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Read an issue on 15 Mar 1884 in Indianapolis, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age.

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Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age (Newspaper) - March 15, 1884, Indianapolis, Indiana ? Jodiana state in Brahe a fikely with fish was the a r. Monroe m. D. Proprietor. Quot vol. 28-no. 51inx Stltt Jed Yma Roi i 15, 1884. S2.50 a. Year a for the ironclad age. What is prayer Hartwick Mich. March 7, 1884. Do. Monroe i hear Earnest suppliants prostrate their Knees sending up loud vocal petitions for what Are termed sometimes it is for health and the cure bodily disease. At other times it is for Relief from heavy Burthen for bread raiment shelter for Wisdom in life s per i suits and exemption from infirm cities the mind. For everything j and anything which is needed to i Check pain and trouble and Brint ease and happiness. And we who Are called unbelievers very naturally when we see a Garfield die and a deaf ear turned to the prayers millions firm in prayer by the Powers i above. When we see As in 77 the yellow fever sweep right in spite the vehement prayers hosts sorrowing suppliants and cease not its ravages until a natural Cavise interposes Between the destroyer and its victims. And As during the War to mention but a few instances in thousands we saw not the slightest Good result in prayer to Stop the ravages bul let and disease we Are led forced to believe that there is no Quot Efficacy in but let us go a Little deeper and try and learn at the Root the matter what is True prayer i have heard hungry men Pray for bread and go empty away and upon All hands i have seen those who Pray loudest and most persistently left in the pit darkness making a failure life. Now in. Is but fair to ask for i seek truth and not controversy did nature god tis All the same to us place us Here Earth with As we now just begin to pre Ceia a with abundant inherent Powers to do the work gods Powers which As can be scientifically demonstrated when used will enable one Man to procure from the soil enough bread and every necessary life to sustain in Comfort himself and nine other adult men and labor Only sufficient for healthy exercise through the growing season. After 11 this Benevolence never dreamed by the Wisest theologians in their loftiest flights , in All past history is it a possible that the Powers creative a Energy Call it what you May which planed Man in such a world could require Man to hold these marvelous energies in a state Eue Pended animation and Down your Knees use Only our vocal and imaginative organs ask for bread and meat and the feeding Quot my sheep Quot is this a prayer and would it be just merciful in a god to answer stitch a prayer in fact do we not see that to answer prayers under Auch conditions would be the most cruel and in a Percif us act towards the Petitioner that could possibly be inflicted up Man where would the steam engine Aid its grand work have been today connecting the famine stricken lands with the land Flenty by a few Days travel checking famine As Elisha and Elijah never did and bringing peace and plenty to the starving ones if in past Ages All pruners for bread bad been answer ref where would medical science not to mention agricultural and a Gottsand other modern miracles the Man saving Art have been today if men would have had their pams and diseases cared a Faith May we not affirm in positive and Powers to remove evil and bring in Good and that brain and muscle were Given Man to use standing up firmly and fearlessly upon our feet and working omit the problem life with the Oracle reason for our guide trusting in the lord by Diligence and persistence in the use natural More marvelous than All the swipe natural theology Powers so freely Given us by Tho creative Force that has placed us Here to make a heaven Earth but woe to that Liberal who looks with hatred intolerance upon the i Oor unfortunates who sunk in superstition and ignorance human nature get Down in their Knees and use Only their and imaginative faculties in searching for truth. He that would censure such men for being intolerant and malicious for having every evil instinct in human nature intensified in their hearts is As far wrong As those he Censi ires. The old system humanizing Man Quot religion Quot like the old Panacea s for disease the flesh Calomel and other deadly poisons we now see cannot possibly have any other effect upon the human mind than to dehumanize and paralyse the soul. We now see the Why that Quot religious Quot controversies the past and present Are so notorious for animal hatred and bitterest intolerance toward All outsiders and the True Liberal would As soon censure a Man for being crippled and rendered helpless for life because he took Calomel to Cuie his disease As to censure him for becoming a hypocrite Rabid hater his species under the old theological treatment for enlightening the mind. It is now seen and soon will be Laid Down before the world As plainly As any other scientific demonstration that Christ came Earth with the deliberate Pur f Ose removing and casting out he old system old when he was Hereof Quot co passing sea and land to make one proselyte Quot and to bring in a system prayer that would enable Man to say to that Sycamore tree Quot to thou plucked up and cast hence Quot with Faith born reason and dynamite Quot and do greater works than these be see me a prayer that god always answers and never fails to hear. To prove All this no other authority will be asked than the new Testana ent in the Light modern experience. Tie death Oznell theology is sounded and priests Are now about to find in their boasted and much loved Book a trip Hammer that will assuredly crush out the last vestige their monopoly truth and bring peace and Unity to their be fogged followers. C. H. Barlow. Thirty minutes enough. Altoona pa., feb. 10, 84. Or. Monroe prof. W. S. Bell a As with us and spoke Friday the 7th. Our people were so Well pleased with him we raised the funds to keep him Over sunday when he spoke at 3 p. M. Subject Quot Olomon sense Quot to a Good audience considering the Ciro Uip Titan cos bad weather amp a. Our rooms were filled both meetings by a select audience some our Railroad officers were present and appeared to be pleased. He is a Fine talker with fan enough to in Liten the Dull subject morality. It was the Remarick Many i could have listened to him two hours when at Church 80 minutes is a Long Sermon. He sold a Large Quantity Hii books. His works do Follot him. Keep j. B. Emp see. Liberal league. L the ironclad age. J be How often when he defies proof to Tho contrary. I anti disinterested have you Job. Teamster whip his horse Xenia o., Mai cd 8, 84. A Mother slap her child when the editor ironclad age i Hove a entirely the evolution you will lose no sleep account my being in danger passing out with paralysis the brain apoplexy. When i die with either my dear brother Monroe will die an ungoverned temper and not for any fault disobedience the child animal. There Are hundreds teachers employed in the Public schools with snakes m his boots and 1 do i this City and country and As we not believe that will Ever take Gin cd no names no one will place. It looks strange to me to j pm it a a a a the coat we Cut unless it see materialists and atheists quiz and if it fits they cannot pull ble when a Man places facts before second too soon. We have them. Why do they not answer Little children attending Plain honest questions and not re troubled with strive to get out a dilemma weakness the kidneys. Natural through ridicule. Materialists say by they ask to go out this annoys that All manifestations in nature the teacher they Are refused they Are the direct result matter and a then comes the Ever ready when you ask them How matter up Only last week report came produced ultimate such As Gold to this office that a teacher had Silver Copper Lead Iron and Coa phed a Little boys ear so hard As Marble and Limestone ultimate to leave a wound from which the that never change never can i blood flowed. These Are the most will change without life acting flagrant acts britishness that through a higher condition mat-1 Jave come to our ears. They May ter forces them to change they be True. For the Sake he beg the question and strive to Nodi j Manity we Hope they Are not. It Cule the idea away i will give Jug Ever right justifiable to whip any materialist atheist Earth Little child never right to Hurt a new suit clothes that will dam their quivering flesh. Parents Strate by science philosophy that one particle matter in the universe Ever put itself into motion that one particle inert matter Ever had one particle influence Over another. I will give five dollars to any Man that will prove that there is not two kinds matter in existence one divisible and the other indivisible. I will give five dollars to any Man that will prove that there is a Ara the mos i Toj flame. If the Rod is Vidd it Home the child learns to obey and to be guided by that Means and when it goes to the Public school it takes its fun and mischief and its temper with it. It must be restrained. The teacher must preserve order. The child taught Only to obey at the instance the Rod through its fear it soon Quot gives away Quot so to speak All. I the Home teaching and the teacher tide motion to divisible matter j having Little time to spare and per except sit is acted upon by the i has seeing no other was open the that 18 embodied within the forcing obedience adopts the plan Inch visible. Of the Parent and uses the Rod. Now you Wise acres Como up to. Think his you who love your the scratch and none your ridicule. I assert that Man s body in life is composed divisible mat Little children. The Rod that in your Loving hand May never do much More than frighten the child ter a fact that no Ono denies his is a now in stranger hands. The spiritual being the same size As composed indivisible matter. To illustrate the first h Gross the second refined should there be ten million particles Gross matter in the physical Man there is one Hundred millions in the spiritual Man. The Mattei composing the physical Man is incapable motion unless acted upon whereas every particle the matter composing the spiritual is in constant motion by having Loving heart and tear Weh eyes the Mother who Only corrects because she thinks it her duty Are not there. No cuddling arms to shield the Sobby lips and bursting heart the Little one who has just endured the punishment. Soloman May have been a Wise Man but this question the Rod he was a fool. Nothing can destroy affection brutalize the disposition and ruin the boy girl faster than the Rod. It is the experience All teach embedded within each particle ers that those children who Are life which is the soul the universe. The matter out which the spiritual is formed enable this life principle to give through the physical Man the voluntary and involuntary acts it was the spiritual brother i saw standing by my Side in the Post office and i defy never whipped at Home Are the last to need correcting in the Public school. Then let love and mercy Rule at Home for when the Rod shall be abolished from the Homes All it will never be used in the Public school. We have a world sympathy for the teacher. Any materialist atheist theist j we know How difficult How thank to prove to the contrary. No than legs and How poorly rewarded i Ory sophistry ridicule Wilt a their task but for the Sake the change the facts As it by exist and re seen by every one that Una eyes not blinded by theory. The fro is no principle in existence higher than the life that is within. Every particle indivisible mat i to it a Quot those Niider ter n6t in the shape a god care and although you teach a is the Little ones As Well As that the Lovely graces that always Mako youth More Beautiful and mature years More grand to say be merciful study the wants As Well As the Devil anything else such Idaias Are simply nonsensical. No brother Monroe you May not deem the above worthy room to the columns the Good old. Shiv but they Are As i see it and it i am wrong please let some it right me and i will be muh obliged. L d. Swbely. Be merciful. A mime Waco wild Torch us Marty. The Petty wrongs perpetrate the str pfc in against the weak we Ipoh a vast amount Luff gauged Puld be avoided Obj a self a a a a tool and a Little it ratio a the Caj Tion Titis = a a a i i v Quot a Grant baby school you May learn lessons grander thou Are taught in the proudest colleges. Loa Thouc and we have often Union the two great bodies he a possibility the future. Ilott Obi Ornit fell. 29. In the february number the Century Magazine just published the re is a suggestive article in the editorial department discussing the possibilities and probabilities a reunion in the future Between a the Boman Catholic and the prot he Dis Rumion that lube not in a place in Pool trily Tignini cant because the Century though a secular periodical has always been conducted with special reference to meeting the tastes and i steering Clear the prejudices the average protestant Public. Its original editor . Holland was a strict calvinist and its chief owner and manager. Or. Poswell Smith is a prominent and pronounced presbyterian. The Century takes for its text the Celebration the four Hundredth anniversary Luther s birth which it says brought to View tie fact that Quot the regious reformation the last four centuries has not been confined to the the Church the reformers. A constant reformation in discipline if not in doctrine Quot it thinks Quot has been going in the Church Quot assailed by Luther. So promising this i protestant exponent shows that Bonds sympathy Are now joining catholics and protestants to a degree which Twenty five years ago could not have been anticipated. It sees especially the growth a feeling that these two bodies christians need to be United to resist the Onset modern infidelity. Quot As the conflict with materialism and agnosticism has been waxing hotter to use the words the Century Quot it must have become evident to intelligent protestants that they have in the bom an Catholic theologians a Strong body allies with whom they ought to maintain Friendly relations. It is not protestantism nor the papacy nor calvinism nor trinitarian sni nor any other secondary Christian dogmas that is now trial Quot it says further but Quot whether there is any such thing As religion whether there is a conscious god and a life beyond the grave and a free will and a moral the Century also renders just tribute to the exalted ethical standards the roman Church and to its courage and consistency in maintaining them against All efforts at Compromise. It acknowledges for instance Quot that the roman Catholic doctrine and practice respecting divorce Are much closer to the Laws the new testament than those the protestant churches have been Quot it Speaks also the Quot Earnest Effort at the present time to bring the practice the protestant churches a Little nearer to the roman Catholic it becomes More and More evident every Day that the civilized world is dividing into two classes the believers and unbelievers the christians and agnostics. The separation Between them is not like that Between catholics and protest ants which is caused by difference Dogma and ecclesiastical practice while both agree fundamental Points theology. It is total for modern belief does not attack portions the Faith Only but rejects the whole abandoning Faith altogether. In its View christianity has no More supernatural basis than the mythologies it succeeded. The ultimate Union All the forces Faith and theology to meet such an enemy steadily increasing in numbers and audacity seems therefore to be inevitable. Protestantism needs Alliance with roman catholicism to enable it to stand up against the current modern sceptical thought. It requires the Aid the More steadfast and uncompromising body the More because Many its leading exponents and some its chiefs who have hitherto been most trusted Are opening the Gates the Fortuma Faith to the Hoats infidelity. Even if thay Are not doing that they Are Parl eying with them when there can Only be War to the knife Between the two. There is no possible Compromise Between theology and infidelity. The Church must understand that at the beginning. One the other must Triumph and its Victory will mean the utter destruction the conquered. While this great contest is going intestine divisions must weaken the army Faith and we Are not surprised that intelligent protestants desire to heal them. Artificial rainbows. I Lar it i a nce monthly. The physical investigator desires not Only to observe natural Phenomena but to recreate them to bring them that is under the Dominion Experiment. From observation vie learn what nature is willing to reveal. In experimenting we place her in the witness Box Cross examine her and extract from her knowledge in excess that which would could be spontaneously Given. Accordingly my return from Switzerland last october i sought to reproduce in the Laboratory the effects observed among the mountains. My first object therefore was to obtain artificially a mixture fog and drizzle like that observed from the door our cottage. A Strong cylindrical Copper boiler sixteen inches High and twelve inches in diameter was nearly filled with water and heated by Gas flames until steam Twenty pounds pressure was produced. A valve at the top the boiler was then opened when the steam issued violently into the atmosphere carrying droplets water mechanically along with it and condensing above the droplets a similar kind. A fair imitation the Alpine atmosphere was thus produced. After a few tentative experiments the Luminous Circle was brought into View and having once got hold it the next step was to enhance its intensity. Oil lamps the Lime Light and the naked electric Light was tried in succession the source rays being placed in one room the boiler in another while the observer stood with his Back to the Light Between them. It is not however necessary to dwell upon these first experiments surpassed As they were by the arrangements subsequently adopted. My Mode proceeding was this the electric Light being placed in a camera with a condensing Lens in front the position the Lens was so fixed As to produce a beam sufficiently Broad to clasp the whole my head and leave an Aureole Light around it. It being desirable to Lessen As much As possible the foreign Light entering the 636, the beam was received upon a Distant Black surface and it was easy to move the head until its Shadow occupied the Center the Illume dated area. To secure the Best effect it was found necessary to stand close to the boiler so As to be immersed in the fog and drizzle. The fog however was soon discovered to be a Mere nuisance. Instead enhancing it blurred the effect and i therefore sought to abolish it. Allowing the steam to Issue for a few seconds from the boiler closing the valve the Cloud rapidly melted away leaving behind it a Host minute liquid spherules floating in the beam. A Beautiful circular Rainbow was instantly swept through the air in front the observer. The primary Bow was duly attended by its secondary with the Colora As Lura Alv reversed. The opening Ika valve for a single second Thrasea lha bows to Flash Forth. we

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