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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - August 23, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana old Constitution. The Union and the Equality of the states vol. , Indiana thursday August 23, 1860.the old line guard. Is a i Quot a or e e in Toat i w Diana Olis Indiana ii Eldek 9c Biak knt a. T e he sol until after the presidential a Lection. In Advance in All cases. Advertisements a a sorted at the usual to the democracy and the people of the United states by the National democratic executive committee. To the democracy and the people of the United Stales fellow citizens tie election of the next president of Ltd vice president of the United states is at hand. Pour distinct organizations Are in the Field. The Republican party making bold and open War upon the. Institutions of fifteen Sovereign states of this Union. The constitutional party repudiating All platforms and standing simply on the catch words Quot Constitution and tie two parties Yaeli calling itself democratic one however following the of one Man i Quot. Douglas and differing from the republicans in making insidious instead of open War upon the South. The other standing inflexibly on the Constitution of the country makes no concealment As to its interpretation of that instrument its i allying cry being the Equality of the states. We purpose calmly and impartially to Survey the Field and to give the reasons Why the latter part should be considered As the Demock Atic party and How the Dearest interests of county race and of human Progress Are concerned in its . Wily is it Liat the democratic party is disrupted and it wings arrayed in bitter opposition to each other Why is it that the veterans who achieved its time honoured triumphs no to Ger move m Ith the old Energy and Harmony to meet the antagonists they live so often Defeated ? what firebrand has been thrown into their midst lighting up intestine fires and consuming As with a devouring Frame let the Plain unvarnished record answer. In 1856 the democratic party after a most bitter contest elected James Buchanan president and John c. Breckinridge vice president of the United states. The new administration was inaugurated and went into operation. Its policy was foreshadowed in he inaugural address. Tiie supreme court in a Case Beible it tie dred Scott Case gave its decision on the question of difference in the democratic ranks a decision which previously every Democrat had solemnly pledged himself to abide by As the authoritative exposition of the do Moorati Faith. That August tribunal declared the Missouri Compromise act unconstitutional and void enunciated the right of the South to take and hold their slave property in the territories denied to the territorial legislature any right to interfere wit i such property and proclaimed Liat a territory could Only Settle the question of slavery at the time it came to form a Constitution preparatory to its admission into the Union As a Sovereign state. This was looked upon by All sound democrats As the final settlement of the question and it was believed that the agitation of slavery would be forever withdrawn from the Vialls of Congress. Vjio has kept up this agitation ? who has resisted this decision ? who has declared that it matters not what Way the supreme court May hereafter decide As to the abstract question Wilether slavery May or May not go into a territory under the Constitution the people have the lawful Means to Intro Luce or exclude it As they please and again no matter what the decision of the supreme court May be on Liat abstract question the right of the Jie Ople to make a slave territory or a free territory is perfect and Complete under Tjie Nebraska Bill f or. Douglas thus in his Illinois contest set the people above the Constitution and violated his own pledges in the Kansas Nebraska act. Now was presented to the country the sad spectacle of our valiant Champion exerting his entire energies to overthrow the Jurty which had of honoured him and with the Flag of rebellion and insurrection in his hand endeavouring to seduce the party from its principles. His friends have not hesitated to affiliate with the Republican party to Compass his ends. In Oregon they United Avith the republicans in the canvass of last year and this and or. Logan the leading Republican of the state fought the canvass on the doctrine of squatter sovereignty alone. In new Jersey his friends i messes. Adrain and Riggs were returned to Congress j by the votes of the Republican party Quot and against the i regular democratic party. So with Reynolds has Kin and Clarke in new York with Hickman and Schwartz in Pennsylvania with John g. Davis in Indiana. Republicans were returned to Congress Over democrats by the opposition and with the collusion of i the friends of or. Douglas. Thus was Arnold defeat j de in Connecticut Hughes and Ray in Indiana Taylor and Russell in new York Phillips Leidy Ahl Gillis and Dewart in Pennsylvania Hall and Burns in Ohio and Worde Kyke in new Jersey. Or. Douglas himself All the while has vehemently opposed and denounced the democratic administration in the Senate has refused to be governed by the voice of his party has warred upon All of his democratic colleagues with a single exception has voted against them not simply on the vexed question of slavery but against their nominations and has even joined the j republicans in their efforts to exclude from the sen ate the two democratic senators from the state of Indiana. I squatter sovereignty. I owing to his election in Illinois to the Senate Over i his competitor or. Lincoln to the 2>osition maintained i throughout that canvass that no matter what was the decision of the supreme court the legislature of a territory could lawfully exclude slavery therefrom by j unfriendly legislation he i resolved to engraft his ii Ere by of squatter sovereignly of which this was an exemplification upon the Creed of the democratic party and he declared in his Dorr letter that on this condition Only would he accept the nomination of the convention for the presidency. Tims one Man undertook to Lay Down the platform of an entire party and to place out of the Pale of that party its own president All but two of its senators All but some Liaf a dozen of its representatives in Congress to Brand As anti democratic the platforms and the men of nearly every state where the parly was in xxi session of the government. Is it to be wondered at that the South became alarmed and that it lost its Confidence in him who once was by them trusted and admired ? it must be remembered too that the resistance to or. Douglas nomination was not confined to the Southern states. It was wide spread throughout All the states and was predominant in Oregon California Pennsylvania and new Jersey states whose votes with an almost United South were essential to Success in the coming election. It was also predominant in Massachusetts. Under Euch circumstances were his claims vehemently urged for the presidency. The pres.?, Telegraph and every Art of management was used to secure the election of delegates favourable to his nomination. The Maxim of the immortal Jackson was reversed and the Man was made to seek the presidency not the presidency tie Man. The Charleston convention. Heretofore tie delegates chosen by the democracy of the United states met in National conventions As Brothers to consult together in a spirit of Harmony i and concessions to Lay Down the principles of the party to nominate candidates for the presidency and vice presidency not objectionable in numbers to any respectable portion of the party and therefore like to receive its United and harmonious support. For this purpose was the two third Rule adopted in the first National democratic convention that was Ever held in this county and actuated by the motives which begot it the democracy have repeatedly in National conventions whenever a respectable opposition presented itself refused to nominate some of the Ablest statesmen and by the nomination of others less i objectionable have marched on to Victory and the development and enforcement of their principles. It j will be recollected that or. Van Buren received a considerable majority at the democratic National j convention in 1844, yet no one then contended that he therefore was entitled to the nomination. On the contrary the convention regarding the opposition of the minority to his nomination As entitled to consider-1 action and respect refused to nominate him but Nomi rated or. Polk against Akhom there was no Objec-1 Tion and under his Banner the democratic party i achieved one of its greatest triumphs. It was this j principle of Harmony and Concession of respect and i consideration for the opinions and views of the minor Ity which bound the democracy together with bands of steel and made them invincible on the Day of Battle i it was the motto under which w e marched to Victory a tie secret and key Stone to our Success. Far diff rent was the spirit displayed at Charleston and Baltimore by the friends of or. Douglas. They i came to nominate him or break up the convention. Many of their prominent men boldly and Oji enly avowed the or ruin Quot was their motto. Uliey met the of unions and views of the seventeen reliable democratic states almost United in opt a position to the nomination of or. Douglas with insult and de . I the democratic states were wedded to no one Man., they had their favourites but they put Forth no claim that even one of them Sli Ould be nominated. They were willing to take any one of the illustrious and Dis-1 to anguished statesmen of our party except or. Doug Las. Lead made Iii itself obnoxious to them for the reasons already mentioned and they asked that he i should not be thrust Down their throats. Was tiie re i quest an unusual one ? our history As a party shows that it was not. Was the request an unreasonable i one ? who will say so when they reflect that upon the states which made it chiefly devolved the task of electing the nominees of the convention ? yet the Douglas delegates not Only turned a deaf ear to this request but in tie most High handed and reckless manner with sacrilegious hands Tore Down the landmarks of the party and trampled Lipon democratic comity and usages in order to foist that one Man upon the convention. With any other Democrat they could have had Harmony and Union and presented today the spectacle of a United and invincible party. We put it to the conscience and the judgment of every honest Man Are they not guilty of having divided the party ? Are they not guilty of setting up this one Man As Paramount to tie Union of the states ? did they not take Quot the first fatal and irrevocable stride towards disunion of the states Quot from this unenviable position no ingenuity nor device nor wholesale and reckless charges against others can relieve them. Quot inexorable logic Quot Stamps the grave crime upon their brows. Representing states nearly All of which were Jioji ulessly Black Republican they claimed that they were entitled to dictate both the platform and the candidates and to this end the system of tactics which we had witnessed outside of the convention was for the first time in our history and we earnestly Hope the last steadily and Persi trently enacted in it. Rules were made and violated at pleasure. The decisions of an impartial president were adopted and then overruled As it suited their purpose. The usages of democratic conventions were followed and then shamefully violated As it accorded with their designs. Everything was made to Bend to the one great Pur pose for which they assembled the nomination of or. Douglas. It cannot certainly be Consin Rcd strange that honorable men unused to such scenes should leave the convention and that it was finally j virtually broken up. The first act of injustice was the unit Rule. The committee on Penis Anent organization reported the following Rule known As the unit Quot that in any state Avrich has not provided or directed by its state convention How its vote May be Given the convention will recognize the right of each Delegate to cast its individual this Rule was in violation of the Rule of All former conventions which left to the delegations from each state the right to determine How the vote should be cast and it was smuggled into the report of the committee and brought Beible the convention in the following manner at the first meeting of the committee when ail its members Avert present this Rule was brought before the committee and rejected. The committee went on discharged their other business and adjourned to an informal meeting in the morning to enable the chairman to make out the report and submit it to the committee j for its Ai Proval. At this latter meeting when some six or eight members of the committee opposed to the Rule were absent not having received notice of a called meeting for other business and regarding the work As virtually finished the Rule was again brought Forward and adopted. In this Dis respectable manner was this Rule brought before and adopted by the convention. By it the votes of the minority in the delegations of Indiana Vermont new York and Ohio amounting to 27, or 55 delegates opposed to or. Douglas were thrown for him while on the final ballot at Baltimore it gave him votes in Massachusetts 10 Pennsylvania 10 new Jersey 2j Imai land 2 Virginia 3 North Carolina 1 Arkansas 1 Missouri 4 Tennessee 3 and Kentucky 3�?in All 41, which he would not have received had the ancient usages and rules of the former conventions leaving the majority in each state to determine How the vote of each state should be cast been adhered to. Yet the Ink was hardly dry that recorded the passage of the Resolution before the very men who clamoured for its adoption sought to violate it and actually succeeded in their efforts in the Case of new Jersey where the state convention recommended the delegates to vote As a unit the Douglas delegates overruled the decision of the president that by the term recommended the Conven Tion Hoa provided the Mode for casting the vote of the state and allowed the two or Thiee Douglas delegates to cast their individual votes. Withdrawal of delegates from the ton convention. The record of proceedings shows this withdrawal was done in sorrow and not in anger not for the purposes of disunion but to receive instructions from their constituents. The friends of or. Douglas at least should not complain. Words however Are inadequate to express the bitterness of their animosity. Had not the democracy of the South the same right to state the terms upon which they would hold Fellowship with their sister states As Douglas had to dictate to them the platform of their democracy the Southern states gave their interpretation of the democratic Creed and a portion of them insisted upon its recognition by the convention As the condition of their support. They Avert denied this and withdrew from the convention. They at least did nothing More than pursue the course which or. Douglas announced in his Dorr letter he would pursue in the event of his platform not being adopted for if he could not stand on a different platform As a candidate it logically followed that his position was that of antagonism and resistance both to platform and candidate. But notwithstanding the withdrawal of fifty one delegates no nomination was made at Charleston and after a struggle of ten Days an adjournment was Hall to Baltimore under the Follo no i Eso Lution resolved that when this convention Anjou is it Kentucky. Adjourn to re assemble at Baltimore on monday the Ohio. 18th Day of june next and that it is respectfully re j Indiana. Con ended to the Den cratic party of the several i a. States to make prom Sion for supplying All vacancies in Michigan. Their respective delegations to the convention when it Wisconsin. H 3 23 13 11 c Iowa. Minnesota. Missouri. The same course was adopted in regard to the eighth electoral District of Missouri. Or. Johnson shall Baltimore convention. The convention met at Baltimore. Most of the Quot on motion of or. Clark of Missouri at the Instate responded to the invitation above recited and stance of or. Hodge of Virginia the question was their delegates presented their credentials and asked then propounded trom the chair whether the Nom admission into the convention. How were they i nation of Douglas should or should not be without treated by the friends of or. Douglas further ceremony the unanimous act of the Conven bogus delegates Massachusetts. Tion and of All the delegates present the Channan Benjamin f. Ila Lett was regularly appointed a Del distinctly requesting that any Delegate who objected Gate from Massachusetts to the National convention whether or not having voted should signify his Dis the same convention appointed k. L. Chaffee As his sent. No Delegate dissented and thus at last was alternate. Owing to sickness or. Hallett was unable Stephen a. Douglas unanimously nominated in a con to attend the convention at Charleston and in his mention representing More than two thirds of All the absence or. Chaffee his alternate took his place electoral votes As the candidate of the democratic at Baltimore however or. Hallett was present but party for the presidency of the United states the convention actually turned him out actually i Quot Quot was it irregular a is to propose a candidate ? if turned out the regular Delegate and gave the seat to so Lewis Cass was irregularly nominated at Baltimore inc alternate. In 1848, which no Man Ever pretended for the same meth Oil was adopted in his first. It is not True that general Cass was Nomina Ted in 1848, in a similar manner. Such a procedure b. Gail Delegate was unceremoniously tie nomination of a candidate by Resolution prior to a of his seat and or. O Fallon the Contin his receiving two thirds of the vote of the convention gent Coteil in. Hereto Ibre it has always been con \ where there was a contest never before was witnessed Side red that the alternate acted Only in the absence of in a National democratic convention. This resold the principal but Lii a convention gravely determined Tion avas another innovation upon democratic usages that the True test for admission into that convention second. It is not True that the chairman notified a consisted in an affirmative answer to the fuestion the delegates that those who did not object should be Are you for the nomination of Stephen a. Douglas ? counted As voting for the Resolution. No published l0risi\n4 and at.\nama. Proceedings of that convention puts any such remark into Liis Mouth. On the contrary every published the time in j us to Jjck Minuit by the convention that originally a re sorted by d ii rerun r Roc Neuha Demon pointed them and also to exclude the Rei Iular delegates , a re Poi ers conc Mac j t Mon i i -.11 is rates that he gave utterance to no such language trom Alabama Avo Avert appointed by a new Conven a. I i i a a 1 or a i .1 of. 1 i even it he did it was not in his Power and was Tion called by the democratic committee of the state a r i a i a i no a r. A .1 a it a not Avi thin Trie scope of his duties As fire Shnir officer the history of the cases is this. At or the secession. I i f. A Quot 1 i re a it f i a. To dictate to delegates what course Thev shout pursue at Charleston the democratic Central committee of r a 17 i a i / t a a 1 a a Xic. U a i or to bind them by ins Mere apse Dixit. Lac i Delegate Louisiana the Only in that state having the to assemble the democracy in convention. A a. Rry in i 111 Quot to his Mouth. On the contrary Ever the next Siep avas to a the out let a regular Dele a those Public like at Quot Tion from the suite of Louisiana who Avert re a Post. Baltimore Washington and new y de to Baltimore by the convention that originally a Spon sible a a Quot votes of the electoral votes to nominate. The highest the democracy of the stale were not represented. I v at Toof 1a Ai 1 la n a if note at any time attained by or. Douglas. Avas 181 a in tie Case or Alabama the democratic Central com a a u a . N i i a 1 i 1 v and tie a Hole number cast 196. Hoax were 202 notes Mittee called a new convention to be elected in tiie at. 1 a. A i a n 1 Tor or. Douglas to be manufactured out of 10b notes democracy of the several counties. This convention i a. A i. A 1 a o 1 1 1,1. To 1. I All told 1-ii of Avrich were cast against him r met and sent Back the regular delegates to Baltimore. I to it a j 1 a it a v a 1 a a 11 1 1 1 Xii Gisteen Amie Viates remained in the convention As a number of persons havea or issued a Call 1 a 1 i i 1 a. 111. Spectators Takin ii no part Avlia Soever in its Delibera m Only three Pancis in the Sta a addressed to the i of a 1 1 1 a .1 a. ,. Tiai u i i. I tons and express la declaring that they Avert not people not the democracy or Alabama for another. A a a a a a Oil a a t a = a 1 a v. 1-1. 1 a. 1 i i 1 1 bound by its decision. V Arious devices were tried to convention. Avrich met and appointed a set of Dele a i. Coni Pef those Eiff teen Dele rates to vote. Or. Hurcil Gates the Leader of a from never cast a . V 1 u 1 1 w j 1 a =.,1. 1 i of jew Lork had offered a Resolution Declanni or. Vote in his he and a to openly a saved that he was i to. A ,. I. A i i of i going to Baltimore to vote for or. Douglas in order i Quot Quot win of to break up the democratic party yet Quot he so called proceedings which then National convention voted out the regular delegates up elected by the democracies of these states and voted 1 Quot question a is loudly called for. In the bo"ii3 delegates. I Quot a Jones of Pennsylvania Aid he was ready to a a a <5 i support the nominee of the Cona mention Ashen he shall be nominated by the democratic part in the Case of Arkansas the congressional Conven-1 at Charleston it avas determined that Tavo thirds of All tons of the state which nominated the democratic t a electoral College avas to a nomination candidates for Congress re appointed the delegates to us was objected that debate avas not in order. Baltimore. Yet this convention deliberately voted out the regular delegates so elected in the first District awhile they declared that the regular delegates elected in the same manner in the second District were entitled to their seats and then in Defiance of the Resolution of the democratic state convention of Arkansas instructing the delegates to vote As a unit and in utter violation of their Oion unit Resolution they divided Quot the or. Todd so ruled. Quot or. Jones raised a question of order that the Rule adopted at Charleston could not be repealed except on one Day s notice. Quot or. Church explained the action at Charleston and said his Resolution avas intended to change the Rule of instruction adopted at Charleston. Nea York had come Here to pour Oil on the troubled Waters and the vote of the state giving the bogus delegates from 1 had faithful us endeavoured to do so. They had yielded the first distinct the right to cast one vote and the everything except personal Honor to heal the divisions regular delegates from the second District Taa of votes nay they even went further and resolved that in Case the regular delegates from the second District did not vote the bogus from the first District Avert to cast the full vote of the state and Avrich existed. He proceeded of condemn the action of the seceding delegates. Quot or. W. S. Gittings of Maryland entered a protest against the propositions of or. Church of new York. A Rule avas adopted at Charleston that two yet after such High handed procedure As this we Are i thirds of All the votes of the electoral College was re meekly told by the committee that Quot it must be con quire to nominate a candidate for president. Ceded that the report of the committee on Creden Quot the chair explained that at Charleston the then trials was so Liberal and con Chatory toward the seed president avas instructed not to declare and one Nom ers and their friends As to be hardly just to the repro i Ina Ted unless he received two thirds of the votes of Sentmat Iveson the National democracy from this state Quot the electoral College 202 notes Georgia. J Quot or. Gittings said there were two thirds of the in the Case of Georgria the Douglas men themselves electoral College Here and if gentlemen voted who de called a state convention for the purpose of having lined to vote Douglas Avold be nominated by a two the seceding delegates repudiated by the democracy third vote. He hoped there would be More ballots to More by a a ote of 299 to 41. The forty one Douglas delegates then bolted and also appointed delegates. Yet the Douglas committee on credentials at Baltimore in Defiance again of the Resolution of the Georgia be do More ballots and if those gentlemen Avaio declined to a ote did not vote he should treat them As out of the convention. Quot or. Church then a Ith dream his Resolution till an convention instructing their delegates to vote As a l other ballot was had. Unit and in utter inflation of their own Rule upon the yet after this notice served upon these eighteen subject reported in favor of dividing the vote of the delegates they again refused to a ote and it is simply state giving one half to the regular Delegate., and j ridiculous to say that the president could record their one half to the bogus appointees of the forty one Bolt i votes As cast in favor of the Resolution. Or. Church ers but this avas too great an outrage even for this j boldly declared that the Quot Resolution iras intended to Coua Enion and they voted to admit the regular Del i change the Rule of instruction adopted at Charleston Quot Quot a Tavo thirds Vole to nominate the Caridi Gates and thus placed the by Jud of bogus upon the Broad of h. V. Johnson the Douglas candidate for vice president commenting six a a this action the Douglas executive committee characterizes it As an Quot extravagance of liberality Quot thus was the democracy of Sovereign states wantonly disfranchised in a National convention and thus re in inn Date. Of the eighteen delegates Avo remained in the convention As spectator., five Avert from Kentucky six from Delaware and seven from Missouri. The five delegates from Kentucky filed a Avritte protest in which they stated that though they remain Avert democrats compelled to give up All Fellona ship 1 de in the Cona mention they Quot will not participate in its with men so regardless of their own Honor and the deliberations nor hold ourselves or our constituents welfare and Unity of the democratic party. My. Douglas not nominated by a two thirds vote. But it is claimed that or. Douglas was nominated by a two thirds vote. The Dot Glas executive committee in a recent address declare Quot after All secession As Well As the refusal of cer hound by its action but leave both at full he cry to act As circumstances May dictate Quot signed by g. A. Caldwell w. W. Williams w. Bradley Samuel b. Feld and Thos. J. Young or. Saulsbury of Delaware announced in behalf of the silk delegates from his state Avo remained in the convention but refused to vote that Quot in future they should decline to a ote reserving to themselves the right to act hereafter As they deemed the seven delegates from Missouri gave notice that Tain delegates from Georgia and Arkansas together Avith the entire delegations from Texas and Xvi Mississippi to occupy their seats our National convention at bal they would remain in the convention but Avold take Tim orc yet retained 424 delegates or 212 electoral no part in its deliberations. And these Are the votes yet retained 424 delegates votes being ten More than two thirds of the electoral votes of the a Hole Union. But. Some of these delegates As in the Case of Georgia refrained from voting the majority of the delegation having retired others As in the Case of Arkansas although full delegations and authorized in Case of any secession to cast the whole vote of their state preferred Only to cast that which would be a fair proportion Between the seeders and themselves and yet others As in the Case of Delaware and portions of the delegates from Kentucky and Missouri declined to vote but refused to secede. This accounts for the fact that upon the second ballot by states or. Douglas received Only 181j votes or. Breckinridge receiving 10, or. Guthrie 4 votes the states of South Carolina eight and Florida three having authorized no delegates to any convention at Baltimore. Here is the ballot As reported . . Maine. New Hamp Siire. Vermont. Massachusetts. Rhode Island. Connecticut. New York. New Jersey. Pennsylvania. 10 Maryland. Virginia. Noi Carolina. Alabama. Louisiana. Arkansas. I Missouri. Tennessee. Doii Glan. 7 5 5 10 4 35 10 1 9 6 it part upon which this committee base their Tavo third vote for or. Douglas no Opportunity Given to dissent from the Resolution nominating or. Douglas. But even admitting that the president did give notice that those who did not object should be counted in favor of the Resolution even admitting the proposition that his Mere apse Dixit had the Coaver to bind the delegates Avo did not dissent even in the face of their declarations that they would not vote we Noav proceed to silo a that no Opportunity avas afforded to any Delegate to object to the passage of the Resolution. The extract of the proceedings Avrich ave have heretofore quoted shows that debate upon this Resolution was decided to be out of order and under this ruling or. Jones of Pennsylvania who Rose to enter his dissent was unceremoniously gagged. Haa ing thus closed their Mouths this committee contends that because they did not then speak they must be counted As having voted for the Resolution. By no Rule of Justice or of right can the 14 votes Given for or. Breckinridge and or. Guthrie be counted As having been cast for the Resolution declaring or. Douglas the nominee. Having steadily through repeated ballots voted against or. Douglas they were not allowed to object to the Resolution when it was offered nor even Given the Opportunity of voting against it. Here Are the proceedings at this stage Quot or. Clarke then moved to declare Stephen a. Douglas the democratic nominee for the presidency. Arala aae or. Hoe of Virginia offered a Resolution to that effect which was read. The Resolution declaring s. A. Douglas the unan Ivo. 16. Imus Choice of the convention for the presidency was adopted by a shout of ayes and cheers which lasted a considerable time. The band of the Keystone club appeared in the gallery and struck up a Tunc which was greeted with i ene cd cheers. The president col. Todd declared Stephen a. Douglas of Illinois the unanimous Choice of the democracy of the United states As their candidate for the presidency. Loud the Cote in favor of the Resolution was alone taken the negative vote teas Jio put to the convention but As if still further to demonstrate that the eighteen delegates from Kentucky Delaware and Missouri took no part at All in the proceedings we Call attention to the vote for vice president when they again refused to vote seven votes from Georgia and Arkansas counted in of the unit Rule. the nine notes counted for the eighteen delegates Avo refused to vote with the 14 j votes cast for messes. Breckinridge and Lane added to the 18 h Given for or. Douglas gives Only a total of 205, seven less than the votes claimed by this committee. Where do they get the remaining seven notes from Georgia and Arkansas. Tie state of Georgia avas entitled to ten votes in the convention to be cast by Twenty . The democracy of Georgia however. Appointed forty delegates to cast the ten a otes and instructed them to vote As a unit the majority to determine the action of the state. Elov. U of tin delegates remained in the convention but the major it. Avaio seceded protested against these eleven being allo aved to vote and the Cona mention decided by a a ote of 148 to 100, that those remaining from that state Avert not under the unit Rule entitled to note. At Baltimore the seceding delegates from Georgia re appointed by the state convention refused to take their seats but one of them or. Gaulden Hoa Vever. Came into the convention but did not pretend to vote because under the decision of the convention he was not entitled to vote As the majority Lead determined not to take their seats in the convention. And yet these Are the persons decided by the convention to be Mere spectators and not delegates who had no right to vote and never did vote in the convention Avo Are now represented As delegates by the Douglas committee and pressed into the service for the purpose of manufacturing a Tavo third note for or. Douglas the decision of the convention the Tavo delegates messes. Flournoy and stir Nan Avo remained in the convention at Charleston. Avert Al loved to cast one vote the three bogus delegates from the first congressional District one vote and the within having delegates Avo were accredited to Baltimore two votes. The latter declined to take their seats and or. Stirman Avith Reav. He is thus reported Quot or. Stirman of Arkansas Ashen his state was called said in Justice to himself and with sorrow a he parted with the convention he could not longer remain Atter what had been thus a majority of the Delegate a actually adm Itterl to the convention had Avith 1 Awn or refused to take to Weir seats and under tie unit Rule the minority had no right to vote. Yet the committee have counted both the vote of or. Stirman Avaio had Avit drawn increased the one vote Cuvar ded by the convention to the bogus three to a vote and a half and thus secured an Wildi tonal vote from Arkansas in favor of the Resolution. In this was the Douglas committee got 6 additional votes from Georgia and one from Arkansas in favor of the Resolution thus increasing their figures from 205 to 212 votes. Actual vote cast for or. Douglas. We now propose to show beyond Caa in that even the vote i8u Given by the Douglas executive committee in the foregoing table As having been cast for or. Douglas is based on error. Let examine the matter. Massachusetts is put do Avn at 10 votes for or. Douglas Ashen there Avert Only ten delegates entitled to cast five votes remaining in the convention from that state. Masuji Chusett had thirteen votes represented by 20 delegates sixteen of these delegates to withdrew. And joined the Breckinridge and Lane convention leaving ave repeat but ten delegates to cast five notes. Vermont avas represented by 10 delegates with the right to cast five votes. She is represented As having Given the Avoie five to or. Douglas instead of one of the delegates i Stoughton having Avith dra Avn and joined the other convention. Minnesota is recoiled a having cast her full vote for ill. Douglas Ashen three of her delegates entitled to votes refused to vote for him and withdrew from the convention Quot or. Becker of Minnesota said he and two of his colleagues desired to announce the conclusion at Avrich they had Arna de they went to Charleston and came to Baltimore actuated Only by a desire to promote the Harmony Union and integrity of the democratic party but unfortunately Tor them and the country their desires and efforts had failed they had been ready Abr any exertions and sacrifices to promote their object and they now took this step in View of the responsibilities resting upon them before the people. In conclusion he announced their determination to vacate their seats taking Avith them the credentials Avrich accredited them to the National democratic Pennsylvania is put do Avn As having Given Twenty Tavo and a half votes Ashen 12 of her delegates entitled to six notes Avith Reav and joined the other convention. As Pennsylvania is Only entitled to 27, she cast one and one half More votes for or. Douglas than her delegation Ivere entitled to. Virginia ii pears to have Given s votes for or. Douglas when Only five of her delegates entitled to 24 a otes remained in the convention. North Carolina had but one Delegate entitled to cast one half a vote in the convention yet he is recorded As having cast one vote. Tennessee Avith Only five delegates in the convention. Is put Down at 3, instead of 2. New York is put Down at 35 votes when it is Well known that two of her delegates withdrew from the convention and joined the other convention. These make a total of 11 votes which added to the 18 bogus delegates from Alabama the 12 bogus delegates from Louisiana and the 3 bogus delegates from Arkansas counting in votes make a total of 27 votes to be subtracted from the 181 a leaving the vote of or. Douglas at Only 154 forced votes. But even this avas a forced vote forced by a violation of the usages of the democratic party by which the notes of .31 delegates from new York in addition to the Tavo above alluded to 12 from Ohio and 9 from Indiana making a total of 52 delegates entitled to 26 a otes hostile to the nomination of or. Douglas were voted or him. Subtract these from 154, and it leaves 128, As the actual strength of or. Douglas in the convention had the rules and usages of Fonner conventions whereby the a ote of each state avas to be determined by the majority of the delegates been followed or. Douglas would have gained 1 vote in Maine 2 votes in Connecticut and lost 10 in Massachusetts 2 in new Jersey 10 in Pennsyl Ania 2 in Maryland s in Vii Nia 1 in North Carolina in in Arkansas 4 in Missouri 3 in Tennessee 3 in Kentucky making a net loss of 37i, to Avrich add the a otes of Alabama 9, and Louisiana 6, represented by the but a delegates who Avold not then have gained admission into the convention and ave have 52 votes to be deducted from 181 leaving 129 As the True vote under the Nde of former inventions really cast for or. Douglas in the convention. Convention at the inn hate. I05i votes were cast for president to which must be add i vote from Minnesota 3 votes Fawn Dehi

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