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Indianapolis Old Line Guard (Newspaper) - August 4, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana Guard the Constitution the Union and the Satta Lity of the states vol. I. saturday August 4, 1860 no. 8. The old Linb guard. Is the. I Quot a e3 e in Xii Yat 1 w i a a focus ii Daiva e a pc Haukness. T 33 Jar i advertisements inserted at the usual rates. John c. Breckinridge. A graphic sketch. His Noble purpose. Upon this occasion he incidentally touched upon the subjects of Quot the cant about Progress Quot and Quot seeking the presidency Quot in a manner not to forgotten and in the latter Case especially Well to remembered at the present time. Upon the former he said Quot let me now say a word upon this question of Progress. I profess to a Friend of rational Progress but 1 want no wild and visionary Progress that would sweep away All the imm Ollai principles of our forefathers. I want to Progress in the. A a. Line of the in Sciples of our fathers i want a steady , until tuft or tic election. beyond the limits of the in Advance in All cases. I Federal constitutions but i am afraid that such pro i Gress As is now talked of would carry us Clear away i from that sacred instrument. I want to Progress j ameliorating the condition of the people just fair j and equal Laws and simplicity frugality and jus Tice marking the operations of the Federal govern i ment. Above All 1 Hope to see the democratic party i adhering to the ancient and distinguishing landmarks of its policy. Toliese Are my opinions on i upon the charge that general Butler was a mum to sketch John c. Breckinridge is no easy task. Candidate and re inning to the disgraceful spectacles the dial Mculty is to keep the pen in proper restraint i latterly seen of candidates struggling for the presi for such is the inspiration of the theme that the Denv he said Quot what would gentlemen have ? temptation to run Oft Quot into panegyric is almost i resist a a would they have him Gen. Butler to roam Over the Ible. Let us give a few dates and then pass to j country clamouring for support and spreading his sails a presentation of the Man Liin self for after All it is j to every popular excitement general Butler has coming Man the people want and remained with quiet dignity at his House in Ken not a lesson in chronology Tucky he has not mingled in this presidential strife. John c. Breck Indge is thirty me years old an to my mind sir it is a Noble spectacle. It is the vice president of the United states. He is a Ken Lomage lie pays to the Good sense and capacity of his tuck Ian born near Lexington january 16, 1821, and countrymen. Liis course carries the mind Back to is a scholar lawyer and Soldier. For these pursuits j the earlier and purer Days of the Republic and recalls he was educated at Center College Princeton Tran the memory of those really great men who neither Sylvania Institute and on the Field of Mexico. After sought nor declined the i Sid enc. The avidity with the close of the mexican War he returned to his vhf iii High offices Are sought now a Days i regal d As practice at the bar but was soon elected to tic legis-1 the Avo St the very worst sign of the times. From it lature of Kentucky and very soon after that again to As from a copious Fountain flow corruption extra a the National House of representatives Liere he i France profligacy National disgrace. I Hope that the served from 1851 to .55. During the latter period he chief magistrate of this Union will Ever design was offered the Mission to spam president Pierce j Ted the spontaneous voice of the people and that this was a glittering temptation to so Young a Man i the citizen Olio is honoured the Public Cloice May but after a Short reflection the proffer was modestly j deserve tie place for his services his Virtues Oriff Lis but firmly declined because his business and personal modal ii affairs required Home attention and because of his while major Breckinridge was Ever a party oppo desire to withdraw for a time from Public life. This nent of Henry Clay he always Siuert Aind tie most purpose he obeyed until the Cincinnati convention Aidi it admiration Lor the Man and improved every in 1856, its spontaneous suffrage afterwards con occasion to express it. In the speech from which the firmed the people made him vice president of the foregoing extracts Are quoted he referred to tie name United states. By virtue of this office he is now pro of Clay As Quot that name More potent to rally his clans siding Over the american Senate. His term does not a Glen than any in american history save Liat of expire until tie 3d of March 1861, but he has already it was the knowledge of this feeling to been returned to the Senate to represent tie state of a Ether with the fact that lie represented the Quot Ashland Kentucky from that Day until March 3, 1867. J District Quot Liat caused him to selected the House this is a Skeleton sketch of or. Breckinridge s Ca a its principal speaker at the finneral solemnities held reer. Much might said about it but its great Dis Honor of that statesman. Those who Wei e present tinc Tive feature is its Jire eminent Success. In College yen never forget the impression made Breckin he wa3 the chief of his comrades and the Brigl test Ridge on that occasion. Quot As a Leader in a deliberative intellect in every class at the bar he avas prominent body Quot said he Quot or. Clan had no equal in America from the very Start in the army he stepped at once i i intellect person Elof Pience and courage United into a conspicuous place and High esteem in the leg to form a character fit to command. He fired with Slature he was the acknowledged first orator of the his own enthusiasm and controlled his amazing Quot notoriously eloquent state of Kentucky Quot on the ill individuals and masses. Isto reverse could crush broader Field of Congress he was Universal con jigs spirit nor defeat reduce him to despair. Equally sent the Leader and Champion of his party and Ablest and dauntless in Prosperity and adversity when exp monent of its Jio Licy while in his latest and highest successful he moved to the accomplishment of his Pur position it is his characteristic distinction to have been Pogge a to severe Resolution when Defeated he ral elected at the age of thirty five when eight years red his broken bands around him and from his Eagle younger than the youngest of his predecessors and to Eye shot along the ranks the contagion of his own have discharged the duties of president of the Senate courage. Destined for a Leader he every Wiere As with a Grace dignity and Justice unsurpassed the sorted his destiny. In his Long and eventful life he oldest and Ablest of them All. Such a career could i ame in Contact with men of All ranks and professions not fail and of course has not failed to attract the but he never Felt that he was in the presence of a Man widest Public notice. It must mean something. Superior to himself. In the assemblies of the people at let us now present the Man. Major Breckinridge the bar in the Senate everywhere within the Circle is in person about six feet High with a Lithe Well of his personal presence he assumed and maintained knit Graceful form moulded for activity and strength a position of pre Eminence. The entire absence of accordingly he has always been fond of Manly an equivocation or disguise in All his acts was his master athletic sports surpassing his Fellows in these As in key to the Public heart. He never altered in a double other contests for he never failed to beat them All. The country was never in doubt As to his indeed there is a Well authenticated instance in one Oij Inions or purposes. In All the contests of his time to of o ill a in Ltd kit Hixon in Cilz Alicky Juliva Vav Lilov a leap which he did without any trouble whatever. As things How contemptible does aj5 ear All the Leger de usual in All cases of great Force of character he has main of politics ? what a reproach on his life is that strongly marked features the Broad High impending Figg policy which would trifle with a great and upright forehead of the Man of mind and the massive jaw people. If i were to write his epitaph i would in and firmly set Mouth Beto Kening Resolute will and scribe As the highest Eulogy on the Stone which shall Coli age. His hair now a very Little silvered is dark Mark his resting place Here lies a Man who was in and thrown Baek from his Temple and his Eye is like the Public service for fifty years and never attempted an Eagle s. When absorbed in thought his face avers to deceive his countrymen Quot a severe aspect but in social life it is a Fine Manly thus Breckinridge went on and As he paid the countenance overflowing with genial Frank and kind a ,.�ch tribute of his chivalric nature to his deceased sympathies. But it is Only when aroused in debate Friend he seemed to have transferred the very soul of that you see the full play of his expressive features. The departed statesman into his own. Tiie truth is then they Are lit up lightning but no Art of words the nature and qualities of the two men were much can reproduce that picture on paper. I alike and it avas therefore a natural and East thing to convey any Clear idea of Breckinridge As a Par for Breckinridge to appreciate Clay and describe him Liam entry speaker it is necessary to give specimen go eloquently and truly As he did. He had but to extracts from his reported speeches but in a sketch so speak from his own heart. The same remark May limited in plan As this these must limited to the a a Glade of his Noble description of general Butler Quot All briefest space or excluded altogether. Those who the hered tary instincts of his race spurn concealment would see How his speeches look in print should read or Quot he is a Man pure and incorruptible his vindication of general Butler his views of the a Democrat of the Jackson temper a statesman with Nebraska Bill his address on leaving the old Senate i out guile sir and As a Soldier Why the very Bayard chamber and his Eulogius upon Henry Clay. They of his country the Knight without fear and without Are fair samples of his St Yle in debate and in a set those who know Breckinridge Avill scarce speech. But while they illustrate his nervous and need told that these grand descriptions of Noble elegant diction his statesmanlike views and his lofty i qualities Are but tie reflex of his own Sterling charac tone of mind they yet fail utterly to give a True in ter. Pression of him As an orator. For the Charm of Man j Flie wonderful Success of or. Breckinridge has Ner is not set Down with the words the musical in Tona been already referred to simply As an existing fact Tion the telling emphasis the Graceful and significant but some reference to his cause and character and to gesture the High and chivalrous bearing the deep Fer jts correlative his popularity is necessary to com Vor of passion and the electric fire of his Eye Are All plete even this Hasty sketch. His first election to lost. Yet these Are the qualities which he is sure Congress was a wonderful achievement. The dist magnetize his auditors into sympathy captivate. Strict for which he was returned was the District and their judgments and inflame them with his own in Bome of Henry Clay. It was whig a majority of thus asm. Until some Subtle process is discovered sixteen Hundred. His competitor general Leslie which the reporter can catch these qualities and chips a Combs was one of the Shi eldest tacticians and Ablest Walize them into words All verbal attempts to describe j debaters in Kentucky. Yet or. Breckinridge beat Breckinridge s oratory must fail. Ing Down this heavy majority and this Strong Anta a reference to two occasions will suffice to illustrate j Onist was elected a majority of More than five All that need further said of major Breckinridge Hundred. The result was a subject of remark in All As a speaker. Political circles. In his second canvass the whigs during the heat of the presidential canvass of 1848, evinced a Resolute purpose to recover the District and certain rumours were current about intrigues Between brought into the Field governor Letcher an expert a neral we. O. Butler and the free soil democrats ended campaigners of great ability and Este blushed whereby it was alleged that the former had secured j reputation and altogether the strongest whig in the the support of the free spoilers pledging himself state. The canvass was of the hottest kind and As in Advance to give them Oei Tain patronage and Posi Many will remember the interest and excitement Tion if elected. This Breckinridge knew Tobe false spread Over the whole country. But the second Vic and indignant that such calumnies should a sed tory of the rising Young Democrat avas even More against so Good a Man who avas at once his commander signal than the first. His constituent and his Friend he Rose at the first fitting Fol leaving this came the proffered Mission to Spain occasion in the House and poured out is heart in a and its modest decl nature. Then the spontaneous vindication that silenced the slander forever and carried every body Wavay captive. After Reading a letter from sexier Al b., fully disproving the charge he said Quot i dare affirm that is the letter of a Patriot and an honest Man perhaps too honest for political advancement in these times yet he has not a Friend Avo would not rather see him sink beneath the Manly Avo Val of his principles and those of his state than to see him creep into Coaver betraying both. What the effect of this May in certain quarters i know not but i defy any Quot Man whose heart cherishes the love of Honor to read these letters Avit Hout admiring the Man who a Rote them. All the hereditary instincts of Chi race spurn concealment and evasion Quot alluding to the rumours again or. B. Said Quot if they Avert True,.geneiiil Butler ave old eternally dishonoured because the Public Marbe Titis his party who comes under obligation to less than the whole and he who makes agreements with factions or sections forfeits the Confidence of All the rest. But they Aie not True. In the name of the Kentucky democracy i deny them. I meet them recoiling from the spotless character of their object and i trample them beneath my As he spoke this last sentence his voice made the Hall ring again and grasping at the Quot recoiling Quot slanders he dashed them to Bis feet and Quot trampled on them Quot As though he was crushing out their very life. The whole House was electrified and there was a sympathetic and Sontan is movement amongst the spectators As if to Aid the chivalric Young orator in Call to the vice presidency then his election to the Senate and Noav the deep and Strong under current of popular feeling in his favor for the such unparalleled Success especially in our country and for so Young a Many does not of course pass Avith out emphatic remark. It is debated sometimes in popular style and sometimes Avith philosophical Gravity. Some dispose of the matter in a summary Avay on the simple theory of Quot this argument cannot certainly logically disproved. Others say because he is a Fine genial High spirited fellow but there Are hundreds of men of that character who Are never heard of beyond the Small circles in which they move. There Are those again Avo refer his popularity and Success to his Brilliant talents but there Are Many merely Brilliant men a Holive unsuccessful and die obscure. There Are still others Avo deduce Bis intellectual and political Power As necessary physiological or psychological results of the blood that is in him. They argue that not Only his father his Grandfather and All his Kinsmen on the Breck Indge Side were men of might and High sense of Honor but that so were his ancestors on the maternal Side beginning with old Witherspoon of the declaration of Independence and coming Down to the present that his family throughout our whole existence As a nation has made its Mark upon the politics and morals of the country and that it is because he is sprung from such a race of men that he has run such a splendid Carcer. But All this is Avide of the Mark. The True source of it All is the Man himself and in the common sense of the peo j 9. The faithful enforcement of the fugitive slave pie. It is sheer impossibility to account for it on any j Law. All attempts or combinations to defeat or frus other grounds. He May aptly desc bed in his own j trate those provisions citizens of the Republic and avoids applied to Butler and Clay for he possesses theall state legislation to the same end Are in violation great qualities of both. He is a Man pure and incur of the Constitution. Rup Tible a Democrat of the Jackson temper a states such was the Pla Fonn of principles set Forth the Man Avit Hout guile All the hereditary instincts of his state convention of the opposition in Kentucky on race spurning concealment or evasion and in him in the 2 2d of february last and if there any differ Tel Lect person eloquence and courage unite to form a j ence Betavee these principles on the slavery ques character fit to command. If he Avert not such a Man Tion and those of the Cincinnati platform we Are in he Avold live met Avith no such uninterrupted Success i Able to state this difference. This is the platform and had no such surprising popularity. J differing Only in words that is contained in the Senate but few of our conventional great men Bear the resolutions Avrich commanded the assent of All but test of close inspection. It is a subject of common re j the Republican senators Avith one or two exceptions Mark that nearly All of them Are Davar fed into the me and of the resolutions which were adopted the rest mediocrity close and familiar observation. In Breckinridge and Lane convention. Here is the non most cases it is the fact that Quot distance lends intervention policy As to Congress Here is the right enchantment to the but Breckinridge is proof of the people of a territory to form their own Konsti against the severest of All tests. The closer you see tuition and Here is the Protection demanded for rights i him the greater and better he looks. This is the sex which the Constitution recognizes. Prience of the people of All parties and specially j the convention that made this declaration recon the representatives who go annually to Washington me led or. Crittenden for the presidency and this i and Ashen they go Home penetrating As they do All Veteran statesman voted for All the resolutions offered j any-1 thing in parts of the country they relate it to their friends in the Senate Hon. Jefferson Davis. Is there and neighbors and it becomes the fixed sentiment of thing in them that is sectional is there Anythia the people. Here is the True Oto und Kavork of Breck them but Arhat the supreme court of the United Reat Popup qty. It pervades the entire states has determined there is in the Constitution a body of the democratic party. In ride s great he democratic Jurty. It is in. The Peoples Are the old line whigs North or South prepared hearts. No forced hot House growth but Indig Mous. To repudiate principles Coeval Avith the founders of the the difference Between it and the factitious popularity constitutions which have received the Sanction both i Avor ked up to order Small party leaders is tie same of the stores and websters and the Jeff i sons mad As the difference Between the applause of paid a lacquers \ i on and Jacksons and the country ? the enemies a at a theatre and Liat spontaneous irrepressible elec at the Gate Black republicanism As expounded Trie shout that goes up shaking the very Walls Ashen its champions wipes off these principles at one fell the hearts of the people Are truly touched. A Savo Oji. I Tylius far or. Breckinridge has been considered All Eves will upon the Gallant state of Kentucky i chiefly Arith reference to the causes that have entered As in the great Campaign of 1798, All eyes were upon j upon him so much of Public attention and favor and Virginia. The state rights parly of that Day were i not at All in his relation to the presidency As in no not decided As to their Leader the Satre of Monticello i usual sense of the term is he a candidate for that of the Jiro Cess of a convention but the qualities i fice. It is True that quite a number of delegates to of mind and heart the magnetic attraction of personal i the Charleston convention have declared a marked i character. This made Monticello the Mecca of the i preference for him above All others but such expires democratic party. The same fact substantially a Sions come from no procurements of his they Are but i pears to Day. John c. Breckinridge of avs his position the simple and natural results of the Leigh esteem in As the Leader of the democracy not to Avire pulling Avrich he is yield. Enough i however has been said j a not to bar jains among trading politicians not to any to show that air. Breckinridge is in every respect clique work but because he has the elements of a a character Avo thy to president of the United stares j True Man the Macau etim of character Avrich makes i if the qualifications that were regarded As essential in him an exponent of a principle and a worthy Leader i tie chief magistrate in the earlier and purer Days of the Republic Are still held to important then he is most Avo thy of All that Are Likely to considered at Charleston. He presents a reputation without blemish great intellectual ability intimate know pledge of Public affairs integrity that no Man Avold dare approach Avith a corrupt or questionable proposition of a party. All eyes Are Noav on kentuckians to see them democrats Henry Clay whigs All patriots make i common cause against the enemies of the Constitution i and the equal rights of tie states. This cause is just a the Union on it should perfect and tie patriots of Kentucky will not disappoint the patriots of the commanding Force of character Fidelity to his party j Union for As sure As the election Dav Quot comes so surely organization controlled Liat High sense of Public in it find the lion hearts of this state aroused and duty Avii Ich holds fight and Justice to Superior to Ita majority never before seen Avill they Bear on party obligations and with All Toliese he presents the to Victory their Noble standaixl.�?poi/. Very prime of a a rigorous manhood tempered a. Judgment and discretion that thus far have been singularly free from error or fault. There can no doubt that possessing these qualities As he does or. Breckinridge Avold As president governed Avise and patriotic vicars and that his administration of Public Aflaki a would so Able and pure As to command respect and Confidence at Lime and abroad. But it has so happened of late years that presidential candidates have been selected on very dire remit grounds from those just j conventions distracted the intrigues and conflict-1 ing interests of political speculators and in the hot Pursuit of availability have either overlooked or sacrificed the More important requirements of the presidency. It can hardly expected that the Charleston Cona mention Avill More exempt from such influences than its predecessors a Hether of its own or the Republican party. But in this regard it May prove to fortunate for the democrats and a subject of future congratulation for the county that eminent fitness and the highest availability unite in the person of John c. Brew Ridge. His Avide spread popularity the Hearty Good Avill of the masses of his party and the prestige of his unbroken Success against great Odds May open the eyes of the Del cites to merits they might not othe Ravise care to examine. But the genuine popular feeling in favor of Breckinridge May of itself Kavork a onders As it did in the Quot Ashland District Quot and at Cincinnati. If not suppressed extraordinary Means it must produce its usual effects at Charleston and should he nominated the lightning Flash that makes it Noaa n to the democrats of the Union Aviu Tavake a responsive shout such As has not gone up from that party since the Days of inquirer. From Llie King Lianton n. Y Dino rent a Brilliant and enthusiastic demonstration in favor of Breckinridge and Lane. Organi Safion of a National democratic club. Serenade to Hon. D. S. Dickinson. Speeches of or. Burr Edward Tompkins Esq., Hon d. S. Dickinson and the Union. The demonstration of the Frankfort state convention of Kentucky for Breckinridge and Lane for its Calm assertion of principle its absence of vituperation and High toned patriotism avas a Model demonstration and admirably suited to the state of the Public mind. This Noav As Jefferson used to say is on the Creen men Are making up their opinions and. Inca or avas a time for facts and argument been better timed in the proceedings of this convention than the Resolution Avrich while it expresses Quot feelings of the greatest kindness Quot for Quot democratic friends Avo Are inclined to support or. Douglas on the ground of the alleged regularity of the nomination Quot expresses also the Quot confident Hope and belief that a thorough discussion and investigation of the subject Avill yet convince them of their error in time to unite All patriots in a common cause against the enemies of the Constitution and the equal rights of the Well is it said Here that the Appeal is applicable to All parties As Well As to democrats for the great principle Avrich is Here announced commends itself to All parties at a time Ashen tic enemies of the Constitution Are at its very Gates As a solid ground for a Union for the Sake of the Constitution and it especially commends itself to the old line whigs everywhere. As a Type of principles Avrich this party has avowed take tiie proceedings of one of the latest opposition state conventions that assembled in Kentucky soon after the invasion of Virginia John Bro Avn on the 22d of february. The address of this convention says Quot to Avert a sectional contest Between the slave holding and non slave holding states for political on monday evening last amid the firing of rockets i the burning of roman candles the sound of martial music and the roaring of Cannon the National de j Mcraey of Bingo Simton assembled at Bingham Hall j for the purpose of organizing a Breckinridge and i Lane club. It was one of the most Brilliant and in Thusia Stic meetings Ever a witnessed in our Village. Al-1 though the notice avas Short we do not Over estimate Ashen a e say that the meeting numbered not less than j one thousand of the friends of Hon. D. S. Dickinson and the political supporters of Breckinridge and Lane i having to official duties we Are unable to give a Correct history of the proceedings and Are therefore j compelled to rely upon the generosity of our neighbor j we. Stuart Esq., who has Given a True and faithful report of the same Avrich ave give Belyav from tie daily Kop i Ichii tuesday the meeting was called to order Robt. H. Me Kune Esq., on a Hose motion. Or. Geo. Burr avas called to the chair. I remarks of or. Burr. Or. Burr on taking the chair returned his thanks for the Honor conferred upon him for he said he did esteem it a High Honor to called to preside Over a meeting of the friends of Breckinridge and Lane. The present Peculiar position of democracy Call Jed upon every Man to stand to his guns. He believed that they Avert in the direct line of democratic succession that their interests Avert the interests of the old democratic party and he exhorted them amid the Isaf setting aside As hopeless just Zoaa the Wical the fe7-t1ons and them to maintain i Ashen there avas More of a Cliance r. ,. a i i 11 hence nothing could have i in pm the principles of the Good old democratic party. He sail he would not detain the meeting Avrich avas called together As a business one any extended remarks and again thanking them for the High Honor of being called to preside Over them he took his seat. J or. Burr s remarks were neat and appropriate to the occasion. _ a Here tie band of martial music the ear piercing Fife and spirit stirring drum which had been playing merrily outside in front of the Hall entered and took their seats amid the cheers of the audience at the conclusion of the chairman s remarks. On motion Harris g. Rodgers was appointed Secretary and took his seat on the stand. Speech of Edward Tompkins Esq. Loud Calls were then made for Edward Tompkins Esq., who came for Waitl amid repeated cheers and said a democrats of Broome when i listen to this music my thoughts go Back to the soul stirring music of the i old democratic fathers who invented it for it dates Back to the revolution and beats in Harmony to the music of the Union. He rejoiced to see such a Gath-1 Eringi it was time that All Tnie democrats not Only j .�?z.j, their faces but their bands. He had been for Power is the first duty and almost the last Hope of eve years past in favor of conciliation and Harmony but Ery Union Patriot. So desirable an object can Only 1 his experience had taught him that the time had come accomplished a Parta organized on National Ashen forbearance had ceased to a virtue. They a 1 1 it my Quot Oil Quot t____.1 i __i____1.______- principles Liis is the truth As to our politics and every Day s revelations seem to shaving More and More the magnitude of this truth. But this address was still More specific As to principles it has among other articles the following propositions 1. The supremacy of the Federal Constitution As expounded the supreme court of the United states As the fundamental Law of All. 2. The faithful enforcement of All the lavas. Must now rely on themselves on the integrity of their principles and they would go on As in times past conquering and to conquer. He had recently travel j de through sea Cral portions of this state and when Ever he Avent he heard the echoes of those Noble notes j Avrich had been recently uttered in Nav York the j men Akhom ave Noav Del Light to Honor loud cheers j that speech had done High Honor to him. It had j done More Good to the cause of democracy than any speech that been made in ten years. Let us now or 3. Observance of the counsels and Fidelity to the i Ranize. We Are engaged in a Noble and just Cam. Principles of the Farewell legacy of Washington Toj pain. If ave had not got the Best our favorite Lead j Lis ave had got the next Best a Gallant Champion and 4. No interference of any character with slavery or the rights of slaveholders in the slave dding states in the Union and the suppression of any such interference the requisite Means moral Legal or physical. 6, the right of the citizens of the United states resident in the territories when authorized to form a state Constitution to admit or reject it the institution of slavery. 8. We deny the Power of the people of the territories prior to the formation of a state Constitution Lej lation or a otherwise to impair any right which any citizen of the United states possesses under the Federal Constitution in the Teni tories. We stand the principles of the Compromise measures of 1860j which were subsequently i Morse almost the entire people of the Union. Standard bearer. _ we have truth and right on our Side the entire South All the democratic members of the u s. Senate with the exception of one and the men of the party distinguished for ability integrity and character. The tone of the people had greatly changed within four weeks within that time he had travelled much and he Tod Only met two men who declared themselves in favor of Douglas one a conductor and one a superintendent on the Central Raili Oad loud cheers and laughter he did not believe that there was an out and out Douglas Man in Broome county. A few were a Little shaky he knew. Let us now pay our respects to the Man who has stood up so nobly for our cause. The statesman deserves to receive our visit. This meeting should move in Masse to his House. We have been cheered listening to the thrilling music of our band now let us co and listen to the thrilling music of his eloquence. Or. Tompkins spoke with his usual Well known eloquence and was loudly and repeatedly cheered during his remarks and at their close. Loud Calls were then made for George Bartlett Esq., the Dickinson Delegate to the Baltimore convention who Rose and said Liat he supposed the object of the meeting a As Well understood. The evening avas Noav advanced and he should not detain the audience. The meeting avas called to organize a Breckinridge club and he moved that a committee of five appointed the chair on organization to report at a future meeting to called them. The chair Man stated that he could not now announce the committee but their appointment would published in the Binghamton Democrat of this week. Or. Bartlett now moved that the meeting adjourn and proceed in a body to or. Dickinson s House. A cordial invitation avas extended to the personal friends of or. Dickinson Avit Hout distinction of party to join in the procession. Or. Barrett offered an amendment that a person selected the chair to address or. Dickinson at his House. The Charaian stated that Titan cements for that purpose had already been made. Or. Bartlett moved that Tavo Mai shall appointed the chair to take charge of the procession. Or. Mckune avas then nominated and appointed and the names of p. H. Drake and w. S. Lavayer. Beine loudly called at the same time both Avert a i poised the chair increasing the number of Mai shall to three. The meeting then marched two two preceded flaming torches and Maii Ial music to or. Dickinson s House on the Banks of the Beautiful Chenango and amid the ascent of rockets and the burning of roman candles. The procession Walt a a Large one and made an Imp losing appearance in our business Street nearly hushed from the noisy traffic of the Day. At the outer Ira age of or. Dickinson s House splendid rockets Avert sent up. And the Cannon announced the approach of the profile among whom Avert Many prominent republicans. As the procession entered the Beautiful and spacious grounds of or. Dickinson and wound along Quot the paths almost hidden in the Forest of o Erha Nging Trees and surrounding shrubbery the air avas blazing Avith rocket a Vicli flew through the heavens like a looting stars and vocal with the Quot Savell ing music of the band. Speech of or. Tompkins. As the Croad approached the Eastern Piazza or. Dickinson Aoji Earell and greeted them amid accumulating cheers. Marsial Alc Kune having requested order or. Tompkins addressed or. Dickinson in an Eloi Juenst and animated Speed amid Reni rated apr Lause. He said turning to or. thousands who Well a Nav and appreciated him had come this Ca Ching to pay him their respects Uliey Avert not All democrats they had come Avit Hout distinction of party to a a Friendly personal tribute to the Man and the citizen As Avell As to the statesman. Thev had not been indifferent spectators of his a Lolita local Couise. His political friends had seen Aviti More sorrow than they could express the Noble old party of a Jefferson and a Jackson a Buchanan and a Dickinson loud cheers rent asunder and they mourned for the they had followed him Long and hopefully in the paths of conciliation and Compromise and they had gone cos far As duty and right demanded. They should Noav fall Back on their reserved rights their motto. Truth and Victory Quot. To Weir Eves had been turned to his recent Noble stand in the City of new York. They Lead aug a the loud and ringing echoes of his indignant protest against political corruption and degeneracy. They had witnessed the effects of his terrible surgical operations upon the diseased carcasses of the Regency. It seemed As if his poor victims had prayed for the mountains to fall on them and that the mountains had taken them at their word and covered them out of sight cheers that speech was the glorious and croaning act of his political life it avas a Noble exposition and indication of truth and right he had seen and avas constantly seeing the a Holesome effects Avrich that speech and position acre every adhere producing. The True democrats of the country were called upon to organize and and his friends had rallied around him to night to pay him their respects and to listen to his advice and counsel. Speech of or. Dickinson. At the conclusion of these eloquent remarks or Dickinson a addressing or. Tompkins said he Felt exceedingly gratified at this Friendly demonstration of his neighbors and fellow citizens. It avas suggestive of a Long train of pleasing reminiscences. Thirty years ago in the a inter s cold he came with his Little family to Binghamton the kindness and Confidence of his Fellona citizens he had Long served in a representative capacity in the councils of the state and nation. In Reviea ving his Long and Ca ent Ful life whether in receiving the declaration of a Webster that he had stood firm when others had faltered whether in enjoying the Confidence of a Clay and a Calhoun whether in addressing As recently a new York audience of 10,000 people amid their kind congratulations in All his Public experiences he bad Felt no gratification equal to the present. He was glad to ave come his democratic friends and his political opponents. Political differences should not allo aved to Interi up or Cloud personal and social relations. He was in favor of Manly discussion with honorable political opponents. A fair discussion of political principles should not disturb the social relations of friends and neighbors. He could Honor and respect a Manly open foe. He despised those Avo cheated both sides. In Tylius receiving these demonstrations of kindness and respect from the people he Felt that he enjoyed a higher position than any Avrich the government can give. He should continue As a private citizen As when a representative Man to despise and Spain duplicity and chicanery. He held it As base to cheat in politics As in a private bargain. He had enlisted for the War and he should Fol Loav it to the bitter end. The approbation and encouragement of his friends and fellow citizens had nerved his Arm to persevere in the path of duty. He should strike Avith his Spear the broken Shields and Rusty helmets of a con up Regency and crowd them to their final hiding places. He would yet write their political Histora Quot. A Long train of abuses Calls for revolution. The Central Regency of the democratic party has become internally corrupt. But a new Day is dawning. Their creaking Rusty machinery must torn to pieces and sold for scrap Iron. We shall put a new engine on the track Wool up and then look out Lor the Bell at the Crossings it is said that our party is not regular. It is As regular As was Washington Adams and Hancock when they fought for Liberty and truth and right. We seek to destroy the Rotten Hulk of the Regency and to get rid of the rats. We fight under the Banner of Breckinridge and Lane As the True democratic Nom nations. We Avish to meet the foe fairly if vanquished Why wit lion running away we shall live to fight another Day. The True Avay to get Success is to deserve it. We shall put the thimble riggers those Avo Gamble with Greasy marked cards on trial and follow them to judgment and execution. Two great parties Are necessary. They serve to purify the political atmosphere. The wounds of the democratic try must healed however distasteful it May . We must cure the proud flesh of the Regency. The people have endured taxation enough to enrich gamblers. Collectors warrants Are now signed with blood and countersigned with tears. They Are worse than the destroying Ai Al for it passed some doors. The state of new York the i aspire state must worthy of its Noble motto Quot Excelsior Quot and Rise above and shake off its political Gambier. Democrats republicans ally i thank you cordially for myself and family. If ovations Are Gratifying to Public men this demonstration to me a private citizen is Douay calculated to excite my Pride and gratitude. God bless Vou All

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