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Read an issue on 20 Sep 1884 in Indianapolis, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age.

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Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age (Newspaper) - September 20, 1884, Indianapolis, Indiana stat Immy a weekly with few . R. Monroe m. D. Proprietor. Vol. Is a. I�std., a vat kid a hot. 20, lbs e Al fur tilt Irone a aug. Mind matter and design. Madisonville Kentucky september 9ih, 1884. Or. Monoe no matter without rail a no mind without matter no motion without matter no matter without motion. As Well be rulers without subjects and subjects without rulers. It seems More Phu Siblo to make matter depend upon mind for existence than to Mike mind depend upon matter for existence. They cannot according to present knowledge be disconnected. They May change position and Rohi Tiomi l it must exist forever. If we assume for Man a future life of con8ci 3us existence we must As sacred writers teach have a win old of Knitter for Supi Ort employment and enjoyment. There can be no de Atli to matter there can be no death to mind for Liere matter is there is mind and where Milid is there is matter. They Are eternal if there be a god Quot the first great cause least understood Quot having body and parts As men have we have nothing to urge against him on that account but Are rather Happy in the presumptive opinion. If he be the autocrat of the universe ruling both All matter and mind and if he be ubiquity in every atom of matter and in ail the systems that constitute the illimitable universe. And if he be Good and his tender mercie.-4 Aro Mer us All we acknowledge his superiority Bow to the seen or unseen destiny thai awaits and acknowledging him in life and co diding in him in death Hope Cor a letter future whether we meet with our Ideal god or not. But the Ideal assumptions should be before the deductions Are declared and trusted in. The pointed speck of Pearly looking Lime on the of it pit a part of a Chick s in presents a line example of design however far it May fall below the Jiro of of the existence of a god with orthodox attributes. A though fitful and powerful existence having deter min Oil to enclose the vital elements of a Chicken in a Shell and provide the necessary heat for Ordinary or extraordinary incubation saw Tiit tie Chick would be in ironed l a Shell that would resist the efforts it Milit and would make to liberate itself. Suppose an ignorant yet powerful being should have made a Shell for a Chick but made it so Hurge that the Chick could not Reaidi the Shell simultaneously with its Bill and legs in til is Case we a would see an imperfect design and conclude that the designer was either an ignorant Tiro or a cruel thoughtful and powerful Teing. Should that a Parent a j Point of i hardened Lime be either forgotten or Nev a thou Glit of the maturity of the purpose could never occur. But the lever Drill Point he with a substance harder than the Shell answers the exact it impose of breaking the Shell Little Little till it is effectually pried open and the Chick life rated. But what does this perfect and prophetic design prove does it establish the to Sinne unreason Alde Tenet that Jesus was the son of god Mary does it declare the existence Anil nature of the Christian Trinity does it teach the certainty of hell fire and Brimstone or of Sweet Fields beyond the swelling Hood or salvation Faith on session baptism or anything else no there is no i 08b�blo Correla Tiou. Hat then Why simply this there is a thoughtful de Gning and potent existence in nature that org sizes matter with purpose not withstanding Thore Are failures in both efforts and purpose. From common oils Elvation we May readily conclude that this intelligent designing and powerful existence is ubiquity ordering and so far As can be directing and controlling the operations in matter. An Apple tree in 15 or 20 feet of a Sycamore makes As Good an Eifort As possible to get away from the Sycamore. Being firmly rooted however the Best it can do is in obedience to the order of ubi Pii tary potent and thoughtful existence to turn the top and limbs nearest the Syc Amore away from it. It May be asked Why this every where Prestt powerful thoughtful and designing principle does not order the Sycamore to Bend away and thus Divide the space with the Apple tree v because there is no sense of Justice mercy or goodness in it or because it is limited in and governed in nature antagonisms that forbid. All Power cannot be ascribed to any creature principle mind or spirit. The universe is a unit and therefore All things in the universe Are in Contact. The nearest and most Remote things according to their conditions and qualities produce antagonisms and affections or affinities a hich Succour and defend or starve and forsake. Quot the survival of the fittest Quot May not be taken in a moral h wholesale utilitarian sense but must be considered As a Suittor of fact irrespective of Conse fences. The Active thoughtful designing and powerful principle in nature has no More Ower to operate outside of its constitutional and accidental Straits than a Toad in the heart of a Rock has Power to burst the Rock and Lead into open air. When the designing mind in nature causes in Acorn to grow we Ilis cover tie design and Ackon Tulledge the Power. But Quot his purposes do not Ripen first Quot for the designing and antagonistic hog a graduate from tie school of the Quot survival of the fittest Quot puts both the Acorn Auto the sprout in his vital Laviora tory. The design was a tree but the hog being tie fittest surviving and successfully antagonized both the design and Power. If god be a r it laity with limited Wisdom and deficient , we must not deny his i existence on at court of his limited Power. As reasonably deny Man s existence because of his impotence and miscellaneous . La the Apple tree illustration intellect i i quite As Manifest As when a Man walks or runs Avay from danger. In fact if the Ai Plo tree had feet and legs or wings it a uld Pat them in motion and thus demonstrate its pain fear volition and Power. Still its mental and a physical Powers would in More debt a Stative to the common mind if it should walk or ily away. A tree Coli Tat ii and volition turns its Linin s and top out of the natural course a Bird from real or imaginary danger Ilies away and a Man from similar considerations walks or runs to a place of safety la All these cases and in every other vital act in nature whether in animals or vegetables or matter generally mind is the Loti Vii Power and Tomt to to irrespective of the evil or the Good that May or May not result and of the fact that g Al or vital mind is Weitz or Strong and can or cannot effect the purpose or design. The invisibility and i tangibility of life and mind should not to recognized As proof of the non existence of life and mind nor yet of thei destruct Bleness. Their liberation or separation from Organ ism no More indicates the Audi i lation of mind and life than it Points out the reduction of organisms to nothing. In the contrary the dissolution of life and mind from organisms seems to establish the Tenet that both life and mind and organisms Are entities. As far As the writer knows entities Are indestructible absolutely so therefore if mind and life and matter Are entities they Are equally notwithstanding they Are Dis soluble. As Long As life and mind receive desirable patronage from organisms they remain in organisms and on the contrary As Long As organisms receive Pat Rouge from life and mind they remain in the marital state. But if Accident wilful violence or Mutual consent a divorce is made necessary mind and life id matter entities Sepa rate and go each to Quot his own place Quot whatever that May be. As matter which we see is ready after divorce tit for a new of Gani Jia Tion and marriage with life and mind May it not be said of life and mind which seem to be whether in or unorganized matter that they exist As entities and Are ready for another marital state if life and mint be products of organization Pray what intellectual Force placed unorganized matter in organist co formational position and most careful selection and manipulation erected the building called an organism dissolution change of atoms or it Leath Shuhl not be accepted As proof of the annihilation of any part or innate Power of an organism such As Man. Tree or Crystal. Should a Crystal be dissolved in Ante and the water evaporate the particles that constitute the Crystal would take position As before dissolution and thus reconstitute or organize the Crystal. This May to called magnetism. Aih nity natural select iii or Law still the eternal intention of Eternod mind and life in All things is Ever in i twisting intellectual activities in the Formati in Ocon Patina Ami dissolution of organisms Wilether animal Vetr table Mineral or otherwise. To More mental Force is exerted i the Chat minist in separating a Tibia from of ilium than is operated the to in lacing morphine in i turn. Morphia is Morphia who Therin that poppy opium and its tinctures or in its own salts. Life and mind though never or it Wever originated exist in men and , in Birds and Flowers in Trees and shrubs and All other things whose occur Jincy gives till i exercise and pleasure. Life and mind hav i shown their Power Over Matin in the production of houses organisms to dwell in. So when Choice or compulsion they leave Llumi dwellings they will select Bini m from nature s Init Mise store and build huts and mansions in tiie Earth and skies. in i a n. For the Ironce age. Tho year 1920 the limit Louisville Kentucky september title 1884. In. Moni Ioe or paper received. It seems to me lie you wish to comment on anything it would be Wiser to have tie article i itself before you. I therefore Pend the two articles to which you have i referred so that you May do letter than the Quot exch Inge Quot a Ulii ii a i ing them in fall. I liar no of i Section to seeking a Field v. Here j the most Good might be attained. I and i do not even despair of you. I your of torts have lit ii directed i l i the Relief of your fellow Nieri in to i uphold honesty and morality. Whilst advocating i and scowling at the Bil it be you have i been practising the Gre it How oni handed Christ. Quot and the Sec Jond is like unto it thou Shalt 1 love thy neighbor As thy Elf perhaps in time you too May learn the first and great commandment Quot thou Shalt love the lord thy god with All thy heart and with All thy soul and with All thy and then you May become univ of the Small band who believe this la these two commandments a Allie jaw and the the Bible was a Mere mass of Rul ish and we Are All destined to die like the brutes of the Field the 1 great and giant mind the Marvel of virtue integrity and , the soul of tenderness and love a and alike m Ith the , benighted and beastly Caliban to become nothing alter the Tiesh is Moul dered Anil the b uses Piave i crumbled away Why do you adv j Oate anything but the men sense Ali ties the of he passions and det ire the a i City a of the Strong Ami the will of the i mighty if we Are Only to Elij j Earth Why not shorten thu Span of j life and condense its pleasures in to this age As the Fina prelude to usher in All the Gre it t calamities which w Ere to lie fall the entire human race ? you May live to see the significance of the utterance Quot this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in All the world for a witness unto All nations and then shall the end it is Only now that this has been done to Quot All and what is the Quot end Quot not the destruction of the world not tiie judgment not the Advent of Christ. Years will elapse before Christ comes to Succour and spare Tho remnant who will be left from that Quot great tribulation such As was not Sirice the beginning of tie world Quot which Quot should be Shorti Ned Quot because otherwise Quot there should no fish of the Wisest theologians of the past be ii a jews As Well As christians agree upon Many elucidation. From Reading the troubles Are about to commence and they will endure until about ii 20, at which epoch the second Advent of Christ will be near at hand and those living will Quot know that it is near even at the even you doctor will know it if you read the gospel when you see that Quot the Sun shall be darkened and the Moon shall not give her Dun . For tic ironclad age. Tilo wants of the age. S r. Loi is mo., june 12, 84 de. Goe the wants v f the age Are Many fold. In the first place thei a is needed a More general to distribution of the Means of Quot living the p Lor Man must not be shut out from All that makes life Tiesi Rable he must Lav it a a Nance to Bri athe the pure air one Day in seven without being Tram eled the Quot apse Dixie of the see Only through their to half the time which the satiated a Tvr no Row which have appetite would require to a Oukine so filmed Over Dogma and destroy the trailer body j Vej. Obscured sex new testament and h years for the of to. Iet Vliem to explain Why the Wise in Quot a in Romany generations failed to understand we it me in tie present age i Are now beginning to learn As to the a meaning. We Aii it nov Ceniu ing to that period Foi told Daniel Quot to the time of in it end Quot i when Quot knowledge shall be increase i speech. Men s met myths Are pad a. Locked Public o Inion when it so As Marist foretold his disc one wore avowed free , they should know when i a a a , things would take on a great events Wei it about to in full Dill Erent appearance. The cowed nights Are As Sai red As another Ina ii s Rig its who Daims the privilege of nicking Laws to restrain iii i instead of his to protect him. If he chosen to take Bis fam ily oui of the Quot Sac reel Sabbath Quot let him. The age wants More Freedom of 1 lie w Iti is Ili it run him Viii v of i iii iii Ivi Cuino iii ilm i i i e it Riby n a iii lit Intilli ius i w Lii a i iii ill 1 is c in Llor s Mali ply i i lit ill to s Imell Lilus in Lili. Still 1 Miil it Liiv. I. Lili. i Nihill Lii Iril a it Iam it ii h Lii River lug a Vit n iii ii a ill ii i Mivi Rillma 1 it it a Fil ill exist a i Mill will a mistic Blini ii i l i to Lii i or Wini Quiat l or ii ill ill prick Rob a iii a Lili it iii Llu Nizik t Llma i ii it a Lilily iii in the i Anil b is l it him la Lek it. Inc rivet i Hhd a Quot a Ullh ail Sli Dioli m and w me and n Aik it Llu s a Rvl i Irani air will. In Hii Nimir Rilo a iii i ii in in Lis Sony. Still in 1 a Hall Lind in Llu dark in Aai i i it a i Avion nil Iid Ikid life in Ikin Aiu i a Licu a Hall Cendt Avoir i it Vilt lira still. And to Lili Fiqiri Vertu Ali ii ill cd Llu Lilly d. E. try. Skeleton Coral is produced steeping Ordinary Coral in dilute Muri Atic acid for a Long time. The Lime is dissolved and a delicate framework of Silica left. Some of these skeletons Are so delicate that they break in drying. All should be kept under Glass. Mankind we timid thai Forer winners almost infallibly indicated let. Quot iniquity she 2d. Quot that i Bill her shall ,.y the brother to death Ai Fullier tie son and Cli Indrei Cha Rise up against to iii of rents and r Hall j Cau hib them to be Pitt i j tie Lige is unparalleled in corruption vice and crime. The daily pairs Are Monopoli d with the record of Monson us deeds win i Yon in your boy Home never Deejie de possible of Quot Oci Urr Quot ice nor heated mention of in Liose Days. And while All ii Power of tiie enlightened world bus cum h for Agea seeking without Aci oin plish ing to extend the Gospe to very lock Lity Why has it been Reserve he to this Genera Tion to witness the Effot to of Livingston and Binley in opening communication with the Hundred millions of unknown Stiv Fuges in Central Africa whose pro vitors have occupied that Coury for a thousand years utterly ignorant of civilization and Why this except that Christ limited its discovering Man would walk erect in the con seriousness of being a free Man and not a serf to others. There would i e open floors to All and no fear in the poor Man s heart of of vending the Rich say ing what he thought. The world wants e Charity. Lan is too hard i i n his brother . If one goes astray the whip and is enrage Ari it Laid on without in Ray and it Frei gently lug Ikimis that the hardest lash is Given Iho in who arts deep in the mire thei Selv its. Tiu a Hojo their 1 to Ward off sus icon. The world wants More forbear i Anci there is too exacting a spirit toward Tho weak. The Young with the faults of inexperience should be gently Chidell Ami shown How to do instead of being repro Mandelt harshly. Childhood Shuhl be moulded instead if warped parental authority As it most often is. The sensitive nature of a child May be entirely destroy Eil harsh measures and Hanl ened for All time to come. The world wants More Candor. Man in his relations to his brother Man is not sincere. He often makes appearance of Candor when none exists Tho outspoken Are condemned while the flatterer is applauded. The just do not care to court favor and l e held up As models. They Are Content to seem what they Are but this class is comparative Small. The worlds wants less preaching and More practice. Man instead of preaching to his neighbor should preach to himself and practice As Well As preach. Instead of Matching his fellow Man he should match himself the world would thus be greatly Impi oved. To want More Larmony in the family Circle Ami More respect one l or another. More forbearance is wanted in die martial relation. The wife would be happier if she never provoked hard words from l or Hue band and he would be a Sharer in her happiness being More considerate of her feelings. The world needs less cant. Church platitudes Are or ought to be worn out and in their Stead a healthy tone of morals that would permeate All outside of Church As Well As in it. A Quot thus Saith a the lord Quot should be superseded a thus say i for Man is Lor of himself and capable of saying to himself this is is right or it is not right. We want a stricter code of Justice in our courts of Law where the Rich go in whipped and the poor Are beaten with Many stripes there is too much trucking to wealth men who hold the Fiat of acquittal or condemnation. If Justice was meted to All alike there would be no need to remind the of the Law of their dereliction from duty All men in a court of Law have Quot Lual claims. The futile Ely Orts of men outside of Church membership to build up a More healthy state of things is seen daily. A Man of Liberal views willing t it Accord All a Chance for happiness hereafter is denounced so called christian., As a dangerous Ilis Tarber of the peace and therefore deserves Universal condemnation. There is another matter that deserves mention that is the sneer that meets woman striving to attain that which her proclivities and capacity entitle her to. The gifts to them Are quite As varied As among men in Many instances they Are exp rally endowed for rhetorical speaking and their logic quite As convincing and their decisions in a court of Justice would put to shame Many Luule the sterner sex. Women in the double capacity of Home keeper and voter at the Olls for of hers of municipal at airs need not be out of place. Her Mission heretofore has been considered essentially a Domestic one and we Grant it is in the main right. Cd Illren require much care Ami attention but where the wife has not been blessed with any to absorb her thoughts she perhaps desirous to enter into the activities of life and get rid of superfluous Energy that is goading her to do something More than attend to the details of household Drudgery. In such cases women who have the capacity Are justifiable in using it for the Public Good. Any instrument properly attuned to work in the right direction ought to have a place in the make up of the whole. Mus. e. Caldwell. A thing of Beauty. The snort Brilliant Shade All fabric Are made the Diamond dyes. Unequalled for brilliancy and Duran ill to. Loc. At drug rights. Send 2 cent for 32 san Nile col orb. Wells Richardson amp co., Burlington it

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