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Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age (Newspaper) - December 2, 1882, Indianapolis, Indiana Mumm 8 the be late Seymour times december 2, 107.- 82. Reli Sloas Zubei in the South in a subscriber in a Southern state who a few months ago happened to see a copy the age and sent for it together with a Supply books in answer to a letter inquiry writes As follows under Date nov. 23 do. J. R. Monroe your favor the 9th inst is receive. In reply i can say in due time i received the books. I also receive the age regularly. I have read the by is and paper with great care and interest. I am much pleased with them and am greatly astonished that the world has existed so Long yet comparatively speaking so few know the nature and source their existence. The doctrines advanced in those books and papers seem very reasonable and indisputable and if True How is it possible that so Many have lived so Long in a state blindness it must be through ignorance prejudice hypocrisy. These Are awful things to prevail in any country. It seems to me that the thousands preachers intelligence ought to know from nature and reason that they Are wrong and that they Are misleading the ignorant for the purpose accomplishing their own personal interest. This is hypocrisy in the highest degree. How can these things be remedied there Are so few who have the courage and Independence to express their honest and candid opinions. They Are afraid losing Friendship and popularity. In fact if they were to do so they would be regarded As enemies to society and would be in danger being assassinated. However Strong i May be the opinion and honestly so yet if i were to proclaim the doctrines and sentiments advanced in your books and papers i would be in danger a mob. Can this be a free country when such things exist All the documents i receive from you i keep locked up even from my family. I read them Only privately. The Laws our country would not punish a Man for speaking and writing his honest opinions but there would be danger from the rabble. I would like very much to have some outlier works especially those by col. Ingersoll but the danger some violence As Well As the Scarcity Money prevents me from sending for them. I will Send you some Money soon. I have been More enlightened from these works upon the subject my nature and future destiny than i have from any thing i Ever read. When will the time come when a Man can think write and speak his honest and candid opinions can you propose a i Lan and the time for such a glorious event Success to you. Should you think this letter would do your cause any Good you can publish it but Don t give my name residence. Brother pop a squatter. Hod mansion d. T., nov. 15, 82. J. But. Monroe enclosed find order for 75c. Send the age to w. J. Head Frederick d. I am a squatter Uncle Sam s domains and am not making any Money now so i have to refrain from enjoying the Reading your excellent paper. I am much pleased with the soil and climate As far As i have seen it since the 17th july last this week we had a mild blizzard which was so unpleasant that every one stayed used up for two Days except when compelled to be out. It gave us about three inches Snow during the two Days it was in Force. Wishing Success to the Liberal cause and your goo Ltd i Aper i am respectfully Abler j. Pope. The Beal mud the meal editor. . Many the Magazine novelists cannot write a serial now a Days without they introduce an editor among their other characters. It is All right course that they should make the editor do his duty in fiction but the novelists appear to have trouble in finding out the real animal. As they depict him the editor attends All the five clock teas passes hours in the dining rooms swell hosts figures at the fashionable receptions and otherwise exhibits his intellectual brow up town and Down. The fact is that the filitor who edits dons his evening dress about once a year and during the other 364 nights he May be fond in the fifth Story wrestling with As Many topics is he Lias hairs his head. The editor the novelist ought to grow Long poorly looks and write desist Paog by. A twisty for butt Tifful Mion tit Iii Iliond pm for Juk Wool. Cotton su., 10 Oak a hit a an us in Atli per feet for the age. In Versal mental Liberty. To Thomas Grundy. Columbus kan., nov. 24, 82. Dear sir a it has been published for Over two years and you reiterate it in the age that Liberal Missouri is a place Universal mental Liberty. You further say that there any one can express his ideas without let hindrance. Now i have no disposition to disparage liberals and am glad that it is a place comparative Freedom and will grow towards perfect Liberty. I Low the origin Liberal its projector and the kind and degree his liberality and Reform and believe that he too will grow towards Universal mental Liberty. Sir there is but one place that i know where All subjects Are freely discussed and welcomed. If Liberal is such a place it has made a mighty and sudden stride upward. I know about what subjects Are Welcome there and what Are not. When a Man is pervaded with tie spirit Universal Liberty he will Welcome All speakers All subjects. Now i ask you if any one is Welcome to come to Liberal and Wear and advocate the Reform dress which Mary e. Tillotson myself and a few others have advocated for thirty years Why sir an old lady seventy poor and homeless went there with a moderately Short dress and was prohibited from wearing it going to their meetings in it. Is that Liberty most our Liberal ? women Are yet slaves to fashion and woman s dress is the badge her slavery. Can any one go to Liberal and be welcomed to express himself herself the social and sexual relations and against Legal marriage and to talk freely and plainly parentage i do not believe it. Can any one go there and oppose land ownership land monopoly usury rent the wages system and advocate the land for All comic Unis etc., and be tolerated and appreciated no sir. I am Down exaggeration and misrepresentation about any place any body anything. I give Liberal credit for All it is and Hope it will to be what it is published to now. J. H. Cook. Answer nothing in a impossible. With ood. Hickman ky., nov. 23, 82. J. B. Monroe i Don t believe the passengers your Craft should trouble you to explain Ever Quot Quot by c Quot knowing that you have revised that they Don t under Stam thin but genesis and 7 believing that you a ving to can make Clear any that portion a that the holy word that seems mysterious to a passenger i ask you with the Hope that you will explain and make Clear to me a portion genesis which i will Call your attention to now i find in the 7th chapter and 23d verse genesis that every substance was destroyed which was upon the face the ground 24th verse and the Waters prevailed upon the Earth one Hundred and fifty Days. And again i find chapter 8th verse 10th, and he stayed yet another seven Days and again he sent Forth the Dove out the Ark. 11th verse and she same in to him in the evening and to in her Mouth was an Olive Leaf plucked off so Noah knew that the Waters were abated from off the Earth. Now Captain if every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face the ground i would like for you to explain to me where in 1 that Dove got that Leaf. Enclosed find Money order for one Dollar for which please Send me Ingersoll Talmage paper edition. H. S. Campbell. Rat Lenal to bought and action. Wilkes Barre nov. 23.�?david Evans who resided at Waterman amp Beaver s works near this City committed suicide last night by shooting. He placed the revolver in his a South and fired three shots. The Fiirst Tore away his lip the second come out his forehead above the Eye and the third went through the head coming out directly top and scattering his brains the floor. The first two shots were nearly simultaneous but there was a lapse some minutes Between the second and third. It appears from the evidence that Evans had been working for along time at a perpetual motion machine for the last two years doing nothing else he was upward 70 years old and single. He had devoted a great part his life to the construction machinery different kinds and his Little room was filled with various models some them up omens the most excellent workmanship Bat no prot Ioctl Utility. He left the following letter for a mrs. Davis to whom he gave All he had. I do sinc Erly prohibit any and All the Rev. Devil to babble and lie Orer my old body. Bury me in my old rags just As i uni now. 511 that coat mine give it to whomsoever y ii please. I die in my atheist Cal Fai a an fearlessly As the Heathen Dieth in his Finith his existence. 1 believe not in Conti Cious existence nor sensitiveness after death. It is the end the final end Man As Well the common animals. Be will Judee this and blame it nevertheless it is truthful. I a us dered and concluded that to comic it Fui Clile would be the Best thing that i could do. It is Clear and evident that i am in the utmost poverty and and dist Rex having no health nor strength to be a slave any More. I believe it prudent to leave this tyrannical and oppressive world and to be a pauper no More. I owe to one anything therefore what things arc Here Are yours mrs. Davis. It would pleas me if they were much greater value. Farewell las plating mate Lalii. The immense strides which have been made in electrical discovery particularly in the practical applications have compelled electricians to seek for new and cheaper insulting materials than those already in use. Hither Quot to they have been limited to Glass porcelain Stone Ware Gutta Percha India rubber and Ebonite. Owing to the greatly increased demand the Price the last three named has risen very much and is Likely to raise still More and while the it Quality has deteriorated it is impossible for the existing courses to Supply what is needed not Only for Telegraph and Telephone work. The Public require before every thing safety in the use electricity and there is a corresponding de Mand for a cheap insulating material the Supply which shall be equal to the demand Likely to arise. If not abused they will live loner. If not worked Young and not abused Well bred horses will live Long. A horse belonging to j. L. Garrison Greene county Pennsylvania died last Spring at 39, from an Accident it probably would have lived some years longer. The greatest Iwig autuori Luch u prof. My Mueller by. Hon. W. E. Gladstone pm. A. Proude prof Huz Lef r. A. Proctor Edw. A. Freeman. Prof Radall . W. B. Cd renter Frances Power Cobbe prof. Goldwin Smith the Duke Argyll we. Black miss tracker a . Mulock Cunik Reo. Macdonald mrs. Oliphant. Jean Ingelow Thoa. Hardy w. H. Mallock Matthew Arnold w. W. Story Toutge Dietr Buskin Tenn Aon Brown log and Many others Are represented in the Paget Olinell Slivin Gage. The living age Baa been Publ Alied tor nearly forty years and has met with continuous commendation and Success. In 1883 it will furn Lah to Ita readers the productions the Moat eminent Authora above named and Manv others embracing the beat Aerial and Short stories by the leading fore a notch its and an amount maj Mhor Perl die a in the world the most valuable literary and alien Tilc matter from the pens the Foremost essayist Acie Otist critics discoverers and editors representing every department knowledge and Quot to than ving age is a weekly Magazine giving More three and a Quarter to usand double column Octavo Page Reading matter yearly. It presents in an form considering Ita great amount matter with Freab Neas owing to in weekly Issue and with a satisfactory Ness attempted by no other publication the Best Easaya re Iowa criticisms tales sketches travel and discovery poetry scientific biographical historical and political information from the entire body foreign periodical after nature. It is therefore invaluable to every american Reader As the Only fresh and Complete Como Lauon an indispensable current literature. Endiape Sabie because it embraces the productions the Ablest living writers in All Branc Bea literature science politics and Art. Quot tuttell a living age has now for Marv years held the first place All our serial pub cations. There is nothing note worthy in science Art literature biography philosophy religion that cannot be found in Churchman new York. Quot it stands easily at the head its class and deserve its ogre nationalist Boston Quot the Ablest essays and reviews the Day Are to be found here."�?1 be Are shaterian Phi Ladelphia. Quot it enables Ita readers to keep fully abreast the Best thought and literature , Burg Christian advocate. A there is no other Way procuring the same amount excellent literature for anything like the same Price Quot a Boston advertiser. Quot to Reader who makes himself familiar with Ita contents can Lack the Meana a sound literary York Tribune. Quot no other publication can Supply it place. It contains not Only the Best solid literature but also the Best serial stories the Bella Ter Philadelphia. Quot in it we find the Best productions the Best writers upon All subjects ready to our polls. Inquirer. Quot it is indispensable in every household where any attempt is made to keen up with the current thought the courant. Quot As much in the forefront electric publications As its Start forty years Fazatte. Quot As much a necessity As Advance Chicago. Quot it to bids the Liest the cheapest and most convenient Means keeping a it it Reast with the Progress thought in All Lia phases Quot a Korth american Phil Adelphia. Quot the great Eclectic the 8tar, wll Logton n. C. Quot Thel Eilt to magazines to subscribe Gazette Hubl shed weekly at 88.00 a year free postage. A a Quot to new subscript was for the year 1888, remit Ting before Jan. Is the numbers 1h82 ii it aued alter to receipt their subscriptions will be sunt Gratia. Al the frices fur the Best Home and Force Fri literature. Quot Leo ii03s0d the a Vang age and one other our vivacious american Rani blues a subscriber will Gnu him self in command to whole situation. Psillu . Kit Llellyn for living age and any one the american t4 monthlies Harper s weekly sitar will lie sent for a year postpaid for 19.00 tie living Giand thoth. Nicholas Lippincott s met Nathly. Dec3-u address Littell a. Co., made easy fit the new improve Umici lib i it a Maia -1 0 i b 111 m 1 e i s i a beaches second edit Oil containing an Alba Eucal list near 700 preachers guilty various criminal lenses most Honor and virtue women Dent by mail for 25 cents. Address do. J. K. Mow Kob 70 Morth Illinois Street it Indianapolis Indiana. Stamps will do tor remittance. A the . New Yolk 1883. Pts Mai More people have read the during the year just now passing than a ver before since it was first printed. No other newspaper published this Side the Earth a been bought and rend in any ear by so Many men and women. We m credibly informed that people but read and like the Lor the following reasons among others because its news columns present in attractive form and with the greatest possible accuracy whatever has interest for Humankind the events the Uneeda and misdeeds the Wisdom the Pullo Ophy toe Noble Foley the solid sense the improving nunsenae�?�>1 the news the busiest world at present revolving in apace by Cate people Hare Learned that in its remarks concerning persons and affairs the Manea a practice telling them the exact truth to to Best in ability three Hundred and sixty five Days in the Vear before election As Well As after about the whale As Well a about the Small Esb in the face iils sent a plainly and fearlessly As when supported by general approval. The a Iun a absolutely no p i Posea to serve save the information its read ers and the furtherance the common Good. Because it is everybody s newspaper. No Man is so Bumble that the aun is indifferent to his welfare and Hia rights. To Man is so Rich that it can allow injustice to be done hip. No Man no association Wen la we Raul enough to be exempt from the strict a cat Fen its principles right and wrong. Mccause in politics it has fought for a dozen years without interim upon and sometimes almost alone among newspapers Baa resulted in the recent overwhelming popular verdict against Bobe Fon am and for honest government. No matter Orbat party is in Power. The stands and will continue to stand like a Rock for the interests the people against the ambition Bosses monopolists and the Dishi nest schemes Public robbers. It Btl this is what we Are told almost daily by our friends. One Man holds that the is tie Best religious newspaper Ever published because its christianity is undiluted with cant. Another holds that it a the Best Republican newspaper printed because it has already whipped half the rascals out that part and is proceeding against the other half with undo Miniphea vigor. A third believer it to be the Best Magazine general literature in existence because its readers miss nothing worthy 0i notice that is current in the world thought to every Friend the discovers one its Many sides that Appeal with particular Force to Bis individual liking. If you already know the you Willobie Rve that in 1883 it is a Little better than Ever before. If Yogi do not already now the you will find ii to be a Mirror All human activity a storehouse the choicest products common sense and imagination a Mansuy for the cause honest government a Scourge for wicked ebb every Spectos and an uncommonly Good investment for the coming year _ Tori us to mall Sabic Ribera. The several editions the Are it by mail postpaid a Hollewa daily a s menu a month s6.60 a year with sunday edition �7.70. 8�onday�?eight pages s1.30 a year. W Eukley 1 a year. Eight pages the Best mat Ter the Dally issues an agricultural department unequalled Merit Market reports and literary scientific and Domestic intelligence make the weekly the newspaper for the Farmer s household. To clubs ten with Tio an extra copy free. Add Rosa i w. Enoland publisher nov5-6t the n. Y. City a Short history the Bible. Being a popular account the formation and development the Canon. By Bro sow c. Kee Iier. Contents introductory the hebrew Canon the new testament the Early controversies the Book at first not considered inspired were the Fatt Aera competent the fathers quoted a scripture books which Are now called apocryphal the heretics the Chris than Canon. The a act that no american writer has undertaken to give an account the formation the Canon the Bible has left an unoccupied place in Rell Grioua my nature which this Book Alma in an elem Nury Way to fill. Cloth flexible Rover 76, postage Centi a Quot a a Quot Quot . Monroe 70 n. Illinois St., Indianapolis it it in Stamps will do for change. Special notice a the Cincinnati Hamilton and Dayton a a a i l r a do Bunning through the towns Rush Ville sinner Seville Liberty Oxford Hamilton Dayton Piqua Troy Sidney and Lima passing through the Best agricultural districts and most extensively improved and picture parts Indiana Andow _ this line i has opened a ticket office Corner Illinois and Kentucky Avenue Indianapolis and have put additional trains new and Elent coaches and greatly shortened Ita time making it the Best line to i , Dayton and Toledo 1 trains leave Union depot Indianapolis a follows leave Indianapolis 4.1 i 10.86 6.65 p in arrive Cincinnati 8 06 Quot 3-30pmll.c0&Quot Dayton Quot 8.� Quot 11.46 Quot to Udo 4.a0pml0�s&Quot 6.86 am Connersville Accola leaves Indianapolis 4.4s p m 4.15 . Runs daily. All other Dally except sunday. Making close connections at Cincinnati for Baltun Ore Washington Richmond va., Lynchburg Chattanooga Lexington Danville ky., Knoxville Atlanta Macon Augusta qa., Charleston Jacksonville fla., Savannah Montgomery Mobile new Orleans and All Points East and South. Also making close connections at Dayton for new York Boston Albany Buffalo Erie Cleveland Spring-6eld, o., , Newark o., Zanesville Wheeling Pittsburg Harris Burg Philadelphia and All other Points East. Also making close connections at Toledo for Detroit Lansing Saginaw Bay City Mackinaw Toronto Kingston Ottawa Montreal Quebec and All Points Canada. Ask for tickets via c. H. Amp d. Rail Road. For tickets information apply at c. H. Amp d. Ticket office Corner ill Doii Street and Kentucky Avenue Union depot ticket office Indianapolis. Don t Mia Ake the line location if pm and Tio St agt., Indianapolis con l. Rufi. My ticket agt., inc inuit. Odid Imbs colonial legislation a in As applied to the Public land primitive education religion morals indians iitc., etc., with authentic records a the origin and growth Pioneer settlements embracing also a condensed history the states and territories with a summary the territorial expansion civil Progress and development the Opi in John b. Dillon. A remarkable singular curious and extraordinary volume. A Novelty among books and a Marvel antiquarian research to the general Reader and a Trident progressive and historic America. A Ank ise history the Iloyar Cli Aiter and proprietary a. Pul in operation for tie and tool and Luana Gemont the English colonies in America in furnished in the author succinct and Lucid style presentation. Following the organization the colonial governments valuable extracts Are supplied concerning religion morals etc., etc., under the authority sir Thomas Gates Virginia As Early As 1610, which indicate the rigorous religious spirit the time and the fanatical intolerant legislation to which it was subjected. It in the same topic Are copious quotations from old English statutes from the Days King Edgar in the 10th Century to the close the reign George Iii. John Mcsweeney a prominent member the Ohio bar says this work i have carefully examined Quot the oddities colonial legislation and condensed America Quot and unhesitatingly pronounce it the most valuable collection authentic records colonial legislation extant. It is a work that should a in the hands every student american history and is Especial interest to the lawyer presenting in condensed and convenient form All the Quot oddities Quot colonial Laws enabling him to Trace from Massachusetts to the Carolinas the Peculiar characteristics that distinguished the cromwellian Puritan and the rollicking Cavalier. A comparison the Laws two Hundred years ago with those the present Day enacted by the descendants the colonial fathers will go far to convince the most sceptical that the world does move in the right direction. Among other think our sound sensed sold pennsylvanians the present generation will be surprised if not shocked to learn that the grand old Commonwealth founded by the gentle and Liberal minded William Penn enacted and enforced Laws against witches and witchcraft and Only repealed them during the presidency Washington in 1794. Words commonplace commendation so poorly Portr a the Merit the work that i was tempted to give extracts As they would the better convey to the Reader an idea its Rich Aud a ried contents but As i its at is at random i am met and perplexed with the immense store Good things from which to choose. It is a wonderful collection a Quot quaint and curious volume forgotten address to. R. Monroe no. 70, North ills., Street �?i�-i-1-Indiana paper co., manufacturers every description. Paper bags flour sacks and Printer s supplies a specs Alt. A East Maby Diallio it. Iiidiiin�poll8, ind. The paper upon which the age is printed is furnished by this company. Oct 28 , saw ,tile Mills. Also other machinery and fittings for Sale. Second hand new at our set mph one Square West Union depot ind. Come Ami be m. Hadley Wright amp co. 118 to 125 s Tennessee Street. Fob 11, 82-17 How to help keep the Ntembi up. Lire a 8 who want to help the Heathen Craft to Stem the ring Iii Lii lows orthodoxy with dash and Deli once can further that consume Ilion by getting their Bill and note Heads cards circulars posters dodgers and the like printed Board. Mail fairly written printed copy the work Santeil. It will neatly expeditiously and cheaply gotten up and returned by mall express. Let every Liberal Bear this in mind when he wants a Job printing done Aud Najr Man bless him. Of Job the million the Bible bibles Twenty seven Quot divine contain tag a aes Crillon bibles and an exposition two thous add biblical errors in science history mor his. Religion and general events. Ily Kersey grades. Price i Kosuge 10 cents. The world s sixteen crucified Savior christianity before Christ. By Kersey Graves. Price 82 postage 15 cents. Sixteen Savior none the expo in Savior . $1 panic he Cynta postage 6 cents. Sion a meat theological gun. Being a ref. Tohn t. Perry s sixteen Savior by Kersey Graves. Price bound 81 pamphlet 7� j. B. Monroe to n. Illinois Street. , chemical Dye works 65 mass. Ave. And 107 w. Wow Hogton tents clothing cleaned dyed and re Pai cd. Ladies dresses Clanni dyed without ripping. Ostrich Prinnes leaned Iii Iti dyed kid Ilow Ami slippers a Easiod. Special inducements to tie Trade. K. Ii. , i>r�iri4-Lor. My Oliou tills paper in ordering oct Mlls i f1 Everi Bodur Merili sing copy bight secured for starting children and others in the culture music. It overcomes the Drudgery learning the Vienetta music a Quot pleasant amusement. This new Meifod teaches you All about the music staff degrees the staff Clefs notes and bests scale intervals the scale location i Etta re the Stab and their relation to the keys the instrument. This is very important with children. A late and Sharps and their use. All the diff Trent keys Bow to form chords musical words. It teaches the syllables. Do be i etc., in singing. It Cun Talysa Complete musical catechism. It is ii mum in Pablo. All this is Learned while the learner a amusing himself by playing familiar tunes. Persons with no musical Talent May play the tunes a the guide is such that be cannot stake the wrong key. Attu directions and four pieces music accompany the method i at by mail for si.. 5000 Arenta Wam Tod to sell our methods charts to every family. Ten dollars per Day can be made by Active agents male female. Addrea Chicago piano co., octl4- .2m 78 a 80 Buren St Chicago Iii. We Oon tinae to patents caveats Trade Marks copyright. Ete.,� the United states ends in Canada England France Germany and All other countries. I a practice. No Onarga for examination Model drawings. Advice by mail free. Intents obtained throng i us no noticed m the Sclan no in american Hiob Haa the largest circulation nne lib Iho Iii St influential newspaper its Hind published in the world. The advantages such a notice every Patentee understands. Thi Large illustrated paper map Ablahed i at Yea and is admitted to be the Best paper Dev to science me Banica inventions engine Riaf works and other Depatta Enta i Adwird Progress published in any country. Singto a by i. 10 Yenta. Sold by a add Jimj Mimi it boil. To Trio american 961 broadly York. Handbook about patents mailed if. T i h i e i n i d Price 35 cent. No Man who is the owner horses should be without. 11. Kendall St Birtise tue my. The work is condensed and accurately describes All the known diseases that this useful animal a heir to also the treatment for the same besides Many valuable recipes. The Book is nicely printed Aud descriptively illustrated and is pronounced by prominent vet Roary surgeons to be the most valuable work the kind now before the Public. Addres j. R. Monte 70 h. Illinois St., ind. A

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