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Indianapolis Indiana State Sentinel (Newspaper) - September 16, 1875, Indianapolis, IndianaVol. Xxv no. 4indianapolis, thursday september 16 1875 whole number 1.817 As Bury University. A meeting at Meridian Street Church yesterday in the interest of the institution. A matter of Money. Irra5�kmknt it Kino maps to raise 8�op i Cist to Pat off the i�ki1t and Complete the building Subb Chlea am Arbo Lunone. The Beautiful and epic Iowa Meridian Street Church was taxed to its utmost resting capacity by the Patry no and friends of Asbury t Given Day yesterday afternoon. Tbs meeting was opened with prayer by the Rev. Or. Lynch judge Downey in the chair. A committee waa appointed for the purpose of devising a plan of raising Money for the institution. The following Well known gentleman constituted the committee the rank. John Igor o. V. Lemon g. L. Curtiss j. C. Joyce the Hon. W. Depauw a. C 8wa-Zef, j. W. Ray and John Brownie i. The committee retired fur action. While they War absent tbs time was tilled in most agreeably by Able address a from Bimbo a Bowman and Janes. The first speaker Wai bebop r1wman. Who spoke strongly in the interest of Asbury As a theological school. He said that be was glad that father Stock Well before he died bad left $25,000 in such a shape that the trustees can not employ it in any was except Lor the purpose of intellectual and moral culture. It will be a nucleus which will gather other donations until we shall have in connection with Tho University one of its brightest and Best departments the theological it is called one that will furnish As hug a discipline a any institution in the Oon try. Amen when 1 say that i am not saying anything against the others. We Mast a Comber this fact that to Day is not forty years ago. Forty year ago when Banbury was established there w6re no railroads Here and Eastern educational institutions were not so accessible As they Are now. Now the railroads bring us within thirty sex hours to the very Best institutions of this land some of which Are 200 Yean old some 150 and some 100 institutions which have been accumulating in the facilities tor an education for the past Ages. We now have to compete with them. The wants of tub University Are vastly beyond forty or Twenty five or ten years ago. I wish that i could Transfer you All to Greencastle for a few minutes that you might see the institution in its unfinished condition. It is a Beautiful building though unfinished. The trustees done to foal authorized to go on and finish it. It is tru that cd Rutan men and women have taken it upon themselves to finish some of the rooms. One of our left Cit Zens has devoted ten thousand dollars to the general erection of the building. The Whoie debt is eighteen or Twenty thousand dollars and about As much More i a required before the building can ire entirely completed. And yet there Are More than 100k.0 mesh dist people in Indiana with More than one Hundred million dollars of wealth. Is that incomplete building to stand there then a a momus int to tur meth diet Church of Indiana it Baa already been there More thana Esi unfinished. If we Are to compete with other institutions to must have additional buildings. We must Luve society balls and other accommodations and above All such an endowment especially for Tho endowment of natural science As professor Hingley said to Day which will require $100,000. The University should Nave to Day 9150,000, and then Fiere s haul d no another $500,000 added to its endowments. The president and the Board of instructors should be paid More liberally. They should not be worked so hard a they Are. For the Sake of the University As Well As their own. They Ahchu d have More Leisure Lor investigation for self improvement mud development in order that they theme Ives keep Pace with the advancement of the age. There should be an additional Force. There should be to arty or forty professors instead of seven or eight that the Young men from All parts of the state May go there and receive Complete instruction professional As Well As Ordinary literary instruction. Now you May think that 1 am puttin0 it rather str050. I am not. The Northwestern Christian University of Chicago to Day has an endowment of $$,000,000 in productive and unproductive property Tho most of it productive. Isle Liu an endowment of Ever $2,000.000. Harvard Liau a endowment of Over $3.000 100, Oerth stat larger then that. The Wesleyan University has an endowment Worth Over $1,000 w0. Therefore at Bury University must be advanced. L nut so i net i my of that kind is done by the people of Indiana Asbury University must take a bark seat. Thank Ood this has not been done yet. I have been proud to hear of her rank. Wherever i have been almost i have heard Asbury ranked with Yale and others among men who had not attended school there Aud who Nad no interest in the institution. Once in a while i would meet with a Man who had never heard of Asbury bad hardly heard of anything. I laughter Aud no Plaunia i believe that in Diana Asbury University Las done More Good work in the comm Unity Aud in the country than other institution in the land. 1 heard a gentleman in the House of represent Atlee remark that a Bury had sent out men much More practical than any other Inabit Tiou of our country. He asked Why it was i answered him for i thought i had the philosophy of it. 1 answered in this Way. The great proportion of Young men who go there Are poor mod go solely to get an education and having nothing else in View they do it Well a Large proportion of the instructor in oar College axe methodist preachers and they have my Eye single to the glory of Ood Anu the Good of the world and they educate these Young men committed to their care for purposes of usefulness in the Church and in the world. They impress them with the idea that education is something to to acquired for god and humanity. My colleague of Bop James Wilt follow. He can speak morn eloquently and wisely iban i can but thank god to Cao not speak More earnestly. I have Given fourteen years to labor in the Ulver it. And As Long As god gives Rie strength i shall labor for the institution applause for the Good it Baa done and for Tho Good under the Blessing of god that it will do in the Ages to come. Great a a hop Janks next took the stand add after a few remarks which were the sentinels representative said that christianity and i Donc were very unlike. There la no Way by which the higher education can be reached Buti through the teachings of christianity. I do not intend to Middle with anybody s business but our own but i do intend to say just what i think upon Tia question i say Here in this presence and i say it boldly and without mental reservation that Mere mental science is not the source of the general intelligence of the people nor of their mental Power or mental activity. Syntax mathematical problems philosophical proposition and metaphysical disc Uriona Are not the things upon which the mind feed and grows great and pure. These Are the Mere implement which the mind uses in Ita wonderful proceed. Then i insist that there can not be a higher education there can not be a right culture of our manhood except through the Christian religion. For that reason we must have our sunday schools and any arrangement of our sunday schools that preclude the most careful and to Haroch study of the holy script Crew is an error. For thl reason we must have it in our common schools. Amen and for on i never consent that the Book of god shall Ever be out of our schools. Applause and Lor this reason we must have it in our academies and colleges. We should not have it there simply to read in the morning before prayer. It must be there As a textbook�?89 the principal text Book in the University. The time is not Distant Mark my word for it when the Hlub two professorship in our University will be of the holy Bible and 11 of our students will have their highest training in it. L it of it you please at what has been Doue in tli6 Way of science by Chris Titus and infidels and compare Tom. Who discovered the country wan it not a Christian navigator and the first thing he did when he had his foot on the Shore was to Plant the Cross. Did no to a Christian Man bring into practical use the printing press and was tbs first Book Ever printed not the Book of god were not Calvin and wait and Newton christians it dentists 7 and Wasut the Man who discovered the Telegraph a Mao who said on his dying bed i am going where i shall make greater discoveries than that. Is it not an historical truth that All of the great discoverers that Ever revolutionized the condition of society and advanced civilization in the world were Christian men what have infidel scientist done ? have they done anything yes there Aro some things that abound be booked to their credit. I am willing that they should have All the credit that belongs to them. They have Given to or world two most wonderful guesses. The first a that Thea world grew laughter and that it grow Many bund red of thou . The other that our Anees Lora were Montoya. Much merriment now that is nothing to Langh about i think that there a some apparent reason for that. I seems Lomo that a human being who could suppose such a thing and then have the impudence to Tell it to the rest must have some Monkey blood in him. Laughter and applause Tula is not Tho worst. B cause these Gosse come from men who proles to be great scientists i Lenara professed Christian who think they must at least give Lem great deference and handle them very a artfully. Men who profess to believe in the Bible and god and immortality and ail of the great truths of christianity should such sentiments or censure them to say the least. Applause let a say that in our judgment it is a he especially in our educational institutes let oar professors stand out Straig Fitnet against it. Amen let the carry the comparison a let to further. Where does our civilization come from take your information from All sources and Yon will find the highest civilization where Tho purest religion is the Moat prevalent there you will find the highest form of Civilis Ilion the happiest condition of society. If the higher culture of Man mental of Well a moral and spiritual must be received by Christian teaching it is the busing cd top the Church to educate them. Now this is oar resp Oual ability and god put it upon us. It is required of us. We Aro amendable to his judgment in this. Certainly then Thlu obligation a up in us in our own Community and family god a Provideno has placed this responsibility upon us and Baa Given to us the enjoyment of this greatest Blessing placing us in this the happiest of the world. While he place the a upon us he permit us to i a Gay the richest gift both spiritual Aud temporal. Then 1 Call upon you to give of your Money freely and if need be give your a me to this institution and All other that May Ned. May the inspiration of god come to you Aten that you May do your duty so that you Inay answer joyfully b fore the judgment beat. Applause. J tub Frka Milb and resolutions. When the Bia Bop bad concluded Bis remarks the following preamble and Resolution were adopted Whak Kay there la a debt of thirty thousand dollars secured by mortgages on the new College buildings and whereas. It will require at least ten thousand dollars to Complete the new buildings and at least ten thousand dollars a re to make repairs now absolutely required of the old building resolved. That we proceed to raise the sum of forty thousand dollars for building purpose., and test said sum be secured by subscriptions of five Hundred dollars. Nani subscriptions to be paid a follow one Hundred january 1, 1876. And one Hundred the of each january following until the entire subscription be paid. Resolved that a committee of three from each of the four conferences Here represented be appointed to Secare subscriptions in their respective conferences for these Obj ctr and report irom time to time their action to the treasurer of a Bury University. 1u solved. That do bldg the Centennial year the sum of $20,000 be added to the endorsement fund in subscriptions of 9100, payable one filth september 1, 1876, and the remainder in Lour equal annual parts. The result. J. W. Ray esq., then exerted i eloquence in the Dir detion of the institution he led off with a pledge of $500, and Wra Olio wed by the following gentlemen in the amounts that appear after their respective names Henry s. Lsne. $.&Quot>00 j. W. Ray $800 a c. Depauw $2,500 c. W. Smith $500 e. T. Fletcher $500 or. De la mater pledged for Roberta Farke $500. Com>1 itt Kkt appoint cd. Theu the following committees were appointed to solicit subscriptions for the North Indiana conference o. V. Lemou k. M. Mckay w. H. Med Oneal Northwest Indiana conference i. L. Smith j. W. Joyce l. Nebeker. Similar committees Are to be appointed by the other conferences with a View to working up the financial interests of the institution in the respective District. The meeting then adjourned. The Quot cod Quot at st. Louis. The Winnebago affair of Honor eclipsed. A Brach. Of police court lawyers Appeal to the Mitre Rocs shot gun Fob a settlement of Hurlit troubles. The st. Louis sunday Republican reports that among the police court tract toners is a lawyer named Julius Myncke the even Trittie of whose intellect have hitherto afforded one or two very Cea l items for the press. Probably be most notable of or. Mineke a mental characteristics 1� his unbounded credulity. Yesterday morning some of the waggish ones fixed up a plan for getting Mincke involved in an affair of Honor. They told him marvelous tales of slanders that one George d. Gris More had uttered about him and in a Low moments he was dancing a War dance and clawing Bis hair. He hunted or Ismaro until be saw that Gentie Mau fitting to a table in the police court. The name i was stealing upon tiptoe with clenched fish do much bigger than crab apples and with the intention of knocking his slanderer clean Over the table court or no court when or. Culford who Ivan watching the proceedings took him aside. He told Lilin that Thea waa no Way to avenge an Muriul a Tia was vulgar tin was not such satisfaction a was due from one gentleman to another a it were. Mincke said he did t Caro a whether it was vulgar or not that Man bad lied about him Aud be we going to Knock his old Hoad off or got fined for contempt of court in the attempt. But Concord held him for Mure counsel. Line shots Iver the thing a Twenty Pace a Winnebago county or if not there say Wash Home. Be a Man Mincke listened and reflected on the number of limes those other Fellows had gotten their names into the papers free of charge and on figuring it up he concluded it was Worth while. So be told Concord to draw up a Challenge and he would sign it. Bloodthirsty letters passed and the result was that at three o clock yesterday afternoon a gloomy party started from the four Courta in carriages tor the Wash Home. Concord was to have acted a Mim key a second but was not on time and John r. Slevin filled the breach. A number of lawyers and reporter accompanied the party la the capacity of friends All the same As Winnebago. La the Bottom of Grismore a Carriage wrapped in an old Confederate Flag was a pair of immense Aud villainous looking old Bone i Tols. Out on Frau Alln Avenue some distance the party stopped and entered a gun store and col. Cliborne bought a Pound of the strongest powder to be bad. Lie also bought n Han Luil of Caps and my Nckee a Friend procured a Pound or two of bullets. Mincke and get Emory it teased these cold blooded preparations with blanched faces and thumping breasts. They sighed heat ily and returned to their oar Rhiger a. It Wnm remarked that or. Mincke who never was noted for prominence of Chest was now almost too much for his coat and the garment was buttoned Clear up to his Throat a though to keep himself in. This dwelling however was attributed to Tho excitement which a Man would naturally labor under in View of the Blunde busses above remarked. Tre boys kept Flat 1xo with the bullets in Plain sight of the sufferers All Tufe Way oat and when about 4 o clock the party reach d Wash Home they were mistaken for a Juntara 1 Possession. Tho party went in to cheer up and the seconds proceeded to a Grove in the rear of the Horne and marked off the grounds Twenty Pac a and set their lags. 1 he whole crowd wan then called out. Claiborne and Slevin tossed up a Chip Quot wet or dry Quot and Slevin won Choice of Corners for his Man. Grismore proceeded to strip banding Over i coat Vest watch and Nickels to sympathizing friends and sighing like a Furnace. Mincke watched this proceeding win amazement Aud horror and of Lemon to fold hit army with an extra clutch Over Liia closely buttoned Breas. Claiborne demanded that Mincke be a ripped. He declared that be Law res fought with. Is coat on and did no to care to Atrip anyhow it Vul too cold. The referee was appealed to and he decided that the Man be stripped. Accordingly Johnny Slevin went at his Man Aud unbuttoned his coat. He had loosed but two or three buttons whoa out popped a Oak Plank Koont sixteen inches Long eight inches Broad and a Inch t. Ick. Mincke locked perfectly disconsolate and set Ltd weaker than Ever. The Vest was unbuttoned and out Roll a heavy Black Winter Vest which had been folded in Lour thicknesses and Laid Over the heart. Mincke restrained his emotion and Naid that be was subject to colds and bib was a let to idea of i. He always Woro it just to be Safe. But Mincke still seemed to us rather Chicken breasted and Bis shirt was opened. Slevin reached into the sacred recesses and hauled out a big old Tine lie returned to the search and brought out its mate. He came again and hauled Forth another invoice of old leather. And again he tried and the second pair was Complete. This completed the dismantling of the fortress Aud Mincke stood a bin cheerless hopeless shaky wreck. The men were put in position and banded their cannons and just As Mincke got Bis Bis grip weakened Aud he dropped it to the ground. He looked at Bis opponent who a earned to be almost Able to reach him with that infernal looking shooter and then declared that the distance was too abort. Anyhow be had agreed to fight with shot guns and lie was at going to fight we i tit one thing. All urging was vain Aud me Del seemed about Quot off Quot Mincke declaring his willingness to fight with Bis fists. The party returned to the House and a search was made id the neighbourhood for shot Gunzl but none could be secured As everybody seemed to smell murder. Finally Concord Myncke original second Arriva and he succeeded in convincing Mincke that be must fight but Mincke insisted that the distance should be fifty Yarda. Mincke also made Colcord Promise to abstract the bullets from arts More a pistol and to give him Mucke first shot if possible. The fifty Yards were measured off the men were placed so that they faced in opposite d rect Lons and the seconds stood at a Center line about Twenty paces North. At the Call Quot ready a the men whirled Mincke grabbed his inn with both bands and at the second count both weapons Wero discharged within the noise of a Thunder clap. Probably one Pound of powder was wasted in that one Ahot. Grismore keeled Over backwards kicked hts heels in tub air and Lay still. Myncke dropped hts gun and started out at a frightful rate of Speed Lor the Home. He was intercepted and collared by Deputy county marshal coff who had just come out to capture the crowd. A be was marched up to the Home the crowd came by bearing the wrecked Grismore to Bis marriage. Myncke came to town in a buggy with Constable Beck coff remaining behind to take charge of the rest of the party. Arriving at the four Courta Mincke went in Pale and exhausted and surrendered himself to sergeant Biyd and Tom Hayhurst chief Solero to await to inquest. They released him on condition that be would secure $10.000 Ball by monday add he has not been seen since. Thu ended a due to which history Barrick the i inae Bago tragedy fails to Furnum a parallel. Heirs at Law he Buell in Ohio. Republican for Nancy Smith a Fortune. Foft Ken relatives abk1nq for an alleged plot to obtain a o it rat it Tab a the will John Lawrence Smith Drew up. Arraign the party having Burn a prominent Washington correspondent Jib knew How to do it successfully. A. C. Bull delivered Bia opening address in the Ohio convention at Cincinnati night before last and the Sentinel makes the following extract from his remarks after reviewing the record of the Republican parti on finances Gen. Buell Naid ule Respecta a it a a our own Oliver Quot of follow an a footer. Among the apostles of thl new Bard Toney Republican doctrine 1 find Olivar p. Tou from the new York Sun will interest those who Are living on great expectations fifteen disinherited relative of the i Morton of indians cavorting about in your late Nancy Smith of Stony Brook Wero in state if i May to allowed the torm. Or. Surrogate Hedges court in Riverhead on i Morton is not onto place in this attitude. Wednesday. They and to it or Friend a orca on to other Sud be is an accurate repro pied the Middle of the court room while on a Euti Uvo of his party the Moat thoroughly the right and apparently without syrup Thi Sre Aat mrs. Louisa p. Norton who to hid a having received $100,ud0 from mrs. Smith in the life time of Tiu latter has been left by the will about $350,000 More. Or. Nancy Smith lived id the Baodu of it at House in Stony Brook and our of lbs Fiolat Boukus in Suffolk coup a a. Her husband capt. Jonas Smith or the firm of Jonas Smith a co., shipping inert Hauie of South Street died in 1867, leaving about half a million of dollars to Nia widow. Capt. Smith had requested his wife to provide or the distribution of the property after her death. In Tair Aud equal proportion among her Kindred. Having no children the Captain and Nancy bad at various times taken Nephew and Niece to live with to amp to. Amen a those were Sophia Riand and Maui Smith now Liuis p. Norton. Loun. Lived with her aunt and Uncle until she was sixteen and was soon afterwards married to a or. Pettit. The capital us a Busi get was being managed by his Nephew Jonas Smith who still maintains the firm Flag in Trouth Street. Louisa a bus baud died through dissipation and the other members of the family having left Nancy for Homes of their own Louisa went about May isto to reside with her aunt in Portland Avenue Brooklyn whence they moved Back to Stony Brook in june. It a alleged by the contestants that mrs. Norton then formed a design to obtain Possession of Bor aunt a property. Nancy was a woman of weak will and no business capacity. She was afflicted with a a Linease which made quiet and repose imperatively necessary for her Comfort. Mrs. Norton a a woman of Strong will Ana aggressive disposition and she obtained a in Fiance Over her aunt which resulted in alienating that lady almost entirely from her other relatives. According to the testimony a mrs. Lee one of mrs. Nancy Smiths Niece visited Nancy on one occasion to borrow $100. Nancy said that she Wou d not loan the Money but would tvo it to her. During the conversation mrs. Norton entered and made some sign to the aunt. Theu Nancy aha it of her had and Sid Quot Well mrs. Lee you will have to get the Money of another occasion a and penniless Nieca asked Nancy for $130. Mrs. Smith was anxious to git the Money but mrs. Norton insisted that the widow give a note for the amount. This was Dono. Auer Ward Sucy expert used t wish to her Nephew Jonas toat tin note a cancelled. But tue paper could not be found until after her death when it was produced by mrs. Norton. Mrs. Norton gamed her present name in 1873,whet� a Law married to Frauk Norton son of Sidney of a. Norton formerly of the Laurance age. Mrs. Smut built a $30,000 mansion which in deeded to or. Norton and in it the Norton Aud my. Smith lived. About this time John Lawrence Smith of Smithtown was taken into the counsels of the Norton. To aleut a whole Day with mrs. Sugiu and or. Norton drawing up a will which almost entirely Cut off All tub a Kors but mrs. Norton. The will recited various gifts alleged to have Beau made by Nancy to her relative As justifying her in not giving them any More. It made no men Iod however of about $100,000 Given to or. Norton and about $30,000 Given to or. Norton a sister or. W Lithord or of the fact that mrs. Norton a tint bus baud Pettit bad owed capt. Jonas Smith Over $20,000. Tia will prepared by mrs. Norton and John Lawrence Smith was kept by mrs. Norton in a tin Box at her Bouse until after the death of Nancy. It was then handed Over to on of the executors capt. Joum Smith jr., a Nephew of Nancy who though give nothing by the will tuts not taken any Active part in the contest. Nevertheless be it area the will to be utterly unjust Aud to have been procured by undue influence. The other executor in John Lawro Noo Smith who although not openly appearing a counsel is the manager of or. Norton a affairs and guides the ca�9 for her. Capt. Jonah tit nil who has for year had charge of mrs. Nantje Smith a personal property Aud real estate declared that he would not Turu them Over until ordered by court and an agreement Baa been made that everything Snail remain in his hand9 until a final decision 1� arrived at All parties having Confidence in Hia integrity. The names of the Codle Tanta of the will Are sex judge John m. Williamson sex Senff win. S. W Illiam a on brother Aud Mary a. Smith sister of Nancy John m. Win Damaon jr., and j. Harrison Wiki Tamton. Son of the deceased brother Beth win Damaon Kymond w. Riand sop Tita r. Jayne m. C. Woodham 8. A. Hawkins and Nancy w. Lee children of Charity Roland a deceased Miter win. K. Smith Carlton a. Smith Mary j. Sherman and Samuel w. Smith children of Maria Smith a deceased Slater. Besides there Are numerous grand Nephew and the Case has excited great interest r in Suffolk county and popular feeling seems to be with the unlucky heir. Among other facts going to show undue influence. Or. Henry l. Clinton counsel for the Conroe tan is mentioned that a few Days before the death of Nancy she asked one other nephews to get Bor brother judge William Bou to draw a Bill of Sale to Richard s. We Liam and another Nephew tor the Stock and implement on a farm which he bad occupied and that the Bill of Sale be brought to her when she was alone. Thea waa done and she executed it when mrs. Norton we not present. The heirs also say that mrs. Norton boat a that the will was to drawn up that none of them would have the to Ana to fight it a Ltd. Judge Arnott la counsel for mrs Norton assisted by John Lawrence Smith. A Young Man in Ohio in a playful Freak the other Day Cut off the Ood of a Young lady a nose with a pair old door. The performance not proving satisfactory however the fragment was replaced Aud will probably grow on again but the nose Berhalter will always be a second Claas affair. The proper reparation for the experimenting fellow to make evidently la to marry the girl. Accurate that can to loud for Beu a a Lovrity of i party were for jul lotion he wan Aulo unionist Auu now when the that has gout Forth that i party a guat be a Bard Money p dirty be is a Bard Money Mao. I my he Ian accurate representative of Btu party. Hgt represent it insincerity. He represents its Lack of conviction. He represents is Lack of scrapie. And be represent it impudence. Therefore representing ail the qualities which severally enter into the make up of his party be must represent it As a whole. You have ail read i speeches la the Senate a year Aud a half agr or portions of then and you have double los. Read i speech at Urbana. 1 need say nothing More for senator Morton Auvil Cienky answer himself at All Pointa. Liia speech at Uri it Ana is either a Confer Sion that he waa an 1874, or an admission that be is a demagogue now. We have frequently Beard it said of a certain Czis of narrator that they can repeat one of their own inventions to Many tunes that they believe it themselves. But senator Morton can not Avail himself of this comforting philosophy because be a lots not stick to one of his store Long in u b to win his own Confidence. Now my friends i ask you if any Man Wii respect for himself and with due regard for the proprieties of honest controversy can Disessa the question of finance with these charlatan and but users who need Only to be let alone to write thei Selvea Down asses and demagogues Republican tactics. By a Eyre in of Tachica the adroitness of which we must Admire even while we despise it Imp Dunco the attention of the people of Ohio and of the nation at Large Lor that matter Baa been distracted from Many important Points which Are at Iaac As much now amp a Ever largely to the Benefit of the Republican and to the detriment of the democratic cause. The democratic policy a been heralded the led Ali and breadth of the land As a policy of repudiation. The Republican party a a Itsell up a the Especial and Only conservator of the Faith of the nation. The Republican party set up for the Only and original advocate of Pedr payments and arraign the democracy a the Patty of inflation. Nothing could be More absurdly fraudulent than these pretensions of the Republican party and it would be difficult for Inge Aliy developed to buy other than the Republican school to Ood coct a system of More extravagantly impudent falsehoods than Are these imputation upon i be democratic party. Of course the sole object of the Republican a to retain in to government of the nation that control which for some time has been gradually slipping irom their hand. Conscious the it they have forfeited the Couf Deuce of the people the Republican leaders now seek to impose non their credulity taught by the overwhelming defeats of la i fail thai their old cant Aud Hui of Cray and old pretend ois have lost Efficacy they have invented new cant and new hypocrisy and now pretensions. Let us briefly Analyse the present position of the Republican parly a compared with the position from which it was so signally routed last fall. And before we enter upon this comparative analysis let us refresh our memories with the fact that this Republican party which confronts us in Ohio to Day is the legs end logical representative in this state of the National Republican party. The democratic party great and Strong fellow citizens the democratic party of Ohio is so Groat Aud Airong that it can afford to be generous even were not to cause so Noble and righteous that it is compelled for the very bake of Tho fitness of thing tile oat. Therefore i pause in the midst of this harsh and unrelenting invective galust the Republican Misc reacts who have debauched tbs country Aud made the party Namo they Bear hateful and despicable to ail the world to say that there Are Good and fio cat men in the Leader Alp of the Republican party. By. What is the uniform Fate of Bont Republican at the hands of their vile associates there is William Walter Phelps of new Jersey a gentleman whose purity i can describe Only by the term a womanly a a a How a sincerity 1 must Call child like whose generosity can not be described and whose Honor is perfect. Or. Peel pm signed an honest report upon the condition of the elate of Louisiana when his party associates demanded that he should sign Alie for purposes of political capital. Aud he sought to secure the repeal of the gag Law. But to Oay the Clotees of Grant ism Are levelled Galusi him and Bebas been crushed by them. There is Charles Foster of your own tenth congressional District. He honestly end faithfully discharged Hia duties at Washington he Tore to tatter a scheme devised by Ben Butler to swindle the government Aud be with William Walter Phelps signed that truthful and honest report upon Louisiana. Bat what be Folk cd Arlo i Foster when spoken of As a candidate for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in Ohio be a pounced upon by the minion of Grant ism who controlled the party and Bia nomination was made impossible. Charles Foster a my Friend. He la s Man whom any one might be proud to Call by that title. But so Long a be remain in the Republican party he must look beyond its confines tor True Friendship and sincere appreciation because he is a Boneet gentleman and the Republican party of to Day is not the place for such As he. Quot the sentiments of an Independent journalist. I am a Republican of the Cabool of Abraham Lincoln car Vries Sumner and Horace Greeley. Bat i shall be a Democrat of the school of William Allen or of any other school of honest men and honorable manhood until the Republican party of to Day is destroyed. Was a Federal Soldier and have in my pocket an honorable discharge from the Federal army dated at the Cloee of the War. Bat i stand Here to Tell you Bat i would vote Lor Jefferson Davis for president of the United states before i would vote for Grant or for any creature of Grant ism. I would tote for any member of the Confederate caul net for any office in toe popular lit before i would vote for Deano or for Robeson or for Belknap or for Hamilton Fiat. 1 would vote for any member of the Confederate Senate be fore i would vote for John Sherman or ver p. Morton or for any member of l con fed rala House before i would vote James a. Garfield or any Man who i took a $5,000 bribe and called it a fee would vote Lor a thousand traitor rat berth for one thief Lor i have been in Washic ton and travelled in the South Baerri with the Eye of a journalist and seeing i in Quisias piled on wrong and thefts beat upon Fraude and villain tee enter added oppressions until a or a risen fierce insurrection a Iffet the author them All and Burns Witk a bit fees at a a Vagery of biasing hatred which word by serve to weaken when i try to Tell it. Fee ing thee emotions and thinking the Binge i come with a few Feebie re Jurcec Voici and pen to help the democratic Par in Ohio and i thank you for Ibe Welcom you have Given me. A murderer Loose. On the Tow a Frenchman who killed three Quot men i acc Kuon and at lexis ted his of l1fb. The Paris of to new Yore times Tell tuls a Workman of Toloai named berets has just been condemned to death for three morders which lie committed on the 24th of october tet year. On that Day about 9 of clock in the Inoru ing be left his House in Faubourg a Eon hour and pc herded on Hia Rood to the Village of Bolina web a double barrelled can Over Bis shoulder. He waa known to ail As a daring poacher so two men what met Bun on Iba Road were not surprised to Bear him fir twice. Borg to almost immediately afer re Pasard them going toward Golomb. One of them Sake Jok higly a you have soon found the bare., it res made to answer but reloading hit gun. Continued on his Way. The two men in question however were attracted a loud scream from a neighbouring Cote age to the spot whence they Beard the report proceed and soon too and the Lile Leaa bodies of Lasham and Naudy two Cantono Urs lying on the Road. Both had been a hot through to head and were quite dead. Re Rhea. Continuing Hia walk a al a woman if Cau Sinius the proprietor of the House where Abe lived was at Home. A probably a a she replied a sinew he is a i shall know Bow to find him remarked Berg a who on arriving at the House perceived Cau Sinius going a Stair. The murderer took steady aim and bit Hia victim behind the left ear. The unfortunate Man fell dead whereupon ller Gea continued Hia Homicidal Progress and some two Hundred Yard further on perceived a grocer named Veronee shaving himself before his window. Re gee discharged his piece full in the Many a Lac a and would to him so severely that Hia Lite won at onetime Deso Alicd of. Yergea then tried to kill Bise of but tee neighbors Seis �1 Bis gun. Quot i have killed four Quot he said to the crowd a and Only regret that i have not killed he next tried to get Poa session of a knife be longing to Casar. A Blacksmith who had disarmed him. Barges than fled and going into another House a knife with which he attempted to kill himself in n Back Street by the Haft of the Knie against me Wall and plunging the Blade into Hia Abdomen. Despite Hia severe wounds he Lett Thia a pot after hiding Tho knife and soon after was arrested without making the least resistance. All this it must be remembered happened within two hours a a thickly populated neighbourhood and in aay right. Berg on i trial a Aid that be waa induced to kill Naudy Bua quae he sent evil spirits to annoy him. He killed is it Bax because be found him talking with Nandy. Cau Sinius had once accused him of int enl behaviour toward a neighbors a daughter and Veronea had with his poaching proclivities to described Bia having been spellbound do a Beautiful woman Radiant As a Prince Aud said the night before be committed the murder he Beard noises round his Bouse Aud Beard the voice of Naudy As he dug with a Pik axe outside. To had to cure himself of his malady shaken band with All his friends in order he said to get rid of the venom. Forty eight witnesses were examined most of whom stated that Borges was net considered out of Bis mind but that be was very Pasai opiate. Some however gave Evidente that it Ngeh lad complained of violent headache Aud that he declared Naudy had sent evil spirits to torment him. Fiber that Bergos Shook bands with them to a Way and aft Rwanda naked them what so Nail Obj Bey bad Felt. Five doctors accustomed to Deal a Ltd lunatics declared barges to be out of Hia fund and recommended Bia Lualua removal to an Asylum. A sixth who Hod examined him sent a affidavit st a Gilt if urge was not mad be had at least Ciufu titled the crimes of which he was accused while in a tata of High fever. Despite the evidence the jury found bergs Guin to without extenuating circumstances and to was Cju damned to death. _ president Jewett of the Erie railway yesterday received by Cable from the Bond and shareholders in England a proposition to Issue fifty per cent More or common Stock one new Abare to every two now existing by which Means supposing the Price of 25 to be obtained of the amount $19,090, 109 in Cash will be secured. U the arrangement can be effected u a proposed to narrow the gauge line including the Purchase of a Large amount of new locomotive Stock the gauge of which Ean not be altered to Complete the steel rail of the main line to open up Coal lines to Complete the double track on the main lint improve sideways station etc., alter grading and curve to Suun an extent As will be attended with eco Onucki adva tag and add to its rolling Stock interest. The Amonn to be expended in these improvements to be $18,000,000. The whole to be expended Over the it i two years during a bib period new Abare would be paid up by half yearly install menu. The capital of the company would then consist of $71,000,000, bowl and preferences and $117,000.000 of Ordinary a area. Prior to interest charge at 7 per cent would be $5,000.000, and re Tala at most $1,000,000 total $0,000.ocx with the line term bed Aud equipped As proposed the working expenses would be brought Down to 60 per cent., and the Teafile within three years irom now would be at least $21.000,000 per annul affording a get Revenue of $9,000,000 per Lunnum meeting All Bond and preference liabilities and leaving 3 per cent for Ordinary shares. N. W. C. University. The in City Fml cm�1oti at ii institution Stu open in the new bad lame to Irvington of the Lxi next. For completeness of outfit and perfect adaptation to the want of a of Boot this building has no Superior. It will a Ouam Daleja i students. Hev Casl very important additions have been made Louta faculty and the courses of study Are adapted to Sil Anglo of student above lbs common school ror catalogues address o. R Holb Knork. Secretary or o. A. By Kuziw 1 resident Ludian polls Indiana

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