Indianapolis Indiana State Sentinel in Indianapolis, Indiana
12 Aug 1875

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Indianapolis Indiana State Sentinel in Indianapolis, Indiana
12 Aug 1875

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Vol. X Xiv no 51 Indianapolis thursday August 1375 will number 1,812 Damei. Oconnell. Wendell. Phillips s address. The Silver Tonque p orators greatest Effort. T Arr by a Klinkh let Friday a Venino in Muric Hall. Pohtos or the Krat Irish us orator. A Hundred years to gtd a Daniel of Mouneu Wmk born. The Irish Row scattered Over the lobe Alec Habte to Mabl it Yaul g to flute to in i Guiory. One Oft in to Eloy aet men of Tinoi to Idom devoted patriots and the most warm Al later ago which that re Quot a riven to he tory we of other room May Well j in you in that Tolbut nine the Cau a of con Sti lit Inna i government Quot a Emore to o oui Nell than to any after political Leader of that last two Centunzi. 1benglish speak ing Rao to find High Tusl among i a statesmen must pay Coa Uain and to upon and go Zotck to Oliver pm me Ell or the Abl men who held up the Thrif in q in Kwh Ubati. I t i to Bedroll and Sial pm it f you Urdaz it Sui Tefol Aud plan the sed to i con soued to tug and or Greo Lor Conn it times i this is to be a Teiton t. Then it was of Oonner one. To a it this control and to cur this Progress in and because Eurple await lie ready Loru under voter Bend ions not my we no he i cd Vert Chatham and Richelieu or their titles to be considered Tate men. Of Ilu has Martin Lul Ter did. When one a guat ingeniously discover or invent uis tools and while the Mig Lewt Foecke Tea. Influent human affairs Are arrayed against nun ibis is what a i a Oconn in Wilb the Fuiava Terly statesmen Tbs English speaking a ten Haa Ever had when Sapol Eoula soldiers bore the negro chief tue Zalut l our of Ture into exile be said. Pointing Back to mar. Down Hugo. Yet a think you have rooted up the tree of Liberty. Hut i a Only a Haroch. I have planted the tres ill deep that Ages will never Root it up aun whale vow Niay be said of the social or Jimlu trial condition of Hayti during the 1st seventy years tin nationality has never he nasal led. i the Only irishman who can Vas much of Ireland. From the peace of utrecht 1713. Till the Sii to Napoleon Lar Tel Britain was the leading state in Europe while Ireland a cot Para Tulve y insignificant Island Lay at it tit the wet goed next to nothing in the scale i British politic. The c into neut pitted Ami Kii Glaud deep aed her. Kra Connell found Ber a Tana of quarrelling run Aud Ceta divided dispirited broken by re i and a vile. He Tunde Ber a nation whue or to word broke in pieces the Iron obstinacy of Wellington tossed feel from the Cabinet i and gave the to the whips. We we Coloe Eal . The the helmet in Romanes a. Fixed the f01.iticat.8ey Ever since whose Gueron Aid thrown into the scale of the three great reforms the Bli it get the Corn Law and slavery secured their Success a nation whose continued i 00016111 has dragged great Britain Down to be a second rate Power on the be Board i Europe. I know other Cau is have Hel gtd in producing this result. Iii la nationality a Bicu to a Corueil created has been the main cause of ibis change in e Gianda in Porta Nee. I it he main Molyneux Aid Hileory flood thru Ireland fir a moment in the Aureod of but ten politic a sturdy up pliant clamouring for just Ioe and Gratt held or there a equal and a a he the tight a na1 Ion Lor a few years. But the a nor Valuim baud of William it t brushed in an hour All Grattan » work. Well a Tolu he a of tue Irish parliament he brought to life eat by la Cradle. I followed its Hearse. Sine. After that famous Union which Byron called a Union of the shark with its Prev Ireland Sank Back a sundered and cell o Coonel. Listed her to a fixed and permanent place in King lab affair no suppliant but a inner or Der Tain her Sirius. Otiis lathe tend print irom which lilo it a Totoiu Ucli work. Titia is the Mudde Ruou that rank him not with fou Der of take like Alex , Catuir i Maick. . At <1 William la f<8llei,t, with who. Will out arms by our the or pm sub Bay revolt ii Ait i their with la tier i , Meinu i Adasue Yarrut a an it i . I know Anua Umili to Tai Cia Uit those who have never looke.4 at him except i Brongs the to k g hah entice who Dot i i him Asau Ami a ital hour until they Caum to bats him As a conqueror. As lira an my of k»rwai., Quot the curse of 811 was up it a Bint to Huv it been it u an Iri Heboian Aud a Uisu of Guiu Auto o have Kaeti Bra if » Tor Bis a g Maik a a of in twi a Teri in bin loan Wiio per Edo to or Tuuu 4nea> it Tav table As his a crap even but Hen measure him by , aut Uini so awl with the blood of Untley Rah-1 Suena Suu lil turn cowards into a Rac i tue d oct died Valot Iwu proved on Alc Noat every Tat let Tild in whose Reck daring lifted in try Iuie in Arm Gaiu to e i Gaud Witry b ipe or without. Una inspired loom do i it it a eloquence and a Rio a it we of. Nara Cleu in Matory. A loll pms let a i Swift a n Ling it Art Lioi Jtb greatest a. In it of ase cell Ltd ii Tito that in coins Tiao. Man Fertile in Wui of set inborn courage and Terele Energy pm thur Axuk us style Etc q , hrs few Tor it Pun Ose then or since a in a w be had twice laced eur glued in tier at Grig. Mood and by test Tia Erly pen subdued her to Bis will Dieury fit gtd. usent Evou for an Iris Tuaau not be was Eion Ute to of thai null Leone of the Saddest picture sin Lri a biography Era can with Alt the , and More ban the eloquence of Bia Rai Taie Iuan a get Beqai Ltd to setae every advantage bout do it Levotion Usu potted Riby. R cog Nir leu equal by the world leaders and -6lcun>ed by Kox to the u cum Chounn. A a the d Oloe Banea of in Lauri eos net in the held Sheridan in the Senate. Corran at in bar a and at Iove do Edmund Burke above Maui talk to Eti gov aupied Virti More than ctr in the Senate. Almost . I the Academy. All phase gave their lire to Ireland a a when to or Ern Century of Neh or waa so avg t let it a Eli a. In toe Mark to place by iter p in first a Navy a William . It a o Connell dung Nam Elf into toe wriggle. Gave fifty year to Tyiee Ervle of i am. And we re id she in Day not Only deemed fit Bor in depend be pub yet doubt or Oril Gratian and to it a pre j. I a Aora could a. f a la a they a ined in Tost Nagac Tun wac Tut and almost 0iiaip.>t»nt Public which o Corneli crazed a an ail Cut Cisiah Guir tote of Iron to a a Ture. I a at her Almot every it Caln Tallen h limb All that Buichi wind non is a yet Vised u. Remedy the Erica of bigotry Aud itus role Baa Beo d be of Moell found Ireland he in it and a by a it ird Lokden Burgh mod l itt Doo. A mad Ber tit Pivot directly lib As absolute a Sway a the a it ideation did the United states Tarmu 1850 to 1965 look into Earl Russelos Book and the Hiat Orv of the Reform my of Ink Aud see with How much truth it May la aimed that Oconnell nil i follow gave englishmen the ballot under thai set. It i by no Means certain that the com Laws could bar been so listed without their Aid. In the anti slavery struggle Oconnell sends la Influent and Abl Ltd equal with the beat. I know the credit All those me. Urls do to Engels a leaders. Hut in toy opinion the next generation Wilt Teaf he of feel Palmerston. Ruel and Al Savons almost entirely by their Enn inc of the Irish question All the Laurel Tiey have hitherto won in that Field to wast d in ideas which of Rattan and o Connell urged on reluctant bearers for Ball a Century. Jbv do bismark and Alexand a look with Ucb Youtem Tunu i Uhlis read on very attempt of log Laud to Mac Etc n Stropka affairs because they know Toey have but to lift Finger and ire and stabs Ber in Tbs Back where was the statesmanship of Knelt Baiera when they allowed Ucb an e 11 to Iet it a so Komi Luab this i Ireland to Day. What waa she when o Connell undo Rock her phrae u a a Community lamp Tver laced by five fat it urea of oppression four Tuil Ploua Olca Hoos robbed of every acre of their native land. To was an Island to irn by re hard Ontl religious bigotry Ber pest in Tiff Root said her Nebres or Trail Ora. The of Ber enemies a wrote unt irishman ruled the British sen ate the meat of Ber tyrants. A prote Tail Infin an led the Arni Feeol Europe fori i an Bat which bad grown Blinder and More bitter since the Davs of l rom Well gave them weapons. Iretan-1 herself Lay bound in the Iron link of a Ide which Montesquieu said c uld have b of Only by devils be pcs tired Only in Bell. Her Millous were be Vood Tho r Gre of the great Reform engine it modern time Sines they of ult neither read nor write. In Hue a of ignorance a aies and quarrel one keen a he hidden be element of Union and strength. Web rarest kill he called them for a. And mar called them into rank. Tuett Tai gone Man Wito Oti birth we huh or office la a land ruled by truth Waltn or Cutie Mould id from those Usu pct Del ment a Power Wulc Over awing Kings mate i d of Ople wrote single will on the St Tut b of of the Moat obstinate Nti it a in e Ira a safely to emancipate the Fri Etc to Dies and in spite of Saxon prot Ani hate to lift All in land Bothel Velo a Ltd hot tti7.-rif»uipthis was the or it totem which an a patriotism had sacking for two centuries to sort. For thie blood and been Pon red out like Waer. On this the Genius of Swift thle Reorg of Van Leneux and the be queues of in a i Rattan a d Burke had be a wasted King Lih leaders Ever since Fox had studied Tai problem Anu uly. Bev a that Cli safety of the Empire was com Rorai Elt i. At one or two critical moments in to reign of George the third one signal Finman Iris Leader would have snapped the Chain Tbs bound Ireland to it Bis throne. Ills minis » ree Ign la Ltd it Aud they tried every exp of i. X novel every device dared every Jer kit nabs or broke them in order to it i incr a. All fail a and not Only Falleti. Bur Cic now edged they could see no Way to which Success could Ever be achieved. Of Voncell achieved it out of this dark Tiessa called insert ii Light. Out of ibis Uio to abject weak pitiable of kingdom be made a Power and dying be Lef. In Palku out a spectre which in a St a Tea de pushes whig and tory Nln i ten alike from their spils. Hut Brug Faro a was a a mag gue. Fie on fax a d Pitt Wellington. A Rby Peel so it Verp Iol us Ali and Bru ii in to b looted Aud ruled by a demagogue was Tuut they the Ahuj Cra be it o Rouneil. T to King hot Tiv a bigot Anda dm.gigtt-? a Dehoag gue ride the s pm lie its Neve really the ability to create one. He in narrowly ignorantly a if a Elti a Coda. In not crushed by la Force jul a Itu ont i. Will a Flung him into p Iwer Heads it web Kritil Chinua Misc Alcala Ikon Softie Insu Rui in Astle Ohem i a bib Quot a1 or it lore r. Dying he no Luark on the Bueti a Attu Ante be a Tutu mixed it a to in will serve pm Jiu i Alioti. It Tok o on Rirl time Jet » 0< p t Leol and Saga i tub labor to in 1 new i in la i oae a amp Iai Euce Oman to t in vac by Sci a turned Uel is. In us u a id by Only t it in cult Ihk of bin a. Nearly Tiffy Tara Tiaw p Ani Tuce hit Triu Uipi. But Bia in preen till » a run Forth Clr and Abar Poh to Empire Illey. Or Iii Ltd i wholly Iti Uelner t it hip for a pril Iai Dua Tiou. Kid b i it educate. 11 lift cd a it it Bro Aifer rep Tuiai u ii Kim. Ii re get it a it on of put a m it it cuke a inter a tooth r Ola i to to Abe it in to orm a. He aae Ochlau l her Ait ail the Lvov Einen of great Braiu. is la duration of at Lair by it add deeper and mor real ill Quot it i Holt it Rosiu be cat give i n » and pow a Bis Gilt or to lever which 11ila hoi t it Vry Oner right Turt priv u now in oct b to glad owe lust my Ai. Ver know Ainee Boa great a danger Atu earn re Attu would have u in town Empire i t i him could Urt Ibe chapter i an Al Reg it. Of i a la a a tap or of . Btu i by Van never tie filie n demagogue a a walk-»1 Turku a be to of Iii Lii a of Joneil an 1 . Do l to it re Nau once xxx Fiat Aud Luoi inert tags cause they Quot up i Baui Rivo i jul Uia purpose of pin i l Aid crusted 1 by it Aie Rii a Ulpain. N » guts Ogisi Wou have 4>ff»r»d in a it a to no tue a Tab a the Poa in Olp plug aug ■ be Bri inti government that in the Doug a. I a it Lou info Renlun web Brave of Elliona in Fianu n in spoiling kor a fight be would nver draw a sword. 1 have Pur Paley dwelt Long a this View because Ibe sex and the far racing Al Eta of o gon Uell s work without regard to the Monirea we cd snap red him or them the be Uei have never been fully recon Mixad. Ü it Elf met he old what in abit is Aud Bra let Tol Lita Forneri Wuwer had tried to do and land. He of at i a Public opinion and a Unity t burp it i enu matter Wanai be now Betta a e about ii itch Ulualo fre Laius a a Tion he gave or Fri Tan clix Raulp and a in to Imp rial parliament be gave iter a i re Aud a Pii Lill Mitu a to ii or a Kuiv lain her Iwu nud thu Mab Oil Longhta go Lor in negro a Isola and l in Vole next Eitl a the Lav que Jiuu a a Plain 1 to our i or civil eco icy. Ocman Eljdid lbs fur j my Sod thle i in i no Irie Biquan Wiur Lead or a. A or ■ let in of kit. H in mod a if Crux in Abl and say Ibene Are , for i taught in How to study Zatur in a similar sen As a Hackle alter Shock or Falls from Irish limbs or Aii i be , Horro f a a it purr a Mui a Rke or la Iau it Ibri Uro out the Island o it drag a a drug the gained now one p it Aud now Adoner but Alt r All they lilt the Balm of it to duh be my in foreign Aud bos Ila la Ort. 0<»in Nell Iva Brave rapacious lot a a Ido. More than All. Bawa a aia Teaman for be gave to Ireland » own keeping to key it if Ber future a l re Bac n Tea Eno Down the Cenauri a it met Lay one band Outi it British politics. She rules them directly or Telegraph Aud the other of met aug engine Oconnell May Way thu Victory u mice for i taught you the method Aud i Gav you the arms. I have hitherto Bren speaking of his ability and acc by and by we Waltl lock by character motive a and method. The unique ability even Bis ennui la have Heen forced to conf a Harriet Martine aft in or it Oiin parable hit it re of the thirty year a resco Baa with tory hat misconstrued every action of orc Nell. And invented a by motive for each one. But even so Motif Essex that Quot be Rose in Power. Influence and notoriety to an to Miene Mich Arno other individual cell Len a Ultra anal in modern limes in Ore a. Britain. And one of Bis by no Means partial biographers a Well said Quot any Man who turns Over the Elt flu and new papera or that period will ii perceive Bow grandly won Neilor figure dominated in politic Bow completely is had tie Ioudif lettuce Bat Lead to Jon prevailed it to Irish quits no How clearly hta Alt axiom Giauda Forth an the great fact of the time. The truth is Bia to Silloo so far from being a common one. Is absolutely unique in history. We search in vain through the records of to a i Lor any Man who. Without the eff Ion of a drop of blood or the Artvin Taip a of office or rank succeeded to govern my a people so absolutely and so lung and in a Toni to entirely the element it a Hmer. There Wae no rival in in supremacy there was no restrict i m to in authority. A played Sita the Tierce Enthus i Alai lie had amused with the negligent ease or a Ina to be governed the conic Ligated Organ sat to n to Tihart create with a ship Talty but never failed. A made himself the of a of the a Tenti u of other lands and the Center around a Blob the rising Iniel la. Of Bis own revolted. He had to whole Octal by Aikin of a slum it reversed the relative Pinsl mint for get Tanto Aud Catholic a modelled by i into Leoo toe representative Catesi helical Auu Duca Loual and Reat it i » Public Opimo Bat Supra aged tit wildest Draina of his pro Esedora. Can is won or at to proud exit actin in Jyh Chi exc Luied Grattan mat by a Cradle of i country Aud followed her Minarae it we loft for tue to sound to re Urr Eeik Gnu trumpet and to show Abo was not dead hut Piug it is natural that Iro land be uld re Siembor him Liber tur. But it Tren amp it i Imp re to yet a. I think e pipe and America will Perot Metier my by a High a title. 1 said in opening tout the it a of of Cost la a Floral Govar Muniu i More in bled to o com la ban la any other political loader of the ii to two to furies. Tvs it i m an is that be invented the great of Cun Tiiu Dooal Tai Tatios. Agitator is a title which will last longer which t>ugg8ta a broader and morn permanent d tale Lee and entitles him let the to mor million than the name Ireland loves to give him. To first great agitator la Bis proud at title to Grau Udo Aud lame. Agitation is the method that paiute the school by the Side of the ballot Box. The Fremont can Vaos a the nations Best school. Agitation Prevenda rebellion keeps the peace Aud secure Progress. Every step sue Gamsu gained forever. Muskets Are the Wesp. A of animal. Agitation is the Aimos Pleie it of brains. The old Hindoo saw in his dream the human race led on to its various for Turk. First men were la chains which went Hack to a Iron hand. Then be saw t Lem led by thread from the Era o which went upward to an unseen land. To Tirol de to -iw.u, Iron Aud ruling by Force. The lust was Ctol Liral a ruling by ideas. Agitation a an old word with a new meaning. Sir Robert feet the first Duglish Leader who Tell be is it tool defined to to sea t © marshalling of the Oitt tence of a Uati Onti Rould its Lew. 01v>uull a the fir to to show and us it Poser to Lay Down its principle to a Nizo it elements Ami dark out metes a id Lou my. I i Volant in Public and but be Izard to at Rel a it Riti Elik those of old time in i. Land and of the continent t it to. Its non Are a a a gtd and arg Merit no Appeal Loarma. Wait Daric Nefy i it the Low or w to of Public opinion the it Nch Maii is angry with Hia government be up Barriento and a Leta i gun i it to Ftp. A weeks fury dras the nation ahead a ■ an i » urea i n reaction i a it a tile Nail Aback again. As i. I Field Salo a us i or i years a it y m Kreuch Meu Ert it barrel and by Nevar any Barrier. An k i ii Triau 1» with Piralic Fai a. In Nair is Bis Claram off re Hgt prof Wai i r Pinju i be to relax for Ebli of n Ion t inform it in. I be every a a it i acc a Tiku fat Rev ran abuse Odachi pm it cd u or a per in Futory. Vii it d t to 1 Arn Tais methods Irac in airy peaking Roth of Couf. It Waad a a Palil it t r Sirner a Todd. Argument no Violet o Nordt Teal a hug a our h a drop of Nult in o Ood. I o Ber Huilui waive the he truth. No conceal Lieut of half of Oeva cum it Iowa to make the orb a Nan inor acc it Abb. Notts ulal of one truth to a i i for a Oiler. No up Ouner a he phas d it. Not to tug a p Llic Aily Light Bicu i morally wrong. Above All pint yours if out Luious tax get ainu thy of very lieu us being out urn or it it a Gnu taut or How la Uible Adja weight t p at the. Sunset of Iila career the it Ign turned a it?1 ear to Bis Appeal Itney naj a then la it Jck 1-1 up t us uni air Kir Cwi Turtte a a it Ciummu. Beu Otilit Pudia fed him Liy wer either traitors or Hopeie. Prou it am. A j of cubed Gnu Ultima Tuul with Gra Lau and » a is Istl Lin it. Dows in it it pair. t Antolic to vied waiting till they ant grew merciful. Oconnell left Alun it a sort i will forge tens four Millious Irish heart into a which Wii s Itu Cuto dash this it spot in to pieces. Ami he did it. Living under an g Jet Niue i it Imaal of the higher Olas tie anticipated Liu Eolus via Doit and trained nya movement Lor the people of the people Aud by the Nepute 1 it a singular Lac i Bat the Freer a nation become the More it t Ray Jim it or tic to form of us him. I Nece Nasiy of ibis of a nation Tbs pressure of Public opinion to direct political a ton Heco ii More Aud inure necessary Omo Nueil has inert charged a Tab i inc Ertta la urging a i it and tii Ose who in Educ Erity Nave leaded toward allowing that i priv a in ack of Oquinn by -. 1 think no a a rifts am to bid Keo. His Arnrich Komi Purut to it Paulas Hia u Ltd mate of inject Mii leed he Slu i Tuiai Cipa it of Riv a a a. Turi n Jar i w of Bis whole Itofe will leave the a Eighn i groan 1 to Dou t his Ine right a. Am Lor the re an Nazien and necessity of the a or i think every Vear prov a Thorn. Oon id ring of Connellis Fittim i wholly yarn path to n t Hia pm found and toy a to it i it the Cin Pir. Of Stiar it in the in tin inspire my Ireland » Strung band ii port Aura. St Ding alone am my the vast Audma Aive Sovereign Tea of Europe she would be Woak and helpless. Were i so in Klitin i build cling to the Empire. Fifty or sixty Ara when econ of race has be i Kianian and bigotry is Les i med it tray a Jav >ssihl6 for Ireland to be find free whoa Tofu leg the or Talon to Fugi Abd that hot land nor Bat daring ibis Gem ration and la next oyo Noil waa so to pc aiming that Ireland a rights a quid never to Salt without Home Rule. A Nisi animal repeal of the a Nice should ire every irl a mans Earnest atm Werf re in dvrs a i a it did Onat Nutly re at what grat Tan Sain la 1810, the beat advice tie men i can give on All Oeena Lonn is Kop ?.n-- King at the Union. We imagine no irishman to be Only a zealot on fire. We fancy Intuit split and Loq circe to be Only Blind Reck Boa Llong Nib uni Asin. But in truth Rattan waa the sober est Leader of Hia Day Bolding Back Tho disorderly elements a Befi fretted under his Enrby. There was one hour at least when a word from him would have lighted n democratic revolt throughout the Empire. Aud the most remarkable of o Connelly Girt was neither by eloquence nor Hia Agac tip it waa Bia Par leu a pall amp nce All ■ in passion of great Hui the trek it patience Whiteb trom d00 to 1820, want Horn town to town lit to Ait a by ill pres to Plant to of and United As Well As hot patriotism. Then alter Many yearn and lung toil waiting fur rival to be Juat for in Judice to Wear out and Tor narrow net to grow Wise using British Folly and Oppre iou a Bia Wand be moulded then Tum item of to most excitable of ree t be Juat and Loe vital indignation Ltd four Millious of Catholic the hat of plundered poverty priest Nuble and Poa ant into one fierce though Inasa. Then be held in in careful Check with sober moderation watching every Opportunity at reeling ally Arter ally never Lorf uiting any possible Friendship allowing to provocation of tir him to and Yuting that would not beep i cause compelling each hottest and Moat Ign Kraut of Hia followers to remember that be who Summit a crime Helju Tho enemy. At Laai when the hour mrock this Power was a de to achieve Justice for Ite Eif and put him in London him this despised Iii roman this baled at bolts. This Mero Totoa Ogue and Stu of word3 Bint to bold the Lory party ice hand and to whig party in the other All this without a bedsit g a drop of blood or Dutu Rbing for a to it innit the eol to Empire. While Odonnell bid Inland in in hand lie people a re mor oni erty Law abiding and than fur a Century be lore or during any year Ancs. The strength Osbu ii inv control Pasica Rompre by Usiri it. Out it i inet an irishman whose lather wild blk up to see o Connell and Dree be 200,000 men at Tara la rally to see not lol at him. I Maicl int you would not All boar even Bis voice of no air Only about 50,000 could Bear him. But we ail kept a ill and silent As if we did with Magr arduous frankness of Corueil one Hij i never could Bov bid thu monster us voting with i a crime Wieb Cut disorder or flak Rel except Lor father Mathews Aid. Any Man can Todd a Furnace and fur water into steamy. It careless make it rend Hia Deli aug in i. Genius builds Tho Loco Roo Tive. Harnesses this terrible Power in Iron traces holds it with in Aster haad in use ii limits and gives it to the peaceable for Vii of Mark. The Irish people wer o of n 1 Ioc Motev Akaronu pvt Enoe and modern to Quot a the Genius build it parliament and j-i8 it it it the Star i m be re of gtd. Every one who has Luried 0cun©ll Ulfo a it Bia marked likens to her the unit of bulb their live wit Ibe Aarns i Asive strongly even i Oor Grain Dilie ease with which sob read 1 the us a. Toe Power we h we Iii they Wiki red Ibum to ame univ Aigid Al que Nee fit for any audio the same instinct of Genius tin. Id i hem Coli stantly to act which a Vul Taire said mgt in a men Call Rah Lut n is Loui see to be Brave the sat a or Cess. Bat orc Innell a i one great element which la her lacked the universality of i am Pativy the far re chins aunty which tru b a a it it it a Lux i aug above the horizon the i Ysl Bravo and rank pint which ack Nual Fig gtd Aud served it the profound and re Fairfi Witch b delved Takht the Wool Ltd m h to Rovn do Barm to i whole of Var. Be. From a Aeran height of intellect i>1 Jogun it which a id gifts in 1 lit it Ltd. A a a e sly i Holt to one rigid waa Ever in the by of an ther that i jus ice Barms the wrongdoer in Irr re t an the victim that w Hoever puts a Briu of another it so on Nimo Elf. Serem la confident l at to to if i always a e and jul Tiai a expedient he saw that Ido Rance i Only Waul o Fitlin. A who to Tifre Dicus Ion soc try Nuhim we to a what pro be Sio is live a really True. Coi Riog a he both in Deba Aud a Ion of Nuell i win because be a set to a or oaf principle acts up to it re to in h by on it and 4iis Taieb in it. To worker with of term the i Ampton it i or data i Ter in Lead m the Chart Ata Foroi to corp Lew battling so Anat Al Vry when a in India to the Yarolim Iberta Deir Socrat Olio to Eun a seven to it it a ailed the a pie t his i starting a move in ii the people Forth people by her i i Snow in Ano Bor Roc it re a to a and i rav a this to Tho european history of our Century ? where is Tiff krgi.is9 Rex Tommar where the Irish Leader who can claim one not wonder every engl Lynman bated an to fear Dot tal. How mind a their prejudice at every Point. Whig and tory Iea Reti and naked Thi Broad Brave Aooie who a red to a allow truly wherever a saw or but Loi cration a a Brud As bums nature and i Yiu Patby 1>-Uoilleoa As the sea. To Ghow you Bat be Oev it it my a Leaf from oar air aug pm ote Impi a that he never Al Levi by pinga to Lien to on of truth of Surv my an to help a notifier that in or Scariti de and race to save even ire Laud let me compare him with it Seuth n vie Only rot riia or his de queue at i Patrio by. When know tub a Miu Faao Uil Trail he ©x.-uiluied, hrs Isa Flag Wita Alt a nation Wii boat a Prim. We a lotion pm a a Al Dot of Elmo Ella he on of the Magyar Home to Brak chains Nave olt on Wim no i use be to for Loar Mil Loui of negro bending Ander » y a ten Ruiea heavy r Tun Tholof Hungary a he Johw Rod i would i get Anub Xiv i wot id a i Eai Al blog i Nelp Hungary. Oconnell never said anything like thai no leu i in a spots i a Ltd sir Tnomas Fowe l in join a tory i orc Innell an by St a Quot As Housel a Usu a Ever dreamed said lie. An i Tieti told me this if re Quot Wren in iwo o Conwill enter i Par Lam to the Anil a very a us i a so we in hat it had Only la hinge it a and -a-i1 a i a f a it. And a Gro of that when a Oke i should cheer Bun and when i spoke tie should Beer my and the wer the cheers w or a. Of funnel i Cam with of irian sub a i support Bim. A Large number of members i think to to Buxton said 27whom a called the Wes India interest be it Tol party the slave party wout to him say fog. 6c>onell, at last you Aro a the pious with one Helper. will never go dose to fre of muons Hall with Bux on and Brougham Here Are a votes for you no re Irish question. If you work with to abolition to a. Count us Al Vagt a Agio net you. It to a terrible . How Many a of Calvd Sta a Man would have yielded Oconnell said Quot Genth men god know i Peak for the Saddest people the son fees. But May my right band forget Ita Canning Aud my Tongue Cleave to the Jool of my month if to save Ireland Veu ireiw.d1 forget the negro on single hour. From that Day said Buxton Quot Lus. Ireton Aud i never West into be lobby that Oconnell did not follow a. Learn of him friends the hardest Leeson we Ever have it us. To to of toleration. The Foremost Catholic of Bis a them a Stalwart Champion or the Church be a also broadly and sincerely tolerant of even Talub. Hia toleration bad no limit and r. Qualification. 1 Acorn and a nut the word Tolera Ion. It is an term in Man properly of making tolerate . 1 do no tolerate a Catholic neither a is he tolerate me. We Are equal and a knowl Ergo a he oth re right that is the Corn statement. That every Nin tools bal Lowed freely to Worth up god according i life conscience that no mans civil rights should be Al Ved by my re Lignum cree1, were both Cardinal principle Nroy Hudnell. He had no car that a y it i c Trine of Bis fal b could to endangered b the freest possible . » earn of him also sympathy with every race and every f pm of Opp a iou. No matter who the us fore or what the form of the Lulu it Ioe » Vii g Yor Kuite pets in Imrie id d chartist per Oren Ted , or neg Lave no matter of wait right Persona or civil the Alcrim bad been flub re no matter what complexion in comp Ihle with Freedom an afro in or an in Rattan Kun had Burnt opon him no a Quot or to Ligi Oua pretext or political juggle Necer Tyas an sex Ciao for by co matter with what sol Multi be Tai Iteen on the altar of slav otomi trill saw him the altar us l in god hark t it Gerber in the do the victim Wax acknowledged © Man and a brother qua in All Riahi axed entitle to nil be Aid the great irishman could give Bim. I have no time to scene of. Hie Marvel i Acoca at the barn rfcs profound skill in Ibe Law which enable. Him in conduct such an Ngit Sti a Lav out be verge of illegality and violence wit not Noce bit self or Bis in Llowana to Legal i Alt an agitation under a Corte of which Brougham Aid Quot do Catholic could lift i Hen-1 under it with cd breaking to i have no time to of i til More remarkable Pucce a in the Ham of commons. Of flood Lallur the regret Hii bad ai1 Quot a was a Oak of the Forest too old and too great to lie transplanted a. 50. Gra Uansa own Sec there a but More ale. The Power Oconnell i Aldo against varied bit or and i pro smog was Marvel ius. I Bave no time to spa of Bis perennial in dependence Bia Dell Irente Conrage. Troll and by i Al i i in private Cuba Raster Bia unfailing Bop the versatility of by Talent Tala Power of Tirolesi work by ingenuity and boundless re of Uroe Ida May bile self no Ealr Niu every e Rea in n i be he a Ihl wit but any reference lot it a Uiel oat minted Hia Veloqu ice would be painting Wellington in the Howe of lords without me Tion of Torr a vedas or wat right of. Brno div con i tired Bise Queine but a never Ficen equalled in modern rime Ltd a Tainio not in eng so Sneh a. Dot i you think i am partial i will vouch .1 in Randolph or a pc a Virt Lina Lav fodder who hated a irishman a new a mob As be bated a Yankee him an a Torono Meau la a. o Connell a exclaimed Thi is tie Man. Three re Tho lip the most Ella Wner i that pm a Gli a in my Day i think he was right i remember the solemnity of we to the Grace of Evereti the rhetoric of Choat i Kun the Liju a i that by hid in their a logic of Calhun i Bat melted Beneat -. To e main to it built of Henry Clay or Titis / Mia i ipod wild a a Power few Mer r had. It has Ben my Lorian to sit at la bet of the great apr Ker of the eng i a tongan on i to other Lio of the Ocean. But i think All of then gotta a never Surpas. And no one if thnequale1 Oconnell. Nut i intoned Bun or nor Drua at Eula. Nav a since or at Grok is he a amp Cut for h Afy Ore so lavish gifted for by work s Tribune of the Neppl. In the first plice in had a Ingn Ilcent nor enc i intr Mladin hearing in in Ike that of Jupiter Webster blk Ell hardly outdid idea in them a Sty Ohi prop. Rations. To a sure a Hart not Weka i re craggy face and a Flipi a of by i nor his Eri glowing Coal. Nor Lead a the lion rear of Mirs Bemi. Rut id Nna ence filled toe a. A mall 0 Ponnell would hardly it Avo Heen an o Connell at All these physical advantage Rob of the Battle. I re memos Russel Lowell telling a that or. Wtr5tír ca5ik Home from a Angton at the time to whig party Tom Ugat of Dies Dupion a Var or two before Bia a ssh. And went Down for fan ail h ii i protest drawing blk it up to Hia in to proportion i brow clothed will. To Ninart a before the Liate Nii g thu and lie said Well gentleman i am a whig a a i Achu to Wobu. A Rill whig a Rev culinary whig. Cost it Tutin i whig. It my break the whig party air. It Eream i Ugi and Al wll we held our by ath. Tank to. Simiti be could go it he had be a five feet Throe we should Bave said who Caros where you go so it we with o Connell. Ther a something or Ltd la in his presence be 1 a be Spok and be add t ? to what Ater had it what Clay might have Lent Grce. Lithe As boy at 70, very Sui us » picture every Aratare Grace be is Atill ail nature nothing but nature seemed to speak All Over Bim. Then e a i a that Ltd red the Gamut. The majesty it Lindi nation q la uttered to ton of super bum to it w r made him Abl to indict a nation sue of Burke s pro at. I Beard him once say i Send my to Craa to Atlantic a Renran like he bund it pm gain to the hr»-/.©, to Tell the la it Holder or the Crounk hit it idea Bun Derbite Are hot Aud it remind the i a Nam a tha the Dawn of of red my Lon a already breaking Yoa see i to bar the tones come echoing of a a to pm from the r it sky Kun a then with the slight Paible Iri a Brogue be would Tell a Story while ail Exeter ii til Shok with Ihu Gaiter toe re. Mowing tears in i vol a like a s itch it Tig i thou and men wept. A d 11 i Ubil Elf it it. He seem a Only by Athing. We u de to my of a Quot to Ter Tai i a or eff it it of Devereu Quot itis a t a Tofal it of but you nver iim1 the word for Miu speaking of orc Nell. It provoked you that he won id not make a Elf it it. Aii this wonderful Power. It a not a Thunder storm he flanked you with Bia wit he surprised Yoa but o a a self Yoa were c a queued before you knew it. We tvr could a it i Nimciv k Aud c Relt o Obj to a College i list i m cd amp at a jury cold magnetize tha million and Corwin in to©. Oct Bufill Ruc a Orr Iii. Cd Josie or a and Debaier . Ber re the , Etc at is it in he by of Tuoanh Scrable and dignified. Of hand or get la Jim of ii get. N a but tit. Piat torm. I. And the la aarae a whole Man. Cariffe ave Quot he m god s own King who ©., go m Giitl not i All wills into t scribe o Luuu-11 Educ Sou aay Foier t eloquence Niew Tforia a an it bind t he a. Of. Of Yuneli Waik. A it Becaum Ivory Iri Aumau my ,. knew there we a mus Hith 8puejhone who could he our get bul lieu nor Cid Jufu. H0 it i Nahmis free hut willing Objet hand. He be a Lihi Power to in garage Tual a every new be i on . Car Law uni. Of he in vie f. A Tau a tired Taal Devo Tiu that made the cel be was All Frei Row to a master a thai made them sure they were Alaa a in i hands behind them were of to ousted every rising had Ond a u the Riv >10even Gra Tan brought i them u. 1708 Oconnell to follow Nio put yur a where mine have Aud a be Riff shall never Lav hand on yours Bounder. And Ibe great lawyer kept his pledge. Uia unmatched. A it ugly in Tiu a Power Alan to passe lie Lief. You can unit Knprr cute it by comparison it neb cd to the mob y 8r of 18», la country when be Abul Lita Are bunted a Quot Elihe Stowe or it Rel with not Wuhu froth Balun to a Eliinor. A St. Loma to Philadelphia ■ mob tool is Lon of every City when Priva invaded and Puble Ball born apr Walter press Sas throw Ito the and lev Joy baptized Fri cd i a. 4 Wood Yoa r. Member it. Up it Cut. No warned to tub that they were ing into the band of the Webster Aud Clay and the stiff of tae Meir told the people in it Ilo bied Burtner 011 1 be ghouls of to mud the most Loq tent lips could carry i. Law abiding protestant de act Lann Rica could rot he Nult Back. It Itier big chif g Oor resp Cubie could keep these people qui. T. Us or glad. We. N the Reform Bill of 31 was thrown out of the House of lord to people were tumult los and Malbourn Sod Gerv Ruwell Atid Brougham Landor be Hollend and a Schulay the whig but to cried out Don the Law Yon n up the Tore riot put a Hack the Hill. Int quiet sober Bali Law abiding. C old Tel do Wilhman in. Birmingham a three Days in the band of a mgt a cast we , Wetli Wigton ordered to Scutch Greys to rough Grid ten to sword a at Waterloo. Thin a the whig aristocracy of Kugland. Oconnell had neither office nor title. Behind Bim were 3 my ,000 in ple let peo in a Ter , with the pin reason of centuries ignored by statute. Fox thirty re a i and turbulent years be stood in front >1 Teui Andraid Quot a member be lbt commit crime a up the my. And Dat g a lung and of Arius struggle not one leu Gnu it Saruke the Law. There is no such record in or history. Neither in cease the nor in Ned it in can the Man Fie produce 1 who be j a million 01 Penolo a Hie tight hand of petit»1. It due to the Cut a i a Khz Unity of lbs racier that hastily a a. 1 it to not forget your Soldier Ort a or poet any of your cd a. Hut Ubea i con i i r to Ellis it or Otis , Hia rare. Breve Fidelity to Vav hum i Pirimi pm it c i tred n 1 matter Bow unpopular or n a Ebarra Agut i main in Row that Clear far reaching Biou and True heart which on a at mural and political question aet Nim to much ahead of Bia time its eau queue almost fut Fly Cut Clie in the court in the Sens © and a foie the it amp am that Sag it a which act at naught the Malig Narf a in inc of the Whol let it rial bar. A Uhlig the Rev years for a my up when i Rem Moerth to be invented i t Kil. Ard to a the Aandre Bis inti a Utica of with Hia Vual Suar bearing in a i nature tier i be the in Btty and u»1 a thou with wiil a he oat by into a. A we Iwer and the lofty Generua up of is no Lac , i Ittis ready in St firm he via All thing a id cred the Gre to to to to be Iriah race Ever Ortin cd. 3 a pccip.1 Telegram to the Chicago 1 Iuie Tat Iurii Ilayton says t aul to Morrow its Peculiar Pii Uto Centennial that of the Bombardt or. Of Tiro town by tue butial. Ship of War fair00 a aug. 8 1775 tue is icon i up. It x-.i-Imuie-j two Booher bound Lor Salem Frodo the West Ltd captured one of in i end Ltd a i the Ether into Bra a Quot w i he a runs Ltd it to on to inner 2 a. Copt. La Cut Acbo de and it two Barge a .tftl.jgmis, a ecu Ena it and tax teen bring to e Clio her off. The Tow and Nat arts the Buls parly. Though the it it to a and an grm a cuter were sent to vat to them be Gnu be Etc boys ecu the Wool flo411 b tax can Iner. Tue Catter the Texo Large Sud Ibe whale boat with All who were in them. I to Gln renter men wet killed mid one slightly wounded. Thirty ave Bini Baffoni were captured of whoa eleven bed a Biu pred for m Gloucester and neighbouring towns daring Tbs affair which lusted several in hrs. F set i 17.® for Ort Reverol tuna into the town but without Dafne any damage. On o the Anota a bib track line meeting Bonis Etoll it re Fri. Rij uie eting Bouse a appropriately decorated a onime Moratiya sermons or. Schedy to Day. To Morrow to Ero with be a iou Ciao bake. And tha inevitable Oak chg the Nash Hen Bui or. Who new a to Hall rout Glo Ceet a when to Corrrea sep Aro to have soared on the town As Bia Nam Dene to appear. A Rich old widow a to Morenci mnh., Hod a Blooming and affectionate widow for a near neighbor and when be waa Aken Lek a very considerately Murwari him and applied Bis every want. Hot when be was convalescent be became aggie vice. And ulried inst he Nicht to marry tier and that sue would sue my if he Relusta then the widower resorted to strategy. On evening when a a lord be a to Bia Sling room without Light and the Mart or a object a revived. Quot Cut Yon know i never pro to incl to Turry a i a whined the wily Dowar. Tit ats very t Rue answered to Fig a widow but i can a big damages from you All he a. Twin Wae a ii g dts Uil arout Date i to it 1» to atop was i get Ltd. If or i i -,.v of Vury Roeh Cut aut tied m a ried in one Corner let Ning to toe . To widow now ays to carried the j Ltd Tom far a Censia at Crown Point in Bis Traveis has found a t Uncein Var old boy who weigh 280 p or a. Und © frn a lady who is an inveterate amok r. And be claw she a 132 years old

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