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Indianapolis Iron Clad Age (Newspaper) - November 21, 1891, Indianapolis, Indiana November 21, 18i�l. A Ronlad age. Tho last shall be first. The Christian advocate a few years ago published the following Quot Bona fide Sermon Quot by Rev. Plato Johnson Quot rudders de Lub of de lord am a wonderful thing. Nobody wed think Dat a poor Ole Darkey s life was Duff much Enn How but de scripture says de Fust shall be last and vice Versy and Dat is de chief hold we Hab for i elude from Dat say in Dat de culled pub son wat shines boots and charges Only de Reg Lar Price has a Tol Able show fur de next world though he Hain t much of a Chance Here. From a Gigious p int of View it am just a portent to Shine boots As Well As run a first class saw Mill. lord he Webber axes you wat you been Doin. But How you been Doin it. An when you git to a judgment Day some of you poor Washerwoman who wan t mean bout de starch but put plenty of it in clothes will be fluttering of your wings in Paradice while de White Mau wat made yer wait for yer Money will be a Lookin for a Phady spot an Wishin he had a bit of ice. You know wat tse thinking list at Dis time i be thinking Dat some of dese White Folk wat Magines Dey la Hab a Fedder bed in de next world and free or fore Angels to keep de Fles off when Dey s Lookin round for Dere reserved seat in glory Dat Dey s got a cinder in Dere Eye an can t see it. How la you feel White Man when you Fin to self amongst a big crowd of ornary folks Way up in de family Circle while Bome poor Darkey who did your Cho is like an honest Man is ducted by de Hebb enly Ushers to an orchestra seat right Down close to de music an How la you feel rudder when dose Angels say to you Tai ii t no matter wat Collor you be your name s been called an we s d rented to show you a seat on de platform yer Ole Black faces la Shine like de Moon an you la feel like striking out wid a dubble shuffle right on de Golden pavement. Member All of you Dat it Ain t de pocket Book Cor de color but de shape of de soul wat Gibs you a right to a front seat up a Stalf fat ans let one of the Telners which were not mentioned in old time Soho i books. Har Foril co Irant. Ask the first ten people you meet what a Quot straight Angle Quot is and see How Many of them do not show up that hopeless look which implies a belief that there is a joke but an admission that they can t see it. Educated men and women even boys but lately out of the High Soho i will admit that a straight Angle is something they never heard of. Webster a diction Ary of some standing even in court defines an Angle As a Bend or Corner the meeting of two lines that run in different directions. But now comes modern education the great Selling Agency for text books and it proclaims that a straight Angle not Only is but is an important Factor in geometry. There is no difference Between a straight Angle and a straight line not a bit. The line a a c is the Angle a a c. An Angle is a straight line a Quot Bend Quot has no Bend to it and a Corner is As open As open As All out doors. But modern education finds in the theoretical Angle of 180 a something to Puzzle the children and so we have a new geometry a reconstruction on the customary basis of doing things differently from the old Way. One would think that up to now education had been a failure that men and women who had been reckoned educated and intelligent had owed that reputation to the ignorance of those about them and that nothing Worth studying forty years ago is Worth teaching to Day. The Parent of to Day who would accompany a child in its studies finds he must himself undertake a course of study. Arithmetic has changed grammar has gone and everything else is different. Geometry with its straight angles is Only an incident and an illustration. All this makes you reflect what fools those people were who were educated Twenty five to forty years ago not fools in the sense of knowing nothing but fools because they neglected the Chance to strike out in the lines that others did not know and to write school books that others could not understand which therefore should be adopted forthwith to prevent one generation from using the books used by the generation before it. An open letter. To the priests and preachers slanderers and bad users of the fair Fame of Thomas Paine. To All pious frauds from the Pope of Rome Down through All the strata of cowardly ingratitude to the Rev. Crutchfield of May Dalena new Mexico. Gentlemen a Yot Many years All lovers of their country and of sacred truths in America and France have been vexed and insulted by your repeated unwarranted cowardly and false attacks on the memory of the Noble dead Thomas Paine. It is characteristic of the Hyena oat Apache Indian and Many other brutes to mutilate their victims after death. But civilized human beings As a Rule cease their persecutions at the grave and turn their venom and a amp the upon the living. Priests and preachers As a class seem to think it their duty to cover the ashes of Thomas Paine with a fresh coat of slime about twice a year. And Why now will any one who has Ever slandered this great Mau be kind enough to Tell me through this paper or any other paper marking a copy sent me Why he did it was it because you had heard he was a drunkard this priestly lie has been nailed a thousand times and no Well informed self respecting minister will speak of it. But let us for our purpose admit All and More than has been charged can this in any Way substantiate the Christian Creed if so let us follow this vein of reasoning. A Shakespeare wrote several poems in which he called a Spade a Spade and although True to nature these poems might be regarded As obscene therefore the works of Shakespeare Are dangerous rot. George Washington s hands and feet were so ponderous As to amount almost to deformity therefore he was no Soldier statesman or oven a gentleman Llev. Smith seduced a Young girl Rev. Brown stole a horse and beat his wife. Rev. J. A. Crutchfield is ignorant impudent and a dead beat therefore the Bible is untrue and christianity a huge fraud. Sanctimonious slanderers would you Call this reasoning certainly not yet it is As fair As your attacks on Thomas Paine. I defy any priest or minister on Earth to show one sentence or one word written by Thomas Paine that was against the Liberty or happiness of humanity. I ask the clerical cloth throughout the world to show a single instance in which Thomas Paine spoke or wrote a falsehood. It is a historical fact that As an apostle of political and religious Liberty Thomas Paine was preeminently above any Man of any time. He devoted a Long and useful life to the overthrow of monarchist tyranny and the up building of Republican Liberty. His life and works were causes. America and France Are effects. Not satisfied with his great political achievements he wished to Call men s attention from myths in space and Center their affections and efforts on things real for the advancement of human happiness. For this purpose he wrote the age of reason and an examination of the prophecies. By these wonderful works priest Craft and superstition received their death wounds and the cringing cowardly votaries of a decaying insanity finding themselves unable to answer or refute a single assertion sentence or word of these writings Rilely attack the writer. It is not my purpose to vindicate Thomas Paine any Well informed school boy knows something of the life and labors of this great Man. No words of Praise can add to his Fame and no vituperation or slander can disturb him now or detract from the honors of his useful and Well spent life. All those who have lost their senses or were born mentally crippled can waste their Day and make their nights hideous by raving and yapping about the Iamb that was slain they can feast on the filth of the old testament and in the Blear eyed delirium of christianity beat each other s backs and chant the idiotic drivel of the new. Yet in All this Fetich and worse than Heathen Jamboree they should not slander the name of one who More than any other who Ever lived made political and religious Liberty a fact. To All those who have in any Way slandered the author hero i would say. you love the truth and think it sinful to Bear false witness if so consult your mythical god on this question for you have lied. Are you aware that to pilfer one s Good name or to detract from the Honor and labors of an upright life is stealing then have a care and do some praying on your own account for you arc a thief. The word blasphemy is very vague but it May be defined with one other word ingratitude. Hence you should court the favors of the entire Trinity for you Are a Blasphemer. Quot blow blow thou wintry wind thou Art not to unkind As Man s ingratitude. Freeze freeze thou bitter sky that Dost not bite so nigh As benefits to All those who mean Well but who Are not correctly informed concerning the life and teachings of Thomas Paine i would say Send to the office of this paper for Quot Thomas Paine the apostle of this will open your eyes and set you to thinking. Then when the orthodox Shell is pretty Well cracked and you Are somewhat strengthened by the pure air of mental Freedom get hold of the Quot rights of Man Quot read this about 80 times and my word for it your neighbors will notice a change in you. Now Tor the great and final teat. Get away from the Shell for fear some preacher might induce you to crawl Back. Be kind to All living creatures. Fear nothing. Be As honorable As you can. Don t Pray but think. Now get the Quot age of reason Quot and study it the first feeling will be one of regret that Yon did not read it sooner and the next one of Joy that you found it As soon As you did in closing this letter to my Brothers in Christ i am gratified to say that i have completed arrangements with j. R. Monroe the editor of this paper by which slanderers of Thomas Paine can read it a whole year for $2.50 in Advance. Joseoh n. M., oct. 29,1891. A. L. Heister. Thought. Why people get harried. Though it is very common to reproach old bachelors with their celibacy and to pity old maids As if single blessedness were a misfortune yet Many married people have seen fit to offer apologies for having entered into what some profane wag has called the Quot holy bands of one Man says he got married to get a House keeper another to get rid of bad company. Many women declare that they got married for the Sake of a Home few acknowledge that their motive was to get a husband. Goethe averted that he got married in order to be John Wilkes said he took a wife Quot to please his Wycherly who espoused his housemaid said he did it to Quot spite his a widow who married a second husband said she wanted somebody to condole with her for the loss of the first. Another because she thought a wedding would Quot amuse the another to get rid of incessant Importunity from a crowd of suitors. Old maids who get married invariably assure their friends that they thought they could be Quot More useful Quot As wives than As spinsters. Nevertheless quilt gives it As his opinion that Nice tenths of All persons who marry whether widowers spinsters or bachelors do so for the Sake of getting tit bits. american. We do not fully understand or at least Are not agreed As to the nature or character of Normal mentality. Two or three generations ago in was believed to consist in the activity of a soul or spirit which was enthroned somewhere in the brain. No explant it of the modes Operand of such activity event rating in thought As Independent of the body was apparently Ever deemed necessary or considered As a legitimate scientific inquiry. In More recent times and especially since the Microscope has revealed to us the wonderfully Complex and highly organized texture of the brain and modern physiological research has made known More perfectly the functions of Many parts and organs of it the old theory has been rejected and a leap has been made to the other extreme. A theory has been accepted by some to the effect that the whole thought process consists simply in the molecular activity of this highly organized cell Structure of brain. The hypothesis that a soul or any special entity exists within the brain or elsewhere in the body is a snare and a delusion and without proof. As a working theory for elucidating the Phenomena of mind it is worse than useless. Perceptions memory reason judgment All consist of Mere movements or vibrations of different kids or degrees of multitudinous nerve fibrils and cells which Are composed of matter in its most highly organized form. Attention and will Are Only different forms of this same activity of nerve tissue As it becomes affected through external or internal impressions while under the influence of the blood. In the words of one of its most vigorous advocates Quot that which thinks reasons wills that which is consciousness in phenomenon is the brain not any suppositions entity of the existence of which we have no evidence whatever and of the need of which As an hypothesis he is not on the other hand however there Are some who still feel conscious of the need of an additional element in any hypothesis which is assumed As a working basis for elucidating the physiology of the thought process. They Are unable to accept Mere assertion for argument and much less for demonstration. They freely admit the dependence of mind upon the brain and nervous system in its exhibition and that no such processes As memory reason attention and will can be perfected and projected to other minds except by the Agency of the brain also that these several activities of the mind Are defective and imperfect weak or Strong largely in proportion As the brain is in a Normal or abnormal condition. They also admit that the hypothesis of molecular activity Only has the Merit of simplicity and if True ought soon to place us on Vantage ground in elucidating the physiology of mind. But on the other hand they cannot remain indifferent to the fact that any hypothesis to be accepted As reasonable must harmonize with and cover the Phenomena to be explained. Now. Does molecular activity or the vibration of cells and fibrils upon each other present any resemblance to thought ? such vibration presupposes and consists simply in movement. This movement May occur with the inconceivable rapidity of Light but after All it is Only movement and if there results from or in connection with that movement of the anatomical elements of brain something of a nature unlike motion then it becomes necessary to add another element which resides in the material affected by movement to explain the Phenomena presented. This element must be Akin in its nature to that which results namely thought. The nature of movement is simple and homogeneous in whatever realm of matter it May appear and so far As we know it becomes Only motion but thought As it appears in reason will imagination and judgment has no resemblance to Mere motion. It May be attended by or be Deji end ent upon it but in its essence and qualities it a so unlike it that the two cannot be compared. Mere movement of cell whether simple or Complex in its Constitution therefore becomes As unscientific As an explanation of thought As Mere movement of spirit. Such considerations Are thought to require that in the solution of the thought problem another ele it ment must be added. This resides in the brain and nervous system and in the process of thought reflection memory and judgment there exists a correspondence of parallelism of action Between the cell and this additional element. The one May act upon or be acted upon by the other through impressions from without and in this action and interaction the Quality and character of thought becomes modified approved or disapproved and in some measure changed. Such then in briefest words Are the hypotheses which have been advanced As explanatory of Normal mentality. How far either of them May or May not be Likely to meet with future demonstration it is not my purpose to argue even if it were a legitimate subject for such an occasion but simply to Call attention to the fact that neither of these hypotheses has yet been accepted by All and also that physiology has not yet vouchsafed to us any scientific demonstration on this p. Stearns m. D., address before the association of medical superintendents Etc. The americans Are going to celebrate the discovery of America by erecting a Monument to Queen Isabella of Spain the Patron of Columbus. Now Isabella was a Well meaning woman with Many of the capacities of a great one. But her piety was her ruin. She submitted her conscience to Torquemada who in the Short space of 18 years Burnt alive 8,800 Persona and Peme outed imprisoned and tortured 96,000 More. Her memory can hardly be regarded with unmixed admiration by Liberty Loving Freethinker

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