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Indianapolis Indiana State Sentinel (Newspaper) - September 9, 1875, Indianapolis, Indiana Vol. Xxv no 3.indianapolis. Thursday september 9 1875 whole number l816s. Fighting their Battleson Erthe was governor at it again. He repeats that old 8peech, with slight variations and is followed by Oen. Sherman and col Lane. The Rockville reunion hrs Boond and last Days do nos at the Rockville reunion labor attendance and b undo by b it Etui asm. The reunion of Indiana soldiers at Rockville. This week was a Marvel of Success id the Way of attendance and enthusiasm. Tie crowd came into Camp in All sorts of conveyance and from every Point of the Compass and was variously a a Timali at bom 20,000 to 30.000. The a a tips Oover d an Ai Guty acre tract of land Sod it was ii Fertaly Aliye with a moving ulus of humanity. Notwithstanding the crush of human beings the most perfect order prevailed during the Day. At ii of clock the it Nowd surged up to the speaker e stand which was gorgeously decorated with the National colors and graced with the presence of generals Sherman Wallace Nelson and Hunter and others of the nation s heroes besides senator Morton and the Hon. R. W. Thompson. We ital the occasion was a most memorable one. Speeches were made by Morton Sherman Lane and Thompson. They were All characteristic of the men. The Sentinel submits the full text of them As Bono grabbed for the Terre haute journal the senator s old War speech. It has done Good service on Many a decoration Day and fourth of july blow out and la Good for Many More to come. But if anybody held up his band the record Don t show it while in some respects this is an occasion for pleasure and congratulation. It is to me. And it will be to you also an occasion of solemn and of awful memories. We Are Here to Day in the Prea ence of the Trelloe of one of the greatest wars we Iii history has made record. I see Here to Day Ebany soldiers who Are spared to return to their families and to their country. Although it is said that the War is Over still the War Bas it victims every Day. From Day today hundreds Are dropping into their Graves from wounds and diseases contracted in the service of their country and Many of these men who Are Here to Day i doubt not will have their lives shortened by diseases or wounds that they obtained la the Field. I am Here to it Lay in the presence of mothers and of fat Bors who lost their sons. There Are widows Here to Day who lost their husbands and there Are Here to Day orphans who lost their lathers and protectors. I see before me a Monument that contains the record of nearly 400 names of men who died in the service of their country from this county and this is Only one ont of 91 counties in Indiana. Who can Tell what the War has Cost us in Blond and life we can Tell pretty nearly How Many men died on the Field of Battle at a particular time can Tell Bow Many went to the held in a particular regiment and How Many returned but that does not include All the victims of the War. As i said before they Are falling around us from Day to Day and now my friends in the Brief time i shall occupy Here it is not my purpose to attempt to Amose you or to is imply say pleasant things. I am sure i am glad to see you. I am glad to meet the soldiers with whom it was my Fortune to be closely Ide tined and for whom i feel a great Esposi Bruiy growing out of my official position and in the invitation i gave to enter Tho service and the argument 1 used and the inducements 1 attempted to offer. I want to ask you my friends to Day first what it was this War Cost As and the lessons of the War. Ask von what this War meant. It is important to the Riding generation to understand Well the great principles upon which it was fought to understand the nature of a Chat War in which half a million of Livee were sacrificed and billions of treasure filled the land with mourning and with widows and orphans. 1 wish to Call to your m and to Day what those principles were and then Aak yourselves tace question a waa the result Worth what it coat a and upon an occasion of this kind we should Rise above party or mercenary considerations. Our fathers give us a nation but it was imperfect but they Laid Down immortal principles in the declaration of Independence upon which it was to be perfected. Not year it will be one Hundred years since that declaration was Given. Quot All men Quot said that declaration Quot Are created equal they Are endowed by their creator with Pinali Eualo rights Cove of principle and Pursuit of although these principles were proclaimed More than 99 years ago yet they were but imperfectly applied. At the time they War published to the world there was one institution living in open contradiction to Thia declaration and they Ronld not receive a full application of it Ontell that institution waa extinguished. That institution struck Ita roots deeper into the soil of the country. Finally it brought on the War. The War succeeded in the abolishment of slavery and Thia great principle was settled. Our government is now based upon the doctrine of equal political and Ovll rights to All men without regard to race color or previous condition. It was the institution of slavery that made the rebellion Poe Aible. There waa a doctrine prevailing in the Southern slates the doctrine of state sovereignty that each state waa a nation separate and distinct from each other that we were not one nation but thirty a even. Even Robert e. Lee was opposed to secession put be bad been educated in that doctrine of state sovereignty. He believed that Hie first allegiance was to Virginia and when Virginia left the Union be was bound to follow our first allegiance is not to Indiana Bat to the United states of America As one great people. Applause we believe indians has her rights sacred and unapproachable guaranteed divined and protected by the Constitution of the United states sacred guaranteed and secured by the same instil rent that created Aud guarantees the government of the United slates. But while we believe in ibis we Nold that the nation is Over All As top is Over the i in verse and believe that this doctrine is the Only Aat guard of the state. My people believe the doctrine of state sovereignty waa invented tor the Benefit of slavery and died with slavery. I wish that it were of but that a not its history my friends. Governor Morton Here said be would refer to the history of this doctrine. He cited the Vlra inia Ana Kentucky resolutions and said Fry were gotten no for a temporary political purpose and that they 1 to broke Down the administration of John Adams Etc., Etc. He said that to show that it did not apply particularly to the South he would refer to the fact that it had Ita first application in Kentucky and Massachusetts. When in 1812, the president called upon these states to furnish supplies to carry on the War. The answer waa returned that Kentucky and Massachusetts were Independent states. Another application of Thia doctrine he said was when the legislature of Pennsylvania by a joint Resolution declared that Pennsylvania had a right to determine for herself whether Congress had the Power to establish a National Bank. But the greatest and most important application of this doctrine was by the institution of slavery bringing on the rebellion. I referred to the few fact in the history of the doctrine to show that it waa not invented for slavery. It threatened the existence of the nation from the hour of Ita birth and the country will never be Yafo so Long As there is any considerable portion of our people who believe in the doctrine. Applause further in regard to the War we believed we wore right. In my capacity As governor i used ail the Power the office gave me in organising and equipping men to go into the Field and i believe before god 1 waa right applause nothing but the conviction of the right of the great principles involved would have justified me in it. I believed i was doing Ziy duty. It was my custom some of you soldiers will remember Beu s regiment marched to the Union depot to March at the head of it and i never Aid so without being oppressed by the thought How inny of these men will never return How May of these soldiers going Down the streets cheering and shouting Are to Lay their Bones in the Southern soil but while oppressed by these thoughts i waa strengthened by the conviction that i was doing my duty. These men thought so too. They did no to leave All that waa dear to them on a military spree Bat they believed they were fighting for principle a for their country and for their Liberty 1 believe Man never died tor better principles than our comrades who Laid their Bones the Southern soil. And i want your children to believe to the remotest generation that you were right and they on the other aide were wrong. We May forgive them we have forgiven them but that does not go to show test we Adjure or Compromise our principles. We should always remember and your children and their children should be taught that we were in the right and they in the wrong and that forgiveness of our enemies does not imply Honor or Reward. A Man May be ignorant of the nature of a crime and yet be punished for it. Men must be held responsible for their judgment upon questions of morals politics and Law. The fact that the men you fought believed they were in the right makes no difference. When the Hindoo Mother throws her babe into the Ganges she believes she is right but that does not made it lawful. You were fighting tor your country tor human Liberty lighting for the Wolleat cause Man Ever fought for. The other Side were Light aug tor human slavery fighting to destroy and Divide our country. You Are of Rullod to Honor and Reward hut they must accept the situation they have made for Tybera a Elvea. Personal animosities May be buried but Nevor will the great principles upon which we put Down that rebellion be compromised or forgotten. Teach your children to believe that Tho cause of slavery was not the cause of god. 1 want this whole nation to stand on no diseased an Ulmet of Compromise but upon the great Broad doctrine proclaimed by our father nearly Oue Hundred years ago that All non Are created free and equal. And endowed by their creator with inalienable rights. My friends lets us stand fast by our own conviction. While we Deal kindly while we Deal forgiving by with the people of the Houth let us not forget that they were in the wrong and we were in the right and in the right we were their friends. We can to go to them they must come to us applause and they will come to us. Renewed applause j i see Jett. Davis Baa been invited to speak in the Northern states. 1 think that is sickly and diseased Public opinion. Applause Jefferson Davis was something More than president of the Southern confederacy. He was living in Richmond and the windows of his mansion overlooked Libby and Belle Isle prisons where hundreds of Northern soldiers were starving to death and suffering the Moet cruel hardships. Their groans most have mounted to his Chambers and get this Man suffered them to die by inches. He buffered these procrastinated cruel murders to go on. The darkest stigma upon his character and the Confederate government was this Oruel treatment of the Union soldiers. 1 would not have you forget these Thiegs nor do 1 think it comport with sound sentiment to Honor a Man on whom the chief responsibility of this thing rests. Applause we Are honoured to Day win the presence of Gen. Ser Man one of the greatest leaders of the War whose name Nas filled the trumpet of Fame. You remember that terrible struggle from Chattanooga to Atlanta and the celebrated March from Atlanta to the bos and yet i want to say to Gen. Sherman s fact which to will that there was much of the War he did not see. The dead were burled ont of his sight and the wounded sent to the hospitals and be did not know of the struggle going on in Indiana and everywhere else during the War. He did no to know what efforts it required to keep the Public sentiment in a proper condition what efforts were made to keep a Supply of arms. He was engaged in another part of the conflict. In the presence of this audience i would like to know How Many people there Are Here today who have lost a husband father brother Raaon Andi will ask every Mao woman and child within Tho sound of my voice who have suffered any Low in Thia Way to bold up your right band and now by Tbs great lose and suffering by your love of your children and the future of the country and i con Are you Here to Day to be faithful to the great principles for which tou struggled. I am glad to meet the soldiers set Bough it was not my privilege to be in the army yet i was closely United with them. I was proud of the indians troops. General Sherman will Bear witness that the troops of no state came from the Field with More laurels than the troops of Indiana. Gov. Morton said that Dari no the War it was Bis duty to appoint a great Many officers. He Mitsn bad to make appointments without any personal knowledge of the persons appointed and be waa glad to say that the officers of id Tina were As distinguished As Gallant and As Able a the officers of Auy other state. Applause i am glad to see so Many Here to Lay. 1 wish i could take each one of you by the hand. Next re Union your numbers will be smaller they will grow smaller and smaller from year to year until by and by there will be a Mere handful remaining Tike it was wit ii to revolutionary fathers when you were Mere boys and the time will come when the last one will have passed away. So let is Honor the Soldier while he fives. Applause he is entitled to our gratitude to Long a he lives. I to you my friends that unless a bile Opi Nion become pointed and undergoes a change be will be cherished As the fathers of the revolution. Senator Morton said in conclusion never forget the great principles for which you struggled and for which the nation straggled. If we shall keep Tebee memories alive stand by those a rest principles for which you fought so faithfully and have this ides of nationality j spread Over the country then our nation a Nan prospects in the future As no other nation Lias. My friends i thank you for your attention. I am glad to see you and i bid you an affectionate Bood Bye. Applause. Sherman a speach. He pays a just and touching Thircie to indiana�?Th>old1brs�? he think Quot a that the time is opportune for retrospection and a look. To the future. Fellow soldiers ladies and gentlemen it is needless for me to say that i can exp meet my voice to Roach the uttermost Par a of this vast crowd. I therefore beg As much silence As possible during the very few moments i shall occupy your attention. I came from Home in it. Louis to the soldiers re Anion in Parke county and i find the whole state represented Here. A pm site. 1 and had i known thi a i certainly should have prepared something worthy according to my abilities for this occasion but i Trust As usual to the inspiration of the moment and Hope your committee and you yourselves will be Aea Erous and forbearing if i fall abort of your expectations. Before touching on the topics i propose to speak of Rolt me to say that 1 fully Accord with Nator Morton in what he says a to the feeling of our people at borne Aud for our at Home we always feared the worst and i agree with him that they suffered More in mind than we who were engaged a military encounter through the swamps and forests of the Nouth. I further agree with him that we should never in one lots surrender our claims that we fought Lor. It was the holiest of holy Cauzee. We were right and our enemies wrong. Applause it must be stamped for time to come and while we Are now living it is the duty of every Man to Mankind to teach his children to record it in Strong language that we were right and the rebels wrong. When i came ont Here last night to ride Over this Beautiful Grove lighted with lamp it looked to Melikean Talv scene and i almost looked to see the scene described by Aba Speare in Bis a mid summer nights dream a a or probably of something More Modera of the gardens in Europe with dancing and singing and ladles and children fathers and Brothers seated at Tho table listening to the charming music. But what did i behold a mass of people sitting Here listening to every word of the orators who spoke last evening and it struck me that the people of Indiana were that sort of people who preferred to listen to the words of patriotism rather than indulging in the sports of the Forest. Therefore no Oue will dare to address you Mere altering remarks but something worthy of being remembered. Gen. Sherman spoke of the doctrine of state sovereignty and said that indians bad rights subordinate to the nation hut the nation is Over her and the state must keep its own sphere. No Man must raise ids hand in arms for if he does he must die. That is the lesson taught by our civil War. The states have been Well likened to the Harmony of the speakers. Each planet keeps in own orbit but there is one mind Over All Aud Earh must keep its place. I have no doubt that the War for state rights has been decided and ended but disputes May arise. So therefore is prepared my boy at All times to come to the Call of your country not merely for a fourth of july affair but seriously and earnestly to sustain the nation which stands firm and ate Adijat among the nations of the Earth. The line is opportune to take a retrospective View and to look Forward to the future. Next year occurs the Centennial. The people will assemble to consider the past and adopt plans for the future. The nation is moving West year by year like a Erand old army. It has gone on and i could not Well define the Frontier. Not Long since i travelled Over a country in a Palace car where you at one time could not travel without fear of losing your Scalp. These people of the Nouth let them nurse their feelings As much As they May. Now you will scarcely find a Man who will admit that his Grandfather or father was a tory laughter and so if will be in this Case it will not be May years before it will be difficult to find a Man who was a rebel. Applause and laughter Usach has been the Progress of our country. We Are now developing our resources a a extending our Borders and these people Down South May growl As much As they please. I think before the close of this Century you May seek in vain for a Man who will acknowledge that he fought against this old Flag of ours. Let the Here in the presence of Thia vast audience say what i have said before that of All the men who occur led civil stations during the War we and not a truer Friend than governor Morton. Applause. When we called far More men to Aid in putting Down the rebellion governor Morton never sent Back word that we had enough. He was always ready to give us All the Aid within his Power by his Public or private credit. We always regarded him As a True and Noble Friend of the Soldier and to Day i Hope and Pray to god that lie May spare his Lile Long in the councils of this nation and that he May attain whatever he May aspire to civil or military. In regard to the action of the Indiana soldiers certainly no one Ever had a word to Kay against their con rage. Applause i would like to see somebody do it. Applause and laughter in the South they used to talk about the fighting of the Northern people that they were not fighting people. I done to think they Bald that in 1865, and we were just getting warmed no when the War closed. Applause and laughter you Soldier no a ought upon the Field of Battle were not militia or volunteers. Bat regular troops sworn into the service according to the rules of War and the very moment you step inside of Camp or take a Musket in your hand you Fesl at once the inspiration of an old Soldier who loves nothing but his god Bis Flag and his country. You were regulars just As much As i am. Home May Call you volunteers. So Are the regulars. No Man is compelled to do military service except with his will. So regular soldiers Are such volunteers As you. You were regulars and Hbeo the country Calls upon Yon again ill bet laughter All i have got that gov. Morton lie wont be governor then a Bat whoever is governor when he Calls upon son the thing is done. Applause and a a Gater and i think Dlana can quiet any National disturbances Likely to arise in your lifetime or that of the next generation. Applause ladles and gentlemen i thank you for your Atten t a ton. I can not but congratulate you upon having selected a place so Beautiful to inviting and to worthy of the occasion. It is More beset Lenl than even 8t. Peleras at Rome with to Edomo of the sky above you so grand and magnificent. St. Paul a Cathedra even sinks into significance in compares in. When we can it of go into the open air in Contact with nature and derive Wisdom from a pure Sou Roc. Higher than All on Earcia. It is Good to go into the open air to do boor to those who served you in War and May god look Dow n upon Yon and bleat every one of you and Mav Yon go to your Homes newly inspired with a leva of your country and teach those Little children the lessons Yon have Beard this Day Good and sound lessons worthy of this grand occasion. I thank Yon. Irett App teas j col. Lane s remarks. His heart so full of a a rate Dir to bu1x viv1no a Oldie re that the7yk in to room for partisan.4ip. Col. Lane was introduced a the next speaker. He a under great Omiga tiros to the committee for their kind invitation which had permitted him to mingle his congratulations with them Ocso joyous an occasion. To the people of Parke said Tho colonel who have honoured me in times past i am wider Many obligation a obligations a a gratitude which i will Neve be Able to discharge. I am Here to make no speech. In the presence of theae Distle Gotobed Mill tary men end civilians few words from me will be becoming sad at least ail i can Promise Yon upon the occasion. You have Beard an eloquent speech from Indiana a War governor. Gov. Morton. My heart to Day in too Fuh of gratitude to thoas distinguished surviving soldiers to have room tor one tee Lingot partisan bit terse b or spite but in the prese oae of this grand Assembly and in the presence of a higher Assembly looking Upo us irom above i have Only to say no state bad a Noble governor. Applause and cries of and Indiana wag worthy of that governor and the governor worthy of indians. In Tbs presence of Gen. Sherman and Many Ottar distinguished officers who bore a pars in that Brand an9 glorious War the re Union of whose soldiers Hao railed is together to Day 1 need not refer to the causes which made that the grandest and most glorious War in the whole history of the country. What were the motives of that contest the Union now and forever hum no rights and love of Liberty. You bore in Triumph the Flag of your noun try symbolized by All Ita stars. And West Forth with Strong arms and Brave hearts and placed us in the very Van of Civili Tatios. My fellow citizens of Porko county. 1 knew your fathers and knew them Well., and i never can feel a stranger in the goed old county of Parke. I feel Here like the Highland chieftain a a my foot Ison my native Heath. And my name is applause sad laughter i claim to be the adopted Sou of Parke county a adopted by your kindness by your open hearts and your hospitality in times past Tho causes of the War of the rebellion and the struggle for the Union for the Laws for the Constitution of our father a struggle ending in Triumph and glory. You have Beard of the March of Sherman to the sea. That was one of the grandest things in the whole War. When his hosts were Mars hailed upon the Mountain Heights at Atlanta and they looked Down upon the Rich Rijs a Valley of Georgia they though of death and of danger but despised to net. The motives of patriotism the love of Jib Erv loyalty to the old Flag these were the motives which made this one of the grandest in the whole history of Mankind. I do not i now Why i am placed Here to address Yon except that i bore a part in the mexican in that grand War whose history a so important la that of our nation. It was a grand or and by it California new Mexico and Tbs territories of to West were acquired. It is now the storehouse of wealth. I participated to come extent in the War of the rebellion. I participated in the Retreat at the Battle of balls ran laughter and i was not alone in that renewed laughter j and i will say that in that Retreat the eol Diers made As Good time As the civilians. I return to you my honest thanks Lor your Call upon me. I regret that the state of my health prevents me from addressing you Tong. I am pleased to see so Many of you Here surviving that War. Your companions do fill unknown Graves upon the Hundred Battle Fields of the South were Are they shy Home they not to the banquet and the feast they Are lying in unknown Graves yet not in Honoreda not without their monuments in the gratitude of a grateful country in the hearts of a patriotic people and enshrined in the history of the Uio at glorious Republic on Earth. They have died not in a Aln. I am glad to meet you upon an occasion like this and when the last hour comes my Only prayer is that a Home in heaven Liall be your lot. Applause revolution the mexican War the War of 1812 and the past disastrous War of the re hellion and Felt that in the Quot March to the sea were momentous issuer and the failure then Wae fatal and disastrous. We remember that when Sherman reached the sea and planted the Flag of the Union on Ita a Borer it meant the integrity of the nation the Anion undivided and inseparable and our Joy at Bis Success and the in groan of the great army that followed him was Only equated and can Only be equated by the reflection that the greatest most momentous nations question that of National life was settled irrevocably. Want of space forbids further mention of the colonels eloquent and trenchant speech Whir was listened to with marked attention throughout and frequently applauded. After further music the mighty throng adjourned to discuss t he less weighty but highly important matter of victuals and All Over the vast area of the Camp were people to be found gathered in groups about the generous Supply of provisions furnished for All. The soldiers in Camp Drew their ration and enjoyed them As Erst in War times they sat on logs or Ander the Trees of the Forest merry and Happy. Every boar that passed being fraught with pleasant reminiscence or tilled with Loes Rua worthy of the eloquent and Able teachers who had Home so far to instruct and on Joy the reunion. The conc Climso col. Thompsons address. He pats his Resfa cab to Jeff. Davis and incidentally alluded to the wars of Antiquity. Soldiers and fellow citizens i hardly know what 1 can say after so much has been said. I was not a Soldier and so can not Tell Bow the Soldier feels but i was Ever a Friend of the Soldier. Whenever and wherever i find him i Early Learned to adopt the great National idea. Boro and reared in the South with Ita Peculiar ideas i came to the West and there studying the Broad compre pensive views of Ita people i Learned that one state waa Nota nation that it consisted of a grand aggregation of states and the War has proved that it was simply to Sava the life of the nation to Render Impact the Union. We Are often asked How we shall Deal with the rebels of the sooth. Deal with them and As they deserve Hen they ask Yon for forgiven East Grant it Bat not Antil then. Let them feel that we condemn their treason and will not thrust our forgiveness upon them. I think we did not do a we ought when the War closed. We did not bang rebels enough. If we had turned Jeff. Darla Over to the soldiers be would have ceased to have been a disturber and a to Bis coming North and speaking i would Accord him a to any other Man the right of speech but let him speak to Hla own kit and Kin let no Loyal Man listen to him. The people should remember that be is the same pest Ferous rebel be was a bin be plotted treason under the old Flag of the Union. The War destroyed the iniquitous doctrine of secession blotted it out forever from existence. There Are those who believe hit certain states Are the Only countries on oat lbs that Georgia and Carolina aro the pm deft states of the Union. Well i do not blame them much i rather have my preferences too. I am willing to Accord to Virginia the proudest Honor of any state in the nation if you will blot her record since 1865. Applause the speaker alluded to the great warriors of Antiquity to Theta Raof later times to the War of the comb Trubo. The express says in concluding it report of the Day at 2 o clock the battalion was marched to an adjoining Meadow where in the presence of Gen. Sherman bin Aid maj. Allen Gen. Cruft commandant of Camp and Ninny thousands of people a splendid Drees Parade was had col. Dub Orr Cleat. 01. Mcoy and adjutant j. V. Lea cram in command. An artist took a photograph of the rear View of the Battallia an 4 As the a a opera filed away the plucky Little Braes Cannon opened Ita Routh and spake gunner John Onefour doing duty with Prato Ion and experience. Just a the boys were going oat of Parade. Led by the Rockville band. Will White Leader a Beauty furl balloon to red. White and Blue. Very Large Rod handsome bore away to the North gazed at Long by May to whom such a scene waa infrequent if not entirely novel. For sometime before dinner numbers of this it to take the band of the Cora Mauder in Chiel of the army of the United hta Tea and to bid him Good by but it waa Reserve a to mrs. Gould. Miss 3ertba Koopman and mls a Octavia Burnett to receive a Farewell kiss from the courteous old chieftain and this distinction waa accorded to note other upon the Camp ground. After dinner a Bevy of Beauty Fri Maiden came in Anides Ireri the autograph of the general which was freely granted. Or. St Rouse with Hie double team of Greys drove up and the general climbed in and bowing to the eager throng drove away from a 0� lighted an assemblage As Ever met. The Day was not Throe fourths gone but the Eser Ciarea wore All passed through end the grand re Union was practically Over having proven a grand eur fees. Not an Noc ident had occurred no drunkenness marred the scene or the occasion there we no insubordination and the people of Park county Ana Rockville especially can congratulate themselves Over the Foci out their having one of the largest finest and most Auto Teaful soldiers a re unions Ever gotten up in the state the West or the nation. Fairs to the front animals and hard that could not be beaten perhaps anywhere. When the award we a Bett beef of 6x9 there were brought into the ring the magnificent animals Oso dowdy. Of it Pfoh Meredith of Wayne county and Jackson of Wallah county. The purse was Foo Cash in that took us Rad ribbon and $500, Meredith Tbs Blue and 9200, and rms Quot is a Bird Price of #100. The display of these animals of which or. Mrs Dlab m. As Tovy filed ai00 Tho track was one of the finest up Taclas of fancy Stock gut men Are permitted to look upon. Tue Sonski Coosa feature of this fair been the concentration Hereof the leading Fine breeders of Indiana and in nol. It will continue so to be tot severe reasons but especially for Tho Liberal and widely distributed Cash premix which the association Are enabled to offer. The patrons of the fair have the satisfaction of seeing that while Large auras of to Nosey Are paid info the treat Ury of the society that tar key in All paid out in a Way to make a self Felt on the Public in by Eavou raging the Noble Pursuit of farming la All it or Aachen the officer tvo indicated to me to Duy their intention of still enlarging tace inducements to show Here Tiiu next year. They will Ira a the mosey to do a and will pour it out freely but judiciously in Rem Patna and improve meets of the Accomma Odarious. An american Bull fight county at it again a weeks to Kkt outlines of the scenes and Suco Baas of the annual farm jul bilk. Special Corrca Poydence of Tho Hen line Lafayette sept 2,1875.�?the difference Between the cattle ring made Brilliant with animals competing for prize in excellence and Beauty and lie old spa lab ring Lor barbarous Ball fights is a pretty fair measure of the contrast Between the two civilizations. Vet they both Are founded a the same Dierx and and answer the same end the diversion of the people. There must be Days of Assembly for pump Gaea of amusement and Relief from the Monotony of labor. The thousands crowding upon the fair ground to Day and every Day Thia week soming from All directions Are a much of a wonder and a More carious study than the objects which ostensibly brought them together. Bat what a grand testimony it la to modern civilization and free government that Hie people instead of gathering to a brutal and bloody exhibition come to witness the Best results of their own Industry directed by intelligent thought compare the work of each with that of the others and to learn what aur Prlain result Are attainable when men skilfully co operate with the forces of nature. The Tippecanoe association Are having it Bebes fair this week that they have had in their five year history although under the immediate panic of the great floods some timid ones rushed into president Sample advising that the fair be postponed this year to avoid a failure. L have been present at every one of the five fairs held on the new grounds Ami am prepared to say that the exhibition of this year is of finer Quality better arranged and More satisfactory than any of its predecessors. The number of entries a greater by some hundreds the Quality of tae articles in everything except fruit sad Grain. Is improved while the attendance of the people and the execution of the programme Are both in Advance of former year. The management a pare no pains to a be the vast crowd As comfortable and Happy for possible. Every facility for personal convenience in provided. Seat in the Saady a roves a handsome cottage devoted to the Adieu exclusively with a Matron in attendance Long troughs of Clear ice water for the multitudes with Cope for drinking Are located in different parts of the grounds sprinklers keeping the dust Down on All the travelled thoroughfares Amnia accommodations for the Safe disposition of teams and Carriage All Tebesa details so difficult to provide Are anticipated on these enchanting grounds without regard to trouble and expense. The officers Are sys Tea Oatle careful and fair in All Tbs in dealings with the exhibitors and visitors. No Man Ever goes away with a just Ranee of complaint grounded on partiality discourtesy or fails re to Home squarely up to Tbs prom toes held out. And this to saying a Good Deal for a county fair. The president the venerable h. T. Sample Wald net permit a wrong to pass Noo greeted Thonh it might Cost his last Dollar to repair it. Secretary Royal and treasurer Mccormick both hanker and business men Are every Way adapted to Pomato Tho Success of the Enterprise. Strictly a peeking this to note Mere county fair. Unlike other county fairs in this state and neighbouring states this one draws from All the adjacent counties both exhibitors and visitors. It is in reality a District peeling and in the matter of a Stock exhibition it ranks next to the Stato Lair the Large premiums paid bringing the finest Breeds of thoroughbred cattle and hogs and the Best Orcea to be found in the West. For example to Day was the great show of shorthorn. Besides a magnificent ring of Home herds confined to for or five counties the rings open to the world brought in both single the show of horses to so Torge so varied and so Floe that i must decline to attempt even a mention of them and their exhibitors in detail from the massive Perci Verees and Normandy to the finest climbed racers every style of too Bobie by Wal a represented. I Tegt a one Witik around the Long line of stalls. And looking a round a each place Motse Fine Annai a Rolt a Brood Mare a stallion a Carriage team or a High stepper for the track which was worthy of a Parvis near description but a Pace we not permit. The mrs with the Swine show. Or. Smith of Detroit to hero with a n umber of peas of to Fine Stock similar the to display st the state Lair last year. Then the Long rows or sleek Berkshire clean a a Lester White. Suffolk innocent of hair almost great chivas and Mages altogether constitute a study which can not fail to instruct the thinking Farmer and pm trim on Ibe Road to make Money. The a a float it halt has a bettor exhibition erf Handiwork and things approaching Art than to usual some of tha Yoang artist with their Pencil drawing crayons water color a and even India Inha. And oils Hove to pleasing triumphs of Tael a and Nult ovation. The show of natural Flowers to magnificent. One or twi pieces of elaborate cat ii Ower designs Are Fine beyond description. The mechanical display to by no Meaos insignificant nor lat amp big in valuable instruction to the Farmer. An Engino with shafting furnishes Power to inn machinery of which Tho most wonderful to the crowds of Rural people 1 the printing press of the i of svelte journal which a a constantly Ruu Ping and throwing Oil the nows. Or. A. C. Harvey the most enterprising former nurseryman Auu Horticulturist of this Section to Here with Mao new interesting products of t a be Garden fruit Orchard and farm. Ufa one varieties �1 need wheat prove that some Good wheel has Boon saved in Indiana am now that Killand Wilt can succeed even under Adverse conditions. Extensive Coop Are tilled with fowls Sod poultry of genuine Fine Foed stocks fro to the Gold pencilled bantams up to Turkey sized co joins. A Juk Jaswa and hand organa Delight t in souls of Royal lovers vrho arc astonished to View the wonders of be world unconscious that they areas co magical a study to re As the Colt with the human Bead to to them. The funniest show of All to the crowd al people illustrating a i st sea of into Lorenca sad culture irom the lowest to the highest All conditions from Tea abject wretched Sere of the woman who .4ta in the dirt grinding music while the baby in Ber map Calls for the pity of Angels in Steaven of to the of sent family la coach a from the Rode and Roy staring Rowdy to the it Tinea who blesses Bis general a a by India us character and Enterprise. The cries of the showmen the eloquent and stirring appeals of the vender of sism Liao ads anode tier make a sort of bedlam which i to the pm Vrabie excitement of the crowds. Naday stillness so cur frenily delightful in its place would rain this us and gals Day of the Manowes who a re capable to Day of on Joying anything that to and noisy. The ring and Tbs races afford almost ton a taut entertainment for Tiniou hands comfortably a a Chi in the Shady amp hit a ers while the officers directors and great Stock Raaz Ait in dignity in their elevated apartment around the president of the Bur. It takes Tea whole week to enter and discharge the material of the exhibition. Every Day has Ita Peculiar attraction sufficient to bring in the Hite dance of the million. Hail the Day or Industrial fairs of Tun a tugged with instruction of business tempered with Boalts Ful relaxation of the practical american who a capable of making even ois do version tall for the promotion of thought and Tho multiplication of the almighty Dollar. H. Who want to buy a Gold mine close by in May a a huletts the owner advertises it in the Worcester spy. Explaining that m Fortu be can be dug ont with Little time or Trontz be Bat be is really too old and infirm to a attend to the Busiere. It is a tinker he and Naa Silver a it As Well a Gold. He says Quot Rich samples of orae in quart Rock can be seen at my House on the premises bal were taken from a Lead ten feet below the surface that yielded one too of quart Ore the every ten feet of Lead. Fanese ores have been assayed by reliable Abe Flats and reported to compare favourably with Ere from the richest mines in America. Old experienced Miner that have visited these Minee pronounce it the Moet favourable Abow of Ore that has Ever presented itself to Beia View yet the old experienced Miner seam to have let Alip the Chance or wealth. Morton has folded up his bloody shirt and retired from the Maine stump after delivering himself of Somo speeches that will do More than a Little toward swelling the democratic vote in the Pine tree state. We congratulate the Republican party of main it pm it Overly Post. A a me ii in. W. C. University. Tie Twenty ant Apiou of till Loami lotion win open in the new building. In Vic i it the of september next for comple Tamasoi Oatt and perfect adaptation to the want of a school this but Dinu has no a prior. It will accommodates it for Audenta. Reveral very important addition have been made to the faculty and the of urges of study Are adapted to All a Radez of a indent above the common a Boot. For Catalogne and dare c. E. Hollyn Buck Heere tary or 0. A. Burgess president Indianapolis Indiana

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