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Indianapolis Indiana State Sentinel Newspaper Archives Apr 17 1860, Page 4

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Indianapolis Indiana State Sentinel (Newspaper) - April 17, 1860, Indianapolis, Indiana weekly up tin Al. It t86t the i �in<kt�li4>f8hiym 1� elected their Eoto a Dir ticket b r 600 no Yorito. Roll on the Ball the Jota Ruml of banday of to noon amp Devi Art Organ has one of or. Bid s carefully pc erred leaders it pm Oladia by dying Quot live la at once peace tidal Ulm will settled. I Elphic dispatches were received from wid Dostou hat week that a. H. Cost gift Esq., Hotd by Ebay Intel postmaster of Tidi Oky. This a Nib to lib to so Roggen and Secretary Smith has triumphed. We congratulate a. 0 Al latin sch Hub 1x10 he Ion Laenen and Success As the find this District. We understand that a jobs us Lokotz Aud Habsi Aon saqp., visited to secure this result. P. S. We learn that a. Gailain p. Has Secu red the his Fiir orites to the Bridge port and Cross roads Post officus. Well done Fallatik. Break a a Vutter Campaign. Lii Volon s attempt to Hovi Sioa fort Sumter will go Domi in history As the Quot bread and butter Campaign Quot of the Quot hero of the Prairie it seems the president s a Rale object now is Quot to provision our starving that done he thinks the ends of humanity and the government will be satisfied. Is not this a and Culous position for a great government to be placed in it is spending a half a million of dollars to get a Little bread and Batter to a Small Garrison who doubtless have plenty of food when we have no doubt upon being requested so to do by the president governor Pickens will Supply the Garrison with All the food both in kind and Quality that it May need. Such is the statesmanship and Saga i. To of cob go Wasbin ton jr., late of Springfield Illinois. A Center 8bot. The Hob. A. Of latin Portko has said one Good thing and that covers a multitude of Short comings. He announces most emphatically that he do a not belong to the thieving Wing of the publican party. The journal does. It represents the i Tatte opposed to Pok teb and it feels especially Good Over the appointment of Donn no. We would inquire of our Friend a. 6. P. How he Eodald expect to control the appointment of Post Mastt at Indianapolis when he has no Alliance with the thieving Wing of his party that is a task As easily for him to accomplish As for a Camel to pass through the Eye of a Needle. How does the thieving Organ relish the denunciations of the Republican Congro sunian hit pm Agun Galutin Well hold your hat. Hia Torr it the Republican party. We give to Day a sketch of the Rise end pro Gress of the Republican party. The facts presented show conclusively that it owes its Success to the abolition element in the North and that its strength consists of tie anti slavery sentiment which controls it. The Republican party is a sectional and disunion organization. It elected a president who boldly avowed him Wolf a believer in the irrepressible conflict doctrine that the Union could not exist part slave and part free hence it must be All slave or All free. If this doctrine is enforced and or. Lisook is endeavouring to enforce it the result must be either the subjugation of the slave states and the emancipation and Elfran Chiin ment of the negro slaves or else a division of the confederacy upon a sectional basis. This is the legitimate result of Republican doctrines and those who hold them must be regarded As the disunion Patty Lor the Priami of abolitionism will be the death Knell oath Union. Quot we Trust the Reader will not fail to read the evidence which fastens abolitionism upon to Republican party As its living element. Wuy it veer can do the new Tork Herou says to or. Linc Oija his Cabinet and the Lead of the Republican party three course Saro Oscor first. To yield to the Confederate states and to All the slave holding co amenities Uidl Juat Righta a partners in the Union which would have had the effect of Healing tiie breach and re uniting the sections second to permit a Atid bloodless separation other in tiie Hope of re Union at a future Day or at least of a Friendly Alliance for Mutual def Wka against foreign foes and for the establishment of commercial relations which if not specially favouring the North would at least not discriminate against her and the Hal to wage a War of subjugation Agte not seven Bot Ereign state which will be ultimately extended to fifteen to compel them to submit to the authority of the Gorem Metat Washington a Rad to tribute to it whether they Are represented in its Congress or not in contravention to the great principle for which the colonies fought and conquered the Mother country in the revolution of 1776the principle that without representation there can be no taxation Quot but it is not Pov Bable that or. Lincoln and his party will adopt either course to save the country. There is not statesmanship and patriotism in the party to do either. There is but Little doubt but the invasion of the South is determined upon and that inaugurates civil War banishing All hone of a of the Tynion. Fao Temer for Tonga pledge. Govonor Motok on his recent visit to Washington pledged Quot Tionesta old Abe Quot six thousand volunteers from Indiana if he would adopt a coercive policy towards the confederated states this pledge was made for the purpose of stiffening the Limber Back of the president and to induce him to abandon the a Clifio policy announced by or. A Sward. The governor will find it far More easy to Promise than to redeem his pledges. The people of Indiana do not intend to ravage in a crusade against the South for party purposes a to Advance the chem a of the id it of of opts a Protection Ista of new England wid Pennsylvania. The Southern states have not trespassed upon the rights of the people of Indiana nor do they propose to do so. The Legi Lantion of the Confederate states a not inimical to t he interests of the North a Bat in Harmony therewith i while Itiat of tie Black Republican Congress discriminates a dust them. Gov. Morton s sympathies Are not with the people of Indiana but via the Sec of Al party to the last state3,who propose to make labor of the people of the West tributary to the advancement of its interests a Moe beware of Wood and draws Tif water for the Cotton nabobs of news gland and the Iron Mast a of Fenny Iyanla. A but to to Velmor Morton b pledge. How a Oon does he propose to open his rec Niitme office will he head the six thousand volunteers he has pledged of Wpm lad Lana t6 engl in tie butchery of the men women and children of the South of tiie people of the staut who fought our Battles and defended our he ail stones a Hen unable alone to rest the Savage foe. G. P. Morton is tiie last Hmura to this hide in Manipur. He has neither he Motta or Yth can Coura to Lead the Pion used that ohm she old engage in. Stoa us tithe Melof the South let a Fin Iii we to tar he is willing to Lead where he Yalcs others to go. If it is a patriotic Dif let him set the example. To for the daily state Sentinel. History of Black republicanism. I have Beible me a Book of 278 pages with the following title a a slavery and the internal slave Trade in the United states of North America being replies to question transmitted by the committee of the \ British and foreign anti slavery society for the abolition of slavery and the slave Trade throughout the world presented to the general anti slavery convention held in London june 1840, by the executive committee of the american anti slavery society. The answers to the questions constitute the main portion of the Book but near the close the committee give the following summary of abolition or Black Republican movements to that Date we come now to glance at the abolition movements. Perhaps there could not be a More striking evidence of the to Reifying effects of slavery upon the Public conscience than the fact that no thoroughly serious and systematic Effort in the form of an organization was made to overthrow it until the commencement of the year 1832. In the following year the american anti slavery society was organized at Philadelphia. The first anniversary of this society held in new York in May 1834, greatly aroused popular indignation. The daily commercial and political papers backed by religious periodicals con timed thenceforward the most persevering attacks upon the principles and measures of the society. These efforts to excite the mob effected their desired object. About two months after the anti slavery anniversary a abolition meeting was held in new York. The City papers redoubled the fury of their attack and beckoned on the mob to crush this Quot treason in the the mob accordingly assembled and proceeding to the place of meeting dispersed the Assembly. The doctrines and measures of the anti slavery society were assailed Uncein singly with every form of attack. How far it gave cause for such unprecedented persecution May be judged from the following statement of the measures which it has pursued from the Date of its organization up to the present time. 1. The american anti slavery society and its auxiliaries have employed agents and established presses in the free states to advocate the duty and safety of immediate emancipation. Through these organs they have constantly urged the sinfulness of slavery and the consequent duty of immediately abandoning it. 2. They have contended earnestly against All plans of gradual abolition As wrong in theory inefficient in practice and fatally quieting to the slaveholders conscience. Against the colonization society Especial As embodying gradualism in its most odious form they have always protested. 3. They have illustrated the safety and policy of immediate emancipation by a multitude of Well authenticated facts. Keeping their Eye upon the Experiment in the British West indies after a suitable time had elapsed delegates were dispatched thither by the american Auti Slappy society to examine minutely into tie operation of the new system. The report of their delegates was published and has been extensively circulated in the United st Sites. 4. They have appealed to slaveholders in the language of affectionate entreaty and Faithf Vil warning and rebuke urging them to do their duty demonstrating both from reason and his tory that the path of duty was to them the path of safety. 5. They have Laboured to bring the testimony of the Bible to Bear with its full Force against the abomination of slavery and the More so As they have witnessed the numerous attempts to distort it into a vindication of oppression. 6. They have sought to bring the Power of religion in the free states to Bear against slavery by urging ecclesiastical bodies to condemn it and by persuading churches to exclude slaveholders from their communion and slave holding ministers from their pulpits. These objects have to some extent been effected though still the predominant influence of the Church in the North is against the benevolent efforts of the abolitionists. We Are however greatly encouraged by the steady revolution which is going on in this respect every year witnesses the accession or decided approach of presbyteries Congo citations conferences and other religious bodies to our principles. 7. The society has maintained an unwavering testimony against prejudice whether exercised toward the slave of the South or the free coloured Man of the North. It has denounced it Asun Christian unmanly absurd and cruel As a principal Means of riveting the Fetters of the slave and preventing the improvement of the free. 8. A cherished object with the society has been the education and moral improvement of the nominally free people of color residing in the free states. Spurned from respectable society debarred from schools excluded from honorable business pursuits and virtually shut out of the Sanctuary no one has cared for their souls. Heart sick at these horrible prejudices and impious reviling the abolitionists have Laboured to elevate this outcast people. They have established Day and night and Sabbath schools for their Benefit they have formed Temperance moral Reform and other societies among them they have visited them at their houses and freely associated with them at the table in the Street or in the Church to obtain opportunities of benefiting them As Well As to administer a practical rebuke to the prejudices of their White Brethren. They have also encouraged them to form habits of Industry by furnishing or procuring for them respectable employments. They have in numerous instances induced them to leave the cities where they have hitherto been in the habit of congregating and become cultivators of the soil. In these efforts to instruct the free coloured people. Abolitionists have been actuated both by a desire to Benefit them personally and to remove a standing argument against the emancipation of the enslaved Viz., the degraded condition of the free. 9. Besides the National society state societies have been formed in every free state in the Union auxiliary to the former and these have Branch societies in counties and towns. Each of the state societies like the Parent society holds a Public anniversary each Branch society also holds its annual meeting. Besides these meetings there Are frequent occasional conventions Eitnier National state or county which serve greatly to keep the Public attention awake and to disseminate the principles of the society. Several of the state organizations support anti slavery papers. Massachusetts has two. New York two Pennsylvania two Maine one Vermont one. New Hampshire one Connecticut one Ohio one Illinois one and Michigan one in All thirteen periodicals devoted exclusively to the anti slavery cause. Most of the state societies likewise employ lecturers within their own Bounds and sustain depositories of anti slavery books. 10. Within the last three or four years the anti slavery society has effected much in the Field of to Lilica action. The objects they have sought to accomplish by this kind of action Are the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia and in the territories under the jurisdiction of Congress the extinction of the internal slave Trade the rejection of the slave holding ten Ito Ries demanding admission As slave states he to the Union and the recognition of the Independence of Hati. Over these subjects Congress has constitutional control and therefore they Are legitimate objects of Effort politically on the part of abolitionists. Besides the above named objects the abolitionists have sought tie repeal of certain Laws in several of the nominally free states which Are oppressive to the coloured citizen and to the fugitive from slavery who May take Refuge in these states or pass through them on will to Quot Irani firn to Lisojo Onria a i Vitoon on their Way to Canada. These ends have been sought by Means of petitions addressed to the National and state Legislatures respectively. Many of the latter have been induced to,pai53 Lars securing the objects sought by the petitioners. With this Mode of action the have connected the questioning of candidates for state and National offices respecting their views upon the various subjects embraced in the Peti ions. Hitherto the abolitionists have abstained rom forming a separate political party though he necessity of this measure As the Only prac ical and efficient one is now strongly advocated by some of the most prominent abolitionists. The friends of the slave throughout the country Are now discussing this question. What the result will be is not yet fully developed. 11. We think we May add without incurring the charge of , that the abolitionists in the prosecution of their objects have evince no Ordinary Zeal and self sacrifice. This has been the legitimate and almost inevitable consequence of their situation. If they have been distinguished for their labors and sufi Erines it is because such a necessity was Laid upon them by the Luj popularity dangers and difficulties of their cause. To one thing however they have though for the credit of our countrymen we Blush to say it but too exclusive a claim i. E., to a cordial Quot sympathy with a despised and trampled race. We can not avoid the conviction that nearly All the sym Pathy of the country in behalf of the slaves is to be found among the abolitionists. The Teare , some at the North and we know Many at the South who secretly remember to some venture the astr Tom that Bat few volunteers will extent them that Are in Bonds but not As Quot bound Ever Leare Indiana upon an abolition crusade , Pride self interest Public sen a to e ziment or mistaken notions of policy constrain Aga Ait the South if they wait for gov. . Them to hide their sympathies in silence. Of such of head them. His lore of country and desire to j we have reason to believe there Are Many scat preserve the Gore Moit will never equal such j Jer Oyer the slave states who Are struck dumb an emergency. He has t that kind of patriotism. When he Dro Iii his word and Calu upon Liis abolition Coli Orts to i below we shall believe Hii principles Are a utile More than skin deep. The Hon. A. O. Of Tom daa Aas the abolition governor As one of the theising Wing of the Republican party and the been human congressman knows his Man. He Haa Bot one fixed principle and that Ahelf. It is his Polar Star. Beyond that he Haa been a very Tang by to min and noticing Long. By the threats of Lynch Law. That there May be a considerable number likewise in the free states who would i singly be abolitionists if abolition toe relm unpopular. But the fears and heart sinking of the Many do but Render More conspicuous the heroism of the few who live per led All mrs onal interests in the cause of the slave. The deep sympathy with the outcast has led to the most indefatigable labors and self de Nial. No Opportunity of promoting the cause of emancipation has been allowed to pass unimproved. No plan that Wisdom could devise Haa been left untried. No Agency nor instrumentality which Money could enlist has remained unemployed. The suggestions of friends and the censures of enemies have alike been weighed and turned to account. Whenever an individual whether of the North or South conspicuous or obscure has been known to be at All disposed to consider the subject candidly suitable publications Havo been dispatched to win him Over to the cause of the slave. Numberless private letters have been addressed to ministers editors statesmen and other influential classes of citizens in All parts of the country in order to acquaint them with the principles of the anti slavery society and to impress them with a conviction of their own obligations. The principles measures and objects of the society have Ever been open to the inspection of All and it has repeatedly solicited investigation into them both from individuals and bodies of men. They have formally and earnestly solicited an cd lamination by the Quot National Congi ass of Fering to submit for inspection All their records proceedings and . Tie Only step to a compliance with these solicitations was a letter of inquiry into tie operation and extent of the american anti slavery society addressed to James g. Birney Esq., one of the society s secretaries and by the Hon. F. H. Elmore member of Congress from South Carolina. This letter was most cordially received and elicited an extended reply. The entire correspondence was embodied in a pamphlet and very widely circulated. The society has Ever maintained the same testimony again slavery As sin against gradualism As sin against compensation As sin against expatriation As sin against Southern defences and Northern apologies for slavery As sin and in favor of immediate emancipation As duty safety and policy. That such a society should have been popular at a time when slavery had become the idol of the nation was not to be expected but equally far was it from rational anticipation that it would have encountered such Lawless and ferocious opposition. No preceding Reform had excited a Hundredth part of the popular odium which this incurred though several reformations not dissimilar in principle had Arisen in this country before it. It might have been supposed that these would have so habituated the Public mind to moral agitations and so thoroughly the right of free discussion that the car of abolition would have encountered in its Progress no very serious obstructions. But the trumpet of immediate emancipation was no sooner sounded than the blast of War broke from the South and reverberated through the nation. Wau Wau was the Universal outcry. All everywhere wer ready to put Down the the alarm ing conspiracy must be arrested peaceably if possible but forcibly if necessary. For the first time in the history of our government an emergency arose so critical and imminent that the Arm of Law could not be relied upon for Protection that alarming emergency was the discussion of slavery. For the first time it was deliberately resolved to abandon the sacred Asgis of Law and invoke the Aid of the mob Demon. Reason and argument likewise retired from the Field and committed the defense of the Quot patriarchal institution Quot to this Goliath. At every turn and step abolition was confronted by this omnipresent monster. Especially during the Early efforts in the anti slavery cause furious mobs were encountered in every place. There is scarcely a City in the free states where the subject has been at All agitated in which there have not been most frightful scenes of violence. And not Only have cities been disgraced with these Lawless outrages but obscure villages and farming districts in every Section of the country have been convulsed by them. The whole number of pro slavery mobs in the free states within the last seven years if it were accurately stated would almost exceed belief. For Many months they were an almost daily occurrence. Every newspaper recorded some fresh instance of these popular outbreaks. In speaking of the opposition which the anti slavery society has encountered it is almost to allude to any other than mobs. Revi Lings misrepresentations and abusive epithets were abundant indeed but these Only seemed intended As so Many exc Tants to the grand mob. Great Quot indignation meetings Quot were held in the principal cities at the North in which speeches were made and re Iochi tons passed denouncing the Quot incendiary these also were Only a Means to the cud and that end was to embolden the mob. The press thundered its anathema against the Quot fanatics and traitors Quot but this was Only to Call out uie vengeance of the mob. Governors gravely recommended to the Legislatures of free states to enact Laws making it penal to discuss the question of slavery but this was to give the High Sanction of gubernatorial authority to the Raore efficient Engineri of the mob. Whatever else was done or said it is notorious that the great Reliance among the enemies of abolition was the mob. The result has proved How vain was the Reliance. The repeated outbreaks of popular fury have indeed shaken most fearfully the pillars of the government but they have Given no Shock to the cause of abolition they have covered the american name with Dishonour but they have Only furthered the Progress of the anti slavery reformation they have exposed the weakness of it i Iii Ltd y which Haa no better arguments to support it but but they have Only developed the indomitable Energy and inextinguishable vitality of immediate emancipation. This document protracted As it is would still be deficient if it were concluded without adverting to the effects which the abolition movement has Ali by produced. That its influence must have Bee i far from insignificant May be inferred from the rapidity with which it has attracted to its Standard vast numbers of every rank and calling. As no benevolent society in the land had Ever before suffered so much persecution so none Ever made such rapid Progress. In the commencement of 18.32. The first anti slavery society was formed at Boston in Maisa Chusett and called the new England anti slavery society it consisted of but twelve members. In 1833, the american anti slavery society was formed. In Mav 1835, there were 225 auxiliaries. In Mav. 1836, i>27. In May 18.37, 1,006. In May 1838,1,346. In May 1839,1,650. The auxiliaries average not less than eighty members each making an aggregate of Oie hand remand thirty two thousand Meimers. But the number of auxiliaries and members gives by no Means an adequate idea of the prevalence of anti slavery principles. In various degrees they have found a response in the of multitudes beyond the limits of an organization. Nearly All the a acquisitions from Tho twelve members in 1832 to the scores of thousands in 1839, and the hundreds of thousands who Are beginning to favor our views have been made out of original of Powers re Vilers and persecutors. We will now glance at some of the principal effects which have been produced by the abolition movement. 1. It has broken up the apathy which has prevailed throughout the free states. The absurd notion that the South is alone responsible for slavery it has , and furnished an ans ver to the questions what has the North to do with slavery the abolitionists have shifted the Burthen of the responsibility and placed it Wii Erc it belongs upon Northern . 2. The have exposed the boundless participation of the North in the guilt of Southern slavery. The people of the free states indeed abolitionists themselves have been astounded at the extent of Northern implication in slave holding and slave trading and yet these shocking disclosures Are Only beginning to open upon us. 3. The inti slavery movements have served to arouse Large numbers of ministers and christians in the free states to feel Pray and for the oppressed. Ecclesiastical bodies in increasing numbers have spoken out in Strong condemnation of slavery and have repeatedly addressed letters to similar bodies in the South Quot filled with fait Laiful remonstrance. The influence of the Northern Church is gradually but surely shifting ground from the Side of the oppressor to that of the slave yet even now it must be confessed that professed i ministers of the gospel in the free states is the great obstacle to the Progress of the anti slavery cause. 4. Another result of the anti slavery Effort been tie Awakening both of the religious and Secu ular press to the advocacy of human rights. In addition to the numerous papers devoted anti Rcd by to the anti slavery cause there Are Many that do not ii Vitato to avow anti slavery principles. Such Are found in various parts of the free states. 5. Another effect of the abolition movement has been the direction of Public attention to trembling on its base but the triumphant result in the Case of the two former encourages the Hope that though now jostled from its Centre it will regain its position and survive the Shock. 7. The anti slavery efforts have done much to break the Power of negro prejudice. The thousands of abolitionists themselves were so Many Bond servants of this despot and thousands and tens of thousands out of the society have been made ashamed of their prejudices who once gloried in them. 8. Abolitionists have also been instrumental in improving the condition of the free people of color. They have demonstrated that the so called coloured race Are highly susceptible of intellectual and moral culture a Point gravely questioned by most hitherto and that kindness and respectful attentions will be properly appreciated by them. I. The anti slavery efforts have in some degree dissolved the Charm of Quot Southern chivalry Quot and hospitality by exposing Southern oppression. Formerly the Quot southerner was thought to be quite above a mean . So High was his reputation in the free states for nobleness generosity and Honor that whatever in him was inconsistent with these Virtues could hardly gain credit. To disabuse the Public mind in this respect was indeed a mighty task and after the ceaseless reiteration of incontestable facts and unimpeachable testimony for near ten years this witching spell of Quot Southern chivalry Quot is Only beginning to break. Now when Quot Southern chivalry Quot is vaunted it is almost sure to draw out an allusion to Southern cruelties. Once the former was alleged to disprove the latter now the latter begins to be urged against the pretentious of the former. 10. The anti slavery movements have begun to emancipate the North from its Quot dough faced Quot submission to Southern arrogance and intimidation. Hitherto the tone of the South toward the North has been you shall Noi discuss slavery you shall surrender our fugitive slaves &c., and the Servile free states have crouched and trembled at the feet of their haughty master. But this base servility is beginning to give place to an honorable Independence. Instead of demanding the South has now to beg and still wit i All her craving. She gets fewer concessions every year. 11. The abolitionists have been instrumental in exciting a deep Abhorrence of slavery in the minds of multitudes throughout the free states which slaveholders Sec and feel wherever they traverse them. They can hardly travel in a stage rail car or Steamboat in any of the free states without finding abolitionists and hearing slavery rebuked. 12. Even the unexampled rage which our movements have instrumentally kindled in the South is an indication of Good. That it is not desirable in itself is readily granted but that is the invariable first fruits of truth and the evidence of its having taken effect is unquestionable and As such we Hail it with Joy. 13. But our exertions have already begun to excite other feelings in the slave states besides Quot anger Wrath and they Piave opened the eyes of Many persons to the enormities of slavery. Several slaveholders have already been induced to emancipate their slaves. Many others arc known to the society s officers to adopt its sentiments and Pray in secret places for its sue Cess. The committee state in the above report written Early in 1840, that the supject of organizing As a political party under discussion and it was determined to effect the organization and its subsequent history is sketched in the following extract from a speech upon the Rise and Progress of the Republican party Quot it first appeared about the beginning of the year 1840, As a Small Black Cloud above the Noi Thern horizon Little noticed and j eared but since that time it has continued steadily to swell till now in 1861twenty years from its first appearance it overspread the entire Northern states and exhibits an aspect portentous of a terrible Tornado. Quot the party was politically organized at Warsaw new York by the Ninina tin of James g. Birney for president of the United states Quot and Francis i. Lemoyne for vice president. It assumed the Jiame abolition. Its candidates were sectional being both from the free states. The two political parties existing before and at its Rise were the democratic and whig. Tho candidate of the former in that year for president was Buren of the latter Harrison. These parties were both National taking their candidate for president from the free for vice president from the slave states thus these latter parties have continued Down to this time. Quot in 1844 the abolition then changed its name to that of Liberty party renominated Birney then of Michigan for president and Thomas Morris of Ohio for vice president both from the free states. Polk and Dallas and Clay and Frelinghuyse two from the free and two from the slave states were candidates of the whig and democratic parties. Quot in 1848 the abolition then assumed the name of free soil party nominated or. Van Buren for president and or. Adams for vice president or. Lincoln s minister to England both from the free states. The candidates of the whig and democratic parties of that year were Taylor and Fillmore and Cass and Butler two from the free and two from the slave states. Quot in 1852 the Al volition then calling itself the free democratic and free soil party nominated Hale and Julien for president and vice president both from the free states and both now ardent supporters of Lincoln and Hamlin. Quot the candidates of the whig and democratic parties of that year were Scott and Graham and Pierce and King equally divided Between the free and slave states. Quot in 1856 the candidates of the abolition then calling itself the Republican party were Fremont and Dayton both from the free states Quot the candidates of the whig and democratic parties of that year were Fillmore and Donaldson and Buchanan and Breckinridge equally divided Between the free and slave states. Quot in 1660 the candidates of the same Republican party Are Lincoln and Hamlin both from the free states. Quot the candidates of the whig and democratic parties Are equally divided Between the free and slave states. Quot i thus appears beyond dispute that the present Republican is a continuation of the original abolition party and that its organization has been at All times from its origin purely sectional. Quot tested by platforms and the acts and declarations of members the same result is arrived _ who arc tic those who favor civil War the arraying of one Section of the country against the other in open hostility Are Tho disunion lists. Says senator Douglas in a recent speech in the Senate War is disunion. War is final eternal separation. Hence disguise it As you May every Union Man in America must advocate such amendments to the Constitution As will preserve peace and restore the Union while every Disu zionist whether openly or secretly plotting its destruction is the. Advocate of peaceful so cession or of War As the surest Means of rendering reunion and re construction impossible. I have too much respect for any Man that has standing enough to be Ole cled a senator to believe that he is for War As a Means of preserving the Union. I have too much respect for his intellect to be. Lieve for one moment that there is a Man fur War who is not a disunion st per be. Hence i do not mean if i can prevent it that the of the Union men plotting to destroy it shall drag this country into War under Tho pretext of protecting the Public property and enforcing the Laws and collecting Revenue when their object is disunion and War tiie moans of accomplishing a cherished purpose. The Dis unionists therefore Are divided into two classes the one open the other secret Dis unionists. The one is in favor of peaceful secession and a recognition of Independence the other is in favor of War the Means of accomplish ing the object and of making the separation final an eternal. Lama Union Man and ii against War but if the Union must be Temponi ily broken by revolution and the establishment of a de Facto government by some of the states let no be done that will prevent restoration and future preservation. Peace is the Only policy that can Lead to that result. Hair restorative. To la a principle of coercion. Our government is based upon the principle that All its rights and All its Powers Are Dei ived from Quot the of the this is the _ _ basis of All its lawful authority. To collect reve slavery in the District of Columbia As a reproach i nuts of the seceded states would be Quot taxation and a sin ill which Tho whole nation is involved without representation Quot and would Lead of and for the continuance of which the free states Are especially . The foul stigma of slavery in the capital of the Republic and of the slave Trade carried on under the Sanction of Congress in the District of Columbia the Power of Congress to abolish these atrocities and the ability of the free states by their Superior numbers in Congress to secure such abolition Are considerations which have been constantly pressed upon the Public mind. Large numbers of petitions have been sent to Congress for several successive years praying for the Abo Tiou of shivery and the slave Trade in the District of Columbia. Notwithstanding the contemptuous spurning of these petitions their number has steadily increased. The petitioners show no symptoms of weariness in Well doing. Meanwhile the discussion of the great question has thus been thrown into Congress and the arguments on both sides have been brought before the nation. A deep and extensive impression Lias been made of the monstrous inconsistency of Maint Jiining slavery at the seat of the Federal government a feeling of Abhorrence hits been aroused which can never be satisfied with anything Short of abolition in the District 6. Enterprise has been highly useful in an indirect Way by testing the strength of the people s attachment to the Freedom of the press the Freedom of speech and the right of petition. During the Brief conflict which has been waged with slavery each of these pillars of of the Republic has in its turn undergone a terrific trial and the last of the three is at this time course to civil War. The moment our Federal government is imposed upon any state without its consent and against the wishes of a majority of its inhabitants that moment it becomes a Mili tary despotism As much so As Russia in Poland Austria in Hungary or England in Ireland or India. We have believed in the Union hoped in the Union wished to preserve the Union but never a Union of Force. No forced Union can be preserved nor is it Worth preserving. If the Southern people will not be our Brethren unless we Cut their throats we must be severed for evermore. New York age. Lincoln has set up a Carriage. That is Well enough. But the Coachman and Footman Wear livery. A Washington Corr Spon Dent writes Quot the splendid equipage sent to the White House from new York was on the Avenue yesterday with the coach Mim and Footman in Lian some Mulberry coloured cloth overcoats and wearing Silver lace there is republicanism for you. A generally there Are but two sides to a georgian. Why you have three Yoti self you have a right Side a left Side journal. Medical beaut fibr of the Ige a n the Only worthy of Uii confide Nice for Tho medical. Evi i ery druggist in Tiik United states is familiar with the article and will Tell you if you if j of Arebia or Gray or your hair needs a tonic i i of Sisoi o. A. Quot Wood Shair restorative is tiie Only reliable article for you to use. For , judges Cleiv Gyrlen ladies and gentlemen in nil parts of the world testify to the Efficacy of prof. O. J. Avoids hair , Quot and gentlemen of the to it Ress Are unanimous in its Praise. A few Only can hero be Given see circular for More and it will be impossible for Yon to doubt. It of. S. Tii Alberg pianist says on Bis arrival in the United states he was rapidly by coming a Ray but on applying Wood s hair restorative Liis hair soon recovered its original Hue. Charles Cardew i Nassau st., n. Y., the Gray hairs on his wife s head were after a few weeks trial turned into n dark Brown at the same time beautifying and thickening tie hair. A. Raymond Bath Maine says he is now sixty years old and his hair and whiskers were two thirds Gray but by the use of two bottles of the restorative the Gray hairs Timve disappeared both on Bis head and face and is More soft and than for Twenty five years previous. His wife at the age of fifty two has used it with the same effect. Finley Johnson Esq., new Orleans. Says that he lost his hair by the yellow i Ever in 1854. He used Wood s hair restorative and his hair is now thick and . Hidu Leton Livingston Alabama says the restorative has done much Good in his part of the country. He used it for baldness and now has a Fine head of hair. T. L. Morse Lebanon Kentucky says he has seen Wood s hair restorative used in hundreds of cases and never knew it to fail in accomplishing All it professes to do. A. J. Alden Mclane sboroill., says he had the scald head eight , and Ivas Bald but by the Liberal use of Wood s hair restorative he now has a Rich Lead of hair. Grove s. C., june 24, 1859. Prof 0. 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Application i had As Beautiful a head of Young hair As i Ever saw for which i certainly owe you my most sincere thanks. Rest assured dear sir i shall recommend your remedy to ail inquirers moreover i shall use my i influence which i flatter today is not a Little. You can publish this if you think proper. Yours ery respectfully >1. J. Wright m. Office of till jeffersonian Phillippi va., dec. 12, 58. Dear feel it Iny duty As Well As my pleasure to state to you tie following circumstances which you can use As you think proper. A gentleman of this place a lawyer has been Bald Ever since his Early youth so much so that he was compelled to Wear a wig. He was induced to a bottle of your Quot hair restorative Quot which he liked very much and after using some two or Ali bottle cd 1 13 Buir grow out quite luxuriantly and he now has a handsome head of hair. The gentleman s name is Bradford and he is very Well known in our adjoining counties Many persons can testify to the truth of this stat client 1 give it to you at the request of Bradford. You can sell a great Deal of your hair restorative in this and the adjoining counties if you live the proper agents. Yours &c., Thompson surghnor. Liq Omer Noble county Indiana feb. 5,1859. Prof. O. J. 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I at once made application to the most skillful physicians in the country but receiving no assurances from them that my hair could again be , i was forced to become reconciled to my Fate until fortunately in the latter part of the year 1857, your restorative was recommended to me by a druggist As being the most reliable hair restorative in use. I tried one bottle and found to my great Satis action that it was producing the desired effect. Since that time i have used seven dollars Worth of your restorative and As a result have a Rich coat of very soft Black hair which no Money can buy. As n Mark of my gratitude for your labor and skill in the production of so wonderful an article t have recommended its use to Many of my friends and acquaintances who 1 and Haf by to inform you Are using it with like effect. Very respectfully yours a. Latta attorney and Counselor at Law. 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I he Cephalic pills Are the result of Long investigation ind carefully conducted experiments having been in use Many years during which time they have prevented and relieved in vast amount of pain and suffering Froix headache whether originating in the Ner Ous system of fron a deranged stat i of the stomach. They Are entirely vegetable in their composition and May be taken at All to Ines with perfect safety without making any change of diet and the absence of any disagreeable taste renders it to administer them to children. Beware of counterfeits i the genuine have five signatures of Henry c. Spalding on each Box. Sold by druggists and All other dealers in medicines. A Box will be sent by mail pre paid on receipt of the Price 25 cents. All orders should Btu addressed to Henry c. Spalding 48 cider Street new York. The Fol love ing endorsements of Spalding s cd Phalti pills will c0nvin a All who suffer from headache that Asseem Iurii Siniue cure is within their reach. As to Jitae of it Moniah ave unsolicited by 3r. , Ihn afford in proof of the eff Cacy of this truly scientific discovery. , cons., feb. 5,1861. Or. . Sir 1 have tried your Cephalic pills and 1 like them so Well that 1 want you to sen i me two dollars Worth More. Part of these Are for the neighbors to whom i gave a few out of the fir it boat i got from you. Send the pills by Miil and oblige your of t servant James Kennedy. Hat loud pa., feb. 6, 1861. Mil. . Sib i you to Send me one More of your Cephalic pills i have a great Deal of bin Jit from the. Your respectfully Mary Ann Stockhouse. H. Srai thing. Spi ice Creek Huntington co., pa., january 18,1861. Sir you will please Sei d me two boxes of your Cephalic pills. Send them immediately. Respectfully yours Jno. . V. used one hox of your pills and find Fieni excellent. Vernos Ohio Jan. 15,1861. Henry c. Spalino Esi please Lind 25 cents for which Send me another Box of Cephalic pills. They Are truly the Best i ill 1 have Ever tried. Direct a. Stover v. M., Belle Vernon Wyandot co., 0. , mash., dec. 11,1860. H. , Esq. I wish for some circulars or Hurge show Bills to bring your Cephalic pills More particularly before my customers. If you have anything of the kind please Send to me. One of my customers who is subject to sick headache usually lasting two , teas cured of an attack in one hour by your i half which i sent her. Respectfully yours w. B. Wilkes. Franklin co., Ohio january 9,1861. Henry c. , no. 48 Cedar Street n. Dear sin enclosed find Twenty live cents 25, for which Send Box of Quot Cephalic fiend to address of Rev. Win. Filler Reynoldsburg Franklin county Ohio. Muiir Puis uncork Lia e a charms cure headache almost Iota enter. Truly yours we. Heller. Ypsilanti micn., Jan. 14,1861. Or. Spain Dino. So not Long since i sent to you for a Box of Cephalic pills for the cure of the nervous headache and co Stivens i and received the same and Thoy had so Good an affect that j team Wini formate. 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Him Rio Hail cures tie most obstinate and standing diseases 1�y wonderful results in this City and Hoshour disease of female system with neuralgia 21st physician in attendance or. Brewster bronchial consumption mrs. Runnion mrs. Spann mrs. Tedd and others complicated female disease several years standing Jar. Brady Hancock county disease of the bladder and kidneys Etc., Etc. Are you afflicted Quot a word to the Wise is persons desirous of knowing More of or. Bum Ham and his skill Are referred to the following Well known prof. S. K. Hoshour or. S. Frink a. Streight Esq. Rev. G. Clark Jas. Yohn Esq. A. R. Hyde Esq. L. W. Moses w. Wheatley Esq. Of Cen Yohn s Block North Meridian Street. Letters will receive prompt attention. Address or. N. G. Burnham feels Indianapolis Indiana. Medical Moffat s life pills put Eurix hitters Totice to the in oies d r. s female monthly pills. No article of Medicine intended for the use of f jingles that has Ever made its appearance has met with such Universal is these celebrated pills. No disease is so Little understood and consequently so badly treated As femal diseases. These pills Are the result of much study and careful experience in All varieties of female complaints and in cases of suppression Leuch Orrea or Whites of the bladder kidney and womb and loss of nervous Energy their use is above All prise. Caution married ladies in certain situations should not use them. For reasons see directions with each Box. Price one Dollar per Box. Sent by mail to any part of the world. Prepared and sold exclusively by or. Ewing no. 18 Virginia Avenue Apro Dittly 61 Indiana ohs s these medicines have now been before x the Public for a period of thirty years and during that time have maintained a High character in almost every part of the Globe for their extraordinary and immediate Power of restoring perfect health to persons suffering nearly every kind of disease to which the human Frame is liable. The following Are among the distressing variety of human diseases in which the vegetable life medicines ask we known to be isral Tibuc. Dyspepsia by thoroughly cleansing the first and second stomachs and creating a flow of pure healthy bile instead of the stale and acrid kind flatulence loss of appetite heartburn headache Kestly soness ill temper anxiety Langor and melancholy which Are the general so Ptonis of dyspepsia will vanish As a natural Conser Quence of its cure. Cost Veness by cleansing the whole length of the intestines with a solvent process and without violence All violent purges leave the bowels Ostive within two Days. Fevers of All kinds by restoring the blood to a Regulas circulation through the process of perspiration in such cases and the thorough solution of All intestinal Obst tic i Tion in others. The life medicines have been known to cure rheunia4 Tim permanently in three weeks and gout in half that time by removing local info animation from the Muscles and ligaments of the joints. J drop sies of All kinds by freeing and strengthening the kidneys and bladder they operate most delightfully on these important organs and hence have Ever been found a certain remedy for the worst cases of gravel. Also Worms by dislodging from the turning of the bowels the Slimy matter to which these creatures adhere. Scurvy ulcers and inveterate sores by the perfect purity which these life medicines give the Bloo and All the Humours. Scor Butic eruptions and bad complexion by the alternate effect upon the fluids that feed the skin and the morbid state of which occasions All eruptive complaints Sallow Cloudy and other disagreeable complexions. The use of these pills for a very Short time will effect an entire cure of Salt Rheum and a striking improvement in the clearness of the skin. Common colds and influenza will always be cured by one dose or by two in the worst cases. originator of these medicines was cured of piles of thirty five years standing by the use of the life medicines alone. Fever and this Scourge of Tho Western country these medicines will be found a certain and Safe remedy. Other medicines subject to a return of the Dos ease a cure by these medicines is permanent. Try them be satisfied and be cured. Billious fevers and liver complaints general debility loss of appetite and diseases of females. The medicines have been used with the most beneficial results in cases o 1 this description King s evil and scr Fula in its worst forms yield to the mild yet powerful action of these remarkable remedies night sweats nervous debility nervous complaints of All kinds palpitation of the heart Painter s Colic Are speedily cured. Mercurial Whoso constitutions have become impaired by the injudicious ust of Mercury infinitely sooner than the most powerful prcp.ration8 of Sarsaparilla. Prepared and sold by w. B. Moffat 335 Broadway new York for Sale by All druggist. Auglis 60 Damp remedy. A a y its simplicity and most perfect adapt _ action to All Throat and lung complaints from infancy to old age for special attention. So strictly Are the Laws of Medicino conformed to that i the same Freedom of use in disease As its strict natural feature that i would of Foo to hunger. Both Are analogous and both untrue unless they can be applied to the letter. Therefore from shoo big cough the terror of childhood to lung complaints common to All Ages it is a Folu Modoni. The spasmodic and nervous items a by a and also the great est and Only natural opiate Ever Griven Totle a a Orl Ltd. Tie perfect Freedom with which physicians Are asked to investigate this splendid and much needed opiate by Fon Liuia or trial of Tho Anodyne both of which will be sent on demand and the free acceptance of All who have used it and also its splendid results in Case of neuralgia headache of every kind rheumatism tooth Andeara be loss of sleep delirium Kremens cholera Moribus dysentery &c., &c., is enough i to Call attention As i ask investigation. Alter six years of trials and results the Tola Anodyne and cough remedy arc fairly before the world and i Trust All who know vill do me the Justice to investigate by trial compare All suggestions of testimonials in the pamphlets to be foul with All dealers or will be sent a free Quot by me and then by the real Merit they possess lift them above All charges or imputation of quackery. Prices within reach of l. Hunnewell proprietor practical principal office no. 0 commercial wharf Boston a sold by All Rerp in table dealers everywhere. Mchl2-d&w2m by. W. , of scandinavian preservation and curb of from impurities on obstructions of the by Boob of secretions. Medicine. The celebrated scandinavian blood purifier and blood pills an it i also dealer in All genuine family medicines no. 6 East fourth st., Cincinnati 0. Certified to by Morris Morris Esq Rev. Or. Mcmullen of Indianapolis Rev. Jas. Have Kokomo and hundreds of other citizens of Indiana. Price of the scandinavian vegetable blood purifier $1 per bottle or �z5 per half dozen. Of the Scane Navian vegetable blood pills 25 cents per Box or five boxes for $1. Bead or. Roback s special notices and certificates published in a conspicuous part of this paper from time to time. Or. Roback s medical almanac and family adviser containing a great variety of i interesting and valuable medical information can be had Gratis of any of his agents throughout the country. Prom Tho Mishawaka st. Jos co., ind. Enterprise feb. 2, lf61. Worthy of Merit. Among the Many remedies offered to the Public under the head of Patent medicines it is a Relief to know that some of them Are valuable preparations will do what is claimed for them and Art worthy of use and a place in every family. Belonging to this class May be mentioned or Roback s scandinavian remedies blood purifier and blood pills which Are most excellent preparations and have the desired effect in ail cases for which their use is intended. Like thousands of others we Bear personal witness to this having Usel them in our family with the Best effects. Ave Are also acquainted with Many who speak voluntarily in Praise of the a medicines. One of our leading men says that by the use of Only four bottles of purifier to received More Tolian one Hundred dollars Worth of b Jne fit. His i Mculty was dyspepsia. We express our thanks for a Liberal present of these remedies for use in Poitr family. For Sale in Marion county by w. 1. Vickers Indianapolis Robt. Browning do. Perkins it pc co., do. H. Rosengarten do. Egner amp womb or do. W. T. Hurd Southport b. H. Church Cumberland e. Hanna Oakland l. Romber ger Castleton Awarren amp Steacy p Ann Casville w. T. Yeaman Bridgeport and by dig gifts and merchants throughout the Ivow article. Or Roback s Aston each bitters. New and delightful Stomachin and cordial for giving tone to the , a did Lor the prevention of billions coi plaints incident to the Western country. Try it. As a morning drink to assist digestion and relieve dyspepsia it has no equal. In flavor it is Superior to All other bitters. Try if. The it a Nola of these bitr<-r.=, now 1801 the sole property of or. Koback originated with one of the oldest and Nio st eminent Midi civil practitioners of the West and it is directly predicated up ii the wants of Western people. Toliese bitters derive their stimulus from the powerful tonic nature of the roots and Herlis of which they arc composed and As they Are by Ilia in unnatural cravings of the , directly promotive of Temperance the present i proprietor believes that in making Fhenia widely known the Public welfare is Subserve. It will i it Oon be for Sale by idl of or. Roback s numerous agents and at hotels ac., the country Over. In the meantime orders will to filed direct from Cin i Tiati inane of Quantity and at Tho lowest rates. It is put up in quart Tittle and securely packed in one Doican eases. Half dozen Sample cases will however be packed and sent to any Adil Ress if desired. Herail Price .$1 per bottle or six for $5. Principal Olliee and Salero mind 6 East flt Cincinnati o. Laboratory no. I2 Hammond a Jill Law Law. Fourth Street machines. Jud Felt Stersic s improved tight Salt chewing machines. 3mc a Quot cd Quot a Chalybeate restorative Piil. Of Mon. An ape Rient and Stomachin preparation of Iron purified of oxygen and Carbon by combustion of Hydrogen sanctioned by the highest medi Chial authorities both in Europe and the United states and prescribed in their practice. The of thousands daily proves that no preparation of Iron can to compared with it. Impurities of the blood depression a of vital Energy Pale and otherwise sickly complexions indicate its necessity in almost every conceivable Case. I noxious in All maladies in which it has been tried it has proved absolutely curative in each of the following complaints Viz in a Utility a Escous affections emaciation dyspepsia constipation diarrhoea dysentery itch pint con sweption scrod Lotts Ikebe Mendosia Sau of ileum min menstruation. Whites Chlorosis liver complain to chronic he it teaches pneuma Tim intermittent fevers pimples on the face a pc. In cases of general debility whether the result of acute diseases or of the continued diminution of nervous and muscular Energy from chronic complaints one Prifti of this restorative has proved successful to an extent which no or written attestation would Render credible. Invalids so Long bed Ridden As to have very nearly become entirely forgotten in their own neighbourhoods have suddenly re appeared in the Busy world As if just resumed from protracted travel in a Distant land. Some very signal instances of this kind Are attested of female sufferers emaciated victims of apparent Mara mus sanguine us exhaustion critical changes and their complication of nervous and dyspeptic aversion to air and exercises for which the physician has no name. In nervous affections of All kinds and for reaws familiar to medical men the operation of this preparation of Iron must necessarily be salutary for unlike the old oxides it is vigorously tonic without being exc Thig or Over heating and gently regularly ape Rient even in the most obstinate cases of Cost Veness without Ever being it gastric purgative or of Lichtig a disagreeable sensation. It is tyls latter property among others which makes it so remarkably effectual and permanent a remedy for piles upon which it also appears to exert a distinct and specific action by Disper a the local tendency which forms them. In dyspepsia innumerable As Are its causes a Sinaloa Box of these Chalybeate pills has often auf Floed for Twe most habitual cases including the attendant Coet Veness. In unchecked diarrhoea even when advanced to i it seb tory confirmed Mac rating and apparently malignant the effects have been equally decisive and astonishing. In the local pains loss of flesh and strength debilitating cough and remit tent hectic which Genera Fly Taidi atm incipient consumption this remedy has allayed the alarm of friends and physicians in several very Gratifying and interesting instances. In so Romulous tuberculosis this medicated Iron has had far More than the Good effect of the most Cantlo tuly balanced preparation of Lodhie without any of their Well known liabilities. The attention of females can not be too confidently in item to this remedy and restorative in the Case Peca Learly affecting them. In rheumatism both chronic and inflammatory in Tbs latter however More decidedly it has been invariably Well reported both As Alle Laung pain and reducing to swellings and stiffness of the joints and Muscles. In intermittent fevers it must necessarily be a great remedy and energetic restorative and its Progress in to new settlements of the West will probably be one of big renown and use chinese. No remedy has Ever been discovered in the whole history of med tone which exerts such prompt Happy and fully restorative ii sects. Good appetite Complete digestion rapid acquisition of Stren tii with an to usual disposition for Active and cheerful Exen its use. Put up in neat Flat Metal boxes containing fifty pills Price 60 cents per Box for Sale by druggists and Dequen. Will be sent free to any address on receipt of the Price. A letters orders ac., should be addressed to h b. Docs Kab it so cd it rpt 60 Damp Way 20 Cedar 8tbeet, new York. Cure cough of hoarseness if in ensa any irritation or so mess of the Throat Jutie a a in a ital Jbv Iff cough in consumption Brou Eshuis asthma Dan of Tarrh dear and give strength to the stoic of pubic speakers and Are aware of the Impo Tancy of checking a cough or Quot common cold Quot in Ita first stage that which in the beginning would yield to a Mem remedy if neglected soon attacks the lungs. Quot Brown s bronchial troches Quot containing Demulcent ingredients away Profan Ossry and bronchial irritant in. Brown s to clues Brown s troches Brown s troches Brown s troll fees Brown s troches Brown s troches Brown s troches Quot Liat trouble in my Throat for which the Quot troches Quot Are a specific having made me often a More n. P. Wujs. Quot i recommend their use to Quot Anauo Rev. H. Chaps a. Quot have proved extremely serviceable for Rev. Henitt Ward Beecher. Quot almost ins buit Relief in the distressing labor of Braung Peculiar to Rev. A. Eggleston. Quot contain no opium or anything or. A. A. Hayes chemist Boston. Quot a simple and pleasant combination for coughs or. G. P. Bigelow Boston. Quot acne facial in or. J. F. W. Lane Boston. Quot i have proved them excellent for whooping Rev. H. W. Warren Boston. Quot acne facial when compelled to speak suffering from i Rev. S. J. P. Anderson st. Louis. Quot effectual in removing hoarseness Brown s and irritation of the Throat so common with speakers and troches prof. Stacy Johnson Lagrange Georgia. In town s teacher of music Southern i female College. Troches Quot Grant Benefit when taken before and Lafter reaching As they prevent hoarse Brown. Incas. Erom their past effect i think will lie of permanent advantage to to Kochi a Rev. Rowley a. M., Tilro in s 1 president of the Athens College i Tennessee. Troches. 1 sold by All druggists at Twenty cents a Box. Nov26- c0 d&w6m a. Lolly a double Eick elastic stitch sewing i off n Patent knitting Tia Cirinc. Park k Dennis janl2-daw3m no. 82 metropolitan Hall. Land warrants. Having reliable and experienced agents in the West to Are prepared to enter land air a furnish certified descriptions and Platts from personal of . Delzelle Smith fcb25 no re estate agents. Cartt s Fox Toyei a ochre or pectoral troches for the immediate Relief and certain cure of coughs , influenza asthma hoarseness whooping cough Catarrh Broc Hlls sore Throat pc. Relief warranted in ten minutes for ministers Public speakers and singers these tablets Are indispensable for cleansing and strengthening the voice removing hoarseness a. The Case with which they Are taken being easily carried in the pocket requiring no preparation always ready for on All occasions not liable to Chango in any climate containing nothing injurious to the most delicate constitutions should be a sufficient recommendation to All to give them atrial. 25 cents Dor Box. For Sale by All Drumri Sfa. Decl2 60 Damp we re a. In of the great impositions j4_ that is constantly being proc Ticco upon the unsuspecting by ignorant and a cutlers of 8o-Calicd curative and nostrum i have determined Lodebole a of my the to the treatment of Sam anal weakness and All those deplorable cases caused by a secret an Ltd solitary practice who Cir ruins both Nind and body unfitting the unfortunate individual for either business or society. Jet ave a a a a War All letters giving an Accuri pfc of the Case and incl Sint a postage stamp will receive prompt attention. Medicines furnished when desired at moderate prices and Onvan cd secure from observations and cures guaranteed. Address l. Hall a. D., North Side of Jefferson four doors above Ttiird-st., Ai it i 18 60 Way Louisville Kentucky
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