Indianapolis Indiana State Sentinel in Indianapolis, Indiana
26 Jul 1855

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Indianapolis Indiana State Sentinel in Indianapolis, Indiana
26 Jul 1855

Read an issue on 26 Jul 1855 in Indianapolis, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Indianapolis Indiana State Sentinel.

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Indianapolis Indiana State Sentinel (Newspaper) - July 26, 1855, Indianapolis, Indiana Indiana. Walker amp t. B. Holcombe editors published every thursday win wekly Edmon in tee country. At two Doms a year la. W. Conom pm Bushee. A volume , ii Daiva the afus a j�zj��zy26> is 10 to bushed eve kit tub sat ii Obiso a a j 1 Mammoth is but dollars per year ,. Is variably in Advance a by Adires port wild Waiker Goitom pc Walker proprietor of thues Dat Monino july 19,1855 i Wie presented it would be i 4.�te&ohei toipresentsdait0iiav Resol Ntilis to Lopo aed l y them. To thought the tote of tossed a onto juju it of Vamp try Indore or t quotes jut could he that time should Hiya a Malcide speeches of. Doings of Hent Wilaon b party. We recommend Tho following. Letter one of the treasonable acts of the late in Raoul legislature o Massachusetts attentive consideration of our readers. To big them to recoil Culjat the assemblage who passed the Law question sent he Obj in Soh to the to United states Senate.-. This Man who came Here and talked so sweetly about preserving the Union and quoted from web be band i Roksos a the mouthpiece Tho chosen of nent of Tho Lawless and godless Crew who have tarnished the fair lame of the ild Bay Tate and made her Everetts and ch0ate9 hating their Heads m shame. To Concilio to the honest hut misguided voters of Indiana he tried As Well As Euld to assume the. Herr. Of. Heaven. Barrie hoofs and horns were to apparent find the in Sci Julous Aboh zionist at the same time nullifying those which displease us can find no place in Tho mind of any honorable Man. Every Jat notion citizen of Massachusetts to Akhom the Honor of her name a dear will Lii Sec to Fink of Hor As the hindmost Folio Wei and. Unsuccessful Predali Jessow path. It Amoco Aloiv shall ans or if it Haa indeed already Ansehl who it is our duty to resist the Daggres skins of the Federal govern Jentilet us provide Fot the exigency a a Manly Way it such a cords pcs with Tho High . Massachusetts has always Mamta ined m her Devotion to Liberty and right and i Tistl shall not be be had any of Het citizens in sustaining her cause. But Suchi a Exi Genov cannot be me such a duty cannot be discharged by the enactment of Petty annoyances to be the the United states courts while Law by pres cubing penalties for obedience to the Laws of the a a. States which even . Raid Church the following Abl a till Efrum the i Dolphia a or we recommend All perusal of our readers. It embodies if opinions of dispassionate men who lug Stii Lea the True theory Aud purposes of. Go fein Fleit. Seo Tabias to j against sects is hostile to the Genius Lamenca Institute Oil. A it Cotile Only is Vised by. No. Enemy at heart to our Conn a and 18 purely mischievous whether boldly avowed in stint ites or itt belong a flu common Law that convenient House Fuge Fot Dit i juices. The americ a Mem Mentse Federal and. State have to they should Nof Reize sects or churches. A a. Favor of wheat growers Quot and against we i indies would not be a More flagrant foxy or one More query if Yon so firmly by St flt Feltel Lukl. Lieve that a Jila form should Declaro every political con Votion Oysti a porters Aii Quot milk and wet Etc s9em,&Quot de3orving.d. Ciati ii did t you Puta Rao it lion affirming into Titt platform of and As such a Resolution is Xot , Why Don t Woide Bosinco it Isas a Quot milk and water Quot conc Iii Job unit. ,. The a Quot Ourn still refused Wesp Ress its i. Differ onto of opinion. The Compromise of 1820 was forced by the a the stand unwilling North. A ,h.8 Extension of slavery enacted by it was Quot toted by the House the immediate repro a natives of the people hut the Senate was. has been to Tho Inte Tesu of lir Asi True a the House of lords of ,tp.thoantere5t8 of the to tilted Quoton that i timid i the language of a Man Lioi i Jatoi it onco occupied by Viii 1 the Platt Carmi am in8�o<iail-�f answering our remarks att roots to it distract pow in Atten ton from the True Points at Issue by putting irrelevant inquires to ourselves. A notions Are our Privato pro Pereir though we Are ready make them common to. The whole Denio racy it. They lioo8e.tojk Thoni it it Thuiy to of de was anxious that the voice of the people should he expressed to Jugh the resolutions As Well As the speeches indeed he considered the resolutions most important. But our neighbor will have to take the Back track and miss that the speeches and banners were exponents of the popular sentiment not less than the platform. He will to perfectly night m taking this ground for no candid Man Voll deny that Tho convention was Aua Bolion concern Little weak m the joints and not having quite a enough Quot Back Bona Quot to suit the journal but yet with All ita sympathies and tendency leading it straight into the arms of Gin Dinos and Gabbi Aoh. The fusion party Bear Tho same relation tothe Radical abolitionists that the extreme Legh Church Pusey ites do to the roman catholics Only the difference of a name and some scruples on Tho part of the latter. The Pusey ites concede Liat the Catholic is Thi True Church the catholics allow that the Pusey ites Are on the right Road go with to a unionists and Aioli Konits. But As Nici salaries and snug rec tories and bishoprics kept some of the English clergy from going cd Over to borne in the same Way the flesh pots of o�5ce, in Possession or Prospect a restrained some of the fusion leaders from a Manly avowal of their whole Creed ii�tungith0 oat out of Tho bag the reason Why the fusion convention did not a opt stronger resolutions. La great Prim Flea Laid dmm in the platform of Oie free soil coven Titu contain my views Hui the centry ii not Ripe enough for the Comsti there declared. Our duty is now to meet upon a common and moderate platform. If i were an anti slavery Man i should feel that i deserved a cruise to the last Day of my the it i did not give my voice and Aid to such a platform. It there was Ever a time when anti slavery men should Lay aside their extreme and distinctive views to limit the spread of slavery it m Wil a Toi i is a ii rips for the Matitu tonal. there declared. That is to say = v must deceive the people for the people is igbo we must use sugar coated pills. We a i to Praay nothing Tutsi now about the fugitive Auito liw or slavery in the District of co. A Lumbia or Tho Domestic slave Trade urgent Ting three fourths of Tho states to to free and a then altering the Constitution so As to com is Ispell the South to emancipate her ii Quot people at least some people whose a need might Quot he Fng thened at this plan at. Tow Lime then feeling of Justice is too yrs. But we understand what -. About we will gradually eradicate thar moral Anat Tho same time arouse their pre juices by raising a howl against Quot Southern Quot it is True we know among our. Selves that Thi South is struggle my Torihei very exist Noo that she is entirely on the defensive and would be crushed without the Dot the Northern democrats. But pile of the agony lie it through and we can Ridi to place and and execration trom All Patno Tio men. Prom Ilio Boilon Day realty to the Constitution of the United states. We Lay before our readers this morning a copy of the letter to which we alluded several Days Smice addressed by Hon. R. A. Chapman of Springfield to Bis excellency governor Gantner declining Tho Appi int ment which the governor had tendered him. To be commissioner under the personal Liberty act pissed at Tho recent session of the Massachusetts legislature. The subject seemed to us to possess such general interest and importance that we requested to be furnished with a copy of the letter and Are gratified to have the pleasure of laying it Batore the Public. The duties of the Commissi to be appointed Are defined in that Lee nth Section of Tho pc Reonal Liberty act wherein it is provided that Quot the governor by and Vith the advice and consent of the Council shall appoint in every county one or More comaris Sonere Learned in Tho Law Whoso duty it shall to in their respective counties when Ai Yore on in this state is a Ryste 1 or seized of Halki a of boing arrested or seized As a fugitive from service or labor in being informed thereof diligently and faithfully to use All lawful Means to protect defend Aud secure to such alleged fugitive a fair and impartial trial by jury and the Benefit of the provision to of this now what is Here called Quot the Lien Elit of the provisions of this act Quot As our readers Wall know is the Benefit Quot supposed to to derived from attempts in Tho name of the state of Massa Susetts to thwart the execution of the Laws f the United states. Some of Quot Tho provi icons of this act Quot contrary to the Constitution United states and some Are believed Gay no loss distinguished a state authority ban our own Massachusetts attorney gon ral to to contrary to Tho Constitution of Massachusetts. We have not heard of the appointment of any Othor commissioners and we believe that none have been publicly announced. Or Chapman s answer to the governor s appoint Niento was Manly prompt and patriotic. Tho remarks of or. Chapman upon Thi character of tie statute Asau attempt a nullification Quot and its objectionable feature in other respects Tiiu commend Hemsel to the judgment of the retailer who not longer detain from the letter itself although Tho subject suggests further remarks which to had designed to make. Sybl Sofien june 11th, 186 a Sia-1 have the Honor to acknowledge Tho receipt of your excellency s commission appointing me to the office of commissioner for the county of Hampden under the act entitled Quot an act to protect Tho rights and liberties of Tho people of Tho Commonwealth of Massachusetts Quot passed by the legislature at their late session., i deem it my duty to inform your excellency that i have tor Many Jesaia held and still continue to hold the office of comm sooner of the Cin Iuit court of the United states and it being an office which in my opinion it is proper and honorable for any Good citizen of Massachusetts to hold and it being convenient and useful to Tho Public that there should to Sincli a magistrate residing in 1 did not resign Tho office within after the passage of the act above referred to nor have 1, at present and intention to do so. Carefully read Tho act and beg leave to Call the attention of your excellency to the 13th and uth sections which Are As Tol expose them to punishment in ler the Law of the United states and tur is Hing no adequate Force to protect them from such punishment and those artful Post Icilus who have wheeled the Legisla Ture into the enactment of such provision deserve Tho severest reprehension. The act is entitled Quot an act to protect Thi rights and liberties of the people of Tai Commonwealth of yet Thi most that it attempts to do in relation to their rights and liberties is to violate them. The a constitutional provisions indicated by pc sex Collence in your veto of the Bill and the letter of Tho attorney general which i companies it. Are clearly of this those who think to protect our rights and liberties by violating the Constitution which them Are but poorly qualified tor Thi Trust of protecting them and do not represent the intelligence the Wisdom or the patriotism of the Commonwealth. Where the violate the rights of Tho people by unconstitutional pro visions it attempts to Embarrass them. Evry citizen has the right to Avail himself of Tho Laws of the United suites when Occam and in every week and almost eve that passes some of our citizens a Vail themselves of those i through Tho Agency of Tho United states commissioner. Yet this act seeks to detox Evory citizen from holding this office Whilt at the same time it does not conto Plati secession but professes to exist under allegiance to the United slates and voted for by those who had sworn such allegiance. If Tho commissioner holds an office under the govenis Mentor Tho state it proposes to Punili him by a n unconstitutional removal but if to hold no such office it assails him with Rudo vituperation. If it could by these Means prevent every citizen of Tho state from hold ing Tho office of commissioner Tho Only it feet would be to compel Tho circuit co dirt to select these officers elsewhere to Embarrass Theja Polo of this state in the prosecution and defence of very important Legal rights and to leave Many criminals to escape from Justice. Without noticing All the objectionable features of this act i beg leave to mention one which adopts a principle acted on Only by despotic governments of Tho most arbitrary character but repudiated by every Reph Licati government and by every monarchy that Al lows to the people any decent measure o Legal prote cuon. I Gofur w Tho right to in. Tain and employ counsel Aud the right of counsel to he rein ined and employed prosecution and defence of cases in courts of Law. I venture to Assort that this right is of the essential and necessary safeguards of Quot in and Liberty. It must be secured Poison even to criminals of Tho worst Char actor otherwise there can be no reliable so Uriv for the just and proper administration if the Laws of Tho land. But this act assume that the people hold this right at the pleasure f the legislature and that a Pari having temporary Power in that body May p.is3 Sti tubes depriving the citizen of its enjoyment cases inhere it May to obnoxious to them the act is apparently designed to Aid per sons who May be claimed As fugitive slaves oily Gammon. The speech of Henri in sos at the con to Button was a note worthy thing not for an Worth or Merit in itself but for the Posi Lioi of the Man As the Mouth Poco of others. 1 waa a plausible speech in which the Enven Omad Malico of the fanatic was masked by the cunning of the politician. Taken in its whole Tenor and spirit however it was Ai u Mist Keahle abolition address looking to the final destruction of slavery through sex Temal political action and using the anti slavery sentiment As a political lever. It or. Clat had been living and had replied to him How appropriately he might have said As he did on another occasion it is Lecause these Ultra abolition lists have ceased to employ the instruments of reason and a equation have Adt their cause political and have appealed to the Hallot Hoz that i am induced to address or the Greencastle Banner a Lead know no thug paper in this state thus Quot Dis co Raeth Quot on the swallowing up of Quot Sam by his ethiopian rival k. N. State Council. A meeting of the state Council of k. A were in session last week at Indianapolis. A platform was adopted which has not been a abolished As yet but we understand there is title difference Between it and that of the Republican mass meeting. The action of the delegates to the Philadelphia convention were endorsed and the National platform rejected. Tho Council also declared itself entirely disconnected from Tho National Council and made arrangements to Corres Pond with All the seceding states for the purpose of effecting a Northern organization and the nomination of a Man for the presidency m 1836. We have bit few words to say relative to this action of Tho state Council. We regret very much the course they have taken and cannot think they represented the will of the party in the state. What right had they to a Belve the party from All connection with. The National Cound they assume possibility of which they had no right. Are thay not More guilty than the men that Tore Down the time honoured Compromise line one party violated the thence plighted plea mgl of Tho nation while the other his sold out Quot lock Stock and Harryl Quot that which they had Simm to defend nth Quot hands joined in taken of a fast a Root my Afredton which should Ever Hind a Fife states of Las what now a has Lecome of our toasted Organ nation modelled after of Amati cation Ltd the muted states and. A a to ions Iii Mth what now has become of those pledges we mde to stand a by to it Hazard Imd that to ,. Of of told not Toioi Mance or new Traje any attempt Ait veld Oreaun ita injury or vie Aken in. It a in Ltd a where Are the Quot rampant Quot abolitionists Quot Nihom we f without any hesitation or mental declared we would never Atfili-j�4t�"wlthi��ote.\fori of appoint to any official Rolf is i. Seo. 13. No person who holds any office under the Laws of the United states Quot which qualifies him to Issue any Ivar rant or Obei process or to Grant any certificate under the acts of Congress named in the ninth Section of this act or to Servo the same shall at the same time hold any office of Honor Trust of emolument under the Laws of this . A Seo. 14. Any person holding any judicial office under the Coustie Titian or Laws of Thi Commonwealth who shall continue for tei Days after the passage of this a to hold Thi office of United states commissioner or Ani i fico nude the Laws of the United states which qualifies him to Issue any warrant or process or Grant any certificate under Tho acts of Congress named in the ninth Sec if this act shall to deemed to have violated Good behaviour to have Given reason for loss of Public Confidence and furnished sufficient ground either for impeachment or re Oval by address. Thus by Tho act itself under which i have had the Honor to receive your excellency s commission i am decl Rcd to to disqualified to hold any office of Honor Trust or ormolu pent. But while Tiei of the United states and its most important provisions can Quot in of no service to them it cannot fail to de Troy much of the benign moral influence that m.tssaohu.sett3 might otherwise exercise the 1 of human Freedom. I Trust that your Delency s Strong and patriotic protest supplicant for Tho right of residence. While the nations of Europe offer Only so much toleration As is Pat ibo with the safety of the state Church America offers full Roh Gions Liberty to All. I he doctrine of toleration belongs to old Worril not to the new. Which preterm grander one of Equality of Shl in counties like England dissenting sects grow Pii Nily up. Like under the Upas tree. In Tho United states there Are no dissenting sects and All grow up Good and bad together like wheat and cheat in Tho same Field. The institutions knew that the people would winnow Iho True from the false and that the bad Gram would always Bear but Small proportion to the Good. It is Trio that the idea of Quot Church and state Quot was at one time half admitted in America. The Early immigrants Practised in heir turn what they had suffered from in Tho lid world. They inflicted punishments for opinion s Sake while professing great liber.1-sm. William Penn himself was inclined to establish an inquiry into religious opinions theological tests tor Sottler. The it puritans imposed a Fine of five 1 every person who should give a bed and shelter to a Quaker an adamites or ranter and the Plymouth Rock men who came Over the Quot seek Freedom to worship god Quot exiled fined and imprisoned certain dissent Ore irom their Faith. But those violations of religious Liberty were justified not on propagandist grounds but on Roa sons of Public order. Tho Quaker &c., it was , showed a malicious spirit in coming to disturb the puritans Ivhon Tho new world was Broad enough for them to go and establish a society of their own elsewhere of they would come into a Community of different religion it was under a implied contract to keep thei tongues quiet. In most of the colonies Prio to 1776, there was a sort of slate religion 3 or less clearly recognized. Virginia de Episcopacy into an establishment Catholic Maryland and protestant South oar toned Quot the Christian religion Quot ii their constitutions North Carieli Nadaud Massachusetts Quot the protestant Quot while Penn Sylvania and Delaware stipulated tor a belie in Quot the inspiration of the scriptures of Thi old and new but these relics of the old world system were All swept away by Tho profound di.scu3 Sions and awakened nationalism of the Ruvo Luti Ontaiy period. Tho governmental a separated from the religious idea. The Turuc Tion of the site was single not double. Our. National Eagle had but one head not two As in Austria. Tho business of Thi state was reduced to keeping Tho peace and Prole Tino Tho rights of individuals Ond acting for a few common to All. It did not under take to furnish the people with any theolog. Ical ideas whatever. It would not i Quin either into their religious doctrines it refrained from inquiring whether he was a monarchist or Tepu Viean. It left each Man a Liberty to think As he pleased and Tho people at i Lirty to select for Congressi fice any citizen Thev might think capable leaving them to decide whether his religion or political opinions wore sound. Its prope sphere was the maintenance of order Tho pre. Rights to thought of fee Quot Slin Quot if Mirra a ill a mtg is lamp speech on the Oregon Bill spoke of it As Fol require every political conviction to a sex lows Quot after an arduous struggle of in a platform but we do require a More than a disc duct Declar Aliou free from ambiguity on rear on the question whether Missouri Shouchi the More mordant questions which Are before Tome into Tho Union with or wit bout restrict the Public. Teens prohibiting slavery a Compromise Lino in is True we asked the journal if its whole Vas adopted Between the North Aud South Creed was embraced in Tho platform but the jut it was done under inces which inquiry was suggested by the assertion of our Nade in no Wise Obi oratory on tile 1,alter. In neighbors that they freq Neuy declared s True it was by one of Lier Distin their a Hole Creed on slavery. The context Rinshed citizens or. Civ. But it is equally shows that we were desirous to elicit com 10 that in was Carriell he the Al Mist United ment and explanation about the platform. Ote of the North against tin vote of which in seems they Are resolved not to give. The soil la and was thus Imp ised on the we want a reply to what to said on monday Heller by Superior numbers in r opposition to and for fear it May to for Gollen to publish it let strenuous efforts. Tic soul h Bas never again Fiven her Sanction to Quot it or Assi to Tho Quot every Ono perceives at a glance that the Ower in asserted. She was vote id Down and Only practical and tangible Plank in the plat Las simply acquiesced in an form on the slavery question is Tho Restora which she has not bad tie Powe r to reverse. Tion of the Missouri comp Ouise. The Oiler ind which she could not Al Tompt to do with clauses Are Mere generalities which can to but disturbing the peace and bar irony of the made to mean every thing any thing or Noth ing. If the fusion party is opposed to the sex or. Yoi or of Florida our ,.ly to Tho tension of slavery into any of the territories Barge of or. , of venue Iii that Tho there was neither necessity nor propriety in adjust Nicot was an act of soul i Jan coercion referring to a geographical line and such Laid Quot i dispute the fact and or 1 the coi Itra reference by convey Iii a false impression. By aver that it was the North we Iclet co recod was a dishonest act. If they arc willing to 1-, and Iho South which was roil Ucci by do admit slavery South of that Lino then their Ess to the Concession. I have ii used a table High sumling generalities Are dishonest they 10 be prop ired exhibiting Thi state in the Rossei live summary of the Vot amp Nate out of Twenty Tlly were cast in favo Only two against it ont of one Hundred of Congress. I ill the f Tho Cempron Lorther they prom a take either bom of convicted of Insi Cerii 3 go beyond the plat Foi ners and speeches of Veall to the men we co this of it and of ill five against it. On Tho other Ham to Southern senators Only of events six representatives ool noted for the Aken from the journals of con bund on Page 1108, a Ppevidi glob i for july 1850. Either Tho Timble from Irons or Lesnr Wilson i of Twenty Lee ii and of f secrecy they Leir platform i definite re Solu As to Trio Aiji a Atic Resolution Osi tation that a a till of Thi having Lei right t 1 Aioli id mask their principles i declare it the duty of coi slavery in the territories a it Byi i socratic e to the a Emo to say without 1 which should Ess to prohibit 11 0 Reudi Ald that any Sui the Lolly tin sed the Ponta Neoim f words of the pm Alford leaders. There is in Blage was a mixed c and Reiji Loiis bigots. Imp us but Tho ban Mieir Iii Otto of express Ilg Sof a Borrois a the Ivere shaped by the. Auvil that Tho Assoc it Iii of Almli zionist r any proof i Ninstil a ill not r a Long unheeded hat Massachusetts will do Hereof the Jii Stii to remove this stain from her statute Book. Entertaining the views above expressed i respectfully decline to accept the office which has thus been offered to me. I am with great respect your excellent obedient servant. R. A. Chapman to his sex Collence Henby j. Gandner governor of Tho Commonwealth of i Chus Otts. In Tho banners would to proof e Quot no Pope in America Quot was on Les Hul Ala the or be the terrible dangers from his to most note worthy sentence Ingli of Llie Mol the Ghie a ills of la ma3the convention expressed the sent journal and it should adopt upon it of free Soilis Westho spastic demo Tio meeting a tip Tosk the Gallant democracy of Triploi cd a qty held a most glorious and enthusiast ii mass Nie Efing at Tipton on tuesday Tho crowd was a very Large one and Thi assemblage altogether one of those old lash loved Etlina Mastic Liberty Loving and Ugloi preserving demonstrations which Tho demo Cracy were wont to hold in other Days. The Itara and a tripes seated of Romany Flag staffs the enlivening notes of music work Haid o ill Side and Tho ent6 Imam di8plad Pinili caled the deter Iii Itri i hearts of the Geum due Domizi Aikui Oid tip ton to atm for the contest Aad duties to them elves a Idajo fio Iii one of his happiest efforts of by the crowd assembled with rapturous applause. Tho convention on tuesday Wos addressed by Hon. A. P. Wii Gabd whose eloquence id logic told upon Tho Hoard and minds of the masses assembled with Tho happiest effect he convinced them beyond Itro Vorsky of the Union dissolving Tendon i of the present opposition to Tho demo tic party How that opposition were ready to barter away every principle of Repi Ihli ism dear to the rus american heart tor the e of office and spoils How know nothing Sam bad been swallowed up soul Ard body by abolition brother and co Adjutor. Know something Quot Sambo Quot and that Quot fusion for the Lal of office Quot was now the Only Plank left in lie platform of Hindo Oisiu Indiana. Tho speech was received throw Gliori by the hundreds who heard it with marked attention and the speaker was Roque Nelly interrupted by the most vociferous cholera. Gov. W. Is loing Yeoman ser a Ratic f his political Fri Beni of his More Cai enemies Whei Iro glad to learn he to n. 0. B. Tob Dett Oft is City co in Tho Good old demo in Iii himself to the hearts ids and winning the is Liberal Polit scr he . He will we inv ass a Large portion of Bis and Tho first of october. Eed id gov. Will a Vilich done Hoied by Tho larg Husi asm. I id Calion of i foul aspersions and his speech was one to himself Andras receive so ably with the As a masterly and eloquent democratic party from the 1 3 dark lantern and Abo prepared with polio Al morality. A Estaloe hos of late had the Lou Sivilli journal filled with tirades against Tho Catholic Church which surpass in violence and misrepresentation if that were a possible oven Robert Ebbecke Ninoe himself. But unfortunately the files of the journal have item up and his opinions in 18� made to answer his charges in 1855. Lie Treau the matter pretty cooly and say to Felt bound to Andonie what was said by or. Clan Tho whig party in 1844 was naturally Ivious to obtain the roman Catholic vote and we As an Organ of the party were of to help Tai a if Tho principle of Equality. Tho National Constitution constrains no conscience Hows an officer elect either to take an oath firm under Tho pains and penalties of perjury provided be wishes to obey Tho com Asui eur not at All Quot it prohibits con from preferring any religion it likes in pressing any religion it the Mussulman and the Hindoo Are As free and eligible under our government As to Shaker Tho israelite the methodist or Tho Baptist. Among All the state constitutions there Are Only four that hint at theological tests of any kind. Pennsylvania and Delaway negatively tie general doctrines of ii once of god and a future slate of Rewa Puisis liniments doctrines belonging to natural religion Aud by implication Liev give the right 10 Ibe legislature to make belief i them essential to holding office. A clause i the Maryland Consoli lotion Mav lie coins lined from once of All but .1 news am Christian and the North Carolina cons Titu makes incompetent every Quot person we being of a god or Tho truth Christian religion or the divine a of the old and new testament or who shall hold religions principle Inco Ninati Ilo with the Freedom or safely of Tho to wonder that North Carolina did not Cap he Climax of Folly by depriving of the elect be franchise every Paraon holding political Ipi Niotis incompatible with the welfare Tho state and establishing an inquisitorial Quot no c slave territory Ilac states shall be d a be glory but not free we mass Moune in co Ivaon. Tho Olizi is of Harrison county Shouh Bear in mind that the mass mooting in Corv Don will to on Sii Lurda the 4lh Day of a gust next. To undoes trend lint several distinguished speakers of the slate have been invited and their arced Tare received. The pros Cripliver and insole rank doctrine of know is wanly opposed by Tho , and sternly rejected by some of the beat Wisest and Lii Ost substantial of Tho whig Parl of Harrison. The same unscrupulous and unti us haul course of lilo Moalli Boi Iii plotters has been Piir aued by the 1 that county. A few Den latter Oracle individual tender isolated Good behaviour to have Given reason tor loss of Public Confidence and furnished sufficient ground either for in pachment or removal by address from Ali office of Justice of the peace which i also hold. While i am sincerely Grote no to your excellency and Tho Hon. Council tor the Confidence in my integrity which the commission a presses my duly to Tho appointing Power s Well As to the Public Aud to myself seems 0 to to require that i should not accept an office under a Law of such a character. Who a Quot Lenial 1 a Madeth ii slave and mobs fraud Cor Quot Franklin s live Jackie is. Efs live negro they both v understand this but in is i the Consoli lotion of the Uii lie by that presentation. Cited by Idillio Lav Huld Litho ill the necessary proofs to show that the direct tendency of the present of i arrayed against the democracy was to it anger if not to dissolve our glorious uni and throughout Bis whole speech to adduced Tho strongest arguments to show Why such a party should not be tolerated by Thi american people. Or. T. Was listened to with great interest and his speech v and honest hearts. The banners displayed at this no were the glorious Quot Rod Pluto and Blue the stars emblazoned Uwin them. Netious sentiment could be read upon Thi and ample folds but America As she Bai been since Tho Days of Wasiqi Noton and Jer fens it a Madison and Jackson a a Crici a National not America sectional Quot democracy the Law of nature pervading the Law of Thi land Quot a those were sentiments which might he read upon the banners and those Woi its Utt Rod by the speakers Contrastato they with the Sedi tii the treasonable devices displayed in of the 13th of july convention of i let lug r Broad seduced into the is orators but Hall Del Quot Renilda Thi think the Vilh the in tier localities in nothings in its have been Lark Chambers of the secret Pecl Iii Iii of e in Thi in Hacks. Of civil and religions Liberty seduced into the is orators but cited by Idillio Lav Huld persons have ascert.1 lined by their Sprat Loiis i u the lodges that Thev a and Sii web have Rhrou sided by retired fron i 1 never a it air 1 to unite with it. Mon see the Quot in or of the lir was and horde of by Oken Dow n Ami Sci innit the last canvass Ai ild cd to the i Tion of har Rison for 1 to ring Ami u Devotion be Liberal i . Ali energetic n Ivsich the Insi treat Beroun i too was u let last fall Haig Hacks. Of civil and religions Liberty the i Volo District and sit of the foil Hei Alj is in Hap Tion of the Lon tue Niue Jou the meeting at Corydon an the 4th of August no doubt will be very Lar Gold attended Aud Hoo. Jesse d. Bright gov. A. P. Wil lard Hon. W. H. , and others Are sex. Pec Teil to address the . A. Ledger the Demis a i newspaper thus abandon Eplly if in a pow in Jeclin to my if Tho office of commissioner of Tho u. S. Court at this late Day i could not with my present views of duty do any act which would imply an obligation to regard this Law As valid. I of under Tho obligation of an oath to support the cons Tulion of Tho United states and the Constitution of Massachusetts and this act palpably and grossly violates both its obvious purpose is to nullify a Law of the United Stales. Its most important provisions cannot be enforced without a direct conflict with the courts and officers of Tho United states and in Case of such collision the Citi of 5iassachusetls who obeys this 1 if to i Quot Catholic crowd might have been we a hold certainly have Felt it our duty to make a True statement in our Power calculated important sup sort so a Deoliv i if there were two thousand mormon Low in Kentucky to should desire their votes for our candidates and we should think it right to make any True statement calculated to induce them to vote with us rather than with Tho Sag nights. In such a Case if either or allot our candidates had Ever spoken kind words in their behalf we should consider ourselves right in calling their attention to those , whether to thought Tho remarks merited or not. 1 Havi ashment i the Laws of Tho United states except i Dut Ionar movement which shall pros Trato Tho Powe r of the United states within this Commonwealth. Neither my views o duty nor my Iueli nations will Lead me to engage in any such proceedings nor to encourage any of my fellow citizens to do so. Nordo i believe that the intelligent and candid citizens of Massachusetts or of tin muted states generally feel any sentiment respect towards nullification in any of its forms. In whatever shape it has appeared and la whatever part of the Union it has Beec a Dionious Ond contemptible. Tho idea no remaining in the Union swearing to support to Constitution and enjoy my the Ben Litof its Laws to far As they Are agreeable to i tue Evansville Jot Mai. Of the k. N divans Villo journal Tai leading k. N. Paper in Southern Indiana thus Speaks of the action of the state coun in at their meeting in this City of the 13th but the Ani Elican party of this state with lie exception of that Lorion in the first District have annulled Tho platform of the National convention so far As their future action Ion is concerned. In doing this knowing that Tho action of the lie publican Conven. Ion would be they probably acted Tho part if Wisdom for Success in Indiana but the Pari if Folly for the National Success of what it for probing opinions the prove How firmly foul led in amen can Law is the principle that religious teugels do not fall within the Range of slate action. This is As it should be. Men have murdered each other Long enough for differences on theological Points. They been Gladi store fighting for masters who looked on from the , while lolling on purple Cush-00.3, and it was time that a Sovereign people should Lirow its scepter into the Arena and command the Slaughter to cease. American system ignores the Cecidia doctrines of every sect. We go Tarlbert and say it ignores the sects themselves. It does no t negative or deny them. It is As foreign to theological Leney As a Bank or a police Force or an insurance company having in own duties in a Well defined sphere. It ii Ian prescribe certain rules to limit the Power o individuals and corporations and prevent than from becoming dangerous to Tho rest of Thi but this must be without refer Lable Iti iral among protists i hold Lish a very poor Spital Fura Piil Ilicin Par j i to. Never Beless if the fears which others, my gloomy forebodings of the r t is said Are to follow the sure Nan Catholic Faith. On Coli Leem to have suffered very my. From that cause. There is in growth of protest Anliss -1 create alarm. Our Pri that the increase of a nit sunts than to at of ii in great Ade Orsari been taught in believe More Ovi i Ion is belter than no religion visual and for the Community i sides. If therefore to nip Reid i it would be from Tho Progress rather than a Cathor tie Silver Creek of Latte with Tai a Rhea Eslo kick it has Lieen i for six months past and in to the convention of the 13lh we attended Tho convention at India is on last Friday Moie As a matter of c to than because to Felt illiberal ions and action was Largo and respect Ali confess that Tho platform of principles it adopted is much More Liberal and tolerant towards All the elements in opposition than to expect my some of the Promise no men who acted officers of the convention openly boast that the know nothings were Quot thrown off Quot id not allowed any influence in Tho proceed is. Of course that is All nonsense ill.3 much As the King of Yankee know Noth in ism Wilson of Massachusets was import ted All to Way from Boston to Mako Ali Iiri Cipal speech it the Heidi Ghod Iii Lotical duties. Many other speeches wore made some persons to in pilose to be know Solbi and some by pc sons to suppose Are not without exception lending strongly towards abolitionism. Tho speech of or. Wilson especially so tincture and was received by the convention with a higher degree of favor than Bat of any other gentleman who spoke s to their future Imo a lorely for i to redress and it the danger. We do t Uli 1 the Iii. Prev cumulation of promo Rev by sects of the Pri Ciple which leads it to forbid entails of real estate. These Are civil , and not to be objected to. From a regard to decency and Good order it May punish malignant abuse of persons of account of their Faith or by Faith with design to outrage those institutions overthrow we regard them As n Aud with far better Chin the earlier stages n Wisdom and the patriotism to carry us safely through a Leri mls ill Sec Linns and classes firmly a Stablish s of Purpe Tully in Chri who profess it or disturb the Public Ilant. In this is based on the same reason with Laws Louisian co punish libel. But it will to a sad Day for nog Elmr i our country when any religious Persu onion Quot to held to Tol Emlo old 1 published that i Hoso polio is of a is most Preva of such Wisdom i ire Protesta led upon Llie in might Bool be led to expect for. The following is the platform of principles ally dead which was with very generl unania an Timo it mity by the convention and As to remarked id of spas above is much More Liberal than we had exp n amusement. Posted it would be esp coolly Tat portion is abroad for which relates to on naturalization eve May have that would seem to go to establish h Somejiro ii fact that the k n s. Bad been to brow 1 Bave Peis overboard by the convention but Vilien w lie a Zieue that saw so Many of them there taking an Active line in its antics to part in Tho proceedings to Are rather forced to licks As we could to Tho conclusion trom Tho moderation e ,1 a More a their resolves that instead of knowing olb Piv repaid in our i in Thev Are at last beginning to know some Tai full to have got thing. Where now is their great Hobby of Inemon is rather of 21 years which had come to be the Cardinal principle in their Milton Gregg and the american piano a 1 form. 71 l i a Esol Irein. That both experience and the unmistakable manifestations of a sentiment demand a Constin i a Tion and Laws of this state Boas to Lam the ii elective fraud his to such peraon8"asw� Tibi a anal Chi Zeimis of the United. States he ii bj>i9 but Thorh ainu and Inala in will a Quot Laws on the subject of Jeri Lutton of the . Be Ono of the prominent men at. This j convention Woja. a it i Nalolny lie. W. Lift Iti nost feb Ewe most thing for 9 when Chioti. To it tract. To a a a Madame de Stael that those who by it if Tifei changed their opinions have never a or remotes t their the present Constitution of Indiana secures to foreigners the elective franchise after one is residence Ami or. Geo Owasso a Shiesl of that provision. Foj of a Al ses a platform which requires five Quot said a prisoner who had been brought Eforo Philip of Mii Cedonia after his big rotations Quot trom Phipp drunk to Philip so do we Appeal from the Milton Beoo of to Day to the Milios Beoo of the constitutional convention Quot this was his language or. Beoo. I Hope or. President that 0 motion made by the gentleman from Hamilton or. Clarke to strike out the it Lor Clauso of this Section Wal not . Aud especially do i Hope that the few whigs who have the Honor of a seat in this body will not place themselves in a false posh a a in regard to this matter by voting against the action As it now stands or by Seok Angilo in Imbor it with unnecessary amendments i Low sir it had Boon Tho policy of a political a Imago pcs tor the last Twenty years and i 11 sorry to say they have succeeded to Somei tent to impress upon the mind is of Ibet reign population among us that the wigs. A party were opposed a to. Them acquiring by poetical rights under our state or Namal governments and that the Domo Ersilo _ and sir i was sorry to hear my. Worthy Friend trom Allen on my loll or. Hamil 1, giving color to this idea in his Rem Lis yesterday Aylor Noti. Sir i deny Tho truth of to proposition that the whigs As a party Are or Ever have on opposed to foreign immigration or to. E adoption of the most Liberal policy for lending to them. All Tho rights and privileges of american citizenship. Itis True there May to exceptions to this Rule among a to whig party As there Are other parties. There May be those among us who Are at heart native amen cans and who honestly believe that Tho True policy of government is to disfranchised our foreign population until they shall have resided Here to least Twenty one years. But this senti Lieut is not Peculiar to those who May Affili Ite with the whigs in other resp oct by Tatay be found with those also re i Oitice Ralg Kitrys democratic party in Matteis of Genet a a a politics. A a a there May be those among us Tybo would distrust Tho patriotism and Fidelity of on tor population should a difficulty tween hic they lately subject but i for one Bave no fears of them. They have it is True their. National prejudices and favor of their Nave lauds but they Are none Tho less Good citizens because of this Yeoung and upon Manv a hard fought Battle amp to Havo they attested their Devotion to the to ii to. A and interests of their adopted country Hwy pouring out their blood Liko water and laying Down their lives Side by Side Thour naive born citizens. But or. President i do not Desiro to discuss a this Epi estion. My position in regard to for Ligi Ien Wos clearly defined upon the consid Ira Tiou of another question some time ago a 1 then remarked and i now repeat that i lid throw open wide Tho portals of our airy and bid the oppressed and Down trodden of All Iho Earth a Hearty would Sav to Tho honest Gem an and open hearted irishman Ceme Aud this let me Sav to my Friend on Tho left would embrace a of his countrymen of Tho Emerald we for so far As i know they Are All open hearted and generous to a fault won the oppressed of All Europe come and share with us freely All the blessings of civil Poh ucal and Reli Giovis Liberty. This sir i regard As the Trio whig doctrine pure and i for one am willing to stand by it. Oct he then noticed Tho Loc Roase of tall. Slavery sentiment in the country in Twenty Vears. Solon ago Herald who dared assert what he now declares to Dav that slavery is sectional and Freo Domis. National and the Federal 110 for it in now Hamp to in 1835, the legislature declared by an a a whelming majority that the abolition of very in the District of Columbia would be violation of National Wilson s speck by Tho abolition of slavery in Tho District of Columbia would not liw be violation of National Faith. Or. 4 e conceded to suspend Fui and Bury the defunct Bod on As iw3sible. T americ Noah Quot anti id patriotism thai intended to to and what Lias been till the Jep ont of government we Eli last month a National party. They have \ Jouval or executive shall to wrested from its adopted which we Havo no i on engine of sectarian doubt will be Sixes soul in carrying this state i propagandist or when our courts shall use at the next election but it is not that policy j ii Jef Power to enforce silence or acquiescence which can assist in securing Success Over the a a a Gari sectarian matters legitimately wife Union for the National principles of the within the scope of Public discussion. The party tor the National objects to sustain Church and state Are widely separated. So which the party was Firat formed. I let them remain. The nomination of nomination of this gentle a portion of our citizens by my. an took a very Large portion of our citizens by Surprise and to say Tho truth has been received hire with much Cin. Maiette. Kyj the number of acres of land in Ken. Tucky is 20,997,767�?and its total valuation $183,379,757�?Tho land being assessed at average value of $8,73. Ing stale Isles. I cited that 5 aspect inf Loir fid lit a Public Krmar. Sumner brother of Seii Alor sum in and Al present in London endeavoured love the museum of antiquities at Ketch from tile destruction it met with. He addressed the Secretary of the admiralty suggesting Tho propriety of sending an order to the British commander in Tho Crimea to cause a guard to to placed around the museum to prevent injury. The English functionary at once sent such a order to lord rag Ian. Whether Tho order came too late does not appear but the work of destruction was very effectually accomplished much to the disgust and Chagrin of Intel gent englishmen a in in r. �o3 is the term which the i ire just now endeavouring to 1 loot endorse their Mise Al proc Ristivo and unchristian dogo americans Quot let Jis see who some of these Quot anti american Quot q. Winfield Scott who Fri igbo gallantly in two wars refuses to become a know nothing or to endorse its Creed and he is an Quot anti american Quot Lewis Cass the venerable and distinguished senator from a Michigan who has served his country in the Field and in the Cabinet in the Senate and As her abroad he according to know nothing parlance a an Quot Antt Ammey Iii Quot general Shields of Illinois who was shot through Tho lungs in Tho service of his adopted country is an Quot anti american Quot Gen. Joe Lane the Gallant Delegate from Oregon who has just been triumphantly re elec cd was denounced by Givins the enc mation he a Iti american Quot but Why so Odd irate according to Tho know nothing theory Tho noblc.4t patriots and slates of Tho age those who Bave most Dis. To anguished Tom solves in every brai Public services Are Quot anti american Albany Ledger. The Pacific letter Writter to Bani the United Ila Teil paita june 14th, says a portion of Thi Pacific Squadron has been singularly unfortunate not Only in the number of deaths that Lave occurred but also in the necessity that Las Arisen tor an almost constant court Mial. Among Tho deaths Are those of Piu cd midshipman Washington Totton of Wasl in ton d. C., and Lieut John Mooney of Maino who jumped overboard and a drowned. Lieut Rhind has been Disu Vissoc from the Pacific Squadron on charges pre. Feared against him for disrespect to ii Plain to Sitwell of the John Adams. Three o tour other officers Are to to tried but thei sentence it is anticipate Al will not to quite so severe. The health of the i depend and the John Adams was Good. The Foi expected to leave for san Franci after the Date of the . Quot a Neto Sale of wheat. Or. H. D. Wheeler reported a Sale of six Hundred bushels of new wheat yesterday at $1,10 per Zette. Hob Bible learn trom m e. S. Pinney that As the cars of the Central Road were backing Down in order to Swit Cli offal mat Loon after having deposited then passengers yesterday they ran into a Handcart on Tho track demo shed it and scattering the men upon it in All directions. One Man a track hand upon Tho Central Road was thrown under the train which so tred his head from his body another bad Bis Arm broken. To did not Loam who a was to blame. Terre Battle american. Regarded t Wilson is ready whenever to can get the voters to Sustin him to perpetrate this enormity. A the Pear is not quite Ripe and the platform had better to non committal of this Point but time a Little Timo is Tho Only thing necessary. For the slate san Liml Snow nothing am. It Well known fact that a Short time National convention of know Noth Inui assembled in Tho City of Phil Idelphia. Delegates were sent up to said Cove upon from every state in the Union under solemn pledges to St ind by Tho Union and to abide by Tho decision of Tho majority of Tho convention. It is also a Well known that a split took in said convention that the minority refi urd to to Memed by the a Morita and that too in Tohle on of solemn to do to. There is now no Rhonal emm a Troang or american Pahy a is split up in factions. The Southern Wing of said party is Streng in pro slave it and the Northern portion bar United with Tho abolitionist and other sectional parties. Now Tho question arises should National men in sentiment both North and who have been heretofore acting the the know nothings be legally or morally bound to continue to act with said party in other a ords with such sectional parries As now exist both North and South. A Imit Sornsin or pros Avery has not been a do a or crowd of he know nothings i til since the secession and Nojir arises should National americans now. With and Foster sectional parties in Len an so dangerous to the Well boing and Perpe falter of the Union it is evident that the time has come tor All National minded men by love the Union end the Laws and he Coati Mtnlion of the country better than they do party to Tako sides in the great Bonfert which a being forced . Is Between abolitionism on the one loud shia Tho Constitution and the pet Pewter of Jwj Union on the other to Fri

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