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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - August 18, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana Z the old guar the Constitution. The Union a n d the e e u a lit y 0 f the states vol. , Indiana saturday August 18, 1860.the old line guard. Is t h. I33 e a a a Toat Indianapolis Indiana ii el.de1c pc. I darkness. Teh 3vr until a iter tue a Lection. In Advance in All cases. Advertisements inserted the usual charge against Breckinridge refuted. We publish below a communication to tie Quot washing ton Constitution which will Lay rest forever the Idle and absurd Story so industriously circulated by the opposition and Douglas men that this sound Democrat had Ever favored know nothing ism. Will men Ever Wiite and try to carry political elections by reason and an Appeal to the people on great issues which must last control the government can politicians Ever be taught to abandon the Petty futile Effort to turn the Fate of the country of Mere irrelevant personal matters false in themselves and utterly worthless is or. a know nothing sir the ii jury which Heads this letter May seem strange to you and so is strange still there Are persons who entertain the opinion Liat his sympathies Avert directed that Way when the know nothing organization first appeared and when seemed to be carrying everything before . So much does this belief prevail in certain quarters that John Savage esq., a countryman of mine of some consideration Here As Well As in Quot old Erin Quot Lias thought Roper to address a Well written letter to sex governor Wise and which was published in the Stales and Union newspaper in this City lately in which he undertakes to prove to that citizen Liat a or. Breck Indge was in Strong affiliation least with the know nothing party of 1855, and that therefore he could not consistently with his on expressed opinions and character support him for tie presidency. In support of the allegation thus made he quotes from a certain speech made by the vice president Cynthiana Kentucky in april 1855. There is a great want of fairness in the allegation and the proof by which is sought to be sustained which i regret to say does not comport with the frankness and honesty usually accorded to my countrymen even by their enemies. Or. Savage suppresses part of the paragraph and thus makes suggest what the speaker never designed because he never entertained and does not now entertain any idea of the sort or in the least incompatible with tie largest Liberty and tiie most perfect Equality of every citizen the native As Well As adopted under the Law should also be stated that the Cynthiana speech which forms the entire basis of Ivor Savage s indictment was never regularly reported. The editor who undertook to give a synopsis of did not pretend that his Rei Wrt was made verbatim. He was not a shorthand writer and with imperfect notes hurriedly Talicen wrote out the speech entirely from Memoir. The speech thus reported was never submitted to or. Breckinridge nor was he aware that had been published until Long after had appeared As the country editor s memory had rendered . The remark attributed to or. Breckinridge and which is the a Rahaman of or. Savage s charge against him he never uttered. is in contradiction of his whole Public life. The vice president in his speeches in Congress and out of Congress in Public and in private insisted upon tie perfect Equality of All citizens and that the p Ace of one s Birtle or the religious sentiments he might entertain Oug lit not and should not make any difference with him As to his eligibility to places of Honor and Trust and that he would unalterably oppose every proposition designed to prejudice these rights a whenever or wherever made. Tie Pei fact Equality of All citizens of All countries and of All creeds and the perfect Equality of All the states in their constitutional franchises were always his sentiments and Are his sentiments now. But the quotation from the speech which is relied on by or. Savage we will give entire As the editor prepared without addition or subtraction. Here is Quot was natural for a Man to prefer those of his own religious Faith in a voting and he himself would vote for one of his own Way of thinking in religion rather than for another All other things being equal just As he would vote for a native in preference to a foreign born citizen other things being equal or for a neighbor in preference to a comparative stranger other things being equal. But the plan of the know nothings ignores the Constitution and establishes to All intents and purposes a religious test one which would deprive our Congress of some of its Ablest and staunchest Union men and our supreme court of its brightest ornaments chief Justice this is the entire paragraph from the editor s report which or. Savage quotes in part for gov. Wise to prove the know nothing ism of the vice president i do not see that is All unnatural to do As indicated in the sentence quoted above. Avold be unnatural to do otherwise. But that or. Breckinridge made any distinction on account of the religion or tie birth place of the citizen is manifestly untrue when we refer to a speech delivered by him Harrodsburg ky., on the 12th of april 1855, just a ave Days after the Cynthiana speech. In the Harrodsburg speech he said Quot the Constitution makes no difference in the enjoyment of civil and religious Liberty Between the Catholic and protestant and he is no True american who makes a distinction in religious creeds when the great charter of rights the constitutions makes none Quot Mark the language Quot he is no Good citizen no True american who makes a distinction in religious creeds Quot amp a. Again he said Quot if Ever the heart sickened the thought of tyranny or the neck wearied with the Yoke of oppression across the ave Stern wave there was a vast extent of country Quot with Many an i settled spot Many a rising City and flourishing Village that offered a last resource to expatriated who Ever uttered a nobler or Kindlien sentiment than this during the years of horror of murder and of outrage of every sort during which know nothing ism afflicted and disgraced the country ? no one not even gov. Wise with All his Quot splendid frenzy and again he said Quot tis said this secret party desires not to enact Laws to exclude adopted citizens from office but its members have Caballes themselves together for that purpose. was a distinction without a difference. He would unalterably oppose every attempt to exclude our adopted citizens from Liat More could any Man say ? Quot what stronger gtd funds could any Man take against the claims and pretensions of the know nothing order gov. Wise never took higher or nobler grounds himself. Eyen archbishop Hughes could not and would be As fair to propose to prove either of those distinguished men a know nothing As the vice president when in Congress he said Quot i do not propose to enlarge on this subject i. Regard this Bill in regard the emigration of foreigners As one of tie fruits Quot 6i the prescriptive feeling a which is just now pen Rading this Colin try. I know is popular a tid i know is sweeping like a Hurricane from one of the country to the other but w in conflict with the fundamental principles of our government and i am willing to oppose my hand to and await the time when there shall be a reaction in the Public sentiment As i know there will were necessary for my purpose i could quote pages of the vice president s speeches in 1855�?All of the loftiest eloquence and the noblest patriotism and philanthropy. I ought not to onut stating that this time he was not a candidate for any office. He had retired from Public life after having represented the Ashland District for four Yeai s in Congress. He was a Volunteer to fight the know nothing order in Ken Sticky. The claims of his private affairs prompted this determination for in declining the Mission to Spain tendered him by president Pierce without any knowledge or solicitation of himself or friends he gave As a reason Quot that his private business demanded his whole instead however of attending to the business that i ged him to refuse this proffered Honor he went Home and commenced once to fight the know nothings. In less than a month after he left Ashington he made the Cynthiana speech attacking and exposing the evils of the order from which or. Savage violently presumes that he can be proved to be a know nothing. I regret that such an unjust charge should have been publicly made by any one but i most deeply and Saneo roly regret Liat the vice president of the United states should find his accuser in the person of a countryman of mine exiled to this land of Freedom this Asylum of the oppressed every where and especially of the oppressed and Down trodden irishman impressed himself with a doubt whether he had convicted the a ice president on his indictment from i his speech Cynthiana he introduces other evidence which i respectfully submit does not help his cause. He quotes from the letter of or. Rowan declining o become a candidate for governor of Kentucky in i 1855, in which he says in substance Liat his wife is a Catholic and consequently he would be Defeated implying that the democratic party in the state As Well As i or. Breckinridge were of posed to the catholics. Liis inference is entirely incorrect for tie convention nominated the late Beverly l. Clarke whose Wile was a Catholic and who was himself suspect cd of be-1 ing one Wlinich avas no doubt True for he died a member of the roman Catholic Church a few months since the Ca Wiital of Guatemala whither he was sent As minister by or. Buchanan in the Early part of his administration. So much for that specification but the crowning sin of All and the strongest proof of his know nothing ism is that Humphrey Marshall supports him for president. Or. Marshall s support arises from no approximation of their opinions on the i naturalization Laws or the perfect Equality of All Citi Zens in their civil and religious rights. He says so himself and he ought to be Good authority. He sup ports him he says because of his views on the territorial policy and the perfect eci Allty of the states in this Union which will Mark his administration if elected As no doubt he will be. On the know nothing doctrine they Are As far apart As the poles of the Earth i and will never approximate. 77/is j Knovic. Yours truly an Irish Catholic. Washington August 2, 186u.the National democracy what is its Mission ? the position of the National democracy is so Plain that a Man May run and read and though a fool understand . The Quot anti slavery Quot or Republican a party ask the people to place them in Power in order to exclude Quot slave Quot property from the Federal Terri-1 tories and thus by penning up the population of the South within existing limits they Hope to so demoralize and undermine tie solid order that shall finally be overthrown and negroes i Breed to a common Legal level with the White citizenship the final and avowed object of that traitorous and infamous party. The Breckinridge democracy accept and meet this Issue without hesitation equivocation or Compromise. holds this to be a government of White men founded on equal rights and ther Elbre Southern citizens shall have equal Protection for their persons and property within the Federal jurisdiction and the same chances for the expansion Prosperity and Progress of Southern society As that of the North. is there foie in Complete and utter to the party now sup sorting Lincoln not alone As regards the practical question of the territories but in respect to the final results to be worked out. If the former could Ever succeed would of course revolutionize our system and Render democratic institutions impossible. The Success of the latter will preserve the status quo the existing order dec Quality for Wiite men and subordination or Quot slavery Quot Lor negroes As they existed when the government was formed and Ever since and always must exist if the government is to be preserved All. The so called Republican party is the instrument of British aristocracy working for the overthrow of our j institutions blindly no doubt but As clearly and absolutely so As if its leaders received orders by Ever j Steamer direct from Downing Street and though its i rank and file Are honest and desire to be patriotic its representative men its Sumners and Giddings Are j so debauched and besotted that they would Welcome monarchist any moment if they could thereby abolish Quot but the masses have been Blind to All this to the i moral treason and unspeakable infamy of this Quot anti slavery Quot party for tie old Jackson Van Buren de-1 Moc racy having accomplished its Mission in regard to the currency has been used for several years past by i trading politicians to Advance the interests of factions and cliques and thus instead of meeting the great Issue forced on the country by the anti slavery ites the democratic organization has been Ems Loyed to Dodge j altogether. And the a Hole straggle Charleston and Baltimore was to continue this state of things to i keep the Quot democratic j arty Quot in the Field As an instrument of the politicians for dodging the questions that was to be neither Quot slavery Quot nor Quot anti slavery Quot Nei ther in favor of admitting nor excluding Quot slave Quot property from the territories in Short that was to continue playing Dummy and advocating the Quot great principles of the Nebraska Bill Quot for the Benefit of in individuals and cliques without the slightest regard to the peace of the country or the safety of the Union. But the honest and patriotic portion of the old Paity i were determined to meet the question before the peo pie to accept the Issue tendered by the anti slavery ites to place the party in a True position to stand up like honest men and faithful democrats before the world and declare that the Equality of White men and subordination of negroes avas the natural order of american society and therefore that Quot slave Quot property should be protected As other property in the Federal territories and a outliers society should have the same right of Extension and the same chances for Progress and Prosperity As that of the North. Of course the old party Hacks objected to this the timid and doubting the traders and speculators who believed in the name but had no Conception of the principles of demo i Acyl the political infidels who believed in nothing but the spoils of office and the plunder of the Treasury would never consent to meet the Issue tendered by the anti slavery ites and therefore the old organism so Long kept together by the cohesion of the spoils fell to pieces. But those who had so Long profited by the party machinery gathered up the remains the Rotten planks and Rusty nails and damaged timbers of the old Cincinnati platform and nominating their representative Man the Quot Little giant Quot of the West they again insult the intelligence of the country with the Quot catch words and stereotyped phrases which for so Many years past have been the main Reliance of this class of politicians. They now stand before the people open and admitted charlatans neither on the one Side or the other of the great question of the Day indeed boast that they Are nowhere on tie great and Overli adoring Issue that directly involves the peace Prosperity and even safety of thirty millions of american freemen but the generous and who Laboured so j had a right to coerce the demo i Atic delegations to Long and patiently to renew a milk fresh life the old adopt their selfish and sectional views donned a line party and make a bulwark against Theryl dancing j of demarcation Between Northern and Southern de hosts of anti slavery ism finally gave up m despair Moc racy which the latter without state degradation and abandoning the trick Sci Sand trimmer to the Fate could not pass scattered the convention to fragments that is destined to overtake them nominated Breckin-1 refused on its re assembling Baltimore to admit the Ridge and Lane As the exponents Aud champions of j legitimate Southern delegates who had appealed to their the new truths but the old Faith of the a lanced de j constituents for instructions and in a picked Conven Moc racy. Here then we Are afe last with a party Tion saved their idol the sacrifices of their political that stands up fair and Square before the people and democratic Faith. Meets the Issue tendered by the anti slavery ites and j democratic consanguinity was offered up As a Polit should fail to elect its candidates in november ical hecatomb on the altar of sectional avarice and am will still win a glorious Victory for will demolish and bit Ion by these partisans who now with an effrontery disperse the Rotten and mercenary materials that now unparalleled in the annals of political chicanery seek to encumber its Progress. And alien uie election is Over charge on the friends of or. Breckinridge the Conse and the political atmosphere cleared of the mists and quenches of their own Wanton measures. was an Vapours that now confuse and confound the people ancient proverb Quot that whoever the goals sought to there will remain Only the National democracy and destroy they first made mad Quot its illustration May be the advocates of negro Equality. And when that time found in this charge made a the supporters of or. Comes when Equality of White affiliation Douglas. Let us Appeal in this matter to the dictates a with negroes is the Clear and distinct Issue who will of common sense. What is her decision that a Nom i doubt their decision or that the Quot anti slavery party Quot Inee who can count wit ii an almost moral certainty will not be rejected crushed utterly annihilated by on a political nucleus of one Hundred and Twenty the hot indignation and Over powering disgust of Anier seven votes in the electoral College shall surrender ican new York Day position and sacrifice his friends to satisfy the political cravings of an opponent to whom the vote of a to r Quot 1 solitary state is Uncertain who is totally devoid of to a the duty of democrats to defeat pm come Lotical friends in one great Section of tiie Union and ithe intention of Soufflas men to elect a Quot a i a Iduix Yew nation of the common enemy of democracy in the i Mim. Other a a i or. Douglas has not a solitary electoral vote non i the first duty of democrats is to defeat Lincoln a a Shieh he can calculate with and degree no of cer this duty is impelled by the consideration that uni talk to but of probability. If in Quot the coming str Ingle. Colli is running As the sectional candidate of a Sec the should for our compion tonal party and the election of a Mere sectional country. Be Defeated we Trust Wili least be Puri i president is draught with danger to the Union. The fun d that a common Temple will be raised in the midst Ssem-1 1 of a Rei Ubl can party is in the Field the open and avowed of the Union where its True worshippers Mav ass enemies of the compromises of the constitutions its ble and offer on an unbroken altar the sacrifices leaders pledged to break Down All the barriers which National democratic . Day Book. That sacred instrument has thrown around the persons and the pro erty of the men of the South. Its candidate is the author of the Quot irrepressible conflict Quot Doc Trine Holdin Ltd that the Union cannot exist As now who Are the disunion its is. Composed of slave and free states but that one i of i controversy re nest succumb to the other either the North drive to misrepresentation and false accusation As slavery from uie South or the South make slave Olfs states of tiie North. is i because of the danger they see approaching the coming events which cast their shadows Beible so full of Eril that the democracy hold that the ii duty of All j arlies is to defeat sectionals my to stay that he feels that he is worsted and that his cause is j bad. There is not a Day that passes during which we do not see iterated and reiterated by the so called democratic press in the interest of or. Douglas that know nothings As their candidate in the South is not democratic party Atte led Waltl the danger to the country for in the a Al to see ,, hey a North the men who filled the know nothing lodges Tion the Devotion to the Mon and league with the Ultra abolitionists of the Joshua 1 democratic party of such men As Breckinridge r. Giddings and John Brown school and wage their the hosts of democrats who support j War against the compromises of the Constitution and against tiie Uii oin itself for the destruction of Quot the one is the Dos solution of the other. The Douglas leaders the men who under the cloak of democracy for years past first with their i Wilmot proviso of then Alth Al ances with free soil ers and now with squatter sovereignty doctrines. Have done their utmost to abolition size the North and i Northwest advocate a different doctrine. They feel that their candidate cannot Cany a single state can was agreed by the democracy of All sections of the Union in 1854, and tie agreement was reaffirmed in 1856, that Congress Sii Ould not Intel Fere with Sia very in the territories establish or Jioio habit slavery in any territory. One Section of the a party believed that under this Constitution the owner of a slave had As Good a right to take that slave into a territory and hold him there As his property during the territorial condition As the owner of any other property recognized As such by the Constitution would have to go not get an electoral vote while running a separate to i Quot ticket and their Only Hope in allowing him Quot of there Vath that property a main ill the Field is that aii electoral ticket pledged i a f Quot Quot. Y to Douglas May Diaw oif votes enough for Breckin i f Quot Quot Lif to rid ire and Lane to prevent their Esecson. I f i .t,.� a a be a Quot a common and Are consequently Given to the citizens of Atli tie entire of out As a unit and the two Pacific n i Ofa i -.t. I i All the states. Another Section of the party contended that slavery could not exist anywhere Alt Lieut a special states seventeen in All which Are certain Lor Breckinridge and Lane they will still Lack to Enty five votes of and election by the people. The vote of Quot Penn sell these sections of. I clip Pinr v crr nmn inn Klinl i Viii air a i Linti or Unwor Strei Igli in that state Liat his Chance of carrying is equal with that of Breckinridge e claim that As bet Mceil Douglas and Breckinridge.lie democracy stands As one for the Birmer to five for tiie latter. Yet the vote divided Douglas May carry off enough to give the state to Lincoln. The democracy of Pennsylvania acting through their Union will electoral ticket As formed Beible the disruption of the convention Charleston and Baltimore is to stand As was first made the electors to vote for Breckinridge or Douglas whichever candidate receives the Mo. votes with Tjie kirov so that if the electoral vote of the state cannot elect the candidate receiving such highest vote then is to be cast Abr any candidate except Lincoln that will elect. To this agreement the candidates of the electoral ticket was clearly a question of construction of the Constitution and the supreme court was the Only tribunal comic event to decide . So was settled. So was universe Billy understood. In March 1857, the supreme court of the United states pronounced their judgment in the Case of dred Scott a Case involving Dij ii i x Acuti in Ouetti a a. 1 r 1 a � rect la the Verv Point in conto verse namely As to Leir state Central committee have proposed a i i 11 i i 11 a i a a a a a. V 1-1 whether a slave Cou d be held m slavery in a territory Nion in terms perfectly fair to both Par Les which up. A ,. I c Quot a a \ a o. Rpm a. That judgment was in favor of the South. said ill secure the vote of tiie state like democratic i a i i. A that the slaves were property that the ten stories were open to All the citizens of the United states that they could Settle there with their property of any description slaves included and that the Federal government is pledged to protect them in the exercise and enjoyment of that right. Through Lieut the length and breadth of the land this decision was hailed As a final settlement of an existing question and not a Avord was said by a single Democrat either in opposition to the constitutional doctrine which Laid Down or the bind Are to Arlve their assent in writ Luk and if and of in a a nature of the judgment. The South was perfectly i them refute the candidate so refusing is to be superseded by a candidate Avaio will give the required pledge. This arrangement if carried out in Good Faith defeats Lincoln and elects a democratic president and vice president. is fair and just to All parties and secures the great object of defeating the sectional candidates. The Plain dealer of this City a Aper whose editors under the mask of democracy have Ever been abolitionists in disguise men whose Feell Nir of ran satisfied. In the Winter of 1857 suited the a purpose of or. Douglas to place himself in antagonism to his party on the question of the lec Nipton Constitution of Kansas. During that Winter and the ski ring of 1858 he took counsel from and acted with the Black republicans in opposing the democratic Ariy. In the Suni a Mer of 1858, after the adjournment of Congress he returned to his state and commence his canvass i for re election to the United states Senate. In order to conciliate the anti slavery Csc Mentor that state and Corot space against the South and against Southern under Quot his abolition opponent. He then Flthe men has scarce been excelled by. Oshua r. Giddings Oue of them making open boast the abolition our and then meeting in Ashtabula county called to protect John i Finis negated the of Ninon m. no mat i brow they negro ter and hid him in the Steeple he the editor was the time a Deacon is out against the arrangement in Pennsylvania and in that paper of Friday he boldly avows that they would cast her constitutional right and deprive every \01e for Lincoln i Miu a or Rani share of the Public Domain. He a Caelum should be earned out to a cues said Corple. Pm a Between to 7 a Hiya and the masses of the democratic party an in Ihus does the leading Douglas Organ m Ohio throw , of Ufi \ o Quot cd j sing to pass local Laws for the proper Protection of slave in Sperty Quot inaction Quot or by the imposition of a heavy tax on slaves Quot unfriendly legislation Quot virtually exclude slavery from any territory trample on an off the mask thus does show its abolition principles and thus does show what others have suspected and Wlinich we have Long known that its great object was to Lead the Douglas forces like sheep to the shambles into the ranks of the enemy? Cleveland of Democrat. Political facts. As the inevitable defeat of or. Douglas assumes the character of a foregone conclusion his supporters become Rabid and unscrupulous As a drowning Man catches a Straw floating on the surface of the water they seek to resuscitate the declining fortunes of their chief by charging the friends of or. Breckinridge with instigating a disorganization in the democratic ranks and a consequent discomfiture and destruction of the party. But until the acts of the Northern delegations particularly the delegation from Iii out in state Charleston and Baltimore Are obliterated from the memory of the democracy the poisoned chalice must return to the lips of its authors Haruni less in its effects towards those on whom was intended to operate. The charge of democratic disorganization by the supporters of or. Douglas the Toi Omen tary entertainment of the base idea is supremely ridiculous. Let us examine facts. Besought implored Charleston by the conservative delegates Isom the democratic states to nominate for the presidency some citizen on whom the whole convention could unite who had not struck the Root of any cherished state institution nor endeavoured to establish a territorial supremacy hitherto unknown to our Laws my unrecognized by our Citize is the Douglas faction madly and arrogantly a ponied a Liberal other of Lotical conciliation Universal in its objects asserted the principle that delegates fix ii limn democratic ses he conciliated the frees oilers but he alienated every True Democrat who was pledged to stand by the Agi element of 1851, and consequently bound in Honor and Good Faith to abide the decision of the supreme court. From that Day to this Ivor. Douglas and his followers have and herero to his squatter sovereignty doctrine. They repudiate the Constitution of their country by maintaining that a territorial j legislature May evade its provisions just As much As if they pretended that a territorial legislature might openly deny any obligation to obey the Constitution. On the strength of this doctrine Junir. Douglas sought the nomination of the democratic party for the presidency of the United states. mattered not that the democracy of fifteen states of the Union regarded his doctrine As quite As hostile to their interests quite As insulting to their Honor quite As subversive of the great democratic principle of the Equality of the a states As was the Wilmot proviso. mattered not that All his democratic colleagues in the Senate and nine tenths of the democratic representatives were opposed to him. mattered not that the democratic administration and the solemn judgment of the supreme court of the United states pronounced his doctrine false in fact and in breach of the plighted Faith of the democratic party. He and his friends insisted that he must be the nominee of the democratic party for the presidency. If the Pui suit of this ambition were to Divide the democratic party they cared not. Let be divided. If were to result in the Triumph of the Black publicans what was to them let the Black republicans Triumph if Stephen a. Douglas is not to succeed. The adoption of the squatter sovereignty double faced platform Charleston under the operation of a Crafty Rule by which a factious majority was obtained in up position to the declared will of yen teen democratic states the shameful refusal to admit the regu no. 14. Early chosen delegates from several states because they were known to be opposed to or. Douglas and the still More shameless admission to seats of bogus delegates from those states Baltimore Are sufficient proof of the recklessness of the policy of or. Douglas and his adherents and of their de Zermina Tion All hazards to carry their Point even though they should ruin their party and the country. They knew that really and in fact they formed but a minority of the convention but with their illegitimately obtained majority they were resolved not Only to Lorce the adoption of a squatter sovereignty plat Foi a but the nomination of their squatter sovereignty candidate. _ All the democrats who resisted this faithless violation of party pledges this Lawless resistance to the supreme Law and this presumptuous repudiation of All the requirements of social and political decency Are now denounced As disunion its and Dis organizers. Because they refused to Swallow the unsound and anti democratic principles which were attempted to be forced Down their tii Roats because they did not assent to the violation of every party Law for the Benefit of or. Douglas and because they would not nominate i. Douglas As their candidate for the presidency with All his sins upon his head Unree rented of and Uii atoned for they Are disunion its Quot and Quot what doctrine of Quot the i arty have Breckinridge and Lane or their supporters Ever repudiated ? what j ledge of the party have they Ever violated even in thought ? when have they Ever swerve i. N. Hair s Brea tii from the Plain path of democratic n nth or sought any other Light than that fib need by the Constitution y have they been Ever found in the Camp of the Black Republican enemy plotting against their party and Endeavor no to defeat ? when were they Ever heard to utter an opinion which i avas not Nikon promisingly opposed to and Evi in other him which eni Langei seven remotely the preservation of the Union and the integrity of the Constitution who Are they who denounce them and a Eliie Tipeni of being disunion its ? the me i who having pledged themselves to abide to e of tiie supreme court now that pledge and refuse to obey the Law. Tie men who in order to Rouit free soil favor Lowe Reil tiie Flag of to Iier party. The men who Allied themselves with the sectional Blaek rep lilians to defeat their party and who Are now rec Minu ending a renewal of the Alliance and for the same pure Oie. Tiie men who have done All Tivey could to Section Alize the democratic parly and who if they have the Power will sur Rentler the Gove ziment of tails confederacy into tie hands of the men who regard the As a Quot league with hell Quot and who Are prepared any moment Quot to let tie Union who Are the v the honest masses will answer the bogus nomination. The news Ajmer organs of the Douglas faction and some of their orators have the temerity to assert that my. Douglas is the regular democratic party. Even he himself has been hold ii Sugii to make Liat claim in his letter of Accel Tance. Tails conduct exit bits a Cou Teui Tor the Public intelligence so insulting to the Votey that we Are Iii ich mistaken if does not react upon its authors with a Power which will utterly crush them. The democratic masses of the Union Are devoted to regular Noni nations and such a time As this when the interest the Lionor and perhaps the existence of the Union depend on gaining a decisive Victory Over the ii envies of the Constitution Harmony is above All things desirable. To insure Harmony was necessary to adhere strictly and faithfully to the established rules of the party. If or. Douglas and his friends had shown a disposition to abide by those rules and if the fair operation of them had Given him the nomination of the National convention there would have been 110 serious division amongst us. is True that no nomination could have made Vir. Douglas a fit candidate no convention could have Given him either the personal qualities or the political orthodoxy which a democratic candidate in such a crisis ought to have but the i arty would have Slio Eldered the weight and done its Best. is perfectly certain that messes. Breckinridge and Lane would have been the two last men in the nation to be set up against candidates regularly nominated by their own party. A Mere glance the facts and figures Avill suffice to show that or. Douglas pressed himself upon the party without the slightest reason to believe that he could be fairly nominated that he and his friends must have intended to break the strength of the a party and defeat the Man of its choices that he did totally and signally fail to get a nomination having any semblance of regularity and that he has thereupon set himself up As a candidate against the party and is now warring upon not with any reasonable Hope of being elected nor even with the Prospect of a respectable vote but for the sole Benefit of the opposition thus making that portion of the democracy which adheres to him a Mere Bob Tail to the Black rep Hcan Kite. If there be any Rule which the democratic party has adhered to with unflinching tenacity is that which i rec quires two thirds of the delegates from All parts of the Union to make a nominal of. has made us and kept us a National instead of a sectional party is founded in Risdom is consecrated by time and hallowed by its association with Many glorious victories which but for would have been turned into mortifying defeats. The Man who opposes the Quot two thirds Rule Quot is a Mere fact Ouist. The Democrat who would abolish or break is a traitor to the principles he professes. Did or. Douglas get a majority of All the votes Baltimore v the plainest rules of simplest arithmetic will show that he did not. The convention was composed of 60g delegates entitled to 303 votes. Even the Douglas newspapers will hardly deny that to give any candidate two thirds of this number would require 202 votes to be cast for him. How Many votes did their candidate get ? no one has yet been reckless enough to assert directly that he got More than 181 and even that number was made up in a Large measure by excluding the True representatives of the people from several states and admitting bogus delegates in their places. the time when the Rump of the convention the front Street theatre declared him nominated there were Only 194 delegates present counting bogus delegates and All. The re.? they adopted does not declare that he had two thirds of the whole convention but Only Quot two thirds of the votes the idea of claiming Tavo thirds of the representatives from All the states is an afterthought which did not occur to the managers the time. Some of the Douglas men claim that he had the majority of the whole convention Charleston and therefore he should have got two thirds if he did not. We deny that. There never was even a Bare major Ity of the delegates or of the states in his favor or in favor of his platform or in favor of any of the factious measures which Avert Intro iced for the purpose of giving him the advantage. The majority which was counted As if cast in his favor was pit Lucid by tricks which would disgrace any Ward politician if practice upon a primary meeting. We pass for he present the treachery of the new York delegation. But that treachery placed the convention in a certain Degi be under the control of the Dougl Sites and they used in a manner which forfeits forever All their claim to Public Confidence. They managed so to count the votes that a Clear majority was overruled by a minority. To make a fair and honest majority there should have been a vote by each As a unit or else each individual vote should have been counted by itself. But the thing was so Juran ged that both were adopted the unit Rule wherever would rive Douglas Vantage and the opposite principle in All cases where the unit Rule would count against him?Constitution. has been suggested that Douglas poles ought to selected from Slippery Elm Trees

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