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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - August 25, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana Constitution the torsion and the Equality of the states vol. , Indiana saturday August 25, 1860. The old line guard. Is pij13i.�shkd t h. I to Bas by i Quot a quota Indianapolis Indiana by 4c Harkness. A a z i. Aos it our until after the presidential election. In Advance in All cases. Advertisements inserted at the anal rates. The address of the democratic association. We Lay before our readers to it Lay in extensor the address of the democratic association of leaven to Orth to the democracy of Kansas and Trust that our Brethren of the press throughout the territory who agree with us will cons Der it their duty to the democratic party As we have considered it to spread this powerful document far and wide. Nor should its do sem nation be confined to Kansas. Our neighbors of Missouri will find it to their advantage to scatter it Over their state. It is a Clear and succinct history of the division in the party. It exposes the base scheme by which the convention was sundered. It Liolis up the inconsistency the tei a creation and the duplicity of Stephen a. Douglas so Liat he that rans May read. It proves his infidelity to his party and t lat Long before the Charleston convention assembled he was justly obnoxious to the democracy. He has yet however to be branded with the infamy which his treachery in regard to the Loco Pion Constitution merits. In and about us Here is the indisputable evidence hat the. Plan of submit inf the Lecompton Constitution which was adopted by the Lecompton convention was if plan. This evidence will be forthcoming at the proper time. The name of Quot Arnold Quot in his series of patronymic is not without descriptive significance. Within half a year it will with him As it was with the revolutionary infamy be an imperious necessity to go Oer to the enemy and take a place in their dispatch. Convention if the right of Protection to slave property in the territories was not positively declared. The _ state conventions of every Quot Souther state in electing delegates to the National Council had strongly affirmed that right. The Only Dis harmonious elements were in this territorial question. While a United South entered the convention upon a common platform Many of the Northern states carried with them the doctrine of Quot squatter sovereignty Quot and upheld or. Douglas the acknowledged apostle of the sect believing in it As their candidate. Agreeably to precedent the convention first proceeded to the consideration of a platform. The subject has been referred to a committee consisting of an equal representation from each state. A majority report sustained by seventeen states in the Cran Mit tee asserted the rights of the people of the South in a manner free from ambiguity and in a manner satisfactory to the representatives of those whose rights were in dispute. A divided minority presented sets of i solutions differing Only in the form in which full Sway should be Given to Quot squatter sovereignty Quot the questions alien and there submitted were a Quot shall an Emigrant from the South hold his slave Pix Perty in a territory subject to the Caprice of a territorial legislature or Quot shall he be protected in the Possession of that property whilst the Community in which he abides Are in a territorial condition Quot a these were the issues. The records of the convention show that the majority report was rejected and one of the minority reports adopted. But Wilile the records of the convention exhibit that fact they also attest the fact that a minority of the convention was by a disgraceful trick converted into a seeming majority. One Hundred and fifty three and a half votes appear on the journal for Quot squatter sovereignty Quot and one Hundred and forty nine and a half votes against it. Tie Foll Winji is an analysis of the vote address of the democratic association of Leavena Orth to the democracy of Kansas. Southern states. Cali Lornia. Oregon. New York. Ohio. Indiana. Minnesota. Maine. Massachusetts. Connecticut. New Jersey. Pennsylvania. New Haip Siire. Rii ode Island. Vermont. Illinois. Michigan. Iowa. Wisconsin. For squatter sovereignty."12 against \ 108 i 4 3 i fellow citizens since the dissolution of the Charleston Baltimore convention and its Resolution into two bodies by whom separate nominations were i made and widely variant principles enunciated an i organization has been established Here named the Quot democratic association of the Par j amount purposes of the organization Are to promote j the election of John c. Breckinridge to the Ohice of. President and Joseph Lane to the office of vice pres i ident of the United states As the True Standard Bear ers of the democratic party and to maintain the series of i solutions unanimously adopted by the convention which nominated those citizens As the True sentiments of the democratic part. The members of the association have been lifelong democrats. They Are not men to express immature opinions and in such a crisis As the present when a schism in their own party challenges consideration they could Only be satisfied with a conclusion resulting from the most searching inquiry directed and animated by a impeached loj Alty to the party. It was in this spirit that they investigated the causes leading to the division. It was weeks after both sets of nominations had been made before they associated themselves distinctively for they were loth to take so decided a step until possessed of the information needful to an enlightened and a just decision. That information once in their hands however there was no further hesitancy. It was Manifest to them that a great majority of the democratic party opposed the doctrine of Quot squatter sovereignty Quot As spurious democracy. Recognizing j the High authority of a majority of the democratic party and recognizing the legitimate exercise of the Power of that majority at Baltimore the Quot democratic association of Leavenworth Quot was called into existence. To further the objects of the association they have thought proper to Issue an address to the democracy of the territory and have elected the under signed a committee to execute the design. It is not in the Assumption of abilities Superior to their Brethren that this design was Concei a cd but in the knowledge that in Many of the scattered settlements of our thinly peopled territory the facts would never reach them or if they did would come in such Quot questionable shape As might be expected from a sinister press. It was likewise considered by the association that a numerous body of organized citizens of intelligence could gather and collate facts and produce results More reliable and elective than could any number of individuals without organization without concert and without plan. The dissension in the democracy of the ten Itoiz consequent upon an inter meddling in National politics has been earnestly deprecated before now by none More fervently than by the members of the democratic association. In the fall of 1858, a convention of the Quot conservative Quot men of the territory was held at this City. Not one Democrat in a Hundred paid the slightest attention to the Call for the assemblage. The gathering with hardly one exception was composed of citizens of Leavenworth Many of whom have since relapsed into republicanism and other forms of hostility to democracy. A convention thus constituted and called As a Quot conservative convention Quot Avit Hout any reference to the democratic party arrogantly set up a platform of principles for the democracy of the territory and assumed to itself the organization of the party by appointing the territorial committees necessary to such an organization under the auspices of this usurpation came successively the Tecumseh convention the Lawrence convention and the Atchison convention. By each of those conventions false National doctrine was put Forth and the last one assembled in disregard of the energetic remonstrances of zealous and circumspect democrats was imprudent enough to Send a delegation to the National convention to assist in procuring the nomination of or. Douglas again since he has been placed before the people without As we believe due authority As the democratic candidate for president newspapers Here and elsewhere in the territory have put him Foith As the democratic Champion and a glamorous Public meeting has been held among us to ratify his nomination. From the opening of the Quot conservative convention Quot which delivered itself Here in the autumn of 1858, until the adjournment of the ratification meeting which delivered itself Here in Juno 1860, one of the great Aims of every move was to induce the nomination of or. Douglas and to procure his election. The Atchison convention and the Leavenworth ratification meeting were undeniably for those pure uses. In the nomination we had no voice nor in the election a vote and avowedly the demonstrations were for effect Abi Oad. The motive is logical and while we ask All to Bear witness that we inv not initiated discord in answer to the beat of the Roll we fall into line proudly uplift our colors and March to the Field. The rupture at Charleston and its causes. When the National convention met at Charleston it avas Clear that a conflict was to ensue As to the a Lin Peiples of the party touching the rights of slaveholders in the territories. The representatives of several state i of the South were instructed to retire from the against \ 108 i 4 3 i 35 1 23. I 13 4 5 3 7 6 1 u i a a of i h i 5 4 a 5 i 11 ,. A 6 0 i 4 5 i 153 149i upon the organization of tie convention a Rule now known As the Quot unit Rule Quot was adopted. Certain delegations had been i pertinently instructed by their respective states to cast the whole vote of the delegation in whatever direction the majority of the delegation Avent. By the Quot unit Rule Quot these instructions became absolute. They were a Clear usurpation of authority As is proved by tie fact that the National convention had to pass upon them and Sanction them before they prevailed. The manner in which the sense of the convention was to be taken was the proper business of the convention itself and exclusively its province. Otherwise that uniform system of voting which should obtain could not be secured. The nefarious purpose of the Quot unit Rule Quot was not detected until too late. The object sought and the object accomplished was to silence powerful minorities in states favouring squatter sovereignty while every minority supporting that policy was by the Jar Tia Lity of the Rule allowed to be heard. The effect was to subject a majority of the convention to the will of a minority. Whilst new York is set do in thirty five for squatter sovereignty that state stood Nineteen for and sixteen against. Whilst Ohio is set Down Twenty three for that state stood seventeen for and six against. Whilst Indiana is set Down thirteen for thai state stood eight for and five against. Whilst Minnesota was set Down As four for that state stood two for and two against. Thus under the operation of that Rule Twenty nine votes appear supporting squatter sovereignty which were opposed to it and should have been so recorded when the vote would have stood for Quot squatter sovereignty&Quot.123 against.179 a Clear majority of fifth six votes. We Are now hearing daily from those minorities who Are holding conventions in their states and undaunted Day moving up to the state rights column to the music of the Constitution and the Union. Any Rule uniformly applied would have produced a like result. Had the Quot unit Quot system been applied to every state there would have been a United South and Pennsylvania new Jersey California and Oregon against the doctrine. In figures the division would have been one Hundred and forty two for and one Hundred and sixty one against. So that if the vote was taken As in the House of representatives electing a president by states each casting a single vote fourteen states would have supported Quot squatter sovereignty Quot and Nineteen would have repudiated it if they had voted under a uniform Quot unit Quot Rule one Hundred and forty two votes would have supported Quot squatter sovereignty Quot and one Hundred and sixty one would have repudiated it and if each Delegate had been allo aved to express his opinion individually As in the electoral College one Hundred and Twenty four and a half votes would have went for Quot squatter sovereignty Quot and one Hundred and seventy eight would have gone to repudiate it. You will ask and we have ourselves anxiously sought an answer to the question Quot How came so undemocratic a rules so vile a cheat As that to be accepted by so intelligent and experienced a body of men ? Quot the Only explanation we have seen is by the Virginia delegation in an address to their constituents. They say that the Rule was proposed in committee but was promptly voted Down and was sup Josed to have been done with until it was found to Lave been smuggled into the convention in a moment of general distraction. We can readily comprehend How such a Rule by of repetitious proceedings might prevail in an inattentive moment. Supposing ourselves to be in respectable company we Are not guarding against pickpockets nor would delegates in a democratic convention be Quick to apprehend that men standing on the same floor were conspiring against a fundamental principle not Only of demo i Acy but of Republican government itself. It there was any particular class of men in that convention to whom circumstances would have pointed As men who might be expected to prove themselves the most reliable custodians of the Quot sacred right of representation Quot it would have been the very class who spat upon that sacred right. Before the institution of the present convention system the democratic candidates for president and vice president were named by a caucus of the democratic members of Congress. Of course no one entered that caucus who was not the representative of a District wherein the dominant party was the democratic party. In anticipation of the difficulties that of cited in the late convention mutter Ings came from presses and speakers in the democratic states against the Prospect of an Adverse platform and an Adverse candidate being imposed upon them by incorrigible Adverse states. The old system was referred to with significant respect. It was thought a great wrong that in a democratic convention the invincible democratic state of Arkansas should be outvoted by the invincible Republican state of Vermont. It is hard of gainsay the argument but those Quot matter sovereignty Quot disciples took the alarm and with All the Power they could command vindicated the claims of minorities to the right of representation. Their behaviour afterwards remonstrated that no principle however sacred was Safe with them longer than that principle served their personal and schismatic ends. The sees Loii at Charleston we do not hold it to lie no Cessaro to follow that convention a step Fiir ther and henceforth shall be Verj Brief with it. When by the scheme we have exposed a minority of the convention overruled the principles of a majority nine states seceded fifty three votes leaving the half. This withdrawal gave the advocates of Quot squatter sovereignty Quot the absolute control of the remaining co mention. They set about a nomination and with the a id of the partial Quot unit Quot trick they were entitled in Little less than sixty ballots to bring or. Douglas up to one vote beyond a tie of the whole convention when they adjourned to Baltimore. Efforts at Baltimore to liar Monize. You will recollect the efforts made during the re-1 Cess to reconcile and harm Cize. The seceding delegates were exhorted to return resume their seats and make another Effort to re an honorable adjust ment. Nearly All did return. Humiliating As it was i they would seek to unite the party of which Many of them were Able faithful a \ Petetan a did hers they j were spurned at the threshold where none had a bet j ter right to enter. Whenever it was possible to refuse i them seats bogus delegates having no reputable pre-1 mentions to legitimate Auti Jority but proc aiming Servile Devotion to Douglas were invited to take their places. It did not seem to be considered necessary that these bogus delegates should be even nominal democrats. One of them a or. Parsons of Ala-1 Bama has been shown to have been a Clay Man in i 1844, against Polk a Taylor Man in 1848, against j Cass a Scott Man in 1852, against Pierce and a Fillmore Man in 1856, against Buchanan an Active and vindictive foe of democracy until he found in Imp. Douglas the sort of democracy that suited him. The context Fox . Reconciliation being found impossible a dissolution of the convention took place. One division under the Milera worship of Caleb Cushing of Massachusetts tie president of the original convention adopted the Patio Iii of principles presented by the majority of the committee at Charleston and nominated John c. Breckinridge and Joseph Lane Twenty states Avert represented in this Branch and Nearl every democratic state joined it unanimously. The other division elected a new chairman nominated Stephen a. Douglas and Benjamin Fitzpatrick and made an addition to the platform of which we shall have occasion to speak hereafter. Or. Fitzpatrick immediately decline and now advocates the election of Breckinridge and Lane. Our Lalko Maxce is due to the . It is a waste of time to argue who the Quot regular nominees Quot Are. In the rigid sense of the phrase there is no Quot regular nominee Quot since no one received two Hundred and two votes two thirds of the whole convention. Our association plants itself upon the platform of principles supported by All the democratic states and by a majority of the convention in every form in which the sense of the Assembly could have been fairly taken. And our association with the a Hole heart of every member pledges its every Effort to promote the election of the candidates placed upon that platform. The history of the country will be imperfect if their names Are omitted. The history of the country will be unfaithful if they Are not named As men distinguished for Many Virtues. Its pages must show that in venal Days they have served the Public Long and Are still men of Humble fortunes. They must show that no opponent however virulent has yet attempted to attain the Honor of either. They must show that when tried they have proved themselves possessed of the abilities the Wisdom and the courage that befit men called in on to act As National leaders. Quot squat Elt sovereignty Quot As Law. Quot squatter sovereignty Quot is the creature of the exigencies of or. Douglas in the last senatorial canvass in Illinois. It is Only the accredited abilities and the accredited Legal and political knowledge of or. Douglas that shield the proposition from Universal derision. Coming from an obscure Man it would pass unnoticed coming from a rising Man its author would be banished to oblivion but coming from or. Douglas it has duped thousands who Are Earnest democrats but who would hear his orthodoxy impeached with impatience if not with anger. The Public records from the organization of the Goven intent to this Daj prove it to be a fallacy in Law and a heresy in politics. The first territory organized was the Northwest territory. The government established by the ordinance of 1787, consisted of a governor a Secretary and three judges All of whom were elected by Congress. The Law making faculty was vested in the governor and judges with a provision that whenever the territory was shown to contain five thousand free male inhabitants of full age they should share the legislative function by electing a House of representatives which should every five years nominate ten men from whom Congress would elect five to compose a territorial Council. Thus Congress in one stage of a territorial career appointed every authority legislative executive and judicial and while in obedience to the sympathies of our political system i it Opu Lar Power was measurably yielded still Congress reserved to itself the appointment of the Lixe Eutivi and the judiciary and the selection of one Branch of the legislature. In 1789, this ordinance to conform to the Federal Constitution was amended by transferring the appointing Jower from Congress to the president. Only thus modified that was the system of government Given to every territory for upwards of Fialo a Century. The Only difference Between that form of government and the form of government Given by the Kansas Nebraska act to these twin territories is that the people Are privileged to elect the Council As Well As the House of representatives. The Federal government still holds the appointment of the governor and confers upon him the veto Power and still holds the appointment of the judiciary who Are to pass upon the Laws. Yet or. Douglas Iii self the putative author of this measure claiming it to be the Cleverest Effort of his statesmanship in tells us that the people of a territory Are Sovereign it is not alone in the appointment of officers or departments in territorial governments that the Federal authority holds territories in a state of Pupillage. Congi Ess has constantly and directly supervised the acts of those hybrid governments and annulled or amended their Laws. Thus we find that from the establishment of a territorial government in Florida in 1823, until 1836, seven acts of the legislature were annulled by Congress. Five of those congressional acts abrogating territorial Laws Are approved by Andrew Jaclson and we Trust the friends of the Illinois senator will Bear with us if we express a belief that Andrew Jackson is quite As Good democratic authority As Stephen Arnold Douglas any one disposed to push this investigation will find the statutes at Large abounding in congressional enactments cancelling and amending Laws made in other territories. Singularly enough however it Falls to the lot of or Douglas himself to give the coup de Grace to his rickety Nursling in a speech made at Springfield Illinois on the 12th of june 1857, in regard to the difficulties in Utah he proposed to Correct the Public disorders prevailing there not merely by improving the code of Laws made by the Quot sovereigns Quot but by a drastic proceeding in Congress to repeal the act organizing the territory to annul All Laws passed in the territory and bring All persons accused of crime therein some fifteen Hundred Nules to this Border of be tried. A muscovite Romano i or a neapolitan Bourbon have rarely conceived so atrocious a tyranny. The suggestion is not quoted for approval but to show that no Public Man of this Day Liaa gone near so far As he is in disregard of his own pet Dogma. While he denies now the Power of Congress to intervene for the Protection of a particular description of property against the Quot unfriendly Lep Slation Quot of a territory he then claimed for Congress not merely the right to annul or Amend a Law or code of Laws but to repeal All their Laws deprive them of All territorial government and drag them thousands of Miles to be tried under a congressional code Quot squatter sovereignty Quot As i polity. Quot squatter sovereignty Quot has tie specious recommendation of submitting a great disturbing question to the will of a majority. To a government however is not a majority government without Many restrictions. If a majority were always right we should need no constitutions those of Nic restrictions Are imposed to protect minorities Fram the passions the prejudices and the cupidity of majorities. It is a not within the Power of any majority however powerful to deprive us of the right of trial by jury of the right of the writ of Hareas coi push of the right to worship god after the dictates of our own conscience of the right of free speech and a free press or of the rights of property. One of the chief objects of government is to protect property not to destroy it. Quot this question of slavery in the territories Quot says or. Douglas and his disciples Quot is after All a question of soil and climate and soil and climate will determine the whole South Are at. Issue with him and they should know Best for it is their property that is to be subjected to the trial. No prudent Man they urge would take a negro Worth twelve or fifteen Hundred or two thousand dollars into a country adhere he has reason to apprehend unfriendly legislation. And this View will Accord with the sense of every Man who thinks Well on the subject. Of All properties slave property is the most sensitive. It shuns disturbance and shuns doubtful legislation with Peculiar repugnance for it has in itself the faculty of conspiring against its possessor. The be Ojile of the South say and their position cannot be controverted that or. Douglas doctrine of Quot unfriendly legislation Quot and in. Lincoln s absolute prohibition Are equivalent in effect with the difference that Imp. Douglas plan is a never Endi Nii source of disturbance. With the opening of each new territory we shall have propagandist associations established in both sections of the Union and armed hirelings dispatched to Settle the a prestion of supremacy in the legislature. If the Union should survive another territorial conflict its durability will be tried again and again. The unsophisticated truth is that underlying or. Douglas Quot squatter sovereignty Quot is the same Radical abolition sentiment that underlies Ivor. Lincoln s absolute prohibition that slaves Are not property. No one doubts that if the legislature of a territory should fall into the control of horse thieves and they should abolish property in horses or should fall into the Power of socialists who Shodd abolish All individual property and shape everything to communistic notions no one doubts we say that if these things should happen he would be one of the first to raise his voice for congressional intervention. He and his friends Point significantly As a bar to unfavourable criticism to a Resolution passed at the last hour by his convention at Baltimore declaring that they will respect the decisions of the supreme court of the United states whenever this question is brought directly before that tribunal. Maugret the fact that the supreme court has already expressed its opinion we Are slow to believe that a citizen of any part of the country will deem it a Boon to be conceded the privilege of emigrating into a Law suit and that Law suit of unknown duration to be conducted at his own expense with some mythical or Fuga Cious defendant. Should he fancy a luxury of that sort however All Hopes of its prosperous indulgence Are Cut off by or. Douglas itself the senator clearly comprehends the operation of his system and the practical results to come from it. He says in his celebrated Freeport speech Quot i matters not what Way the supreme court May hereafter decide As to the abstract whether slavery May or May not go into a territory under the Constitution the people have the lawful Means to introduce it or exclude it As they , for the reason that slavery cannot exist a Day or an hour anywhere unless it is supported by local police demoralization and desertion resulting from or. Douglas course. We flatter ourselves that the pretensions put Forth in behalf of or. Douglas that he was the Choice of a majority of the National convention Are forever set aside. There is an array of facts against him that cannot be withstood. Letting him have the suppose Tive Case that a majority did support him we Are deluged with appeals to party Fidelity. A rigid discipline is invoked. Subordination to a majority is sedulously inculcated. Admitting we say for the argument that he actually was nominated by a majority of the convention is it not we ask incomparably impudent in this Man or any of his a political famil to exact those party Virtues in the Winter of 1857-58, the Lecompton Constitution was sent from Kansas to the president to be submitted to Congress. It was not his province to criticise the instrument. He did venture to say that he thought it would have been better if the whole Constitution instead of a part had been submitted to the people. Yet to free the country of a dangerous agitation growing out of the Kansas Bioti. He deemed it Best for Congress to accept the Constitution and let the people of Kansas Thene Eibrt Settle their differences among . In this opinion he was supported by every member of his Cabinet. Nearly every democratic member of the Senate and nearly every democratic member of the House agreed with him. The first speech made by Jakir. Douglas in the Senate at that session was declaratory of unyielding opposition to the Lecompton Constitution and with a supercilious sneer he signified that president Buchanan neither under stood the Kansas Nebraska act nor the Cincinnati platform of course not a single member of the Cabinet did to take the say so of this belittled infallibility none of All the democrats in that Senate but himself and two or three others none of All the democrats in that House but an ignoble Scruad that followed him understood those measures through his instrumentality the policy of the administration was Defeated. A Man Avith More stability and less ambition a Man with More judgment Anil less vanity a Man More devoted to his party and less inclined to its foes would have paused Long and considered Well before he took that step. He would have been alarmed by the praises of a Seward and a Greeley. He would have been shocked to find himself in Council it Vith the Gid Dongses and the Burlin games. He minded not. The spirit of apostasy was upon him. He founded the sect of Schini Atlas known As Quot anti Lecompton that Winter they United with the republicans in Indiana and Defeated the democratic nominees for legislative Ofedes. At the same time they were leashed to the Sterc oracious abolitionism of Kansas. In Many of the districts wherein elections were held that fall they United with republicans to defeat democrats. In California they combined with every form of opposition to beat the democratic nominees but met with a rebuke that abated their ardor amazingly. The latest political news from Oregon is that a like combination was made there Avrich also proved a failure. And now is it not a great shame and a Reat sin to Boot that or. Buchanan and his whole Cabinet thirty Odd democratic senators and some Hundred Odd democratic representatives did not go in procession some Day to or. Douglas and beg his forgiveness for differing with him ? it would have been such a Fine democratic spectacle an hour of danger c05iing. Democrats of Kansas it is not to be denied that dangers of a magnitude and an imminence hitherto unknown to us Are be clouding the destiny of the Republic. Were the people of the North themselves to decide the great question now before the country emancipated from Artisan antipathies a loosed from men of turbulent ambition and awakened to the great respond abilities of the hour a majority of their Ivo. 17. Delegates to the electoral College would cast their Suffrages for John c. Breckinridge and Joseph Lane strengthening the Union by renewing and invigorating Frient ships and solemnly asserting the you atty of the states and the equal nights of the people of the states. Is such an auspicious Union of the patriotic pople of the North against the incendiaries m their midst who aim to wreck this government Likely to happen we Hope for the Best but cannot unburden ourselves of the oppressive thou Glit that there is a perilous possibility of the election of Abraham Lincoln. It is Patent that this contest lies Between Lincoln and Hamlin on the one Side and Breckinrid and Lane on the other. In St. Louis in Louisville in Baltimore in Savannah in Mobile in new Orleans and in Memphis a Covert free Soilis will try to make itself Felt but its Covin contracts will result in nothing but noisy insignificance. The great Rural South wis Send an undivided column to the Potomac and the Olio. California and Oregon impartial and unit Passione spectators of this conflict will be there beside the South. Liat if the patriots of the North backed by this my if cent array have not Vantage enough to win the Field a j arty will dominate Over the nation that has not one teat ire of nationality in it a party whose whole history is a history of sectional Strite. It has begot mobs to Rescue fugitive slaves and slay the officers having them in Chai be. It has bred societies of run off slaves from their owners. It has by penal Laws made it the duty of the citizen to resist the Enton a ment of the fugitive slave Law. It has proscribed every judge and every other officer who has dared to indicate respect for that Law although it was enacted in literal obedience to the Constitution. It has in contempt of the Constitution refused to surrender fugitives from Justice in the slave states on the ground that an offence against slave property cannot be felony. And it has inspired sanguinary invasion of the slave holding states to Jiro cure the horrors of Servile insurrection. This is the party that proposes to take Possession of the Federal government on the 4th of Juarch 1861. The country looking at this record will not be at a Lois to say who the disunion its Are. The people of tie Soutsi having borne All this will they submit to the abasement of a conquered a subject people will they look with eci unanimity at the future them by the past what have they to expect the territories closed to them and nixed by officers bitter enemies to themselves and their institutions. Every vacancy in the supreme court filled with men pledged to disregard their rights. The mails burdened with incendiary pub cations and the Post offices depots for their distribution. The custom houses and the National Public works asylums for conspirators. The Navy and army under the supreme command of Abraham Lincoln the instrument of a party born to War upon the people and the institutions of the South a the instrument of a party educated and disciplined to War us it on the people and the institutions of the South the instrument of a i arty that ceases of exist when it ceases to War upon the people and the institutions of the South. The solution of the a questions does not lie with us. How they May be answered every Man will judge for himself. Feeble As our influence is in struggle we Trust you will agree with us that the occasion demands its exercise to Avert if possible so perilous an Issue As suggests itself. We know not what May betide the country within the next half year Quot the times arc As prudent men it behoves us to be organized As Thorois Lily As May be. We should be putting our House in Ortler. Daniel Scully chairman. Samuel d. Lecompte Daniel l. Henry William Perry a Magruder . John 0, Breckinridge. The a Artibel daily Post in its Issue of to tiny has a characteristically false article in relation to the course pursued by or. Breckinridge in the presidential canvass of 1848. The Post says Quot bolting is no new thing to John c. Breckinridge. In 1848 he favored tie election of Gen. Taylor in preference to general Cass tiie re Vidar democratic this is simply false ridiculously false and destitute of any semblance of truth and we have no doubt that the Post Well knows it. In 1847, nearly a year before the session of the convention by Avrich general Cass was nominated or. Breckinridge in common with Many other democrats North and South was in favor of placing Gen Taylor in the Field. Gen. Talor was claimed to be a Democrat at that time and was subject to the abuse of whig orators and whig presses and Many democrats in Connecticut were anxious to take up the hero of Buona Vista thinking that with him Success would be certain. But time showed that Quot old Zack Quot was disposed to accept a nomination from the opponents of the democracy Ami from that Lime the attention of All democrats was directed to other men. Or. Breckinridge gave a Hearty support to the nomination of general Cass and the statesman of Michigan had no More ardent Friend during the canvass than the distinguished kentuckian. Whoever attacks the political character and integrity of John c. Breckinridge will Early find that they have undertaken a thankless task. There breathes not in this Broad confederacy a nobler purer gentleman or one who is More thoroughly identified with the Best interests of its people. It has Long been the policy of the ardent friends of a certain aspirant to presidential honors to attack with malicious falsehoods All other men who May be supposed to stand Between him and the Sun and let it be remembered that in 1852 in his place upon the floor of the House of representatives As a democratic representative from the state of Kentucky John c. Breckinridge administered a Well merited and scathing rebuke to certain parties who were then engaged introducing general Cass and other eminent men in the vain Hope that should he or they fail of receiving a nomination at the hands of the coming National democratic convention its honors would fall upon or. Douglas. Let the same game be played Over now. The friends of or Breckinridge will not fail to defend him and May if they see proper car the War into Illinois Quot one who knows. Douglas at Albany and the wic Kuffe must those forty thousand voters of Louisiana whom or. Wickliffe said in Baltimore the adoption of this Resolution in the Douglas platform would give to Douglas feel after Reading or. Douglas speech at Albany on Friday last or. Douglas in this speech gave no Quarter whatever to the South nor did he condescend to notice the fact that we have a United states supreme court. But boldly and defiantly did he declare the supreme right of a territorial legislature to legislate slavery in or out of the territory just As it pleased a y. Day Book. _ Francis p. Blair Republican outrage Black Republican House of representatives at the late session turned or. Barrett Democrat who had a plurality of 500, out of his seat and admitted Blair on the ground that too Many votes were polled in the District to be Legal. Blair took his seat and at the close of the session resigned the people of his District having much feeling upon the subject. Both candidates ran again and though Blair is elected for the next Congress by Over 1,000, he is Defeated for the next session of this Congress by about 150, and Barrett is returned and the vote is increased Over 6,000. Thus have the Black Republic and been rebuked

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