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Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age (Newspaper) - April 12, 1884, Indianapolis, Indiana R the icon Ola de the times prix. 12, 1884. J. Continued from 1st Page. Ary in spite of the rage of the Early Ehy Rich. The discovery of America. What is the next blow that this Church received the discovery of America. That is the next. The holy ghost who inspired a Man to write the Bible did not know of the exist since of this continent never dreamed of it the result was that his Bible never spoke of it. He did not dream that the Earth is round. He believed it was Flat although he made it himself and at that time heaven was just up there beyond the Clouds. There was where the gods lived there was where the Angels were and it was against that heaven that Jacob s ladder was that the Angels ascended and descended. It was to that heaven that Christ ascended after his resurrection. It was up there where the new Jerusalem was with its streets of Gold and under this Earth was perdition there was where the devils lived there was where a pit was dug for All unbelievers and for men who had brains and i say that for this reason that just in proportion that you have brains just in that proportion your chances for eternal Joy Are lessened according to this religion. And just in proportion that you Lack brains your chances in proportion Are increased. They believe under there that they discovered America. They found that the Earth is round. It was circumnavigated by Magellan. In 1519 that Brave Man set sail. The Church told him Quot the Earth is Flat my Friend Don t go off. You will go of the Magellan said Quot i have seen the Shadow of the Earth upon the Moon and i have More Confidence in the Shadow even than i have in the the ship went round. The Earth was circumnavigated. Science passed its hand above it and beneath it and where was the heaven and where was the hell vanished forever and they dwell now Only in the religion of sup restitution. We found there was no place for Jacob s ladder to lean against no place there for the gods and Angels to live no place there to empty the water of the deluge no place there to which Christ could have ascended and the foundations of the new Jerusalem crumbled and the Flowers 43ani� simple a iwo a a space sown with an infinite number of stars not with new Jerusalem but with constellations. Fighting Copernicus. Then Man began to grow great and with that you know came astronomy. Now just see what they did in that in 1473 Copernicus was born. In 1543 his great work. In 1616 the system of Copernicus was condemned by the Pope by the infallible Catholic Church and the Church is about As near right upon that subject As upon any other. The system of Copernicus was denounced. And How Long do you suppose the Church fought that let me Tell you. It was revoked by Pius Vii. In the year of Grace 1821. For 205 years after the death of Copernicus the Church insisted that that system was false and that the old idea was True. Astronomy is the first help that we Ever received from heaven. Then came Kepler in 1609, and you May almost Date the birth of science from the night that Kepler discovered his first Law. That was the Dawn of the Day of intelligence his first Law that the planets do not move in circles his second Law that they described equal spaces in equal times his third Law that there was a direct relation Between weight and velocity. That Man gave us a key to heaven. That Man opened its infinite Book and we now read it and he did More Good than All the theologians that Ever lived. I have not time to speak of the others of Galileo of Leonardo a Vinci and of hundreds of others that i could mention. Special providences. The next thing that gave this Church a blow was statistics. Away went special Providence. We found by taking statistics that we could Tell the average length of human life that this human life did not depend upon infinite Caprice that it depended upon conditions Cir uni stances Laws and facts and that those conditions circumstances ind facts were Ever Active. And now you will see the Man who do Pendis entirely upon special Providence gets his life insured. He has More Confidence even in one of these companies than he has in the whole Trinity. We found by statistics that there were just so Many crimes on an average committed just so Many crimes of one Ednd Ana 80 Many of another just so Many suicides so Many deaths by drowning just so Many accidents on an average just so Many men marrying women for instance older than themselves just so Many murders of a particular kind just the same number of accidents and i say to night statistics utterly demolish the idea of special Providence. Only the other Day a gentleman was telling me of a Case of special Providence. He knew it. He had been the subject of it. Yes sir a few years ago he was about to go on a. Ship when he was detained he did t go and the ship was lost and All on Board. Yes i said Quot do you think the Fellows that were drowned believed in special Providence Quot think of the infinite egotism of such a doctrine. Here is a Man that fails to go upon a ship with 500 passengers and they go Down to the Bottom of the sea fathers mothers children and Loving husbands and wives waiting upon the shores of expectation. Here is one poor Little wretch that did t happen to go and he thinks that god the the infinite being interfered in his poor Little withered behalf and let the rest All go. That is special Providence thanksgiving. You know we have a custom every year of issuing a proc Lama mation of thanksgiving. We say to god Quot although you have afflicted All the other countries although you have sent War and desolation and famine on everybody else we have been such Good children that you have been kind to us and we Hope you will keep it Don t make a bit of difference whether we have Good times or not not a bit the thanksgiving is always exactly the same. I remember a few years ago a governor of Iowa Fot out a proclamation of that kind. Be went on to Tell How thankful the people were How prosperous the state had been and there was a Young fellow in that state who got out another proclamation saying fearing that the lord might be mislead by official correspondence and went on to say that the governor s proclamation was entirely false that the state was not prosperous that the crops had been an almost entire failure that nearly every farm in the state was my aged that if the lord did not believe him All he asked was he Wii st by amp Dangel in whom he had Confidence to look the matter Over for himself. Of course i have not time to recount the enemies of the Church. Every fact is an enemy of superstition. Every fact is a heretic. Every demonstration is an infidel. Everything that Ever happened testified against the supernatural. I have Only spoken of a few of the blows that shattered the shield and shivered the Lance of superstition. Here is another one the doctrine of Charles Darwin. This Century will be called Darwin s Century one of the greatest men who Ever touched this Globe. He has explained More of the Phenomena of Ife than All of the religious teachers. Write the name of Charles Darwin there on the one hand and the name of every theologian that Ever lived on the other hand and from that name has come More Light to the world than from All those. His doctrine of evolution his doctrine of the survival of the fittest his doctrine of the origin of species has removed in every thinking mind the last vestige of orthodox christianity. He has not Only stated but has demonstrated that the inspired writer knew nothing of this world nothing of the origin of Man nothing of geology nothing of astronomy nothing of nature that the Bible is a Book written by ignorance by the instigation of fear think of the Man who replied to him. Only a few years ago there was no Parson too ignorant to successfully answer Charles Darwin and the More ignorant he was the More cheerfully he undertook the task. He was held up to the ridicule the scorn and the contempt of the Christian world and yet when Jie died England was proud to put his dust with that of her noblest and her grandest. Charles Darwin conquered the intellectual world and the doctrine of eve Loution is now an accepted fact. His Light has broken in on some of the Early clergy and the greatest Man who to Day occupies the pulpit is a believer in the evolution theory of Charles Darwin and that is Henry Ward beeches a Man of More brains than the entire clergy of that entire Church put together. And yet we Are told in this Little Creed that orthodox religion is about to conquer the world. It will be driven to the wilds of Africa. It must go to some Savage country it has lost its hold upon civilization and i Tell you it is unfortunate to have a religion it is unfortunate to have a religion that cannot be accepted by the intellect of a nation. It is unfortunate to have a religion against which every Good and Noble heart protests. Let us have a Good one or none. Of my pity has been excited by seeing these ministers Endeavor to Warp and twist the passages of scripture to fit some demonstration in science. These pious evasions these solemn pretences when they Are caught in one Way they give a different meaning to the words and say the world was not made in seven Days. They say Quot Good whiles Quot epochs. And in this same confession Here of Faith and creeds they believe the lord s Day is holy every seventh Day. Suppose you lived near the North pole where the Day is three months Long. Then which Day will you keep suppose you could get to the North pole you could prevent sunday from Ever overtaking you. You could walk around the other Way faster than the world could revolve. How would you keep sunday then suppose we Ever invent anything that can go 1,000 Miles an hour we can just Chase sunday Clear around the Globe. Is there anything that can be More perfectly absurd than that a space of time can be holy you might As Well talk about a pious vacuum. These pious evasions i heard the other night of an old Man. He was not very Well educated you know and he got into the notion that he must have Reading of the Bible and have family worship and there was a bad boy in the family a pretty smart boy and they were Reading the Bible by course and in the fifteenth of corinthians is this passage Quot behold Brethren i show you a mystery we shall not All die but we shall be and this boy rubbed out the c in the so the next night the old Man got on his specs and got Down his Bible and said Quot behold Brethren i show you a mystery we shall not All die but we shall be the old lady said Quot father i Don t think it reads that Way. Quot he says Quot who is Reading this Quot Quot yes Mother it says be hanged and More than that i see the sense of it. Pride is the besetting sin do the human heart and if there a i anything Caln late a to the Pride out of a Man it is i keep going Back to this Blok i keep going Back to the miracles to the prophecies to the fables and people ask me if i take away the Bible what Are we going to do How can we get along without the revelation that no one understands what Are we going to do if we have no Bible to quarrel about what Are we to do with it out hell what Are we going to do with our enemies what Are we going to do with the people we love but Don t like they Tell me that there never would have been any civilization if it had not been for this Bible. Us the jews had a Bible the romans had not. Which had the greater and the grander government let us be honest. Which of those nations produced the greatest poets the greatest soldiers the greatest orators the greatest statesmen the greatest sculptors Rome had no Bible. God cared nothing for the roman Empire. He let the Meh come up by Chance. His time we taken up by the jewish people. And yet Rome conquered the world and even conquered god s chosen people. The people that had the male Defeated by the people who had not. How was it possible for Lucretius to get along without the Bible How did the great and glorious of that Empire and what shall we say of Greece no Bible. Compare Athens with Jerusalem. From Athens comes the Beauty and intellectual Grace of the world. Compare the mythology of Greece with the mythology of Judea. One covering the Earth with Beauty and the filling heaven with hatred Anil injustice. The Hindoos had no Bible they had been forsaken by the creator and yet they Bechara a the greatest metaphysician of the world. Egypt had no Bible. Com Juare even Egypt and Judea. Whit Are we to do without the Bible what became of the jews who Haa no Bible their Temple was destroyed and their City was taken and As i said before they never found real Prosperity until their god deserted them. Do without the Bible now i come again to the new testament. There Are a be things in there i give you m word i cannot believe. I Cann a i cannot believe in the Siracu Ous origin of Jesus Christ. L b Lieve he was the son of Job ebb an Mary that Joseph and Mary had been duly and legally married that he was the legitimate offspring of that marriage acid nobody Ever believed the contrary until he had been dead 150 years. Neither Matthew Mark or Luke Ever dreamed that he was of divine origin. He did not say to either Matthew Mark or Luke or to any one in their hearing that he was the son of god or that he was miraculously conceived. He did not say it. The Angel Gabriel who they say brought the news never wrote a word upon the subject. His Mother never wrote a word upon the subject. His father never wrote a word upon the subject. We Are lacking in the matter of witnesses. I would not believe it now i cannot believe it then. I would not believe people i know much less would i believe people i Don t know. I say that at that time Matthew Mark and Luke believed that he was the son of Joseph and Mary. And Why they say he descended from the blood of David and in order to show that he was of the blood of David they gave the genealogy of Joseph. And if Joseph was not his father Why not give the genealogy of Pontius Pilate or of Herod. Could they by giving the genealogy of Joseph show that he was of the blood of David if Joseph was in no Way related to David and yet that is the position into which the Christian world is now driven. It says the son of Joseph and then interpolated the words Quot As was Why then do they give a supposed genealogy. It will not do. And that is a thing that cannot in any Way by any human testimony be established and if it is important for us to know that he was the son of god i say then that it devolves upon god to give us evidence. Let him write it across the face of the heavens in every language of Mankind. If it is necessary for us to believe it let it grow on every Leaf next year. No Man should be damned for not believing unless the evidence is overwhelming. And he ought not to be made to depend upon say so. He should have it directly for himself. A Man says god told him so and so and he tells me and i Haven t any one s word but that fellow s. He May have been deceived. If god has a Mes Btte amp for me he ought to Tell it to iwae and not to somebody that has pc teen dead 4,000 or 5,000 years and in another language god May have changed his mind on Many things he has no slavery at least and and yet his Church now wants to go out Here and destroy polygamy in Utah with a sword. Why Don t they Send missionaries there with copies of the old testament by Reading the lives of Abraham and Isaac and lot and a few other Fellows that ought to have been in the Penitentiary they can soften their hearts. Christ s ill Diacles. Now there is another Miracle i do not believe. I want to speak about it As we would about any Ordinary transaction in the world. In the first place i do not believe that any Miracle was Ever performed and if there was you can t prove it. Why because it is altogether More reasonable that the people lied about it than that it happened. And Why because according to human experience we know that people will not always Tell the truth and we never saw a Miracle and we have got to be governed by our experience and if we go by our experience it is in favor that the thing never happened that the Man is mistaken. Now i want you to remember it. Here is a Man that comes into Jerusalem and the ii st thing he does he cures the Blind. He lets the Light of Day visit the darkness of blindness. The eyes Are opened and the whole world is again pictured upon the brain. Another Man is clothed with leprosy. He touches him and the disease Falls from him and he stands pure and clean and whole. Another Man is deformed wrinkled Bent. He touches him and throws upon him again the garment of youth. A Man is in his grave and he says Quot come Forth Quot and he again Wai is in life feeling his Literat throb and beat and his blood going joyously through his brains. They say that happened. I Don t know. There is one wonderful thing about the dead people that were raised we Don t hear of them any More. What became of them Why if there was a Man in this town that had been raised from the dead i would go to see him to night. I would say Quot where were you when you got the notice to come Back what kind of country is it what kind of opening there for a Young Man How did you like it Quot but nobody Ever bid the slightest attention to them there. They did t even excite interest when they died the second time. Nobody said Quot Why that Man in t afraid. He has been not a word. They pass away quietly. You see i Don t believe it. There is something wrong somewhere about that business. And then there is another trouble in my mind. Now you know i May suffer eternal punishment for All this. Here is a Man that does All these things and thereupon they crucify him. Now then let us be honest. Suppose a Man came into Chicago and he should meet a funeral procession and he should say Quot who is dead Quot and they should say Quot the son of a widow her Only support Quot and he should say to the procession Quot halt Quot and to the undertaker Quot take out that coffin unscrew that Quot Young Man i say unto thee arise Quot and the latter should step from the coffin and in one moment after hold his Mother in his arms. Suppose he should go to your cemetery and should find some woman holding a Little child in each hand while the tears fell upon a new made grave and he should say to her Quot who lies buried Here Quot and she should reply Quot my husband Quot and he should say Quot i say unto thee of grave give up thy dead Quot and the husband should Rise and in a moment after have his lips upon his wife s and the Little children with their arms around his neck. Suppose that it is so. Do you think any one would wish to crucify him ? do you not rather believe that every one who had loved one out in that cemetery would go to him even upon to Weir Knees and beg him and implore him to give Back their dead do you believe that any Man was Ever crucified who was the master of death let me Tell you to night if there shall Ever appear upon this Earth the master the Monarch of death All human Knees will touch the Earth he will not be crucified he will not be touched. All the living who fear death All the living who have lost a loved one will stand and cling to him. And yet we Are told that this worker of miracles this worker of wonders this Man who could clothe the dead in the throbbing flesh of life was crucified by the jewish people. It was never dreamed that he did a Miracle until 100 years after he was dead. The resurrection. There is another Miracle i do not believe i cannot believe it and that is the resurrection and Why if it was the fact if the dead got out of the grave Why did he not show himself to his enemies Why Why did he not again visit Pontius Pilate ? Why did he not Call upon caiaphas the High priest Why did he not make another triumphal entry into Jerusalem Why did he not again enter the Temple and dispute with the doctors Why did t he say to the multitude Quot Here Are the wounds in my feet and in my hands and in my Side. I am the one you endeavoured to kill but death is my slave Quot Why did t he simply because the the thing never happened. I cannot believe it. But recollect it makes no difference with its teachings. They Are exactly As Good whether he wrought miracles or not. Twice two Are four that needs no Miracle. Twice two Are five a Miracle would not help that. Christ s teachings Are Worth their effect upon the human race. It makes no difference about Miracle or about wonder but you must remember in that Day every one believed in miracles. Nobody had any standing As a teacher a philosopher a governor or a King about whom there was not something miraculous. The Earth was then covered with the sons and daughters of the gods and goddesses. That was believed in Greece in Rome in Egypt in Hin Doostan everybody nearly believed in such things. There is another Miracle that i cannot believe in and that is the ascension the bodily ascension of Jesus . Where was he going since the Telescope has been pointed at the stars where was he going the new Jerusalem is not there. The abode of the gods is not there. Where was he going which Way did he go that depends upon the time of Day that he left. If he left in the night he wont exactly the opposite Way from what he would in the Day. Avo saw this Miracle they say the disciples. Let us see what they say about it. Matthew did not think it was Worth mentioning. He does t speak of it at All. On the contrary he says that the last words of Christ were Quot to i am with you always even unto the end of the that is what he says. Mark he saw it. Quot so then after the lord had spoken unto them he was received up into heaven and sat on the right hand of that is All he has to say about the most wonderful thing that Ever blessed human vision about a Miracle great enough to. Have stuffed credulity to bursting and yet we have one poor Little meagre verse. So then after he had quit speaking he was caught up and sat on the right hand of god. How does he know he was on the right hand did he see him after he had sat Down Luke says Quot and it came to pass while he blessed them he was parted from them and was carried up into but John does not mention it. He gives As his last words this address to Peter Quot follow thou of course he did not say that As he ascended. In the acts we have another account. A conversation is Given not spoken of in any of the others and we find there two men Clad in White apparel who said Quot men of Galilee Why stand be Here gazing up into heaven this same Jesus that was taken up into heaven shall so come in like manner Asye have seen him go up into Matthew did t see that Mark forgot it Luke did t think it Worth while mentioning and John did t believe it and yet upon that evidence we Are Lead to believe that the most miraculous of All miracles actually occurred. I cannot believe it. Casting out fits. I May be mistaken but the Church is now trying to Parry and when they come to the Little miracles of the new testament All they say is Quot Christ did t cast out devils these men had he cured fits. Then i read in another place about the fits talking. Christ held a dialogue with the fits and the fits told him his name and the fits at that time were in a crazy Man. And the fits made a contract that they would go out of the Man provided they would be permitted to go into Swine. How can fits that attack a Man take a residence in Swine the Church must not give up the Devil. He is the right Bower. No Devil no hell no hell no preach no fire no insurance. I read another Miracle a that this Devil took Christ and put him on the Pinnacle of a Temple. Was that fits too Why in theological world honest Why do they not come up and admit what they know the Book Means they have not the courage. Necessity of belief. Now their next doctrine is the. Absolute necessity of belief. That depends upon this can a Man believe As he wants to can you can anybody does belief depend at All upon the evidence i think it does somewhat in some cases. How is it that when a jury is sworn to try a Case hearing All the evidence hearing both sides hearing the charge of the judge hearing the Law and upon their oaths equally divided six for the plaintiff and six for the defendant t is because evidence does not have the same effect upon All people. Why our brains Are not alike not the same shape we have not the same intelligence or the same experience or the same sense. And yet i am held accountable for my belief. I must believe in the Trinity three times one is one once one is three and my soul is to be eternally damned for failing to guess an arithmetical conundrum. And that is the Poison part of christianity that salvation depends upon belief that is the Poison part and until that Dogma is discarded religion will be nothing but superstition no Man can control his belief. If i hear certain evidence i will believe a certain thing. If i fail to hear it i May never believe it. If it is adapted to my mind i May accept it if it is not i reject it. And what am i to go by my brain. To lat is the Only Light i have from nature and if there be a god it is the Only Torch that this god has Given me by which to find my Way through the darkness and the night called life. I do not depend upon heresy for that. I do not have to take the word of any other Man nor get upon my Knees before a Book. Here in the Temple of the mind i go and consult the god that is to say my reason and the Oracle Speaks to me and i obey the Oracle. What should i obey another Man s Oracle shall i take another Man s word and not what he thinks but what some a of said to him would t know a god. I would not know a god if i should see one. I have said before and i say again the brain thinks in spite of me and i am not see so Page

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