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Indianapolis Indiana State Sentinel (Newspaper) - March 25, 1875, Indianapolis, Indiana If i a 1the Indiana state Sentinel thursday. March 25 1875 Thok Day. March 23.aotlm to sub Scriben. Henceforth Iho state Sentinel will to la Bendon thursday Insl cad of on tac Day. This change a maae for the convenience of the publish try and it May to added to the advantage of our readers As Uliey will thus 1� enabled to Rocelle at the close of the a Seelt All important new local political and financial up to the very hour of publication. A a redial dispatch to the Sentinel from Greenfield announces the death of James Comstock one of the most prominent farm Era of the state a leading member in the state and National Grange and one of the oif Ginatos of Tho Index Eudenis party movement in Indiana. Or. Comstock was a Man of Fine robust Frame and exuberant health and strength and the news of Bis death will come unexpectedly to his Many friends. He was a perfect Type of the Best Clasi of american Farmers mini generous and considerate. His own Manly Power and successful career seemed to make him thoughtful and considerate in his treatment of others rather Thiu Daggres sire. While he threw him Soll with All Zeal into the Abr cultural Reform which has teen going on in the West and professed the firmest Faith in the principles on which it proceeded Hewa tolerant of in discussion and willing at All times k listen to what could be urged against Hii own opinions. Honesty of purpose seemed to to his dominant characteristic. In look tag at him and listening to him one fell convinced that he was a a n who was Only anxious to see the Rasht Way clearly and would then follow hat All hazards. Though differing from him in Many Points the sen. Tone does not hesitate to say that a Fine specimen of american manhood Rayot Tai soil has not passed away for Many a Day. The new liquor Law repeals the Law formerly in operation and at the same time pro vide Start Quot no prosecution shall be instituted or inning trained against any person Lor Thi violation of the provisions of is act occur ring below eau the time when 11 Esnil Lata effect and the close of the Fira regular ses Sion of the Board of commissioner a of the proper county the begin nuns of which session riot taking dict Menta for trans Gremlin the Law he also intimated that Tho civil which might Bej brought in the coot would be summarily disposed of when the supreme court would Bave an Opportunity to a phobia or overturn the action of Congress. The basis of judge Emmona a opinion is that it la the business of Tho state to protect citizens in All their civil rights and that it is an unwarranted Usu Patli the part of the Federal i jurisdiction to us courts Ivery Day life throw such notion on a to give Mcern Tho part of co be level a turning out by military the action of Tho president 1 lawfully Jalc Cid Legisla Tun Power. Both tend to the establish it Central despotism instead of a Federal this charge of Tho judge to the grand Lury is sign Fieandt. It is generally supposed that to Bench is above Tho Iii hence of the ebbing and flowing tides of popular opinion but ofter Allea Tho ministers of Justice themselves Are sensitive to the dictates of Tho popular will and they interpret Anc administer the Laws under the Infin Enoe of Thi sentiment of their times. Judge Emmock Leen so outspoken Ever the soundness of hi-3t fait that the Masi profession and Tai was with him. Would hardly have if in ii convinced it opinions had he of Tho Legal common people Tima week after this act shall have taken Thi a Able disc bral Legal Between the Active of Crysti and new Laws is simple. In that it would require some of the passage of the Law and the knowledge pass throughout the s time it Olibe Unju who uder the provision baiter Bill liable to prosecution for Sellite id accordance with Thi a which had been repealed and replaced by another of Whoso provisions they ignorant. Wherefore Indiana appears i now absolutely without any liquor la All and will remain for thirty Days. Tuesday afle adjourned sine blon after five c labor. The w which was which the b Tho House a a Dos position 30u the general of Sembol in closing the special seas of arduous and eff Clov pc of the regular yes slow it unfinished and Ove Agonistic majorities of i Senate evinced such Darrei wan taken up in a of Compromise and dispatched with marvelous alacrity. It May be that neither party is exactly pleased with the result but the people of the whole stale Are certainly satisfied that so much has been done and convinced that it has been As Well done As circumstances permitted. It was generally apprehended that the same spirit of Contention which wasted Tho sixty Days of the regular session would cause the members of the legislature to a Wrangle during Tho forty Days of a special session allowed them by Law Anil the Public is not Only surprised but intensely gratified to find the anticipations of evil so pleasantly falsified. Prom the moment that the working hours of the regular session closed the Sentinel has been of opinion that the legislature could and would redeem itself by the work o the special session and has consistently urged upon the Mem Bers the necessity of working rapidly and restricting their action to the Lew great measures on which the people looked for some of Casio Given expression i these Points a and roughness it from the lit i it fiction on Clear three of Freedo a its jests we take Ood part. It Opinio. Otteran Chii voice to i whole Public a were approved by the legislative conscience itself. The Best Praise of the special session that can be furnished is the significant fact that when it began both parties were anxious to throw the responsibility for 11 upon opponents and now perhaps both Are inclined to Leel a Little proud of it. To the retiring legislators Indianapolis bids a kindly of a Ever. Against them to have withheld Asylum which she did no trusts that those who have for Tho Winter May Bear the holds no grudge o slate House which they id is Gre Telo for the did not expect site Iho have been her guests by the Good to publicans Are very much tron blod by Tho decision of judge Emmons of Tho United states court As Memphis. That in Robt does not hesitate to say that the civil Light Bill is unconstitutional and Hodl acted the grand jury not to find any in a Pablo indic of Tho Way things Aro tending is furnished in Ben. Butler s recent declaration that the civil rights Bill does not give a coloured Mai the privilege of going into a Barber shop a. A Saloon As those Are places of private Busi Ness. It is Clear that the partisans of Thi Law Are afraid of its Workings and Are giving it the most narrow and restricted ii they before passing the struck ont of re they it the very vital essence of the Law the prove slow unmixed schools and now they hesitate to sustain the weak adulterated Compromise Bill which they have put in operation. If the ghost of Charles Sumner should revisit the glimpses of the Moon and see to what sickly dimensions his civil rights Bill has been reduced to would hardly a Iuit judge Hoar of keeping Good Faith with him Aher Tho pledge Given to Sumner on his death bed to Quot look to his it is i itty Clear that vice president Wil Ders himself a candidate for the 7. His bold and aggressive Posi-0 third term Issue would indicate an a merely pres Den Tion on t that he had perhaps More than patriotic interest in Tho Preservati Mio prescribed by Washington s his anxiety to get Grant Tho Field has been very marked by did have Beni in the a Bethel Titei it he had not considered Tho Good of Toory Wilson As Well As the Success of the Republican party involved in the Deleat of the third term theme it is not easy to say. At any rate the vice president Haa taken great pains to set himself in opposition to his chief on every possible him Soll to that fall election explain log the cans Ziti Nof the party i id has the 1 As the Leader republicans s by his president. The univ and his heir rent has become still More emphatic through their opposition on the Bill Lor the of bounties. Wilson was throughout the War the consistent guardian of the soldiers interests and he seems to have retained his old Prebilic Tiodos in favor of the volunteers. The 8oi Tinel is not much inclined to Praise him i virtue of constancy in that respect blessedly his due. In his advocacy of to a Bounty Bill Many of his friends we ined to think to carried his Zeal Aii Ler too far and by signing it when Soch extent As the Boundary of the Reser Vallon and the alternate to of thwarting the Enterprise of thousands of ourcllixen8, less destroying their material am butchering them to Enlora the Sanctity of territory that Tho government had itself invaded in Mero wantonness would have been desperate. It 1 doubtful even if Public sentiment would Over have approved Tho course of the administration had it folded Ita hands am allowed Tho emigrants to proceed into Thi Black Hills at their own risk. As Thi throng of adventurers increased Thi troops would have been compelled by Public opinion to guard them in their 1 1638 expedition. This fact seems to to recognized at last and Tho administration aware that it i powerless to prevent the breach of Tho treaty of 18ixand convinced that the United states soldiers will in time take their stand to protect Tho current of emigration to the Black Hills rather than to resist it Haa hit upon an expedient to give Way to the popular passion for Gold seeking and Al time presen ency in bringing about or by malicious made to keep u the wretched 1 with indians from Tho land Rock to the present Day is indians. Zoei eat wrong by sheer Lohi Ign an Effort 13 Pfow to be ipsa Rances of Good Faith. Which has been played 1 her Tho chiefs brought to washing or bullied out of guaranteed to them by this is the peace policy this is Civili zillion i the Good old Patirei bought states for i territories for a the same fashion secured to Tho sat la clod. It Eululio id Christiani Pitlon i i. Why our ancestors bottle of whisky pair of breeches they also marked Irva Tion lands solemnly go and bargained fitter they had proceeded to occupy Tho enemies of Tho Indian neet have been alarmed at that new and Noble statesman brotherhood which Gram ate. In its practical seems to have worked exit redi moaning has set Thi him Hills and s lands with r Bario ornament game in Abunda he shall to drive More aggressive r lion. Nay More. Preaching of the ship of Lovo and was to Inankur application i Itzy As the old Lav a nation did. It wider Ever Naturi hippy Homo give and Loir pasture avoid i Obj Uclarit Ohe take appears May when us discovered. The peace Poi ii policy evidently contemplates allowing no Indian a resting Placa on the online at which a White Man esteems Worth Tiik Cir away from him. Indeed it is questionable if even Tho Birren Tracu of the Lar West Iii in the end be left to him. Tho Sentinel had More than once declared its sense of the which the aboriginal race is Sull ering r hands and ils duty l is upon civilized i respects to tile i Doctrin and believe indians is t barbarian who openly survival of the rapid do Hvisdo 1 bold he hypo and Racli the passed the Sei rendered its himself to s Sot Bis s Provasi on duct by his Atee Reto. Stan preside the wily apostle of Reli Ament for this single s Ial pin saved the Nail y to a Hundred millions of it ick doubtless takes a great id had achieved by Means Testa ions in favor of better id against a policy by which is to profit at his expense. Pm which Siisi c newspaper pro Tho latest development in Tho Black Hiilis business seems to bring Homo to the administration Tho charge of bad Faith in re to the preservation of Tho treaty of 1809 with the Sioux indians. Tho Sentinel uniformly maintained since the first Lent that Custer s expedition was l lied that the dispatching of troops into reservation. In Defiance of the terms no treaty could Only result in of the Savaglia and most on that act defeat Tho pretended civilization pol the administration. If Grant Intel to carry out his policy truly and honestly it was Tho height of Folly to fling open e doorway to the Black Hills and Blaz in Tho country the that Tho rein was a new Eldorado. The act was that i who Leta Bis face one Way am the Rush of emigration in Thi o Laud of Gold was Ine Vilate Tho adminis Rallon in Declar by the intention of the gov Jint Aln its treaty obligations a Ouid seem to indicate tha iry of irely in rotary of and Ord Al arming to people. 1-, has Only take a Day. Ates Moa in charge of Publio affairs they attempt to bar the Way of the Plone by Force would be sheer madness. The re liar troops available Fortuch Frontier Sot i could not do police duty along a line i a thursday e of the Germai be of study in Ity. Hesami claim Foi schools ,0 introduction Ofa foreign schools has been m the Issue on the Don language Tongue into the Public 9 in Indianapolis and . To be pushed with a Good Deal of aggressive Determinatio ail without instruction in the her Jiin language and rather than deprive them of that knowledge they Belld and maintain separate schools. Tie representatives of the other party argue that they can not allow their children to grow without instruction in the principles of Tho cot Holio religion rather than deprive them of that knowledge they build and maintain separate sch both urge that a portion of the tax w they pay for it school system which the not Avail themselves of should to set i for their own use. Now the common school system America is based upon Tho Broad general principle that a certain amount of Elemi Tarj knowledge is necessary to All Good citizens of a Republic and that it is the of Tho state to Lur Nash Means to ail children to Oscuro that knowledge. Tho com sense of the american Neo Plo has i definitely settled what branches const the knowledge which it is for Tho interest of Tho state to tarnish and 1 has heretofore held that neither instruction in the German language nor in Tho doctrine of the Catholic religion is essential to a goo id intelligent citizen. For n Gorma of go Tho him tango father to something of to Schiller of Lutt entry proper at would neglect to secure him such instruction. For a Catholic father to be that his family is Well grounded in Thi Noble morality of the cot Holio Church and Well versed in Tho meaning of he poetic and symbolic Liturgy is in every Wai befitting. In Lidren so instructed in a Groa Quot language or a great Creed Are Apt to become truer and better citizens but such know ledge according to the american idea it ii not the province of the state to furnish am he that would secure it must pay for it onto his own pocket. Considered poll Cully i is regarded not As a necessity but As a Lut Ury. In approaching this in bisect from Thi american Point of View to arrive at to. Same conclusion but by a different route the people of this country likewise posse i a language of their own. It is one in which Tho result of the thought and labors of i great people for hundreds of years Havi Crystal sized. The formulas by which Busi Ufir a is transacted and Law Admani Elered Havi All acquired an established meaning ii it. In literature poetry oratory and till Ion it stands unrivalled it is Tho speech which Tho men who in vented Tho steam engine and Laid Tho railroads and built the first steamboats am stretched the first Telegraph wires made uni of. It is Tho speech which under Ilio Flag of i great Empire and a great Republic 1� Grade Illy spreading to All quarters of the habit Auli Globe. Its supremacy in America must b regarded As anything we Aat supreme Oun Tabie of Midi destiny a a thei churches papers to nation Tot Complete i id to an act sumling the basis 3g,�67,.s3s Pepio i sworn allegiance to a ulers and cast in their lean citizens. They bring try and skill and capital ally acknowledged to i read Cost value to a Pericao ii one great difficulty in ready absorption into the Tho nation is their Sipa this tends to Kee Oldt Liq. M. Fourth no. Liquor shall to r one in the Babit of becoming 1 and notice by at relative or the township must be the species. Fifth can to sold to any person who 1 a state of intoxication sixth any indicated person appearing in a Publio plan hat condition is liable to arrest and Fine into no liquor can be sold to boy years old eighth the adulteration of lion liquors is subject to e damages for Tho Cousin violation of Tho la and on his Bond. In let regulation of the Tho la Imp by penalty Nunt inces of liquors i against Tho sell 3 deny that trafic. Carry can legitimately do 1 from i tempi beyond Tho Point reached by this 1 must be guided by their own Prin Cleli beyond Tho limits of this Law All Seti would be an attempt to coerce virtue and 1 fringe personal prerogatives which neither philosophy nor right justify. Tempera people who recon los reason As a guide not ignore the rights of others As Good drink liquors. This May As Well be it ceded first As last. Nov there is a under which be Wiso for t Law abiding and la i it full and comp ii Irwin if drunk would 1 Nito with Mitizi 0 effect it is a 0 support of nil advocates of Coli Rene not of free will of virtue. From Thi tons at the Academy filled i leaders propose to open w i act and to do their Best to in Bichthuy to champions t that those who Ai friends of temperan 1 not a Good principle ii brio latter indent who has every Opp Ortu i ring knowledge of the subject 10 Speaks w rating from Terre lews Tho work of Tho late Legisla , and arrives at Concan y Totino democratic shows Towt the 0 for session rest s with the re pub argites with i i masterly array of tin Iho face o i Oil the do savant Lieg from pre in Ito Sana be the democrats make Good t heir ple Ilges of re and ichor to. Made to the people of Indiana in the inst Campaign. At the position 1 resumed Tho Cor submits the 1 sch joined state rage to the Pei 3ple of the state ii aft l Quot a 7.ienii Sarati read. N Elk to be. Hem separate be does it become Tuato this Barrie by paying i pro Pagano can people speech or Tho it is about Timi for every one to make up Bis mind thoth it to is ill favor of a new confusion of Tongue which May effectually prevent the Compi Tion of Tho fair edifice of nationhood who foundations have been Laid on this continent in the first place it is Well to estimate of the German Side of t Tho emigrants come to this coi Noble and flexible language a s Thall their Domestic memories a in that Tongue. Their proud nations running bait into t tory Aro entwined in it. Speech Are fashion d to their habits of thought a capabilities. It is not str site to cling to it. Neith that they Sli Ould desire to i a Gilldren for the legacy of t Lake a Fai question by with 1 heritage i maimed Nal Trade Wii Igitol his of their Orga Prei second Only England is to for the purpose o own language to born Cili Zans of 1 immediately Gral Iod were to schools. In the Large to helping hat of Greece. Italy a gift to Cai transmission Idren the i flee payer Sebo so English Rotthe country during Thi a lowing their emigre to put up Privati 16 of time As Thoy b3-they fund tha Thev it the Groat comm Lantry in which Only dgoiz9d, Sebo so English wore at the Simo time comi relied. In order to give Tho children t a in a trn Cllon in German which the uld Noi have them forego to Maini Aln i Argo Ond exp Isle schools of their. Odd orally their schools w at lashed to the various Gorman churches. Catholic and protestant or founded at id con troied by Thoburn Verein. Times upper t of a double school so Slem probably c Omo to 0 to considered a hard slip. Aud tie Gern mind seems ident upon getting i rid of the private schools Aud Utilis aug the pit brio schools for Tho i reservation of the Gorman language. Thi s Gen nans ask in Behall of their language precisely whal Tho loading prelates of Tho Catholic Church in in shaif of their religion. The repro in Behall of their language precisely whal Tho loading prelates of Tho Catholic Church in in shaif of their religion. The repro of the to. They Are not so Jaio in Infix ends As to legislate a language As the rulers of Germany Poland and in Alsace but follow that they should of Public funds and Public Ini tool the truth of that say should guard Lis language territories it is a sure to important Frontier thac Quot their Wil c does their disposition foreign language in. Rapid its natural a but when that Ian award and claims to be fundamental elements of to african citizen of permit nor i Ivor discouraging knowledge essential to it ship. It is not certainly in Justice Tor the Sake o i. To put the Cas therefore either in got to prevail in this c can supplant the of. Lint it should a for or reel i accomplishing that me that should get Ling speech of a a. 3 decaying English i cd bps a presen May it not to a Mii Taki former supporters of the b the War club in hostility two have suppose now the Andreq Urei Lully carried a ill be who its at the place 1 policy for the iter Law to Aeils Tho Law which it is fair mincing id happen in liquors will b3 sold left in an orderly and peaceable inner and Tho places of Sale will be of orderly and peaceable character. The Law requires. Secondly no habitual Drinker excess can have a License to Deal in in . Third no liquors can to sold on sunni a Public Days and exec Groin option Days nor Between Tho hours of h r. 50,000 i. 173,000 �.00 2110,0 300,000 1 51,250, county stationery. End of the steals Parchaso the books. Said commission therein named. Sec non 1. Be Assembly of India missioners of the slate shall Bothi for the Purchase c Ell other articles and banishment if tills act by other Persona it enacted by the a that the Coli respective Connie j Aga Tsoi their 1 fall books station necessary 1 Ity Obici r Induisi Tith at the december term of the county Kimmi Sarnor s court the probable amount and Goa pity of books stationery and Solhei necessary for conducting the Busi Purchase of set Forth in they Are Ucci it if they use or the soul ii be Cicidio upon qty co a Missione it and kind of a a Lea Thoy Shi Suatt Oivo notion Ler Thoj doom proper for at Lea to ten Days that Thoy will receive bids for fur in Shang Tho supplies demanded giving specifications Oft Hopkind Quality and Quantity ill give Ishin them in the ving the right orders or contract iry such officer or Arm n shall be deemed Gulli a and be liable to a ii Ino Hundred dollars n undred dollars. A miffed not Lese Ore than Regency is hereby declared immediate to King effect or ire tha Samo shall to in Force principal clerk of the House of representatives. Orig Luato in Tho House of representatives. This Bill was delivered to Tho governor of monday March 15.1875, and not before. The late legislature. To the editor of the Sentinel. Miluch Haa been s id and written about Tho late legislature and As a matter of Justice i desire to Lay Befaro Vona readers a few and impartial statement Quot. In order that the people May kno7 hereafter who to Trust with Power. The democrats in the Campaign of it fall pledged Tho Peop o that in Thev would place them in Power that Thev would bring Pra Cicai Rofini retrenchment and Economy into every Branch of the Public service within the stole. I to people relying upon the promises Olive Domoci Otie party placed them in Power. All the Relief expected must come Ironi and Chrouch the Lesi Laturo. The ital Slauro met Haa had its say and do and Lis action has become a matter of history. Did the Democrat a parly redeem its Pledgee it is Well known that the after using up All the time allowed by Low. Without accomplishing anything practical towards redeeming the promises Mode to the people the question arises whose Laurit lilt was Tho democratic or Republican Patty responsible for the failure unquestionably the republicans of the is Nat were wholly responsible. There Quot democrats in the House Jority of six on Tho passage Senate had 23 democrats 24 republicans and three independents who acted ail the time with Tho republicans. This gave the republicans Tho at Aiuto control of the Senate. Tho tact is that when the regular session was compelled to adjourn sine die on account of the time of Tho session having expired every measure of great importance to the people in Tho Way of loosening their burdens had passed the House and was i Clear r Tho fee and salary Bill Tho License Bill the Bill red club the pay of Tho slate officers and me Hera of the general ass by and Bill and the general and spot life appropriation Bills were ail in the Senate adjournment come. This ully establishes the last thai the Democrato House had in ado Good their pie flogs to the people so far of was in their a Divver. The Senate had each and every one of toe measures before them Long enough to have acted upon them. Some of these measures had been before the Sanate Lor a cd in without the least heed being taken 31 them by that body. Had lbs Senate cited upon these measures Tubero would have been no occasion Tor n of Octal bes Ion. But republicans Weie afraid to Aliou these measures to pass because they knew that Tho dem or Otic party would have the Honor and credit Belore the people of having secured Quot the passage of these measures. The measures of Relief to Iho people having Laried in the Senate there was Noah Long Lector the House to do but to Deleat Tho Revenue and appropriation Bills. The Senate having do sealed Tho Bills whereby the people s Money a Ould he saved by hundreds of thousands of dollars the House determined that there should to no taxation of Trio people until hese measures of Relief and sating of the Public Nonoy thou id pass. The democrats f Tho House Defeated Trio Revenue and a drop relation Bill Union no other grounds. Here was nothing left then Lor gov. Hendricks to do but Call a special session of the legislate no. This he did Promp in to the a of the nkrom.lo.v.\-9. The governor stated tersely and sharply what to called the special session for and what was Opeo de of Vliem by tiie people. The republicans saw there was no escape for them Tor having made a special session Neo ussary and if Thev still refused to act upon he measures Beloro them at the adjournment that tar greater would attach to them a a party. Liev then Slih Crew their secret attempts of detest further legislation every measure he demo Crillo party had promised to carry jut was made Good in the Shaps of a Good id wholesome Law. The adv images to Iccone to Tho people by the Paisano of the aws of the special session that had been Defeated by Iho republicans of the Senate at the i Euler session can Gordiy be Estima de the foil Wing Isa statement made Itter Cirell calculation and investigation. The people will Bosa fed even More than the figures below show instead of less saved by Quot a in Beers salaries and expenses annually. 5 75,000 saved by school Auperin tendency. An 60,000 175,000 grand jury. A cd Quot collected Iron Ite Denoy by grand jury be it jury and expense Radii cried annually. By reduction of tees Ond Bila Tolai a Viig to the people am by the demo Ralio party. The Dibe Renco bet �1,250,01� qty of cers. The commit Louers a Chase u Aull Clent amount of sue Clesas May be necessary Louat until the t annual meeting As Alor Enaid for in k a Winnai contract for official supplies a lowest Possi heft Price pc 0. Hat any Lime any count voice Giuld Purusha so any Anido Lor Tho use it Villico Walhout the consent of Tho in not missioners i shall to optional wit Cora missioners to pay or refuse pm got or such Bill As they Rosy think High and such decision shall be finial 8eo-7. Should Anco Utitz commis Ilone Ngy co in a Ziec plating off his count in charging Tho Tjui it More than the Ai ides Cimisi to shall be Gulliv of a mind Neanor Ond upon convict Ion shall he of n any sum not exceeding five Hundred Dol ars for each offence end ii and county ois a or. Including county commits loners Biol 10 guilty of article Nga god in unties Quot by a Gen 1 Busin Ith Bodoki Osach ally. Lid Iliyof Flerin cons i really o firm or its agon percentage loan a lion of Bis influx Ileana and i Morats is that the Repal Claita have Al Lys promised but never full led we ii i Morats fulfil their pledges when they Iraln Power. There has not been a Legle Ture in Indiana during the last Quarter of Len turn that took As great a Burden off of shoulders of the tax Ridden people of a As was do legislature. Coniti lit Ihn people in stood by them so w Hola a Ali been do b p irly that i . In 22, 1s75. He had t heard of it. Strange As it Ibntal soak Al. Nay seem there Are those who yet heard of Iho National to Tho Case to be placed on a would to no Dio Lenity in Tho new York mall thus Ito is qualified to Slit judg Tho Story is this the or. Fulton ferry Vioal Asti tiber Lay a Iriondo of latter on a Paul real. The Rio Thia ease Nind to be great i the Cali Quot Well y people Quot Iii pc Laid or. Laid the a looking a 11�s inc ruin Quot Tieru a no a Man who has t heard of the Case. Go and ask the Friend went Over pot into Cave Reallon with the stranger and found he wan a i Ong islander. Quot what do the people Down your Way think about the Tillion Keechor scandal Quot Quot most of our folks use kerosene Quot a was the reply and the Taco of or Evarts was wreathed with smiles. -1 Ihl -1

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