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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - August 21, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana Rathe Constitution the Union and the it Quality of the states vol , Indiana tuesday August 21, 1860. The old line guard. To t i. I Els jul a a Yat ill Diar Jafolis Indiana hit i Dii a so Hau Knoks. Teh. To a until of car the presidential election. In Advance in All cases. Advertisements inserted at the usual rates. Address of Hon. John 0. Babeo Kitridge Vich i a resident of the United states the 17th of november 1800 or As or. Wolcott expressed it left the comforts of Philadelphia Quot to co to the Indian place with the Long name in the Woods on the i will not pause to describe the appearance at that Day of the place where the City was to be. Contemporary accounts represent it As desolate in the extreme with its Long unopened avenues and streets its deep molasses and its vast area covered with Trees instead oif houses. It is enough to say that i Washington projected the whole plan us on a scale of centum ies and Liat time enough remains to fill the j measure of his great conception., j the Senate continued to occupy the North Wing j and the House of representatives the South Wing of i the Capitol until the 24tli of August 1814, when the British army entered the City and burned the Public buildings. This occurred during the recess and the president immediately convened the Congress. Both houses met in a Brick building known As Blodget s hotel which occupied a part of the Square now covered by the general Post Obice. But the accommodations in that House being quite insufficient a number i of Public spirited citizens erected a More commodious j building on Capitol Hill and tendered it to Congress preceding the removal of the Senate from the old to the the offer was accepted and both houses of Congress new chamber delivered in the a Senate of the i Nivea i continued to occupy it until the wings of the new slates january 4, 1859. The vice president said Capitol were completed. This building yet stands on the Street opposite to the Northeast Corner of tiie Capitol Square and has since been occasionally occur. Pied by persons employed in different branches of the senators i have been charged by the commit Public service. On the Goth of december 1819, the Senate assembled for the first time in Liis chamber which has been the theater of their deliberations for More than thirty nine Yeai a. And now the strikes and uncertainties of the past Are finished. We sue around us on every Side the proofs of stability and improvement. The Capitol is Wortley of the be pub c. Noble Public buildings meet the View on every hand. Treasures of science and the arts begin to accumulate. As this flourishing City enlarges it testifies to the Wisdom and forecast that tee to whom you confided the arrangements of this Day with the duty of expressing some of the reflections that naturally occur in taking leave of a chamber which has so Long been occupied by the Senate. In the Progress of our country and the growth of representation this i Oom has become too contracted for the representatives of tie states now existing and soon to exist and accordingly you Are about to Exchange it for a Hall affording accommodations adequate to the present and the future. The occasion suggests Many interesting reminiscences and it Maya a _ be agreeable in the first place to occupy a few min-1 a a tried the plan of it. A Utuick generation will not Tea with a Short account of the Vanous places at disturbed with Piest ions concerning the Center of which Congress has assembled of the struggles which j population or of territory since the Steamboat the preceded tiie permanent location of the seat of gov-1 Railroad and tiie Telegraph have made communication Ern ment and of the circumstances under which it was almost instantaneous. The spot is sacred by a finally established on the Banks of the Potomac. Thousand memories which i Are so Many pled is the Congress of the revolution was sometimes a that the cite of Washington founded by him and fugitive hiding its sessions As the chances of War re j bearing his revered name with its Beautiful site bounded by picturesque eminences and the Broad Potomac and lying within View of his Home and his Tomb shall remain forever the political capital of the United states. It would be interesting to note the gradual changes which have occurred in the practical working of tie government since the adoption of the Constitution quire at Philadelphia Baltimore Lancaster Annapolis and Yorktown. During the period Between the conclusion of peace and the commencement of the present government it met at Princeton Annapolis Trenton and new York. After the idea of a permanent Union had been executed in part by the adoption of the articles of Coli _ federation the question presented itself of fixing Ajan Ditmas be appropriates this occasion to remark seat of government and this immediately called Forth i one of th4 most striking of them intense interest and rivalry. J at the origin of the government the Senate seem that the place should be Central having regard to go to be regarded chi.? executive Council. The the population and territory of the confederacy was the Only Point common to the contending parties. Propositions of All kinds were offered debated and rejected sometimes with intemperate warmth. At length on the 7th of october 1783, the Congress being at Princeton whither they had been driven from Philadelphia by the insults of a body of Ai med men it was resolved that a building for the use of Congi Ess be erected near the Falls of the Delaware. This avas soon after modified by re Piring suitable buildings to be also erected near the Falls of the Potomac that the residence of Congress might alternate Between those places. But the question was not allowed to rest and at length after Frei Juenst and warm debates it was resolved that the residence of Congress should continue at one place and commissioner were appointed with full Power to Lay out a District for a Federal town near the Falls of the Delaware and in the meantime Congress assembled alternately at Trenton and Annapolis but the representatives of other states were unremitting in exertions for their respective localities. On the 23d of december 1784, it was resolved to remove to the City of new York and to remain there until the building on the Delaware should be com president often visited the chamber and conferred personally with this body most of its business was transacted with closed doors and it took comparatively Little part in the legislative debates. The it sing and vigorous intellects of the country sought the Arena of the House of representatives As the appropriate theater for the display of their Powers. Or. Madison observed on some occasion that being a Young Man and desiring to increase his room tation he could not afford to enter the Senate and it will be remembered that so late As 1812, the great debates which preceded the War and aroused the country to the assertion of its rights took place in the other Branch of Congi Ess. To such an extent was the idea of seclusion carried that Ashen this chamber was completed no seats were prepared for the accommodation of the Public and it was not until Many Yeai a afterwards that the Semi circular gallery was erected which admits the people to be witnesses of your proceedings. But now the Senate besides its Peculiar relations to the executive department of the government assumes its full share of duty As a coequal Branch of the legislature indeed from the limited number of its members and for other obvious reasons the most plated and accordingly on the 11th of january in portent questions especially of foreign policy Are 1785, the Congress met at new York where they con to pass first under discussion in this body and to tinned to hold their sessions until the confederation gave place to the Constitution. The commissioners to Lay out a town on the Delaware reported their i proceedings to Congress but no further Steps were taken to carry the Resolution into effect. When the Bonds of Union were drawn closer by the organization of the new Gove ziment under the Constitution on the 3d of March 1789, the subject was revived and discussed with greater warmth than before. It was conceded on All sides that the residence of Congi Ess should continue at one place and the Prospect of stability in the government invested the question with a deeper interest. Some member proposed new York As being Quot Superior to any place they knew for the orderly and decent behaviour of its to this it was answered that it was not desirable that the x Lotical capital should be in a commercial Metropolis. Others ridiculed the idea of building palaces in the Woods. Or. Gerry of Massachusetts thought it highly unreasonable to fix the seat of government in such a position As to have nine states of the thirteen to the northward of the place while the South carolinians objected to Philadelphia on account of the number of quakers who they said continue Taptto pass first under discussion in this body be a member of it is justly regarded As one of the highest honors which can be conferred on an american statesman. It is scarcely necessary to Point out the causes of this change or to say that it is a Concession both to the importance and individuality of the states and to the free and Oien character of the government. In connection with this easy but thorough transition it is worthy of remark that it has been effected without a charge from any Quarter that the Senate has transcended its constitutional sphere a tribute at once to the moderation of the Senate and another proof to thoughtful men of the comprehensive Wisdom with which the frames of the Constitution secured essential principles without inconveniently embarrassing the action of the government. The Progress of this popular movement in one aspect of it has been steady and marked. At the origin of the government no arrangements in the Senate were made for spectators in this chamber about one third of the space is allotted to the Public and in the new apartment the galleries cover two thirds of its area. In All free countries the admission of the people to witness legislative proceedings is an essential element of Public Confidence and it is not to be Antici ally annoyed the Southern members with schemes of a Ted that this wholesome principle will Ever be emancipation. Abused by the substitution of partial and interested de in the midst of these disputes the House of repre-1 Mon stations for the expression of a matured and in Genta Tives resolved Quot that the permanent scat of Iov-1 lightened Public opinion. Yet it should never be for Crement ought to be at some convenient place on the gotten that not France but the turbulent spectators Banks of the on the introduction of within the Hall awed and controlled the French As a Bill to give effect to this Resolution much fee Hng was go ably. With this lesson audits consequences before Elii cited especially by the Southern members. Or. A Ughe time will never come when the deliberations of Madison thought if the proceeding of that a had the Senate shall be savaged by the Blandishments or been foreseen by Virginia that state might not have j the thunders of tie galleries become a party to the Constitution. The question j it is impossible to disconnect from an occasion like was allowed by every member to be a matter of great this a crowd of reflections on our past history and of speculations on the future. The most meagre account of the Senate involves a summary of the Progress of our country. From year to year you have seen your representation enlarge again and again you have proudly welcomed a Nav sister into the confederacy and the occurrences of this Day Are a material and impressive proof of the growth and Prosperity of the United states. Tierce periods in the history of the Senate Mark in striking contrast three epochs in the history of tiie Union. On the 3d of March 1789, Ashen the government Imit Ortance. Or. Scott said the future Tranquility and Well being of the u. S. Depended As much on this As on any question that Ever hid or could come before Congress and Lvir. Fisher Ames remarked that every principle of Pride and Honor and even of patriotism were engaged. For a time any agreement appeared to be impossible but the Good Genius of our system finally prevailed and on the 2sth of june 1790, an act was passed containing the following clause Quot that a District of territory on the River Potomac at some place Between the Mouths of the Eastern Branch and the be and the same is was organized under the Constitution the Senate avas hereby accepted for the permanent seat of the gov composed of the representatives of eleven states con Ern ment of tie United j Taining three millions of people. The same act provided that Congress should hold its on the Goth december 1819, when the Senate met sessions at Philadelphia Quot until the first monday in no j for the first time in this i Oom it avas composed of the vember 1800, Ashen the government should Rei Iiona a i representatives of Paventy one states containing nine to the District selected on the Potomac. Thus was j millions of people. Settled a question Avrich had produced much sectional 1 to Day it is composed of the representatives of feeling Between the states. But All difficulties Avert j thirty two states containing More than Twenty eight not yet surmounted Tor Congress either from Udif millions of people prosperous Happy and still devoted Ference or Avant of Money tailed to make adequate to constitutional Liberty. Let these great facts speak appropriations for the Section of Public buildings for themselves to All the Avold. And the commissioners were often reduced to great i Fri a to i 11 i a i. A i ii i 1 lie career of the United states cannot be measured Straits to maintain the Progress of the work. Finding it impossible to borrow a Money in Europe or to obtain it from Congress a Ashington in december 1796, by that of any other people of Akhom history gives account and the mind is almost appalled at the Conte j1 x t a 1 i. I or platoon of the prodigious Force which has marked their made a personal appear to the legislature of Mary i sixty nine years ago thirteen states con land which was responded to by an Advance of s 00,-, millions of inhabitants burdened with 000 but m deplorable a condition was the credit of it and exhausted by the Long War of Independence tie Federal government that the state required As a for their common Quot Good a free cons Titu guarantee of payment the pledge of the private credit a a new to Mankind and be a their of the commissioners. From the beginning Washington favored the present seat of government its establishment Here was due in a Large measure to his influence it was his Avis Lom and prudence that composed disputes and ser tied conflicting titles and it was chiefly through his personal influence that the funds were provided to prepare the buildings for the reception of the president and Congress. The win of the Capitol having been sufficiently prepared the government removed to this District on Tion on principles i Cav to Mankind and began their Experiment Avioli the Good lavishes of a fear doubting friends and the derision of the Avold. Look at the result to Day Paventy eight millions of people in Ca Ery Avay happier than an equal number in any other part of the Globe the Centre of population and political Power descending the Western slopes of the Alle Hen mountains and the original thirteen states forming but the Eastern Boundary on the map of our vast possessions. See besides christianity civilization and the arts Given to a continent the despised colonies grown into a Power of the first class representing and protecting ideas that Inoh e the Progress of the Amman race a Commerce greater than that of any other nation free interchange Betavee the states every a variety of climate soil and pro it Luction to make a people powerful and Hap it Yin a word behold present greatness and in the future an Empire to Avrich the ancient mistress of the world in the height of her glory could not be Compin red. Such is our country a and More far More Tolian my mind could conceive or my Tongue could utter. ? is there an american who regrets the past ? is there one who Avill deride his Counti s Laws Pervert her Constitution or alienate her people ? if there be such a Man let his memory descend to posterity Laden with the execration of All Mankind. So Happy is the politick and social condition of the United states and so accustomed Are ave to the secure enjoyment of a Freedom else adhere Unkn Avn that we Are Apt to undervalue the treasures we possess Aud to lose in some degree the sense of obligation to our forefathers. But when the strikes of faction shake the Goa emment and even threaten it ave May pause Avith advantage Long enough to remember that we Are reaping the Cavard of other men s labors. This Liberty ave inherit this admirable Constitution which has survived peace and War Prosperity and adv i sity this double scheme of Goa Crement state and Federal so Peculiar and so Little understood by other Powers yet which protects the earnings of Industry and makes the largest Pei Sonal Freedom compatible Avith Public order these great results a Ere not achieved Avii Hout Wisdom and toil an i blood the touching and heroic record is before the a Orl l. But to All this a Cavere born and like heirs upon whom has been cast a i eat in Merit ache have Only the High duty to preserve to extend and to adorn it. The grand productions of the Era in Avrich the foundations of this govern Nikont Avert Laid reveal tie deep sense its founders had of their obligations to the a Hole family of Man. Lot us never forget that the responsibilities imposed on this generation Are by so much the greater than those Avrich rested on our revolutionary ancestors As the population extent and Power of our country surpass the a awning Promise of its origin. It Avold be a pleasing task to pursue Many trains of thought not a Holly foreign to this occasion but the temptation to enter the Avide Field must be rigorously curbed yet i maybe pardoned perhaps for one or two additional reflections. The Senate is assembled for the last time in this chamber. Henceforth it Avill be converted to other uses yet it must remain forever connected Avith great events and sacred to the memories of the Deji arted orators and statesmen Avo Here engaged in Hiigli debates and shaped the policy of their country. Quot hereafter the american and the stranger As they Avander through the Capitol Avill turn Avith instinctive reverence to the spot a Here so Many and great materials haae accumulated for history. They Avill recall the images of the great and the Good whose renown is the common property of the Union and chiefly perhaps Tivey will linger around the seats once occupied by the mighty three a Hose names and Fame associated in life death has not been Able to sever illustrious men Avo in their generation sometimes divided sometimes led and sometimes resisted Public opinion for they Avert of that higher class of statesmen Avo seek the right and Fol Loav their convictions. There sat Calhoun the senator inflexible austere oppressed but not overwhelmed by his deep sense of the importance of his Public functions seeking the truth then fearlessly foil having it a Man a Hose unsparing intellect compelled All his emotions to harmonize with tie deductions of his rigorous logic and a Hose Noble countenance habitually Avore the expression of one engaged in the performance of High Public duties. This avas Webster s seat. He too avas every Inch a senator conscious of his Avn a ast Powers he reposed Avith Confidence on himself and scorning the contrivances of smaller men he stood among his Peers All the greater for the simple dignity of his senatorial Demeanour. Type of his Northern Home lie rises before the imagination in the grand and Granite outline of his form and intellect like a great Nav England Rock repelling a Nav England agave. As a Ariter. His productions Avill be cherished a statesmen and scholars awhile the English Tongue is spoken. As a senatorial orator his great efforts Are historically associated Avith this climber a Hose very air seems to vibrate beneath the strokes of his deep tones and his weighty avoids. On the outer Circle sat Henry Clay with his impetuous and ardent nature untamed by age and exhibiting in the Senate the same Veli ement patriotism and passionate eloquence that of Yore electrified the House of representatives and the country. His extraordinary personal endowments his courage All his Noble qualities invested him Avith an individuality and a Clearm of character Avrich in any age Avold have made him a favorite of history. He loved his country above All earthly objects. He loved Liberty in All countries. Illustrious Man a orator Patriot philanthropist Avii Osc Light at its Meridian avas seen and Felt in the remotest parts of the civilized Avold and whose declining Sun As it hastened Down the Avest threw Back its Ica Al beams in hues of Mello aved splendor to illuminate and cheer the land he Loa de and served so Well. All the states May Point Avith gratified Pride to the Sera ices in the Senate of their patriotic crop Ding the memory come the names of Adams Hayne Wright Mason Otis Macon Pinckney and the rest i cannot no Daibei them Avo in the record of their acts and utterances Appeal to their successors to give the Union a Derfiny not unworthy of the past. What models were these to Aav Aken emulation or to plunge in despair fortunate will be the american statesmen a to in this age or in succeeding times shall contribute to invest the Cav Hall to Al Rich a a go with historic memories like those Avrich Cluster Here. And Noav senators we leave this memorable chamber bearing with us unimpaired the Constitution ave received from our forefathers. Let us cherish it Avith grateful acknowledgements to the divine Power who controls the destinies of empires and whose goodness we adore. The structures reared by men yield to the corroding tooth of time. These Marble avails must Moulder into ruin but the principles of constitutional Liberty guarded by Wisdom and virtue unlike material elements do not decay. Let us devoutly Trust that another Senate in another age shall Bear to a new and larger chamber this Constitution vigorous and inviolate and that the last generation of posterity shall Avi Ness the deliberations of the representatives of american states still United prosperous and Dougl Sites Are the real seeders and rebels. The Douglas prints pretend to assume that thesis Are the regularly nominated candidates and that Reck i Ridge and Lane Are the candidates of the seeders. But Avo Are the real seeders and rebels ? was Douglas nominated by a convention Avrich represented a single state that can give a vote for the democracy ? not one. The real effect a c democratic states Are with Breckinridge and Lane. Those gentlemen re Civ tsp the nomination from states which can give democratic votes in the electoral colleges. Douglas was nominated apr delegates from Republican states which will not give him a single electoral vote. The Dougl Sites therefore Are the seeders and rebels from the True democratic party and Are to be treated accordingly. A subscriber of the Savannah a news says Breckinridge and Lane airily sweep the Gable end of Georgia. Would that they were As Strong every where. What in the name of common sense is the matter with Hei Schel v. Johnson ? As soon would i have thought that we. H. Seward Avold have turned Democrat As that Johnson Avold have joined the Illinois the people of the state of Louisiana. The delegates appointed by the state Cona mention of the democratic party held at Baton Rouge on the 5th of March last to represent the democracy of Louisiana in the National convention at Charleston deem it a duty they owe to their constituents and to the people of Louisiana so far As their interests May be affected by the action of said National convention to give a Clear and explicit statement of the reasons which led to the formation of the convention which adopted a constitutional platform and nominated John c. Breckinridge for president and Joseph Lane i for vice president of the United states. The con j mention of the 5th of March unanimously adopted the following declaration of principles Viz a a resolved that the territories of the United states belong to the several states As their common property and not to the individual citizens thereof that the Federal Constitution recognizes property in slaves and As such the owner thereof is entitled to carry his j slaves into any territory in the United states to hold them there As property and in Case the people of the territories by inaction unfriendly legislation or oth-1 Serwise should endanger the tenure of such property or discriminate against it by withholding that Protection Ven to other species of property in the Territo Ries it is the duty of the general government to in i ter pose by the Active exertion of its constitutional Power to secure the right of the this declaration being a Clear and unambiguous statement of the equal and constitutional rights of All the states especially securing the rights of the people of Louisiana upon the Only realy important ques Tion in the present political contest your delegates regarded in tie Light of posit a e instructions and Felt bound to insist upon a recognition of those principles before going into a nomination of obedience to this High Behest the delegation from Louisiana proceeded to Cliar Leston and in conjunction Avith tie fifteen Southern and two Pacific states a Ith Large minorities from some of the Northern states they urged upon the convention the adopt Tion of a platform upon which All the states could stand Avith Honor and safety but Avert overruled by a factitious numerical majority almost excl Sicly from states hopelessly abolition Zed from Al Rich there was not the remotest Hope of receiving an electoral vote for the democratic nominees. Under these circumstances your delegates considered that the interests of their constituents and their personal Honor required them to with Raav from the deliberations of said convention and to refer their action Back to the Power that had created them. The state convention of the democratic party of Louisiana avas acco Klingly reassembled at Baton Rouge on the 4th of june last and the action of the delegates approved Avith almost entire unanimity. The convention however upon assurances of a highly satisfactory character and with the Hope that a returning sense of Justice a oui induce the majority to reconsider their action at Charleston instructed your delegates to proceed to the adjourned convention at Baltimore to await its action bet re taking a those Steps to a indicate the Honor and Inte Ginty of the party Avrich might be forced upon Vliem As a last resort but Al Rich avas Likely to result in its partial disintegration. Hoax these reasonable Hopes Avert dissipated those assurances falsified and this forbearance disregard etl by the convention has become recorded history and i is Patent to the world. J the Cona mention at Charleston compelled us to re tire from its deliberations solely on the Grovind of its refusal to recognize the Equality of the rights of the i states in the common territories but the adjourned convention at Baltimore added to this Ayrong the injustice of refusing admission to the representatives of i the protesting states against the clearest and most unquestionable principles of right and democratic a usage. _ i tie flagrant injustice done to Louisiana in rejecting i her regular delegates and admitting those appointed by the Motley assemblage at Donaldsonville com posed of the debris of All parties and representing Only a fraction of the state needs no comment at our hands. After this repudiation of principles so vital to the interests of the South and these acts of injustice had been finally consummated delegates from a majority of the states and the president of the Coua mention Hon. Caleb Cushing Avert forced from a sense of Honor and of Justice to with Raav from its deliberations. This resulted in the spontaneous Assem beige of the delegates from All the Southern and the Only demo j cratic states of the Union in the Maryland Institute in Baltimore Avrich adopted a platform of principles guaranteeing the equal and constitutional rights of All the states and nominated John c. Breckinridge of Kentucky and Joseph Lane of Oregon for president and vice president of the United states names Avrich it is confidently believed from the a Hole history of their lives their known ability patriotism and integrity Are entitled to the support of Ca Era True Democrat Aud every Lover of the Constitution and the Union. It is now proper to present to the voters of Louisiana a Correct statement of the present aspect of Po-1 Lotical affairs. I the nomination of or. Douglas by a fraction of the party mostly from North Kern abolition Zed slates his declaration that Quot no matter Arhat the decision of the supreme court May be on that abstract question still i the right of the ii eople to make a slave territory or a free territory is perfect and Complete under i a Braska Bill Quot Antl other declarations equally objectionable shaving in the language of the Elo Frient Wise i that his principles Are Only a Quot Short Cut to All the ends of Black republicanism Quot and the fact that Avith the largest liberality in calculation he is not Likely to receive the electoral a cute of a solitary state places the candidature of Douglas and Johnson out of the Pale of serious consideration. Moreover Avha Tever claim or. Douglas might have had on the democracy or whatever sympathy May have been Felt for him we think has been entirely forfeited by the recent acts of his immediate adherents in other states Ashen in the most meager minority they have refused All honorable overtures Avith the patriotic men of other parties for a Union against the common enemy shaving that they Are solely animated Avith a reckless purpose i of ruling or ruining the democratic party. Further it being conceded on All hands that in this state or. Douglas is in a hopeless minority therefore his support by a Democrat can Only be regal ded As furnishing Quot Aid and Comfort to the enemy and a a Auton abandonment of the democratic party. The divisions in the democratic party have inspired some activity for Bell and Everett Avith a a a ration of the life Long and ancient enemies of the democratic party galvanized into temporary life More from hereditary hostility than from any reasonable Hope of Success or belief that their us Piort will arrest the rapid encroachments of Northern fanaticism or Avert the terrific but fearfully impending ills of a dismembered Republic and of internecine strife. There is but the feeble St Hope that this ticket might carry one or two states and the effect of supporting it is consequently in this hour of peril Only to weaken by division the moral Force of the South and destroy that safety to our most cherished institutions which would be found in an entire Unity for the defense of our common Honor and our common interests. Without quoting from the expressed opinions of or. Bell on questions of vital importance to the South or referring to the vague and unmeaning platform containing no distinct Avo Val of principles upon Avrich he is Ranning or of going into a critical examination of his political antecedents which it behoves every Southern citizen to do let it suf Luce us on this occasion to present a candid statement of the Only grounds on which his election to the presidency can be predicated. It will be conceded by his most sanguine supporters that he has not the remotest Chance of being elected by Tho people and his sole Reliance is that the election May go into the United states no. 15. House of . In this event from what Quarter can he reasonably look for support the few adherents of Douglas could Render no efficient Jud. And from the True democracy no support whatever could be expected for the re a that while the dictates of patriotism would induce them As a Choice of the least of evils to vote for Bell they would be driven to no such alternative As the Constitution happily pro a ides that in the a Cut of Iii lure of an election by the House the duty of selecting a chief magistrate devolves upon the United states Senate at this moment a conservative and democratic body. It is therefore conclusive and beyond Cavil that the Only possible Hope for the election of or. Bell is from the friends of or. Lincoln the sworn enemies of the South the mad devotees of the bloody announcement of the Quot irrepressible conflict Quot and of a Quot higher lava a than the Constitution of our country. Can any True Southern Man conscientiously give his support to such a ticket with such prospects and such inevitable consequences ? in Short the main Issue before the people of Louisiana is the preservation of her dec Pality As a Sovereign state of this great confederacy the Protection of the institution of slave in As it exists under our Constitution Avioli All its concomitant blessings the Best possible condition for the african and an institution which experience from the Days of our colonial existence to the present time has shown to be fraught Avith incalculable benefits. Its pro it Lucas have been on every sea. Given employment to thousands in Many lands built up cities Toavs and villages extended the Lin it 4 of Christian civilization and been one of the main in Poi to of Commerce manufactures Art science and religion. Its distinction of color in the Southern states has obliterated All other social distinctions lacing All Ayite men a Hether Rich or poor on a common Etiva Lityn producing a nearer approach to a social democracy than exists else adhere upon the face of the Earth. It has developed in her sons Reat individuality and strength of Chan ter and their achievements alike in the of Anim and on the Field Liaa a shed Lustre on the american name a wherever our country has required the statesman or the Soldier. Upon the preservation of this institution intact under the Constitution depends our political existence As a state and nation and our obligation to Point our fellow citizens of Louisiana to the impending danger of the present political crisis rises above All considerations of party. Upon those Avo have stood by the democratic party in All its glorious triumphs and its occasional defeats Avo have held to principle through evil and through goo Ltd report ave enjoin to stand firm in this hour of peril. We have the most cheering Hopes that our Avo thy candid Latch Avill be chosen by the electoral colleges. The patriotic and reflecting Are waking up to the momentous consequences involved in the present contest and the purposes of a ruthless fanaticism May yet be stayed by the constitutional action of the people. If Hoa Vever in this you arc to be disappointed let your a Arning voice be heard let your hands be guiltless of the fearful evils Avrich Are like by to Fol Loav. Be True to yourselves to your a principles to your constitutional rights and to your sifter states of the South. Of h. Hatch k. A. Hunter Emile Lasere r. Taylor committee on the part of the Louisiana delegation at Charleston and Baltimore. Public slide by order of the democratic state Central committee. W. W. King pendent pro from col. E. A Thompson s speech at Terre haute. Ashen ave made our nomination of in. Bell there was an implied agreement resting i on All of us that we should support that ticket straight through Quot live or die sink or Sevim survive or we Avert to stand by that nomination because ave considered the democrats and republicans both Ayrong. But from some cause gentlemen in different parts of the country have supposed that they have a right to change that agreement. They haae seen fit to make a Little private agreement Avith Douglas men to see if the two cannot by uniting effect something in the presidential election. Now the people of the United states Are a confiding people and Are generally jealous of their rights. Just so soon As they began to suspect that the Vijoli Lucians were making trades for the presidency they inquired if it was not time to take the voting into their Avn hands. And if Lincoln is elected these political traders Are responsible for it. I never made a Trade in politics Avith anybody. If there shall be a president elected by political bargains Betavee the parties i Wash my hands of it. I have no such bargains to make. When the democratic party avas in its prime and exulted in the fact that Mac were Laid Low at its feet i avas Una villing to bargain with it. And Noav when it lies dead and bleeding i am Una villing to be tied to its Corpse and a ill not be. Applause i Avill stand by the Faith i have Ahvay maintained and Avill adhere to the honest convictions of my judgment. If i cannot have the Man for president whom i desire i will be Content with letting the people select a Man of their Choice and a Iii not dissolve the Union because i cannot have my Way. Applause i am a Union Man and i believe you Are Union men too. Cheers i Avold greatly prefer seeing or. Bell elected but he shall never be elected with my consent nor shall any other Man by a bargain a Ith or. Douglas or his friends or or. Breckinridge or his friends. Cheers i Avill make no bargains Avith them i have fought them All my life. When they were a Strong and compact party i fought them and am still willing to fight them whether they come in single platoons or As an aupied army. Cheers Why How Avold a ticket look made up of half americans and half Douglas men ? laughter is it possible that there is a Man Avo avas Ever a know nothing who would consent to such an arrangement Short catechism for unlearned politicians. Questions do you believe the Constitution of the United states recognizes property in Man ? an Saver i do. Questions do you believe that it is a crime to steal a negro the constitutionally recognized property of your neighbor an Saver i do. Questions do you believe Liat it is a crime to Harbor a negro the constitutionally recognized property of your neighbor ? answer i do. Questions do you believe that it is a crime to injure and beat unmercifully a negro the constr tonally recognized property of your neighbor ? ans a Era i do. Questions if by non action or unfriendly legislation in a territory stealing harbouring or Mal treating a negro the constitutionally recognized property of your neighbor is not Mii Shabec ought Congress to pass the necessary liars to protect such property ? answer they ought. N. answers to the questions of this catechism Are such As every Constitution Loving Breckinridge and Lane Man would give. The Black Republican answers would be negative. The Douglas and Bell answers would be spotted. They can Goweter respond for themselves and if they Are not much alarmed at the idea of a Quot slave code Quot ave should like to hear them on the Washington Constitution. From Douglas to Smith Ville county Organ has hauled Down the Douglas Flag and run up that of Breckinridge and Lane

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