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Indianapolis Indiana State Guard (Newspaper) - January 5, 1861, Indianapolis, Indiana For the state the bight of secession and the bight of coercion. No. Whether a state has the right to secede from the confederation in Case of persistent violation of the Federal compact is a question now of Paramount importance so far As the american people Are concerned for upon this May turn the ques Tion of peace or War and the ultimate reconciliation of the Union upon a better and More enduring basis should disunion follow the present culminating tendencies to this Point. This question is of most pregnant import because upon its proper solution depends not Only the liberties of the present generation but of the untold millions of the unborn future for the failure of this Republic will be regarded As a Complete demonstration of Man s incapacity for self government and justly too. Living under the Best and freest government Ever devised by the Wisdom of Man with full capacity to promote the ends of Justice and to secure to him Liberty and happiness if. Like Man in his first estate the same proneness to evil induces him now to trample under his reckless feet the Latr of his political Liberty and thus bring about his own expulsion from that political Paradise wherein were secured to him Quot life Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness Quot and the full and glorious principles of Freedom of thought Freedom of inquiry Freedom of conscience and the Righi to do As he pleases except an inhibition founded on the Law of nature to do no wrong who can entertain any Well founded Hope that any other people in any other stage of the world s history will Ever attain the capacity of self government fairly believing that the right of secession not Only exists but that its recognition will perpetuate the american Union i will now proceed to give the reasons for Quot the Faith that is in i hold 1st, Itiat the Rig lit of secession follows As an exo Ruble corollary from the admission of o a. J .1a 1 a a j a i establish Nir a new government. This state sovereignty and that it per Tams to and is i _ a o. One of its essential concomitants. 2d. That the right of secession is among one of those Quot reserved to the states respectively or to the people thereof Quot by the Constitution of the United states. 3d. That Gen. Washington As Well As the leading statesmen of the revolutionary Era. Who were the seeders ? most clearly the nine states for they did not observe the Mode pointed out for the revision of the old nor the ratification of the new Constitution. They seceded from the old government from the Quot perpetual Quot Union of the thirteen original states and established that is the word they used a government of their own and no one disputed their right t6 do so. There was no coercion St then. The reasons which impelled them to this course May be found in the history of the times. Alleging that the old Constitution was a failure they acted upon the principle that the states were Sovereign and Independent that the articles of confederation were a compact Between Sovereign and Independent states in each of which within their respective geographical limits absolute Power resided and the established government having failed in this purpose their act was but a recurrence to that fundamental axiom promulgated in the declaration of american Independence when these same colonies threw off their allegiance to the British Crown to wit that when any form of government becomes destructive ends the right to life Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and to Institute a new government laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its Powers in such form As to them shall seem most Likely to effect their safety and they claimed also that the second article of the old Constitution which declares that Quot each state retains its sovereignty Freedom and Independence and every Power Tiris Diyuon and right which is not by this confederation expressly delegated to the United states in Congress assembled Quot recognized their right to secede from the old and establish a new government. Hence they disregarded the Mode set Forth in the old Constitution for its amendment and ratification and contended that in the sovereignty of the people consisted their warrant for abandoning the old new government went into operation with nine slates leaving the other five for some time under the old government until they All finally entered the new confederation. No Man in this country was then bold enough to deny the right of secession and if secession is disunion then was Washington the first disunion St who will dare. Under-1 a. 1 .1 in t i r n f j i Attali the appellation of traitor to him stood and interpreted the old articles of confederation As conceding the right of secession that j having thus proved that Washiington and the our present Constitution is a Mere amendment to other statesmen of his Day recognized the right the articles of confederation and that in the of secession and that the articles of conf Der new or present Constitution or amendment to the i Fon also recognized that right i now proceed to old articles this right of secession admitted in i slow that it has not been inhibited in the new the old was not modified or restricted in the new Constitution and therefore remains As before Constitution and therefore remains As before. Our fathers we have seen claimed that the reversing the above order i will proceed first j second article of the old Constitution declaring to discuss the last proposition. Liat Quot each state retains its sovereignty Freedom As to the views of Gen. Washington and other statesmen of that Day upon the right of secession under the articles of confederation let their acts speak. Before the 1st Day of March 1781, the thirteen states were separate and Independent states with no general form of government for the but on that Day tie original thirteen Stales entered into an Alliance with each other under certain articles known As articles of confederation and established a common government which consisted of a Congress of the United states Quot in which each slate was represented by not less than two nor More than seven delegates. Each state was entitled to one vote and nine votes were necessary to pass any act. This Congress possessed the Power to declare War make peace Coin Money it was also provided that the articles of confederation Quot could not be altered except by the consent of every they were to be observed by every state Quot and Quot the Union was to be under the Union thus established the government proved measure Abla failure. Virginia then suggested a general convention of All the states to consider the question of it revision of the articles. Upon this suggestion commissioners from new York new Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware and Virginia met at Annapolis in september 1786 n. Hampshire Massachusetts Liode Island and North Carolina appointed delegates but they failed to attend. The other states did not appoint delegates. The commissioners took no action except to report to their respective states recommending a general convention to meet at Philadelphia in May 1787, Quot to devise such further provisions As shall appear to them necessary to Render the Constitution of the Federal government adequate to the exigencies of the a copy of this and ind Penzance and every Power jurisdiction and right which is not by this confederation expressly delegated to the United states in Congress assembled Quot was conclusive of the right of secession. This same inherent right is retained in the new Constitution by express reservation in these words to be found in the 10th amendment Quot the Powers not delegated to tie United states by this confederation nor prohibited by it to the states Are reserved to the states respectively or to the How similar the language and How tenacious our fathers were of the rights of the states and at the same time How jealous of the Extension of its Powers by the Federal government these articles conclusively demonstrate. Under the articles of confederation the states each retained its sovereignty Freedom and Independence and no where in the new can and clause or provision be found where these or either of them Are Quot delegated to the United states Quot even granting that each is capable of alienation. Therefore they remain among the Poi vers not delegated to the United states but Quot reserved to the states respectively or to the this was the View taken by the authors of the present Constitution and by the Stales which ratified it. Virginia new York Rhode Island and other states in Timeir articles of ratification declared that they entered the new confederacy upon the express condition that they had the right of withdrawing from it whenever they considered that it had failed of its purpose. Extracts have been published from the conventions of Virginia and Rii ode Island so i will not Hore repeat them. The convention of new York declared Quot that the Powers of government May be re assumed by the people whensoever it shall become necessary to their happiness that every Power jurisdiction and right which i is not by the said Constitution tides of confederation and reporting such alterations and provisions As when ratified would Render the Federal Constitution adequate to the exigencies of the government and the preservation of the Trio substance of the instructions to the Dele rates from All the Stales was to the same effect. A new Constitution dividing the Powers of the government by Way of checks and balances into executive judicial and legislative was adopted and by the convention submitted to the Federal Congress to be by it submitted to the states for ratification. J he 7th and last article of this Constitution declares that Quot the ratification of nine states shall be sufi Iciel for the establishment of this Constitution Between the states so ratifying the but according to the articles of confederation the consent of every state was is Seiji Ial to its amendment and revision and the Union of the thirteen states was Loha perpetual. Yet Gen. Washington was president of a convention composed of Only a part of the states nine in number and these organized a government in Many essential particulars different from tiv Ihen existing one and provided that the Rati fica Ion of nine states should be sufficient to establish the new government and the new Constitution. Now the question comes upon us which was the government of the United states the nine states with general Washington at their head that formed a new Constitution in direct conflict with the Mode prescribed under the old Constitution or the four states which adhered to the old government and the old Constitution ? report was forwarded to the Federal Congress j dearly delegated to the Congress of the United that body on the 21st february 1787, passed Scales or to the departments of the government a Resolution approving of the meeting of the Dele to the people of the several states Gates and recommending that they should meet i of Quot to Weir respective state governments to whom a for the sole and press purpose of revising the a granted the the right of secession was clearly set Forth and openly advocated by the states when they ratified the new Constitution. Upon this express condition several of the states came into the Union and no statesman could then be found to raise his voice against it. The present Constitution was at first Only ratified by a portion of the states and yet the new government went into operation although not ratified by every state As provided in the old articles of confederation. No attempt was made in the new to change the statutes of the states under the old articles each was Sovereign and Independent and All were co equals. They remained the same under the new consequently we of the present Day for the same or equivalent causes have the same right to secede from the present government and establish a new confederation As had those of the revolutionary Era headed by that greatest and Best of men and patriots general George Washington leaving it As they did to the option and judgment of states which refuse co Opper action to cling to the old compact though broken and dishonoured or to seek other combinations better adapted in their opinion to secure Quot the blessings of life Liberty and the Pursuit of by the admission of the right of secession the present government and the present Constitution were formed and organized As we have conclusively demonstrated. We think we have made Good our second and third propositions and we now turn to the first. Jefferson. The concluding number in our next congressional. Wasiqi Notos december 31. galleries were crowded and there was a Large crowd about the door. Ladies were also in the lobbies and on the floor. Or Crittenden asked that the Senate would set apart some Day for the consideration of the joint Resolution offered by him. The Resolution was then made the special order for wednesday. The Bill for organizing the territorial government of Ari Zumaras taken up. Or. Trumbull spoke in favor of the amendment to allow the mexican Law abolishing slavery to continue in Force. The Bill providing for the admission of Kansas was Here taken up. And postponed till monday next. Or. Penjamin. Of Louisiana Rose to address the Senate. He said he had supposed Ere this he would have had official information of the position of affairs in South Carolina but in the absence of it he should presume that he had such information. The South he said had repeatedly warned the North that they were driving them to a Point that would result in a separation and for this they had Only been sneered at and maligned. He Benjamin wished to speak in no spirit of recrimination but to perform his duty. He would Call attention to the speech he made four years ago predicting this result. Or. Benjamin Here quoted from the speech he made in 1856, in which he said the time would come when the South would throw the sword into the scale with All its rights because he did not believe there could be peaceable secession. He said that the words he had then uttered had proved True. To Day he would to god that the fears of civil War then exercised would prove Only fears but from what he had heard it almost seemed As if the other Side of the chamber desired to bring about a civil War. South Carolina had declared herself separated from the Union other states stood ready to support her or else to put he Down. That is the real Issue and there is no use to disguise it. We Are permitted to ignore the fact that the determination to secede was not confined to South Carolina alone for next week Mississippi Alabama and Florida will separate from the Union. A week after Georgia will follow then a Little later Louisiana will secede and soon after her Arkansas. Now then shall we recognize South Carolina As a free and Independent state or shall we coerce her by Force. He argued that the people of South Carolina had a right to declare herself free. It was inherent inalienable. South Carolina had by the voice of her people when they met in convention in 1860 repealed the ordinance made by her people when they met in convention in 1776. Or. Benjamin Here quoted from a speech of Daniel Webster in the Rhode Island Case to show that a convention of the people duly assembled had proper authority. He Webster had said that a compact was not binding on one party unless the other parties to it had lived up to it Smid that a compact broken by one could be broken by All. Or. Benjamin Here quoted from or. Madison to sustain his position. He Benjamin said that no one could find any article in the Consi Lulion requiring Force to be used to coerce a stale. He referred to the old confederation and said that nine states seceded from it for the express reason that the compact Between them was not kept and finally All the states seceded but Rhode Island and North Carolina leaving them As foreign states. He claimed this As a precedent in the formation of the present Constitution to show the right of a state to secede. Who was to be the judge if the compact was broken in e pecuniary matter the Constitution provided a Way to Settle the matter but if it was broken politically the Constitution provided no Way. He read from the debates of the convention which formed the Constitution to show that the members of Llic convention refused to make the Senate the judge of or give the president the Power to veto the action of a staff a that they refused to give Congress the Power to negative state legislation and that they specially refused Quot to give any Power to coerce states. Yet when the state conventions came to ratify the Constitution complaints were made that the states were not sufficiently secure. It must be admitted that certain political rights Are guaranteed the states but when these rights Are denied where is the remedy ? suppose that South Carolina should Send two senators Here and the majority hould refuse to receive but one what Power can compel that majority to repair the wrong ? suppose South Carolina should then retire from the Union who could say it was a violation of the Constitution ? suppose again that a wrong is perpetrated which does not appear quite Clear to the North but does appear Clear to South Carolina. Suppose she is denied Access to the territories is she without any remedy under the Constitution ? if there is none then she must be the judge of the wrong and the Mode of redress. He read an extract from an address delivered by John Quincy Adams in new York in 1838, in he said nations themselves must be the sole judge whether compacts Are broken and also saying that when All paternal feeling was gone Between the states then it is Lime to separate in peace and return to their original state. He Benjamin said that a sectional president had been elected who could with the Aid of a , Grant All the officers in the gift of the government to the North and thus ruin the South. Suppose South Carolina errs in believing that wrong had been done her still that does not alter the Issue whether he shall permit her to withdraw or Force her Back. In reply to the senator from Wisconsin or. Doolittle he Benjamin claimed that a citizen was bound to obey his slate government. The Republican senators say they will not coerce a state but enforce the Laws against individuals. But How can they punish an individual in a state for treason ? where Are they to find a judge and jury to do so when All the citizens in the state think that he has done right ? he Benjamin said they could not blockade a port without declaring War. They could not embargo one port without closing the other. He claimed that neither Congress nor the president had Power to go into the state with a military Force without the intervention of the civil Power. Some civil must precede the military Force. He argued that they could not collect the Revenue by Force threats were Only a pretext to cover up the real question which is no other than this Quot shall we acknowledge the Independence of a seceding state or reduce her to subjection Quot or. Benjamin Here read from Vattel to show the hypocritical keeping of compacts was of no Avail and referred to the Case of Rhoda Mizinga who promised not to use steel against a captive yet smothered him. Or. Benjamin closed his speech with an Earnest and eloquent Appeal to the Republican senators. He said that they claimed a right under the Constitution to deny the right of the South to slave property to encourage the robbery of that property to Call them thieves and murderers to deny them the right of transit and to accumulate a dangerous population in their midst. He Besought them to let the parting be in peace but if they would Pervert the Constitution and undertake to subjugate the South then appealing to the supreme judge they would meet the Issue As Best becomes freemen. speaker Laid before the House a communication from the Secretary of War explaining the of Eason Why and justifying his course in giving certain acceptances to Russell majors do co., and inviting investigation into All his official acts. Or. Bocock moved that the communication be referred to the select committee to investigate the abstraction of the Indian Trust Bonds. It was so referred. Or. Hooper Delegate from Utah presented a memorial from the people of that territory praying to be admitted into the Union As a referred to the committee on territories. Or. Bingham introduced a Bill to further provide for collection of duty on imports. Referred to the committee on judiciary. Or. Bingham s Bill looks to the increase of the president s Power to enforce the Revenue Laws. Or. Holman wished to offer a substitute asserting that the right of a state to withdraw from the Union is not recognized by the Constitution and that neither the president nor Congress is invested with authority to recognize any state in any character As a state of the Union that the general government is invested with Power to collect Revenue and protect the Public property wherever situated that the committee on judiciary inquire whether such Laws Are in Force As will enable the government to maintain the properly in the several slates and elsewhere and to collect the Revenue where an attempt shall be made to resist the Law and that the committee inquire whether in their opinion the Laws Are insufficient for the accomplishment of those purposes if so that they report what measures Are necessary by the employment of the army and Navy As the exigencies of the Case May require. Or. Hill moved to Lay the subject on the table. Negatived�?42 against 38. Without coming to a conclusion on the subject the House adjourned till wednesday. Washington Jan. 3. galleries and lobbies were again crowded to Day. Or. Bigler presented a memorial numerous by signed by i teens of Philadelphia asking the Senate to pass the Crittenden resolutions. If Congress would Only give the people the Opportunity they would embrace it and their friends at the South would discover that the a people were prepared to meet their complaints in a spirit of conciliation and kindness. Or. Crittenden offered the following whereas the Union is in danger and it is difficult if not impossible for Congress to concur by the requisite majority so As to enable it to take such measures to recommend to the states such amendments to the Constitution As Are necessary to Avert the danger and whereas in so great an emergency the opinion and judgment of the people ought to be heard therefore resolved that provision be made by Law without delay for taking the sense of the people and submit sing to to Lem the following resolutions the clerk then read the Crittenden resolutions already published. Or. Crittenden said something must be done. It would be an open shame to the government if ruin be allowed to come upon the country. The sacrifice of part platforms and partizan feeling was comparatively worthless. The peace and safety of a great country was never Purceli sgd so cheaply. He would Appeal with Confidence to the people. They have the greatest interest in the govern Lieut. He had Confidence the people would give Good advice. Tie resolutions were Laid Over and the unfinished business taken up and messes. Baker and Douglas addressed the Senate at length upon the perilous condition of the Union. Or. Douglas said he preferred Concession to civil War and coercion to disunion now prevails and therefore he must go for coercion. Washington Jan. 3, 1861. The president sent to the Senate to Day the appointment of Mclntyre of Pennsylvania As collector of the port of Charleston. The Senate however did not go into executive session and therefore no action was taken. The u. S. Vessel Brooklyn now lying at new York ready for sea will most Likely take the new collector to Charleston As it would not be advisable for him to go by land under existing this shows that the president holds a firm position. Secretaries Holt is Anion and Black have been untiring in their efforts to Back him. Great commotion exists amongst the seeders. The committee of thirty three voted Down Mill son s propositions which were substantially the same As Crittenden s. Commodore Shubrick a native of South Carolina has left for Charleston to reclaim the Revenue Cutter. Wahsington Jan. 3. The Posto Aliice department has cancelled its contract with the Isabel line for the conveyance of Mills from Charleston to key West. Many persons found it impossible to obtain admittance in the Senate galleries they being crowded As Early As ten o clock this morning in addition to the oratorical attraction it was thought that the president would transmit the contemplated message relative to affairs in South Carolina this however has been necessarily delayed to entertain pending questions. Instead of the message the president sent in an important nomination for collector in the neighbourhood of Charleston Harbor the name is believed to be we. Mcintire from Pennsylvania although others say he is of new York. It is not certain according to present appearances that or. A Claiire will be confirmed. The nomination is considered in the highest degree important and foreshadowing the future operations of the administration. Private accounts from Charleston state that one thousand negroes Are engaged in the erection of fortifications. The entrances to the Harbor have been obstructed by Southern vessels and the buoys removed governor Pickens has received the offer of one thousand men from without the state who hold themselves in readiness. It is not True As has been reported that senator Seward intends either to submit propositions relative to tie present crisis or make a speech on the subject. Quot in intelligence was received last night that fort Sumpter is now besieged that All major Anderson s communications Are Cut off that fort Moultrie has been completely repaired and guns remounted and that everything is in readiness to open fire on major Anderson. New batteries Are j being erected around him by the people and every Day the dangers and difficulties of reinforcing him Are increased. He has determined again to renew his request but will perish if he must in the fort. His men have bound themselves with an oath to stand and perish with him. It is beyond a doubt that a combination has been formed to take forcible Possession of the government at Washington on or before the 4ih of March but the precise time is not yet determined. The above is from a Republican source and wants confirmation. The president said last night at eleven o clock that if governor Wise s invaders visited the District of Columbia to commit an assault they must encounter ten companies of the Federal troops. The Council of this City will on monday pass orders to co operate with the in maintaining peace and Security. The militia of the District Are prepared to act with Efficacy. It is believed from what is known Here that in the course of a few Days the forts at Pensacola a and key West fort Morgan All the forts at ship Island near the Mouth of Lake Rouge together with the Arsenal at Baton Rouge and fort Johnson will be seized and garrisoned by the troops of the respective states in which they lie. Senator Toombs received a dispatch to Day saying the forts in Georgia were seized by order of gov. Brown. Private information says that if an attempt is made to re enforce the Arsenal at Augusta or to remove the arms it will at once be seized. The South Carolina commissioners consider the abrupt termination of the president of their business with him As grossly insulting to themselves and state. They treat it As a declaration of War and in this spirit they left this City this morning for South Carolina. It is now said that i the president yesterday returned their note without bum ors. The correspondent of the new York Herald at Washington writes under Date of the 31st ult., that it Idle and ridiculous reports relative to an alleged important and boisterous Cabinet meeting on sunday last and about the return of Secretary Floyd to the Cabinet and about the Issue of orders to major Anderson to withdraw his forces from the Charleston forts to appease the Wrath of the South carolinians were published by some of your contemporaries to Day. It is almost needless to say there is not a word of truth in either in a of Happy lot. i allowed even As the Joy of ii cell. Where the Golden Chain of co it Niue it i i onto lived with Uio Rosea near Rushville ind., december 25ih, 1860, at the residence of the Bride i father or. Frise of Indiana poll and a Mitchell daughter of t. Mitchell. The female Institute january ,ie61,by Kev. Gibbon Williams assisted by Kev. G. B. Simmons John a. , sheriff of Owen county and miss Jexsie u. Wil-l1.a, daughter of Gibbon Williams. Quot of death Art Tho ii stingo and solemn alchemist. Elat rating life s elixir from these Clayey on new Veur s Day at Sunset w , Only son of Fielding and Eliza Ann use Ltd in the 13th year of his age. T. corrected very or idly Lori inv by \vjkl.t.&ric, Commissio aor it i let a the feeling in flour is u Little Betti a Uli Huigh prics remain unchain fed with few sales $-1 j is a of being Riili Iier pries for Good extras. The packing see son is about Over closing it 85 io@5 15. A Lieut is Selling at 70&g0c. Corn jc30, with sin ill to copts. Ii it Kkt wholesale. Nl2lc . . . 25s30c Honey pet Pouncil. L-i�15c . 30�3jc Lark. It �9c Cotton yarns�?.9-0-ilc f Doz �.tiling.13.�1 c coffees i Quot Prim to fair. 13�14ic a Gina in. Hgt Al i c Opal. Lci.�19c tallow. family. By load.l.8-1 who fruit tried apples Quot. 75igsl 00 peaches new. S j 50 raisins or. I3u0�3 .�5 figs. In Coli a p Iles. Ija soc geese. 30 35c wheat 0ah0c . 50�iiic Rye. A Oats 33ft,. 20@25c Corn. .@30c Hay p Joo Orleans . Gomen syrup. sugar House. 40@i5c provisions Kacon sides. Shoulders. Hams . 81 00 clover.84 00@4 50 tiinotliy.00.<e-> 25 Salt Kanawha f Sill lbs. 1 g5�1 75 Lake. 9 2 in i coarse Alum Quot ground alum.$1 50�. 75 1 Sac k Salt. P bag. 124�14c sugar new Orleans per bbl. �?@7ic i refined. L @10ic . Loi Ajcuc to Wilfred. Us Lac Footie sugar. 8i� c calcined plaster.83 50�4 0� ent.8. 25@2 50 Lime per bu.�hell.20c rosix.84 00@4 50 tallow. 8j�9cbank note list. at to it Char s Bank. The great of the Money Market this week is a decline in the discount on in current Money. Within the last few Days Exchange on new York in Chicago and is Louis has run Down from 12 to 5 percent Prem. This is an unexpected change and indicates a better stale of affairs among our Illinois Wisconsin and Missouri Banks than was hoped for. Exchange on new York and Boston Sells freely at 1 percent Prem. Philadelphia Exchange has a in it Rove and is in Good demand at i to i Prem. Gold is bought at i and sold at 1 to Prem. 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Nov 24-Ly sold by All druggists everywhere. V at Pii Public Sale of valuable Peitso Kal Pope til horses. Cattle hogs Hay. Corn. Wheat 0.\ts, utensils household furniture. He undersigned. Administrator of the estate of Westward Dollarhide late of Marion Courly deceased will expose Public Sale on wednesday the Twenty third Day of january. A. I. 1801, at Tho Lato residence of the deceased in Decatur township in said county the personal properly of the deceased consisting of horses. Cattle hogs Hay Orn. Wheat. Oats farming utensils household furniture and such other property As is usually found about a farm and the Large amount of Slock and Grain to be a old will make it Aji attractive Sale to dealers As Well As to Farmers. A credit of nine months will be Given on All sum sorer three dollars the purchaser giving his note with acceptable Security. Sale the commence at 10 o clock a. M., and to continue from Dav to Dav till All the properly is sold. Jesse Price a adm r estate Westward Dollarhide deceased. . Bomber 27. 1800. Dec29- ad111istkatok s notice. Quot Totice is hereby Given that the undersigned has been j. Duly appointed and qualified As administrator of the estate of Westward Dollarhide late of the county of Marion deceased. All persons indebted to said estate Are hereby notified to make prompt payment to and person shaving claims against said estate will present the same to for adjustment. Tho estate is Sopp posed to to solvent. Jesse Price adm r. December 27, 1850. Dec29- mate of Indiana Marion county Isa the Marion circuit court of Mario county in the stat of Indiana March term a. 1861. Alexander h. Davidson guardian Etc. A. Charles Heringlake. Tje it known. That on this 26th Day of december in the j3 year Isgo the above named plaintiff of his attorneys filed in the office of the clerk of the Marion circuit court Bis comply sin against said defendant in the above entitled cause together with an affidavit of a competent person that said defendant Charles Heringlake is not a resident of the state of Indiana. Said defendant is therefore hereby notified of the Fli Ingr and Pendency of said complaint against him and that unless he appear and answer or demur thereto at the calling of said cause on Tho second Day of the next term of said court to be begun and held at the court House in the cily of Indianapolis on the fourth monday in March next said complaint and the matters and things therein contained and alleged will be heard and determined in his absence. Jno. C. New clerk. By Fred. Knefler Deputy. Kkt Imit Civell attorney for it of. Dec29- state of Indiana Marion county is in the Marion circuit court of Marion county in the Statt of Indiana Spring term a. 1�61. Jacob Wilson Joshua Wilson William Wilson Griner Wilson Catherine Wilson Gideon Wilson Patsey Patterson Elizabeth Harris. Isaac Wilson Thomas Wilson Frances Mcdowell James Mcdowell c. Wilson Isaac Harden Frankey kicker George Rinkor. A. William Young Joseph Farsi North b. Horn Willis. Wright Charlotte Pressell Patrick Fitz Gerald Frederick Kessler. William Willard. Lawson Abbell Howall. Mills John Ruan. Trudy Gorman r. G. Cox Peter p. Bailey the Mic Iiran Road company Tho Evansville Indianapolis and Cleveland straight Railroad company Francis Fellows Eliza Mcllvain James Mcke a Han Seth Evans the missionary society of the methodist episcopal Church. Samuel j. Patterson Harris Robert Wilson Lorenzo Dow Vvs Lson Susan j. Layton,.Mary f. La it ton Rachel Layton.Mary j. Dawson.Mary e. Wilson. Fai Ikey Rinker George Rinker a Margaret Hovious Robert Hovious. William c. Parker Robert. Parker John Parker.Mary Ann ginnings George ginnings Isaac Nutter. William Harden. Samuel Harden Catherine Williams Wesley Harden. Joseph Harden Benjamin Harden Robert Harden. Sarah j. Trotter James Trotter. Marv Ann Wulker Brani Harden Thomas Wilson and Mahala Ball. I e it known. That on this i the Jyo november in the year 1660. The above named plaintiffs Liy their attorneys ii Oil in the Ollice of the clerk of the Marion circuit court their complaint Atra inst said defendant in the above entitled cause together Wilh an affidavit of a competent person thai said Quot Letend ants Robert n. Parker.Mary Ann ginnings. Formerly.Mary Ann . George ginning a. William Harden Samuel Harden Thomas Harden. Joseph har it Ien Benjamin Harden.Mary Ann Walker Abram Harden Mahala Ball. Robert Wilson and Robert Harden Aro not residents of the state of Indiana. A and it appearing by this return of the Sherif to process herein issued that a Nna b. Horn Patrick Fil Zerald. Frederick Kessler. John Ruan tha it la Gonna. R. A. G. Cox James Mckeehan. Seth Evans and the missionary society of the methodist episcopal Church Are not residents of Iho state of Indiana. Said defendant Are therefore hereby notified of the flying and Pendency of said complaint against them and that unless they appear and answerer the calling of said cause on the second Day of the next term of said court to be Beituni and held Al the court House in the City of . On the fourth monday in March complaint and the matters and things therein contained and alleged will be heard and determined in their absence. Jno. C. New. Clerk. Johs in Rivas attorney for fat. Dec-18-. B filed i office to Bent. . Fronting on Washine ton Street in the third Story of Hubbard s building suitable for an office will be rented Low. Apply at the guard office. Of. I Lipp Sale. A virtue of an execution to directed from Tho clerk _ of the court of common pleas i will expose at Public Sale to the highest bidder on monday the Slot Dav of january a. A. 1861. Between the hours of 10 o clock a Quot. .m., and 4 o clock p. M., of said Day at the door of the court House of Marion county the rents and profile for a term not seven years the following described real estate to wit lot number two 2in Block Timber one Hundri d and one 101in the City of Lydiann Olis. Marion county. Indiana and on failure to realize the full amount of judgment. Interest and costs 1 will at the same Lime and place expose at Public Sale the fee simple of said real estate. Taken As Tho property of Jesse Copeland at the suit of the state Bank of Indiana. Said Sale will be made without any Relief whatever from valuation and appraisement Laws _ . J. Wallace. Sheriff Marion co. By j. Thompson Date december�0, a. D., 1860, a a a dec22 state of Indiana. Warion county in by Marion circuit court of Marion county in tit Start of Indiana March term a. It 1s61. George c. Maynard a Jamou g. Featherston Robert j. Feat Horn us a and Elijah Webb. I a it known that on this 7�h Day of december. 1� Ine jts year 1860, the above named plaintiff by Btu a Quot a Quot a by a a Quot a san the office of the clerk of Tho Marion c Raul court his complaint Anina said the above together with an affidavit of a competent pc won Pendant Elijah Webb in not of in Duna. Sald defendant is therefore hereby and Pendency of said complaint faint Thim and Shatun Lesage appear and answer or demur thereto at a a a a Ciuk on the second Day of the next term of a Wjt Quot a be begun and held at the co t House in the a a a a a Quot Quot a of a pols of the fourth monday in March next said up a a and the matters and things therein contained and aseged willbe heard and determined Ohms a been by Kay a. Sifari a Ftp mtg. Btu of k. Dimott attorn of for ppm. Der tvs

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