Indianapolis Indiana State Sentinel in Indianapolis, Indiana
26 Jan 1875

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Indianapolis Indiana State Sentinel in Indianapolis, Indiana
26 Jan 1875

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Vol xxiv no. 25indianapolis, tuesday january 26f ism the Case against Beecher. Re attn action or Moulton s testimony i us Limmi Wanh bovi5 or. Wood Hull Moulton s the a icky adjourned till Moi Day. New Yob Jan. 21.tbe interest in the Tilton Keeber suit Job Tinguee us Aurum. And the a a Largo crowd Tia morning filled to court room. Or. Tilton with la friends were in their aces atoned eats. The Rev. Henry Ward Beecher and wife came in shortly after the opening hour. The counsel Tor the prosecution were on hand but the ounce Tor the defense with the exception of Fen. Tracy were late. Tilton and Francis i. Moulton event the time before the Commik Eumont or the proceedings in desultory conversation. When the counsel for the Devenae arrived Moulton Rean ined the stolid and Bis Cross examination was continued. Judge Nei Laoo cautioned the Audi Ente to observe perfect quiet a every moment now was precious. The wine a deposed i had not been Turnich a with mra. Woodhull a speech in rein Way Hall. I did not Aoe it in or. Til tones poem Leaion. I Don t recollect Ever hearing Tilton urge Beec Bor to preside at Steinway Hail. I think i have a letter fran mrs. Woodhull to Beec bar on the Aub Jet. 1 Don t remember that Tilton and myself took mrs. Woodhull into Beecher s pre eur Cleaod asked him to preside. I went to the Steinway Hall meeting and i believe Tilton introduced or. Woodhull and afterwards took the chair. I can not remember the subject matter of mra. Wood Ulps lecture out 1 think it wan something about men and women. I do not know whether it was on the marriage relation. My Friendly relations continued with mra. Wood nil alter the hut 1 dont remember whether she a at my Bouse after this or not. Or. Tilton authorized me to Settle his affairs with Bowen. I bad an interview with Bowen and presented claims which amounted to i think about $1,000. Bowen replied that he did not think he owed Tilton any Money. A lilt Here occurred Between the counsel As to the witness answer aug the to Estloa whether Bowen bad said Why he thought be did not owe Tilton any re obey. The court directed the witness to answer the question. The witness continued Bowen said he thought he did not owe Tilton any Money and if he thought he did it would go into arbitration. I told Bowen i did not want to arbitrate. Tilton directed the bringing of a suit am a inst Howyn and with this i had nothing to do. The suit i think was begun in the latter part of 1871 the beginning of 172. I dont r or _ _ recollect that be Ever stated to me the Cavite Lor breaking the contract with Tilton. After the suit was brought i dont believe 1 Law Stowen. The witness was Here shown a printed 1 can not swear that i Ever Taw this paper before. I Don t know where this printed article came from which la attached to the tripartite agreement. I know of two different article being printed in the Golden age Quot office embodying the letter of january la. I showed this Golden age article to Beecher at my House before the arbitration. I think Claflin showed it to Bowel before the arbitration. I dont know if Wilkinson saw it. I think it was after be echers return from the act that the article was Adown him and Given to Claflin. 7be counsel then it offered the tripartite arg rement in evidence and it waa read by Kvarta. 1n it Bowen disavows and withdraws All the charges against Tilton As did Niton with regard to Beeler and Beecher in respect to two others. The counsel also read a personal statement attached to the agreement which was an Art icle published in the Golden age. The witness continued. This paper a. Presented on the evening the arbitration was made the result of the arbitration was that $7.000 was awarded to Tilp it a from b Iwen. After the signing of to blah contract i remember once or twice teeing Beecher and Tilton together. They were together on one occasion at my House. witness waa banded a document. I do not know whether this is the Olden age uti cation of the life of Victoria Woodhull. Read her life in the Golden age. Evarts Rand the title of the tract in question. It a offered in evidence objected to by the a Kiisel on the other Bode and ruled out by the wart. Evarta argued that the publication should be admitted a to what Tilton owed Bis own downfall and that of his . And that he bad sought to regain his position by the influence of Abr Char. This life of Woodhull waa the direct evidence of til tones lost reputation and was the Cana of the publication of til tones poem fur Manu Duke a in this View they offered it in evidence. Beech contended that this argument would be More a pro Yriate at a later stage of the proceed logs. It tsi waisted of preen captions and read onions which had yet to be proved. There was no evidence connecting the Fortune of Tillon with the publication of his article and there waa nothing yet to show any connection Between the two Tabinga. At the proper time this whole thing would be made known by the evidence. The objection to tlik4 tracts being introduced was because there was nothing Adown connecting Tilton with the authorship of the article. The printing of it in the Golden age Osiee with Bia name on Tho title Page did not connect Tilton with it. It waa stated that mrs. Woodhull was an upholder of the doctrine of free love but Bare was the evidence of this to far in ibis evidence there waa nothing shown As a reason Why Tia paper should be admitted a evidence. Kvarta replied that his friends in the other Side forgot that they put in evidence the card of or. Woodhull vowing these doctrines for the happiness of Man and wot Nau and Abe dealt with the object in an eloquent and forcible manner. The court stated that it Mill regarded the tract As the life of or. Woodhull written by her husband and revised by him and therefore ruled it out. The witness Thon resumed i remember what la known As the Woodhull scandal Bat i Don t remember the Date of its publication. After the Woodhull publication i saw Quot Beecher and advised Sll nce. The counsel asked sex judge Morris for a copy of the publication which be Asid be bad not got. Kvarta replied that the other Side bad brought in evidence with regard tothe publication of in article by mrs. Woodhull and had promised to put a copy of the article in evidence the next Day. A Long argument Here took place Between Evarta and or. Beach mistier contending that they were wot responsible for the production of the paper. Judge Neilson ruled that tae p»5r would be considered before the court and Tbs counsel for the deem a could read it. The usual rectal waa or re taken and on the Coarts reassembling Moulton resumed his place on the witness Aland and continued i think the interview Between Sci Cher Tilton and Imael referred to in the direct examination look place on us Ion Day. Karts read from the Woodhull a Clain publication 0t april 2, 1872, and in 173, that Ponton relating to the i Atnel aeons. The witness was a it died if this waa True. Tire court or plied that Tho bad already answered that question. Evarta said that when the question waa propounded before the article containing it bad not been produced. Judge Nellson requested Gen. Tracy to put the question in another form the question waa then put to the witness whether he did what was mentioned in the article on that occasion. To Tia the counsel for the prosecution objected. Contending that the ones ton had not been materially changed. Judge Neilson ruled that Only such portions of the paper should be read As were material in the understanding of the Coart. A conference was then held among the lawyers of the defense As to what portion of the article were material. Tracy stated that lie to tended to read that part beginning with the word reporter ending with the interview. Gen. Tracy said it would take him so Long a time to find the portions be wanted that he would proceed to another subject and refer to this again. The witness then resumed Between january 1,1871, and May 1,1874, Tilton had As a source of Revenue the Money deposited with Woodruff a Robinson. The Money for in the Golden age the 7,000 from Bowen and the 15.000 Given me by Beecher for Tilton. In addition to this were some Loans be bad from me. I do tot know of any other sums be had loaned. I think daring that time be had incomes from his lectures in the full Oft 871 and the Spring of 1872. I do not know Bow much Money he received from Bia lectures. I do not recollect the larg Brt amount of Money i loaned him at any one time. At the time be received 97,000 from Bowen Bia account with Woodruff a Robinson waa overdrawn $539. I do not know if Tilton bad any sources of income from the 1st of january 1873, to the payment of the £>,000 from Beecher in May. I do not know whether any other person Lent him any Money during that time. I had More than one interview with Beecher before the advancement of the 95,000. I said to Beecher that i told Tilton about the drafts sent to me Tor him As a gift from a third part and that i mentioned the name of the third party to Tilton and that be thereupon said he could not accept the loan As he saw no Means of repaying it. I May have said this was a Friendly act but i did not say this is what i Call a Friendly act. I showed the drafts to Beecher at this interview and he saw the Ute on them. They were subsequently returned by me to the sender. I can not Tell How soon after this Beecher gave me 96,000 for the Golden age. Gut of this on the 11th of july 1r73, i sent Tilton 1,000. Shortly after this i sent him 9050. On August 15th i sent him $250 the next amount was on september 12 and was $500. On september 30 i sent him $500. The next sum was 8260, sent december 29. The next was a Check to a. M. Reed for Bessie Turners school Bill on december 16, and was for 9200 Tilton bad nothing to do with the ordering of this. The next amount waa 9500. On february 24. The next a paid March the 3t>tb, it was $400. These Money were sent to Tilton on his application. The next Check said was on May 2, $250, on May 28, $300. He were generally paid on a written or verbal application that they required Money. Tilton never knew that this Money was from any other person than me. Tilton to banked me Bat i can not tall what be said. He never thanked me for any particular Advance i made to him but at Osa Lime at Bis Bouse he said he was grateful to me Lor those Loans. The impression i led him to form was that if he was not Able to return me this Money it would be a Gilt to him and if he was Able to return it be should do so. This referred first to the Advance of 81,u00. When the account was out i stopped the payments. I do not remember if any applications were made for additional of Nola. None of Tufa Money has yet been paid Back. T a a our Al for the defense intimated that the boar of adjournment had arrived but Neilson asked them to go on and flush Wilh the witness. Gen. Tracy said that the examination of this witness would occupy at least another Day. The court then adjourned till monday. The recantation scene. Tur a Vruth of tin in Rel War As Given by tub witness Moulton an important error detected in tub reports. The new York Tribune of the 20th int. Gives the following report of Moulton s testimony in the visit be paid to Beecher s Bouse to get mra. Tilton s letter of recantation q. Now How did you commence that interview with or. Beecher that night a. Well. I sail to him that i thought that be would consider the subject of it a strange one that his judgment would say that it was rather a St Range interview and i recalled something of the Sonve ration i think of the previous evening to him and i said to him Quot you got Theodore s permission last night to so Down and see Bis Wile and you procured from her a retraction of her confession Aud you procured what i must term a lie and i think you Are guilty of a great meanness in doing that 1 think you i told him that i had received a note from Theodore in the morning asking Leek the ii Emlon of la Wile and that i bad seen Theodore and that be was very angry about or. Beecher s conduct about Bis conduct and 1 said or. Beecher i did not see much of the guidance of Rod in what you id Bat at the same time there May be a Providence in it lifter ail. I have come Tor that retraction. I think Yon bad better give it a to me. 1 will barn both the confession and the retraction in your presence if you choose or 1 will hold Bot band 1 read to him the letter which Elizabeth Tilton had either sent or Given to me and i read also a letter which Theodore Tilton had Given to me dated Midnight in which Bia wife informed him of the whatever you May Call it Recania Liob. Or. Feraru those letters Are in evidence. The wit need i believe so Yee and he said to me that this recantation would be Bia Only would be the Only defense of Hla family i am giving his language a nearly recollect it sir would be the Only Dereuse of ids family to care he was attacked i said to him or. Beecher i dont see How Yon have erred m you have 1 dont understand it Yon have had criminal connection with mra. Tilton Aud you go Down Tad get this paper i dont see Bow Yon could have per formed two such acts. Or. Tilton disposition last night when i went borne or when 1 saw him after going Home waa peaceful. He said that no matter what might octane to himself he would protect Hla family intended to do that. And or. then said to me with great sorrow weeping that to Hail loved Elizabeth Tilton very much that through his 1 fur her if be bad fallen at All he bad fallen that the exp Reirdon the nexus expresion of that love waa just a natural in Fra opinion be had thought sons the language that be used to her that if be bad fallen at ail be bail fal Chi to that Way to rough love and not through lust or word to that effect and he said or. Trace now winos excuse me to with Sci and he did this will he my defense in care f was at tasked but with you i throw rav Elf upon Yoa r Friendship a a and As not try As i Guam i he Feko pc _. And upon what i really believe to a your Deal re Todo the Best for All i was leaving him. Be Sal. Can recollect afterwards the Largusa made great impression upon me that he Fel that be waa on the Brink of a in Oral Niagara with no Power to save himself and be wanted me to save him and that is the Safe stance of the interview As nearly As or. Morris wanted Yon to save him a be air and be gave me Back the retraction. ¿.now, will you explain to the court and jury How it happened that in repeating or. Be echers remarks Yon first said that he said Bia expression toward mra. Tilton correcting Youta Elf you said his sexual re prussion toward mrs. Tilton will you Tell of Bow it happened Intercourse i mean Intercourse expression. Will you explain to the court and jury Bow it was that you Mads the slip Don t understand the slip. If Yon will explain it sir. repeating or. Beecher s language on his occasion Yon first said that or. Shearman us Koonst died Hia expression then be stopped sad said bin sexual expression of his love for Elizabeth. Those were the exact words. Or. Tracy can you Tell Bow that happened Why you repeated it in that Way , in this or. Tracy yes air. , i dropped a word thatus All sir. is your answer you dropped the word meant to say precisely w hat 1 did say Bis sexual expression that his sexual Intercourse you aware that you made exactly the same most aeon your direct examination Are not aware of that fact , sir. Book produced and referred to by or. Track or. that is to be read i Aak that it be read from the original stenographic notes because they Are incorrectly printed. A denial from Shreveport. Mar Illus Tarn Dent i a card from some residents of Shreveport. Shark Vardar Jan. 23.we, the undersigned Brethren residents of Shreveport is. Have read with inexpressible astonishment the statements made by Geo. Merrill and others representing this Community As in a condition of anarchy and Ita people a Lawless and defiant stating that in Tia Vicinity there Are no less than two Hundred and fifty political criminals that the Black Are systematically maltreated and cheated oat of their earning and that 2,000 have Laieeq driven from their Homes in plenary. We most solemnly assert that All such statements Are useless misrepresentations and absurdly false. There is no lawlessness Here nor in this Vicinity that has come to our knowledge. The Only disorder that to have known was made by this military slanderer jut Lief re the election by sending Bis soldiers raiding Over the country arresting in Rena tug citizens for imaginary offences who have not been held Tor trial be cause there was do evidenced guilt. If Ordinary crimes arc not vigorously punished by our present judicial authority it is through no fault of the intelligent and virtuous part of the Community who have had no voice to their selection. If any Tenanty have been ejected it Haa been to a email extent and mostly if no altogether the vagabonds and vicious. If there be any destitution among the coloured people it is in no sense from went of remunerative employment. The relation of the two races is unusually Friendly arising doubtless from the fact that at the recent Lection Many coloured men voted with the taxpayers the conservative ticket. We think the Good order Here Quile remarkable when we reflect that the paries officials and representatives who were elected by Moo majority i n As orderly an election As was Ever witnessed have been for the second time cheated of their Success by the present ruling dynasty. We will Only add that flip statements referred to Are so outrageously false and groundless that they could Only have originated in a crazy brain and poorly concealed Tali of. I s. B. Hts Kwh Cotton buyer new York. E. A. Dennis. Cotton buyer Rhode Island. I. J. Howard Cotton buyer Connecticut. C. W. Birr merchant Iowa. E. H. Crosby new York. D. S. Chaplet planter new York. A. E. Wright. Planter Ohio. Frank Laww Boot Aud shoe dealer Boston mass. Kansas remains truly Loyal. Action of its House Orant and Shari than endorsed As preservers of the Constitution. Topeka kan., Jan. 23.the following resolutions were passed by the House today by a vote of 06 to 26, the debate lasting from Friday evening until 1 a. M. To Day. I Skrba a the legislature of the state of Louisiana at its recent convention and while engaged m the orderly and lawful proves of organizing was invaded by a mob. Which violently interrupted Lia proceeding prevented its organization and forcibly took Possession of its Hall and whereas a majority of the said legislature did thereupon Appeal to the governor of the state for Protection and whereas the governor did immediately respond to the said request for Protection Ana by the Asafa Tain e of the military Force of the United states there present under a constitutional request upon the president did reinstate the Aid legislature in the peaceful Tohnee amp Ion of its Ball so that it coaids Complete its Legal organization and we Cream the right of a legislature to assemble and peaceably perfect tie organisation sate from All violence is a fundamental right of All legislative bodies at All and whatever Cost therefore to it it resolve 1. That we endorse the recent special message of the president of he United Stales in relation to the condition of affair in Louisiana a Able fair and convincing and As containing a triumphant vindication of i o fit rial action in the premises. 2. That to have the highest Eon Feloteo in the valor patriotism Aud integrity of lieutenant Sheridan and that to can depend upon the support of ibo Loyal people of this notion in the performance of i is duties in upholding the Constitution and the Law of the country. 8. That the Secretary of state to instructed to Send Popes of the Reeo lation to the president Eft he United state to lieu Teo aut general Sheridan and to our Asna Tore Aud representatives in Coo Grees Bill Rud fkr. The daring desperado his Cartre at last. The l Kaki rated bar glad and re Hokk cd captured at 0 on Hurr in Scott in Junta after Knob chapter of narrow in Apu and bold is it Kraft oks How his last escape was effected. 17» Louisville courier journal of the 23d int. Id » very lengthy to count of the last escape Ann capture of the noted desperado Bill Rodifer from which the following extract Are taken Quot Rodifer is caught were the words that greeted the citizens of Jeffersonville Early yesterday morn Long. Ever since the escape of that noted Man the people on 1 the other aide of the River have talked of nothing else. Farmers out in the counties of Clark and Floyd Bare never Laid their Wear Bonea on a bed to sleep of nights before they have securely locked their door and fret ened up tightly All of the out Housea in the farm. The Nate of Rodifer was coupled with All that was desperate and terrible and while the women admired the Man for his bravery yet they would turn Pale at the Hare mention of Bis name. Many of the people Over there wanted him to get away for they thought that his bravery deserved the Reward of freed in. But the greater portion of the male kind wanted to reap the Reward offered for Hie capture. Money is the greatest incentive for action in the world and the five Hundred dollars offered in flaming Bill Heads to any Man who would bring the escaped convict in stirred the entire country. Many men irom Jeffersonville and new Albany went out in search and trom every town Village and crore Road in the neighbouring counties swarms of men hastily gather their revolvers and struck out to take in Rodifer if they would and the Money offered Tor Bis capture. In tact the w Hole country waa alarmed and around and the Woods and thickets were closely searched Day and night but still no Randi fsr. There was not one Man in Twenty believed the report yesterday morning in Jeffersonville that Rodifer was captured but it was nevertheless True for the ret Lens Bill Rodifer was again in the Dat com of the Law and was on Hia Way Down to Jelf Ermenville on the Etruly morning train. The train was due at Jeffersonville at 9 Oclock and Long before that hour there were three or four Hundred people ont at the depot awaiting its arrival so As to get sight of the Man who bad the last week take up so much of to time and attention of the people. The train came in on time and sure enough the Man of Iron nerves and Brave daring William Rodifer. Was on Board. The crowd rushed up to the car and As Rodifer tade Bis appearance on the platform he waa gazed at As if he were a wild beast. He was closely guarded by nine Stalwart six footers from Scott county each one having a six shooter stopped to his halt by and ponderous form. A Hundred questions were asked but none were answered. Make Way for the prisoners cried out Neof the guardsmen As the crowd gathered closely around the captured Man. The crowd gave Way and Rodifer followed by hundreds of then women and boys was hurried off to Bis old quarters at the state prison South. The particular of the capture of the noted Man Are As follows since the escape of Rodifer the people of a trim to the county seat of Scott county a Small place about thirty mile out on the Jeff Road in Indiana have like those of All other towns been on a Sharp look out for Tho escaped convict. They were becoming discouraged though and had about Givon up All Hopes of catching him when or. Gilpin the clerk and two guards of the prison came into town at i Oclock thursday evening. Bev told one or two of the citizens that they had been on the Trail of Rodifer Tor the last Twenty four hour and that they were satisfied he would not be far from that place. Liia piece of interesting information put the citizens again on their guard and they made no their winds to watch Tor strange men. Thursday night it will be remembered waa dark and foggy just such a night As a limb would take to commit a robbery or other act of Devil ment and they thought that Rodifer might pay their town a visit that night Aud be did. About Hal past 11 Oclock thursday night or. Thad Deus Terrell who resides in Hoot Taberg waa awakened by same one trying to pall a pair of pants from the loot of Bia bed where be Lay sleeping. Lie jumped up but whoever the person was got away before or. Terrell could get right of him. Hla suspicious were aroused however. He Eald that be thought at the time that it was Rodifer. Now Thi la not to be surprised at Tor we do not believe that Auy crime has been committed on the other Side of the River Sinae re Difert escape that be Baa not been blamed Lor u. So old Terrell thinking that it waa Rodifer who bad tried to Rob him got up Dre heed himself and went to the Bouse of to ill put sheriff and told him what i and his suspicions. The Deputy whole number 1,78 i by the captured Man drooping the carpet hag and throwing up both bands. Who Are Yon Quot said Bailey. My Nate la Gilbert Quot be replied. ¿ till keeping their weapons levelled at the , the Narty marched him to Tbs store of Alex. Biggs near by. Wincn they arrived a of they commenced to examine their cup tiv lev were nearly satisfied that it was and were debating upon sending word a Warden of the prison so that be cow my Oul in to identify him Watn the prisoner said Quot it it no be of doing that i Arn Bill in Dller. The carpet Fig was searched and number of articles were found inc Ndang to a and Cifa and shackles which be bad Law a off Bis bands and legs. Vibe to asked he bad brought them along with Biu had to to if he bad succeeded in getting a a intended to Send to been Back to Iba or Den of the prison with Bis Rora Plisk the shall Strel saw with re he did found in the an count of my scape. I was boii€sf0tj,rn0 Bou. round in nop of finding a revolver. I washed my a la of it get i new a5sl a Quot Quot a 4ulbl.lbree mum a of ret inf a Holt West of Silver j1"1 fodder House All Day night Casseen i struck Putty and it the Indianapolis two Inu rom inf freon a a -1 when of the Road. The next n fire 1 Tea Milea from Jeffersonville. There was an old. On and to by were talk ing about me and told me All about tur rep 1 hed them what they thought of Tudiver Aud they said that he was a pretty 8í5? goo a 1 did not know re Dirr and wed them what they would do if they should meet would Start bad occurred sheriff being Nick that Terrell to Hubbard s Hote Nigl Tel. It directed or. He went there Story who thinking that there might be Homet Bing in it. Aroused several of his Hoarder who bad retired and after arming themselves they All started out to find the burglar. They had not been out for More than Ball an hour before they discovered a Light shining through the Kitchen window of the Bouse of or. William ii. Pennington the Telegraph operator of the Jeff Road at that place. They thought that a strange As or. Pennington and Hla family were not at Home that night and they All walked Over to the Bouse. The party at this time Wes composed of the following citizens of Scotte Borg James Thompson thaddeos Terrell Samuel Terrell George w. Alexander Alexander Riga Melvin Hubbard and or. 14. W. Rob Bailey. The above by immediately surrounded the a. Two in front one on each aside and tour Back of the Kitchen. One of the party made a noise in the front part of the Houre loud a Nongi to be Beard by Tho a inside. They wore certs n by Tia time that some one waa in the Al taboo for Bev could hear font Ella and a Nide Ivi thiu a if Tomo person was moving around. A minute after the Noue in front of to Bon a made the Back Kitchen door up used and Tho firm of a Man appeared in the doorway. To immediately stepped of. Of to door into the Yard tit ha1 nut taken More Thau three step before or. Bally faced him with a pistol att life 17 it and and said Don t off r any Rosi Danco or Yon Are a dead Man. About Tia time the other members of the party Camo up before the Man could recover from Hla Surprise there were four revolvers covering him and a shot gun pointed at Bia Bart. The Man i stood irresolute Bolding it a Bis right hand a Black carpet big. Throw up your hands. Was the next 1 Given and the Ordor waa obeyed gladly Wei the work were and carpet bag. He was co Ely guarded the Balan e of the night at the store of Biggs and accompanied Down or the train yesterday morning by the party who fee void Bia rapture and about half of the people of Scottsburg and arrived in Jeffer Sony ills u slated above. On Ufa Way Down be talked but Little Bat told on of the men having him in change that Scott county people Man live on wind for he never could find anything to eat in their Kitab a Sod that he did not like Jelly. Ruu Jer walked from the depot to the prison As behave slated followed by a larg. Crowd. He bad on the overshoes and overcoat that be stole from the Bouse of m r. Joseph tera Tegg in new Albany. He walked a Little lame As his feel were Aore and it Only needed a Glano at bit to discover that be a a badly used of Man. Ii carried i head High though and looked proudly and Momet Mew scornfully at the eager curious crowd bal pressed Bini of every Side. When be came wit bin right of the prison be cant a defiant look at the Gram White Walla and a smile flitted Over Nis feature As he perhaps thought or Liow nicely be had outwitted the officials there a Faw Days before. The party with the prisoner was met at the door of the prison by ool. Mauler the Warden who invited them in. Ell you Are Back again. Bill Quot said rhe colonel. Is air Quot answered Rukiter. He was immediately handed Over to the guards and the ponderous Iron doors were again closed upon him. The seven men named who made the capture were paid $500. The Reward offered and they departed Happy. Huu1fek tells him 8t0ky. An hour later by permission of col. Shuler the courier journal re Jporter was allowed to be and talk with the captured convict. He was in a cell on the first floor of the North Wing of the prison directly Back of the main building. Bill said the guard Quot Here is the reporter of the courier journal who want to talk to Yon. Rodifer was at the time engaged in eating Bia dinner but got no and Camelo the door of his cell. If you Are eating your dinner i will wait until you have finished Atn nol in a Berry the reporter said. Quot no that make no difference Rodifer replied and he looked at your representative As Usu cd a of say go on and lets out throw air with this it winks As soon a possible. It seeing rather strange to me Rudoler that Yon would stay around in this part of the country five or Aix Days alter Yon escaped. We Salt. What else in i to do waa the reply. Why strike out boldly to Kentucky or somewhere else. Yes it will do very Well to talk about striking out Soklty a but that is All. 1 knew that a Large Reward bad Tieu offered Tor me and that everybody was on the Lookout for me and i bad to travel slowly and carefully of a night and bide during the Day. Why did Yoo not crore the River How could i when it waa full of ice that is what i wanted to do but i knew the Day before that the ice was run tag heavy Ana of course when i got ont i made no attempt to or it. How did you get out of your cell Bouse 1 bad a Rewun to bum some Cork Aud Pas it in my cell. I blacked myself and a the rang a Sod along i Lell in at the rear where the coloured ones Are. I bad a baud Ker Bier around Tny heed and played lame. When the gang got outside on the West Side of the cell Houm. I turned straight for the Kitchen while the gang followed the path we i Ward. I went to the Kitchen and told a Man i was <k>1nq to scale the Walls Tor i knew he would report it to ool. Buler Tunu 1 truck for the Iron pipe that leads up to the room near the big Beacon Light and in ten minute from the time i got out of my cell i was in the Garret. There a nobody in the Little Bouse then on top of the main then you remained in the Garret until the next morning yes. Reporter How i it that to Guarda did not and Yon when they reached the Garret that Day a Rodifer i dont know they came Verv near me several time and once or twice t was on the eve of giving myself up. I waa bid behind the Chimney. Rep How Long were you fixing loaf cell to gel ont rudiler1"four Daya. did you Mac Rodifer i had an Iron wretch and a saw. suppose you would not Tell flier. You got them Quot there Are plenty of them around. On the morning of your escape what time did you leave the Garret 1 started to go Down about half past 12 Oclock but finding that the guards were awake went Back. I made my a Cood Start again at bait past 1 o clock. I went Down in the Tinalu guard room and the guards wer asleep. I staged in the room some him. They Eald that they him along the Road. Bev Wum m. O ,0 Upp i Bolto a Bury on wanted to get to Low a Tore it waa too late. I then left the Eow started Back towards Jeffer onh it Frk at Beu i got oat of sight i took to the Woodland Laid around in the knobs that night Ana next Day. Where Yew q get something to eat a we asked. Rodifer Quot i bad plenty left from what i a it of from the Honse in new Albany More than i would eat and a it was heavy Tarry i threw it away. But Rodifer expense rite i of fat imagine what you were staying around 9tr Long in one place for that i Witban a a abort Dis Ance from Well i got lost and confused. A great Many people chit your Only escape for the Sake of notoriety and Dou t want to get away Bol Clow yourself to be captured to you can escape again Rodifer that is not so. My Libo Tyi a do a to me a to any Man and i want to get away fait i have All of my bad Luck Filer i get out of the prison. Do you or pole that i get of if i could ? i for ten Long years. , what happened to you next on wednesday morning i was lying asleep foot of the knobs when three then came up Onie and captured me. I have Beard since to let their name were j. K. Richardson Andy and we. Hoffman. They Aad that 1 a Rodifer. And i denied it. They commenced to examine me having that the poster Eaid 1 was abot on the left aide. I showed them Tny left Side and there was no pistol shot there because u was on my right Side. They were then sorry that they bad suspected me of being Rodifer and took me to the House of Andy Richardson gave me a warm breakfast and showed a the Way to Henry Vale. While they went another Way to Hunt Budi fek. I struck for the Railroad and did not meet anybody until 1 got near Hon Teaburg but 1 slipped into a Fence Corner and they did not see me although they passed within is feat of where i waa Quot when Yon got to Scottsburg How Ninny houses did you enter Only Tbs one ing out of. I i was captured Coin Jeanj a noise in the front part of the Bouse Aud Aupp Sod that the Wuhu had Wake up. I at arled out of the Kitchen door when i was surrounded by at least half a dozen men. Be or them put a pistol to my head an l demanded uie to surrender. They were All armed and one of them bad a it Kun. I knew that there use of Retro Ting for i bad nothing but a knife. Quot did you not find it very cold out in the Wooda of nig Litsi yes a How badly my baud is Frostbitten. Haying this Rudoler held up i hand and it waa indeed in a pitiable plight. His feet were also Frost bitten. I Guc you wont get out of Here again Oon the reporter said. I dont know Rodifer replied. Time will Tell. It seems like it does not do me much Good to gel away but i would like to get away irom three parts. In answer to some questions about Rudi Feria private life be said i am a native of Heliel Hyvl 1 be ind. Will lie 22 years of age or the 27th of february. My father is dead. I went to school some when i waa a boy. in Idla Lafolia i got into bad company and my first bad were running away from school Mother used to whip me for it. I never let a school teacher whip me. I dont drink intoxicating liquors have not drank any for ten Yean. I went to Baptist sunday school when Aua ail Aud got rewards for memorizing verses Aud for regular attendance. Mother belong to Church now Bat she did not when i was Little. I waa find arrested for till tapping to Indianapolis but waa not sentenced for it a said that a would not kill Man for him Money and i Greet Felt seems to be speculation and a will steal whenever Opportunity offers lie was much discouraged and seemed to think that it was nearly impossible for him to again escape irom the prison and get away. It to sometime the custom to whip be convict who Leeap after they Are captured but ool Buier did not whip Rodifer before nor will be this Ime. A before extraordinary precautions will be Token that Rodifer Doaa not recipe again. Rodifer says however that to will get out again before is months he does not care Bow okie they keep him confined. With All of Hia store Devli bravery in getting out of prison he certainly is lacking in a inc and Diacre ton in getting away. A Chance for the comm1itkk. The of the Leo Islat crr they Ark willing to Kcf Kojl the question to the Committer. New owe a be Jan. 23.the Oon Servatia eau co adopted the following which waa read to the Congre atonal committee and accepted by the chairman to be taken under consideration Reeo ived by Thi House Canoua composed of the conservative members returned by the returning Board and Tbone claiming to have been undoubtedly elected Boi defrauded by Tho Board that reiring in to. Interest of our evicted state to have a Solu Tion before i unlocked tie door. I waa Atlon of our polities trouble and relying on Huml univ for of a Fri Didiw it. Wt »l., a Tifik for a revolver hat could not Fiat Sor. I unlocked the Iron door and West out of the Frost door at 2 30 Oclock. As soon got out i truck Croaa the Street Anil got behind the old stable opposite and remained there ave ral Ini utes. 11 Hen took a round bout Way to Iha Railroad track to new Albany and walked Down to that town to Tuv Bare feet. I got to new Albany at jut 4 Oclock to the morning fur i Beard the town clock strike that hour. I got into a stable loft in tie upper end of the town and staved there ail Day and until 2 Oclock the next morning when i got pm of the Lott and broke into the Brum of the Man who owned the stable. Thi was the residence of or. 1 i was very hungry and got As Ruveh As i wanted to eat and it Arry away. I took about half a Box of cd Sra 1 saw a it to paper the integrity sad fairness of the tour gent temen member of the coagrrsaion1 committee now in new or learn and in my Vanee of any in Venati Gostion on their part to a a body hereby ask them if the task is not in fared too onerous to take he returns of 1st 1. Together with ail the fair and relevant testimony and upon Uch return stud evidence Declaro what members of the Legia lature weve fairly elected. Devotion to Soeuto becomes alarming. A Yonng Frenchman recently issued the following advertisement a Young Man of 20, Bealtho. And Poa Reading a sir orig Constitution c Flore Hutn of As a subject to a doctor or medical . He a willing to undergo any kind of operation even at to risk of its Provine fatal on payment of Riofta he a in want of that Tutu to carry put a Alec Tilc

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