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Indianapolis Indiana Socialist (Newspaper) - April 26, 1913, Indianapolis, IndianaLa a a 1.4 do it today. Stic the set Call and let us test your eyes your eyes Are too Talut ble to neg loot when they need attention. Our prices Are moderate h. H. Bishop my a pc telex optician new Boac a so the magnanimity of some trusts from a Bull Moos ers standpoint. Ant a marvelous increase of the let party Rote All Over the country these Are things which Are compelling the trusts a in Urstad to hand out pad Cera soothing syrup and other Caubeti Trioa for the real thing. And to sum it All of. Here we have millionaire Munsey the owner of the biggest string of capitalistic papera in the United states barring of course. Wandering Willie hearer this same capitalist Munsey who was the major Domo of the Bull Moose convention and who together with Perkins Wall Street Cadet and Harvester Trust Mccormick footed the Blu of the Chicago progressive Roundup this Munsey i say. Is the same Munsey who has taken it upon himself to Advance a scheme to a a reunited the Republican and Progress Ive parties Las if they were Ever really divided and to reunite them on the basis of those a voluntary concessions kindly notice that the Bisbis on which they Are to unite is a a Good trusts you remember that is a real Roos vol tin coinage a Good trusts a it is u revelation of the real views and purposes of these slightly progressive gentlemen. Of course its foolish to get peeved purpose of giving their party Wor h thorough knowledge of the Fri of socialism. Thirty students Only Ara mile one third of whom Aro women reason for this restriction is that socialists us bib educating the feb acute toy socialists of a City Are conducting a school for lie a a tie year begins this Quot week _ .00 Lection thee pay us $1.00 per week or $5.00 per month on most of them 00 dozens of High Grade pianos to be sold at about Cost. $1.00 Down All you need to make a be dts in .1 per Eric student receives from the party Tut i $37.50 each month which is Buffki for his support and incidental lenses. All parts of Germany s equally represented. The splendid a suits achieved in Germany Are due a Large measure to the work of Young men and women turned o from this school. The germans have a Well Aud deserved reputation for t to Roo near in All they undertake and school has adopted the rigorous in ode of German academic Edu merely attending popular lectures of an evening s entertainment and lug popular socialist publications not considered by them a sulfide1 preparation for the Moat effect work. They adopt the Urne Hosum about Munsey s scheme. If or. Mun ,. A. A a Maxim that there in no excellent by Burke Mccarty. I would Call the attention of nil the near Sori Alista and other hopeful formers who fell for the Rosy promises held out by the Bull Moon and soy of the newspaper Trust Perkins of the Money Trust and Mccormick of the Harvester Trust see fit to pay the Piper they certainly have a right to Call the tune and ii it was t for about tie million of hard headed socialists who weren t a r raid of a throwing our votes away a you Fellows Hia party to get Quick reforms by1 voting the progressive ticket to the Wollin t Eye in have and 80oull�&Quot Munsey Magazine for february which rup or Pac Ferb Given you Soe features an article by Frank Munsey entitled nearly every piano in our Large Stock is marked t just on a a Laisk Price a which Means a High class new piano that Sells regular la $300 now in old a $1.00 Down $1.00 per week for a very piano rally warranted h in Jan Clad Twenty Ktuk Yak argue. > Too an tins cot to Tuu in nth the it e-u\s, to a credit or is a fur 1 he acquired without labor. Ply this to the study of work and hard work. Is required Frank Mehring among the great of modern socialist writers in if. Many. Hus the chair of history of political parties. One of the most to portent studies in the curriculum the practical study of the Law. Gre i i6&Quot"1 0., Coil to reap the a possible scheme for amalgamating the progressive and Republican parties that should be acceptable to each. That ought to hold you for awhile. After perusal of this overture from one of or. Roosevelt a political and Anancia backers kindly turn to Page 800 in same Issue to the editorial. A a monopoly some of its other the mental attitude toward the working Lasa by the Bull Moose a and All other so called progressives is reflected in this utile editorial like polished steel. The vase of the article lies in the in comilous and us Cut on which it contains. It Rev air. The True Mission and til Ity of the a a welfare committees and other pairings of capitalism it clearly Marks the a do sting a r egg my a to be accomplished by won King d Solidarity on the political and Industrial Fields. It tells of a poor misunderstood and Downtrodden Trust Down in new Jersey that had announced recently the stress is Laid upon this in Ord or the coming socialist leaders know what they can and can a by is with in the Law. 1 Rosa Luxembourg the Leader extreme Radical Wing of the g socialists has the chair of or following letter has been . She a a russian a Fres Stool Scarf tuning and a me Early and Aeji let on of a it a 1 Toj a Kin or Ruusi o co. Manufacture me. A. J. King president of p building. Coi Ner Massachusetts ave. And Ivan a St 1 Bull Moose continued fro amp i Page 3 metropolitan Magazine unionized Cei Ved from typographical Union no.,came 6. New York. In. W Jull vow a find an by marriage it May serve to answer not to be expelled from a Mph a rival air Mje is a woman o adic inquiries regarding the matters referred to and is therefore reproduced new York april 14, 1913. Dear sir when the present management of the metropolitan Magazine assumed control some sixteen months ago and changed the previous policy to that of espousing the socialist cause they found themselves tied up with a contract for the printing of the Magazine with a non Union concern of this City. Numerous inquiries and complaints from socialist pm a Thors reached this Headquarters and the undersigned officers of typographical Inion no. To it copied on or. Whig Hana. The pres a a a who promised or ref Aulne would thereafter he printed in a Union printing establishment. We write this letter to inform All Trade unionists and socialists that or Whigham has kept his word with the a a is Vest to build the school houses and the benevolent institutions of this it try. Armies engaged in the purls of peace instead of on the bloody tie Fields of carnage. Then Wal the it ads he turned into Plo shares and bayonets into pruning Hooks and n and not until then will the spirit Galilee return into its own and then Jan re a will the working class be in for her activities. Bad with that spirit Nineteen Bun Chi i a 1 in la Ednd years old the spirit of peace on us amp or. Wild in. H r Rte it la 0� �.1h. Ood will to men. Justin Over her follow characterized at Jia. She times As has the Heck West. A red Leader of the German so Iuit As it goes. The . E tons of foil awake to i Lorvi hark hark what myriads big we Rise a stir children a in and Grain Lmh is hoar>-iv1k>u1 their tears and hear their cd a. Behold the r tears Ami hear their cries 5 Mil hateful tyrants this Chick Breeding. With hireling lists. A no than Hind affright Arne desolate the land while peace a Lih crts lie bleeding not ski a a a Hood lessor. Of the chaos follow by Emanuel Julius. At 9 o clock the judge called the be of the state is. Is reel 1 us Elidge Harrison. As the defendant a charged with the theft of some a a Glutt Over $2.000.000. The judge was. B hl8 w Banor. Sore tbsp a a a e ij11,1 a i am tiry Miry for mid the will no v or amp 1. ¿3 a age. A the evidence shows you Are Illy i must sentence you to one in the m if a to. Rho recent Floo it la in 0h�?~� and where to in this crisis the state of c Union Aud that the metropolitan mag-jticlli8tjy_ found out to meth he Rush o eur ctn or or Wilvin the awful Days that no a was placed ahead of get for it once or to stand Back and take Seco that upon the recommendation of its l4line Job now printed in a straight welfare committee it had established a minimum wage Beale for its woman employees of nine dollars per week this the writer apologetically admits Triy no seem a princely sum a but in enormous number or women work for less the dlr sectors of this poor berated Trust named nine dollars Lor the minimum. We Are assured because they oud upon investigation that it was Lite a lowest wage i on which a to m in could support herself in decent Comfort a Here wre see a Good Trust deliberately employing a group of men paradoxically dubbed a a welfare commit teen a it hired to and out what front their standpoint is the lowest possible figure that a working wound can live on. What would happen do you suppose if Woodrow Wilson s wife and daughters or the a Princess Alice were condemned to live on nine dollars a week in decent comforts now How absurd. How could mrs. Long Worth be expected to make nine dollars per week Covert Uch comforts of turkish cigarettes and two pet this Union printing establishment in City. Very truly yours. C. M. Maxwell president. John s. O Connell Secretary treasurer. E. F. Cassidy Orga i hum try Shioi v fore a to p a Ltd Halo pa3 a who i Remeth t a to i chorus to arms to Aims be Brave the avenging sword uns Heithe. March on March on All hearts resolved on Victory or death new Road tax Law. Under the provisions of House Bill no. 603, which was approved March 15, All Road tax in excess of $20.00 must be paid in Cash. This Wab largely the work of resent Tive Biddle of Madison county. Under the provisions of the act. Road tax in excess of the stipulated amount will not be spent on maintenance of the highways in the District in which the taxpayer lives but will be paid into the general fund. Every thinking citizen Thonh Ber. It found out that it could roads and in the terrible hot 0f Nel no ceremony was allowed t 0 stand the Way of Relief. The state took by a what railroads it needed Hurt nor those roads until the Sun Orerg in been relieved. I 45� to news dispatches were painful Brief on this Point hut the gave to Jar fact that the state pre Emp Twu to i it railroads. It was very simple. To state merely said. A we need the Road ,. A we will take them. For the Purpo is of serving suffering humanity we it it these roads better than any i m fir Harrison a attorneys pre a to Sandful of affidavits which showed that be was in delicate health and not Servo a sentence. It was shown that at an Early age or. Harrison had stubbed his too and that some years later be had sprained his ankle while alighting from an automobile. A ooh. This changes matters. You arc placed on probation a said the judge. With a sigh. Or. Herr Lou walked from the court entered his machine and was whirled Back to Hie with luxury Aud Pride surrounded. The vile Insatiate despots dare a thirst for a id and pow r unbounded. To mete and a emf he Light and air. To mete and vend the Light and air it casts of Barden would tic Load us. R. A a 8 a is Man a cd who is mor 1 then j a a Al Thev Longe lash and goad a it chorus vate in Indianapolis governor Aalst tend to confiscate the Stout a ants who took advantage of i flood conditions to boost prices u of the big daily papers applauded to Ltd threat declaring that a pressing cml a Pency justified confiscate it. R if an emergency is sufficient to justify seizure of property at one i tank at 10 o clock John Hunt warn a i rained on the charge of larceny. He was a miserable sight an a Ali smell ing wretch. You Are guilty Arentt your was starving a that won t save you from punishment a announced the court. A but judge. A a sick Salt Joh. Hunt. A i have Bright s disease dyspepsia appendicitis rheumatism eczema and six months a the judge Baw Fol. A Milwaukee Lader. 4 a. can Man resign i ctr. Once having Felt thy go no Rous flame i an Dungeon born and bars confine thee or whips inv Noble spirit tame or whips thy Noble spirit tame ? 1 no Long the world has it of bewailing. That falsehood s flagger tyrants Wield but Freedom is our sword am shield and All to intr arts Are unavailing chorus Isy times Rhu Ahdong Edff lot. Special this gives a larger fund which is a h�?z., Why is it not justified at aug Terr accessible to township trustees and Al. Rail supervisors and May be spent in a to Iii turkish cigarettes monkeys perish the thought then the writer of the editorial gurgle a on and tells a about what has been done by other perfectly Lovely trusts. One voted a general increase of five millions of dollars a year to its a lower Grade employees but the writer carelessly omitted to state the number of the workers it was to he divided among. Another Trust has established a pension for is employees but again the article does not Tell us How much the toilers themselves were taxed for thib pension. Tuua the Munsey Quill Pusher closes by trying to make us believe that these specific trusts at least have made a Al Mia a tent voluntary that their managers wore a imbued with a realization of their liability to Public sentiment that makes them an Kius to be Well thought Isnit that a scream As a matter of fact we know the rapid organization and Solidarity of the workers on the Industrial Field coupled with their Gigantic battering ram the socialist press and the result keeping up the main roads along which automobile travel is greatest. The big roads and turnpikes must be kept in perfect condition so that speeding machines May not be endangered. The Small roads can Well be take care of out of the $20 maximum it tons of men. Women and child tor the a emergency Quot always exists. Then never have sufficient food they a by never properly housed or clothed. Re Send a Large Bunch of roses to this address and charge it to Florist a Yea sir and your name lovers a ooh. Never Nind the name Shell . It is All right to a size a Railroad or Cut u haircut a a have Ycu heard the store which a Man May work out. If the mud roads get so bad his children can to get to school next Winter the democratic Farmer will have himself to thank for the package a a his legislature handed him in this new Law. beginning Tho a were newsboys and had strayed into the Art museum. At the moment they were standing before the winged Victory of samothrace. A say. Bill what a that a asked one of them in an awed whisper. Quot a i Dunno replied the a some Saint wid his Block Fiscale a grocery Stock in times in flood in order time suffering May of relieved Why is it not All right to report to seizure and confiscation to relieve suffering at any time Rega to less of the stage of the water or to As was the suffering following t at floods conditions were not much Joe any worse than those in which i if dress or thousands Uve All the to turn there is a deep meaning in we. Ohio did and in the threat of the a a it Emor of this state. A a May the lesson never be forgot p Kwh it about the Guy that resuming bind Ness a want it Short Al Rte customer a tired error a a yes a Mere synopsis will do a judge. W Hevr received several inquiries Reg Ming a it a receipt of acknowledgement of a re a for this week a edition. In the. Midst of the Rush it was next to to acknowledge receipt of it a n indu dual order. The net a gaming postponement of the edition rus published two weeks age. It a ins that comrades ordering bundles did not ail see this notice. At once As we Wal. Prut a scotto. A. Supply to fill any orders vhf kit May be la and. Beadle rate. La bundle orders of this edition Are be 1 ing sent to All addresses for which we have orders filed. U any Are omitted please notify Tea if Jivu want to Ulm your do some Good prop Gnada a or your Croudu qty order a Bastia j any edition of the Indiana so. A 1st tor distribution bundle rates. To per bar. Rec is a Ota to one Hundred or mor it order a bundle he got it at last. Register. No say that cd strikes the match that sets the to cd Low. But where does cupid str id e match that a what to like like widow. Ambiguous a Grafton Hall the Seminary for girls. Is without heat or Light. Hundreds of chickens have been drowned by the Hood. Wisconsin variable a old lady a How old i you. Little boy be Bobbie Quot in a under fire years the Street cars and Over sixteen when i go to the . An an epitaph suggested by Forward Glasgow Scotland Here lie the mortal remain of John Smith who worked hard Aud died poor supported through All the trials and Lelsz Etudes of life by the reflection that he was the proud inheritor of a share to if the glow ours Empire upon which tub Bun never sets. At Biz death he was placed a Thi Oram Aad his share of the co Grioua Empire was reverently shovelled in on top of him so that he care by his own in the ind. La Siha Tofu a or him 4fir 544 i he to to he la ate us a h1 to to or the socialist literature Wagon which has her a mom from la coi nor of Market Aud Penis Miraula Street a to the saner of Haiku i s i Delaware a Croatia by order of Supor Tonda a of pc Lea a Stu he Load

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