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Read an issue on 19 Jul 1884 in Indianapolis, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age.

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Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age (Newspaper) - July 19, 1884, Indianapolis, Indiana V a. I to a weekly with Pew want amp to a. B. Monroe m. Proprietor. Vol. 29-10. 17.iistdia-Npolis, iistd., Saint turd a it july 19, 1884. S-2.50 year for the ironclad age. Short Sermon. Edinburg ind., july 6, "84. Quot now tbs a we Are Emba Asadore for Carlat Ai though god did beseech you a we Pray you to Christ s Stead be be reconciled to god "�?2 Cor. T 20 de. Ironclad age an ambassador is a person sent by the highest ruling Power of one nation or kingdom to another nation or kingdom to act for or in place of their ruler or Sovereign. They Are invariably provided with an instrument of writing by their government setting Forth the Power invested in them and Sii by the highest officer of state and bested by his most worthy Secretary and stamped with the great Seal of the nation. Armed with this instrument and his pockets Well lined with Cash the ambassador goes Forth on his Mission to the foreign Power presents his credentials to the proper authorities and if found Correct he is acknowledged As a True ambassador. Some ambassadors Are Only clothed with limited p0wer, whilst others Are clothed with Power plenipotentiary or fall Power to act As they isee fit. In the latter the Homie Power axe bound to sustain their ambassadors actions in full things. Such an ambassador might be missed or called Home or he might resign. But so Long As in office he has All the Power of his ruler in his sphere of action. Now the Anini sters of Christ Are ambassadors with Power plenipotentiary. For Paul says Quot we Are ambassadors for Christ As though Fod did beseech you by and Esus told his disciples that Quot whatsoever they bound on Earth should be bound in heaven Quot and Quot whosoever sins be remit they shall be remitted and whosoever sins be retain they shall be now let it be known that an embassy of Ilie court of heaven is a tremendous big thing 1 and an ambassador or minister from that court to a nation or individual of Earth is the biggest Toad in the paddle. Damned be them Ngor subject that does t take off his hat to him for damned shall he be whom this heavenly ambassador a damns and blessed shall he be a whom he blesses. But Mark you Don t get scared nor grow Humble till you have seen his credentials. Tell him to unfold Ito you his heavy Only sheep skin and show you the signatures of his King and this most worthy Secretary and above Ali the great heavenly Seal. Don t let him put you off by quoting Mart Xvi. 12 a go be into All Lihe world and preach the gospel it to every creature he that Beli Eveth and is baptised shall be saved and he that Beli Eveth not shall be damned Quot As his commission for the Devil has got that As Well As he acid can quote it just As. Glibly. Not bit what the heavenly Powers could word a commission in that Way and they May have Given such a commission to James and John and Peter and Paul and hundreds of others. But if they did it was to each separately and could not be a commission unless duly signed and sealed by the adorable Trinity and attested by the archangel Gabriel. If i Bev. Theolog icus d. D., have not a commission from High heaven that reads substantially As follows then i am a Mere pretender and should without ceremony be cast into hell. Yoa and let him that doth hold a True commission do the oatting Quot be it known that i Hovd god Jehovah including Christ and ghost do by these presence empower Bev. Theological a p. D., As an ambassador to Earth to pro claim salvation through Jesus Emanuel Christ the Middle Man in the adorable Trinity. He that Beli Eveth and is baptised shall be saved and he that Beli Eveth not shall be damned Given under my hand and the great Seal of heaven this 11th Day of january a. 1883.&Quot lord god Jehovah. Seal attest archangel Gabrial Seal Secretary of state. That my hearers is my commission or i am no Bev. But says some snivelling d. D., Quot whatsoever we ambassadors bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven therefore we can have been commissioned by other d. s and we As d. s. Can commission others in the name of our great King Quot verily that s Cheek for be from whence do you derive your author authority not from heaven or any other National Power. Who Ever heard of an ambassador empowered to make another ambassador no minister even with Powers plenipotentiary Ever had the Power to Confer his Power on another. All commissions must come from Headquarters. Quot we Are called of and not of ourselves Quot says aul. Again no great Powers either in heaven or Earth Ever sent an ambassador that they did t pay his entire expenses and a Good salary besides. Who Ever heard of such a thing As a nation sending an ambassador to another nation for that nation to support god did t treat brother Paul that Way no indeed Paul testifies Quot i was chargeable to you in nothing Quot god paid his Way you bet Why when god handed me my sheep skin there was securely wrapped in it one million in greenbacks and he said Quot freely be have received freely give Quot Quot salvation is free Quot Quot charge no Man i Here testify to you All that god never gave a Man a commission that was not duly signed and sealed and inside of which there was not one million dollars for his own support and with which to help the poor. What an ambassador of heaven a beggar or dependent upon his flock for support nay verily All such Arefi ads. I la bet All Bill Vanderbilt and j. Gouid Are Worth and go to hades if i lose that nary a one such can show a commit Filion from lord god Jehovah or any other god. They Are frauds and when they a some snivelling and a Ging around just take them by the ear and Lead them out. But when an ambassador of heaven opens out his commission to you and you god s signature within his own hand and attested by Gabriel and the Reat Seal then go Down on your Knees to that Man and do him reverence. And you can bet your Bottom Dollar that he will neither ask or take of you to the value of amp Farthing. Hast thou like that Serpent of old Quot swallowed an elephant four times As Large As the Earth from which he Lay torpid an Hundred thousand years Quot if so How much longer Hast thou to sleep know est thou not that the Devil will run off with thy kingdom if thou sleep est much longer what use hot is a god with Kings priests and rulers if he attends strictly to business so Mote it be. Rev. Theo Lonious d. Rich Story of the Blaines much about the Story Teller himself but it s none the worse for bombardment at the head of a spiral stairway in a Washington county hotel a diff her prom payback gets tired of his regular Squire and takes his business to Jimmy Blaine Vej Uncle who outs the Bates to a living figure. The Cincinnati enquirer s spec i Ial correspondent Jay Hawker writing from this City july 2d gives the following account of an interview with an old time Pennsylvania rough and Tumble fighter Long a citizen of this Marion county. There is not much religion in this recital but it carries the mind Back to the Quot better Days of the Republic Quot when men were not so ready with the revolver but. Seemed to make better use of their fists and Teeth and nails this county contains two notable citizens who were born and reared to Early manhood in Washington count penn., and who were Well acquainted not Only with James Gillispie Blaine but. With a lib parents and his uncles and his aunts. The gentlemen ail add data major j. W. Gordon and wants him killed. St. Louis mo., july 7, 84. Dii. K. Monroe if that monster the on Stiava s Call god is not dead do All you can to kill him. S. Campbell. Are George w. Ashton. The former resides in this City and is an eminent lawyer and Republic a politician. The latter lives near the Little town of Augusta on the big four Railroad and is an exr Tensive Farmer and Active demo cratic politician. During the thirty Odd years of his residence in this county he has never voted a Republican ticket nor been whipped in a rough and Tumble fight and the old residents of the county and especially Pike township can testify that he has had Many of them. In fact or. Ashton is ooze of the characters of Marion county. He takes a dozen papers knows All the news and by reason of extended litigation is a fair lawyer. About thirty years ago governor Albert g. Porter came to Indianapolis fresh from Law school Aad among his a st cases was a suit against Ashton. The trial was i before a Justice in Pike towns or. Porter was then a White Hai Boyish looking Young fellow who Felt As ally amp ung lawyers do tbs to heavy argument of a cause 00% six Ted in being rough on the my on the other Side. As he waxed Wurm in his a argument he began fire on Ashton. The latter bore ii for a time and asked the court to protect him. But the court Felt that or. Porter was keeping inside the Legal Limite and allowed him to go on. Finally Ashton Rose up seized the docket and threw it out of doors kicked the Squire Iota Corner of the room and Cha Sells Porter upstairs in an a a joining House and kept Faim tree thera until after dark. When Ash Biji was asked the next Day How the trial went he replied that lawyer against him had prot an Alibi the Squire had take a change of venue and he he appealed to another to Day i went out to inter Iai or. Ashton in regard to i found him at his come drat residence wearing the air mail satisfied with his a obsession Quot Light and come in Quot was Quot answer to my salutation. Quot i understand that you reared in Washington Coant Pennsylvania and knew the Iii ily of or. Blaine and i w Yit know something about them i j said Quot i Santose i knew the a a ii As anybody. I was born in in and lived at Washington until a iter i was thirty five. Tes indeed i knew the Blaines and All their Kin. Jim Blaine s Uncle Jim married a Wilson the daughter of a Rich Man who lived near she was a presbyterian old Jim we a Squire and one of the Cleverest men living. You see 1 was a terrible fighter in them Days and i had a Good Deal of business a with Borough constables and Squires. When i was about Nineteen i got into a discussion with a big fellow Over a Turkey i had bought and by the time the convention was Over theft allow was carried Down to a doctor s. The Borough Constable fathered a crowd of about two undred and started out to Airest Xue. I made a break for the hotel ing to get away. The hotel was four stories High with winding stairs reaching from the office to the roof. I went up them stairs like a Squirrel up a Shell bark Hickory and before the crowd had in and out where i had gone i had time to look around for Means of Quot Fiose. Glancing into a room wonder the bed what proved to to Good As a columbian in Battle. Is tha Othot a re Golf lbs of Rozat floor All Trell loaded and had m collected at the top of the Sii irs. Then i Felt like the spar to \ at the pass of thermopylae i a s ready to hold the fort on that Lue if it took All summer. The a i my advanced to within easy age when i dropped a bomb in lir midst. They halted wavered Quot when i poured a second Volley them they broke and fled Lile they were trying to re form in lines i was reinforced by a i Siple of friends and they ran de the floors below and added materially to my armament two hours we kept Parun a fight and during that time friends took the cords out of tee Beds which were in one it a and constructed afire escape Bioh reached to the ground in e Back Yard. When All was Eady my friends a went Down and n i gave the enemy a parting Tran into the Noom locked their and by fore they could break old fashioned lock i had mounted the Constable s horse and was a mile oat of town. I tied a be bridle around the horse s neck be him a lick and while he was Ling Back to town i skinned it Mross the Hills and got my father Down and bail Jitt As Young Blaine with you in la a fracas Quot i asked. Quot of no you just wait. I am up to the Blaine family. Course i was tried found guilty id fined before a Squire named Trumbull. Pretty soon after that mashed on a at Wash a top but she Hod another Beau Cage Driver Oil the Pittsburgh heeling line. One Naglit at Urty he said i must let the Cirl it no. I went and asked Ner Loh one she wanted and she i she would rather stick to me. Took her Arm and we started leave but we had t gone ten before the big stage Driver up behind and jerked us i and hooked the Gal s Arm i it hib. I did t care much for but mar Pennsylvania Pride was insulted did i made a running jump and an of be Joyful on the of that stage Driver s Neok troubled him up worse than a two of Hia friends no and the to it key a their partner curled a nov and the girl look ind a skew i cd they yelled i it Zajm i a fair fight and one of amp pm grabbed me around the Waist while the other pounding my face an in about a Day i Bull and minute he had raised a Row of knots As big As walnuts across my forehead. But i got Loose and licked pm both and then took the Hopie. I was arrested next and fined by Squire Trum he fined me More than he Ever did before. Well this fight brought on a dozen More and Afore it was Over i had licked sixty Miles of stage Drivers closing out with the Ope who drove on the Wheeling end. He worked his Way up to Washington to lick me but he went Back As a passenger too sick and sore to drive. Well old Trumbull kept Raisin on the fines Givin As an excuse that i was fighting too much. To i went to see Squire Blaine about it and he told me the Law was Only broke so much with each fight and so Long As the fights were fights the fines ought to remain the same and if 1 would take a change of venue from Trumbull to him he would see that the fines were kept Down to a living figure. So in a few Days i was Jei de up again before Trumbull and i told him was going to take a change of Don t i give you Justice be asked me. I told him he did and More too and that Squire Blaine would keep Down the fines to living rates. Now look Here. George said he i can do this thing just As cheap As Jim Blaine or any other Squire in Pennsylvania and i want you to stick by me. I can afford to put the fines Low because you Are a regular customer and i Don t want to lose your business but i went to Squire Blaine and though the fighting had to go on he never fined me More than $2.50. You see he was a Blaine and the Blaines were Square men and never took advantage when they had a grip on a fellow. Jim s father was the same kind of a Man liked the boys took a drink when he wanted it and never turned his Back on a Friend in a fight. Them Blaines were All stayers when a Friend was around and anybody that comes of that kind of Stock can be counted Quot what did you know of James g. Blaine the Republican nominee Quot i asked. Quot Well nothing particular. The Little cuss was Only about eleven years old when i left there. I kept a livery stable for several years before i came away and he used be Hoosier. Colts. I Don t think that boy was afraid of the Devil but he was t quarrelsome. He was a kind of a laughing Good natured Chap and his most marked feature was his nose. Caesar and Napoleon had big noses so i reckon it s a Good sign for a Man to have a Good handle on his Quot will you vote for or. Blaine Quot asked. Quot yes indeed i have a birth right to vote for him and i will do it if i live till election Day and can get to the polls. Some of my old democratic neighbors Tell me i am going to hell but if voting for Jim Blaine Means going to hell you can bet i am hell Bent and in this Republic and the state of Indiana any Man has a right to up there if he wants to. Hell or no hell i shall vote for then the old Man brought the original democratic platform and after we had sampled it i left the most original Blaine convert i have met since the convention. M picture. Twenty Ion Beauty Cuil Colore of Tow Ali to told dares for silk Wool Cotton 10 Yenta Mohi a Hila can us with Prmt Hugo to. Oct get one it it our. Drug Guta. Weller Bich Ardboe amp ck>., Burlinston it. Argus Dean of Otto ind., june 2l8t, thus discusses in the Madison courier Quot a recent Issue of the Indianapolis journal contains some new versions of the origin of the word Hoosier. One Story is that the word originated with the hog Drivers when Madison was the pork Opolis of Indiana. The Peculiar noise that they kept no in driving Swine sounded something like Hoo in Hoo in a led to their being called by a corruption of the sound hoosiers. To this other versions Are Given All of which however originated in Indiana and within the last fifty years or less Bat when i was a boy which is now More than fifty years ago and in ing in Ohio the Husker was in use among boys when they wished to express themselves in a boasting Way. This same word is by Webster As meaning a the word no doubt is a of Hussar which distinguishes a certain division of the Frei a i Fiji English cavalry and to to High As we May suppose it was deemed a credit to belong hence the boastful words Quot i am a brass a Quot Lii Diana at the acs Lviv canal was in Progress of making. An Indiana bully after whipping a kentuckian jumped up Ana cracked his heels together and pronounced himself a Husher and As the word was new to a great Many and with no knowledge of its origin or meaning it was soon corrupted into our Hoosier of the present time and was finally applied to All Indiana ans without distinction. The term does not apply to a state but to a class of which All the states Are More or less Jersey first out of water a if one wishes to see the oldest arts of the world let him go to Renton Falls n. J., and after visiting the excavations made by the natural action of a Mountain torrent into the ancient rocks go to the hotel and see the collection made by the landlord at an expense of $10,000, of specimens which prove the record of a geological age so Remote that a imagination can grasp it. Professor Agassiz declared that the land reaching from Trenton Falls to Saratoga was the first that appeared above the sea on the creation Here a re the trilobites in great variety All modelled in Black Marble so perfectly preserved in form that the multitudinous lenses of their eyes Are As apparent under the Microscope As Are those of a living Fly. Millions of years before Man walked the Earth these lived their life the Limestone took on their forms and Here they Are what Are scarab Cei and ancient in Tali or any other engraved or modelled semblance of the old life compared to the trilobites these creatures not Only lived but had become everlasting Stone millions of years before there Quot was a living Man to see them. Some new Spring poetry. The mugwump roosts on the hollow of the Sagwa sits in the tree whenever i hear the hog Wip sing. My heart is sad in me. Honey or the Snag Pap Toots his toot to the Wail of the Mij a Hen. And the Mig Funk chirps in the Atily it. Night you Laet i m lonely to hts a. A his a Quot a Quot a Quot 4. Old j Bijur Job work to tbs Tran. M in i

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