidate for vice Percsi client by men who were then and Are now denouncing All who entertain opinions As promulgated by senator Fitzpatrick As Quot Dis unionists Quot Quot firc eating Yancey ites Quot and other Slang fit Only for the Fisher women of Billingsgate Why did they not Hunt up a Foote Stephens or some other Recreant to Southern rights if they desired a True representative of their principles ? the reason is Obi of. Ulicy cared nothing for principles. Stephen a. Douglas they intended to have and Little did they care who was on his Tail so they could make some show of respectability and nationality. Nor was this All. In. Hudgins interrogated him in regard to the Power of the people of a territory and he responded emphatically Quot i am unqualified Day opposed to squatter sovereignly As my antecedents and record win clearly show. The people of a territory until they meet in convention preparatory to admission As a state have no Power to exclude slavery through the territorial legislature or otherwise. Congress Lias no such Power. The territorial legislature derive All their Powers from Congress Ancl it is impossible that Congress should Delegate Powers which it does not and yet it is no stranger than True that the Douglas party were not Only willing but that Fitzpatrick should be placed on the ticket with Stephen a. Douglas the embodiment of squatter sovereignty and opposition to Federal Protection. Is this All a far from it. They voted for him after he had voted to displace judge Douglas from the chairmanship of the committee on territories. They voted for him after he had voted for the Davis resolutions resolutions which condemn the doctrine of or. Douglas and and his s Iua Sterite supporters in language which cannot be Nils under stood. I will not Csc up space in your valuable paper to quote from a nor. Douglas As every one is fully acquainted with his Jiosi Tion. Suffice it to say the doctrine contained in Sikir. Douglas Quot Freeport speech Magazine articles his speeches in Congress &c., Are in direct antagonism to senator Fitzpatrick s record and no convention which had any regard for consistency would Ever have thought of placing two men occupying positions so directly antagonistic As that of judge Douglas and senator Fitzpatrick on the same ticket. But this Douglas party was Begotten in inconsistency and we cannot expect other than the most Iacong Nious fruits As the result of its labors. H. V. Johnson presents a record equally sound As that of gov. Fitzpatrick and it is a fuestion whether the Tail will absorb the head or the head the Tail. But it makes no Dif Terenee. You May take the Tail and whip the head to death or the head and Peck the Tail to death. on the stump. Under the shallow pretence of making his acknowledgements for the hospitable manner in which he Lias been everywhere received. Judge Douglas has contrived to make an electioneering tour through the states. Day after Day he has appeared upon the hustings to defend his political principles and thereby advocate his claims to the presidency. He has lost no of x a Unity of haranguing the people upon the issues in which he has so Imja Irant and Pei Sonal an interest and we May presume he will continue to labor with the same Assiduity until the end of the canvass to secure the prize he has so Long coveted. It might have been anticipated that judge Douglas would pursue some such course for it has Ever been his habit to demand and struggle for any position he desired rather than to wait until the Taffy action of his friends or the Public might tender him offices and honors. In the present instance he has overstepped the limits within which presidential candidates have heretofore thought it becoming to confine themselves and it he is successful he will have impaired the dignity of the place he aspires to by the Means he has adopted to obtain it. The personal intervention of the candidates in a political canvass is in any Case an evil though perhaps a necessary one. If the aspirants for the less important offices did not themselves undertake to exp in their views and publish their qualifications they might not be Able to find persons who took sufficient interest in the matter to relieve them of that duty. At All events custom has sanctioned the propriety of the course generally followed by politicians and As they Are not Likely to depart from usages it is therefore useless to depreciate their proceedings. But Public opinion has up to this time compelled the presidential nominees of stand almost altogether aloof from the contest the people have instinctive by Felt that if the candidate for that exalted station should api it ear upon the hustings he would bring Down to a lower level the popular Respet for knife if and the office. They Hare been raining to see the presidency act juiced by the same mean acts and disreputable practices that sice to procure for a Constable the object of his ambition. They have desired that there should be at least one position in the country for which political hucksters dare not bid. It is to be feared that we shall be permitted to indulge such fancies but a Little while longer. Prominent pm id ians How claim the presidency As their due National conventions can by packed like want meetings and candid Les for the office of chief magistrate of the Republic take the stump in vindication of their right to be promoted to that elevated place. In each and All of a Liae particulars or. Douglas and his adherents have set a deplorable example to the country and if

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