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Voi xxiv no. 48fndianapolis, thursday july 22 1375 w Hole numb Khz 1,809 under the. Elm. I a i a melt us a. Lvmrettdaicarabr1uip,>on the Handre Bazi Ihen by of Emht Notona it Ftp Ftp command of am Roku Joly i"1 i. I. _ Cal pass As wind Bat where great deeds were Don c a Pawer Abate try fit de Frary ire tue boy fews deeper Man Luis Roll the. Ucgl3¿ through us to a Fife Long Tkal v. L of fora drop of that terse roman Ink who g a air col Lutele length of Day to cel Jar Ledlin buy neither swerve to time unkempt nor a Dow Ortlon to Brink with him so Taine Feln at Reserve to taif Ueni to . Of Forward Tod Ayerve. N it a ne4 1 Thuu tint influence of hit own who mortal among mortal seemed a now the eur Norlan Typo with trains Passione that through Al Taa of acclaim. X what figure More immovable Angust tue that grave strength to patient and to Porte a Kiln in Good Fortune alien it wavered. Rare that Oul Serene impenetrable just. Clele i on Cussie Une it simple they in Iloff. That soul so softly Radiant and a it White toe track it left Wei be of Ore than it get cold Bat to such As love do temperature a and if pure Light m some deem be the Force that driven Lej of Cong pm Nueton on Thul Coore. By for i Power Beulon Neek an it nearer source he we in True Euthul alarm Iba Burn Long. arts by cd from to Elf Sud shy or human sight the hidden Force that make a Lyle time Strong. And not the Short lived Fael of a song. 1m»iod pm Hay you what is Pua Stoa for Bat to Sublime our natures and control to front heroic dolls with late ret urn or conv or such As shame the conqueror. That Ore was fed with substance 01 the soul and not Alta Holiday sub he that coaids barn through seven slow years of Unava Clug w at Kauai when Fleda a re lost or Field were won with breath of Popalo applause or blame. Nor Fauneil nor a duped us it i incl Miv tue mine too inward to be reached a flaws of Idle Fame 3. Homier and statesman rarest Tiu Laon a Loti pot de Yawp Lief great duties done a imply As breathing a worlds Honor worn As lifers indifferent gilts to All men born dumb Lor himself Galea it were to god i hit for i bar Wroot soldiers . Tramping the in a to Coral where they trod. Held by his Awe in hollow eyed context modest vet Flarro As natures self in blamed have by the men Bia nobler temper Shanu a not honoured Theu or now because he wooed the popular Volee but that he till withstood bad minded Biabe Sou led. There is but one who was All la amp and ours and All men s. Washington. Mills Airong by fits. Irregularly great that tuu Aud Darken use revolving Light catch to e uie Villmar Eye unschooled to wait on the Long curve of up Lieut Days and nights. Rounding a whole life to the Circle fair of Robed completeness and this balanced soul. To simple in i is grandeur. Coldly Bare of draperies theatric standing there in per Leet symmetry of self control seems not so great at first but greater grows Sliwi a we look and by experience earn Luw grand oils quiet 1», How Hubly Stern the discipline tha Wroght through life Long throes tuls Enen?3tic passion of repose. It. A nature too decorous and severe. Too se2f-Respeelfttl in it Griefs and Joy. For ardent gris and boys who find no Genius in a mind so Clear that its grave Euhla set in obvious and near nor a soul great that made so Little noise they reel no Force in that rate Cade need phrase the habitual full Drew of his Well bred mind. That seems to Pax the minuets Cou try Maze and Lel of Ampler Leisure roomier length of Days. His Broad Bulit brain the self so Little kind that Notum Situa y blood could mind. Formed to control men. Not amaze looms not like those that borrow height of Haze it wan h world of St atelier movement Theu than this we fret in he a Denizen of that Ideal Rome that made a Man for men. Al 1. The longer on this Earth we Uve and weigh the various qualities of men to Elenz How most Are fugitive. Or filut gifts at Best of now and then. Wind wavered Corpse Ignis daughters of the Fen. The More to feel the High Stern featured Beauty of Plain devote due to duty Sre Adias. Aud still nor paid with mortal Praise but Hud lug inapt i recompense for life Ungava need expense la work done squarely and in wasted Days. For this we Honor him. That he could of cow How Sweet the Servio Aud How free of her. Of de t daughter Here below. And choose Lum Aue to ral Meul which a she. 2. Plau completeness life we thong a flail from Fai i or by guest aim truths breach less wad purely if any Fame can Bear the touch. His will say Hare at the last Tram Pel s Call Man whose life expressed so much. Vil 1. Never to Sec a nation born hath been Given to mortal Man Linies to those who on that summer morn a i silent when uie great virginian unsheathed the sword whose fatal Flash Mio Union Tiro Ogtip the incoherent clash of our Loose atoms cry Lal Theta around a single we Dos Supli Ainstein. And making purpose of emotion rash oat of that Scab hard sprang As from its womb. Nebulous a1 first but hardening to a its to rough Mutual Stuie of Suu Buret and of gloom. The common Faith that made of what we Are. Run. Wili Irr Iran when r a Ming we stand stood he. The purely to keep Honor Elear. _ Down his father whiners Here Here where w i iat oui no Siren base be con id in sphere to Ltd n Faamele now a Power and mixed Wadi historic town thou oldest sacred Dost. Once known to men a i a us. Learn "1. Ju1. Anti one i Nemorin pile that dares to Lurt. But memory Greet with reverential kiss to spot in »11 the eur eur Sweet As thl. b. Tout Mafe to glory As it past. O a which Van Elm hat piously displayed fax hardred Tymn us monumental Shade. X or our Swift passage turn us bal pc Ray of life and death More Darabe than we what landmark to congenial a a tree repeating is Green legend every Spring. And with a yearly ring. Recording Hie fair front Astley flee. Type of our Brief but still renewed mortality we a 1 a leaves the immortal trunk . He tided Alta cos by juice of he Tarand brains one to the Moo d now. Who the All that vanish return it. J it Are prow cant Sun la human lives by come of Good or Iii and leed the roots of Deatany. Eld. Forget their imbibed n ii. 1. Men s monuments grown of cooed Stern to but the place where shining souls have passed a Vern beyond Mere Earth some Sweet be of their of Kali jmj Wrea or the sol its Une tim in slush Trace Yund us. a sad with nobler Aln Stoa Here tiles our lives Aud heightens i lie til or Haes the uan Brant Al world and Fleet Mem Enid fora moment w. Stand on dust ennobled by he talc feet one m shy iras talk a tottering land. Us minty still Mich Burth it a to Phear. Nor doomed to tread the path of things that merely were our a see refined with Vertne of the spot a Ros the flu of lethers Steepy Stream Ocalla hint the sole chief without a by get no More a pallid image and a dream. Rut a be dwell with men dec Jroud in supreme. Our Trusser mind and it is True ill hint to raise those burled Days from Tomb of print her stood lie softly we repeat. And la. Tho statue shr Nad and still in that Gray Minster front we Call the Rast. Keels in its Frozen veins our pulses thrill. Bien Hies living air and mocks at sea this deceit. It warms it Styro. Come Down to of at last its features Hexan with familiar Light. A Man beyond the historian Art to Klu. Or p. A in tors to efface with Parent chisel blight. 3. I ure the dumb Earth hath memory nor for naught waa fancy we Een chante a loom present and a t com re Ingle fruit and Bloome for fair Bouga inseparably wrought into la Semi tape try of thought. To harm cd with Undell a Eye Weser in fragmentary tale Bright Clews of continuity. Learn that High nature Over time prevail eel ourselves a link in hate Tail and feel ourselves i that binds All a is past1 Rith All that Are to be. In. L. V beneath our consecrated Elm a Century ago he s Ood famed vaguely for that old fight in the Wood which red Gay to it Arael round him Bat coaids not overwhelm the life for doomed to Wield our rough Hen he m colleges where now let go we to arms had yielded from the town. Our rude Seif Sumon med levies flocked to set the new come chief and wonder which was he. No need Loquest Lon Long close a loped and tall. Long trained in nerd a boo Altig forests Lone to Brid e others a Lautore and his own for my erect he Towe it we above them All. The vicar Natenis i pure that was to free with Iron curb hat armed democracy. A Motley rout was that which came to stare. In raiment tanned by Yean of Sun and storm of every shape that was not uniform hosted with regimental Here and there an Artyv All of Captain used to Pray and it la in fight bal serious Drill s despair it kill is to debate their Ord is not Otley. Deacon wire there Al Ctm a men of note in half tamed a Mlet ambushed round with Wood ready to Weltle Kre wiil by a Rote but largely Liberal to it private moods prompt to a a. It by manners voice or pen or Ruder rat. Help re get a Katla Irineu nor Mockli f a a it Lou As to How and when so. I strand attest to create a to bought Staic army or a lasting state haughty they Ald he was. Al first severe. Bat owned As All Meu own. The steady hand upon the bridle patient to com i ind. Proxeda All Utlz. The just Lee pure from fear Fin Quot Revere. And i ame f to Honor Firat then love him. Then Revere. Much Power Hareli in Clear eyed self a traint at Ltd purpose Olcsan a Light front every selfish taint s. I ring beneath the legendary tre. The y arh Bei Wtown furl off 1 seem to see to in flecks shaken tee stirred foliage ill rough Tup it with Gold Bis sober Buff and Blue Ana weave prophetic Aureoles round the head that by a Beacon no Ltd for Darken w the the Lead o. Man or set evil mood. A stranger among str Nazers then How Art thou since renowned the great the Good Fps Nill a a the Day in All the Homes of my tie winged years that we now pole and Basme. Blow Many a tue out they but fan to lame tint of i Newlan splendours of by Fame. In. I mow Many Subtle to Infix enss cute. Toueh of Joy or pain to w Buas air anti soft As Light. To body Forth that image or the brain we Call oar count visionary shape piled i Oil iban woman fal Rof fir than wine Ufali we Charm can none define. For any. Thanh Liet lec it can Earp cd All car tic it lors it i Breed the Weaver time mels u i web now trivial now cub line All memories All forebodings hones and fears maintain and River Poreet. Prairie sea a Tali a Rock a , 11,1. R tree the casual Gleen Lnor be Art. The Oodile hot ii peat hid and there if the Ole at one . New a the Spring Xihua Houf. ii of our Udo kit. Fortis o oar Powers i owl or. Kundler build her Perm a Force Ibay n. Our conscious be tug stirs a life to e ours permanence when we ate a me to Minnie our poor it Rob with iter and Ali Tuta Gio Thig Voru goes Walii hid oar oar hands As free from after Hon til or doubt As Here the United North f poured her Embr owned manhood Forth it Welcome to Cor caviar my thy it a. Thro Asli Battle we have belter Learned by Worth the deep set courage Tad undaunted will which like his own. The Days disaster done. Ould. Muff in manhood Naffer and be still. Both thine and Oon the Victory hardly won if Ever with Dis tempered voice or pen we have mis deemed thee Here we take it Back and for the dead of both Don common Black. Be to As evermore As thou wast then As we forget Boa Hast not always been m it it thar of k la Tea Aud unpolluted men. Virginia ally named from England » Manly Queen run Down at last. Onk of the Vandalia Uek Krs. Mur blend. X you who Hall dear tills self conceived Ideal. Whole Faith at d worn Alo to can make it real k1ng Al your Zaire Tel to Kvitek her shrine who lifts our live away from Titue and mine and feeds Leiu at uie Core with manhood More d Vine orb a All utmost surely be titi Given the face it who gives a i Caracter Aud on in. Which nor any Shock of too Seal elements for the Force us net if a Wing or of ebbing fates can a tar its leap Bues in the living Mck of a. Tent Msj Hood i Sweet a catty and to he gave scr euely Lar i Ira Pride As by take a Boon with pro spans Tara Allied. Fait of a Litas nobler Aeed Skall in our loins Abline x no Bond of men so Strong a common Pride in names a my by deeds that ivc not died Finar Are Ibex he Arsenal these the exp Dustless along that give a Cox Tan t heart in great designs Altene Are the staff whereof each dreamt Are male As make heroin m w thus sorely he a Tell held in placet be Matey blocks he Laid Neath our never fran. Enforcing soberly the self rear Alt that makes and keeps a people free. That lifted Blade Traur fanned our jangl log clans. Till Tea provincial to american Here a the doom fixed Here is marked the Dan when this new world awoke to in tue estate. Burnt la Iasi ship Aud Iva sed to Loon Beni my nox thoughtless a the choirs to love or hate amid from it poise move that de in int Mantl. Weighing Between too Early and too late those Pitfalls of the Man Refat by Kate he was the impartial vision of the great who see not As they wish bats the find. He a the danger of Deleanor Lees the perils Success in enacted past thrown by an empty Rind. Toe future Cloud land snare of prop Eta Blind the what eos War the Ignominy of peace on either Liani a Gulleu rear of woe. Whose garnered lightnings none could guess. Piling ii h iin<1erii,d. Aud muttering ease a yet draw not Back Tia baud but gravely chose the be smug de Peraut us whence our new i you Roe. X a note Choice and of immortal eed nor deem Tunt act heroic wait on Chance or easy were As la a Hoys to Aiace the mans whole use prelude be Ingle deed that Ohall it Vulva ii Hia Lubet Louisa be Altu the sifted Lew of matchless Breed. Our race s sap and waste Ditnes. Or with i be Nam olved Herd that Only sleep and i let 1 Choice seems a thl no Andiff Areu to t How or so. What matters it the fates Aith mocking face Cook on inexorable nor a Tiu to know where the lot lurks that Gavm of Foremost place. Yet j it aty \ Leaden Ca Kel holds u still Aud but two War Are offered to our will toll with rare trin tub ease with a fed Grace the problem suit for As and All of Hautau race. He chose As Meu Cut tone where most danger nor Ever faltered Neath the Load of Petty cares that Gali great hearts the most but kept right on thester Enutan Uphill roed Hirough to the end above complaint or boat. His Oul a still in it a stormed abode Viii. Virginia pre us ibis Man cac in the might Mould of those High stat ored Salt sold we Lucli into grander forms our mortal Metal ran the gave us to is unblemished gentleman what shall we give her bacs but love and Praise As in Ibe dear old Neatra Dond Day before the Teri Able wrong beg a Mother of Kuteva and men thou gave to us a it Mary. Giving him. And we owe Ai Way what we owed Tyiee then the Boon thou w a a Dpi have from us Agen shines As before with to abatement dim. A great Man ism Mory the Only thing with influence to outlast the present Wium and bind As when Herd he knit oar Golden ring. All of him that was subject to uie hours lies in thy soil and makes it part of ours across More recent Graves where a resentful nature Waves her Pennon Over the shot ploughed Sod. Proclaiming the Sweet Trace of god we from this consecrated Plain stretch ont news and gossip. I new Myers a noted ethiopian minstrel died in Pott atme on sunday of consumption. Hla reel Guatno was Lewi j. H to time ter. Carroll Tilton son of Theodore Tilton we badly injured at Washington conn., where he is at school on the tits of july by fireworks. A Mosquito buzzing around where a Young lady was singing Quot come to me in Beautiful dream said be would provided there was do bar. The Rev. Ilene a Morgan of Boston offers $200 for Tho bes essay on a by men dont go to Church Send draft by return Maii. Its Bao Tase the length of the sermons makes it too Long let in City time. Thomas Oldale of Sheffield is the modern Tichborne. Hell learn to operate the sewing machine in prison Hetore Long. It he get into Coart with Bis miserable Story Lor theress nothing a whits Man Bates he Tbs Rei it edition of to old tale. Instead of the Clumsy old sawdust a rag Mirent a neatly fitting hollow affair of tin u said to be the latest thing enabling Leau ladies to fill out a std King plump la. N a you know Young Man what the Liu of the Belle Means. Coder the regime of president Grant there Baa been one Economy. In the Bills of previous presidents there a a regular yearly salary of 9250 Tor books Tor the Library of the executive mansion. Under Grant that salary disappears. They dont want any look. A k a Bester write being caught by he husband with her anus around the neck of the landlord explained the situation in this Way you see my dear i a determined to Loice that Man to reduce our rent and a weak women you know must fight with such weapons we have. Gen. J. H. Hood is engaged in the preparation of a Book which will embrace an actual and account of Bis operation around Atlanta and his Tennessee Campaign together with a reply to the critical statement of Gen. Joseph e. Johnston. It will also have something to say about Sherman is look. Or. Laura Joyce the English actress who used to sing the Beautiful Danube to charmingly at it blogs turn out to lie say the Ilo Eton transcript ibo wife of a Well known architect of this City. Tho Tran Clit heart Lessly adds in parody where Art thou now my Young orchestra seat Pur Chaser since that it Ranger was hustled out of bed at Lille Kock and treated to a game supper and a free municipal Chariot merely because be wrote Boston Altor Bis name on the Reki ter some poor and hungry Yankees have packed their carpet bags fur the South. They want to be conciliated. N. Y. Graphic. A Dublin newspaper says the Victory of the american riflemen was not surprising considering that the team was selected from s people who Are Lamellar with the Rutle from their Cradle. It might have a deut and a oct Ira 1 to practising on their Little Sisters from their earliest year. Chicago times. In an extemporaneous address before the alumni of Cazenovia Seminary on tuesday gun. Hawley strongly criticized the tendency of the upper classes of american society to withdraw from politic., Declarer that there should be no one who declined to be a politician if one did so such a person opposed our democracy. The Only Swiss lady in medical practice write from Zurich to aay i have Berft very successful la Tuy practice. From the Day i gave out that 1 Wev ready to begin i have had no Lack of patients. practice extends to All rack. Women Are getting on Well at the University. There Are now Filteau lady medical student a. Mls Julia Tincler of Embury 111., while walking on the rocks near the whirl Pool at Niagara Falla recently Yves nearly carried into the rapids in attempting to walk Acrea a Plank Iron one Rock to another. Be a fortunately saved Jot in time by a gentleman standing near by. But for i timely Aid miss Tuncher would Nave been undoubtedly lost. Albert Rhodes in Bia Book the French at Home pictures and contrast the French and american women. The faces of the latter Are Tore Beautiful he avs than these of any other country but the body supporting be Bead regarded it rom an Art Iasic and hygienic Point of View i in. Perior. Quot in a word the american in More fragile. Be a hardly a Diana and tit French women la something More although of the Hebe of Rube a. Tue her. Or. Barrows of Kli Nira n. Y. A fined $150some months ago by a idiotic duty who thought that to rub Fried potatoes in Bia wife Bair. Rub her Down a Tab Apple Toce and Drees her gel with a f latter was neither clerical nor becoming. He appealed to a bigger court Tod explained that a Only meant to lease her. This explanation was satisfactory the court fearing to acan Daliz Good society by inflicting a Floe upon one of its exponents. A rather curious Case a heard before judge Smith at the Shrewsbury county cart in England recently. Mias Price a Milliner brought an. Action again John Lee of vilest for damage which were Laid at Cio for injuries received from a ferocious Hull biting driven to town by a servant of the defendant. The Accident occurred in april 1371. And plaintiff was still suffer aug front it effects. At Bis honors at. Gestin verdict was taken by arrangement for £20, we Lacosss upon the lower scale. The sat wind brings a scent of Gore in the air Roox Detroit. Hiram Buu Uell of wins Dor was mortally insulted by l. Thomil tons of so i ii i and he therefore challenged the latter to Light a Duel. Thompkins accepted and Vuu cuday morning last they were placed Back to Back with revolvers in their trembling hat. A and cold Shivers in their very marrow. Thao Thompkins weakened and the affair closed i gloriously without even any at Temple to fire the Blank cartridges with which the pistols were loaded. The Baruh is the swamp of the track carers a of Brido pm Aji Tbs Robb e pm Csc mid of Luht about tub Man. It will he seen by the following extract from the Terre haute Gazette of saturday night that the search Lor the Railroad murderer Lis been so Lar ouzo Teaful that one of them ban been taken detectives Maxeo of Conci Daniti and loner Gan Aud Thiel of St. Lonis were employed to work up the Case la the interests of Tho of Peasand Railroad companies. On the heels of the Morder began the arrest. Cd non and Cochran the Saloon keepers were first. Since that time the arrests have averaged two per by. North South Oast and West tramps poor miserable harm jew and Worth be i ramp have been taken in. With that cd Tenes a Barb detectives have Tor a Stock la Trace they soon succeeded in discovering that the Meu they were in search of the two men who jumped aboard the engine had two i is before the Mardor gone West on the Vandalia and got off at the tank. It a said n a that it was their intention to Rob the West bound train Bat the accomplices failed to of on time. Tenee two men were closely part of Ltd Revod by some Accident on the the conductor and the following on Taink the first is .10 years old 5 sctt i it inches High weighs about 150 or 100, Light moustache and Chin Beard Light complexion sunken basal eyes wore when last seen dark pants and re to Light Linen coat and Sott Black hut. The second is of the same age 5 feet 7 inches High weigh 135 to 145 pounds Black hair slightly Gurjy keen Black eyes Black moustache and Imperial wore when last been dark parts Aud Vest Long Linen coat and soft Black Bat. With this dear Ripton in band the detectives Amateur and professional went to work Opta a Vii. Step by step the robbers were trailed from Ibe spot where the attempt we made to break into the car where they were scared off by a Section band near by to their Wagon thence through the Woods to Greenup. Here the Trull was crossed Aud to it Cau e indistinct and almost obliterated. This a a Dainer on the ardor of Many of the parties Ini permit. Detectives Thiel Lone Gan stud , however Parle a then Lato this sinister Region that the murderers of Milo fames bad tied. The <1 untie detective determined to follow. Thiel Lunergan and hat a each in charge of a party tarted in the direction of the swamp. Each party bad the same objective Point though at the Start each pursued a line Uit Edi Tant from the other yet gradually converging like the rib of a fan. Terre haute officers were communicated with and officers Van lever Ragan. Gibson Johnson and Dot put marshal a. Buckingham were Pat on the Trail. They plunged into the country from Robinson on the p. It d. R. R. Even mile from Areball ills. On Borse Back they slowly went thorough the country southward. They to cod the men from House to hous. Here they purchased clothing again they had take supper and always armed with those heavy Navy revolver there could be no doubt As to the identity of the men. The All their travelling by night As was evidenced by the discovery that they had procured break last at a Bouse and supper at a Cabin Only a half mile stat ant. Their actions from the time they left Greenup Are minutely known. Tho detectives knew what they ate and Bow they ate what clothe they have worn and where they slept each tight alone and Lowery in the of the morass Baar Tod probe by by the scene of the murder with their victim dying at their feet. They finally pushed through to Vin tonnes. They found the county in Arm. Here they Mol the other three detectives. Vandever and Johnson were obliged to return borne and they accordingly started borne accompanied by Deputy marshal Buckingham who a obliged to return on account of Ilinor. They bad hardly left on the northward bound train a bin arrives Here at 1 52 p. M., when the people of Vincennes were summoned to the court Lou a by the ringing of the Bell. Bun Ibe crowd had a oat bled of St. Louis Aroe and addressed them. He gave a history of the Case from the beginning detailing the search minutely and then stated 4hai on thursday evening the fugitive had but eur aeon in the swamp two i Miles from vice once and on yester Day morning six mile Distant. He closed by exhorting the people to assist him Aud his colleague in the search. Two Hundred Tuen at once volunteered to surround the Swan in and Tuut them Down. The pistol with which the murder a. Committed Art known to Havo been the -11 Sui Uii a Ivow a a and were pure based at Becks Indi Szapolis store. The Meu Are beyond qua to on a Nehamen the Emba Raas and Wabash River it Ilu no like Tibold of their Scap lug it indeed they Are not now to baud. One of Ibe a kist cursors is Abbt the murderers were Are pred to it tight a they were arrayed in steel breast plates and Jessup steel masks. The latter weighed Between Leo and eleven Pound. This is known to be a he is to lower portions of the Brea plates were found in a Tenca Corner having been thrown there on account of being so Iona As to Lando Locut Kotlou. It att known that the Aguior Lor both of these men was put together in Eden Onsba Saloon the Day before the murder. Ten link by link the Caiu of evidence a Riv item about the two Salo it a keepers Aud their connection with the dastardly deed is now beyond question. The several Days ago the four officers were sent to the Seal of War they went at once to Robinson 111. They were joined at that Point by sex Secriff Houston. The Pany then embarked in two Spring it Fregona and Rode South All night. Here Aud there they found a clue to their men. At Morea 18 Miles South they lost All Trace of the Moo. They bad been there Las saturday night. The officers pushed on farther still not Fiu Dlug anything of their men until they onus themselves at Lawrenceville on the o. A , a few Miles West of Vincenne. Here they struck a tree scent and after guarding a dump of Woods All night to find it contained nothing in tee morning they Cinelu j. Come Home feeling Wesr sick and orb -.led. They wont to Van Cannes yesterday and under the influence of a Good a Al and a Wash they begun to feel better. Coming up the e. A c. R. They reached Oakland where they Beard something that promised a clue. Gibson and Reagan were left off there. Johnston and Vandever came up hero and reported to chief hew maker and were sent Back at once. Oakland is on the e. A c. Railroad the other aide of Sullivan. When tue officers were reunited Thev again went on the search still accompanied by hous ton. At a Point of the Wabash River s x 1 Miles from Oakland Bev discovered were the two Man bad Crook a to it Little boat that Lay upon Ibe Indiana Shore. This Craft a visited but no one was found in it. It was a floating whisky shop that being its ostensible by slush though it is probably a Fence for stolen goods. The officers had ascertained in some inscrutable manner that both men bad been seen to enter the la boat. Nothing was left to be done but to Call at he nearest House. This was done with the greatest difficulty of it a found Niceas v to Cross the River and also to Wade this Way through a perfect Jungle. An idea of May be Given when we Tell that it took the Man Hunters two hours to get Over a mile and a half of ground. This alter dark through an unknown country with unseen and hidden dangers about them. It a snot very cheerful to say the but of it. At last in a Little cd Earls which the officers approached they saw two men sitting in front of the Cabin talking together. That la our Man said Vandever designating one of them. The party Laid Low and crept up cautiously. Int lever approached and held out Bis hand. How do you do Bill be said t the vilest of the men. This Man bold out i hand and grasped Ejza. That acute officer fit that in o Finger on the right hand were gone. He observed his height my Black hair i Black moustache Ard be tightened Graap on the mans hand. At that it slant of a Given Tinai the of ors levelled their revolver at Tia Ina. Lie Beki up Hla bands Gibson him and the Man was Ltd their Power. He had managed Sotov time before to do Poso of his two Large revolver and when a marched nothing a found upon him but a Atuaiia five shooting pistol and a Bowie Kif. When the officer started from Oakland 150 citizen went with them a far a the River. They declined going further. When the officers artak ted Back with Brido pm an that is the murderer the crowd followed talking of Lynching him. They knew him. He had formerly lived in Suluvan county bad served two term it toe Penitentiary and had killed. A Man there. Tae prisoner Walt securely bound put in so express Wagon and Vandever and Johnston stood guard Over him daring the whole night. This morning they brought him to the City As stated above. He a beyond any question one of the murderer As he answer in every particular the description of the largest one of the two. Which we Poliah elsewhere in this article. He is an old jail Bird and has Learned discretion from former episodes and in consequence ref Unea to talk. Hla parter a not car off and we expect that he too will be captured to Day As the officers and about two Hundred citizen Are in hot Pursuit. Officer Vandever tired and exhausted though he was went East with is Laiu official of the Road at 2 p. Intending to go to Shelbyville where a Man a arrested Thia Moi ing who is looked on with suspicion. The detectives Artol the opinion that the scheme waa concocted in Noel Byville Indiana. Conductor John Mcmahon was the person who recognized the murderer. A it was on Bis train that they West West two Days before. They at that time hid the steel Armor which figures in Ibe Case in their Possession. A Day the station Bouse has Yeeu surrounded by » Large but reasonably quiet Crown and prominent among them was a great number of locomotive engineers. The chief of police a issued a order that no person be allowed to see the prisoner. This morning there were placed in Byer a window two suits of Mecl Armor which were worn by the murderers. They were found in a Corn Field by detective r. Thiel and a party Poonai Ling of l. Hazen George Farrington and others. It a dropped there while the blood stained villains were fee plug from sight of their victim. The British lion. It to Mut use of in ploy Retro let him Roar again. The k fourth of july snare. Of the London Standard our revolt and our dbpi/1rable condition. The following is Tho editorial from the London Standard which provoked so much comment at the Lime of its appearance fourth of july Balliu Getnis year on a sunday he american were obliged to postpone their Donn stration of Good will and brotherly love to the nation Over whom they celebrate an annual Triumph till yesterday when they assembled in to Crystal Palace l boast in England a j in the face of the eng Linh nation the disruption of Tbs British Empire. It a hardly Necez mry to a that none but americans would venture on such a display of bad taste and discourtesy and none but englishmen would Toni rat it. What would be to bought Otu were we to celebrate the anniversary of Waterloo by a Public dinner in Paris and what would become of the celebrants would the belgians propose to hold at the undue or in Amsterdam a Public festival in Honor of their successful revolt from Holland or despite the cordial feeling which now Exilla Between Austria and Italy would Italiana or austrian permit a Public dinner at Vienna on the anniversaries of Solferino and Godowa it is equally needless to say that since our american Guyeau have not Eaffie sent most of the becoming to abstain from ibis kind of offensive 86íf-glorification, it would never Otar Tuto the head of any log Rubinan to disturb them to ugh to think it a hardly decent Forsty Loyal englishman to join in a demonstration which whatever it immediate form and actual incidents avowedly commemorate a great dih Honor by Uutinen by English Arm and a rave disaster to the British Empire. Such participation May be permitted to men like or. Bright who Repice in everything that ted to impair the p Igor end awaken the National spirit of their country or like lord or Euville Aud lord Kimberley who have done their beet to deprive hug loud other remaining possessions. But it should be recognized that no desire to conciliate no Friendly Leeling toward our Kinsmen and former fellow sub a rate should induce any Man who is proud of his country is past and devoted to her present Gre Stoes. To participate in a festival which has its origin in the worst Aud Mott discbsd1tabi.b dts Star she Ever sustained. Let a Hope that in future As the Nhsn Cloeter school Dies out and the whigs earn that though England Baa forgiven the political heirs of Fox she has never condoned the disloyalty which exiled him and Lia adherents from Power and place Lor nearly fifty years the american envoy and Hla countrymen will ire left to make their boast alone. The acc Delft which postponed Lor a Dav the celeb ration of the greatest of English defeats gave to Dean 8ianley an Opportunity of improving the occasion in a political Sermon characteristic alike of the Mao and of the party he belongs to. He began by applying the to not text Ori Plov form of venomous Aba party name Ute intent of Ulii word coi taif Tajc i euvisi.». I i Terai ® As to the original Ulm nations o Trent and rebel to. ,.0 doubt among competent persons Well n mutinied with the fact hid thu Law tii ■ aim of is Liam to lax the collide Vonnda and that to forbearing to i 1 Star a acct did ail that could i e v hat there was no tyranny on our. Rat the american insurrection want Ibe Moat unprovoked rebellion that recorded in history. So again a regard the , whatever for it Paranee and a vim a Tion there have been have been sex eau a a. Y of the Side of England i and have been mat by am Rica with insult and abuse. Wren flowed m Ingle ship to escape Iroku oar ports and to Arm Beselt on the High Reua for War against America though we knowledge that her purpose was not he perfectly legitimate one of running info a Confederate port and receiving her Arma meet there we in omitted the whole sure ton to arbitration. America had deliberately permitted thousands of armed Rol Beta co gather on her soil in limes of profound peace and thence the invade our territory. To Burn and spoil and murder and when Pur id by a few hastily of objected Volunteer. To tied Refuge again under the american Plao. And she refused even to entertain the idea i my emitting her Acques Lonabe liability fur the a Pira cies to arbitration and to thin by she has not paid a Penny in reparation of the encouragement she gave the Rob re and pirates. It is from America threat All offensive speeches All a res Ive movements come and they Aro by encouraged by the Crio zing flattery w hich or. Stanley Calis conciliation and peace Mak lilt a. There is no gain and Little safety in a place making which is wholly one sided. America know that we shall never attack her save in simplest self Deleree and of private criticism she of All nation has the Jennet right to complain. There a it , no need of peacemaking or conciliation uni yes it be to Check a Wau Tou disposition on her part to quarrel w Ith a and such a temper a not Best controlled by conciliatory words and fulsome panegyric by Oft phrases and timid can Casaia. We Nee it not speak at be ugly Bow far general Schenck Ami his visitors had reason to congratulate themselves yesterday upon the Uio Ety ninth year of their Independence. One half the country at lean bitterly regrets 1». The Sruti taxed without a presentation Shack led by a government she abhor denied Altro the right of revolution and the right of Appeal to the constitutional Law of the land deprived in fact of every right that King George Iii allowed to the contemporaries of Washington As Well a of Ibe Lew that they claimed in vain and every word of the declaration of Independence sounds like a mocking satire upon the present state of the country and on the Means by which the Union is maintained. The hero of the revolutionary War Baa been dishonoured in the ravage of his native state. In in the ruin of by nearest representatives in in the plunder of his property As Well a in the Dorial of every principle for which be fought and the suppression of every right he claimed for Virginia and her sister of the South. Northward rottknres3 Rob Vars the entire Fabrico Politica the state gov my Mim the Federal Giret neut. Congress. The executive the civil service the Treasury the collection of Revenue Are one and All steeped in bribery disgraced by pc Uia on tainted in corruption and dishonesty. When Apalco 1 Given to trusty partisan of the president generally Tor service a which a scrupulous Man would not have rendered. It is understood that he can Only bold it for a Tew years Ard it is a Matt r of course that lie will use every Opportunity of making Money that those years May afford. It is not pretended that any part of the government is Bones it is scarcely considered Worth while to effect the virtue so notoriously wanted. Even Tho judiciary is dishonoured. Corruption has spread downward until m re facts and men of Busineau. Railway directors and officers every one who Servo lie Putic or a corporation Gnu ill Iii besi or lowest a pm it qty Are scarcely better than be worst Federal collector it custom. Tyranny such a George Iii. Would have a bored in one half the Union All pervading dishonesty and corruption at which Walpole or Newa Astle would have and Ltd red in the other the Para the result of nine a nine years of american Independence those the loot these the achievement on which americans yesterday congratulated Ibex shelves on the a Trenson of which obey exulted Over England. If there be a Man in England who is disposed to envy them be has Only to visit America and study the actual Workings of her government. Among americana there Are but few not actual participators in the system of Public plunder who Are not ashamed and disgusted in their heart and of Ibe better Ort not Many who would not thankfully Exchange their elected president their elective Senate t. Air elective judges and their popular sovereignty for the order the Hon in and the loyalty of the Empire. A Bill just one Hundred Mado b6lr insane revolt. Years ago from they a prisoner in Pori lately received a letter containing merely a lock of Bair wrapped in the Leaf of a Small Book. The Jailer did do consider the souvenir important enough to to or levered Bat a few Days after came a similar enclosure and yet another. Thia aroused suspicion and the governor took the matter in hand. He examined the Leaf Olibe Book. It was Only Tea Tao a common novel Twenty Alx line on a Page. Then be studied the hair i 9 noticed the Sulail Quantity of to gift. Conn Tina the Bain he found Tybera of unequal length and Twenty six in number the name As the i if of the Page. A True with Thia coincide use he Laid Tbs Bair along the Hue of the Page which they respectively reached beginning of the top with the smallest Bair. After seme trouble he found that the end of each hair bin led to a different letter and that these Here combined formed a Lang sentence which informed the prisoner that i Friend were on the watch and that the next time be left the prison to be examined an attempt would be made to Rescue him. The Rover nor Laid Bis plans accordingly the attempt at Rescue was made but the rescuers fell into their own trap. Tho spy Tirats Liiva the people Olma amp Sach i Ete with the a Nonnce tent Taftt by Are More taxed than the people of Uny other state in the Union. The state and municipal taxes Tor the current year amount to 17 10 for each individual of the population while each now yorker pain Only 911 08, and the fortunate Dweller in the sparsely settled state of Texas Only 81.17. It May Comfort the Bay state Man to reflect that if the toxin pays Little he does not got a great Deal for i Money

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