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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - August 7, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana The Constitution. The ten Jan and the dec vitality of the states Vot. , India Eva aug test 7, 1860.the old line guard. Is or Dei i Xifu 3s As a in a at i w Ali was acis Indiana by e so Haukness. 4100 until Acter the presidential election. In Advance in All eases. Advertisement inserted at tie snal rates. We cheerfully comply with the request of a highly esteemed Friend and give place to t be following interesting and conclusive article from the religious Herald of May 31stit is from the pen of a son of our old and valued acquaintance Joseph Hiden. The writer is a student at the Virginia University ind has very Fine talents. We regret that we could not sooner find room for it from tie religious Herald Paul on abolitionism. New following statement has appeared in religious journals published at Boston Chi Cago new York and Pittsburg Quot my Strong convict Tina is that unless Liere. Shall soon be a mighty outpouring of the holy spirit the Day is not Distant which will witness a More extensive and appalling Apos Tacy in new England than we have Ever yet seen i and that apo3tacy will be into universalism. Is this the whirlwind to be Lea Jed from sowing the wind of jilt a anti slavery ism ? abolitionism seems to us a ver direct path to j now it does seem to me that this remark of the Ed-1 Tor scarcely does full Justice to abolitionist in. Let us look fora moment at tie real facts of the Case and see a if we cannot discover v. Herein lies the apostasy to a Oli zionism itself for i contend Liat it is not Only tie i path to apostasy but that it h the thing itself. This might seem to be a Boll assertion to make in the face of so Many Wise and reverend Meir whose names have i adorned the times in which i they lived. But the writer believes that he has counted the Cost in making such a statement. Look at the authority and then i speak your mind. Just about 1800 years ago there was a Young minister who had just been sent Forth to preach the gospel. He was remarkably Well read in i the scriptures having been trained in them from his j childhood. His object in or caching the gospel was to teach men their duty in order that they might be i saved. But he was Young and inexperienced in the i work and though he understood very Well the general character of his great work and was familiar with the 1 great Central truths of the gospel yet there were Many particular Points in the application of the teach i Ings of the gospel to every Lay life on which he j needed advice and instruction. Besides he needed advice from an older preacher As to How he should withstand the opposes of the gospel and How he should manage those still More dangerous opponents who professing to preach the gospel of the lord Jesus Christ should in fact preach a a another the name of this Young preacher was Timothy. Now j it so happened that Timothy had jus such a Friend and adviser As he needed in the person of the apostle Paul. This Man was not Only a very great preacher and distinguished orator see Longinus but he had been preaching about from place to place among All classes of people. He had met with All sorts of infidels Heathen pagans Sadd Cees and worshippers of the Quot unknown he Lead refuted the philosophical Dogma of the epicureans and the stoics. He had condemned heresy and apostasy wherever he had seen it. He had been through All sorts of tribulation and affliction and had confronted All sorts of opposition. He had moreover been the Means of Timothy s convey Sion. Now these reasons made it very proper that paid should give Timothy the Benefit of his experience and accordingly he writes a letter to tie Young preacher. In the midst of this letter he gives him the following directions 1 Tim., 6 1�?"let As Many servants As Are under the Yoke count their own masters i worthy of All Honor that the name of god and his Doc Trine be not let us pause Here a to ment and Sec what this Means. In the first place what is the exact meaning of the term serum in the original it is this word is used in various places in the new testament. Let us seek an illustration by comparing this passage with another also penned by Paul himself. In romans 1 1, we find the following Quot Paul a servant to Jesus Christ called to be an apostle Quot amp a. Now the word Quot Doulos Quot used in this place to mean Sei vant is the singular number of precisely the same words which is used in the quotation from Timothy. If we can find out its meaning Here ave can know what meaning to give to it there. Now what does Paul mean by the term servant in this first chapter of romans ? the term seems capable of bearing but two interpretations. It either Means a hireling or it Means that the person to whom the term applies is the property of the master. Now it cannot mean a hireling Here. Paul did not mean to say that he was a hireling. Why we know what an account Jesus himself gives of the hireling. He tells us John 10 13 that Quot the hireling Fleeth because he is an hireling and Careth not for the this was not the character of Paul. His heart s desire and prayer to god for Israel was that they might be saved. Besides the word translated hireling m John 10 1.3, is totally different from the word servant in rom. 1 1, and in 1 Tim., 6 1. In the first Case it is the word Quot mis Thotos Quot or one who is paid for services rendered in the other two cases As we have seen it is but we can easily Settle this question in a positive manner by showing from Paul s other Fri tags in what sense he considered himself the servant of Jesus Christ. Let us turn to 1 cor., c 19, 20, and we find Paul telling the servants of Jesus Christ that they Are not their own. And achy ? is it because their time is hired ? no but it is because they Are bought with a once. Paul then Means to say that he is a servant Olio is not his own but is bought Mth a Price and j when expressing the relation in which he a servant of Jesus Christ stands to Cin is who bought him with a Price he uses the word this would seem to be a marvellously Plain Case to require any proof at All were it not Tor the fact that abolition writers have j tried to make it appear to abolition Zed ignorance j that the word Quot Doulos Quot meant Only a hireling or a hired servant. This is certainly either perverting the i right ways of the lord or else it is darkening counsel by words without knowledge. But after having settled the meaning of this term let us look into the meaning of the rest of this Veise. The apostle says that these servants Are to give All Honor to their masters. Now who Are these masters ? Are they simply the employers of the servants ? Are they the undertakers and the others the palmers for pay As the abolition scholars would have us believe ? this would be incompatible with our settled meaning of the word Quot Doulos for it is evident that the word stars correlative and that if Quot Doulos Quot Means servant in the sense of slave and not hireling then the word Quot despotes Quot of Mif if a would not Supply the proper correlative if it merely meant an undertaker. This interpretation would Quot give Paul As valid a claim to nonsensical writing As some of the abolition comments Tore on him have established for them sees. But lest there should be any Pastake in our reasoning let us again consult the of Nal to to the True Force and intent of the word. The greek word Quot despotes Quot is used Here. This is the very same As our Worix depot. The Only difference is in the termination. Now we should a hardly abolitionism itself could believe that the English word despot meant imply a master Workman or what do we mean when we speak of a desp civic government Evv body knows Liate in a Overn ment in which the will of one Man is the Law. It would be absurd to talk of an undertaker or master Workman Here. And so every greek scholar knows that it is just As absurd to say that the greek word Quot despotes Quot Means a master Workman. Now it would seem that this Case was made out without a possibility of error. There seems to be no other rational interpretation for the passage than the one which is Here Given. But i am aware that there Are those who Are not guided by reasoning and argument. Some Are blinded by prejudice some Are deceived by the bold and utterly groundless statements of pretended scholars. For the Benefit of those As weft As for his own satisfaction the writer has been at some pains to find authority for what he holds to be the truth. The result of his investigation is As follows says Calpin Quot Doulos latin servus i.e., qui Sui Juris non est sed alien Domino the engish of this is As follows a slave that is one who of his own right possesses no existence but is subjected to another As his master. This looks pretty Plain. But hear him further. The gallic of this word he tells us is serf. The French is enclave italian Servitor Spanish Siervo Anglo Saxon a Man servant. Says Schreves Quot Doulos Quot a servus. Quot Ruidas lexicon Kysten Quot says Quot Doulos Quot a serum a Jones lexicon Quot Doulos Quot a a slave a Sci rant Quot Doule Quot a a female slave. Damm Quot docile Quot a latin Ancilla serval a female slave. Stephan Quot Doulos Quot a servus correlative Quot despotes Quot opposite Quot now Quot do Spates Quot Means a master and is the correlative term to Quot Doulos Quot and Quot Eleftheros Quot Means a Freeman and is opposed to Quot Dufresne says Quot Doule Quot a Ancilla. Now Ancilla Means a female slave a handmaid. Donnegan tells us that Quot Doulos Quot Means a slave a servant. Grove Quot Doulos Quot a a slave a servant. Pickering Quot Doulos Quot a a slave a servant. Diddell and Scott Quot Doulos Quot a a slave a Bondman strictly one born so opposed to Quot andr Agodon Quot a a slave taken captive in War from the of the captive falling at the feet of the conqueror Quot Doulos Quot from Quot do Quot to bind. This derivation of the word is put Down by the lexicographer As Only probable and in this he seems to be sustained by professor Gildersleeve of the University of Virginia who is decidedly the highest authority i know and who holds that the origin of the word is not settled. The persian word is Bendet probably Akin to our word Bondman. Now Quot Doulos Quot is not the Only greek word which Means a servant or slave. On the contrary the greek language is exceedingly Rich in its variety and most critically Nice in its distinctions. This is a marked peculiarity of the language in general and Seldom does this peculiarity show itself More plainly than in the various words with which the greeks provided themselves for expressing the various modifications of the contained in the word servant. For exam be Quot Andropov on Quot a a slave taken captive Quot Dou of Quot a one born so Quot Dou Leuma Quot a one bought with Money Quot Doulos unos Quot a one enslaved Quot Dou Larion Quot a a Little slave Quot pais Quot a a slave and in general a servant maid Quot paid Ion Quot a a Young slave lad Quot Paida Rion Quot a a Young slave Quot Kotema Quot a property in slaves Quot Pai Diske Quot a a Young female slave. Now Here were evidently words enough to choose from and we have not exhausted them so that we Are not to suppose that the word Quot Doulos Quot is used because it came pretty near the and there was no word to express it exactly. This supposition is too violent even for an abolitionist if he has any pretensions to greek scholarship. But lest it May be supposed that the meaning of this word is different in the new testament from what it is any where else we May cite the following passages from the classic greek authors and any one who feels disposed and has the Opportunity May compare the passages. Tie word Quot Doulos Quot or some modification or synonym of it occurs i believe in the following places thucydides 8 28, 4 34, 2 61, and 1 18 euripides Hecuba 865 ibid Ion 55g Herodotus 7 7, 1 27, 1 94, 174 Homer s Odyssey 22, 423. Quot but if Paul had desired to express the of a hired servant in this place Quot says some Man Quot could he have found any other word to use ? Quot we answer in the first place that whether he could or not he could not use this word Quot words like facts Are stubborn things. After their meaning has been settled by Universal use for centuries we cannot take them up and give them an entirely new meaning without giving any sort of intimation of the fact that we mean by the words not what others mean but something totally different from anything which the avoids Ever meant before. Now the word Quot Doulos Quot never Means a hireling or a lived servant. There is not a single authenticated Case in the whole Range of greek literature where the word has that meaning. And therefore even if there had been As great a dearth of avoids As there actually is an abundance in the greek language for the expression of this still Paul could not have used this word for it without giving us some intimation of the Liberty he was taking. But just see How very ridiculous this abolition of hireling becomes when we compare it with other passages in the Bible where the same or cognate is to be expressed. I have found the expression Quot hired servant Quot in nine different passages of our version of the Bible. Exodus 12 45�?"a hired Sei vant shall not eat thereof Quot amp a. Here the greek word of the septuagint is not Quot Doulos Quot but Quot mis Thotos Quot a one who is paid for services rendered. Lev. 22 10, Quot mis Thotos Quot is the word. In lev. 25 6, the term Quot hired servant Quot occurs under such circumstances As to bring out the difference on which we Are insisting. Our version has it Quot and the Sabbath of the land shall be meat for you for thee and for thy servant and for thy maid and for thy hired servant Quot amp a. In the septuagint the greek word used Here for servant is Quot pais Quot for maid servant or maid Quot Pai Diske Quot but for hired servant the same old word lev. 25 40, our version has hired servant septuagint lev. 25 53, our version has Lii red servant septuagint deut. 15 18, our version hired servant septuagint Quot deut. 24 14, our version hired servant septuagint Mark 1 20, our version hired servant greek Luke 15 18, our version hired servant greek testament Quot now let us see if any better foundation can be found for abolitionism if we give them the word hireling in Stead of hired servant. This word is found eight times in the Bible. Job 7 a our version has hireling septuagint Job 7 2, our version hireling septuagint Job 14 16, our version hireling septuagint Isaiah 16 14, our version hireling septuagint Isaiah 21 16, our version hireling septuagint Malachi 3 5, our version hireling septuagint John 10 12, our version hireling greek testament John 10 13, our version hireling greek testament now Here Are some seventeen or eighteen cases in Wii Icli the word hireling or the term hired servant is used in our English version and not once do we find the word Quot Doulou Quot to answer to it. Really it does seem that the learning of abolitionism must be exceeding stupid if it cannot see that the word Quot Doulos Quot Means a slave and not a hireling. But let us examine one More extract from Liddell amp Scott s lexicon. Under the word Quot despotes Quot which is translated master in 1 Tim. 6 1, we find the following Quot a master lords Nch by to respect of slave so that the address of a slave to his master was o despot Anax hence a despot absolute ruler whose subjects Are the Reader May find further Light by consulting Herodotus 1 11, 111 3 89�?-thucydid�s 6 77�?eurip. Hype. 88�?xenophon Anab. 8 2, 13 7 4, 10. Now i hold that abolitionism leads to apostasy because it makes at edition commentators Pervert the right ways of the i re and attempt to deceive the. In suspecting and ignorant by making them believe that when Paul writes on the relative duties and slave be does not Man master and slave but he Means something else which something else the Wor its never did or come mean. But we promised to show not Only that abolitionism led to apr a Tacy but that it was apostasy itself. Now we can do tn�8,if Paul is authority. What is his reason for Ethoil Iii servants to Honor their Mastt ? Why Quot that the Naine of god and his doctrine be not the Here the Workings of the Politi is evidently this Quot if there Are servants among a of christians and they pretend to belong to the Long and at the same time do not attend to their duties As servants and do not Honor their master the unbelieving world around you will make Light of and blaspheme the doctrine which produces such compare rom. 2 24 Lotus 9 5. New i contend that those who withstand the doctrine that Paul Here teaches Are not Only on the Road to apostasy but have already reached it. For look further on Iri this Chap Cal revolution Douglas Point of departure from True principle. The professional politicians Are wonderfully Exerv cited at the rapid changes and Complete miscarriage of their plans and calculations which the put tical revolution now going on in the popular mind is work ter l Tim. 6, and we find Paul directing Timothy i ing., to teach and exhort the people in the doctrine of Obe i Quot c Are not surprised at it. The pontician by pro Zience of servants to masters. Quot these things teach session never comprehends the operation of great and Brethren of the Southern i pulpit have j principles. These overthrow All organizations a we done our duty ? have we been teaching and sex bargains for office All the anticipated dist buttons of Horting these things ? or have we let a fear of be i spoil by acting through the masses of people who have j ing thought to meddle with politics keep us Back i no part in corrupt and selfish arrangements. This is from declaring the whole counsel of god ? re Mem i the process that is now going on and the people even j Ber that before Columbus was bom before this con Bere Are seeking the True principles involved m the Tinnent was dreamed of even when the jews were present Campaign instead of obeying the Behest of travelling through the wilderness god saw fit to legis out and selfish political organizations. It is this j late upon this subject and amidst the dense smoke process which is rapidly ranging the masses under the i and vol lied thunders of Sinai s awful scenes there i banners of Brec kind a and of Lncoln and leaving came Forth the table of Stone written by the Finger of i the Douglas the Beu the Houston and the Gerrit thelxy re god omnipotent i Finci me daring tothe race Smith party managers and fir workers nothing but of men that they should not covet their neighbor s the empty Shell of party existence to be traded for House nor his will it nor his Man servant nor his maid and soul out for the Benefit of the creditors and Reid servant nor anything that was their neighbor s. Sla j Quot try legatees. Two parties Only in the present con very had its religious importance for thousands of test have any real in Sciple underlying their Organ Vears before new England was known. And shall Izat ions. The Black republicans have proclaimed a we ministers of the most High suffer our Mouths to i self sat shed and seductive theory that Northern so be stopped by a few puny politicians ? no let us do i City is More religious moral and Jiuji e than that of our duty Antl declare god s truth on this subject As j the South and claim that being More virtuous it is on All others without fear of any thing that Man can 1 More Happy. On this ground they Are urging the do unto us. But Paul goes on to say that Quot if any i country to an Quot irrepressible conflict Quot with the South Man teach otherwise and consent not to wholesome i destructive alike to the great principles of the constr words even the words of our lord. Jesus Christ and to Quot Tiou which establish i the Equality of the states and to tie doctrine which is according to godliness he is i to the brotherhood the social Intercourse and the great proud knowing nothing but doting about questions material flowing from that equally and strikes of words whereof cometh envy strife rail a this the people see and that fact has operated to Ings evil Sumi Isings Pei verse disputing of men of Kimmish the popular majorities of that party in the corrupt minds and destitute of the truth supposing Orth and to make its banners the symbols of an a that gain is godliness from such withdraw thyself Quot Gressie War on the South. A factitious character has there is the finest picture of modern abolitionism in 1 been Given to the contest by concentrating it for a the Lacenaire. Paul must have been acquainted with i while on the question of Tempo rial sovereignty one some abolitionists or else he looked feb inward to the abolition rant and hubbub of the 19th Paul knew very Well that the words a Vicli he had been writing namely Liat servants were to Honor their Mast tirs were Quot wholesome words even the words of our lord Jesus and of course he knew How to Descine those who should teach otherwise. He Practised his own doctrine too sending Onesimus the runaway slave Back to his master i Hilemon. See How fully his description of the abolitionist coincides with the character of those same fanatics of the present Day. Quot Trouil Quot says Paul. Quot yes Quot says Henry Ward 13oecher himself Quot so proud Are you that there is More sympathy for the negro even among the slave provisos and similar propositions and always with a holders themselves than among Quot knowing i formidable and widely agitating character it was not nothing says Paul and sure enough they do not a a til or. Douglas brought for Waitl that Pandora s Box even know enough to be aware of the fact the open the Kansas Nebraska Bill that the real discussion was palpable staring fact Liat a negro is a negro and not j opened. A blackened White Man. Quot doting about questions when that Bill was brought up in 1854, the far see and strikes of words Quot just exactly so. For instance i ing and sagacious among the leaders of the democratic. Discussing the various Quot isms Quot and such like. Quot envy j party perceived How necessary it was that the great railings evil surmising perverse disputing of men of i principle involved Sii Ould be formulated and expressed corrupt minds Quot amp a. For example calling for an anti without reference to political partisanship or Pei Fonal slavery Bible an anti slavery Constitution and an an preferences. The policy that alien animated parties to slavery god saying As they have said that the is thus stated by senator Benjamin in his speech in i Constitution of their county is Quot a league with hell Quot j the Senate on the 22d of May last that Quot such a god As is described in the Bible they he republicans professed the principle that the Woulf put my up on a Block and sell him and to Congress of the United states had the Power to gov. Cap the Climax proclaiming to the world that it is now old fog ism to Trust for salvation in Jesus Christ and him crucified and that henceforth the Faith of the Ern the territories and that there was to be found in j the Constitution of the United states no prohibition against exercising that Power so As to exclude slaver i t1t� ii i 1.� aug Buist Luat up War so As la Maui use Suimui it people is to rest on Quot John brow a and no hanged Thev therefore went for excluding slavery from i Quot from such says Paul Quot withdraw to Yiseli and j territories by the Power of Congress whih bad i from such say i Good lord deliver us Ujj fitted poor to govern them. The Southern Dean. Members of the democratic party with some of the Orange county from the North agreed Vith the Republican a a a a a a Quot _ party that the Congress of the United states had the letter from Hon. Thomas b. Undoubted Power to govern the territories but they Florence. Held that there was a limitation to that Power to be found in the Constitution of the United states which i the subjoined patriotic letter from the Hon. Thorn prevented the Congress of the United states a t. I irom exercising the Power to exclude slavery but on Asb. Florence was read at the recent great Breckir j a he contrary imposed it As a duty upon Congress to protect property in slaves just As All other property. Ridge and Lack demonstration in new York Washington july 17, 1860. Gentlemen a our patriotic fathers have entrusted with us a priceless boons tie preservation of the Constitution and the Union. No one can contemplate the grandeur of their Effort to establish a free government without emotions of gratitude. Their Fame and great deeds Are engraved upon the Tablet of our memory never to be obliterated. But a Little Over eighty years of its existence have passed and this grand Ial it lie of Republican states is rocking to its base. It the third school held that the sole Jwj wer of Congress i was to Institute an organic act As they termed it that the sole Power was to give As it Avert a Constitution to the territories by which the people might be brought together in organized form and that Ashen the people were thus brought together in an organized form in a legislative capacity they possessed inherent sovereignty just As a state and had a right to do in relation to slavery just As they All of these views Wei a More or less Biassed from seems proper now to Icyk Back and ask ourselves Are the True Princi Jile by local interests and party Aspira we the faithful custodians of the great Trust confided i tons and in order to save the democratic party from our revolutionary sires fell in the cause of i the inevitable dissolution which would follow an Adhe a Sion to local aspirations instead of great National in to us Equality of rights and most gloriously and unselfishly was the sacrifice made. They fell devoted but undying the very gales their names Are sighing. The Waters murmur of their name the Woods Are peopled of their Fame the meanest Rill the mightiest i . Rolls mingling Avith their Fame forever Quot Teress and constitutional principle they All agreed to abide by the decision of the supreme court the Only i passionless and disinterested interpreter of the Constitution. To this Wise agreement senator Douglas was a party. The decision of the court came in 1857, in the celebrated dred Scott decision. Tiie Black i i republicans undertook to get rid of that decision by and yet we Are now on All sides Quot round and about j do Quot a a the court and or. , again and us Quot met with the abandonment of he principles of Jand out of it insinuated and the fundamental basis of our free institutions there bad been a Barm Between the i chief Justice and the president of the lated states. Upon the unqualified Observance of which Only can they be Pei Petal. In this gloom when the Hopes of the nation Are Well nigh prostrated and the expectation of averting the dire catastrophe of a disruption of our confederacy of equal states Quot is almost Given up in despair it is indeed Gratifying to find men fearlessly standing up for the right demanding a full recognition of Equality of rights of All the states of the Union and battling boldly for its and their maintenance. Our Union must be preserved. It can Only be by maintaining in All their Force the requirements of the american Constitution. This you propose to do under the Flag of Breckinridge and Lane. It is a glorious purpose and aim in which i bid you go d Speed. Other engagements will prevent my being present Avith you to Morrow night. I Trust your efforts in the cause of right Justice and Quot equity Quot which is Quot Equality Quot May be crowned with Success. Truly your Friend Thomas b. Florence. That utterly groundless charge has recoiled on him every adhere because it is confidently believed that in his accusations against the highest and purest in the j land he judges them by principles of action which j would have guided him had he been in their place. The principle established in the dred Scott decision is Well known. When or. Douglas went into the con j test for the senator ship of the state of Illinois he had not the courage to fight a local Battle on great nation-1 Al principles in opposition to the evanescent prejudices of the Day. He shrank from his obligation and duty i As a National statesman and Ashen or. Lincoln in 1858, forced him on the question he replied As Fol i lows Quot it matters not what Way the supreme court May hereafter decide As to the abstract question whether slavery May or May not go into a territory under the Constitution the people have the lawful Means to introduce or exclude it As they please for the reason that slavery cannot exist a Day or an hour anywhere Hon. Gideon othere,,&c.,&c supported by local i lice regulations. Those police regulations can Only be Stab shed by the Joliet signal puts the Fol leaving pertinent questions at the Republican party we a Puld ask Ashen and How Abraham Lincoln won the title of "honest.?&Quot was it when he favored repudiating our just debts was it when he jumped out of the state House when he avas a member of the legislature to prevent a vote being taken to compel a the local legislature and if the people Are opposed to slavery they will elect representatives to that body Avo will by unfriendly legislation effectually prevent the introduction of it into their midst. If on the contrary they Are for it their legislation will favor its Extension. Hence no matter what the decision of the supreme court May be on that abstract question still the right of the people to make a slave territory or a Bank to redeem its Bills ? was it when he in effect free territory is perfect and Complete under the be during the mexican War turned traitor to his own country and Lent Quot Aid and Comfort Quot to the enemy ? or was it Ashen he entered into an unholy combination with the notorious abolitionists Codding love Joy and fam Worth for the purpose of getting elected a to office let the worshipped and adores of Quot honest old Abe Quot answer these questions and we will ask them a few More Quot same a a this is told of the eccentric John Randolph. In one of his spells of repentance and sickness he was visited by a minister Walro at his request prayed for and with him. A the minister began in this Wise lord our Friend is sick. Thou Kii West How generous he was to the a Oor and what a mind it service he has rendered to his country and How he is among the honoured and Reat men a the Earth Stop Stop sad the impatient Bando Libr to More of such a Tiff else the lord will Damn we both Braska Bill. I Hope or. Lincoln deems my a Saver satisfactory on that Here is where or. Douglas departed from the True constitutional principle a amp mooned his stand a a National statesman and took up the subordinate and inferior position of a local partisan and put tical demagogue. This is the secret of his Success with Mere local politicians and of his a Knesal As a candidate Tor National position. Short sighted party managers and Cornitt professional spoils men he the Bany Regency and shoulder hitting tammany sachets Felt that to them the local elections were of More importance than the i a Sideny and they child not see that a president contest conducted on Reat principles always controls subsequent Locso bleed pcs. Uliey forgot that every Man is first of All an american and after that a new yorker or a Virgin Ian in a word that the Natiw Nal feeling underlies and cont that of state Pride. This error hailed them and their Leader or. Douglas into the innumerable contradictions of no. 9. Expediency which Are rapidly working their destruct Quot Tion As political leaders of the people. The lineaments of the present canvass Are just beginning to stand out to the Ariew of the people and As they become bolder in every Section of the countr or. Douglas and his followers Avill comprehend that in abandoning great principles for the shifting grounds of local prejudice they have l it All Hope of obtaining from the people the Trust of either National or local . Y. Herald. From the iut do a stale on the stump. Of the constitutional questions Avrich has not been thoroughly ventilated and decided by the people. A this question rests upon certain simple fixed and abstruse principles of government Avrich cannot be de painted from Avit Hout leading to other departures from constitutional principle Avrich Are full of danger to. The government and to the Union. The old and now defunct democratic part had acted in the past Avioli i out reference to these principles leaving their discus i Sion and settlement upon a permanent basis to the fun j Ture. That discussion is Noav going on and the time has come for its decision. Although the question has been presented before now in the shape of Wilmot with the exception of general Scott who made one or Tavo political speeches in Ohio in 1852, and which were condemn by the democracy judge Douglas is the first american statesman a candidate for the presidency who has so far forgotten the dignity pertaining to that High position As to take the stump in advocacy of his own pretensions for the Suffrages of the american Inopia. It has heretofore been the custom As soon As the nomination has been conferred for the nominee to retire from the political Arena and patiently await the decision of the people entries finor the Canatis to his political friends. But from Lack of Confidence in his supporters or some other equally pit tent reason or. Douglas prefers to descend himself into the contest and Avage a avar Iare in his own behalf. On his first appearance after Leaa ing Washington on his pre.5-ent tour he took occasion to declare that i a hindu More political speeches to make and the Ani rican people took it for granted that he Avold certainly thus committed Quot Tai Yoav the footsteps of his illustrious but in this they Lave been most Woin Liy disappointed no doubt. Scarcely had the sounds died Wavay from his lips Ere the wires shot Forth Tel the country his political diatribes in Ducic to of his great in Sci plea Quot that great principle a Thanh under ios All our institutions Quot a and which he Bas it Quot proclaimed from a thousand stumps in elsewhere. Indeed his whole journey from Washiington via Boston to Buffalo seems but to have been marked out for a political Campaign in his own behalf. Although there seems to have been no such thing As Quot Compromise Quot or Quot Concession Quot enunciated in any of his a flirts still All along the Quot line of his March Quot ave Are gratified to perceive that the democratic people Are moving in favor of Harmony Concession every Thimig for the Cut Iuse nothing for the signs of the times in Pennsylvania and new York indicate in spite of his own a flirts and that of his National committee at Washington that the once invincible democracy of those Noble states Are Likely to secure a Union which however Little it May favor his Peculiar vie avs Avill result in a glorious Victory and place in the presidential chair the disinterested Pariot and glorious american statesman John c. Breckinridge. Hoax different the coarse which or. Douglas to have marked out for himself from that pursued by the hero of n Cav Orleans. In october 1825, the legislature of Tennessee placed before the american people the name of Gen. Jackson As a candidate for the presidency. As soon As the fact was communicated to him he at once not Only resigned his seat in the United Statica Senate but retired to the secluded shades of tie Hermitage and there in dignity and peace a awaited that voice Avrich ultimately called him with to much unanimity to the dental chair. In tendering his resignation of senatorial honors he Addi Essed the legislature Quot having been Ada i cd of a Resolution of your Hon of Able body i resenting again my name to the american people for the office of chief magistrate of this Union 1 could no longer hesitate on the course i should pursue i determined forthwith to ask your indulgence to be excused from any further service in the councils of the again in closing his address the old hero thus spoke and ave most eath Estly direct the attention of senatorial presidential aspirants to his words Quot by name having been before the nation for the office of chief magistrate during the time i served As your senator placed me in a siltation truly delicate bit delicate As it was my friends do not and my enemies cannot charge me Avith descending from the Independent ground then occupied Avith degrading the Trust reposed on me by intriguing for the presidential chair. As b a Resolution of your body you have thought proper again to present my name to the american people i must entreat to be excused from any further service in the Senate and to suggest in conclusion that it is due to myself to practice upon the maxims to others and hence feel constrained to retire from a situation where temptation May exist arid suspicions arise of the exercise of an influence tending to my own aggrandizement. Quot accept &c., amp c. Quot Andrew . Lane s movements. After spending three Days in this City during which time he visited by hundreds of Jiei sons both of this City and from the country and visiting himself the birth place of his father and other places of interest. Gen. Lane Lett this City yesterday morning for Chapel Hill highly delighted As we learn from or. Cantwell the chairman of the committee of reception Avo escorted Hon to the depot with the City of Raleigh its citizens and the marked attention he had received from his friends. Raleigh and Iti precincts have a fascination for Gen. Lane Avrich perhaps they live for Aery few persons. Here avas the a Lyle of his family Here was the Home of Liis father and Here Are the Graa is of his ancestry. Once a Large tamil All living Avi thin the precincts of Raleigh they have scattered and fallen Wavay until but few remain to perpetuate the memory of the Parent Stem. The general took a great interest in ferreting out those who held in their veins any of the Blooml of his ancestors and when he had found one he seemed to regard him As a brother or a son. We Are glad to learn from or. Cantarell that his visit Here was in every respect a most pleasant one. We have Ion admired the character of Gen. Lane As it has been Given to the Public by his biographers but we Are free to confess that it was impossible for us to place anything like a proper estimate upon his moral and political Worth to his country until we had seen him and spent Avith him As we did hours at a time. He is not Only a Patriot a statesman and Soldier but he possesses an amiability of manner and disposition and a nobleness of bearing that charms while it awes and that makes the visitor in his presence feel that there is something almost superhuman about the Man that stands before him. No Man that has Ever come among us has made More friends More lasting friends than did Gen. Lane. Although studiously avoiding any Public demonstration prefer ring Tobe the quiet and unassuming Viator to the Home of his ancestry rather than to receive the homage due a Patriot and a Soldier yet he was not Al loved to withdraw himself from the Public. Whenever at his rooms crowds besieged him Day and night so Long As he remained in our midst. Tie general did us the Honor to visit our a Tum during his stay Here,.spending an hour or two without friends who w Ere dropping in from time to time. He converses freely and readily upon any topic. He is a Man of Large experience and observation and Tendies everything that presents itself to his and. He is therefore thoroughly acquainted with almost any topic to which he might be drawn in convey site a. As we stated at the outset he goes Litone to Chapel hid. Thence he will go West. He Wii be in Dis Bury in the course of two or three Days. Wherever he May go he will create an enthusiasm for Era that will Widen and deepen and swell until the people have honoured the Patriot Saddier the Quot a Vita of. The mexican . Prev

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