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Indianapolis Indiana State Sentinel Newspaper Archives Sep 10 1879, Page 2

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Indianapolis Indiana State Sentinel (Newspaper) - September 10, 1879, Indianapolis, IndianaThe Indiana state Sentinel. Wednesday morning september 10, 1879. 1administrators and guardians sureties be. Tees and heirs from the Marion Dro Tjit court. A state of Indiana Marion county Sot. I Daniel m. Raj Isdell clerk of the circuit court we Lulu and for land county Ani a Tate barely certify that said court Hon. Joe Bua q. Mdabu Presl Dong at its May term for the year Lino made and entered of record an order of who i the following 1b a Complete copy Quot it appearing to the court that a Large number of estates and guardianship Are still pending in this court and cause having same should not be anally settled it la Nowon ered thata list of delinquent administrators and guardians and of Belr respective trusts together with the names of the sur Eues on their Bonds be published in the Indianapolis daily Sentinel and Indianapolis Dally journal one Inse Ruon in the Day and two in sermons in the weekly edition fwd newspapers and in the Indianapolis Beau Buran three insertions to the end that said trusts May be anally determined or information received As to the whereabouts of such delinquents or condition of such trusts and non the making of said publication any and All persons Acon anted with the whereas outs of any of said administrators or guardians or having knowledge of the condition of any of said trusts Are requested to furnish a Neh information to the clerk of this court. Quot and at the expiration of one month from the Date of such publications the clerk of this court is directed to Issue attachments against such administrators or guardians As May Sull be and i clerk As aforesaid in comp Lunce with the foregoing order hereto Annex a list of said delinquent guardians and administrators their respective trusts and the names of the sureties of their . Administrators and Berety on Bond. Brick Daniel. Burk walter.-. Baker Nathan 8 Boucher Henry. Brown a. Bishop Elmer. Boone Joa Alban. Baar Bain we. Burk a Lorre. Gushing John. Ca a Ady. Patrick. Crawford. Nathan. Cox Martha a. Cooper Jou. Cambridge . Cather Sud Heny a. Coonnely join a. Curry amp. Jamesw Uson Charles q. 18, Edward Eoo Robert. Ord Condit Condit Chas t. Condit David d. A alg Moses Culbertson Hugh. Dennle. Wallace a Dunning Henry a. Dimolta Sarrat. Franklin. . Fleets John. Gallagher Mary. A veniard Luck dam. Hirschor Abraham aah Len James. Hooper . Hilger curls Ian. Halter we. a. Holmes Geom. Hunt Albert. As Tim Obries meow. Harris. Lewis. . Kunti Catharine. a. Many Jno Mason Lewart. Mccann Samuel a. Munsoo. Auna a. Mcuay. Jam. A. Made Moil Bichard. Mckibben Joshua a. Met Cebu. We a. Martin Jorio. Muler Jolt a. Mitchell Michael. a. Moody John a. Nowland,jame8 Oliver Martha a. O Neal cat Arlene. Brick Michael. Bork Baker Sarah a. Callahan. I Bael. Brown amp. Read Julia a. Jim Elser Jas a. Baar Gerhard a. Bain Martha a. Malloy David. Cushing cat Arlene. Cassady we. Crawford Catharinem. Cox we h Cooper artemesia. Cambridge Mahala. Catherwood Lucy. Mccormick Jediah a. Curry in Eljia a. Culbertson Mary. Dennis Henry a. ,.unmng,Enrietta Elliott Melville. a. Pfell ter Peter. Jones Robert a. Furguson Mary. Bat cuff Cornell Fly i John a. Gwinup Luther a. Qreen salary a. Reardan we. Uren Zard Louis 8------- Charlt. Hanlin cat Arlene. Trout wow. Hug lei Lena. Kanower Josephine. Hume George. Hamann. Maria 8 Holmes Falla 8. Hunt Martha Meyer George Hunt. Julia a Hani a we a. Harding Samuel. Robinion David a. Klinesmith Parmelli. Lang. Louis. Mason Harriet. Mccann Martha. Beltkam Phil a. A a a Quot ssh be Lincoln Henry. Boucher Dennis and Wuu am. Bugee Job Phi. Browning Robert. Hanback Francis l. Reynolds John l. Buyer John g. Lunt Henry w. Conroy Patrick. Root Deiosso. A Sharp William. A Cary Faison d. Ruey Andrew j. Crusie. John. Perry James h. Yancy John o. Keeley we h. Ludlow Jos e. Schaffer we. Smart John Merryman a card Dawson Margaret Charles Orme Elson come us Wui John Fred. Mann Henry c. Ryan Geo w. Iby. Mansur Jeremy proves. Samuel Calibey. Thos. Renihan Jamsa Tobin Thomas . Hook. Laward c. Rahn Bernhardt Gulliver we. . Joseph . Hebur. Anthony Burton John t. Wagoner John a Tiu or. David w. A Scott John Reisner John g a Wrignt a incur l. Ballard Austin Hanna Robert Harris Obad Loh Johnson Jas. W. Bacon John a Kemper we. Heydenreich Christopher Robinson Martin s. Bucksot we. Leiber Hermann Willis Johnathan Belkle cabs p. Carter John Harris Thos w. Renard Peter Louis re Suer Geo a. Tecau Ezray. Beck Christian Mccoy. Theodore w. Sloan. John Mckibben Louthia b. Mixer Eunice Early Mary.�. O Brien Bartholomew. Moody Fannie 0. Nowland Elizabeth. Boyd Wmk. Oliver Dandridge a. Oneal Lewis. Of Arlen Ljoseph. Oconnor Maria. Pierson Joseph a. Werbe Christopher a. Sulgrove Jabez a. Hubbard Andrew a. Passenger Martha. Park Martha a. Jouy Susanna a. Jetts Steven. Pierson Morris. Roa Nancy. Robert Charles pa�8________-------Uavia to Oieu chm la a Foxley William i Nichols _ William h Sage. William Hadley. William Fermer James 0 Norria. Joseph p Geonise Parent Clr. Tulli Waleter. David Franklin i. Spahr. Emma u Franklin Fermer. James Moore. Normana Wiggins. A a a a Amelia Gasi Louisa Gass mar Rebecca j Mccabe. Lerva Mccabe Ruth Mccabe William Wallace Theodore Wallace Lewis Wallace Ovid Warace Annie Wallace William d Wallace. A William p Weaver Christopher Charles f Weaver. Over Tousey. Olive 8 Tousey Lyda p Tousey Robertta p Tousey. Mary Conner Anna l Conner George w Joseph. Mary j Swain. Thomas s Mannon John w Gladden. Mayer. h Batty. Sen Jamaal a a a a b Russel Carrie Russell Ambrose p Swan a Joseph f fawcett., Jonathan Cropper. Wow Woolen or. Charles Pottage. Michael Meier. Joseph f Wingate. We b Dickson. Charles we Llams. 51mon 8 Wiseman Francis m Gladden Laura a Gladden George Gladden Idam Gladden we a glad Deo Mary Gladden. Marloh Cropper Geo go drop Williams Chas co Tate Dora a Tate Louisa tale. James crud Dumary Hiles Katie flues Chas John j Gates we f Strain. Carlisle Valentne Benj Pottage. Alice den. Jikaria l my gentler. Christian h h he gentler Carl a h cell gentler. Harl Semeler. Alice m Hassen Frederick 0 Hasson Charles b Hasson. Metzger. , l Wingate. Thomas m Dickeson. Fredrick w Raesner Luther r c easterday. Louisa Miller. Muelu Beu. George w Tirlok. Sarah j Baker. Isaac Johnson. Foster Wal Ford. Herman Limner. Fredrick Schmidt. Henry l Osgood Hamilton w main f main. Mary Jane Dictson Martha Hawkins. Thomas w Bowlus. Charles Muler. Edwin c Beu Panna Bell Adebert Bell. Maria a list Maggie e list Mattie m list. Caroline b Iryck. Walter h Baker. Harry Johnson. Henry a pea Falln Bertha a a Henry Whitinger. Evans Bristow. Margaret Severn. Parence Wilkins. John g weeks. Benj Lobaugh. Percy Hosbrook. We a Roberson. Eras w cover dul. Charles Roberson. Catharine Burk. Henry Brencman. Margery Plummer. Eujah Beu. Elizabeth Cole. I h Murphy Jacob h Davis Vincent Nancy Vin we h neighbors Margaret h Nel Gaboni Eliza a neighbors. Harrison Sebern George seem Nancy j Wilkins Nicholas i kilns. Napoleon b Blair. Henry Martin s heirs. Sarah Roberson. James co Verdui Sarah cover Dell we h cover dul Geo w Coverdill Mary e cover dul. Catherine Burk Ell Burk Isaac Burk Christian Burk Peter Burk Francis Burk. Pouy Plummer Sarah Plummer a a Plum John j c Cole Eziabeth a Cole Malinda Morrow Josiah Lender. Abraham c Logan dead eur Farls John d Jones. Amos Johnson. James m King. Ferdinand d Bland. John w Bacon. Samuel Blythe. Jonah f Lemon. Hie o air new j uni. A Samuel Morro. James h Jones Caroline Jones William p Jones Elizabeth c Jones. Martha a Harding. Eli Johnson Enoch Johnson Geo l Johnson John Johnson Melinda Johnson. John w King. Martha Welch Susan Welch we Hobson. Samuel Blythe jr., Benjamin i Blythe , Henry Crawford. James Pearce Elizabeth scarce Louisa scarce John z Pearce Amanda u Pearce. Marshall e Dollarhyde Franklin Wright Manson Wright. Timothy r Fletcher and Eliza Webb. We manson.-, Jane p lose Isaac Phipps a Cyrus p Luse. Elizabeth p Pasco. Caven Lohn. Ormes. Moses. Warace Alex g Wallace we j. Vanblaricum Daniel a Hosbrook is Sullivan Michael. Ste Del George. A Spray Jese. A tradis John. Hanna Bank George. Custer John a. By elder so Spray Hannah a. Straub Louisa. Sturgeon Roberts. Bablin Levi , Mojha a. South Lucy Irwin Arthur a. Olallo j Chourre a Ltd Eph. Tinker. Lula tinker Elizabeth. Thompson John Thompson Martha w. Tucker John. Thomas Henry a. Taylor Mary a. Toby in mesh , Van bar cum Mary a. vols John a. Vanlant Abuam we r wot in Wulis quo Quot. A Walls Alex Erdne James. A Huson , addle 1 Worley Martha , John. A mks a Oah. Hanna Robert. Ingerson. Henry. Gordon Jonathan w. Butsch Valentne. Conwell Jerome b. Oconnor Michael -.miuer, Christian f. William j Mason. Wuu am a . Robert Tucker. Emeline Eliza abet. Jacob 8 Mustard. We Mendenhall. Matthew r Hunter. John Bork we l Wingate. Lulam m Patton. Edward Dunn. Jeremiah Smith. Benjamin i Blythe. Wulliam h l Noble Thomas f Purdeu. George havens.-. Wuey m Lowrey. Bennett Bryan. John e Kingsbury. Samuel d Baker Elizabeth Shearer. Nathaniel Nateel. James Joseph o Talbott. Mary e Mycajah c we Hions a Elizabeth Lemon Mary e be. Mon Daniel a Lemon. Ananias p Luse Marietta Luse Fleming t Luse. Aaron h Bonnel James Bon. Nel Reuben Bonnel Margaret Bonnel Mary Bonnel Eliza Beth Bonnel. Geo w a Tucker Caroline l Tucker. Albert a Tucker. 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