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Indianapolis Indiana Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 24 1836, Page 2

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Indianapolis Indiana Journal (Newspaper) - September 24, 1836, Indianapolis, IndianaThe deny that their candidate Ever voted to Alloa negroes the right to let them read the following certified extract from the journals of the new York convention and then deny the fact if they can. Air. Van Buren and negro suffrage. Many attempts have been made to elicit or. Van Byren s opinions upon the important subjects connected with the slave question but uniformly without Success. Since he became a candidate for the presidency he has cautiously masked his views upon these Points and when directly asked has evaded tiie queries As he did when he lately put Oil Quot die Loco focus in new York. In the Quot latter instance he referred his interrogatories to his past life and conduct but he has not desired those who sought his sentiments in reference to the slave question to resort to the same evidence. He Well knows that his views upon this subject and particularly in regard to the right of the negro to a participial in in the elective Iran Chise so far As they arc disclosed by his Public acts and votes must condemn him with the South. We will however insist that the Mode of arriving at his sentiments upon one subject which he has i recommended shall be resorted to in other cases and ave therefore shall proceed by an examination of his votes in the new York convention 0 ascertain whether he holds the opinion that in Liis country the Jve Gro ought to have the right to vote Quot have before us the re ports of the proceedings ind debates of the convention of 1821, assembled for the purpose of a mending the Constitution of the state of Quot new these reports a acre taken at the time and published in 1821. It appears from Page 178 of Titis volume that on the 19th of september 181, the convention proceeded to consider that subject of the elective franchise and that the report up ii that subject made by or. Sanford was taken up. This report proposed As a part of the Constitution that Quot every Iwhite male citizen of the age of Twenty one years who shall have been one year an inhabitant of this slate and for six months a resident in the town county or District where he May offer his vote amp a. Shall be entitled to Quot vote in submitting this report or. Sanford addressed the convention at length and was followed by or. Ross who in the course of his argument in favor of tic report used the following language Quot that All men Are free and equal according to the usual declarations applies to them Only in a state of nature and not after the institution of civil government for then Many flowing from a natural Equality Are necessarily abridged with a viev to produce the greatest amount of Security and Liap piness to the whole Community. On this principle the right of suffrage is extended to White men Only. But Why it Avill probably be asked Are Blacks to to excluded i answer because they Are Sci Dom if Ever required to share in the common Burthen of defence of the state. There arc also additional reasons they Are a Peculiar people incapable in my judgment of exorcising that privilege with any sort of discretion prudence or Independence. They have no just conceptions of civil Liberty. They know not How to appreciate it and Are consequently in different As to its we have made this extract to show that by inserting the word "io/?i7e&Quot it was distinctly designed to exclude Quot negroes Quot or Quot coloured people Quot from the right to vote. The report was discussed by or. Renselaer or. Fairlie or. Root or. Clarke and others. The latter gentleman declared himself in favor of striking out the word White for the following reasons Quot i am unwilling Quot said he Quot to retain the word White because its retention is repugnant to All the principles and notions of Liberty. To which we have heretofore professed to adhere and to Olin declaration of Independence which is a concise and just expose of those principles. In that sacred instrument we have recorded Tjie following incontrovertible truths Quot tre hold these truths to be self i Denly tha All a non Are treated equal that they Are Endo iral by their creator Vith Eer Tain unalienable right that among those Are life Liberty and the Pursuit of Quot the people of color Are capable of giving their consent and Ever since the formation of your government they have constituted a portion of the people from whence your legislators have derived Quot their just Powers Quot and by retaining that word you deprive a Large and respectable number of the people of this state of privileges and rights which they have enjoyed in common with us Ever since the existence of our govern rent and to which they Are justly after much debate or. Jay who is now at the head of the abolitionists of new York moved to strike out the word Quot White Quot the effect of which would be to admit All persons Black or a White possessed of certain other qualifications to the exercise of the right of suffrage. In opposing this motion chief Justice Spencer said Quot i have believed and do still believe that we arc called on to extend the right of suffrage As far As the interest of the conic unit will permit but i do think we cannot contemplate carrying it to the full extent recommended in the report without knowing that a e Are not giving it to those people who will nominally enjoy the right but to those who feed and clothe them. I shall vote against striking out the word Quot White Quot on the ground that it is necessary for securing our own happiness. I cannot say i would deprive those people who have acquired property of the privilege of voting but i cannot consent to extend it to others in whose hands it will be As much abused As by those coloured people. I am willing to extend tie right of suffrage As far As my conscience will admit but i never can agree to extend it so for As to deprive the agricultural interest of this state of the rights which they ought to enjoy. I never can consent to extend this right and make an aristocracy by giving the Man who has the longest purse the Power to control the most Many other gentlemen spoke upon the subject and the policy and propriety of permitting ite Groes i mulattoes and indians to vote was discussed ably and fully. The following was the result As will be found on recurrence to Page 202 of the volume before us Quot the question on striking out the wove White was then taken by ayes and noes and decided in the affirmative As follows ayes messes. Bacon Barlow Beckwith Birdseye Brinkerhoff Brooks Buel Burroughs Carever r. Clarke Collins Cramer Day Dodge Duer Eastwood Ferris fish Hallock Hees Hodgeboom Hunting Huntington Jay Jones Kent King Moore Munro Nelson Park Paulding Pitcher Piatt Reeve Rhinelander Richards Rogers Rosebrough Sanders n. Sanford Seaman Steele Southerland Sylvester Tallmadge Tuttle Van by Wren Van Vech ten. Ward a. Webster Wendover Wheaton e. Williams Woodward Wooster yates�?03. . Bowman Breese Briggs Carpenter Case child d. Clark Clyde Dubois Dickman Lair lie Fenton Frost Hawk Humphrey Hunt Hunter Hurd Knowles Lansing Lawrence Leifert a. I Ivingston m Call Millikin Pik Potter Price Pumpelly Radcliife Quot Rockwell Root Rose Ross Russell a. Sanford Schenck Seely Sharp Sheldon i Smith Spencer Starkweather i. Sutherland Taylor ten Eyck Townley Tripp Van Fleet Van Home Verbrycke e. Webster Wheeler Woods young�?59. Some of or. Van Buren s partisans fear til of the effect upon his popularity of the exposure of a vote so much at avar Avith Southern interests having denied the correctness of the above extract when heretofore published it has been submitted to the examination of a notary Public and his certificate is hereto attached. United states of America state of Maryland to Avit i James b. Latimer notary Public in and for the City of Baltimore do hereby certify that i have carefully examined and compared the a Bove exit acts As printed Avith the original on Page 202, of the volume entitled Quot reports of the proceedings and debates of the convention of 1821, assembled for the purpose of amending the Constitution of the state of new York and find the same to agree Avith the said original in All particulars. In witness a Hereof i Haare Hereunto Seal y set my hand and Al fixed my notary Seal on this eleventh Day of August 1836. James b. Latimer notary Vidaic. We copy the Fol leaving account of the internal improvement Celebration at Brookville from the / Merican of that place. Lieut. Gov. Wallace delivered an Able and Eloi int address on the occasion. At the conclusion of the address gov. Noble sex gov. Ray or. Drake of Cinci Mati and George h. Dunn Esq., of Lawrence Burgh having previously been selected for that purpose proceeded amid the deafening shouts of the multitude to Quot break ground Quot on the White water canal. The number in attendance was supposed to amount to 4,000. Re Gislar toasts. Night. 1. Internal in the Parent of Inirio Rivil Wear in and lib grand link by which the i Iii n if the s a it a a Muy be preserved. May he Public in Iii appreciate its import satire and the Well begun system can Sinue to Progress throughout the Union until Llie i North am Riciki confred Ercira sikh no Shine i i Vav Eastli and enter prize tic dazzling end ires of Liui Ope. No. 2. The White water canal a link in the vast Chain of internal hip Roemen s connecting tiie air Inifi Ocean with the g if of Mexico. N. 3. The state of Indiana Iler Youthful strides Are rapid and Rich in nature ution ample in spirit and Enterprise Sori Verv soon like merids in glory and s and r she shall be Eclips i a i y Iki Neof ail her sister cd. Iso. 4. Robert Fulton the pm Audith of the my Mercial world Are the re weird of his labor and its products is the we filth of n Ilion no. B. The United states nary wet sea has not borne the Siar spangled by Uuiorn and where i die nation that dare insult in ? no. 6. Our country the vast increase of her population her unparalleled improve sent in every useful Art and her steady Progress in refinement and literature entitle her to an emment rank amongst the of the Earth whilst in respect to her civil and Relig ious rights she rivals them nil May god protect her from tie machinations it Quot Dean Gognies and preserve her from the Lawless outrages of modern irions. No. 7. The president of the United states honoured and revered by his country Lor whose her ites be gloriously fought he pen of the historian Viil preserve for the admiration of posterity the memory of Andrew Jackson. No. 8. His excellency gov. Noh Lcy Justice Una cd by part strife or party interest has marked every step of his official career his enemies Admire his nor has the foul breath of slander Ever tainted the atmosphere in which he moves. The cause of internal ii no movement in this stare is deeply indebted to his judicious measures and Indiana Avill Long cherish sentiments of the most Lively gratitude Lor the Able and Iii unified manner in which he has discharged his official functions. A ter the cheering of the 8th Toast had ceased gov. Noble Rose evidently under great excitement affected prob Lily by the warm reception t f the senti rent by his old friends and associates of his earlier Days. He spoke for 25 or 30 minutes with Force and clearness Nipon the subject of internal improvement no. His excellency gov. Lucas of Ohio the people elected him to that High and Liono Rable Talion for the is Beni in which they held his Virtues and they were nut deceived in the Man. Gov. Lucas was invited to the Celebration but no reply has been received Iron him no. 10. His exam ency gov. Duncan of Illi noir a we Hail him As a co labourer in the Cau a of in Terna 1 improvement. The following is gov. Duncan s reply to the Niini Lteif of invitation Elm Grove Iii. Aug. 23, 1830. Gentlemen your letter of tie 2d inst. Inviting Trie to att Iid a Celebration of the commencement of the White water canal at Brookville on the 13ih of next non a has been received and i regret sin c in by trial Oving to there being no officer in the state at present in Adini Riis or the government in Case n my Ahsene it will be out of my Power to accept your invitation. To have been regarded As one of the friends of internal improvement a an Honor to which i feel that i Haa o but Little claim altho my Humblee torts have constantly been employed in favor of such works both by the United states Anil the state governments and i consider it a Pulitic calamity that the representatives of the nation have not been Abe to a Gree upon some Genera system of internal improvement such As in old give to on government the full Benefit of All thed Iscove lies of the age and bind us together by the silk cords f Friendship Nonal Learh inti a common Inte rest. Allow me gentlemen to congratulate you on the enlightened policy Arjo ted by your state in rela a Ion to this great no jeep. The bold measures of the last legislature of inh Jima h High worthy example and i Hope a ill be followed by nil her states. She will prove the axiom that of it country can be impoverished by a tax however great where the improvements Are Matle and the Money expended am no Hose who pay it. If the length of our lives should be estimated More by the Obj cts we Are enabled to , or the of on usefulness than by the Mere Lime we encumber the Earth then indeed Woi a every Patriot and philanthropist exert himself in a canse which so Many Brillion stand useful Days to the Short Span of human existence. I be gentlemen thai Yau will tender to the citizens Yon represent my Best wishes for their happiness and Prosperity and the Success of the canal. The kind feelings and esteem expressed for me in your it tier i assure Yon will Ever be remembered with n grateful heart. With great respect your Friend and obit servant Joseph Duncan. To messes. C. F. Clarkson John m. Johnson a twi Haymond and Geo. Holland. No. 11. Lieutenant gov. Of Indiana when internal improvement like the theory of in Lump is was Reghadi Das Fuli Leand visionary when he what i gravely talked of the poverty of he state was n popular Tat it Sman and Iii Eric to with applause then was the in Piring eloquence of David Wallace heard i on Hail of legislation our statesmen Arou cd rom their dream of poverty began to examine the resource of he state and he result of thai examination let 1836 proclaim his Fame shall be As imperishable As the improvements he has Sij eminently aided in producing and Indiana w la never forget the one nor neglect the other. After the Long and loud cheering of this Toast had Quot eased. Gov. Wallace Rose Index dressed his gratitude for the kind sentiment and the enthusiasm with which it was received by the Corrimany and remarked that As he had occupied their attention for some time at an earlier period in the Day he would nut now consume the s Ace others were wait nor to occupy. He the refuse closed by of terms the following sentiment Indiana by her system of internal improvements she has prepared for a nobler employment than that t f Studyvi Iii Tobii Art of Trucko Quot to Poirrer or of obeying with the obsequious Neof a Ive the Fiat of Mere party. No. 12. Hon. Bellamy Storero a Star in the we devoted to Intel est although a citizen f Hamilton co., Ohio yet the Mississippi Valley Daims him for his enlarged Minrul and his laudable in tie cause of human happiness cannot be i Mircu to scribed by narrow . Or. Storer was i riveted to the Celebration and relied to the committee of invitation that he would attend but was doubtless prevented by the i clemency the weather no. 13. Hon. Robert t. Lytle Tim lovers of forensic eloquence cannot Bui a Miro a he i Ator while the Wise and Good award him the Meed of hones by and integrity. Or. Lytic was invitee but no answer no 14. Hon. Ciarle i f. Mei Cert Virginia can boast of a Bright of worthies yet she has none now More worthy than this individual who has grown Grey in the cause of his country for he Benefit of Fullre generations i the cause f internal improvements he has no senior. After the cheering of this Toast the following letter was read Aldie a. Sept. 1, 1836. . C. F. Clarkson Rufus Haymond John m. Johnston and George Holland committee. Gentlemen i Prav you to ofter to the citizens of Franklin Ronny Anri accept fur yourselves especially my most cordial thanks for your flattering invitation to attend the Celebration of the commencement of the White water canal. Although indispensable arrangements deny to me the Honor of personally uniting with you in the festivities of the Day which Vou have App it tinted for this purpose no one More largely participates in the honest Pride Wilh which every american citizen must be , when he contemplates the Pul it Lic spirited measures recently adopted by the slate of Indiana fur the improvement of her channels Quot of Intercourse. Next to Freedom itself the greatest social blessings which legislation in dispense will be found to arise from these internal improvements which enhance the rewards of labors by increasing the Transfer of fruits promote the diffusion of knowledge by facilitating the interchange of opinion and strengthen the Bonds of social Union by making the citizens of a country acquainted with each . May it Ever continue the glory of America to expend on such Benefice it works Iho treasure which so Many nations have criminally wasted on enter prizes fruitful Oril v of Lisman misery. Although Remote from the scene of your approaching festivity allow me to express my grateful sense of your generous recognition of my feeble a flirts to Advance the Prosperity of our common country by tendering to the citizens of Franklin the subjoined sentiment and to assure you gentlemen of the sincerest esteem of your obedient servant c. F. Mercer. The state of Indiana although among the j youngest daughters of the Union outstripping All her Sisters in her filial efforts to promote its duration. No. 15. Col. R. M. Johnson of Brave offspring of a Noble state his country admires his valor at the thames and will enrol his name among those of her bravest sons. When the applause of this sentiment had ceased the following was read great Crossings 16th aug. 1836. Gentlemen i have just received your polite and kind invitation to attend the Celebration of the commencement of the White water canal at Brookville la. It would give me very great pleasure in deed to have it in my Power to accept your invitation. My Many and multiplied engagements As Well now As in Advance of the proposed period of Celebration put it out of my Power to give you positive information As to my ability to witness the commencement of the useful and important canal in question. Although i May not be present with you yet i feel a deep and a biding interest in the magnificent and stupendous improvements which Are advancing with rapid strides through your enterprising and Fertile country in the Extension of the facilities of human comforts and in the diffusion of All those appliances which Are calculated to Reward the industrious labourer for his toils and enhance the happiness and Well being of Mankind. If i should find it consistent with my other engagements to be with you nothing will give me More real satisfaction. Accept assurances of my High consideration and respect. Re. M. Johnson. Messes. John m. Johnson George Holland Rufus Haymond c. F. Clarkson. No. 16. Gen. Tom. Ii. Harrison the Wise and Able governor of the Quot Northern territory Quot the hero of the thames and Tippecanoe Indiana under his auspices ushered into being As a state now in the full tide of her Prosperity looks upon him As her father and Benefactor. Gen. Harrison was invited but no reply no. 17. Hon. Henry Clay of Call him a Patriot a statesman or an orator is but to pronounce a common sentiment the acknowledged Champion of internal improvement the great apostle of the rights of Man his useful life has been wholly his country a and his Bright and Brilliant career entirely devoted to her service. Or. Clay s letter and sentiment were also read As follows Ashland aug. 20, 1836. Gentlemen i am honoured with your invitation to attend the Celebration of the commencement of the White water canal. I regret that other engagements will not allow me the gratification of being present. I most heartily wish the Enterprise Complete Success As i do All other plans of internal improvement which have been adopted by Indiana so creditably to her Enterprise and which Are Likely to redound so profitably to her citizens. Instead of my personal presence Suiter me to Oiler a sentiment a governor Noble under whose Wise administration a system of internal improvement has been adopted that will form an epoch in the annals of Indiana. With my respectful acknowledgements and my highest respects i am gentlemen. Your obedient servants h. Clay. To 3fe3sr3. Haymond Clarkson Holland and Johnson. No. 18. O. H. Smith firm Friend of those measures which make the Quot wilderness Blossom As the Rose Quot the friends of the White water canal cannot this Day forget his valuable and efficient Aid in bringing round the event we Are now celebrating. It will be seen that or. Smith was prevented from attending by the following which was read at the table in reply to the above sentiment at Centreville 10th sept. 1836. Gentlemen your very polite note in behalf of yourselves and fellow citizens of Franklin county inviting me to join you in celebrating the commencement of our White water canal on the 13th inst. Has been received and until to Day i did fully Hope that i could so arrange my business in court now Here in session As to enable me to be with you but i regret to say that Paramount profession Able indispensable duties prevent me from joining you in the festivities of the Day. To you i need not say that the cause which you meet to Celebi ate is one which i have Long advocated and that the White water canal is a Kavork in the Success of which i feel deeply interested. The cause is of the greatest moment to the people. It is one of the principles that distinguishes civilized from Savage life and if carried out to the extent of the surplus Means of the country it must result in the permanent Prosperity and happiness of the people and the perpetuity of the Union. As the friends of internal improvement we have great cause to rejoice. The Pulley for which we have Long contended is triumphing in every direction. The people of All political parties in every part of the country Are awaking to their True interest and marching Forward with a Quick step to their destined greatness. Let those who have doubted hesitate no longer. The passage of our internal improvement act of the last session and the act of Congress for the distribution of the surplus Revenue leave no room to doubt the final Triumph of our policy and the completion of our works of internal improvement. Suffer me gentlemen to submit a sentiment. The state of Indiana a Young in years but Wise in policy. She is rapidly advancing towards a High station amongst the members of this confederacy. Let us regardless of party unite in our exertions to promote her Prosperity and accelerate Lier March to greatness. Accept gentlemen for yourselves and the citizens of Franklin county my thanks for the invitation to unite with you in the Celebration. Very respectfully o. H. Smith. Messes. Rufus a Ynion John m. Johnson George Holland c. F. Clarkson committee no. 19. Hon. Jona. M Cartye vigilant and persevering in his conduct honest and patriotic in his intentions bold and open in his course the cause of internal improvement is proud of such an advocate. Or. M Carty was invited and attended but the Day being wet he left the ground As soon As dinner was Over. When the above Toast avas drank a speech was loudly called for the company not knowing he had retired from the ground no. 30. George h. Dunn the Able lawyer the enlightened statesman the gentleman and Man of integrity whether in the legislature or in private life the Public Good has been his great object the welfare of the state his first and highest motive whilst gratitude inspires our hearts the name of George h. Dunn will be remembered by the people of Indiana. Or. Dunn replied to this sentiment in a speech of about 20 or 25 minutes in his usual Able manner no. 21. Hon. Amos Lane a gentleman of talents and experience his services to the country arc treasured up in sacred recollection and the friends of education and internal improvement Are sensible of his exertions in support of that glorious act of the last Congress the division of the surplus Revenue. Or. Lane was invited and was in Brookville on the Day but took no part in the Celebration no. 22. Hon. Henry Morse late senator from Hamilton co. Ohio his exertions in the last Ohio legislature in behalf of the Whitewater canal will Long be remembered and appreciated by the citizens of Indiana. The following is or. Morses reply to the committee of invitation which was read and also cheered with enthusiasm Springfield Hamilton co. Aug. 21, 1836. Gentlemen a i have been honoured by the receipt of your letter of the 2nd instant inviting me to attend a Celebration at Brookville on the 13th of sept. Next by the citizens of Franklin county Indiana on the commencement of the Whitewater canal. Be assured gentlemen that nothing would be More Gratifying to me than to attend with you and the Quot friends of internal improvement Quot in celebrating an event so auspicious to the people of Indiana and especially so to the Hite Oater Valley and shall Avail myself of the pleasure of doing so will circumstances at the time permit. Accept my thanks gentlemen for the very flattering terms in which you were pleased to speak of my senatorial duties As a member of the Ohio legislature in favor of the a Whitewater canal. Yet i cannot flatter myself that i done More than my duty As a servant of a people in support of that measure. Could Ohio do less than permit the Whitewater canal to pass some seven or eight Miles thro her territory when the implied Faith of the state was pledged by the legislature of 33 and 34, granting leave to Quot Survey and locate the same Quot if found practicable yes she did refuse by a subsequent legislature so Small a favor to a sister state did to her shame be it spoken agree to a report made by the chairman of the committee to whom that subject had been referred on the principle of Quot dollars and cents Quot in the hurry and Bustle of business near the close of the session but thanks to the magnanimity and Good feeling of reciprocity that pervaded the Halls of the last legislature so foul a blot was Quot expunged Quot from the statutes of Ohio and the Whitewater canal permitted to wind its Way Down the Valley of the Whitewater without being interrupted by an Ohio should unforeseen circumstances prevent my attendance allow me through you to offer the following sentiment your Humble servant Henry Morse. Messes. C. F. Clarkson and others. Com. Tha Whitewater canal May it soon be completed and joined by a canal from the Quot Queen of the West Quot and remain to the end of time As a living likeness to the Good feeling and reciprocity existing Between two sister states. No. 23. Or. Drake of Cincinnati the friends of internal improvement in Indiana cordially Greet the Able and vigorous advocate of the great work of improvement his exertions in behalf of Western interest deserve the approbation of every citizen of the Mississippi Valley. After the cheering had subsided sufficient to be heard or. Drake Rose and addressed the com Pany. For 30 or 35 minutes with much Talent and clearness during which he was often interrupted by loud cheers. Whoever has seen or heard or. Drake speak knows that the company enjoyed a Rich treat no. 24. J. L. Williams in Idialia owes him a debt of gratitude for the Able manner in which he has discharged the important duty of principal Engineer in the location of her Public works. After the cheering or. Williams remarked Quot the kind and flattering allusion to the manner in a hich my Public duties have been discharged which has just been made was wholly unexpected and i find myself without language to express to the full extent the obligations under which i am placed by the manner in which it has been received. The approbation of the Community must always be grateful to Public of scars and to none can it be More so than to those charged with the prosecution of Public works. Perhaps no station involves greater responsibilities and certainly none requires oftener the indulgence and the generous Confidence of the Public. But i presume an attempt at a Long speech from me is scarcely desired especially As it is known that nearly the whole of my life has been spent in the Dull business of levelling your ditches rather than in speech making. The Best return that i can make will be by increased Diligence and Zeal in the prosecution of our Public works so far As the Board of internal improvement on whom the chief responsibility rests May commit them to my charge. Allow me to propose the following sentiment the citizens of the Whitewater Valley among Pic w a Poco and advocate the policy of internal improvement always in uie Nat Lanu of its supporters May they speedily realize the advantages which await them As the Reward of their foresight and their Public spirit. No. 25. James Rariden interest of the Whitewater Valley is dear to his heart nor is he Idle in exerting his vigorous talents for her cause. Here is or. Rariden s reply Centreville sept. 11, 1836. Gentlemen a until this minute i had contemplated the pleasure of joining you in celebrating the commencement of our Whitewater canal. But untoward and unforeseen occurrences of a private character renders it not Only inconvenient but almost impossible without subjecting me at the same time to a charge of desertion and abandonment of private engagements. Our court is now in session and cannot be induced to adjourn for this occasion. But believe me gentlemen heartily and sincerely with you in the great work and that nothing shall be wanting on my part if exertion May be called for to bring it to a speedy completion. Harmony of action and determination of purpose will make a Short and glorious Job of it. Be pleased to present on my behalf this sentiment the Whitewater canal whilst the produce of its valleys floats Down its bosom May its blessings externalize the memories of its patrons and projectors. Very respectfully gentlemen. Your obedient servant James Rariden. C. F. Clarkson r. Haymond John m. Johnston and George Holland com. Of invitation. No. 26. Milton Stapp in his deportment faithful As a Public servant his service in the Field and in the councils of the state entitle him to the gratitude of an enlightened and generous Public. To this Oast or. Stapp replied in a very splendid and Able speech of about 15 or 20 minutes no. 27. Caleb b. Smith Able member and dignified presiding officer of that legislature which has cast undying Lustre around their names a firm and decided Friend of Western improvement Long May his services be remembered. To this sentiment or. Smith also replied in a Short speech with much ability and Honor to himself no. 28. . Morris his residence is not now with us yet he is not forgetful of the Beautiful Whitewater Valley which was once his Home but he is Ever ready with his talents to defend her Honor and to advocate her interest. Or. Morris was invited to the Celebration but no reply no. 29. M. T. Williams Fame will be As durable As the works which have been constructed with the Aid of his unceasing exertions. The following is or. Williams reply to the committee of invitation Cincinnati sept. 10th, 1836. Gentlemen your obliging favor of the 2d of August inviting me on behalf of the citizens of Franklin county Indiana to be with them on the interesting occasion of the commencement of the Whitewater canal was received a few Days since. My absence from Home prevented its receipt at an earlier Day. It would afford me the highest satisfaction to be present on such an occasion and nothing but the most imperious obligations of business will prevent my enjoying that satisfaction. I fear however i shall be unable to Avail myself of your very flattering invitation. In any event by constant wishes will be with you for the Success of this work. It is one of unquestionable importance to our whole country and in All respects a Ortity of the Public spirit and laudable Enterprise which a a so conspicuously characterized your state in the Boltl find enlightened system of inter Lal improvements she hits marked out for herself and now begins. With my thanks for your kindness i remain very truly. Your obedient serv to m. T. Williams. To messes. A f. Clarkson John m. Johnston Rufus Haymond George Holland committee amp a. No. 30. Hon. Thomas Cor win in him looking upon the past Ohio has much to Admire looking to the future much to anticipate. Or. Corwin avas invited but no reply no. 31. Jeremiah Morrow Esq. Sex governor of Ohio a i Withful Friend of internal improvement relieved from a toilsome and faithful service. Invited but no no. 32. James b. Ray sex governor of Indiana his name is identified with the improvement and Prosperity of Indiana. When this sentiment was drank. Gov. Ray Rose to reply but the rain commenced falling in such heavy torrents that the company were obliged to disperse and seek shelter. He offered the following sentiment the people they must govern themselves now and for Ever for in this has mainly resulted our High Prosperity including even internal improvements. No. 33. Thomas j. Evans chairman of the committee of canals and internal improvements of the h. R. At the last session of the legislature his Able and faithful services in the cause of internal improvement will Long be remembered by the citizens of the state of Indiana. The committee received no reply from or. Evans just As the company was dispersing in the rain John Finley Esq. Editor of the Richmond palladium offered the following sentiment the meeting of the Waters. There is not in this wide world a Valley so Sweet As that Vale where the branches of Whitewater meet of the last i cattle shall depart from my Fob Ere the East or West Fork shall relinquish the Job. Communications. For the Indiana journal. Messes. Editors a in my first communication i took occasion to notice a few of or. Van Buren s opinions and acts and to place them before the Public in a Plain and Correct manner that they might have the desired effect for the people have Only to understand the course which he has pursued to denounce him. When the people View this Man in a Correct Light they at once become disgusted. I shall now proceed to notice or. Van Buren a Little further. I have already noticed in some degree the efforts on the part of this Man to degrade and almost make slaves of the poorer class of Community. In addition i would refer the people to the following sentence from a speech of his published in july 1830 Quot but what is the character of the poor generally speaking vice and poverty go hand in even the Richer class will not assent to the correctness of this sentiment. They know that the poorer class of Community Are amongst the most honest. They know that if they had to get their livings by hard labor As the poor do they would Many or in in. To Pinr a the poorest. The poor will not believe this base Cal Runny. They Are totally disgusted at it at first View. Will the Rich or poor Swallow this vile slander they most assuredly will not. They will not believe that Quot vice and poverty go hand in this sentiment will be regarded by Rich and poor As worthy to sink its author into contempt. What kind of a government would we have if the coloured people among us were allowed the right of suffrage a pretty government indeed. White and Black marching up to the polls in solid column. The Rich carry their Heads too High for the poorer class of Whites but they can move in the same Circle with the african who May be a Holder of real estate to a Small amount. Can any american Bear the idea of such a state of things a Man seeking the highest office in the gift of the american people trying to get the Blacks raised to an Equality with the Whites and to reduce the poor to a state of almost absolute slavery. Americans will spurn such a state of things and Thoy will spurn the aristocrat who has attempted to introduce such a state of things into the government of our Happy country. What a glorious government would we have with a Nabob to reign Over us who attempted to place the negro on an Equality with the White Man and a. Man who had been married to a negro lady filling the office of vice president. A Beautiful specimen on government for an enlightened nation. Enough has doubtless been said to confirm the opposer of Martin Van Buren in his opposition and to convince those of his supporters who Are guided by reason that they Are in the wrong that they Are going in opposition to their own interests and that they Are supporting a Man who if he run in the presidential chair ought to be considered As a disgrace to the country. I feel confident from what has been said of or. Van Buren s averse Ness to Western interests that the West will go decidedly against him. Are the people of the West dead to their own welfare and interest no. The people of the West Are intelligent they know what their interest is they know what will promote it and they will not give their sufi rage to any Man who will neglect their a Ternate and even abuse their i. Hear a voice in the East saying what has Tan Buren done for the East a voice in the North asking what has he done for the North and a voice in the South crying what has Van Buren done for the South and these questions have All been correctly answered. The North East and South say the people of the West have asked what Martin Van Buren done for the Quot giant West Quot the people All cry aloud nothing nothing nothing and they say we Are afraid he never will do any thing for us and we intend to do nothing for him. We will support a Man for president who will look to our interest As Well As to the interests of other portions of the Union. If this then is the determination of the people to whom will they give their suffrage i answer not to this aristocratic candidate and reckless politician Martin Van Buren the people Are too Well acquainted with the recklessness of his course and understand too Well what kind of Reform he has pledged himself to carry on. A Reform the fatal effects of which Are seen and Felt throughout the whole country from Maine to Georgia. It is that kind of Reform which an enlightened people will not submit to that kind of Reform which works to the interests of the office holders alone and which must ultimately if persisted in be the ruin of this heretofore glorious country. If the people will not support a Man of the character above described i ask them who will suit them they answer we want a Man who is Plain intelligent and honest a Man whose course in Public life has been an honest one and approved of. If we can hit upon a Man who has discharged the important trusts committed to him with honest Ness of purpose and ability we judge therefore that if promoted to any High and honorable station he will continue to do so. Such has been the course of the Man who stands in opposition to the office holders candidate. Yes such has been the course of the illustrious William Henry Harrison. He has filled h1gn and important stations both civil and military and has always performed his duties with such prudence promptness and courage As ought to place him beyond the calumnies charged against him by Many Recreant politicians of the present Day. One of the base charges against him is that he is totally destitute of courage and generalship and with the present administration party this is no Small matter for Gen. Jackson s Success As a general and the courage he displayed in his military career Are what placed him in the executive chair. I would refer those who make such charges against Gen. Harrison to the Resolution passed by Congress and also that passed by the legislature of Kentucky applauding the generalship and courage which to displayed in the War in which he avas engaged and the Success which attended his efforts. Judging As the people do of Van Buren s past course they can but dread the future and in viewing the illustrious course of Gen. Harrison they see much to applaud they Are convinced that from his past course that if promoted to the office of president that he will perform the duties incumbent on him to the satisfaction of the whole country and with Honor to himself and the High station which he occupies it is from such motives that the people support this Man. Supported from such motives he must ride triumphant Over every opposition and receive the honors which await him. His prospects Are hourly brightening and his Success is almost certain. Q
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