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Indianapolis Indiana Journal (Newspaper) - September 8, 1830, Indianapolis, Indiana Vol. , wedge Bidav september 8, 1830. No. 385. Published by Douglass pc Maguire. Terms. Two dollars per annul if paid in Advance. Three dollars at the end of the year. Advertisement inserted on the usual address at the first stated meeting of the Indiana Colo meation society delivered at Indianapolis in the Hall of representatives by the request of the Board of managers of the i4th Day of december 1829. By Hon. Isaac Blackford. concluded a the colonies established on that coast will produce another salutary effect against the slave Trade. The africans there and in the Interior Are in a rude uncultivated stale. They have neither learning nor religion a thong them. The consequence is that the Petty deluded princes of the country enticed by the slave trader with High rewards Are continually waging War against each other for the base purpose of making prisoners to be sold As slaves. This they could not be prevailed upon to do were they a civilized people. In making them so this colonization plan must have considerable influence. With the advantages the colonies May possess at the commencement and the opportunities for improvement they will enjoy under the guardianship of their founders they will be so Many luminaries in the deserts of a benighted land. The colonists conspicuous for their religion and knowledge for their Industry and Enterprise for their love of Freedom and Abhorrence of the slave Trade will spread abroad Over that ill fated country the invaluable blessings which they themselves enjoy. In doing this they must give a vital Stab to the Progress of the slave Trade and on this principle alone had they no other claims they would Merit our support. That Trade is a Hydra which nothing but herculean labour can destroy. Every measure within the Compass of human Power calculated to impede its Progress,8hould and must be brought to Bear against it. Independently however of All considerations As to the slave Trade supposing it had no existence would not a rational plan for introducing the arts and sciences of civilized life and the divine religion of the Saviour of the world into the unenlightened and Pagan regions of Africa he an abject highly deserving the attention of every Good Man the whole human species belong to the same family. Inhabiting nearly every country on the Globe accommodated to every climate from the Equator to Greenland in the North and to Terra Del Fuego in the South living where spirits of wine boil with the heat and where Mercury freezes with the cold they possess one common nature have descended from the same parents Are supported through life and will be rewarded or punished after death by the same almighty Power that called them into existence. Some of them possibly May be More happily situated than ourselves but that number is indeed comparatively Small. We Haie a temperate climate and a fruitful soil. We live under a government free As the air we breathe and Are blessed with a religion pure As the spirit of god. But far a it in far diff rent is the unhappy situation of the greater part of the human family. The pre sent occasion however does not permit me to take the slightest View of their various fortunes of the tyrannical oppression of the governments under which Many of them groan or of the Midnight darkness of the Idola Troua worship into which Many of them have fallen. Nor is it necessary that i should now a top to present you with the imperfect accounts Given to us by travellers of the unlettered population of that extensive continent on which the society Baa established its Colony. I must be per Ait Ted however to remind you that if among All the hapless descendants of our common father there Are any people who have a special claim upon our generous sympathies and our charitable assistance that people Are the unfortunate Blacks of Africa. 1 do not say that there May not be others equally unfortunate. But they Are the Only people who have reason to complain of the injustice of our country they Are the Only people whose chains in the language of a distinguished orator do not burst from a round them the Nio ment they touch the soil of Freedom. There is every reason to believe that the establishment of our colonies in Africa will have a beneficial influence on her degenerate sons. It is stated by Bishop White that the native chiefs have already sent into Liberia More than a Hundred of their children to be educated. This single fact is an evidence that the colonies May prove to be fountains from which the streams of civilization May flow throw High deserts and fertilize regions which even the Enterprise of a Park a Denham or a clapped ton has not been Able to explore. They May prove to be each a Nursery of learning and piety for the neighbouring states As the far famed icon kill was once for the nations which surrounded it. But the views of the society in planting these colonies Are not limited to the abolition of the slave Trade or the diffusing of knowledge in a foreign land. It has other objects to accomplish intimately connected with the Prosperity of our country and deeply affecting the future destiny of its Black population. The first cargo of coloured people landed on our soil was brought Over by a Dulch ship from the coast of Guinea near where Liberia is situated and sold in Virginia about two Hundred years ago. Happy had it been for our country had she then and forever after refused to permit any such Pandora to approach her shores. We have been seduced however by the gilded prospects of wealth of ease and luxury presented to our View by the labour of slaves and have admitted into our bosom an extensive Black population whose existence Here is a reproach to a nation boasting of its Freedom and whose rapid increase is every where contemplated with serious Arm. In extensive country North West of the Ohio there Are no slaves their introduction having been prohibited by the ordinance for its Early government. In the Northern and Roost of the Middle states they have been generally liberated. Their number there comparatively speaking was always Small. This May be principally attributed to the fact thai slave labour is not generally profitable in those states. The productions of the South and the adaptation of the african Constitution to that climate have made the slaves apparently profitable there. Hence nearly All the Blacks of our country Are resident within a few Southern states. Virginia alone in 1820, contained four Hundred and sixty two thousand. The whole number of these people at present in the Union is estimated at two millions and their annual increase at fifty two thousand. Their increase where they now principally Are and must continue to be while a Mong of is More rapid than that of the Whites. It is calculated thai their number fifty years hence will be twelve millions. Many of you to whom 1 am now speak iii May live to see that time. This whole Black population too must be confined to a of a Vav states and ten millions of the number will be absolute slaves. Whf re is the reflecting Man who can look Forward with indifference to a titrate of things like this these people will probably continue in consequence of their degraded situation what they now Are generally a Low Ign Orali debased multitude. The baneful in Floence of an Popula Liou Othis description upon the hails and manners of the Community within it will do. More. It will greatly increase the disposition of those having slaves to emancipate then. We know that their owners Are liberating them every year. This they will do Lar More extensively when the spirit of christianity shall be More widely diffused and when the free Blacks shall have a comfortable Home. Hundreds anxiously wishing to release their slaves from bondage Are deterred from int bulging the Noble be Flung lest when free they should be less respectable than they were when slaves. The liberian Colony removes this apprehension and presents to the generous owner one of the finest opportunities for his Benevolence that this world can furnish. Besides thousands of slaves when the advantages of their removal shall be better understood and the spirit of emigration shall be More generally extended will by their own extra Exen ions and by the assistance of their friends become enabled to Purchase their Freedom that they May remove to tie colonies. The society from considerations like these whilst it disclaim a the remotest idea of Ever Dii Surbir a the right of property in slaves comic gives it to be possible that Ytse time May arrive when Wiki the approx Haikou of their owners they shall All be a Liberty and with the it of already free be removed with their Owsij to the land of their incest Iris. The Patriot contemplates with of Ligpit Thi i Golden age. It will a Row his country s fan e. The d la ration of her Independence is Quot that All men Are created this Noble principle she will have reduced to practice when within her Borders All met shall be free. There is one other effect to be produced by the operations of the colonization society to which j must ask your attention before i conclude. It is the Benefit tha will be conferred on those free Blacks of our country who shall be sent to Africa. They Are of no service Here to the Community nor to themselves. Their Situa tilt in May be compared to that of the failed sufferer who surrounded by water ant the most delicious fruit is never Perth sued to Parcke of either. They live in a country the Favourite a Bode of Liberty without the Eif Joy agent of her gits. It is the privilege and the Pride of an Merican citizen a to take a part in arranging establishing and improving the of his Goveri Moi. He May aspire to its i Griesi wifi -3, or to a seat in its legislative Halls. If is he who exercises the right of suffrage who is one of the Peers for the irial of his fellow a end who defends try his valour on the land and of the Ocean his country s rights. To All of these the Black Man is a stranger. Give him Bis Freedom give him if you phase wealth and Wisdom and valour and virtue let him. Like the late moorish Prince be the son of a King what v ill these Duce a variety of facts confirming this observation. I might go further and Point out to you among these people some truly pious members in the Christian Church. If we go into Africa the land of the Black Man for his character we there find in comparison with the United states or with Europe an uncivilized country. It was not however always so. At least we know that one part of Africa was the Cradle of the arts and sciences a the place whence the seeds of civilization were first carried into Europe. We know too that another part of it could once boast of a Republic which contended for Many years with Rome herself for the Empire of the world. But the glory of that country whatever it May have been has like that of Many others Long since disappeared and the inhabitants of its Interior have remained for Ages almost unnoticed and unknown. The travels of Park have Given us some information respecting them and those of Denham and clap Perton much More. The last journal of Clapperton who died near Succa too in 1827, informs us hat wherever he travel id he found i he generally numerous. Ignorant and idolatrous it is True but frequently Dis i sed to be hospitable and kind. He represents their country in Many Pla Ces smiling with Fields of Corn and Cotton and some of their cities with from Twenty thousand to thirty thousand inhabitants flourishing amid the crowd and Bustle the activity and in to prize of Eom Merre. Id viewing the african character therefore at it appeals in the i cited states or in Alvica it is evident thai our free Blacks to degraded state i have referred Are capable of ber orning respect Ahie. La any further evidence of this fast be necessary permit me to i eur your attention to the Neighbours iii rept i of Hayti. The negroes thei have nolo Lily by their valour established an Independent government but have also by their prudence conducted it for Many years in Prosperity and peace. Every doubt previous i entertained As to the abilities of the for self govern men and for a respectable station within the family of nations is by thai eventful history of that flourishing Republic put to rest forever. The degradation of the free Blacks resident within our co Unity is their misfortune not their fault. It he comes us As a civilized and Christian Community to unite in every rational plan proposed for their Benefit not interfering with he rights of others. That of the american Culosi Izai Ion society to remove them with Ihei consent to their own country is such a one. They will there commie ice a new life. Thoy will there Tiju not merely the Shadow out the substance of Freedom. The Exi of this plan has been tested by experience Avail him will they give him one of hundreds who were outcasts of in those political Anghis will he be re a Are at this time worthy Cei Ved by the White Man As an equal Independent Citi Zions of Liberia. Within the Domet it tic Cir it in or even i have now endeavoured to state which they May live is incalculable. A Bilhl have any in this and should they Ever when him it it Hall thu negroes have been too Long our have thus increased their a timbers Fly to arms to redress their wrongs and to be the rulers in their turn who a Mong us can predict the cot Sequen Ces this much is certain if Tufty continue ignorant their demoralizing influence on the White population must keep Pace with the Iri crease of their numbers if they become enlightened they will not Long continue slaves. It were madness to shut our eyes to these facts and conclusions. This rapid increase of the Blacks is As certain As the Progress of time. The fatal consequences of that increase if it be not checked Are equally so. Some thing must be done. The american colonization society proposes a remedy the removal to Africa of the Blacks who Are free or shall hereafter become so with their consent. The number of those now free is Large and their annual increase is estimated at six thousand. They Are a Burthen generally wherever they Are. The slave holding states do net wish their residence within them. The non slave holding states would prefer to be without them. Virginia prohibits the emancipation of slaves except upon the condition of their removal within a certain time. Ohio has taken the strongest a measures to exclude them from her soil. The solicitude throughout the United states is Universal that we should be relieved from the free Blacks. The society if sufficiently encouraged can and will Ren Der this great Benefit to our country. A Lithio the Temple of bin he has of the most prominent facts con no Liberty. He never can in All pro Quot erred with the origin and Progress of our prizent institution and to enumerate some of the benefits which it is Claici Ilkiv d to produce. The subject 1 am a aare. Has not As yet attracted Mior g us much Public Ute tit a and por hav s. In May not he so interesting to Yuu a i could wish. This consideration Aomori Isles me that i May have air lady extended to it tar these imperfect it bpm Valins. The police attention to vhf ver with i Icli i have been honoured durig this lengthened address flatters in it. With the Hope thai there Are Many around me whose feelings nerf Eti jigged inca Viljur of the cause which has Hgt a cabled us Ogeth it or. All of you. 1 am confident wih for the abolition of the slave Trade and for the diffusion of knowledge and religion to through the Benin Jated regions of Africa. You wish to see our he loved country freed from a people whose degraded situation Here can on abject slaves a it Bey Are generall Here and always have been too debased to be received a our our prejudice against them however unjust it May be must con tit u. It is As fixed and unchangeable As the peculiarity of their hair or the Black Ness of their complexion. They Are capable however it is believed to occupy under different circumstances a very diff rent station in the world. It is True when we compare them Here with the society a round them their inferiority is obvious. Their minds Are Seldom if Ever roused into action. Chained Down to grovelling occupations and Low company they have no objects of ambition or of interest to excite them to exertion. They Are excluded from those elevated pursuits in business and those theatres of intellectual display where the Competition for wealth and for Fame Calls Forth Powers of the mind which the actors themselves had not been conscious that they possessed. These things considered it is unfair to conclude from the situation of the Blacks in this country that their minds by nature Are radically differ ent from ours. They have hearts like other people to sympathize with their friends in misfortune and to re Joice with them in their Quot we find among them Quot says or. Jefferson numerous instances of the most rigid integrity and As Many As among their better instructed masters of Benevolence gratitude and Munsha Keu Fidelity it were easy to intr general boy Ormont. The military lion of the Day is the French expedition to Algiers and As Public curiosity appears to be excited to know something of the officer who has the command of an expedition which May restore the fairest portion of Africa to that consequence in the family of nations which it sustained Twenty centuries ago owing to the High state of its civilization Commerce manufactures and agriculture we shall Lay before our readers some sketches of the life and character of the count Debourmont now marshal by a person who Twenty four years it Ince knew him intimately. He is a bout sixty years of age and was Bora in Brittany of a Noble family. His height is about five feet seven inches of a Viry slight trame but healthy and Active. His complexion is Light had Blue eyes Brown curly hair his face Clear red and White and of a full Oval. His features not Large and rather effeminate. His whiskers thin with very Little appearance of Beard which probably contributes to his effeminate appearance. In his dress he i was rather neat than showy. He was polite convertible and fond of company and at. Cited a Lisp in conversation a affection much in Vogue among the p Ipi Sian fashionable. His Conversa lion was Lively and agreeable Asia generally the Case with Well educated frenchmen. His knowledge was general but not profound being re ther a talker than a thinker. He doubtless possesses courage but appeared not to be endowed with that Force and Energy of character which fits men for great and daring actions nor did he appear to be gifted with that Quick penetration Nice discernment and rapidity of combination so necessary to form an Able commander Ai the commencement of the French revolution he took Side with the Royal pm Iriye and was an officer in the army of la Vendee. that army was beaten a Diho Roy Livla Paity quelled his patrimonial estate was confiscated and he retired to a Distant Estale of his wife s which was spared and where he privately lived for several years As he himself stated. In the latter Par of 1004 or beginning of 1805 he came to Lisbon and it was give out that he was obliged to flee from France in consequence of being implicated in Moreau s Madame Debourmont who wag a very agreeable and lady like woman came out to him with their four children about two years afterwards when general Junot took posse Siori of por Iogal in the autumn of 1807, the count immediately associated with the officers and was daily at Tho general s Palace which led to a belief that he was be of the secret of the French government and that the report of his having Cerne to Portugal in consequence of being concerned in Moreau s conspiracy was a Mere Blind the More effectually to hide his real character. At the Battle of Cintra tailed by the English the Battle of Nimiera he was Aid de Camp to , was included As an officer in the capitulation of the French army and he and his family embarked for France with it. Napoleon it appeared subsequently appointed him to some inferior command in the French army and it was a that just before the Buttle of Waterloo with two or three other officers deserted to the British and communicated the Force and position of the French army. He was also the pain Cipy a witness against marital Sentinel. By impede her Prosperity and tarnish her Fame. Yoo wish also to see that unfortunate people happily restored with the approbation of All parties to the land which is consecrated by the Graves of their . Permit me then to invite you All to Cher by your Friendship and support the benevolent and patriotic exertions of a society established for the promotion of objects 80 great and so glorious As these. There was a destructive fire at new Orleans on the night of the Isi Alt. The extensive Iva Rehi use6 of or. Fer ret son and others full of Cotton were destroyed. The los is estion Ltd at $80s000 id Cotton and 60,000 in build Inose a a new la stated in the Richmond Vinig Liat a company of acquainted with the aits and mineralogy have invented and put in operation a machine for washing Gold and one More perfect than any thing of the kind hitherto known. Ansorg the Many advantages it is described As possessing Are the following Quot the machine discover?.in a few moments whether or not there is any Gold in the soil and separates the Purit Iod Gold from every kind of substance such As stones gravel Clay Saud amp a. Without the expense of chemical process and without losing one single atom of the Gold contained in the ground and the rapidity of the machine is so great that it will Wash an immense Quantity of ground in the course of the Day. Andin the proportion of the Power employed which May be either Man horse water or steam so in the proportion will be the Quantity washed the whig adds Quot some experiments were made a few Days since m this City in the presence of a number of gentlemen of the Utility of the above described machine which seemed to justify All that is claimed for it in the above notice As to its discovering the existence of Gold and separating it from the Earth amp of. With great rapidity and at Little

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