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Read an issue on 29 Mar 1884 in Indianapolis, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age.

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Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age (Newspaper) - March 29, 1884, Indianapolis, Indiana A Bokly with Pew want8.�?j. R. Monroe m. D. Proprietor. Vol. 29-Lsro. 1.iistd., a turd a a a. A Roh 29, 1884, s2.50 a. Year for the Ira Clad age the loner narrow outage Railroad st. Ii Ouis Southern Illinois Cairo liberals their plans for Union. Cairo ills., feb. 4, 84, de. Ironclad age of All the enterprises of our marvelous age none is greater than the travel and transportation by rail. The More convenient distance the rails should be apart alias the narrow the common or the Broad Guage have divided the opinions and practices of Railroad men. For a time the Broad Guage made its Way from Cincinnati to st. Louis passing the Railroad City deservedly made famous by the unique Trinity of the old Seymour times wit Cour age and logic for the Healing of the nations. But the Wisdom of Railroad men earned by experience finally Cut the Broad Down to the common Guage. In the meantime the narrow was tried and has to some extent succeeded. In Kansas several lines Are running and the one starting from Toledo and sweeping its Long War through Cincinnati st. Louis Cairo Texas and to Mexico is proving a Success. The link in it Over which i have just travelled from st. Louis to Cairo whence i now write is under the management of Charles Hamilton and George h. Smith located in the former City. It is called the Quot great Daylight route Quot running on nearly an air line through the better part of Southern Illinois and giving its passengers ample time for a Liberal dinner at the Cape hotel in the half Way Little City called Percy. For the ten years this line has run no passenger has been killed or crippled. This safety is due to the commendable care of the of amp cers and employers. When parents and teachers learn the importance of training children to care in All they do accidents disgracing and destroying humanity will retire be-for0 practical science like the credulity and superstition of the systems of religion. Years ago the Southern portion of Illinois was called Egypt indicating its want of schools and intelligence. Occasionally were found masters trying to teach no further than spelling easy Reading straight Marks in writing and the 4 or 6 first rules in arithmetic. Babblers at the gospel unable to read their hymns called Quot Himes Quot and piloting their unlettered hearers skyward were plenty. Finally the Central Railroad came then fruit and now Light is dissipating the egyptian darkness. Fruit has done More to purify and save the natives than All the religion they be Ever had or Ever can have. To the Devil in the Garden is due the credit of extending this saving diet to All the Trees especially tie one of knowledge. But unhappily the Good lord or Good Devil has sent the Mercury of late too Low and the fruit buds of the peach Cherry rasp and Blackberry Are dead. What reason or profit there could be to any one in such wholesale destruction remains to ii get shown by such As air Begotten of the Quot holy this reminds one of the holy work now in pro grass under the guiding skill of the boy preacher Harrison in st. Louill. Of All the Hilly indecent disgusting antics of this fellow s past history the present edition takes the Lead. The Only redeem ing feature saving the credit of the City is found in the sermons denouncing the third rate circus performance from some of the clergy. It May be that the intercessions of these Black cloth gentlemen will prove More successful than those of Abraham Over Sodom. Then May the City from the theological standpoint live other Wise from the same View she must die under Brimstone. Cairo at the Confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers stands Quot on the Low grounds of could she be raised As Chicago has been some 7 or 8 feet higher by the Art and Energy of its inhabitants it might Prosper even after the manner of that great North Western Metropolis. But this Northern Energy is wanting. As Frost Hoves up the ground preparing it for vigorous crops so it seems to Harden and invigorate our kind for push and drive. Still Cairo has attained a fair population of 12,000, and still better one third if not one half Are emancipated from the shackles of priest Craft and into the Liberty of free thought. Leading along this Bright line of science Are such men As Miller Woodward Martin and Cunnings. On the late anniversary of Paine s birth their Celebration was More than creditable due in a Large measure to the taste skill and Energy of the free thought ladies. Years ago we. Denton delivered ten lectures Here demonstrating to the satisfaction of common sense the irrepressible conflict be tween genesis and geology no less than the absurdities and Comstock obscenities of the Bible. The result was a Liberal society of some 150 members. But alas the organization has expired and isolation succeeded As in too Many like cases. How is it and Why is it that assumptions superstitions and hum buggery seem to hold people together in closer Bonds than reason and science the answer must be ignorance and indolence. Those Here and elsewhere having enough Industry to learn to reason and enough Honor to love and seek for truth Are United in Bonds too precious and solid Ever to Sunder too Noble to Humbug or condescend to any influences Short of facts and logic. They Are never found managing the unthinking masses. Prose lating to build up a sect is too narrow for them. If they learn a Trade it is not the tinkers and if forced into such by sectarian circumstances they Volute. Hence we have to Content ourselves with the fact that Quality is better than Quantity. Armed with truth and Justice a few Are mightier and happier than masses in ignorance error and wrong. Well did or. Clay once say "1 would rather be right than nevertheless if truth be mighty our Heads and hands should be Wise enough to make it prevail. We should not stand All the Day Idle nor forget that nothing succeeds like Success. Those named co operating with others in this City Are working to this end. Uncompromising and yet courteous they Are gaining in members dignity and influence. As has been Well said Quot they hew to the line though chips fall in the by speaking out their solid sentiments i m glad to learn that a number of priest shackled minds among them have been and Are being freed. Besides they Are considering the better Avans of Union and strength. When some tory told the fathers of our great revolution that they would hang Over 100 under the declaration of Independence. Franklin advised Quot let us till hang together that we May not have to hang As that advice Provod a grand Success in that trying struggle for Liberty so if followed will it in our free thought Battle through a yet greater revolution. Mental slavery is More terrible than physical. The lash of the priest is More severe and More degrading than was the Cotton task master s. As Lincoln loved the Union pitied and freed the slaves so let us love the Liberty and Union of the mental Republic and give All our Wisdom and Energy to accomplish the Noble end. So did Paine and so did the Noble Freeman preceding and succeeding him. By Buch inspiring examples should we be led to even greater Success than they achieved. Since writing the above i be had the satisfaction of Reading the editorials and a few articles in the last ironclad age. None can be better than b. Dailyjr s on the first Page. The matter is of the first importance and the style Imprest Sive. It will repay As will our Captain s editorials in the same Issue a second Reading. Let a amp each distribute copies to those we can induce to read. I enclose Stamps for eight or ten copies to be mailed and to be read by Thos who otherwise might never a roused to the wretched superstitions slumping our Fellows into the mire and filth of mental so very. As we unite in the Noble work of Emanoil Ness will attend whom we work. Lation More us and those truth is and prevails As it is wisely Ham much am i encouraged to this Good work prospering in hands of at least a few liberals in Cairo. Here and All Over of land will it succeed As it is thin presented. Even if crushed Earth it will Rise again. In the very exercise of presenting it i it is pure enjoyment. W. Peb Kii s. A i the above communication loss its place in line by an overs or it would have bad an airing or . Age. It for the ironclad strange it is Rush Springs ind., March 12,1884. Editor ironclad age who a strange it is that Bible notables like Esau and Saul Are held in cop tempt while Jacob and David am held up As shining lights void of blemishes it appears in genesis 25,-28, that Esau was kind to a amp father and supported him with Venison for which Isaac loved Huiai. Rebecca loved Jacob. What for we will see further on. The christians still mention Esau As having held his Birthright in contempt and sold it for a Mehul of victuals but they seem not to understand the straightened circumstances under which Esa Laboured. Jacob it appears had a Corner on grub just at a time Heij Esau was at the Point of Star Vatican and took advantage jew like his situation for from Esau s own language Quot and Esau said behold i am at the Point to die and we profit shall this Birthright do to Gen. 25-32.he was in two of his cousins it might be Well that the christians keep quiet for few some grand jury of Arkansaw might find a Bill against Jacob for incest. Then in the matter of Jacob lying to his Blind father genesis 27-24to get the Blessing that Isaac intended for Esau the christians strange to say never look at this detestable conduct of Jacob As honorable men do but rather look at it As an evidence of Jacob s Superior shrewdness and the fact that Jacob had Esau s sunday clothes on so As the More Effie actually to deceive Blind Isaac is taken for additional evidence of his Superior intellect. Esau being a Man of spirit stinging and smarting under the loss of his Blessing and the lying deception practice on his Blind father promised that after the death of his father he would kill Jacob. So we see that the blindness of passion did not make Esau f6rget the feelings of his father. To he would wait till the Days for the Toumine for his father were ended Bat i am sorry he waited always. We will notice How it was that Becca loved Jacob. He was bom. With a disposition to be a 1 and take advantage d others. This we learn by his overreaching Esau and Laban and it is a notorious fact that the worst child of a family is or appears to be the favorite of the Mother and the More the rest Are it in on him the stronger is her Icove for him and we All know that when a Mother ceases to defend her snarling offspring he is considerably on the ragged Edge. According to the Bible Jacob was a liar thief and Coward yet we read in Malachi 1 2, that god loved Jacob and hated Esau. At the next revision i wish to add to that verse and Damn such a god. Saul appears to be the Only gentleman that the jews Ever had for a King he was seeking his father s asses and not a kingdom when he was anointed and when Samuel wished to present him to the people As their King he was so modest that he hid himself and the lord had to be asked where he was. 1st Samuel 10 22. Saul appears to have been a Good ruler and got along without a rebellion till he failed to Butcher As Many of the am lekites As the lord fell out with him and put a lie in the Mouth of Samuel 1st Samuel 26 2, so Samuel anointed that smart elec David on the sly. This brought trouble into Saul s household but he id to his integrity and died a True Man in Battle. But what of David a he lied to the priest and dissemble to the King of the Moabite lied to King kist scared Nabal to death and took his wife stole the kingdom from Saul s sons went Back on his promoters of Progress. Credit lost. Age of profound criticism me Quot a Lien zo-iiz., be was in a a it it Quot a a Quot a fam Ishing condition and was com i Promise to Bliemel ruled the peo pulled to accede to Jacob s exec of pm with a Rod of Iron spilled All Tion. Has there been a jew Christian Turk or infidel from the Days 6f Esau to that of or. Tanner but would have Given his Birthright Aye his last Nickle for a Good Square Ineal in preference to starving to death nevertheless the Unco Good never mention the bout less selfishness of Jacob a skiing pay of a starving brother for the Small favor of one meal and Sudi an amount at that the one half interest in a goodly estate. The christians also Harp on another thing that Esau did Viz a married a couple of Hivitte women which displeased his parents but As he was 40 years old Gen. 26-34 when he Dia so i think he a amp a. Some right to make his own choir and As afterwards Jacob Marri ild the blood his god desired was the Quint essence of hypocrisy had More wives than he could say Grace Over and then went nest hiding with Bathsheba and killed Uriah to get his Azife. And after he was so old that he was of no earthly account except to curse Sheimei he had to have the Beautiful Abeshag to sleep with him to keep him warm when a fat dutch woman would have served better. With All this indictment and More against him the same Bible tells us David was a Man after god s own heart and i expect he was Vandalsem. The ladies Billard parlor in the principal hotel in Las vegas new Mexico is in the cupola the gentlemen s is in the basement. A i % an and bold speculation is Well Calcut lated totes beliefs and overturn dogmas. Doctrines whether spiritual or psychological Are either True or false if True they will stand the most searching tests of the severest critics but if false no difference As to the number of believers their errors ought to be exposed. What people really want to know is the truth and every false system must eventually give Way to truth and surrender its errors. Quot god cannot lie Quot is a truism accepted by All believers whether Christian jew or Pagan. Under whatever form he is recognized his character is always represented As unchangeable and eternal. Whether this be True or false any other notion of the creative wer would do violence to the highest dictates of reason. Religious doctrines or dogmas Are always founded upon Man s interpretations of the first or primal cause of All things. If that cause be the one theism in some form is the result if it be the Many then polytheism. As the god or gods appear to each individual so will his belief be. This. Of belief must or does give Rise to All the sects embracing the various shades of doctrines held by Mankind. Owing to this fact among Christian nations is found the deepest Faith and the stoutest scepticism. Scepticism is As necessary to purify the religious atmosphere As storms Are to prevent stagnation of the Ocean water. A dead level in thought is As much to be dreaded and avoided As Are the ice ribbed regions of the Polar seas. More is due to wholesome scepticism in ridding the world of nightmares and superstition than All the prayers Ever uttered by hooded in onks and raving fanatics. Progress is Only possible through the Gateway of Sharp criticism tempered with reason. The revolution of 1789 in France so the religious often claim was due to the teachings of Rousseau and Voltaire and because they ridiculed christianity they were charged with All the horrors of that revolution. Forgetting if they Ever knew that the French revolution was the direct consequence of the oppressive measures adopted by the aristocrats and priests to grind the mechanics and labourers to the scant est living it was a question of starvation and death growing out of taxation which the people could not Bear that precipitated War which lasted for More than Twenty years. War is terrible. Religious or any other fanaticism is even More so France had to be purified and through France Europe. Rousseau set Forth the doctrine that All men Are created free and equal. Many of his theories and statements Are adopted with slight variations in the declaration of Independence. No doubt or. Jefferson got Many of his political maxims from this Man who has been so often denounced As an infidel and an enemy of his race. It should be remembered that the protestant reformation which deluged Europe in blood was the child of criticism. Stability fixed and adamantine like in Church policy denies the right of personal individuality to think. Thought and doubt go hand in hand. They Are twin Sisters never to be divorced. As the evidence is so will the thought be no stronger no weaker. Those having Large Faith and Small reason will accept almost anything As proof positive while those with Fuller gifts of reason Are inclined to accept nothing unless it be susceptible of the clearest demonstration. People should never be censured for what they cannot reasonably believe. The people of this country believe that president Garfield was shot on july 2d, but if any person should refuse his assent to this belief because the evidence is not sufficient to convince him it would be no crime on his part yet one might think him exceedingly obstinate. So it May be precisely with the individual who refuses to be Lieve that the Christ is the veritable son of god. For he might Are that the process of the son ship might be going on in other worlds than this while to admit that he was a Good moral Man would not require an undue stretch of the reason or i Nagina Tion. In whatever Way we View the subject it is evident that we should exercise the broadest Charity toward one another. All can not see Alik and if creeds and forms of prayer become absolute let them be revised. The apostles never understood the Mission of Christ when he was Here on Earth. The failed to comprehend his trn a a a a nature and the he morality a a Dix Emty. His Tina Shingi. Thaw i will i quo but they Neni a into the dear sunlight of in inv doctrines. Low views they took. As the centuries Roll on grander and More Sublime now the precepts that fell from his Lii its. If any look through a Glass dimly now it is the old infirmity of the race. Rubbish must All be cleared away. The Sharp Edge of criticism will do its work. The critic a occupation May not be pleasant yet it is Neces i. As deliverers mgt a error critics Are entitled to the thanks of humanity. So you have been fifth Tiff Astrain. Detroit free Prev a. Quot so you have been fighting again on your Way Home from school Quot Quot a yes Quot did t i Tell you that this sort of business had got to Stop Quot Quot yes a but Quot Quot no excuse sir you provoked the quarrel Quot Quot of no no he called a names Quot Quot names what of it when a boy Calls you names walk along about your business. Take off that coat Quot Quot but he did t Call me names Quot Quot of he did to take off that Vest sir at once Quot Quot when he called me names i never looked at him but when he pitched into you in i had to fight Quot Quot what did he Call me names Quot Quot lots of pm father he said you lied to your constituents and went Back on the caucus and had Quot William put on your coat and Vest. I Don t want you to come up a slugger and i wish you stand Well with your teacher but if you can t lick that boy who says i Ever bolted a regular nomination or went Back on my end of the Ward Don t be theraid to sail another old London landmark dating from the time of Shakespeare and Justice shallow will shortly be swept away. The Rumor which was current last year that Clement s inn had been sold is now confirmed and the quaint old building has been disposed of for 50,000 pounds to a private Speculator. Quot lady Jim the Pines Squaw Man Quot died recently. Having the fused to fight with his trim at by Raitid Lake in 1860, he Waslh damned Ever after to Wear Peti Coats

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