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Read an issue on 5 Apr 1884 in Indianapolis, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age.

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Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age (Newspaper) - April 5, 1884, Indianapolis, Indiana A weekly with few want8.�?j. Monroe m. D. Proprietor. Vol. 29-no. Q.iistd., stud i april 5, 1884. S-2.50 a. Year the Libroy snowed under. Ool. Ingersoll s new lecture on Quot orthodoxy Quot delivered at Central music Hall Chicago before 3,000 popularity of christianity compels millions to pretend to believe what they do holds that orthodox religion is dying out prom softening of the brain and ossification of the heart. Hic ago Tribune Keport March 20. Col. Robert g. Ingersoll lectured at the Central music Hall last evening on there were 3,000 in the audience every seat being occupied and several Hundred people standing up. He introduced himself and said ladies and it is utterly inconceivable that any. Man believing in the truth of the Christian religion could Pix Lily deny it because he who believes in that religion would believe that by u Public denial he would peril the eternal salvation of his soul. It is conceivable and without any great Effort of the mind that millions who Don t believe in the Christian religion should openly say that they did. In a cd entry where religion is supposed to be in Power a Here it has rewards for pretence where it pays a Premium upon hypocrisy where it at least is willing to Purchase silence it is easily Quot conceivable that millions pretend to believe what they do not. And yet i believe it has been charged against myself not Only that i was insincere but that i took the Side that i am on for the Sake of popularity and the audience to night goes far toward justifying the accusation. Oij Thordox la Eligio dying of i. It gives me immense pleasure to say to this immense audience that orthodox religion is dying out of the civilized world. It is a sick Man. It has been attacked with two diseases softening of Tho brain and ossification of the heart. It is a religion that no longer satisfies the intelligence of this country a religion that be longer satisfies the brain a religion against which the heart of every Cuvi sized Man and woman protests. It is a religion that gives Hope Only to a few a religion that put a Shadow upon the Cradle a religion that wraps the coffin in darkness and fills the future of mail kind with flame and fear. It is a religion that i am going to do what Little i can while i live to distr or and in its place i want humanity 1 want Good Fellowship i want a brain without a Chain i want a a religion that every Good heart Wili cheerfully applaud. Be Ligeour a by Uther we must Rem Mijer that this is a world of Progress a world of change. There is perpetual death and there is birth. By the grave of the old forever stand youth and Joy and when Aai old religion Dies a better one is born. When we find out that pm assertion As a falsehood a suming try Ith takes its place and to need not fear Tho destruction of the Faiee. Tie More of the false we destroy the More room there will be for the True. There was a time when the astrologer sought to read in the stars the Fate of men and nations. The astrologer has faded from the world but Tho astronomer has taken his place. There was a time when the poor alchemist Bent and wrinkled and old Over his Crucible endeavoured to find some secret by which he could change the baser metals into i rest Gold. The alchemist has Goue the chemist took his place and although he finds nothing to change metals into Gold he finds something that covers the Earth with wealth. There was a time when the sooth Zmyev and Auger flourished and after them came the Parson and the priest and the Parson and the priest must go. The preacher must go and in his place must i come the teachers that real inter Preter of nature. We Are done with i the swipe natural. We Are through with the miraculous and the wonderful. There was once a Prophet who pretended to read in the Book of the future. His place has been taken by the philosopher who i reasons from cause to effects a Man who finds the facts by which he is surrounded and endeavours to reason from these premises and to toll what in All probability will happen in the future. The pro i Phet gone the Philo other is i Here. There was a time when i men sought Aid entirely from i leaven when he prayed to the j deaf sky. There was a time when the world depended upon the supernatural is. That time in Christendom has passed. We now depend upon the naturalist not upon the disciple of Faith but upon the discoverer of facts upon the demonstrator of truth. At last we Are beginning to build upon a solid foundation and just As we Progi Ess the supernatural must die. The Keli Oion of recur Rocity. Religion of the supernatural kind will fade from this world and in its place we will have reason. In the place of the worship of something we know not of will be the religion of Mutual love and assistance the great religion of reciprocity. Superstition must go. Science will remain. The Church however i Dies a Little hard. The brain of the world is not yet developed i there Are intellectual diseases the same is diseases of the body. Intellect wiil mumps and measles still al hit Mankind. Whenever the new comes tii Eold protests and the old tights for its place us Long As it Lias a article of Power. And we Are now having the same warfare Between superstition and science that there was Between the stage coach and the oco Moti a. But the stage coach had to go. It had its Day of glory and Power but it is gone. It wont West. In a Little a Hile it will be driven into i tie Paci Iii with the last Indian aboard. So ave find that there is i the same conflict Between the different sets and different schools not Only of philosophy but of Medicine. Recollect that everything except the demonstrated Riith is liable to die. That is the order of nature. Words die. Every language has a cemetery. Every i2-i w and Olaen a word Dies and a off Ibstone is erected and across it is written the word n few words Ai o continually Beisig born. There is a Cradie in Wahidi a r Ord is rocked. A thought is Modded to a , and the child word is born. And theol comes a time when the word gets old and Fri Ilkley. And a expression Waless and it is carried to Tho grave and that As the end of it. So in the schools of Medicine. You can re Jiember so can i when the old atop atheists reigned supreme. If there was anything the Natter with a Man they let out his blood. Called to the bed a Ide they took him to the Edge of eternity with Medicine and then practice All their Art to bring him Back to life. One can hardly imagine How perfect a Constitution it took a few years ago to stand the assault of a doctor. And Long after it was Fouad to be a mistake hundreds and thousands of the old physicians Clung to it carried around with them in one pocket a bottle of Jalapa and in Tho other a Rusty lancet sorry that they could t find some patient idiotic enough to allow the Experiment to be made again. 1 they die hard. I so these schools and these Theo Ries and these religions die hard j what else can they do like the paintings of the old masters they Aie kept alive because so much Money has been invested in them. Think of the amount of Money that has been invested in superstition think of the schools that have been founded for the More general diffusion of useless knowledge think of the colleges wherein men Are taught that it is dangerous to think and that they must never use their brains except in an act of Faith think of the millions and billions of dollars that have been expended in churches in temples and in cathedrals think of the Trio Sands and thousands of men. Who depend for their living upon the ignorance of Mankind think of those Avaio grow Rich on credulity and who fatten on Faith do you suppose they Are going to die without a struggle they will die if they Don t struggle. What Are they to do from the Bottom of my heart i sympathize with the poor Clergyman that has had All his common sense educated out of him and is now to be thrown out upon the cold and uncharitable world. His prayers Are not answered he gets no help from on High and the pews Are beginning to criticise the Iju pit. What is the Man to do if he suddenly change he is gone. If he preaches what he really believes he will get notice to quit. And yet if he and the congregation would come together and be perfectly honest they would All admit they did t believe anything of it. Quot ii Osoli Only a Little while ago a couple of ladies were Riding together from a revival in a Carriage late at night a us one said to the other As they Rode along Quot i am going to say some Liing that will Shock you and 1 beg of you never to Tell it to anybody else. I am going to Tell it to Quot Well what is it Quot says she Quot i Don t believe in the the other replied Quot neither do i have often thought How splendid it would be if Tojo ministers could but come together and say Quot now let us be honest. Liot us Tell each other Honor Brights like did in the meeting Here the other Day let us Tell just what we they Tell a Story that in the old time a lot of people about Twenty were in Texas in a Little hotel and one fellow got up before the fire put his hands behind him and says he Quot boys let us a All Tell our real if the ministers and their congregations worm Only Tell their real thoughts they would find that they Are nearly As Fead As i am and that Tivey believe just about As Little. T1f�y Don t Tje Lieve it. Now i have been talking a great Deal Aboia the orthodox religion and after having delivered a lecture i a Ltd it uld meet a ome Good religious person and he would Sas to tue Quot you Don t Tell it As we be. Lieve Quot Well buit i Tell it As you have it written in your Quot of Avell Quot he say Quot we Dois t mind that any Quot Well who Dott t you change it Quot Quot of we a he says Quot we understand possibly the i Eod is Iai the befit possible position for them now. There is a tacit understanding that they Don t believe it. There is a tacit that they have some Way to get around it that they read Between the lines and if they should meet now to form a Creed they might fail to Agre it and the Creed is now so that they can say As they please except in Public. Whenever they do so in Public the Church in self defence must try them and i believe in trying i every minister that does t preach i the doctrine As he agrees to. I j have not the slightest sympathy with a presbyterian preacher who endeavours to preach infidelity from his pulpit and receive presbyterian Money. When he changes his views he should step Down and out like a Man and say Quot i Don t believe your doctrine and i will not preach it. You must hire some bigger fool than i questioning the Cleed. But i find that i get the Creed very nearly right. To Day there was put into my hands the new congregational Creed. I Piave just triad it and 1 thought i would Call your attention to it to night to find whether the Church has made any Alvance to find whether it has been affected by the Light of science to find whether the Sun of kilo pledge has risen in the heavens in vain whether they Are still the children of intellect Ial darkness whether they still consider it Nessary for you to believe some thing that you by no possibility Cion understand in order to be a Wjt ged Angel forever. Now let Jee what their Creed is. I will a a Little of it. They commence Ina that they Quot believe in one it or almighty maker of in pm Earth and of All this Fps visible and i a perfectly willing that he should Mke the invisible if they want Hin to. They say now that there is this one personal god that he is the maker of the universe and its ruler. I again ask the old question of what did he make it if matter has not existed through eternity then this god made it. Of Liat did he make it what did he him for the purpose there was nothing in the universe except this god what had the god been doing for the eternity he had been Liing he Hail made nothing called nothing into existence never had an idea because it is impossible to have an idea unless there is something to excite an idea. What had he been doing Why does t the congregational Church Tell us How do they know about this infinite being and if he is infinite How can they comprehend him what Good is it to believe in something that you know you Don t understand that you never can understand ? in the old creeds they described this god As a being without body and parts or passions. Think of that something without body and parts or passions. I defy any Man in the world to write a letter descriptive of nothing. You cannot conceive of a finer word painting of a Vii cum thac a something without Bedy and parts or passions. Atid Yei this god without passions is any at the wicked every Day this god without passions is a Weidous god whose an a Burneth to a lowest hell. This god without passions loves the whole Hiim race and this got without Pale ions damns a Large Saa Jority of tha same. So too he is the ruler of to world and 1 find Jere that we a us Quot his Providence in the Gofer ment of she nation what Naji oks what evidence can you fins if you Are absolutely honest and not frightened in the history of nations that this universe is pre sided Over by an infinitely Wise and Good god How do you a Eoline for Russia How do you account for Siberia How do you ac4ount for the fact that whole draws of men toiled beneath Tho master s lash for Ages with out re. Coia Pense and without Reward hew do you account for the fact the babes were sold from the arms of a others arms that had been a reached toward god in Supplica-.fei6i>? How do you account for it How do you account for the existence of martyrs How do you account for the fact that this god allows people to be burned simply for Loving him How do you account for the fact that Justice does t always Triumph How do you account for the fact that innocence is not a perfect shield How do you account for the fact that the world has been filled with pain and grief and tears How do you account for the fact that people have been swallowed by volcanoes swept from the Earth by storms dying by famine if there is above us a ruler who infinitely Good and infinitely Power Ltd from the Rural districts. I Don t say there is none. I Don t know. As i have said before this is the Only planet i was Ever on. I live in one of the Rural districts of the universe. I know not about these things As much As the clergy. And if they know no More about the other world than they do about this it is not Worth mentioning. How do they answer All this they say that god Quot permits what would you say to me if i stood by and saw a Ruffian beat out the brains of a child when i had full and perfect Power to prevent it ? you would say truth uly that 1 As bad As the incur Derer. That is what you would say. Is it possible for this god to prevent it then if he does the is a fiend he is not Good. But they say he Quot permits it Quot what for so we May have Freedom of Choice. What for so that god May find i suppose who Are the Good and who Are bad. Did t he know that when he made us did he not know exactly just what to was making Why should he make those whom he knew would be criminals if i should make a machine that would walk your streets and commit murder you would hang me. Why not and if god made a Man whom he knew would commit murder then god is guilty of that murder. If god made a Man knowing he would beat his wife that he would starve his children that he would strew on either Side of his path of life the wrecks of ruined Homes then i say the being who called that wretch into existence is directly responsible. And yet we Are to final the Providence of god in the history of nations. What Little i have read shows Nie that when Man has been helped Man had to do it when the chains of slavery have been broken they have been broken by Man when something bad has been done in the government of Mankind it is by to Trace it to Man and to fix the responsibility upon human beings. You will not look to the sky you need throw neither Praise nor blame you can find the efficient Causer nearer Home. The love of Odd. What is the next thing i find in this Creed Quot we believe that Man was made in the image of god that he might know love and obey god and enjoy him i Don t believe that anybody est r i did love god because nobody Ever knew anything about him. We love each other. We love something that we know. We love to Metling that our experience tells us is Good and great and Beautiful. We cannot by any possibility love the unknown. We can love truth because truth adds to human happiness. We can love Justice because it preserves human Joy. We can love Charity. We can love every form of goodness that we know of which we can conceive but we cannot love the infinitely unknown. And How can we be made in the image of something that has either body nor i parts nor passions. Quot that our first parents by disobedience fell i under the condemnation of god and that All men Are so alienated i from god that there is no salvation i from the guilt and Power of sin i except through god s redeeming is there an intelligent Man or woman now in the world who believes in the Garden of Eden Story if there is strike Here tapping his forehead and you will hear an Echo. Something is for rent. Does any human being now believe that god made Man of dust and woman of a rib and put them in a Garden and put a tree in the Middle of it was t there i Oom outside of the Garden to put his tree if he did t want people to eat his apples if i did t want a Man to eat my fruit i would not put him in my Orchard. The does anybody now believe in the Snake Story i pity any Man or woman who in this nineteenth Century believes in that childish fable. Quot Why did they disobey who they were tempted. Who by Quot the Devil. Who made the Devil god. What did he make him for Why did t he Tell Adam and eve about this a wily did t he Ratcli the Devil in Tead of watching Adam and eve instead of turning them out Why did t he keep him from getting in Why did t he have his flood first and drown the Devil before he made Man and woman and yet people who Call themselves intelligent professors in colleges and presidents of venerable institutions teach children and Young men who ought to be children that the Garden of Eden Story is an absolute historical fact Well i guess it will not be Long until that will fade from the imagination of men. I defy any Man to think of a More childish thing. This god waiting around there knowing All the while what would happen made them on purpose so it would happen and then what does he do holds All of us responsible and we were not there. Here is a representative before the constituency had been born. Before i am bound by a representative i want a Chance to vote for or against him. And yet i am held responsible. Continued in our next never converted the Heathen a Eiidson Texas Ciazzi Itter. At a prayer meeting in West Winstead conn., not Long ago one of the deacons delivered himself of a computation which is Worth looking into. He said that the saving of one soul in Christ s Day Cost $24,000. When Christ cast out the legion of devils from the Man who dwelt among the tombs they entered into a Herd of two thousand hogs and the hogs ran Down into the sea and were choked. Assuming that each hog weighed 200 pounds and that pork was $6 a Hundred the value of the hogs destroyed was $24,000. We will risk our reputation for veracity that the costly Experiment never converted the Rich old Heathen who owned the hogs. Painted the or off Apple. To Lassoir evening times. When Dubuse s celebrated paintings of Adam and eve were on exhibition or. Mcnab was taken to see them and was asked for his opinion. Quot i think no great thing of the Painter Quot said the Gardener. Quot Why Man eve s tempting Adam i a pippin of a variety that was t known until about Twenty years ago a few files of vol. 28 will be hand ome in bound and sent by exp Rew if ordered. The coat of binding compels a a Bare of $6 per volume

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