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Indianapolis Indiana State Sentinel Newspaper Archives Aug 1 1849, Page 4

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Indianapolis Indiana State Sentinel (Newspaper) - August 1, 1849, Indianapolis, Indiana A a a a Al Quot. A. A Indiana state Sentinel. 1hir&Quot Ai in Quot a j j a room Tab Oueill Hairr St Halleck. The in is a a nver a Ift vely Florer m ii ged do Iii Raith i us Chat Puro u Tbs jetties in in hour of iof client and a Earhest Blue. The Kue Amlet s Geotis Side it seeks the Billdt fount the shaded Grot and sweetly to the heart it Speaks forgot me Bot forget me not. Mild As the azure of thine eyes Suft As the Balo beam above in tender whispers still it sighs. Forget me not my life my love there where thy last Steps turned away. Wet eyes shall watch the sacred spot. And this Sweet Flower be heard to say. Forget a no forget me me not yet deep its azure leaves within is seen the blighting Hue of care and what that secret grief hath been. The drooping Stem May Well declare. The Dew on its leaves Are tears. That ask a am i so soon forgot Quot repeating still amidst their fears. life my love forget my not sonnets. By b. Hallock. Mrs. Hemans. Queen of the Lute and Lay whose song of Yore swept o or the Earth in music Many toned. Bearing along tales of historic lore. With triple immortality Enzo cd where dwells thy spirit in that lighter world with the i numerous dead of other Days in what Bright Oil Hast thou thy pinions furled ? what Star of Beauty trembles to thy lays ? thine was a lofty Strain thy lyres gave Back the voice of god in Ever glowing song melodiously As o or its fairy track swept the full tide of Haimour along. Thy spirit s purity breathed on thy Lyre. Bathing its music in Seraphic fire. Night Hail glorious night Queen of the ebon throne. Dark Robed and wearing on thy Dusky brow. The coronal of living gems that shone 0 or Eden Bright and Beautiful As now to the i turn Neath thy dim reign to Rove. O or contemplations verdant Field where thought with thought in Sweet communion wove. To the wrap soul their endless treasures yield. Fann d by the Pinion of the vie less wind cheer d by the music of the rolling spheres Crown d with the wreaths by Hope and fancy twined Girt with the memory of departed years. spirit revels with a Mility glee. At the full feast spread Forth of night by thee. A simile. On the breast of a billow. The Silver Moon Lay uru Fulcd the Mirror. Unbroken the Ray till the Zephyr s Light Pinion swept Over the Stream and broke the repose of the wave and the beam. Like the beam on he billow. Love s a Fiorit will rest. Pure peaceful and holy. In fond woman s breast till passion s wild breathing have Fann d it to Al Ime to illumine her pathway or perish in shame. The parting pledge. By Fanny Kemble Butler. Yet once again but once before we sever. Fill me one brimming cup it is the last. And let those lips now parting and forever breathe o or this pledge Quot the memory of the past a it Joy s Fleet no Sun is set and no to Morrow smiles on the gloomy path we tread so fast yet in the bitter cup o or filled with sorrow lives one Sweet drop the memory of the past but one More look from Tho a dear eyes now shining through their warm tears their loveliest and their last but one More Strain of hands in Friendship Twining now Farewell All save memory of the past. From the Chicago Democrat. To fisc . By hts. Tranz a. Hoffman. Of now pc never talk in dutch for English s All the rage Jur lips Aie now forbid to Lead of dutch a single Page. I cannot say a Guler but Quot yes 0 yes my Friend Quot alas that Ever such h Tongue was made to vex Mankind. I dare not Sav Quot Oden an Mich Quot but bawl of think of me Quot or lilt a i Quot Ach Wie Lieb Ich Dich Quot i tremble lest they hear. And if Quot Vergiss Mich Nicht Quot slip out. They say forget me not such awful words my jaw will break As Quot Broth Quot and Quot world Quot and Quot and Guten tag Quot i never hear the time has passed away. When those Sweet accents met my ear must English now Verster. And if my hand she gentle takes. breath i scarce can Drain v lest she should say Quot sir in few you me and i should answer Quot Yaw a capital lord Chancellor of Ireland having recently made an appointment to visit the Dublin insane Asylum repaired thither in the absence of the chief manager and was admitted by one of the keepers who was waiting to receive a patient answering the appearance of sir Edward. He appeared to be very talkative but the attendants Humoured him and answered All his questions. Lie asked if the surgeon general had arrived and the keeper answered him that he had not yet come but that he would be there immediately. Quot Well Quot said he a i will inspect some of the rooms until he Quot of no sir Quot said the keeper Quot we could not permit that at a then i will walk for a while in the preen Quot said his lordship Quot while i am waiting for Quot we cannot let you go there either sir Quot said the keeper. A what Quot said he Quot Don t you know that i am lord Chancellor Quot Quot sir Quot said the keeper a we ii pc four More lord chancellors Here he got into a great fury and they were beginning to think of the Strait Waistcoat for him when fortunately the surgeon general arrived. Quot has the Chancellor stir eyed yet Quot said he. The Man burst out laugh the at bios and Gaid Quot yes sir we Bim Safe but be is by far the most outrageous patient we or o con Nell told this anecdote in Dublin at a Public 0ieeting, jul aug is possible to be a very great Man and to be still very inferior to a ius Cesar the most Complete character Ifim lord Bacon thought of All Antiquity. Nature seems incapable of such ctr Ordina to combinations As composed his versatile Ca Paziy which bras the wonder of even the romans themselves. The first general a the Only Triam Plant politicians inferior to none in Al hence a comparable to an in the a Tai orients of do a bad a made up out the greatest cd a binders statesmen orators and philosophers that Ever appeared to the world an author who composed a a Ibet specimen of military annals in Bis Irav Ellijay Carriage at one time in a Contro Witti Jato at another writing a treat ise on a Rining and collecting a set of Good wings a fighting and making love at the 1 same time and willing to abandon both his a Gir Virci Aad Jim. Mistress Abr a sight of the a a i Matte no to Nile. Sudi did Julius Ismail Mph to his temporaries and to Agni Ages who were the it re and. A a in in rate Liis a off a tit in Atatim tothe Angush is something humbling to Pride in an English rustic s life. It rates against the heart to think of the tone in which we unconsciously permit ourselves to address him. We see in him humanity units simple state it is a sad thought to feel that we despise it that All we respect in our species is what has been by Art the Gaudy dress the glittering equipage even the cultivated intellect the Mere and naked material of nature we Eye with indifference or trample on with disdain. Poor child of toil from the Grey Dawn to the setting Sun one Long task a no idea elicited no thought awakened beyond those that make him the machine of others the serf of the hard soil and then too Mark How we scroll upon his scanty holidays How we hedge in his mirth with Laws and turn his hilarity into crime we make the whole of the Gay world wherein we walk and take our plea Siire to him a place of snares and perils. If he leave his labor for an instant in that instant How Many temptations Spring up to him and yet we have no mercy for his errors the jail the transport ship the Gallows these Are our sole lecture books and our Only methods of expostulation a Fie on the disparities of the world they cripple the heart they Blind the sense they concentrate the thousand links Between Man and Man into the two basest of earthly ties servility and Pride. Methinks the devils laugh out when they hear us Tell the boor that his soul is As glorious and eternal As our own and yet when in the grind ing Drudgery of his life not a spark of that soul can be called Forth when it sleeps walled around in its Lupish Clay from the Cradle to the grave without a dream to stir the dead Ness of its . An admirer of the of example you Bobus Liggins sausage maker on the great scale who Are raising Euch a clamor for his aristocracy of Talent what is that you do in that big heart of yours chiefly in very fact pay deference to is it to Talent intrinsic Manly Worth of any kind you unfortunate Bobinis the manlies Man that you saw going in a ragged coat did you Ever reverence him did you so much As know that he was a Manly Man at All till his coat grew better Talent i understand you to be Able to worship the Fame of Talent the Power Cash celebrity or other Success of Talent but the Talent itself is to thing you never saw with eyes. What is it in yourself that you Are proud Cost of. That you take most pleasure in surveying meditatively in thoughtful moments speak now is it the Bare Bobus script of his very name and shirt and turned Loose upon society that you Admire and thank heaven for or Bobus with Cash accounts and larders dropping fitness with his respect abilities Warni Garni Tures and Pony chaise admirable in some measure to certain of the flunked species your own degree of Worth and Talent is it of infinite value to you or Only of finite measurable by the degree of currency and Conquest of Praise or pudding it has brought you to Bobus you Are a vicious Circle Rounder than one of your own sausages and will never vote for or promote any Talent except what Talent or Sham Talent has already got itself voted . Aaron Burr s style of All the eminent lawyers of this country Aaron Burr was most distinguished for his Power of condensation. Even when replying to a speech of Alexander Hamilton no illogical reason or which had occupied near six hours in its delivery he spoke Only for an hour and a half Jie never Sicin fixed his logic to his rhetoric. Metaphors similes and illustrations of All kinds he a sparingly rejected when they contributed nothing to the Force of his argument. In every thing he said he aimed at an energetic Brevity. Strike out a single word from one of his sentences and like an Arch that h is lost its Keystone the whole fabric Falls. It May indeed be questioned whether he did not carry Brevity to excess and did not fall into the error of clothing his thoughts in so Plain and unadorned a dress As to Render them distasteful to uncultivated 0 i among the papers of col. Aaron Buir which were obtained in the manner to which we alluded a few Days since is the following note to an opinion in the famous Livingston Steamboat Case Quot p. S. I have endeavoured to Render these remarks intelligible by avoiding technical expressions and think i have succeeded except where it became necessary to speak of special pleading which defies equally common sense and common language. The jargon of this science As it is termed is like the Slang of highwaymen invented for similar purposes intelligible Only to those of the profession. A. a too great reputation is frequently an embarrassment. _ Young Seminary. A he first session of this institution under the charge of or. And mrs. To Hiow with three experienced teachers in the primary music a rowing. Painting ornamental Toedte Worth amp a will commence to Morrow morning wednesday july 2cth in the Brick building recently occupied As a boarding Ito uce ii Pennsylvania Street a Short distance North of Washington Street application May be made to the principal at the or. Foote or at tie school Korasi th08. T. Bend Rice. 1843. Ames mix. Bemba id a amp mix a cd commission Metlz Hje to dealers m produce set fish la Tay Eite Indiana. Referio a a Sci amp Ali Gabd ,ebq., s Indiana Palti. Andrew Wilson Esq., 5-j3ro1t Disi is Oil. At a Mcm King of the washingtonians of Indianapolis on wednesday evening july 3, at the presbyterian Church the following resolutions were Ulanimo a sly adopted resolved that on the evening of the 22d of August next Ai Ibe old presbyterian Church the following Resolution will be publicly disused by the members Viz resolved the As washingtonians we will unite in petitioning the legislature to repeal All Laws for licensing re Atileti of spirituous Lii ours believing that by so doing we will Subserve the cause of Temperance. Resolved that the president procure the publication of these resolutions in the papers of Indianapolis and that the citizens Are invited to attend and participate in the discussion. Nathan da.y1s, president. An of distance for the Protection of property from fire. Csc. 1. Be it ordained by vote common Council of the Toton of Kaiim Apolis that the common Council shall annually appoint three fire a gardens to be denominated the first second and third wardens and it shall be the duty of the first Warden in Case of fire to direct where the respective engines of the town shall operate and to direct the operation of the Hook and ladder company and in Case of his absence the same duty shall devolve on the second Warden and in Case of the absence of the first and second wardens the turd Warden shall perform the duties enjoined on the first Warden. Sec. 2. Said three Quot wardens shall be empowered and Are hereby empowered to direct when houses shall be torn Down and to direct generally the of iterations of the respective fire companies in the town. Sec. 3. Said officers shall each Wear a badge of office and shall never appear at a fire without said badge. Sec. 4. Said officers in connection wit i the officers of tie Marion fire engine company the Good intent engine company the Hook and ladder company and each of them provided they have their badges of office on shall have full Power and authority to command and direct All resident citizens to form into line for the purpose of conveying water to tie Ensins and to Render such other Aid As May be deemed requisite to act Ripon the fire with the most efficiency. Sec. 5. Any Jerson refusing or neglecting to obey the commands of orders of said officer a or either of them when wearing the badge of office shall on conviction thereof be liable to the penalty of one Dollar to be recovered by action of debt in the name of the Cammon Council of the town of Indianapolis before the president thereof. Ordained and established this 13th Day of March a. 1841. H. P. Coburn president common Council. Attest Hersey Brown Secretary._4-3w_ by the governor Oil the state of Indiana. A pm it in Lamario a. One Hundred Beward. Whereas Ilia made known to the undersigned by the inquest a of the Coroner of Tho county of scout in said state that Benjamin Alford is barged wit ii the murder of Ashley o. Alford in said county on the 18th Day of june 1843 therefore be it known that a Reward of one Hundred dollars win be paid for the apprehension and delivery of said Benjamin Alford to the sheriff of the said county of Scott within the limits of this state and if taken without the limits of this state for his Safe custody and delivery to such agents a May be appointed by the executive authority of this state to receive him. In testimony whereof i Samuel bigger governor of the pm q 1 state of Indiana have Hereunto set my hand and caused toll Ltd a be affixed the Seal of said state at Indianapolis the 5ih Day of july a. 1843. By the governor Bam. Bigger. We. Sheets Secretary of state. The said i Enjamin Alford is about Twenty five years of age Abonit five feet ten inches High but Stoops Forward on account of a running sore in each Side he also in walking leans a Little to one Side dark hair Blue eyes lows men and rather a Down look and will weigh about one Hundred and forty pounds. 3-4w Transy titania wive Misity medical department. The course of instruction will open As heretofore on the 1st monday of november Aud close on the last Day of Fel Druary under the following faculty Viz Benjamin w. Dudley m. D., professor of Anatomy and surgery James Cross m. D., professor of institutes Aud medical Juliis a Tidence Elisha , m. D.,professor of theory and practice we. H. Richardson m. U., professor of obstetrics and diseases of women and children t. Glitch eur m. Professor of Materia Medica and therapeutics and Dean of i Cully Robert Peter m. D., professor of Cli mistry and i liar Macy James m. Bush m. D., adjunct prof of Anatomy and surgery who will receive notes of Good and solvent Banks of the states whence the pupils come with out discount for their several tickets tie a prelate sum of which"1s$l i5. For tie and Library ticket of $5, and the Gracli Iatrou fee of $20, Par funds Are required. Boarding and lodging is heretofore for two to three dollars per week. By order Thomas Mitchell Jde a 4-c. Lexis Ron ky., july 1843. 3-3w new arrangement. I Esh drugs and medicines. The Suli Scriber having purchased or. Brandon s interest in the drug and Brandon and Sbal receive during this month from the Eastern cities an extensive assortment of fresh drags Medici pcs pure ones and liquors paints discs to a Dij Woods a window Glass and glassware All of which he is determined to sell at very Low prices for Cash or for such articles of Trade As he will be Able to dispose of. He Wotila respectfully invite the attention of physicians peelers country merchants painters dyers and invalids to Call Aud examine his Stock and prices. Particular care and quention will be paid to filling prescriptions and Nied icings and with the practical some of Fleen years in his business he feels confident be shrill be Able to Render general satisfaction. The store will be opened at any hour in the night when called on. Indianapolis july. 3 David Craighead. N. Lii Gleat Market prices will be Given at All times for beeswax flaxseed and i Yiseng. School for the def and a it Umb. The undersigned for ten years an instructor in the Ohio Asylum for mutes has been encouraged to remove to Indiana wit i a View of aiding in the instruction of the deaf and dumb in this state. In accordance with the advice of gentlemen from various parts of the state i will on the first monday in october next Tjien an institution in Indianapolis which will until provision is otherwise effectually As in other states have to be limited to Cuch pupils As can be supported As to boarding �cc., by to Weir friends for their tuition i will make no charge. A suitable building for present use will be a provided. Board ing can lie had for one Dollar and fifty Cei its or week. It is desirable Liat those who propose coming should be Here promptly to begin the session which will continue ten months having the vacation in August and september. 1 will not Only personally instinct but constantly superintend the manners and morals of the pupils and i therefore prefer boarding in tie same House. The females will l e under the additional oversight of mrs. Willard both in instruction and care. Persons desirous to Send pupils can address letters Post paid to James m. Ray Indianapolis. Junes 50 William Willard of Lodi Torso the state will confers kindness by giving the Alm Jve advertise sent a few insertions and Anvil info Enlil in attend Kwh to the sul Jet. And the auditor in a Jib county is hereby request part to Send a copy of such publication to the Nantes in their county. W. A. Walker to amp i it Ais a co storage forwarding and commission dealers in produce a. 4-c., Lafayette Indiana will give strict attend pm to receiving and forwarding produce merchandise amp a. &c.,on As reasonable terms a any Louse in the West. Refer to s. Merrix Esq., Johr h. Wii out mer pliant gel Mivy out. A the subscriber is desirous of closing off his present Stock of goods on or before the 1st Day of october nest and offers the satiric at reduced rates Indiana scrip will be received at Par until Furt Iier notice. The attention of country Mercia its is invited to an examination of my stuck. Cero Criesi a. 20 bags Green Havana Coffee prime 25 do. . Rio do. 8 Linof chests Gunpowder Imperial and Young Hyson teas selected with care for smile Low 300u lbs. New Orleans and Liaf sugars 4 i Bis. Mew Orleans syrup and molasses 100 lbs. Indigo 300 lbs. Operas logwood annatto madder amp. And All minor articles in. The line for Sale by 4 Justin Smith. Jew Orous cheap. A Fth Quot he subscriber has on hand and is constantly receiving a Large Al assortment of goods among which Are cloths cassimere sat Netts Kentucky jeans English and French Merines. Also bleached and Brown shirting and sheeting coloured Cambric Blue drillings Oali Coes amp a. Amp a. Also fur and Palm Leaf hats boots and shoes and Cotton Varna. Groceries. Tea Coffee indigo allspice Sal Eratus &c., All of which will be sold Low for Cash. Call and see. Store oui site Browning s. 4-tf j. Talbott. View hymn books. Just received a Large Supply of the psalms and hymns adapted to social private and Public Wor Silipin the presbyterian Church in the United states authorized and by the general Assembly of the presbyterian Church. All there churches and congregations who wish to hive a uniform and Well selected collection of psalms and hymns have an oppor Unity now of supplying themselves by sending in their orders immediately. No apprehension need be about getting their orders filled As i will keep constantly a Large Supply onland to fill orders. Also i expect in a few Days n Large Supply of Mictl dist Ilyn rns. I will then be prepared to us ily All demands. A b. Davis bookseller and stationer 3 one door Iva it of Washin aim Hall Indianapolis. Faai ily Seii select in icily and Parish sermons a series of evangelical discourses selected Tor the use of families and destitute congregations by the Ali it Rev. Charles p. Mcllvain D., with a Preli Ini imry address Liy the same to parents on the i importance of family religion and Christian education 2 larg amp super Royal 8 to. Volumes of rising 1200 pages just received and for Sale at the Book store of 3 B. for . Re lib following materials used mostly in the office Al Jiro offered for Sale by the subscriber 158 lbs. Minion nearly new213 Quot Burgeois half worn200 Quot Long primer half worn165 Quot Pica much worn 40 Quot double Small Pica a Large and splendid assortment of Job Type 19 pair of cases 1 pair Royal chases 1 super Toyal do., Job chases 6 composing Sticks up Gehet with stands galleys press boards lends and brass Rales in Short every tiling Nec Emry to fungi so a Good country newspaper office. A also b sufi to Royn press in Good order will in sold with or a Ruth out til above in aerials on Good Terma. will sell the suit the pure laser a Ler in who or in part. They will Besold Low forces Hjorth tii Ife the Chaser giving Liis note with approved Security. Letters addressed to me Post paid at new Harmony ind., will a prom fitly attended to. A Lex r Burns of stocks and sup eiders. In tit mans Satin acid bom Bazine Streis Law gum and Webb suspenders which will be sold at less than auction prices. 5 j. Talbott. Notice. District Courto the United states for the District of Indiana. I Bank rust by. The following persons resident citizens of the District of Indi Ana having been Resi actively heretofore decreed bankrupts by said court have respectively filed their petitions praying a Fult discharge from All their debts which petitions will be heard Lief re the District Courto the United states forthe District of Indiana sitting in bankruptcy at the court room in Indianapolis on tie 20th Day of november 1843, at 9 o clock a. M., when and where All persons interested May appear and Shew cause if any they have wily the prayers of each of said petitions should not be granted to wit Samuel Lowry Stephen Corbin James Bennett John c Brown Williatt Hamilton Glorge w Ellison Drewry Graves Hiram p weeks Joseph Crosby or James Alley John Green Alfred Thompson Adam Hartsell Samuel Barkdall George w Rodgers Jonathan h Hunt John Chapman Joseppi Morgan Elsila h Hunt Joseph Stephenson Joseph Griffin John Morris Samuel Myers William Goodwin John Lewark or Henry p Davis William f Thompson Solomon j Scott Stephen Mcmillen Stephen Day John Mcmillin James Park William Wells George d Morris july 3,1843. &-3w William d Frampton Nicholas a Acack Matthew h Winton John t Bateman Willinia w Morrow William White John Black Samuel Rosebrugh Anson a Hitney Robert Badger David t lard Abraham Cox William Wibright Thomas Pollock Sims gather John c Davie John w Osborn Scott Horsley George f Lyon James Ricketts Israel g Lewis a Nathainiel Christy Nathan Diack Robert w Hamilton Jehu Stockdale Jesse Hinds William wills Charles s Long George Norris Jeremiah k Maher Henry l Overton Jonathan Lane Andrew j Lewark attest Horace Bassett clerk. State of Indiana Shelby county probate court of Shelby Coutv Gebru Abs term 1843. James r. Of cuu Niin Istratov of the estate of John Kennedy deceased. Rel he said administrator having filed in said court at the term Afore Al said his petition setting Forth the real and personal estate of said decedent Are insufficient to pay and satisfy tie debts and demands outstanding against said estate and praying Relief and that said estate be settled As insolvent and that the arc Dicorso said decedent be notified As required by Law. Notice is therefore hereby Given to the creditors of said John Kennedy , that unless they notify said Adinion Istratov of the existence and extent of their respective claims by filing the same or a statement of the nature description and Date of the contract or Assum sit upon which the same Are founded in the office of the clerk of the said court previous to a final distribution of tie assets of said estate such claims will be Jio atoned in favor of the More diligent creditors. By order of said court february is 18 13. 1-gw Sylvan b. Morris p. C. S. C. Indiana polls feint Alje coi i a a Lite Institute. The above school will be opened at the Funk iia Institute on monday the 12th inet., under the direction of tiie Board of trustees named below who Buve resolved to make the Institute we by of Public patronage. Forthe present the school will be placed under the direction of miss Nadiia la Suer who is Well qualified in Point of education and to instruct Young ladies in the various branches of literary attainments usually taught in the Best it Ign schools in this country. The a male principal will be secured As soon As circumstances will permit and other assistants will he employed from time to time As occasion May require. the association controlling the Institute the e patrons of the school transact All business matters with the principal forthe time being but the Board of trustees regulate the Economy of the Sci ool except in reference to its internal poke and government. Until further notice the following regulations Are prescribed there will he a semitism of eleven weeks to commence on the 12th inst., and end on the 26th August next. Afterwards the terms will Cpin Mence on the first monday in september and third monday in february each term to consist Lof Twenty two weeks. Terms As follows spelling Reading writing and arithmetic per half term $3 00 the same with English grammar geography progressive sex excises in composition sacred and profane history 4 00 the same with the French language 5 of natural philosophy chemistry botany geology astronomy rhetoric Manuil and moral science natural theology geometry and other branches 6 00 the Board of trustees to whom reference May be had for any further info urination is composed of the following members Viz John Wilkens Alfred Harrison w. W. Wick Sam l Goldsberry i. , Austin w. Morris we. Roables John Foster we. Smith j. C. Yohn j. S. Bat less 1�. W. Berry. N. extra charge will be made for rent or fuel for the present nor until after previous notice shall have been Given. It is believed that the school will sustain itself without such extra charges. Should prove the contrary the extra charge will be a fixed one per scholar and the Public will be notified. Fair deduction will always be made for payments in Advance. 51-tf 48-y Ija Brotice. W. P. Boone pc by f. Clark attorneys at Law by. Liaw Ivo Tiehm Jam e 8 m o rib 8 on having resigned is of Sce of president judge of the 5tb judicial circuit tenders his services to the Publ a ten attorney and counsellor at i Ike. tiie Washington Hall on Washington Street West of tall Bott see weird shop up stairs first door. Indianapolis october 24,1842. 18tf _ notice in hereby Given to William e. Duke Ithamar Draike Amanda woo Levand her Hub acid William h. Wooley Isaac , Joseph a Drake Henry f. Drake and prudence r. Drake heirs of Isaac Drake late of Shelby county Indiana deceased that the under signed widow of said decedent will make application to the probate Quot Smirt of Shelby county , at the next term thereof to to held at the court House in Shelbyville on monday the 23th Day of August next for tie appointment of commissioners to assign and set Over to her the Dower to which she is entitled of and in tie lands tenements and Here i Tanielu which vested in the said Isaac Drake during overture or to which he was Equit a Bly entitled at the time of Liis death. Said lands being so far As now known 394 acres in sectioi8 24 and 25, township 11, Range 6, in Jackson to Wiship Shelby county Utiliana. July 12, 1843._4-3vv_pctdence Drake. Sitiar Siliae s notice. The property of John Spencer decreed to be sold by the circuit Courto the u. States for Indiana District description of which was published in the three last numbers of this paper will be offered for Sale on the following terms Viz one third Cash the balance in equal instalments at 6,12, and 18 months with approved Security. 4-3w Robert Hanna a Lauri a. Notice. Tee subscriber has placed his notes books and accounts in the hands of h. Amp h. Brown Esq is. For collesion who Are authorized to receive Money an.1 receipt Forth same. All persons indebted to the subscriber Are ii Reby requested to Call on them and Settle and payoff their respective accounts. Charles Martens. Indianapolis feb. 2�, is a. 35-Ly 1.aw Institute. Re he undersigned has determined to establish a Law school near his -1. Public House and office on main Street Indianapolis Indiana opposite the court House and to take ten or twelve students to Board and instruct in the science of Tho Law for terms to suit the students of from one to three years and at the lowest possible Quot hard times Quot prices a having reduced his tavern and Law professional rates Down very Low to suit the times and has asst cited with himself Martin Ray Esq., late o Harvard Law University Massachusetts and from Trio lectures of Justice Story to assist As a lecture. Intending to rent my Public House the first Good Opportunity to give my undivided attention to the school and Niy late Uradice is incest in a Ach do Parient of Tabor still Ever be with me a favorite object of my ambition. If a school shall he organized a Public lecture will be Given 8nce a month and weekly ones to Testu Zients with daily recitations. No refer Rice As to qualification is made but to my tick nay i ears study and practice of the Law and to Iny licit uses from tie supreme courts of several states. The tests of time will afford better testimonials. James b. Ray. P. a share in and Access to the Public Law Library at Indianapolis Indiana books can be obtained to Supply the deficiency in my own. June 1843. 1-tf a b. R. Run Here every body. A glue undersigned having taken a Large Quantity of work on the a Madison and Indianapolis rail Road Between Columbus and Edinburgh would inform the working men of this county that they wish to employ immediately 200 hands who Are Good with tie axe and about 15 Good Hewers and several rough carpenters to whom Liberal wages and Good accommodations will be Civen by the undersigned. For further particular enquire of m. Little Indianapolis and of the balance of the company on the works in Bartini Olomei county. , we. Ballinger March 20, 1343. 39 of Ingram Little new and cheap Cash store. The subscriber has just arrived with a splendid of fancy and Staple dry Onodi All of which will be sold at Eastern Cash prices such As Olive Green and Blue cloths Cassimeris Black Green and sat Netts Fine French Linnen and bleached Muslin Plain Blue and striped Jackonette figured Bobinette Fine needlework collars laces gloves suspenders stockings socks and various other articles too numerous to mention also n few pieces fashionable striped French Muslin for ladies Ball or party dresses silk shawls Liren and other handkerchiefs silk cravats Moulin de Laine handkerchiefs umbrellas and Gingham. Also Silks and satins. Store five doors East of the Palmer House. 3-.4w Martin Gross tiie Young Liady s companion in a series of letters by Margaret Cox authoress of Quot Rolany of tie scriptures Quot Quot wonder it of the deep Quot Quot tiie infant Brothers Quot amp a 1 vol. Royal 12 mo., Fine embossed and Gill Muslin bindings just received and for Sale at the Book store of 3__u. B. Davis. Or Cerii Sam leather. Just received a lot of groceries As Rio Contee n. 0.sugar, s. H. And n. 0. Molas Aea Imperial Gunpowder and Young Hyson Tea Rice spices no. 1 Mackerel Etc. Also sole leather Eastern a of five doors West of Drake s hold. Queens Wahe dry goods and hardware. Just received a Larae variety of common and Liverpool plates teas dishes amp a. Also two Bales Chico be and Laurel Muslin and a variety of Cali Coes jeans Satt nets amp Also Waters scat legs axes Spades shovels Trace and baiter chains Curry Combs wrought Iron hinges smoothing Irons knives and Forks stc., and for Sale very Low for Cash. 1-Tf_Julius Nicolas new grocery store. John Mikeil is now receiving a Choice Supply of groceries amp a. Which he will sell very Low. Lie will sell his goods cheaper than Efer. For example Coffee 7 pounds for a Dollar sugar 11 pot mud bar Lead 9 cents shot 10 cents molasses 5u cents a gallon Ana other articles in proportion. Call and see. Store a few Doirs East of the Palmer House and of Psi a Llie Check ered store. _ Young Seminary ii Indianapolis. This institution will be opened or the instruction of pupils on wednesday 2cth of july 1843, under the immediate supervision of or. Samuel l. Johnson a. M., who has for sever ii years been Ena Aeed in teaching in one of the most eminent literary institutions of Quot the West. Or. Johnson will be assisted by a competent number of Able and experienced female teachers and the patrons of the school Are assured that such Only will be employed. According to the usual custom in seminaries of this kind a regular course will be established which will occupy three years denominated the Junior Middle and senior years. Young ladies systematically pursuing and completing this course will be entitled to a medal or diploma. Those however not desiring to pursue the above named course will have the privilege of engaging in such studies As May be deemed Best adapted to their wants. Preparatory studies. English grammar geography Hale s Listor it of the United states Colburn s first lessons in arithmetic Smith s arithmetic. Junior year. R English grammar first term j ancient and Ilo Dern history with atlases Davies Bourdon s algebra. Sni fillie s i Lii loopy of natural history a mrs. Lincoln s botany geometry legendre.1 Middle year. Geometry completed and plane trigonometry Paley s natural theology Gray s chemistry. Hitchcock s geology Combe s physiology Olu Istead s natural Piil Sophy begun Blair s lectures be Iii uiiiver8ity edit senior year. Olmstead s natural philosophy completed Blair s lectures completed Turret s geography of the heavens Upham s mental Piil Sophy. Butler g analogy a j Way land s moral science Mcllvain s evidences of christianity. Care will be taken during the whole course to cultivate habits of accuracy in orthography Reading writing and conic position. The study of latin and greek May to pursued either in connection with other studies or separately As maj be de tired. Terms. Primary department first class per Quarter $3 00 second class,.4 00 .6 00 singing,.10 00 guitar,.10 00 instruction will he Given in the French and German languages at a reasonable extra change. For lessons in linear and perspective drawings painting in water colors. Oil painting transparencies inc. Amp a. Embroidery French Needle work. Floss Flowers Flowers and fruit reasonable extra charges will be made. References. Bishop m Alvaine of Ohio. B. Dougliss l. L. D., president of Kenyon College Ohio. Rev. Jno. Sandels professor of languages. e. C. Ross a. M., natural philosophy Kenyon College. Rev. Alfred Blake principle of Milnor Hall Gambler. James Morrison i ill in Indianapolis. C. Cox 51-tf Geo. W. Kimberly commission Mercia Auto Madison ind. Refers to n. Mccarty a. Harrison a. W. Russell d Wiliams a a ques messes. G. A. Amp. J. P. Chapman t. W. Smicz win. Stacy amp co., _19-tf Book binding and account Book manuf Torr. 0 a Titler amp co., wholesale and manufacturers of a it a a court dealers a . In the vew building on was Hilton Street opposite the Palmer of beef Indianapolis Indiana where there can always be Oma ined and will be found constantly on hand the various articles in their line. Every description of Blank books for county auditor Sand treasurers school commissioner Saud magistrates with or without printed head. In All their Blank books they Vise the improved Patent Mode a few. Ing which gives Strenta i ill great flexibility. And is Neom stably Superior Toan Othor method Ever devised for Blank Hooks and will keep the leaves firm and solid while Tho Book lasts instead of coming to pieces As is often the Case with All other methods. The new method of sewing renders the books Worth double the old kind though Ibey Cost no More. In elegance durability and Superior style of Finith their account t books Are equal to the Best Eastern work and no High Erin Price d.,t. Amp co. Are also prepared to manufacture All Bescript Ransom fancy articles such As ladies and gentlemen s port folios caskets card cases albums spectacle cases Cigar cases pocket books and note books. Music paper always on hand which can be bound in various sizes and Banks supplied at the shortest notice. Music arranged and bound inthe Best style at reasonable prices and Short notice. The most improved pattern of a ruling machine is jus received. Tony pattern. They Are prepared to do All kinds of binding in French and English calf and Morocco Plain extra and super extra m table and Gilt Edge finish. All kinds of Law and interleaved works and periodicals bound to match to which personal attention wih be Given. Oui Boojun rebound in any style desired and on the lowest terms. Reference Era Hon Isaac Blackford supreme judge Geo. H. Dunn treasurer of slate m. Morris auditor of states mtg a a Merrill president of state Bank j. Rat cashier of state Bank W. Cad Secretary of insurance company a. W. Morrii . Palmer Esq. 51-y second term first term second term first term second term. Piano Forte factory. Sadd1.es, harnesses , a acc. A Phe undersigned have constantly on hand and Are prepared to Al manufacture according to order at Short notice All descriptions of saddles bridles Martingales harnesses collars halters and every other article in their line. Every article will be warranted of Good Stock and workmanship and prices As Low As any other establishment produce such As wbc.1t, ones by of hides Linen and a few in Lor goods in their line at the Market prices. Theirs Bop is two doors Weston Drake s hotel Indianapolis. Fit Wolfram amp Rommel new every , and Sale and commission establishment. The just completed the erection of one of the most elegant and commodious stables in the West situated on the Alley North of the Palmer House Indianapolis where be will be prepared at Alt times to receive and sell horses on commission and keep horses by the we Korday. His old stable South of the Palmer House is inf Llope ration. Horses and carriages at All times to hire a both places. Wem hers of the legislature and others visiting Indianapolis can live their horses kept on terms As reasonable As at any stable Ellier in town or country. Nov. 28,1842. 32-tf John Lister. Boots and shoes cheap Adam Knodle would inform Tepu Blitgen really that he has commenced business on Bis own account at the old stand of Shepherd knt dle opposite Browning s hotel Indianapolis Liere he has on hand a Fine assortment of ladies and gentlemen s boots and shoes both coarse and Fine and where he is prepared to execute All orders in his Linein the bes manner and at the shortest notice. . A ladies Fine kid slippers and walking shoe constantly on hand. All work guaranteed an Soldat the lowest prices for Cash. 44-y cheap c a he i n e t for Cash Ware room. The subscriber returns his sincere thanks to his former ens towers and invites All those in want of furniture to give him a Call at the old stand of Tucker amp Weaver on Vav Ashington Street nearly opposite the state Bank where he is always ready to accommodate those who May Call upon him with Anayit Icilin his line at the shortest notice. N will especially attend to the business of making coffins. A hears and gentle horse Willal Vays be in attendance. Allo Dersin this line from both town and country will be promptly attended to. A person will by in attendance at the shop at All hours of Thetla and night__4g-tf w. Weaver. A Era Parmelee would respectfully inform the citizens of Indian Jln. Apolis and Vicinity that he has commenced the manufacturing of piano Fortes. From his , being practically acquainted with establishments in the East he will guarantee to furnish As Good pianos As can be Folind East or West of the mountains and at a less mice than Uliey can be purchased in new Vork Boston or Ali Ladelphia. The reasons Are obvious. Persons wishing a a Rood piano Are invited to Call Lief re purchasing elsewhere. His establishment is a few doors East of the Palmer House on Washington Street and in the same building with the Quot Liei Eulator pianos and other musical instruments tuned and repaired. 50-tf pianos. Just received from t. Gilbert amp co., Boston mass., and for Sale one hollow Corner Rose Wood piano with Harp pedal one mahogany instruments of great Beauty and Superior excellence of tone. Gilbert is known every where As one of the oldest and Best in the country. Persons wishing to obtain an instrument on advantageous terms Are requested to Call and examine. Charles Beecher. A inquire at Vance to. Beatty s. 50-6m j. Pease amp Sou s celebrated clarified essence of Sioari found Candy the above invaluable Candy is compounded of Twenty it five of the most Safe and salutary cough ingredients which is recommended by our most popular physicians and respectable citizens in performing what is promised of it. The proof of this is Dally acknowledged by those who use this valuable article for the speedy allaying of Doug cheeling colds producing expectoration and mating inflame Nuudi in i Tuniks and Throat. Jet a Small piece of this Candy kept in the Mauth will cure the most inveterate sore Throat in a few Days. It is peculiarly adapted to clergy Ieti lawyers Public speakers singers and others whose occupation requite the constant use of the lungs. The undersigned have used j. Pease amp son s compound extract of Hoar hound Candy and freely Reco ii mend it to Tomse afflicted with coughs colds hoarseness and Comsudi native complain its As an excellent remedy in these cases and for the use of the voice professionally nothing can equal it. We recommend it to our Brethren throughout the Union. Reverend j. Linidsey recent pastor of a e. Church second Street. Reverend j. Cra Foril pastor of tie second m. E. Church Hudson. Reverent or. Lucky presiding elder new York conference. Reverend or. Whit Alier pastor of presbyterian Cli urch Corner of Madison and Calli Arine. Reverend or. Giffen pastor of m. E. Church Bedford Street. Reverend or. Hart recent pastor of Baptist Church Gold Street. Reverend or. Gibbs i third Avenue. Reverend or. Berry pastor of Wesleyan methodist Churchi Corner grand and Clinton streets. Reverend or. Lyons pastor of German Mission Church. Elder Knapp and Rev. Or. Maulit. On Wood think the above recommendations were sufficient to sell a ton of Pease s Hoar hound Candy a Day in this City alone when the proprietors can obtain from ministers of the gos Iel men of such unblemished reputation that Whoso would not believe them neither would he believe though one should use from Tho dead. The Virtues of Pease s Hoar hound Candy then May be considered proved so far As anything can to proved by human testimony. For Sale by p. B. L. sole agent for Indianapolis. 49-6m Joseph i. Stretcher i amp de Laker and Cofrn-9iakeiwashington Street nearly opposite the Post office respectfully informs the citizens of Indianapolis and its Vicinity that he will give his attention to the above business with a View to release the friends of deceased persons from the indispensable trouble attending the death of a Friend and would state Tnp he is prepared to undertake the whole business of funerals if desired or any _ part thereof on reasonable terms such As Furnis Jiing Eitler a one or two horse Hearse built after the most approved style. Also carriages and every other requisite appertaining to the above business. J. I. S. Would further state Tliatha will make his charges reasonable to persons in the Cou Witry. N. at All hours. Should the set Scriber Mikil in any of the above engagements no charge will be made. 35 of a. I. Stretcher. Spinei did . Cheaper than All for Cash. Cabinet Jkai is min fan he subscribers return their thanks to their former customers and it invite All those in want of furniture to give them a Call at Timeir a gift room next door to Peck amp Willard s dry goods store. N. prepared to make coffins at reduced prices and attend funerals with a Hearse and gentle horse All orders from town or country will be promptly attended to. 45-tf amp Greer . A a p. would respectfully inform the Public that lie has removed his shop two doors East of Walpole s Stoie where he k prepared to execute work in the Best manner and at Short notice. Garments warranted to suit and Price sin accordance with the times. 24-tf ceo Thino store. Benjamin or still continues at his old stand opposite Watlington Hall and one door East of Drake s hotel where tie keeps constantly on hand a Large assortment of ready Linen &c., which he will sell at very Low prices. Persons t Lenish their wardrobe will do Well to Call at his store Betm to re Pur 3y00 i14rbc1.s . Go feb Ulells of the above is a Superior Quality of Alum Jil leu v set. It is the beat article Ever Efi ered in tills Market. Soon barrels of pure White Ken Hawa 700 u refined do. Forsa Leat Wilson s Salt s hed on Wea str to madl8< iria. To ills friends and the Public he would say please Call and look be fore Yott Purchase s is where. 14-tf Madison sept. 33. V. A Hawk n. Micah to Esq., do. . Quot a a Lack White and Phil crepe j�3l received and for Sale cheap by Quot s Quot j. Talbot p. List or Stoien Bull Dos s months old White with Wick spots and Tail a. Curl�--ihjwer8tt ii ii a he of Tolj by. A Reward will repaid to whoever will return bin or give Wick Lefor ration As will Lead to his recovery. J. Pm. Felkerl. Clarified of Mike a a Roulind pre eminently Abo Veall Ouier ankle Fiur tue Curp of cougb8veolds,and a very skin of the lung and a Vili atm Eure Ibe Moat inv ten Sny Throat tii a few a aft. I Ani the a Niy ageist for tie a ale of use Genu inert de inthlseity.-. I a. L. Bmith. A Ilse tii Mackerel,.land 9,Uke we Ltd fish and Salmon tint just received and for Aale by 5 Astin he Lith. Jackon Irros. Plain and striped Jadu Stu a very Raper or article for Sale at ciudnna�aiiction4>riceiibjr. 6 j. A. Talbott. I will he mis a Row aha in at .6 a j. Mgt to Alifier or. Viz amp a Ormie Ebay a Bruit for wheat. Bushels of of feat will be pure loosed and a for highest Market Price paid inca Liand goods Fri store of j. Talbott. A Lulfs. The highest Market j race will be paid for 3000 pounds Well cured aim at the Cash store of 5 j. Talbott. Cotton Yar is advancing of in Price a lb8. Of the most celebrated kinds by Sale wholesale Al a Jar and retail by 5 Justin Smith. 8hoest a d02 ladle Sbol a v�loh8 qualities 10 do. Men s id boy a 10 do. Misses and children Nat received and for a Al . Jul stiff flmith.ta1bl.e c1jti.ery. A pc. Of sett8 knives and Forks at 30 per event. Cheaper thanis commonly asked 15 Doe. A meet knives 9 Gross Iron and Britannia Tea and Tablespoons 8 Doz. Pair drawing chains Are Init. And other Aniceta in the Trade fora Aleby Justin Smith 1>bt goods. To a pts lib piece Callie Mamie Fig every variety my. It if v Low Pri 70iio.-1>iraeh�l and in two Sibit Lings Iol. Of a Jeapea. And Lal Quot a pie. Dv64 lid my Molid k Rio flirt or a inti iils Iii a fathers beeswax flaxseed and dried fruit. War anted by the subscriber a 500 lbs. Feathers 1000 bushels flaxseed 500 lbs. Beeswax a 1000 bushels dried pea Clies. 500 Quot Quot apples for which he will pay the Hijii est Market pro delivered at his store in Ujj cheaper thaw Ever. The sums Crelier has Crift clouded Tor reduce tie prices on tot his work and to execute it As Well As Ever. He has the Best Ofa procuring Good Slock. I Hall one door West _ _ _ _ _ Supply is customers and Othre with boots Atid shoes orb prices. 33-tf apm Knobla the cheap store. In mib Tubi Culber keeps All kinds of groceries liquors conf Ion a i good3,&c., we Chare for Sale at any other store. Opposite the Check ered store. A a a a War a 3d-y. J. Full Billj la Cumirie s Izoar Houind Cady for coughs colds asthma difficulty of breathing pain in the Side or breast spitting blood palpitation of the heart oppression and soreness of the Chust whooping cough and All diseases of the Chest and lungs. In Pulmonic affection it will be found very usef til. And a few Sticks will generally relieve the most obstinate cough. It is recommended As a pleasant and efficient Medicine forsake by Tomlinson Broth er8, sign of the Golden mortar opposite Washington Hall Indianapolis. I Tomlinson j. Tomunson. Tomi Illson Brothers whole Sale and Estail Deal is in drugs a medicines Patent medicines dyestuff cosmetics paints and oils medical glassware perfumery Dye Woods window Glass life Dora Etc. Washes Tor a to bet direct la of pout the Wash Totok haul Indianapolis Indiana. Prescriptions accurately compounded. Shop open at All hours. 21 Isri tirs me Licine Hoiass Ware amp a. T Iber has just returned from the East and has received a Large and general of Lings a icings and Dye stuffs. He sul also a Large assortment of window Glass and Hollosy Glass Ware which to Gettier with his already extensive store full he will sell at the lowest prices Abr Cash or approved credit. Persons desirous Purchas invited to it his goods. Physics arts tons accurately and carefully put up. If Sam physic Lahs press Ali Elijah King. Rhevis. Ely a Safe certain and final cure for _ hero pimples obstinate old sores and Almast All for Saleby Tomlinson Brothers. Ridley ointment for. E. Up Ohms ure for sick headache and disordered stomach j ust received and fun forsake by _ Tomlinson Brothers. Indian afo Eis Enjamin Ork still Cuington Hall and one door East of Drake s hotel where he keeps Modec Lotic Quot persons v. Ishi to Call at chasing._36-y____ Blacksmith ivc. B still continues at the old stand Corner of Market a and Delaware streets to carry on the above business. Grateful for past i avers he solicits a continuance of patronage from All paying customers. Every Effort made to please work done Well and promptly Price slow Trade of All kinds taken in payment at fair prices particularly Iron Coal store goods groceries county jeans Linsey Linen Wool flax feathers us Tollow beeswax amp a. A lot of Superior Garden rakes on hand at it is particularly desirable that All old accounts should be closed either by Cash old Crip or note As my necessities compel me to make frequent Sac inces to meet my liabilities. Indianapolis april 17, 1843._44-y_b. K. . Goi a jews Erys the subscriber has in operation a new plan for plating with Gold polished steel German Silver and several other metals plated in a few hours and so finely done As to deceive the Best judges. All work warranted. Watches and clocks repaired and regulated. Also Silver plating. Call and see. Shop at Stretc Lier s old stand adjoining the Check ered store. 50-tf Leonard h. Woods. A Tine assortment of jewelry just received. A watch Iasi watches Mathias Rech clock and vent car maker repairs All kinds of clocks watch Sand jewelry in the Best inner and at reasonable Rales. Coclis wat Clies and jewelry for Sale cheap. All work warranted. Shop in tie new building opposite the Palmer Elloum. 9-tf to the ladles. The subscriber will sapi ily ladies kid slippers a Wang shoes at allow prices As any of Eastern manufacture of the same Quality. He keeps an assortment ready made and will make tii Ein. Toor Derat Short notice. 38-tf Adam of Jodie. Tin and Hoe Liow Ware a general assortment of tin and hollow Ware Cari be found in at s. Wain Wright s. Favourable terms. House work done at Short notice oni of plow Points. Chill plow Points which will last twice As Lone As the common Kindlien Sale by of 8. Waint Luht. Kettries. R for v s. Wainright a sij6ar_____ "1 a gallon keitl�8,which will answer for wart Al Quot to inc for Sau he of 38 boarders wanted at the Palmer House. Ashe legislature win adjourn in a few Days the undersigned will be Wellere Parutto acco Quot i it it it Datea number of citizen boarders in a Zdyd on As Good terms if not better than any House of the Sam Grade in the place. Hewi Elfeel thankful to such Asare dimmed every exert Iii will be used to readier his Quot of Dimerc footboard ,jiin.27,184a. 12-tf. John Parker printing incl. Just received and for Sale an invoice of got gtd news . It is of the same Quality As used on this paper i Tad is wat smed to be of first rate article. It is put up in 30 and Sis in kegs and will be sold at 30 amp Nta per Pound. Kegs 50 cents. It will be Sotil for East Only and in conent funds. Orders poet paid will to tepid de to when accompanied by the Cash. Ucucu with us it Pavini iwo a a we 92.ir e. Heo Ifim by american claims of the country on american team Lea by Man a a authoress of the Quot Young lady s companion Quot Quot the wot Idini of the deep Quot Quot the infant Brothers Quot amp a. Sale at the Book store of 3 nion Quot c., Jam i Rieol led and Abr a B. Davie. Goods auction ii ices or. Spohn s digestive elixir. Doz. .Spohn a digestive Quot Vinson b Roth Mem cloth be a a hand Oneo the cloth sin Al. The Western country among which Are Blue a latin Brown Laide invisible Clrk eur drab a wetland steel mixed a nearly Verv variety of a . and sat nets Plain and ency. A a a 9y / John Ijain. Naamo Riib Riis a a. I in a Quot we a we a a a a his Large a sort nent sonnets Bonne two a Mitt Rallof the Nawy la tyly i to. I Kaarid to so by Gilf is in i Itaf to of a of rpm a a a a Ftp who piles piles piles i by. Humphrey s vegetable ointment for the piles or Sal it by Tomlinson Brothers. To Alt s Iii Lent a certain re. Of. Cd Verf s by a in off remedy for Dise Asoa of Ilie tunes Narf Stipe a a and for be by t Tomlinson of Tel Bea .sign6fttiegoldeii mortar of Poulte was Teleg Vonhall. Tobacco. Diaper Aud Many other articles in the line for Sale Tiv i 35 Joslun Silt Aije ensnare. Avery Good assortment of Queens Are which Inilla soil a Lar by increased will be found it the cheered Tor att Quot nails molasses and every thing in a Imily Vay. The member tia Check ered store. A 5-tf 6, Hedjo Erly. Ovee sware and hardware common teas and plates a Large Supply. Abo. Kim und it Forks Curry Comly Lea and. Table a i Cut saws is Curry Combs Tea Ana. Laie a i Fites nails ass acc. For Sale pm a Loath Rny it Lan it pm Jostin St Tab. Rice a prime article just received atts f or la at did a Tel to very store in town. Kimble Wispe Cesare Beut to meat in Linn so says John Tell a 3� a a Trot re Sands Liiko a it Salt Hal Hiland a a a Alcald head Barbera 01 Jaekob to ii Tny a Cna. A a new Merj i amp wlm Matt
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